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I shopped at the store on 47th & Damen in Chicago. After putting my items on the belt, the cashier asked me to see the bottom of the cart??? Puzzeled, I picked up my cloth grocery bags. She says okay. Ok, now I get it!!!! She thought I was stealing??? Really. Why me??? I am really insulted and feel as I definitely was the only one she asked this of!!! Why ????


Brent shopping at food for less over 5 yrs. I'm also a senior don't have money to waste.. have had bad fruit, watermelon pure white inside. Mangos bad several occasions. Also bad meat . . Also changing prices, prices go up on the weekends. Going to stop going to that store


I purchased some meat earlier today 6/9/19 and once I heated up the meat. I noticed some white things around it. As I looked closed I noticed they were worms. Some of my family members ate the meat not seeing any of the worms. This a safety issue.


I purchased a pack of blue raspberry lemonade two days ago. The best used date is Match 21,2007. I don't appreciate being sold sale food. I will from here own read the explanation dates. I wonder how long the deli meats and other food items are way out dated. I wouldn't show at that Dolton Illinois store ever again but it's convient.


Foid4less Hazard Center, San Duegot CA; great staff. Almost everytime I go, supposed customers & homeless stealing is a hazard for which Ian paying,. Why is there no security?


Hi to whom it may concern for the last 2 months I get horrors by your staff by always checking my bags before leaving the store or ringing up my items because a issue that happened 2 months ago accused me of taking a item I didn't take or they thought I did when we found the I was willing to pay for which I did being shopping there since 2006 and to get treated that way every time I come to the store is not good please can you help if not I will take my business else where thanks


I'm a senior citizen and I'm on a budget. Tired of getting bad watermeon, packages of broken coolies, broken taco shells. Paying for items that clerk forgot to give me. Store on Hoover and Olympic is not good.


Purchase 8 Diet Coke at Cost Of $.88 each. Total Was $7.04 . Sales Tax is 10% in Alsip, IL Total Tax is.704 cents. According to Illinois Sales Tax Law rounding is required when .0705 cents not .704.

Bob Luxen
CPA -Oak Lawn , Illinois


I was reused service due to being disabled. I had surgery in multiple areas on my body some that were visible and some that were not. I was using the electric mobility cart and not able to lift 3 of my grocery items. The clerk left me sitting there for an unreasonable long time and I was humiliated. She never did help me. She just acted as if I did not exist. I feel sad and angry that because I was having internal bleeding from surgery and tried to be as independent as possible by loading everything I humanly could physically lift that there was no one, willing to help lift just 3 items into the cart. Not even in the community. Sitting there with two black eyes and not moving, there was no mistake I couldn't lift the ham or roast, the checker just didn't care. I have been permanently physically disabled for over 10 years but this is by far the worst I have ever been treated because of it. I called as I was leaving the parking lot and asked to speak to the general manager...not available I was told. I shared my story with the girl on the other end she said "okay well call back tomorrow...not we will call you.


My complaint is I don't use the self checkout keyosk because of a bad situation and it's sad that the management refuses to open up a register to accommodate me or other customers that choose to walk out because we aren't properly being serviced.


I have shopped the Food 4 Less grocery store #10 in Atascadero, Ca. 93422 for years and it is a continuous struggle for me to get an electric power cart for my sister who has MS, as I know it is also for others. The store has 3 power carts which are rarely usable due to being broken down, not having been charged or just not being there. Yesterday, again there were no power carts available when I arrived with my sister. When I asked a checker about it she said they only had one power cart and it was being used.
So I found the customers using it and asked if they would be much longer, they said about 15 minutes, so I waited up front for them to finish, followed them to their car and then was able to take the power cart and get my sister into the store to shop. As I was finishing, an employee told me that the manager, Ryan had received complaints passed along by the employees regarding the lack of usable power carts not being available, but nothing seemed to be getting done in regards to replacement or repairs.
I will consider filing a complaint with the ADA if this matter isn't resolved. I don't know at this time what is legally required of a store the size of the Atascadero store but I plan to find out. I'm sure there is a good profit being made at this store and some of it needs to be put back into the equipment people with disabilities need to be able to shop with some dignity and respect.
Thank You
Jeannie Marcum


