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Worst website I’ve ever been on. Christmas I ordered some clothes and when I went to checkout there were 2 items I wanted to delete but it wouldn’t let me. Tried calling customer service but of course they were busy and after about an hour wait I finally just place the order with the things I didn’t want. Just tried ordering for registry and was ready to pull my hair out. Again called everyone was busy waited 45 min and hung up. FINALLY after another 45 min I figured out how to get the order to go through. Others fro
This registry are having the same problem. I guess you feel like it’s not important for shoppers to have an easy time spending money at your store since there aren’t that many baby stores around. Will never buy from or order from baniesrus again. I’ll spend the time I spent waiting on phone and trying to order online researching other places to nuy the item even if it cost more which I doubt because you aren’t cheap. Just happened to have promo code I wanted to use.


On 8/22/17 I placed an online order for a crib with an attached changing table on Babies R Us for in store pick-up, as a ship to home option did not exist. On 8/26/17 I received an email notifying me the product was ready for pick-up. On the morning of 9/3/17, that's EIGHT DAYS later, I received an email that my order was cancelled. I called customer service as I was actually going to pick-up the crib that afternoon. I had to organize some family members to come help as the item is heavy and bulky so I needed someone with a bigger car to help. Basically, I rearranged my, and several members of my family, Labor Day weekend to make this pick-up happen. Here's what customer service said and did for me which is downright pitiful. After approximately 35 wasted minutes, it turns out there was an "inventory discrepancy" and the store never had to the crib ready for pick-up. The product is going out of stock and I quote the manager I was speaking to, "I don't know why it's still available for sale online as this would almost certainly happen again if ordered for pick-up at another location". So, they can't ship to me, they can't ship to another store, and when I said we specifically ordered when Babies R Us was having a 20% off cribs that are $399 or more sale, I was told if I called them back they could offer me the same discount on another crib IF it was $399 or less. To sum up, Babies R Us totally screwed up. It is completely unacceptable to take over a week to figure out your own inventory. If we had gone to pick-up on any of the seven previous days, we'd have gotten to the store and been told the product isn't there. I, the customer, got an "I'm sorry" and a possibility to perhaps use a coupon if I stayed under a certain price. Babies R Us caused me and my family a lot of grief and offered nothing in return. I got a crib yesterday, but sure as hell didn't give my business to Babies R Us. This experience has left sick a sour taste in my mouth. I will never use Babies R Us for another registry and will discourage my large family and extensive number of friends, who are all at the age of having children, to shop elsewhere.


I had signed up for a breastfeeding class the store gives on Sept 15 630p in Conmack NY store. I had received the day before a confirmation of the class via email. I drove a half hour to the store and when I got there was told the class was cancelled. I was never contacted either by email or phone. I also have a baby registry with you but for some reason no one could take the time to contact me.

I am not going to be shopping at your store anymore. I am a first time mom and am going to be telling others about your unprofessional consumer service. I will not sign up for any of your classes either due to not trusting this company anymore. I am very upset and will not be finishing my registry with this company either.


I called ahead to the 2789 Paper Mill Rd., Reading, PA 19610 location to determine if they carried an item I was seeking. I gave the gal the full name of the product. She asked me to look on line and give her a product #. I couldn't find the product #, but meanwhile she was apparently online looking as well and had the answer. They should not make the customer work so hard if they want to make a sale. The product was in the store so I took my lunch hour to go to the store.

When I reached the store, I couldn't find the product so I asked a sales associate who pointed toward a location. When I told her that I had already looked there, she begrudgingly walked to the location and pointed again. She was a very unhappy, unfriendly person. She made me feel as though I was a bother. I stopped at the Ladies Room before I left. The bathroom was dirty and there was no soap in the dispenser. Luckily had had wipes and hand sanitizer in my purse. A clerk was entering the rest room as I was existing so I mentioned to her that there was no soap.

Her reply was "I know. We are totally out. There is no soap in the store." (This was a different sales person who was also not very happy.) A young Mom was standing outside the door with her baby and she was appalled by the conversation as well. How does the store let that happen? How unsanitary! And if they know there is no soap, why didn't the store manager or another employee walk a short distance to a nearby Target to pick up soap dispensers to take care of the situation until the refill soap comes in. There are children and adults using a bathroom with no way to properly wash hands. Babies are being changed without a way for Mom to wash up afterwards.

