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I am a Professor of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, USA. I recently used Condor to attend a scientific conference in Belfast, Ireland. I paid almost $1200 for my round trip ticket from NY JFK to Belfast, which included one checked bag that I did not use. I boarded at JFK (8 April 2019; MT 2853) with one carry-on and my briefcase. Although my carry-on was too large and heavy to bring onto my connecting flight at Manchester City Airport (BE476), I was permitted to check it at the gate without any additional charges. Upon my return trip from Manchester to JFK (12 April 2019; MT 2852), I was charged $85 (Document No. MT 592321) to check this same carry-on at the gate. When I inquired as to why I was being charged for the very same carry-on that I had brought from JFK several days before, the Condor agent (Sarah H) made a rude comment about the US that was meant to be intimidating. The plane departure was delayed for over 3 hours. As I had connecting flights in the US, upon boarding I asked a Condor Cabin Manager (also named Sarah) what our new ETA would be. She rudely replied, "Well I don't know. I don't suppose you want me to make up a lie, do you?" The overhead compartments on the flight would have easily accommodated my carry-on, and there were many carry-ons of of the same size already on board when I entered. I feel that I was inappropriately charged, and that my rude treatment was due to my US citizenship. I am deeply disturbed that your employees would show hateful attitudes towards any group. I will be disputing the charge on my credit card and will be sure to tell all of my academic colleagues not to use your services for trips abroad.


My reference #CON-18/09-14940

Hello, I never used services with Condor airline before.This was our first time flying with Condor. I am extremely disappointed at my most recent experience with your company. We arrived five hours earlier for our scheduled flight CALGARY FRANKFURT CONDOR 2441 U 29 AUG 18 910P 255P OK to get good seats and to fill up all the paperwork for our dog Suki. Our travel agent did contact your company couple of times, making all reservation and giving all the important info about our bellowed pet Suki, including her breed. We paid for Suki for flight starting Calgary to Zagreb month earlier.When we came to check Suki and the baggage problem started with denying Suki to fly with us due to her breed, even thou we paid full amount one month prior to our departure, our agent checked more than twice with your company that Suki as a Pug can indeed fly with us.More than couple of your employees said and confirmed that Suki as a Pug can fly with us in cargo and they took the payment as well as a last confirmation that she can come with us, Lady at the desk contacted passenger service agent by the name Joshua Andrew Kerry John who was very agitated to start with, lacking common people skills and compassion for that situation. He brought another person with him, airport authority by the name of Agostini Jose. They both denied all paperwork including payment and refused to take our bellowed pet. They where lacking (specially Andrew Kerry John) basic people skills and compassion for our situation. He also gave as worst seats by the toilet as a their way of punishment. Did I mention that Andrew Kerry John is still working at Calgary airport...
Our travel agent did write complain as well with her statement and all the names that she contacted while asking for Suki.
She never got reply back.
After more than month of waiting for their response they offer us refund for our dog reservation fee of the equivalent of 158.72 Euros.
After we explain how very expensive (over $1100CAN) entire experience was and how much we all including our dog and friends had stress on every possible level. Our dog was never separated from us, she is 12 years old, she never flown before. It took her three months to settle down from separation anxiety and all the stress that Condor company and all employees included brought on her and us.
They refuse to reimburse us what we needed to pay extra to out travel agent to bring Suki to us.
What kind of company is this to take money for the pet transport and then refuse to put the dog on the plane.
I hope you consider this complain and solve it as soon as possible.



This is my second complaint and I have the Conformation number CON-18/ 07-13689 from Condor airways. I filed the first one on July 17,2018. I booked a ticket from Beirut airport to Phoenix on July 13, 2018. The employee at the front desk of Condor airline rejected airport at the baggage claim and I opened to check my handbag and I found my expensive eye glasses were broken and my Viagra medication supply were missing all from my carryon that I was forced to check in. Right away, I contacted to Condor Representative Mr. Raul Vazquez who was monitoring the luggage arrival and he suggested waiting for him to help me. After 2 hours waiting, he finally gave me this phone number; 1-866-960-7915. I contacted to Condor Airline and filed a complained since July 15 but I didn't receive any answer from them. They received my complained and they gave me the reference number CON-18/07-13689. As I purchase the ticket of my trip from your agency Cheap O air, I am asking you to take an action immediately to solve this issue with Condor airlines or within your system and your customer service. The cost of my eye glass is $465.00 and the cost of my Viagra medicine is $2,375, the total is $ 2, 840 plus my suffering from this trip. I hope you consider this complain and solve it as soon as possible. your agency. I have more photos and documentation to support my complaint but your file information allowed my only for 5 photos.
Thank you
Eddie Cami
3908 E. Surrey Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85032


I lost my carry on luggage during the DE2075 flight in August 11 2018 to the Frankfurt Germany. After aircraft landed I have not found my carry on or cabin luggage. When I reported this to the cabin crew I was advised to report this to the lost luggage at the airport. Office was closed and I had to take it connection flight to the Berlin my destination airport, where I found that my all luggage were not arrived. I reported to officials claim #TXLLH64490/12Aug18. I received some reimbursement however for purchasing first need items .However I lost my Tablet,laptop ,galaxy phone ,medications and reading glasses and my whole trip money in the carry on luggage. Approximately $ 3200 US .Documentation proved that I purchase these items as well as bank statement .Our vacations were ruined because of that circumstances.


This is not a complaint about what happened, more so about what has not happened. Your agency number 50076, file key 8101849-01, flights booked through your flight Service in Oberursel, flights booked and confirmed and paid for via online. Flights to and from anchorage 23. July and 1st August 2016. My Holiday to Alaska was then planned based on the confirmed flights.

My direct Problem is, I received an email informing me of a change in the return flight , from Seattle to Frankfurt ,( flight nr. M DE 2033 leaving Seattle at 19.25 arriving Frankfurt 14.50 was the initially confirmed flight) the new time leaving Seattle at 16.05. Aug 1st. This is the start of my complaint. My return journey starts on the 1st of August 2016 from Anchorage to Seattle on Flight nr. G AS 120 leaving at 13,30 arriving in Seattle at 17.50, which means I cannot be on a flight leaving Seattle at 16.05 the same day. I answered the Condor customer Service , and informed them that I could not possible be on a flight at 16.05 , as my flight from Anchorage is on route. I was then informed that my problem was being dealt with and I would receive suitable new flight Information within time, this comment I received on the 18th of October 2015 , I have Emailed the source , reminding them that I am am still waiting on the return flight Information, and have had the automatic email Response, saying the Problem is being dealt with.

It is now the 12th of November 2015, I have tried calling the Condor Flugdienst in Oberursel three times to day, and at each attempt I waited for 15 minutes, before disconnecting. I tried to follow my booking through, but without any booking Nr. you cannot enter the System, the only number I was provided on the Booking Confirmation and Invoice, are the numbers stated at the start of this correspondence, the only other number I was given is my customer complaint line 6865549. The flights are far in the future, but I want to know what has been done to alleviate the problem.


Travelled by Condor Airt. Fabulous food, service and all round high quality. Highly recommended. The experience exceeded my expectations. Condor has excellent customer service. Cabin crew has been very attentive at all hours of the flight and very pleasant to talk to. It was spacious enough and clean with ample legroom space. Economy Plus is recommended for long travels. Really would love to travel by Condor again in future.

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