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DHL is a worldwide parcel and eCommerce company and a division of German Deutsche Post DHL. The German company is the largest sea and air freight moving system in the world. In 2014 revenues were reported as EUR 56billion and there are over 285,000 employees in 220 countries.

With worldwide headquarters in Bonn, German the US Corporate office CEO, Ken Allen may be reached at 1210 S. Pine Island Road, Plantation, FL 33324 USA. Customer Service for US is 1-800-225-5345. You will find a helpful contact listing here.

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Did not deliver package on time.
Did not update via email on time
Website tracking lacks way behind


please update your tracking checking system.No movement for my parcel since 17th June 2020.


Ordered Ledger Nano from Paris (France). I live in USA (Bethesda, Md.) I was not given the choice for delivery option. I was informed DHL would deliver my items. I was given the option to select "signature required," which I did. Several days later (about a week) I got an email from DHL saying "delivery attempted, no one home." I called immediately, told them I HAD been in my house and no one even knocked at the door! I asked for re-delivery that same day and they agreed. When the time came, no delivery. I called them (DHL) again and after a long conversation, was told they would deliver Tues. July 16, 2019 between 2:45 Pm and 4:30PM. Since this was a very odd time window, I repeated it several times, wrote it down and posted a large note on my door stating "DHL, please call me when you're at my front door and left my phone number." I also put up a large note on the front door stating "Knock LOUDLY, and do NOT use door bell."

I just happened to be outside (in 95 degree heat) at 2:15PM and saw a DHL truck pull into my driveway. Since it is a long driveway, I waited at my front door (about 100 feet away) but saw the driver start pulling out of my driveway w/o even coming up to the house. I ran down and stepped in front of the DHL truck motioning the driver to roll down the window. He said "I put your package in your mail box." I told him that my signature was required. He said "there's nothing on the package that says that." While it is not printed on the outside of the package, I told him I had requested "signature only by email and that was confirmed by DHL." To which he repeated "there's nothing on the package that says "signature required," and he drove off!

Besides being rude, he could have called his supervisor to confirm what I told him. He did not.

I did notice there were several numbers on the package which I'm sure DHL has records of and which contain notes about my package. (see pic)
One of those numbers is my phone # which he could have called had he even bothered to go to the front door and read the sign I put there for him.


Mr Syed Zulfiqar Hussain,
Customer service Advisor,
DHL Karachi Pakistan,

Sir, First of all let me clarify I am Mr Sana Siddiqi Not Ms. My brother is still waiting for that package and he has not received yet. Let me clarify few things, My friend Mr Abdul Moid send this package from Sharajah UAE on March 11, The tracking number 5646263114 and he was told by DHL staff in sharjah that this package will ship with 20 to 25% duty and taxes to the shipper which is approximately 3000 pak rupees and now you guys are asking for 16729 pak rupees for Duty and Taxes which is almost double the cost of that package. There is a wrist watch was send as a gift. I am really disappointed the way you guys deal this package in a very unprofessional manner. I am really upset about it and I will report to your corporate head office. I will not use DHL courier service in future.

Thank You,
Mr Sana Siddiqi,
Michigan, USA.


I am an asylum seeker in Ireland, and receive €21 per week pocket money which I use for medical extras. I am disabled. My phone is about to conk out, and so I asked my ex husband to see if he could find me a cheap good phone, which he did, and popped it to the DHL agent in his area to send to me. He put a low value on the phone because he only paid R200 for it. They said no make it a higher value for insurance, and they in their own writing put in a higher value, way over what had actually been paid for the phone. No matter. I was upset when I was told I had to pay €25 duty. I have a bank card with only €10 balance and have cash for the balance. The driver comes and says he cannot accept cash, and so the nightmare began. Phone calls and emails. I am disabled and cannot get to the bank. He left without payment and I have no idea now what to do, except email customer care. PLEASE check my emails urgently. I am both angry at DHLs attitude but upset because I do not have a phone! How else can I continue my work? No money and no phone! Cruel cruel company. I have no option now except to send the phone back, because I cannot pay storage until I can get to the bank next week! DHL I am most disappointed. My tracking number is 3884526391 I will never use DHL again, ever.


