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I was at you location at the Newnan Crossings in Newnan Ga on July 9 between 5:30pm and 6pm what started out a ok experience changed to good to disaster in a matter of minutes. I was at the Deli and a older black lady came over to help with subs...this lady was very pleasant...with the tight working area they kept bumping into each other. Initially, the older white lady bumped into the older black lady she just smiled.....when the older black lady bumped in to the older white lady the black lady said something with a smile...apparently she touched the white lady and the white lady went off loudly saying she is going to be sick because the black lady touched her...I was surprised the black lady kept calm and never changed her demeanor toward the customer but you can tell she was taken aback. The white ladies performance was totally unprofessional and offensive.


with all the additional help I see at the Clint Moore/441 store why is the produce area worse than ever--the bins are stacked neatly but the produce in general is outrageous . the apples are not being picked over by the help--removing the rotting /soft to the touch/ bring them home and in one day they are not edible--the tomatoes are left so long in one place the are soft/mushy and if not when bought the next day at home you have a choice -cook them or throw them out- Produce people are supposed to be picking out out the spoiled items all day long.
Today I bought a head of iceberg lettuce--the price on the bin was $1.79--when I checked out the receipt said 2 for $3.00--
This week you had a sale on cole slaw--problem there were none to buy-
this week you had a rare sale on Bryers Gelato--none could be found in the case


Store #1041 in Boynton Beach continues to be a disaster. The store is poorly stocked, and they never have enough people working there. Every time I go in there, they are missing at least 2-3 popular items. Last time it was Safeguard soap. The store manager happened to be standing in front, and I asked him about it. He said they hadn't had it for several weeks because they had stopped making it. Think about that for a moment: this guy looked and me and told me, with a straight face, that Safeguard had stopped making soap. A store manager, not an assistant. Their motto is: "If you want it, we don't have it---and we don't care."


Re" Store #0779 in Bayside Lakes, Palm Bay Florida
On March 27 I submitted a complaint and I forgot to include the store number.
The Complaint number is 1553705729
I have a right to an explanation!!!!!


on March 13 I phoned in a request for 2 drug refills at the pharmacy at Bayside Lakes,
FL. After 1 week of not hearing and checking the phone line only to discover there was no record of my request. I then phoned in another request and left a message for the pharmacist telling him this was a duplicate request. After 2 days I went into the store and spoke to someone who said my request for one of the refills was denied. BY PUBLIX. The drug Publix was denying is a drug that my husband has been taking for several years. Part D Medicare covers this drug. The prescription is from a Specialist.
After a pharmacy tech called Corporate Publix to find out why they were denying a refill that they have been filling for 2 years, Corporate Publix agreed to fill the remaining refills.
My question is - who is Publix to scrutinize what drugs a doctor prescribes. This drug is not an addictive drug. What gives some person in corporate the right to look into our drug history and decide what drugs we can and cannot take? Talk about intrusive! This is so wrong. Of course we will be transferring our business to Walgreens. Who do you think you are to do this?


Lack of adequate supply of weekly advertised specials. Each week there continues to be an ongoing problem as the stores do not carry a adequate supply as to the weekly specials. This week it is the Lemon Meringue pie that was not available during my shop at 9:00 am on Friday, March 22nd. There is always an excuse given for why the product is not available and as always the customer is expected to make an unnecessary trip back to the store. Well, I am not willing to make an unnecessary trip due to incompetence. This constitutes false and deceptive advertising as the sale literally started on March 21st. After shopping Publix since 1963, it is clearly apparent customer service is at the bottom. Surely, George Jenkins would be disgusted at today's Publix where shopping is a true displeasure. For the record, both your stores at Pine Lake Plaza and Pompano Plaza have employees that are incapable of performing their jobs including the managers who are rude and abrasive at Pompano Plaza and another who is never on site at Pine Lake Plaza when there is a customer problem. To state I am fed up and disgusted with Publix does not adequately define it.


