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Sephora is a global yet French chain of cosmetics stores selling nearly 300 brands of its own. Sephora offers beauty products including makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, nail colour, and hair care. The company is owned by a larger luxury conglomerate, which makes registering feedback difficult to say the least.

If you have a problem with your Sephora product the best contact number it 1-877-SEPHORA or 1-877-737-4672. This is best for both U.S. or Canadian customers. The corporate office address is Sephora USA, Inc. located at First Market Tower 525 Market Street, 32nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94105-2708. 

Sephora launched its online store in the U.S and has over 6 million people a year. Common issues with Sephora reported by consumers range from a variety of beauty products from more than 100 brands including NARS Cosmetics; make up forever, mode signature, Urban Decay, First Aid Beauty and Sunday Riley Skincare.

Calvin McDonald is the current president and the CEO of the company. Sephora also features its own make-up, skincare, and beauty tools, and accessories. 

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I always shop at your store in providence plave mall in providence ri on 7/17 19 i went in the store to look for a cologne to purchase a male approached me asking if i needed help i said not at this time i picked up a bottle to take a pictures to send to my brother and i hear the guy say in front of alot of people in the store that i picked up a bottle of cologne to watch me everyone in the store started staring at me customers and all i was so EMBARRASSED that i left the store i didnt feel comfortable to shop like i usually do thank you for your time


On June 12, 2019 around my friend bella (caucasian) and i aniyah (african american) were at the stand alone sephora store at west county mall in Des Peres, Missouri. We were browsing and testing products having a great time until one of the employees ruined our whole afternoon. The employee accused bella of stealing mascara which she did not. Bella simply opened the box to see if the product was in the box because the box felt extremely lightweight. the employee in question was standing next to us the entire time we were standing there, both watching us and helpin an elderly woman. We moved on from the mascara and walked over to where the highlighter was. Bella and I were testing highlighter when this employee stormed over to where we were and accused her of putting mascara in her bag; the employee claimed that she had footage on the security camera of Bella putting mascara into her bag. Bella emptied both her shopping bag from Pink and her purse to show that she was not a shoplifter. The employee then continues to harass us because she felt embarrassed. The employee wrongfully accused bella (a very loyal) customer of shoplifting and then didn’t want to believe that she did that and kicked bella and i out of the store to save face and started laughing with her fellow employees as we were leaving.
Bella and I wanted to take matters into our own hands (get a security guard) but we didn’t want to cause a scene or start any drama. So Bella called her mom instead, her mom was extremely pissed. We are currently taking matters into our own hands because this kind of discrimination needs to stop. We are human beings but also paying customers and deserve to be treated with respect no matter the age.


I just visited your store in Altamonte Every time I go into your store and walk around and try on some of your products there is always a salesperson standing real close giving me the feeling that they are watching me. It has happened several times.
Your store makes me very uncomfortable!!! Tired of going in there and feeling that way.


On April 7 2019, I, a African American customer visited the J.C. Penney Sephora, Brandon, FL store. Jesse assisted me and my daughter by preparing samples and helping me find an eyeliner to purchase. While Jesse was finishing up the samples a white customer approached her and asked her to help her find an item. Jesse turned to me and said, " we are understaffed so I have to ring customers between making your samples". Jesse walked from behind the counter, went to help the customer. In the meantime, a Hispanic customer was in line for a return. Jesse walked the customer( who obviously took precedence over me) to the FRONT of the line, rang up her sale, then turned to me again and said "my samples have to wait." I left the store angry and offended, but I went back to the store and asked Jesse for her name and Mgr contact information. It was very racist and unprofessional. Jesse was aware I was going to purchase an item and was not just in the store to get samples. I will NEVER return to this store. I thought maybe if I go to the other location in the Brandon mall, I could purchase the eyeliner and get better service. Wishful thinking!!! The male Sephora employee sprayed 2 squirts of perfume in the sample bottle and sent me on my way. I have decided to shop online from now on. I could post all about this on social media, But I have observed that its only a matter of time when customers will just stop shopping at your store then you will be like all of the retailers that were once retail giants but are now closing their doors and losing business to online shopping!!!


