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Nebraska Furniture MartĀ is the largest home furniture store chain in North America. It is Berkshire Hathaway Company and is a mega-warehouse styled retail storefront with four locations: Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Texas.

To reach customer service call 800-336-9136 or you can find supportĀ numbers here. To reach the corporate office, address an envelop with Nebraska Furniture Mart Corporate, 700 South 72nd Street, Omaha, NE 68114, USA. Corporate office phone number is 402-397-6100.

Specializing in furniture, flooring, home appliances, electronics and home decorations NFM accepts used electronic trade-ins, has a Design Gallery, offers Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan and a Total Performance Plan. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

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I purchased a leather couch, chair and loveseat (It took us several years to find a set that we really liked), from the clearance center approx. 2 mths ago. I purchased a 5 year Guardsman warranty on the furniture. I noticed a surface scratch on the couch about 2 weeks ago...not sure how it occurred...I contacted Guardsman & put in a claim and they said the warranty doesn't cover surface scratches. I contacted Nebraska Furniture for further assistance, they said I could pay for some sort of repair service, really?...I am in the process of seeking out some sort of product to determine if I can fix the issue. This is a bummer. I will never purchase anything from Nebraska Furniture again and will never recommend them to anyone else. #Very Disappointed Customer


We ordered ordered over $12,000 dollars worth of furniture and rugs over the last 6 months for our new home. The first order was a dining room table and rug. We received a call before delivery that table had been scratched during loading and that they could not remove the scratches. They delivered a badly scratched fable anyway and offered us $80 off if we kept it. We refused and the new table top was delivered and installed a few months later. Later on we ordered more furniture, a bedroom set and a large rug for the bedroom. Once again we received a call that the king bed baseboard was damaged during unloading and that we could keeping or replace it. When delivery showed up they installed all of the bedroom furniture before putting the rug down. Needless to say they got it ass backwards. When they were done the rug was extremely wrinkled. I was told they would go away. We place heavy objects on the rug for a week and no success. When we called Nebraska they refused to replace the rug. They said it was the fault of our automatic beds. I then filmed us taking the bed apart and laying the heavy mattresses on the floor for a week. We were finally able to get the wrinkles out. We then put our bed back together and have since had no problems. We have sent all of our documents and videos to Nebraska showing that the rug was not installed properly, mistreated in the delivery truck by setting heavy items on the rolled up rug and the trouble we had to go through taking apart our rug, sleeping on the floor for a week and then reinstalling our bed. Nothing but crickets from the Nebraska supervisor and management when videos were emailed.


We went to NFM for flooring. We ordered the first floor and was told that it was discontinued. Then we ordered another floor...and was told that too was discontinued. That was a wait of 2 months. We ordered a another floor and was told that we would have to wait over a month for it to be delivered. I had a bad experience with a General Contractor who took my money and did not complete our floor and now I am having to wait and wait looking at a bare floor. Chad was nice and apologized, but the way it happened...the vendor just discontinuing floors even though it's been ordered just blew my mind. I will definitely let my friends know my experience. I hope that our floors are really delivered April 23. This has been the second worst experience....the General Contractor taking my money and not completing the floor is the first.

Thank you
TJ and Jennifer Jones


Dear Nebraska Furniture, specifically Ed Lipsett, Texas Store Director and Jody Rusnak, Director of Appliances and Electronics. I will also be mailing this letter to 5600 Nebraska Furniture Mart Dr, The Colony, TX 75056.

When Nebraska Furniture Mart first came to The Colony, Texas location I was excited looking forwarding to your arrival. I purchased a home and made a major purchase from your store. I purchase Washer/Dryer, LG Refrigerator, 2 Flat screens TVs. I also purchase the warranties for these items.

I never dream this could happen with a company of the magnitude of Nebraska Furniture Mart. I purchased the LG Refrigerator over $2,000 in May 2015. It is August 2016 and the refrigerator stopped working. It has been over 3 weeks ago and it is still not working. Really should someone be without a refrigerator with two small children and one that has formula. I ask you this how a business takes care of their customers. It has been a nightmare from hell dealing with the Assurant Solutions Warrant Company on the LG Refrigerator that I purchased.

I have called Nebraska customer service hotline many times with no results, they keep me on hold until they hang up, tell me it the warranty problem but you say on the internet Performance guarantee plan. What does that mean? You should take some responsibility to help your customers. This is a very bad reflection on Nebraska Furniture for not taking care of their customers.

I did my job purchasing the warrant and ensuring you were paid corrected. Now do your job and take care of this warrant. I called Assurant Solutions Warrant Company and just get the run around. Last update I need a new compressor but they have no idea when someone can fix it. At this point I need a new refrigerator. I have lost faith in your ability to fix this refrigerator and request that you replace it with a new one.

I have also filed a report with the BBB as well. But I am not finished yet. Corporate will honor the warrant that I purchase. Next course of action will be to get the media involved. A large company that is fairly new into the area may need some media coverage. I will call the TV station see if they can assist. Maybe someone will take the time to make sure their customers come first.


What a huge a massive dissappointment of a store. I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart for the first time last week. Never have I seen more things that I do not want to buy. They had hundreds of sofas but none were high quality. They had hundreds of appliances but none was the right one. It's almost like you browse but never buy.


August 2, 2014 Nebraska Furniture Mart (incorrectly) installed a Samsung Dishwasher in my home (they did not take into consideration the hardwood floor, so the machine was extremely difficult to remove from the cabinets for service). From August 2, 2014 to April 9, 2015, I had four/five service calls on the machine.

The last breakdown warranted removing the machine from the cabinets. Nebraska Furniture Mart would not take responsibility for their mistake, and Samsung would not assist in any way, so it was almost 2 months before we were able to come up with a solution to that problem. The repairman came to my home May 21, 2015 and decided they needed to replace the motherboard and a sensor (keep in mind the machine was just over 6 months old at the time of the latest breakdown). I had to wait for parts to be delivered to my home, so the repairmen (this time 2 came) returned June 6, 2015 to perform the repairs.

In the following three days, I ran the machine 3 times, and on the third time, the same error message came up (leak). I spoke to representative Allyson June 10, 2015 at approximately 10:00 a.m. about the latest problem, and told her I wanted the machine removed. It is obviously a lemon and I have better things to do than to deal with it breaking down every two months (or less). She reviewed the service call reports and referred the situation to the Escalation Department, ticket #4130725618. I was told I would be contacted by someone concerning a buy-back on the faulty dishwasher in 24-48 hours. It has been 48 hours, and, not surprisingly, I have heard NOTHING. If anyone has any suggestions, I am listening.


I found the best furniture for my Hotel in Nebraska Furniture Mart. Amazing offers on papers, free delivery , gift cards are the special benefits which I have availed from Nebraska Furniture Mart. It also deals with Floor care, appliances, home decors, Kids care, mattresses, fitness tools with special discounts and clearance sales which are very comfortable for individuals and business enterprises. It also gives financing solutions with low interest, hot deals on appliances & electronics with online discount coupons.

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