I'm so disappointed in my experience today at this store. The only highlight was the gal at the baby registry desk who very pleasantly greeted me from afar when I entered the store. I'm not sure when or if I will return to this store. I would suggest a surprise visit or an undercover shopper so that you can experience what I just did. I would also suggest training for the sales personnel so that customers are treated respectfully and pleasantly. I am a Human Resources professional and my world is built around good customer service and pleasant demeanor toward others no matter what the situation. Customer Service in your industry is also paramount. I am now considering switching to another company for any future baby product purchases. At the very least it will be a very, very long time before I consider entering this store again.


Just thought babies r us should know. I walked in at 4:45p on Saturday may 7th and saw 5 employees sitting at the baby registry doing nothing but talking to one another. Very sad. I had to walk all the way back to them to get any help. Sure it wasn't a super busy evening, but that just looks bad. As management, they are poor. They are getting paid to sit. Sad excuse for employees. You may want to look into hiring someone to walk around and do something ( straighten, restock, assist customers, get carts, anything but sit and look sloppy and pathetic).


Received a gift card and went far out of the way to use it at Amherst Babies r us. I wanted to purchase a big case of Huggies, newborn diapers but had absolutely none in stock. Not to mention the price is way more than target and WalMart. This is a baby store and don't stock newborn diapers? Needless to say I had to buy 5 small packs at 9.99 a piece. $50 gift card spent on something that should have been in stock for $35.


Could not receive adequate help, the Babies R Us store was being ran by a bunch of rude kids not an actual adult to talk to disrespectful. Would not honor sale price on there own website. My daughter was registered there, but I will not purchase anything else from this store, I can be disrespected any where, but I thought this was a higher end store. Very disappointed in the Babies R Us customer service!


I received a crib as a gift (delta 4 in 1) from my baby registry in Middleton NY and the crib had two right legs which did not allow for proper assembly. I contacted the babies r us at Union Square in my location Manhattan New York and they stated that they would order a new crib and switch out the piece that was needed to complete the crib. It has been two weeks since I first approached the babies r us on Union Square concerning this matter and I have been told on a few occasions by different workers that the order was placed and will be arriving soon. I now received a call stating that the order was never placed and that I needed to provide my name and address for the order to go through. This has been a two week process with no resolution yet.


No customer service! Smart ass kids walking around with attitudes and cell phones. Will not help and do not know product line. District manger who oversees this store must be fired! I have contacted headquarters along with 10 other people. I spent my money 400 dollars at target across the street. This is the Redlands store in California. No wonder it is a ghost town when you walk in.


Hello. I was just at your storein Kitchener  to purchase 3 separate gifts from 4 different registeries and had the worst experience. First of all, I printed the registeries which all had category headings on them, however none of these headings matched the actual signs in the store. This made it almost impossible to figure which section to look for things in. There was no one around to help, in other words no floor staff. Even when I thought I managed to find what I was looking for most of the items were in the wrong spot so the upc number on the shelf tag did not match the one on the product. Finally after about an hour I found all the items I was looking for because there was still no one available to help. I got up to the register to pay and was informed that your system is not set up to take items off of different registeries., so they would have to ring everything through as a separate transaction. Very unimpressed. Hope this helps for improving your stores and your customer experience.


To whom it may concern: The last thing I’d like to be doing Christmas morning is writing this complaint. I have experienced two issues with expensive Toys R’ Us and Babies R’ Us products. The first problem I experienced was about two months ago when I opened a convertible car seat only to find out that the car seat that was in the box was the incorrect car seat.


I bought my car seat from babies r us mostly because they would install it for me for free. I go to make an appointment and the lady states they no longer offer that option, starting the day of my appointment. That just sounds fishy. A company should no offer this option and to me all about it if they are changing it shortly after you buy the car seat. I had to special order it too. I could not play around and see what it was like in the store.


Last night I was connected thru prompts for 1/2 hour until a lovely emplyee Nila answered. After we finished I asked to speak to a manager Janet.  We spoke about the problem and I was to come in today at 1:00 and she personally would take care of me.  However, I was running late and decided to give her a call to let her know.  I called at 1:25 p.m. and am still on a hold pattern.  What is the problem?  Does this not happen to other people.  Please investigate this.  You may be losing customers as there is a ByeBye Babies down the road from you.  Thank you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm still on hold and it's 1:51 p.m. This is not very good customer service.  There must be a problem. This was at the Babies R Us Brandon, FL Store - Causeway Blvd. #6446 - The answering of the phone (813) 685-7899.

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