Tracking Number: 8599284245
This package was supposed to be delivered in QATAR but DHL team mislabelled the package and now the package is in USA on hold which is very unfair and unacceptable.


From: B R sharma []
Sent: 24 July 2018 15:59
To: 'Ruchita Gandhi (DHL IN)'
Cc: 'Mildred Freese (DHL IN)'; 'Bom Csa2 (DHL IN)'; 'Kavita Shetty (DHL IN)'; 'GTW Support Team BOM (DHL IN)'; 'Parimala Shetty (DHL IN)'; ''; 'Radhika Vivek (DHL IN)'; '';; 'Joshua Nagawkar (DHL IN)'

Dear Ruchita Gandhi ,
Thanks for your below explanation by e mail which is not the complete one from your side . I have the complete details which are attached herewith with the narration from Hundreds of email which we have exchanged with DHL to clear this shipment .The main reason is for the delay is DHL communication, as an importer we have the access only with the customer care of DHL and the customer care is not fully equipped and they are just acting as a telephonic messanger and not conveying the msg properly to the actual person in DHL who has to take an action .in forty days I could speak only three or four times with out any success. If we have to call back DHL we cannot call back we have to again go back to your customer care and wait for 24 hours then we get a call as we may be busy on the other phone and when we are free we have to call back then DHL incoming phone call facility is not available for us . So we have to write back again the e mail to customer care and wait for the reply . you can see the time spent and wasted on this shipment from my end and DHL end . I had complaint to custom grievance cell and they said that they want to know from DHL on which dates which custom officer has asked which document and when DHL has provided the same . They are very serious to take the action on this matter as I told them if I do not get any reply from custom I shall put RTI .I could see that the check list was only presented to custom almost a month later .
The custom office is telling me that this was the fault of DHL and not the custom .
You can see the laps on DHL part when I told them to take me to the custom for the personal hearing on 23.6.2018 and they had agreed why it was done on 11.7.2018 . what is the excuse for that from DHL

I had requested several times for the person meeting with your DHL representative by email that I want to visit and explain you in person or you can visit my office to discuss the issue with me but no one is ready to come and discuss nor given the appointment to me to visit any of the DHL office .
Why I have to use DHL and paid Rs 40000 for the transport for this shipment if I have to wait for 40 days to clear the shipment and exchanged Hundreds of e mail . it is not worth to the customer nor to DHL.
DHL is a very good company but people who are handling here in India they seem to careless and do not bother about their customers.

I am also trying to post this complaint on the website but not able to do it due to some technical error .
I had several issue in the past and I had stopped in between for long time but later on your sales team madam Mildered Freeze said that now services are better so I have started again . when I tried to contact her she took my call only once and later on she tries to run away with the excuse that I am on the business call and stay in touch with the e mail I shall co ordinate internally .

I hope that I have explained my grievances and one should think many times to use DHL services in India .


From: Ruchita Gandhi (DHL IN) []
Sent: 23 July 2018 18:39
Cc: Mildred Freese (DHL IN); Bom Csa2 (DHL IN); Kavita Shetty (DHL IN); GTW Support Team BOM (DHL IN); Parimala Shetty (DHL IN);; Radhika Vivek (DHL IN)

Without Prejudice.

Dear Mr. Sharma,


Please find below the chronology of the shipment.

1) Shipment arrived at Mumbai on 14.6.18, checklist sent to consignee for approval, revert received from consignee to consider discounted value and revise the checklist which is not accepted by the customs.

2) On 18.6.18 declaration letter received from consignee and shipper which was not having the complete details of value amendment to put up to customs seeking for permission.

3) We spoke to consignee on 19.6.18 and informed him to provide us proper and complete value amendment documents for further processing.

4) Received letter from consignee and shipper on 20.6.18, but value evidence (bank remittance or market price) proof was missing which needs to be submitted in to the customs while obtaining amendment permission.

5) on 25.6.18 since there was no value evidence available, we informed consignee to visit customs for personal explanation.