I started using Publix several years ago and my first problem was when an incorrect drug was given to me. I was supposed to get Methotrexate tablets but instead I was given a diuretic (name began with an M, currently cant recall) They gave me the diuretic with dosages for the methotrexate which was 5 tablets at one time, once a week. They blamed my doctor but I would think a pharmacist would be able to look at a dosage of 5 pills at one time every week and know that it could not have been a dose for a diuretic. Fortunately I am a PA and I caught it before I took the dose.

I decided, however, to give them the benefit of the doubt. Everybody makes mistakes and I was not harmed. I continued to use Publix because I thought it would be less likely they would make another mistake like that.

My next complaint happened about a week ago. My doctors office sent my usual prescriptions via fax? to my pharmacy. 2 of the three, prednisone and lisinopril were filled but they said they didn't receive the third prescription, Tramadol. I called my doctors office a couple of days later ( I still had a few days of meds left) and they said they sent it and had the fax confirmation but would re-send it. I called Publix the next day and they said they still didn't have it. That was after my doctor office said they sent it twice. It was Friday afternoon and my doctors office was now closed. That day I ran out of Tramadol and spent the next 2 and a half days, not only in pain from my autoimmune disorder but in withdrawals from Tramadol. It was so bad that it caused a flare up of my condition. On Monday I called the pharmacy again and they still said they didnt have it. I was getting ready to go to my doctors office to get a hard copy of the rx and I got a text from publix that my prescription was ready. I havent been able to sort out what happened but my doctors office has never been a problem.

The third complaint is that I was charged $63.95 for the prescription of 90, 50mg Tramadol. I have a Good Rx coupon at Publix and its advertised on the Good Rx site that the prescription should be $10.78. I think they took advantage of me because they could.

The fourth complaint happened this week. My son is a type 1 diabetic and I went to get his needles. I gave the girl at the counter his name and birthdate and told her I needed Lantis needles. She came back with a box of 100 count box B/D 8mm needles and charged me $67.00 for them. I was shocked and didnt remember every paying that much for them but it was busy and so I paid and went on.
Later, my son brought me a needle and said it wasn't what he had been using and asked if I could get the 4mm that he usually uses. I took the needles back to the pharmacy and because the box had been opened, they wouldn't take them back. I also found out that my sons insurance would have paid for them and for months I'd been paying the cash price and it wasn't even filed on his account. They had no record of the needles I had bought and paid for since I was having to pay the cash price.
They gave me 2 boxes of the correct needles but since my sons insurance paid for them, I'm still out 67 dollars.

I've always had insurance until I was stricken with an autoimmune disorder and have been unable to work. Now I cant afford insurance and I'm trying to navigate the system without it. I trusted my pharmacy and didnt check prices and didnt question anything. Now I find myself wondering how many times Publix Pharmacy took advantage of me.
I plan to transfer all of my further business to WalMart now because I can no longer trust Publix.


I got a sandwich from the deli I ordered it online the bread was hard an the girl was on ther cell phone b4 she even gave me my sandwich an it was in her hand then she put a cold sandwich on a hot heater I’m very upset


Just want to know that the marketing genius who decided o go from half-gallon yo quart in the organic green wise genre needs to go. Looks like a ploy to hide a substantial price increase but it is pure folly. stupid
i'd say. thanks for nothing


The Publix located at 8101 W Sunrise Blvd, Plantation FL 33322
On two occasions the deli department price marked items wrong

1st time I had a sub that was on sale - when I reached the cashier after is was rung up I said that price is wrong
she said what do you want me to do? Check the price? So she left the counter with my Sub and came back
and said that is the price - and it was not! I was in a hurry on my lunch hour - I was mad but paid the incorrect price and left.

2nd time my husband picked up lunchmeat at the deli got to the check out counter and realized the price was wrong - the ham
was on sale. The cashier took the package of lunchmeat back to the deli and came back with it rewrapped with the correct
price on it. So not only did she have the lunchmeat removed from the original bag - so it was touched by other people - but
came back with the price changed. My husband said wait when something is marked wrong at Publix you are suppose to
have that item for free. She said NO.. and the manager said NO. So my husband left everything he had picked up in the store
on the casheirs belt and left the store. And he went to a competitor store.

