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Proactiv is nown for its brand of skin-care products. It also offers hair care products, moisturizers, body washes and other skin care products. The brand is known for its three-step anti-acne kit consisting of a cleanser that takes care of acne issues and comes along with other products like toner and lotion.

Introduced in 1995, the company started research and development in the late 1980s and was founded by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. Proactiv now has major market reach around the world and offers live shipping within a few minutes online.

If you have a problem with your Proactiv order call customer service 1-800-102-1849 (toll-free) or write to them directly at P.O. Box 2021, Harlan, IA 51593.

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Have used Proactiv before, did not really work that well. I would actually give it a 1-star complaint rating, because the commercials are such liars. The face wash is like straight up acid, the lotion is lotion like any other brand. In fact, my face and acne got far better when I stopped using Proactiv and started watching my diet. The problem is these chemicals do not fix the root of the problem, they only scar your face!


Ever since I was a teen till last month, I have been suffering from Acne problem. My skin would be filled and I felt extremely low. People teased me and I used to indoors most of the time. My face used to be full of this. Until I came across Proactive on the Television. I tried many things but nothing worked. I gave Proactive a shot and it did the magic. With just three steps and a few days of using it, I have seen a major difference. My skin started clearing and it felt healthy. Now my skin glows, texture has improved drastically. Earlier I tried many home remedies, went to the dermatologist but absolutely nothing worked. I love this product and would not stop using it. Highly recommended to anyone having Acne problems like I did. My face has totally cleared up and Proactive made it work. Thanks Proactive for bringing a change in my life.

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