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I'm having problems getting my payouts on a daily bases.im on time and work scheduled shifts,and without that being said it seems as if they have a problem with paying.i work through the hospitality in Atlanta GA on centennial blvd


I called O2 customer service number and was told by a rep theat I had to accept poor help due to technical problems. So, why should I pay for poor service if I am a paying customer?


Unable to log on. Vicious circle scenario. Code doesn't give access,unable to get new code that works. O2 staff unable to solve problem. Still no reply to two e-mails sent by them on my behalf. Will someone sort this problem and give me access to my account,which is the third that O2 staff have set up when previous ones have crashed and locked me out.


1 star is complementary to O2 regarding the inefficient and red-taped customer service it provides. I tried to cancel an account in December 2014 and several times since then yet I am still being billed and no action has taken place. 5 months later, mid April and I am finally being told that they accept their wrongdoings and that I am entitled to a refund. Yet they are arguing over how much will be repaid, claiming that I will not receive the full amount. Over 2 hours on chat, 2 hours on the phone and still no conclusion. I strongly advise everyone to avoid using O2 at all costs.

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