If Publix has the policy set in place that if something is marked wrong - its free - Than why does this particular store not follow
through? and to bring back deli meat rewrapped that is unsanitary . I will not longer go to this store and I have heard quite
a few people complain about the policies in this store.

not a happy Publix customer and I have lived in South Florida for over 30 years! Other competitors are looking better and better.
Your prices are higher than most other grocery stores but I always seem to end up in Publix . But my thoughts will definitly
to not use Publix.

NO stars!


sunday, today 1/13 about 12:15-12:30 I experienced prejudice treatment from michelle a cashier at the customer service/return desk. michelle ignored me as I waited to be helped and rang up a white woman who walked up to the counter long after I was there. michelle waited on the white woman first even through I told her I was next. as a black woman who has been shopping at publix for years I never mistreat people and I apologize if I do. michelle is rude and has a don't care attitude toward black people. clearly she doesn't like her job and is very prejudice. You may contact me at 941-376-7872. some alcoholic will problemly punch her in the face one day soon.


I shop at the Publix in the Plantation Grove Center in Ocoee, FL on Maguire Road. The store is poorly stocked and always seems to be out of what I'm looking for. Also, I have tried to special order some cookies that I have bought in other Publix stores but I have yet to get these special order cookies after four tries. I give the information at the customer service counter, they take down my name and phone number and tell me that the cookies should be available in a couple of weeks. I have never seen so many empty spaces on the shelves. I think this store is poorly managed and is far below what Publix customers expect. By the way, the cookies I have requested are the Voortman Iced Alomonette cookies. The store stocks the sugar free almonette cookies but not the ones with sugar. The store also stocks the stripped almonette cookies. I know that Publix sells these cookies because I have bought them at other Publix stores in Orlando.


we purchased a publix store brand turkey for thanksgiving (2018) that contained only neck and half a gizzard,i had to go to nearby winn dixie on thanks day and buy a package of chicken hearts and gizzards to cook pot of annual home made gravy,VERY cheap by publix. please confirm email.


Publix Pharmacy -- 2625 Simpson Rd. Kissimmee, FL 34743 (407-348-7686) Nov.10,2018 store 1502 Manager : Ez Delvalle Pharmacy Assistant: Camilo Rozo

I phoned in the refill for Integra Plus medicine. I asked if it was available the answer was yes. So I go to pick it up and they give me a generic. I did not ask for generic. I never knew there was one no other pharmacy tried to push a substitute. The manager and I checked the ingredients on the 2 meds. They were not the same. I told them I specifically told you the med I needed . I do not have anymore counting on them to fulfill my request. This medicine is needed for me to be able to function . Without it I have a shortage of oxygen and my organs can shut down and I die. This is serious to me it is my life. The manager was ok. He seemed sincere and serious about the situation. The pharmacy assistant did not react in a respectful manner. He stands there grinning and smiling. You don't smile when it is a serious situation. His response was I am told to smile at

customers. I told him there is a time to smile and chuckle and a time not to. You made the error , my health is in jeopardy and you smile and think this is a funny situation. So here we are I have no meds, they switched meds on me and not the same. Iron in brand name is 191 in substitute med 125 so not the same. The manager and I checked it together . I told the person on the phone what I wanted and the pharmacy took it upon itself to switch it when it is not the same equivalency . It is usually a special order. The error got me so upset I was crying and totally upset. I can not function my best when not getting enough oxygen. This disease is serious. Finally after about 2 hours of fussing the assistant said he'd call around to see if another location has it. What a blessing a Walgreens had the correct medicine. The assistant says can you drive there in 8 minutes they are closing. Now how ridiculous that question was of course I can't drive there in such little time. So I couldn't get it. So now the Publix pharmacy expects me to drive elsewhere and the cost was more money than Publix fee. Because of their mistake I am upset, got to drive elsewhere tomorrow and pay more money. This should not be . Why am I being penalized for Publix's mistake. Such poor customer service. Camilio never apologized ( not until I told him he didn't then he does.) The manager did not offer me a gift card nothing for all the stress an inconsideration they caused me. I am a new customer at the pharmacy and this is my first impression. Well the pharmacy failed big time as far as I am concerned. Publix expected me to drive elsewhere (they should have picked it up and brought it to their store for me ), expected me to pay more money until I complained and got the price worked out and rude disrespectful attitude of assistant. This is unacceptable customer care / service. The prescription was for 3 months but I only got one month from Walgreens. I phoned Camilo to inform him to put in the order for the other two months. He said he'll contact me when it arrives. I am hoping this part goes smoothly. If it doesn't you will be hearing from me.