I went to the store on Winnetka blv and Saticoy st,on 10/23/18 I saw Budweiser beer advertise for 7.49 went to pay for 2 12 packs but Melvin the manager or I think he is,his name tag didn't say manager at all,refuse to honor the price saying is policy to honor only 1,I toll him that that was the price on the shelf,I said I worked for supermarkets before and know the policy is to give the customer the price that is on the shelf that you can loose a customer over this ,his response was we don't care,we don't loose customers,I don't know if you want to have employees lake marvin that is telling your customers ''GO AWAY''I would like to talk to the district manager if I could.My name is Jose Estrada tel:818-317-4946 Thank you very much!


Dear Food 4 Less Corporate Office,
I am writing to file a formal complaint about the terrible customer service I was subjected to by your cashier Jacqueline B. Yesterday 6/25/18 at 2:57pm I visited the 12222 Carson street location in Hawaiian gardens CA. I purchased ingredients for s ’mores, there was a sale going on. If you purchase the chocolate and crackers the marshmallows would be free. After being rung up, I noticed that Jacqueline had charged me for the marshmallows. I politely tried to explain to Jacqueline that there was a sale and that I was charged incorrectly. First she completely ignored me, I stood waiting thinking she would address my concern momentarily. After waiting awhile with no expectation being set, I reached back out to her to follow up. She began being extremely aggressive telling me that I had grabbed the wrong size for this promotion (although I had the correct size) she reached out to her peer who confirmed that the bag I had purchased was the correct size. This seemed to upset her even more, she rudely said “whatever” and walked away. Leaving me standing there, still not addressing or correcting my concern. At this point I’m growing frustrated at the lack of professionalism. I walked back over to her station and asked for my change, she then snapped “I can’t refund the change if you don’t give me the receipt”, she then physically snatched the receipt from my hand. After the refund was processed, she decided she was done with me and proceeded to explain the refund to my underage daughter placing my money in her hand with her back turned to me. Jacqueline’s behavior was disrespectful and unprofessional. As a professional and customer, I hope coaching will be render so that more customers’ won’t be subjected to this type of mistreatment and poor customer service. Your cashier’s are a reflection of food 4 less as a whole, and are paid to work with the public(professionally) rather than make us feel uncomfortable.
Thank you


we were in the food for less store in oak forest at 9:00 o'clock Saturday morning on June 16th. to buy the Heinz ketchup you had on special today only for .99 cents. when we arrived, there was none left and you could not get a rain check, this is very poor business, I am a regular customer of food for less and I was very disappointed in the way this was handled


went to you food for less store on thursday 5/11 and was looking for the mini rose plants you advertised in your Wed sale
for $2.99. well I asked 3 cashiers and they didn't know anything so one cashier took me to the supervisor and she asked the manager MIKE about rain checks and he said he was not giving rainchecks on those as they were while supplies last.
well this is next to false advertising as you must have only had a few plants and they were gone already thursday. it was up to him to make sure sure supplies were there for customers. I do not live near the Burbank, Ill store that was advertising them but this is a lousy deal. also forwarding this to Kroger. I am very upset over this and may stop shopping there at all. go there every week now. I am old and cannot attach an image but it is in you sale for wed 5/9 second picture in the sale. that was a lousy deal


The new store is very nice and the prices are great. My problem is theres never ever enough people at the registers cashing people out. I love the prices but when i deal with this every time I come and this make me feel like spending more money and go back to Vons and shop.