6) Documents for value amendment was forwarded on 26.6.18 which was not received in customs physically and again it was re forwarded to customs on 29.6.18.

7) During amendment process customs raised a query on 30.6.18 for Ref. no. IHE/1481/P4/2018.

8) On 2.7.18 documents received from consignee and forwarded to customs for further processing, customs again raised a query stating which type of discount added in invoice.

9) Spoke to consignee on 5.7.18 and informed him to visit customs personal explanation to resolve the query raised by the customs.

10) 11.7.18 consignee visited customs for personal explanation, he was asked to provide email communication between shipper related to this shipment.

11) Email conversation received from consignee on 12.7.18 and same forwarded to customs for further processing.

12) Value amendment permission completed on 16.7.18.

13) Original amendment documents received from the customs on 17.7.18.

14) checklist revised as per amendment done and sent to consignee for approval on 17.7.18.

15) checklist approval received from consignee on 17.7.18 and documents were successfully filed in customs for clearance on 18.7.18.

16) From 18.7.18 shipment gone thru under customs assessment and examination process also customs regular Deputy Commissioner got transferred from courier terminal.

17) 23.7.18 Shipment Out Of Charge has been issued, we are expecting the same to be cleared today from the customs.

Best Regards,
Ruchita Gandhi
Claim Advisor
DHL Express (I)Pvt.Ltd.
022 - 66789373

-----Original Message-----
From: B R sharma []
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 1:10 PM
To: Mildred Freese (DHL IN); Bom Csa2 (DHL IN)
Cc:; Kavita Shetty (DHL IN); GTW Support Team BOM (DHL IN); Parimala Shetty (DHL IN);; Radhika Vivek (DHL IN)

Dear Madam,
This is not the question about the clearance now .I have approached the custom grievance department and they are asking the details that why it is delayed at the custom when the Shipment arrived at the custom and the custom authority wants to know the reason as I have complaint seriously to them so I need all the details in writing from DHL that on which date the BOE is filed with the custom and why custom has taken such a long time to clare the shipment . I called you on Wednesday and you promised to take up the matter up but all in vain . I sent an e mail to you on Thursday you did not reply I called your office on Friday and spoke to your colleague and she said that you have left for the day and around 1730 Hrs you had send the mail dear team to action .today I called you several times over the phone and requested you to call me back but you were busy with the customer as per your msg to me . I am running pillar to post and no one is bothered to take any action about this matter .
This is really a pity .
I am going to find out at my own the Head of DHL in india and will meet him and explain all about the same .
I cannot expect to act DHL like this.
It is a shame on DHL.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mildred Freese (DHL IN) []
Sent: 23 July 2018 13:00
To: B R sharma; Bom Csa2 (DHL IN)
Cc: 'IHE SALES'; 'Sheela Varghese';; Kavita Shetty (DHL IN); GTW Support Team BOM (DHL IN); Parimala Shetty (DHL IN);

Dear Sir

Assessment done

And duty will be paid to customs by Dhl and release should happen in 24hrs

U have been also been updated on the same by my clearance team on the same

Mildred freese
Account Manager -Direct Sales

DHL Express (I) Pvt. Ltd.
501 A, Silver Utopia, 5th Floor
Cardinal Gracias Road, Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400099

Landline : +91 22 66789050
Mobile : +91 9820349544

Ps: It is my endeavor to bring world Class Dhl Services to you.
Should you have any feed back, you can write back to me or my manager Mr Joshua Nagawkar at

-----Original Message-----
From: B R sharma []
Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 9:03 AM
To: Bom Csa2 (DHL IN)
Cc: 'IHE SALES'; 'Sheela Varghese';; Kavita Shetty (DHL IN); GTW Support Team BOM (DHL IN); Parimala Shetty (DHL IN);; Mildred Freese (DHL IN)


-----Original Message-----
From: Banku []
Sent: 21 July 2018 18:10
To: Bom Csa2 (DHL IN)
Cc: IHE SALES; Sheela Varghese;; Kavita Shetty (DHL IN); GTW Support Team BOM (DHL IN); Parimala Shetty (DHL IN);; Mildred Freese
Subject: Re: HAWB NO: 4298133733 / INDO FRENCH HIGH TECH (NPTS) CLT