On Sunday 11/11/2018 I arrived at the Publix Supermarket at 5032 Capital Cir SW Ste 1Tallahassee Florida, around 7:45 am to purchase some items. Further, after picking-up a few items within the store, I walked toward one of the check-out counters to purchase them. Approaching the check-out counter, I saw only one young man (cashier) leaning on a display rack near the rear of a check-out line. However, as I approached the young man leaning on the display rack, he did not immediately greet me and just stood there looking at me as I did him. Finally, after about 5-10 seconds went by, the young man then asked me was I ready to check-out. I asked him "are you not open why you just standing there staring at me?"; he again asked me, " are you ready to check-out". In response, I said to him, "I'm a customer and you really need to act and move like I'm welcomed here". Additionally, while the young man slowly moved toward the register, and even while he’s' at the register, he preceded to justify to me in a conformational manner why he failed to provide reasonable, welcoming customer service to a paying customer. For the reasons, I then I asked to speak to the manager; the manger came over to the check-out line because she'd herd me complaining to the young man about the lack of customer service. Furthermore, while at the register the manager tells the young man to be quiet and finish checking out my items. To this end, I asked the manager for the district manager's contact information so that I could inform him/her about the extremely meager customer service I received this morning. While talking to the manager the young man interrupted our conversation. On balance, I informed the manager why I was upset, but she appeared not to understand my concerns regarding the type of customer service I'd just experienced. In closing, the young man was extremely rude, aggressive and displayed a posture disrespect.


I think it is a shame Publix at Oglethorpe Crossing 3435 Ashford Dunwoody Road, Brookhaven GA 30319, had gone down. I am so tired of going to this store and most of the produce items are bad or going bad. Many times I have left this store to go to Kroger's or drive to the next closet Publix to get items I need to make dinner (times wasted). Please fix this store!


What exactly is the policy regarding the ten items or less lane??? I run into this issue all the time at several different publix stores.A person will have more than the ten items(most of the time well over 10 items),and when it is brought to their attention they either ignore you or will have something not very nice to say to you. The cashiers are told not to say anything to the customer.When a manager is made aware of this problem,they also to refuse to say anything to that customer.What then is the point of even having a 10 items or less lane if you are not going to enforce it?It's very frustrating those of us who use the express lanes correctly and cannot get any cooperation from Publix management! Either enforce this rule,or do away with it.No in between.It seems as though this should be an easy fix.Have the guts to say something or get rid of it all together.We are all so afraid to speak up when it is needed.This has to change!!!


This store is normally very good about correcting mistakes but when i informed store manager about the
unclean condition of tables in eating area no one came to rectify the situation in a timely manner. i am
still waiting for assistance. I love your stores all over metro Atlanta.

Thank You,
Minister Israel


your water is not good bottle will not stand up


On Feb. 5th, I went into the Publix Pharmacy at the Publix on Hillsboro Rd., Franklin, TN. The man behind the counter did not want to wait on me for whatever reason. When he finally came to the register he was playing with himself. I tried to ignore his actions but he was not interested in helping me get the allergy medicine I was requesting. I requested that he order if for me as that is what is normally done and call when it comes in. He pretended to write my name and number down. Needless to say, I never heard back. So on Feb. 12th, I went back in to the pharmacy and the same man himmed and hawed but eventually waited on me. As he approached the register again, he started playing with himself again. Gross. As I suspected, he did not order my medicine and he quickly walked away. The pharmacist saw this and came to see what she could help me with. I explained to her what I was needing and that he was supposed to order it. She apologized on his behalf. I told her what had happened. She ordered it for me. I don't know what this mans problem is but he needs to keep his hand off his private areas while waiting on customers and when he does wait on someone, he needs to follow thru. Don't walk away in the middle of a conversation. I've shopped at Publix for 40 years and I am disgusted by this mans actions.


