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Hasbro is a global toy company with numerous branches worldwide. They specialize in a wide range of products, including iconic board games like Monopoly, Transformers action figures, and popular franchises like My Little Pony and Nerf blasters.

If you have a problem and need to contact Hasbro complaints department, the best Hasbro contact number to call would be toll free 1-401-431-8697 or contact Hasbro support through email at HasbroBrandPR@hasbro.com.. The best hours to reach the Hasbro customer service number with a live agent are between Mon to Fri 9am-6pm EST (all times are in EST).

Hasbro corporate office is located at 9042 Winthrop Dr. Montgomery, OH 45249,USA with Hasbro corporate number of 1-401-431-8697. Leaving your Hasbro corporate office complaints below is a great way to have your voice heard.

The most common Hasbro corporate complaints are often revolve around a major toy and board game company, often revolve around product quality issues, including defects, missing pieces, and flimsy materials. Customers may also express concerns about the company's pricing strategies and perceived lack of innovation in some of its product lines. If you have an issue with your order or experience and you desire to leave Hasbro headquarters complaints then we offer a convenient link to a complaint form here https://newsroom.hasbro.com/contact-us

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Bought the Doctor Drill n Fill today (July 9) for my granddaughter at Target, Memorial City, Houston TX. She ripped into it so excited. In the meantime, my husband put batteries in the drill. The drill does not work. When checking the box, it appears that this item was returned to Target and Target put it back on the shelf. We only noticed because there was a small piece of tape on the box.
We are leaving with grandchild on vacation and planned to take with us and will not return for a couple of weeks. There is no time to return the Doctor Drill n Fill set and the set has been opened and played with as batteries were being put in the drill so the parts are no longer in tack. I am requesting the we be sent a new drill for this set or a whole new set. This is a grandparent nightmare as we have no time to return and disappointment is an understatement. Please respond via email and let me know the solution; I will furnish my address if requested. Hopefully, this can be settled without more inconvenience.


June 16, 2019

I recently bought a new Scattergories game and was shocked to find after spending 14.95 at Walmart the timer was not included. The excitement and fun of playing that game was caused by that timer. I have been playing with family for years but the kids ruined the game so I purchased another. Iam disappointed it only has an hour glass. I want
the timer that ticks real fast at the last few seconds?

My address is 55 Henderson St SW, Marietta, Ga. 30064
I live now in a Senior building and wanted to teach the others the game.

What can you do for me?

Carol Annunziato


I constantly get kicked out of any iPad games by your company. I don't have this problem with any other iPad games. It has been with the bingo games, I have up graded my internet, updated any time it was requested by the bingo gams. It stinks just taking my tickets and then getting kicked out of a game. I rate the games a zero.


Just trying to figure out what happened to my order of 2 boxes of Magic the Gathering War of the Spark Mythic edition which I placed at 3:00pm on May 1st. I ordered 2 boxes and paid for them. Then later after work I checked my ebay account and the order had disappeared.
Please see the attached screenshot.
Thank you,




I have been a lifelong Hasbro fan, singing your praises all over the world. However, it has recently made me a fool due to the company cutting corners. What specifically I am referring to is the timer, or lack of one, for the wonderful game "Scattergories". If I have to explain that the suspense the timer provided was the cornerstone of the game. Sure, superior linguistic skills to play the game are paramount to the game however, come on, the timer with no numbers or warning signs that the three minutes were up is what i specifically praised. Now, I recieve a game with an hourglass? A passive timer? If you are playing the game then by default your are not watching anything else but, the list for answers or better answers of double word scores. I am just saying, the $1 store sells a timer, and for the $14 price tag also without it does not even come with the small golf pencils? From a lifelong customer PLEASE get your act together. I would not want to deny the gift of your games to others due to poor quality. I like your products, and think board games keep families and friends together. Help me, help you, help me.



We purchased a Hasbro scrabble deluxe wooden edition some years ago in the USA. We currently live in Israel. The stickers used for identifying double word score, double letter score, etc... are flaking off. It is quite annoying. Can you help us? Is it possible to buy new stickers which could be glued on, or will the company replace the entire game due to warranty?


We bought the baby alive doll (one that eats and poops play doh) we read all the instructions and warning about do not put foreign objects in mouth as obviously the doll will not work with this. My granddaughter put her finger in to push the play doh and it got stuck (for over a min). Very swollen and red, scared her too she doesn't want to play with it. There should be a WARNING about this. Not just a little one about foreign objects, pretty sure meaning don't feed it other stuff than the play doh it comes with.


I purchased the Hasbro firehouse Town. It came with a dog that poops. I feel this is most inappropriate toy to have for a 4 year old to deal with. I feel that you need to send us something to replace the dog. I understand the Firehouse would have a dog which is appropriate but not one who poops. I would appreciate your prompt reply. It was very hard to explain to a four year old who loves Hasbro Duplo products ie. Batman, Spiderman etc. We have purchased most of the age appropriate duplo since my grandson has a speech learning disability so these toys are one of the things he truly enjoys playing with.


I just bought my 5 year old daughter the twilight sparkle equestria girls mini slumber party set. Literally, an hour ago. It is broken. Her leg snapped off. No rough play. Calm play, and then sadness. She got to play with it for 30 minutes tops. Now it's broken and can't be fixed. So now I have a sad kid with a broken toy. Waste of money. How can I contact the corporate office with my complaint?


I'm a very serious Star Wars collector and last October I decided to add collecting 6" Black Series figures to my collection. Since that decision I have acquired many figures through online and various stores. To make a long story short, I recently found the entire new series at my local Wal Mart and bought them all four.

The old man Han Solo was broken and he marked the third 6 inch black series figure that I purchased that has been broken. Guys I know you don't care about a single collector like myself and don't expect anything, just thought you should know that it's disappointing that I keep wasting my money on poor workmanship. I'm not giving up yet but please try to do better.


Occasionally, I will have a letter appear on the scrabble board and I cannot remove it. It does not interfere with the actual game play, but it is annoying. Today, I was playing scrabble, while using the English dictionary. I kept getting notes to me that the words were not in the French dictionary.

When I looked it was the French dictionary and I cannot remove it and replace it with the English dictionary. I did not have these issues before the update. Also this was the only online game that I paid for and that upset me. I will also file this Hasbro complaint with the corporate office.


I bought hungry hippos for my grandchild. 2 of the hippos failed to spring. Brought it back. I did not purchase another because the product was so poorly constructed, I didn't expect another to be any better. I work with children with special needs, and the product I purchased 10 years ago is still working. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. This is a game that encourages social skills and easily played but the cheap plastic and spring mechanism wasn't worth 5 dollars, let alone the 19.99 I paid for it.


We bought some good stuff from Hasbro for our kids and they really loved it. It was worth to see a smile on them and that told it all. Recently for my little girl, we bought my little pony princess twilight sparkling kingdom. OH what happiness it bought to her, I just cannot express, She simply loves it and wouldn't let go off it. Thank you Hasbro for making such delightful things for kids that they really love and don't spoil them either.

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