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l purchased my toddler a bag of the mega first builder classic big building 80-pc blocks set. While picking up the blocks to put away my finger was sliced. The building blocks are unsafe for kids. Imagine what they could do to the finger of a toddler if they were able to slice mine.


i bought a farm tractor and trailer for my granddaughter from Amazon. It only arrived yesterday. My granddaughter is 1. To my shock i discovered the head of the farmer had split in two and could have been quite dangerous for such a small child. I have enclosed images of the damage. My daughter is the only one that has played with it under supervision so i am not sure how the damage has occurred apart from there being a fault in the plastic. I am a bit concerned as she has other "little people" items to open on her birthday tomorrow.


my daughter got comfort curve bouncer as a baby shower gift . baby was born and in ICU , he came home three days ago. put him in the bouncer and it collapsed on him !!!! I looked it over and saw the screws were loose??? odd because they were tighten .. so I tighten them again and looked real sturdy . put him in it and turned on vibration ... about 30mins later it collaped again !!!! we don't have box and it was purschased at target , the screw was loose again .. so I am making you aware this is not ok . target took it but said I needed to contact you . they gave me the ups and all.
dls030095120 fp bouncer


I bought a fisher price ultra lite day and night play yard and the top part is ripped and the bottom is molding. Has anyone tried to file a complaint with the Fisher Price headquarters to get a refund?


I purchased the booster chair model numberBJX68 last year. All rules have been followed, however, I have had problems with the back half moon shaped piece that hold the two back sides together staying in place. The other day it collapsed with my 16 month old grandson in the chair. He hit the floor with such force I took him to a nurse friend to be checked out. He received a nasty bump with bruising and scabbing to the forehead. My concern is the half moon piece was defective. I do not want this to happen to another child and not sure how to handle this.

The chair just fell into pieces. I am throwing the booster away and have already replaced it. Of course I do not have the sales paper work since it was purchased last year. My concern is for other toddlers and didn't know if you have had complaints concerning this before. I think it would be in good customer service to have a refund.


When shopping for my nieces and nephews, I alwasy buy Fisher Price brands. They have wonderful, age-appropriate toys that are educational, engaging, and durable. This company is a great and safe bet for buying things for those most precious to you. I especially love the drumset for my nephew. Will be using them for all my future child purchases.


I have a 1 month old baby and he loves the musical mobile that I fixed to his crib. We purchased this from Fisher Price and stares at it before going to bed. I really love the soft tone music they have to it and the toys attached to it. It is with not very bright jazzy colors. It can be fixed to the pram as well which is a multipurpose toy. It gets easily attached and can be detached too. I have seen a wide range of toys, teethers, prams, cribs, bouncers and many more form Fisher Price. They are a known brand in terms of quality. No harsh or pointed edges which can hurt the baby, Keeping safety in mind they design their stuff suitable for babies. Anyone with babies should try products from Fisher Price.

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