On January 09 2018 on my way home I stop at river bridge shopping center Publix located at 6790 Forest Hill Blvd. Standing in line at customer service counter waiting to get fair tickets, no greeting no acknowledgment, manager(Joyette) was there looking very unhappy no smile instead she look at her watch every second. I been shopping at Publix for over 30 years and I'm very unhappy (associates are more friendlier), Publix is a great place to shop. Manager should be setting an example for her team.

Thank you Emily


I have recently bought a gatorade from Publix, and there was clumps of something in it. I wouldn't like to say it was mold because that would be gross. But anyway if you can I would love it if I can get a refund or something. Should I call Publix customer support directly or write a letter voicing my concern to Gatorade HQ?


I am writing in regard about an employee of Publix, he works at Publix 1700 34th st. N Saint Petersburg, Florida. He has been harassing a friend of my wife and I for the past 9 months, I am writing this because our friend can't. Her name is Flora Jean Jones, she left Del and has moved to Pa. since last Nov. he has been harassing her, text messages constantly and phone calls, a lot of it is being done on Publix. I am shocked and surprised that that no one has noticed this, he will text her sometimes up to 70 times a day on your dime.The authorities will not do anything because is in another state and we have tried blocking him but somehow he gets thru, this has went on long enough and I am demanding something. I expect that this type of behavior is not tolerated. I do have many text msg. from him that we have saved, I trust you will do the right thing and dismiss him.


I'm switching to Publix, this is not a complaint about them. It's about Walmart. For the last two week the Walmart store in Merritt Island Florida has been having an air conditioning problem. I was there today and it was very humid and hot. So uncomfortable that I will gladly pay higher prices to shop at Publix where I can shop without sweating. When It fixed E-mail me and then and only then will I return as a customers. Also I am warning my friends on facebook about the problem, just letting them know it you go to Walmart your going to sweat.


I had my doctor call in a prescription to my local Publix where expected to pick it up later that day. When I arrive at the store the pharmacist told me that they had never received a call or email from my doctor. This has happened before so I assumed It was my doctors office that had messed it up. I call an confirm with my doctor that they had both called and emailed my prescription request over. I return to the store to try yet again to pick up my prescription only this time I waited thirty minutes in line, on the phone and talking to the pharmacist when he finally told me I would not be able get my medication till the next morning. Thank god my condition isn't life threatening without my meds or else I could've been seriously ill by not receiving my meds. I will never use Publix again for this exact reason. This is there on job and they can't get it right?


I am very frustrated with your Publix store in North Port Florida. For months I have found the store to lack organization and basic items that I wish to purchase. Yet more madding is the fact that the 20 items or less checkout lanes are forever serving customers with enough items to feed a family of twelve or more. Cashiers, I am told, cannot say anything to shoppers about the fact that they should not be in this lane. Those of us with few items have to wait a long period of time to complete a purchase. I have shopped at other stores in nearby cities and none of these problems exist. If the store does not become better organized, follow posted procedures, and relate to customers needs, I along with several other neighbors are going to take all of our business across the street.


Walgreen's charged twice for same prescription. Bank returned one of the charges. Walgreen's listed the return as a bad check. which has caused my reputation to be tarnished. This happened on July 17 and after a dozen e-mails they didn't fix their mistake until october. They reported to Tele-check that I had issured a bad check which embarrassed me when trying to cash a check at Publix Supermarkets. I am going to seek legal counsel to see if Walgreen's can be held liable for defamation. I am a local writer and this only gets better.

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