The store's address is 4821 West North Avenue (773-235-1783). The management of this store is inadequate and has recently worsened. The lines are astronomically long. There have been periods of three days where products have remained unstocked. Shopping carts piled up and blocked pedestrian entrances. Handicapped carts out of order, left outside, or not charged. Management, apathetic to and not helpful to customers. This store is heavily trafficked and important to this community. The management needs obvious assistance.


I am a devoted customer of Payless grocery store in Lafayette, IN. Since this store is also a Kroger store I was relieved to fine out that a store around the corner was also an affiliate. So I expected the same great service from management as well as employees.I am also a member of the 123 reward card from Payless. The card also works at Food 4 less. Every time I need to put money on my card, no one knows how to do it. If I ask the manager to help, as I did Thursday afternoon, he talked to the cashier as if he was a child complaining. If he didn't want to be disturbed he should have pointed the customer to the proper place to go instead of having a fit like a child. If it's only for supervisors to do then they should have a supervisor at customer service to help customers. Food 4 Less need to do a training for their managers.


Cashier Angela was very rude to me and the customer behind me. Is this their corporate policy? To treat their customers poorly? I just wanted to let others know in case they had a similar experience.


I visited my local food 4 less store located in 2000 e pachexo Blvd. in los banos, CA 93635 on January 3, 2016 between the hours of 12:30am-2:30am to purchase some items I needed. After gathering up all the items I was looking for I than went to the register and paid for all my items, I than started walking out into the parking lot where my neighbor who had given me a ride was waiting for me I was approached in front of customers by two food 4 less employees who falsely accusing me of taking some items the food 4 less employees asked me to give them the items I had taken without paying for I than told them I had not taken anything and that I had paid for item that were in my bags.

The employees than asked me to come back into the store with them and I told them I had dine nothing wrong and that I wasn’t going back into the store the food 4 less employee than grabbed me by my arm and started pulling me back into the store in front if customers who were walking into the store and in front of my neighbor who had given me a ride to the store without my consent and than took me upstairs and detains me holding me against my will from leaving and falsely accusing for suspected theft.

The food 4 less employee than grabbed my purse and took it and placed on the table and made me sit down and than proceeds to go through my purse after not finding anything in my purse he than starts to check my grocery bags and also doesn’t find what he suspected I had taken without paying for the food 4 less employee than walks back downstairs and confirms with the woman working the register at the time of my purchase and by checking my receipt that all my items had been paid for and realizes I had not dine anything wrong and had not stolen any items after detain me and falsely imprisoning me he that walks back upstairs and tells me I was free to go never once apologizing to me.

I than asked the employee who grabbed me and pulled me into the store without my consent what his name was he than begins to walk away refusing to answer me he than quickly disappears and is no where in sight or to be located I than ask a couple food 4 less employees for their name and the mans who embarrassed me, falsely imprisoned me, and detained me without my consent not allowing me to leave by taking me upstairs into a room and detaining me, all employees just looked at me never giving me any names and told me they were sorry and walked off. I have been a food 4 less customer for numerous years and shopped 3 or 4 spending $500.00 to $800.00 weekly. Ever this incident I cannot even walk into any store because I begin having flash back of the day of January 3,2o16 when all this occurred.

I refuse to ever spend another penny at any food 4 less and will now become a loyal honest customer at my local savemart store and begin taking my business to them. I would like to whom it may concern to please look and follow up on this matter and help prevent this ever happening to any other customers and have any more customers from deal with this horrifying/ embarrassing falsely accusing & falsely imprisoning similar situation.


I had just got promoted as a Manager and my team insisted on a party from my side. I contacted Food4Less and planned it. They have a nice little deli area, with a few specialty cheese items (brie, goat cheese, etc.), and their fried chicken is amazing. I have made an order and it was amazingly delivered on time. My colleagues loved it and we had a good time as well. Baked, fried or rotisserie roasted, tender chicken makes an easy meal which was loved by everyone who stayed up for dinner. Food4Less is really a convenient way to have a party at home. I really would continue my future shopping here.

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