A Sephora manager contacted my AE. After I emailed the store last week for the first time for my new brand position to book dates for brand support. Natalia in the Lynnhaven Virginia Beach Sephora location took it upon herself to contact my AE to make false statements stating that when I worked for Hourglass in 2017 that I committed some unethical acts that she needed to discuss with her About. The act that she is accusing me of never happened nor was is proven and my innocence was proven but the Lynnhaven location has failed to clear my name and instead has gone as far as to embarrass me by bringing this unrelevant situation up to my new employer, that makes me look bad. This location has slandered my name on multiple occasions and this is not the first time I’ve had to contact coorperate for them defaming my character. Due to this incident that was falsely communicated by Netaliah and other store cast memebers who treated me poorly.
A gain This was brought to coorperates attention in 2017 when this incident first occurred as well as I reported multiple cases of mistreatment by cast members and management while working in store as a Market trainer and shopping in store as a client. Their was never any follow up about this case with me from anyone from Sephora management. Due to the lack of action that was not taken for the illegal acts of defamation of character and slander from Netaliah and other cast members here I am once again having to relive the 2017 situation that was humiliating and embarrassing to my reputation and character. This situation created by Sephora employees caused me a great deal of grief as well as loss of my HG position. Now once again after it has been 2 years since I’ve vendored in that location Natalia felt the need to bring it up to my AE.


One person working the store around 5:45 pm on 7/19, 2018.. No one at the register. I had to go and get that one person and ask her to cash me out. My total came to $60+ for a moisturizing item that was placed in front of the $35 sign, as well as the sample of said item was there also. When I explained and visually showed this to Ms. Not Helpful, she nonchalantly said "oh someone who works the store must have put it in the wrong spot". So I asked her exactly what was moisturizing cream occupied that $35 slot and again shrugging her shoulder, she said "I'm not sure". I asked her to find out,and she said she didn't know. I then asked her to honor the price as it was the district your associates and she said she couldn't. And she let this paying customer walk out of the store located in Westfield Mall in the JC Penny in Trumbull, CT. I won't visit any of your stores and I will pass the word on to all the women that I know and I will inform them that Sephora does not honor their mistakes.


I placed an order on August 3 (order number: 4800047679 total amount is $105.70) and didn’t receive the packed. I contacted customer services to report for the lost package, the representative offered the full refund for me but I told her that I really wanted some of the items in that order so I asked her to check the local store’s location for me. Before she doing that, she refunded the amount of $69.49. I went to the local store but the items they had in there was not the one that I wanted, so I contacted customer services again and the refund the rest of the refund which is $36.21. After a few days, I only received $36.21 in my bank account.

I called back to check with customer service for 2 to 3 times about why I still didn’t receive the other amount refund and they said it already processed and if I still didn’t receive it in couple days then contacted the bank about it. I contacted a bank about it and they only saw the amount of $36.21 refund and finally, they started to dispute the rest of the amount for me with Sephora and Sephora agreed to pay for that amount. Everything solved and I was still able to order online after that on Sep, Oct, and Nov 1. However, on last Friday, Nov 11, Sephora had the promo 20% of VIB and I tried to order something online.

When I tried to check out the online sites didn’t allow me to add the promo code and said it didn’t exist. I contacted 4 different customer services to ask about it and they said they didn’t know why and they saw nothing wrong with my account. Then they offered to place the order on the phone for me and the order was successfully placed on that day. However, when I check my order status today and find out that the order was canceled because of unsuccessful authorization. I contacted the customer services again and find out that my order was canceled because of the outstanding balance of $60 that the bank disputed for me on August.

They blamed that I owned them the amount and asked me to pay back for them. They even closed my account and blocked all my online order through the website. The thing that frustrated me the most is that all the representatives have no idea about it when we talked on Nov 11 about my account problem and also nothing happened with all of my online orders since August but now. I’m on the phone with them for 3 hours to get it solve. I talked to 1 representative and 2 supervisors total but the last supervisors talked to me for only 10 minutes and were very rude, he refunded to listen and doesn’t let me talk.


I have been so excited that Sephora outlet has finally arrived to my hometown in Ipoh. But, to my greatest disappointment my shopping excitement with Sephora has been shattered by the rude attitude of the staff at the outlet. It wasn't once or twice that I've endured such of a service (because I sincerely love visiting Sephora and its products offered - in my opinion were trendy and great). My recent visit was just intolerable!

The staff didn't bother to assist me whenever I needed one when they were more interested in talking among themselves (at that time the store was quiet with very few customers). Since they were busy talking, I decided to help myself with a perfume tester of my choice and the moment I did, one of the staff rushed over and took the product off my hands rudely. I was utterly annoyed by her behavior as though I was about to shoplift. Aside from that, they even walked away from me before I could ask for further information about the product.

