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Nov ordered Christmas Barbie,played for it,never arrived,called numerous times,just to get told there weather working or its been shipped,finally Dec 10 they decide to give me my money back,then I have to wait 6days or more for that.Never again,this was a Christmas present


I sent the following message to Mattel Hot Wheels today, 14 Feb 2018. Since Hot Wheels CS moved from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, I am thoroughly unimpressed with the change. Since Hot Wheels began shipping in bags instead of boxes upon the move to Pennsylvania, that was bad enough. Now the once Friendly Customer Service has become the Unfriendly Customer Service. Change is suppose to be good, the change to Pennsylvania has not been good at all. This needs addressed and fixed quickly to get the CS department back to the high level as before.


Please DO NOT CANCEL my rewards order 1416256601 Pink 67 Camaro Rewards # 2017_2...... Please instead cancel order number 1416233664 which was a cash transaction. I can't believe I have to ask for this, a good customer service representative should have caught this and taken care of this for the customer.

Customer service is caring for the customer, not trying to screw the customer. GEEZ!!! I expect to see rewards order 1416256601 show back up on my orders page. I can't believe this was cancelled without an email notification either.

I will write to Mattel HQ about this and let them know how I am being treated as a customer by customer service. This is completely unacceptable.

Glenda Moats


I am a single mother of a little boy who desperately wanted a Mattel hot-wheels ultimate garage and fan man play set this year for Christmas. This toy was exclusive to walmart stores, and was in very high demand. It was sold out for days online, but i was diligent and checked every single day.

One day, to my delight, the walmart website had it in stock at several of their stores in my area according to the Mattel website. I ordered the toy, paid for it with credit card and received and email saying the toy would be ready for pickup the same day. When i received no confirmation email saying the toy was ready, i called the store only to discover that they didn't in fact have the toy, and they had been out of stock.

I was told to call customer service for walmart. I was put on hold for 20 minutes only to be told they couldn't get anyone to answer the phone at any of the other Walmart in my area that they tried to contact.....after a lot of phone calls, waiting on hold with different Walmart, getting hung up on, i finally found a store 45 minutes away that had the toy.

So on Christmas eve, after my son went to bed, my mother and i assembled the toy. There are several problems with the functionality of the toy, the shark doesn't work properly, and most importantly, after we had assembled the whole toy and put brand new batteries in it, followed the instructions on battery installation, the electronics in the toy do not work at all. None of the light light up, and it doesn't make any noises. It does absolutely nothing.

Now I'm stuck with an expensive toy that does not work properly, and this was the only thing my son wanted for Christmas. Being a single mother who doesn't get child support, this toy cost me a great deal of money.

You would think a big company like Mattel would be able to produce toys that work correctly. The whole experience in buying and assembling and presenting this toy to my son was the most horrible Christmas experience I've ever had.


i bought a Gordon track master train for my son on his birthday for his blue mountain mystery risky rails drop play set the thomas train that came with it worked perfectly fine on the track the new gordon will not work on the track it will not go up any incline at all it just sits on the track without moving forward it just spins the tires why is this these trains are not cheap is it just the train i bought or do all the the new designed trains not work on this track i would sure like to know before i spend any more money on trains.


At mattel, my son was able to find his hot wheels stuff. Mattel keeps upgrading their shop by having the latest collections and the newest toys. From Disney to Barbies,hotwheels and many more, one can find really attractive toys to keep the kids busy. That's not all, they have online games that are interesting and fun too. My kids really find the shop interesting and the online games keeps them busy during their holidays. The toys at Mattel are worth every penny so I do not have to worry about money getting wasted. Highly recommended for parents who want to buy toys.

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