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I buy a truck from them in April , first they send my title to wrong address then when I call them for pick up my truck they said it’s ready to go , I been there and I find out there is some part missing now they want me to wait for 2 months for no reason today is July 16 and my truck still not ready they make wait , I call so many times no one help me , I waste my air tickets , I come back with rental car and I also buy insurance which I m paying for nothing ,, Penske have very bad service and customer service , when I file for my money back for air tickets and insurance they just make me go in circles , I really want hire attorney now and gonna sue them I have all the paper work all the emails ,, I m in business for 12 years Bt this kind service I never saw in my life ,, if Penske want see I can give u guys my unit # 688182 . That’s my unit number and u can see all the things u guys did and don’t forget I pay all case in first ten days and still I have to wait now and I don’t get no money refund for renting truck


So I rented a truck from you and left the pick up point made it 5 Mike's away and the truck was shaking so bad you couldn't go over 35 miles an hour. Then we immediately took the truck back and if course they didn't have another truck. So I had to travel 64 miles myself to get a different truck and the 64 miles back to my home. This took up my entire evening more gas for the truck and my car. This costed me an extra 75.00 between the truck and my car. After all this then you charged a my card that I didn't want to be charged. I want you to reimburse me for my time and gas money. Because I am the one that did all of the leg work. Not your company.


Took my truck in for service (wet and dry) and also told them about a sleeper light that quit working. The first working on it also did a transmission recall computer update, in the process broke the dash and computer link so it had to go to the international dealer. They had to give me a sub the first sub was D rating, the second had bed bugs, the third left Memphis around 1230 pm on Sunday (Monday morning no one still knows where the driver or truck is), Tuesday they finally get a truck bought on form out of region, someone drove it here. I finally get the sub and during the inspections notice the AC works but not well. I was told it gets better while driving, it does get better if you mean it completely stops working defrost and everything quits working. I get a call from the international dealer telling me they have to order a new clutch and I will have to be in this sub for a few days, and they were told not to fix anything with the lights. Now I'm sitting at a pilot at midnight trying to take my 10 hour break in 90 degree temps over 100 inside the truck.


I bought a truck from penske the truck was rusted the lift gate has rúst and it needed to be replaced penske told me it needed to be replaced the did Nottiing that they sale they wood do when i got my truck from there driver they Driver Drove my truck around the whole weekend the called me Monday even at 5 pm when got the truck the ac Belt was broker Speaker was busted penske has the truck in the shop for a Month still Didnt fix the truck i had to replace shocks on the truck out of my pocket i Would like to Speak with someone in the corporate office


I didn't do damaged to their truck, but i got the blame for it. Because I didn't look the roof of the box part. It has little dent. They trying to charge me 2600 dollars. I tried to explain that there was no way I can cause that damage on top of the truck. I took that estimate paper Penske sent me showed my mechanic, He laughed. The price for labor is triple, and they change more parts on top of the truck that they didn't need to. It's ridicules. Sky didn't fall off the truck either. When I open an account, I agree if I cause the damage, I have to pay the damage. Even I didn't do any damaged, I was going to pay some. Because 2600 dollars is too much for the little dent on top. They saying I have to pay all. Well I said sue me. Because there is nothing I did wrong. I am not working with Penske again ever. Specially in Lancaster PA one. I will give 0 star


I rented a Penske Truck and the Headlights had not been working correctly. I had to drive home at night and it was a horrible experience. It was pouring rain and having the headlights not working correctly I could see nothing in front of me I truly do not know how I was able to get back home that day. I suffered severe anxiety the entire way home and after from the experience not knowing if I would make it home. I feel that I should receive my entire payment back for enduring this awful experience. I also did not receive my Triple A rebate as stated.
Thank you,


Misleading about the return date and charging $100.00 per day. Now my bill was negative$211.00.The truck price changed from$300+ to $540 but I couldn't find anything else to rent so I used their services I rate them 0.YearsI return a Penske rental truck and the code for the entrance didn't work.A Penske worker let me in and he proceeded to go upstairs and go to bed.He turned the lights off leaving me locked inside a chain padlocked 6ft fence. It begin to storm fierce lightning and rain. I begged him to let me out but he would't let me out.When the Officers got there and looked at the surroundings they said this is false imprisonment. I still have the police report to backup my true story


I recently reserved a 16 foot truck for a 1 way move from Youngstown Ohio to Traverse City Michigan, (600+ miles) I am relocating to Traverse City for my job. I had put the reservation in online approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the move, as I would be driving down from TC to Youngstown in a car rental, and pick up the rental and load my goods that weekend and drive back. The night before I was to pick up the rental I received a call from Penske, and they explained the truck would not be ready right at 9am. I was fine with that as I could get other things done in the downtime. The morning of the pickup, Myself and brother headed toward Cleland Brothers Moving to pick up the truck, around 11am. On the way there, I received a second call from the company, explaining, that they indeed were not able to procure the 16 foot truck, however they would offer my a 26 foot truck at the same price. I thought that would be fine, however once there, we quickly realized that this was indeed a much bigger truck than I have ever used and was comfortable with... Along with the fact that it was now a diesel truck vs. the regular gas version, and had a ramp vs. simple loading area. This caused me great concern as I was now in a big pinch, I had to move my house full of goods that day! and there was nothing else available, as this was all being done over the weekend, so I could be back at work on Monday with my new job. I reluctantly accepted the larger vehicle, and tested it out in their parking lot with my brother guiding me. We took it to my house and began loading. We finished loading that night and made the decision that I should have my brother in his personal vehicle follow me on the trip, as I was still concerned with the long drive. We made it to my new place in Michigan late that night, only to find that it would not fit in my driveway, and would have to park it somewhere else, we than drove it to the storage facility where I was going to unload my household items. Only to find out that they were closed as well. I ended up parking the vehicle overnight in their parking lot, which again caused issues with that company and the stress of leaving everything in the open ( it was secured) overnight.
My overall service was not the issue with either of the rental agents I dealt with, it was the fact that I had to spend much more money than I had budgeted for, with the additional money coming from paying for the diesel gas, along with paying for my brothers gas using his personal vehicle.

I was given a discount, however after going through all the additional things I have went through, I believe that I should be better compensated for these issues.
My reservation #62342530 and the date was 12/2/2017

I do appreciate and will use Penske again, however the only answer that I was given about the truck rental problems were that because of the time of year, UPS had taken the bulk of their vehicles in the area. I had made the reservation in plenty of time before the pickup that they could have contacted me much earlier than the day of the pickup to either discuss options to look for other means of renting a truck.

I appreciate your time, and if you would like to contact me for any further questions feel free to do so.
Look forward to a speedy resolution of this matter.

Timothy Eardley


One of the Penske employees nearly ran me off the road on Saturday, September 10, 2016 in the morning. It was a Chevrolet Equinox, TX license plate FMD9033, Vehicle #131444. Vehicles were merging on the feeder of 610 north of 18th Street and the employee/driver sped up from behind cutting me off, nearly running me off the road way.


Rented Penske for moving nationwide. My only complaint was for the up front deposit for the rental truck.


We were shifting to LA and contacted Penske for a 22" truck to load all our stuff. I must say, they were professional in sending it on time. The truck was neat and tidy. It was serviced well as it was a long journey and we couldn't take any chances if it broke down. Penske has given good service to us and we are totally satisfied with them. The belongings were all safely kept and there were not damages. This is what I call good service and professionalism. Penske is the right choice for anyone looking for shifting on a long distance and need truck on rentals.

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