Why it is not done when the previous person was in charge of this case this is what I have to ask the custom authority so please give me history on your on your letter head so file a case to the custom authority . Give me an appointment on Monday to whom I have to meet the boss of DHL and the custom boss With Best Regards Banku Ram Sharma Indo French High Tech Equipments Mumbai Mobile No 919820061563 E mail :

> On 21-Jul-2018, at 17:44, Bom Csa2 (DHL IN) <> wrote:



I am very dissatisfied with the custom clearance process for DHL Indonesia. I was first contacted by your customer service in Indonesia who told me that my package was being held by the custom, and I have to pay a sum of money to clear the custom. She then emailed me an estimate, which I checked was unreasonably high. So I called the customer service again and told about the duty charge which I think was too high. I was then told that the estimate was based on the assumption that I do not have a tax ID. One of the duty rate, PPh, was quoted as 20%, and the total works out to be Rp, 1,070,000. I was also told if I submitted my tax ID, the rate would be 10%. So I agreed to the customer clearance using my tax ID. By the way, the 10% mentioned was also still to high compared to what I learned from googling, which is only 7.5%. But I agreed anyway.

After few days, I was told that they are going to delivery my package, and the duty can be paid by cash. I refused to pay by cash because I am afraid of paying illegitimate custom duty to your employees. So I requested to pay by wire transfer to the DHL company account. So one of your staff here email me the amount and the company account. To my surprise, the bill for the custom clearance is still about the same amount as the original estimate without the Tax ID Rp 1,070,000. I have been exchanging a number of emails requestion for an explanation of why the charge was still the same as the one without tax ID. He was not able to explain and asked me to call the DHL customer service. Why do I have to tell the customer service and retell my story again? Why can't he just find out from whichever party in DHL he thinks will know and reply to me?

I hope you can forward this matter to your appropriate division so that the issue can be investigated. I even email to the customer service email in Indonesia, which didn't seem to care about my concerns, or did not even understand my problem carefully because she told me that one of DHL staffs has contacted me about my package. But my problem, as I mention is not about not being contacted, but I am suspecting that some people is trying to ask illegitimate duty payment.

In case if you need it, here's my AWB 3380878572.



We have two pieces package under one tracking No, shipped from Hong Kong. When they arrived Los Angeles gateway, it still was two pieces, then the damm DHL lost one piece. You will not believe what they did. For keeping cheating customer, they held the rest piece for two days, and claimed that delay was caused by some reason else. Finally we found out they lost one piece of the package, and they started deny they received two pieces in Los Angeles gateway. But I have a screenshot of the records.
This is too far beyond disappointed. I suggest all the customer, before you doing business with DHL, you need to consider it over again. Be careful. This is a meanful and ridiculers company I ever seen before.


I was traveling in Europe (France) and needed my 1st hotel (in France) to ship my left-behind item to my 2nd hotel (in France) within a specific timeframe. I paid for next day delivery through DHL and it did not get delivered until 6 days later which I had already left the country. DHL refuses to compensation or resolve the issue. I had asked for either a refund, or a free delivery back to my home country, which they duly decline. I hope someone here can help me get a resolution and share my story.


Disgraceful service. I have a parcel to be deliver to me since last Friday. I was not a home ( doing what normal.people does-working) therefore a soon as i have arrived home rearranged re deliver for Monday in one of the rymans. When i have arrived there after text message to say "your parcel is ready for collection" wasn't there. I have called DHL and i have been given plenty of apologies and on Wednesday would be deliver to the right place as has been delivered to a wrong store.

On Wednesday morning i have called again to ask about my parcel and i have been promised to have my parcel end of the day at the right ryman chosen by me. Guess what Wednesday evening gone to ryman and nothing there ... has been delivered my parcel to another wrong store again, and is this what i am facing. DHL employees are expensive and not good service at all. Don't you know how to read post code?


