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I purchased a Razor E100 Scooter in the early summer of 2015. My daughter loved it! She had so much fun riding it and it was a great little scooter. The end of summer came and the scooter wouldn’t get up to full speed. I made a mental note to look into getting it fixed. Fast forward to spring of 2016. I looked at the RAZOR site for how to get a scooter repaired. They listed authorized RAZOR scooter repair centers. I selected one in my area, called to confirm they repair the scooters before I took it in and on April 30, 2016 I dropped my RAZOR scooter off at a local authorized RAZOR repair center. They gave me a receipt for the scooter and said they would have an estimate in 1 ½ weeks. What happened the next 2 months is probably some of the worst customer service I have ever received.

After not hearing from the service center, I started calling on May 23, 2016 asking for a status or update. They took my number and said they would call me back. Four more calls by my husband and myself over the next few weeks and still the girl politely told me someone would call us back. I told her I have called multiple times already and she said as soon as he gets back someone would call me.
On June 9, 2016 I contacted RAZOR Customer Service asking them how I should go about getting my scooter back or at least some type of response from the service center. My assumption was if they listed it as a repair center they had a working relationship with them.

The customer service rep from RAZOR said they would call the service center and try to get a status, he called the service center on June 10, 2016 and left a message for them to provide some type of status. On June 12, 2016 we received a message from the service center saying to call them back. My husband promptly returned their call and they said, the scooter is un-fixable and we need to come get it. On June 15, 2016 I called to say I would be there after work to pick up the scooter. I got there and they wheeled out the scooter with the inside disassembled and the floorboard not on. They told me I should just go buy another one and then put the floorboard with about 3 screws(it takes at least 6) and handed it to me. I then updated my RAZOR ticket to say I was quite upset that the scooter was returned with the motor/batteries disassembled and sent them a photo of how I got my scooter back.

Later on June 15, 2016 RAZOR Customer service said they called the repair service center to “get their side of the story” and would have resolution in 24-48 hours. That evening there was a message on my answering machine from the service center saying “you need to call us and tell us what photo you sent them(RAZOR). After not hearing anything else on June 24, 2016 I asked for an update. Here is the response I received from RAZOR Customer Service
“Thanks for your email. I did speak with the service center. They have a different story than the one you shared with us. The service center offered to provide us with a copy of their security camera audio and video to back up their story.

Your scooter is not under warranty and you found this service center by looking at our website. We did not refer you to them or offer to pay for repairs. There are other Razor authorized service centers in your area which you may want to contact. You can find these at http://www.razor.com/customer-care/service-centers/.” To say that I am shocked and appalled is an understatement. The comment was then modified by my RAZOR Customer Service rep to remove the part about providing security camera footage.

At no time did I ask for RAZOR to pay for repairs or did I question the warranty of my product. I took the scooter in for an estimate and all I got was aggravation from two separate companies that don’t seem to know what customer service is. I will never spend another penny on a RAZOR product and I will strongly urge others to avoid RAZOR products as well. I am truly disgusted at the treatment I received.


To Razor corporate headquarters. I wanted to take a moment and share my wonderful experience at Toy R Us. I purchased a Razor spark on 10/20/2015 for a Christmas gift. We decided my daughter had enough toys for x-mas so we decided to keep it for Easter. I opened and assembled the scooter 2 days before Easter so I could have it fully charged to allow my kid to ride it on Easter. After the present opening festivities were over she wanted nothing more than to ride her scooter.

We get dressed and go out to the driveway as she starts riding the scooter in about 30 seconds it dies. The look of disappointment on her face was awful. So the next day I contact your store and they state the 90 day warranty is up. I was so displeased with the actions of your company since I just opened this toy 2 days prior I went to Walmart and purchased another one for her to ride. Still furious about this whole situation I contact Razor and explain what happened.

During this process I gave them the number off the bottom of the scooter and they tell me this scooter is from 05/24/2011. So I bought a new scooter from you that was 4.5 years old with lead batteries that are good for 1-2 years. What kind of place are you running there? Razor said the stock should have been rotated because the batteries won’t last that long. So in short since your company can not process your inventory correctly you cost me $250.00. I assure you I will share my experience with all and the great customer service I received from the Razor Scooter company.

I hope others read this and find better places to shop so they don’t get ripped off like I did because of your negligence.

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