Another disappointment on the same day, I had decided to purchase a Tartelette in Bloom of my favorite and again, I helped myself with the one I chose since the staff didn't bother to assist. However before I could do a quality check on the selected item, one of the staffs rudely asked what I was trying to do (again, rudely seize the product away from me) and she opened the product for me. How unfortunately, one of the palettes was in pieces. The staff looked at me as if it was my deed before I said it wasn't.

The matter was quickly resolved though. Overall, the matter I am trying to stress was that the attitudes and behavior of Sephora employees was truly disappointing for customer service. In comparison to the service in Sephora, Kuala Lumpur outlets services there were pleasantly and it has always driven me to visit every time I had the chance to.

All this may sound exaggerated, please do take the matter illustrated above seriously as words could not express the disappointment I had endured in this outlet. I wish to visit my hometown store with excitement in the future, therefore, hopefully that Sephora could take relevant action to improve on this matter. It was a pleasure to be a customer at Sephora and I would truly wish for the best.


I had a really bad experience in Sephora Pavilion. This could be the worst one. As I tried on several Sephora nail polish on the rack which was supposed to be a rack of Sephora nail polish testers, unfortunately there was one polish which was not a tester which I by chance also tried it on. Suddenly, the security guard came to me and say "Why are you trying the new one?

This is not a tester, so you have to buy it." Well, I had absolutely no idea okay! Out of hundreds of tester on the rack, there was one polish which was not a tester. Then he was saying some people decided to not buy and just put it on the rack, thats why you have to see before you try. So now my question is, how come he can actually see me trying the non tester but he cant see those customers who just put the new one on the testers rack.

Long story short, I talked to the manager and she was saying this time I can take this thing but next time if you try the new one, you have to buy. It really made me feel like I am a thief so I'll just buy it.

Please, organize your rack properly especially if you are located in a middle of the crowd.


I had very bad experience with Sephora in Jb Malaysia. I will recommended by one of the promoter that the items is suitable for me. And I had bought the items back home, after trying once I had experienced it that the items not suitable. And I had called the shop and spoken to the outlet manager. But she did not help me to settle the issue.


Today I had very bad experience with Sephora while in Malaysia. I went there around 11 am to see the renovation I took a turn and when I went out the security follow me out and asked me to go back to the shop,,, when I entered the shop he asked me to open my bag I gave it to him and opened it and searched after that I asked him why this happened he said we lost something he took me to the place where I were stood before there is one box opened and empty I told him and then, just so sorry. This is the most disrespectful moment I had ever seen in my life. He just kept on saying sorry. I went out I through out their card and decide to never go there again and I will tell every friend in my list to not go there.


I ordered a palette, and it arrived damaged because it was not properly packed, just thrown into a box. I have never returned an item or otherwise complained, but I decided to contact customer services to let them know about the issue, and let them know I would be returning the item. I was aggravated that I would have to take time out of my day to return my purchase as a result of their carelessness. I was emailed back, saying a replacement item was on the way and to return the broken item. I was confused because I had specifically said I would be returning the item for a refund.

I asked if I would be getting a refund, and they told me I could not refund the item as a replacement was being sent. As a customer, it should have been my choice whether I wanted to return the item or exchange it. The whole ordeal was confusing, and I couldn't get a clear answer but kept getting emails from different people. Finally, I went to twitter and explained the issue and also tweeted the CEO. Sephora responded to me as soon as I started tweeting the CEO and told me that as a courtesy to me they were rerouting the shipment of the replacement palette, and that I would get a refund. The refund amount was incorrect. They also gave me a store credit for one cent, which made me wonder if they were trying to insult me.

Eventually someone called to apologize for all the errors and confusion and offered a 15 dollar store credit. I was glad to receive a genuine sounding apology so I decided to let the issue go. Then I got an email stating the CEO was following me on Twitter. I went to view his account, and noticed he had unfollowed me and blocked me. Very upsetting that the CEO of a company is unwilling to listen to respectful complaints. I have spent almost 4k there in the past four years and have been a loyal customer, but I won't be shopping this store anymore. What could have initially been resolved with an apology and acknowledgment of error escalated into something that is inexcusable.


Though the makeup is pricey you are definitely getting what you paid for.  I love this store and feel sexy wearing the makeup that I buy there.  The technicians and sales associates are helpful and willing to assist you in showing you how to apply the makeup properly.  Love love love Sephora.

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