I was assaulted by one of the DHL employees. He was driving Mercedes sprinter van reg. LM13 UPK. The assault happened on Tuesday 5th July 2016 between 1030 hrs - 1100 hrs. I was working on John Bright Street, Birmingham B1, when your driver came and parked in front of some 1100 Litre bins I was moving. I gestured the situation to him by pointing at the bins and the tug truck I was using to move them. He looked at me and walked into the back of his van. I opened the passenger door to speak with him and he said "have you just opened my door bro, have you just opened my door bro, you best shut my door now bro", I said I needed him to move across so I could carry on working and he looked at me and shut his door. I decided to move the bins along the pavement since my route along the driveway had been blocked by your driver.

The DHL driver then got out of his van, said "you don't talk to me" and went around the corner to Sainsburys. On his return he came along the pavement and deliberately stood in my way, I asked him to excuse me and he pushed the bin I was moving and shouted "are you playing games with me, are you playing games with me". He then came right up to me and shouted again "are you playing games with me". I am only 5'4'' and 47 yrs old, he was 6', he was very aggressive and intimidating. He was shouting loud enough to draw the attention of a shop keeper. He then lent his shoulder into me and shoved me out of his way.He then got back in his van and as he left pointed at me laughing. I look forward to a response from DHL corporate offices.


Why are you in business? Multiple packages arrive at destination warehouse on Friday morning. They then sit there until Monday morning. Then you transfer shipping info, ship packages there and i wait even longer. This has happened on more than one occasion. I will use usps. At least they keep working on the weekend.


DHL didn't deliver my VERY important paid expedited shipment when promised. 1st I was told it would be shipped on 3/28, then on 3/30 or maybe 31 but for sure 4/1. Still nothing! Very unhappy with their customer service and delivery. Need my shipment by weekend.


My company has paid 695RMB in China for a DHL parcel which weight is less than half Kg. Its tracking number is valid and now once again I have to pay RS1529 rupees in Pakistan for delivery. I looked on the contact us page for DHL and the customer service number is not listed. Do they not want complaints against them?


We shipped a crate from China it took 1 week to get to Miami and 3 weeks later it still had not got to me in Norfolk VA. That's bad as it was air freight and expensive and priority but it's not as bad as their customer disservice.
Rude, disinterested, liers and incredibly hard to get ahold of. No information, no apologies, no interest, I will never use DHL again. I escalated this but it seems to be a company culture. Never again!


I sent some polo shirts to Nigeria on the 5/5:/15. I paid a fee of £270. I was told by your agent in Barking. I may need to pay a small amount to the Goods in Nigeria. To my understanding, your agent in Nigeria is charging me 86,000 naira. This is an equivelent of 270 pounds. Could you kindly assist me finding out the reason why I have to clear this goods with that amount. The good sent are for charity purpose.


I sent a parcel to my wife in manila on the 25/04/15 and she still has not received it due to customs clearance in manila I was told that DHL in manila tried to email my wife but that is not the case. This parcel was express it contains textbooks for my son whom he needs urgently, that's why I sent express DHL which is not the case as it still has not been delivered. According to my information from DHL they were waiting for proof of my wife's residency how can that be the case if she has not been contacted. This is a very poor service.there are too many contradictions.
My waybill no is 6955962263.


Package was not delivered during scheduled time. Instead package was put in hold and not delivered by MISTAKE. When I inquired where the package was, I was told by Stephanie in the Seattle, WA. DHL office that she had no idea what happened and there was nothing she could do. The package was at the DHL office not to be delivered on hold (????). She would get it out tomorrow but couldn't tell me when. I asked for reimbursement for shipping or send it out to me now, the office was open for 2 more hours. I am 2 miles away. Stephanie said there was no solution to get the package to me on time. I thought this was a worldwide logistics company and this was an express package.


DHL made my day wonderful as I was able to send a surprise gift to my friend on her birthday who stays in California. DHL a global leader in logistics dealing international parcels, express services, air and ocean freights, road and rail shipping, warehousing and distribution, supply chain solutions, International Business Mail, B2C Parcel, Direct Marketing, industry sector solutions and Hybrid or fully Digital Services. If you are ready to grow in international markets and expose globally, get associated with DHL.

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