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The whole but experience was a disaster form the sale to the delivery i will NEVER shop at Bob's again


We purchased a mattress set & bed frame from Bob's in July 2019. Before buying the mattress, we asked the online-chat specialist if our queen mattress would fit the queen mattress we bought, she told us 'It should fit all our Queen Mattresses' -- This was a blatant lie. There was 10 inch gaps all over the frame and after 2 months, the bed frame broke. Shortly after my wife and I experienced chronic neck and back pains and it all pointed to Bob's poorly made furniture. They sent a 'technician' to inspect the mattress and the second he sat down, he said it was defective.

Bob's Furniture pushed us to get a new mattress from them which we declined given how their service is horrible and their overseas mattress are faulty and cause personal injuries.

Customer support is horrible. They told us that their delivery team would come and pick up the defective mattress but nobody did. Delivery team lied and said that we were not home. Sucks for them because our building is under video surveillance and somehow, just somehow, Bob's is still hiring people who don't do their job. THE SECOND time they said they would come, they were caught on video just taking a photo of our building door and running away from it. Customer support people we called are beyond useless. We are being medically treated for the issues Bob's furniture caused and 3 weeks later, their delivery team is still not coming by, but continuously lying that nobody is home. Crooks and liars. Do not spend a cent here.


In March of 2019 I purchased a Dining room table set, I had requested that I be home when they delivered the furniture to ensure my furniture wasn't damage. when I arrived home I noticed chip pieces of wood outside of my porch main entrance door. I opened up the screen door to see that the door had been pushed back so forcibly it made the wooden frame chip and the screw coming from the door spring. I had made several calls to the Bobs headquarters to have this rectified but received no assistance 3/15 and 3/18. l left several Messages, sent the pictures of the damages. Here we are 7 months later and still they have not made contact with me regarding this matter. Since not receiving a response within a timely manner I had to have the door repaired. I am seeking the funds for my damages of $100.00 which included the sealing of the door frame to be re screwed and replacing the spring.


Poor quality furniture
Would not recommend to buy
Poor customer care


Amy at the Villa Park I’ll store. Call me (708) 243-6648


Re: Bob’s Discount Furniture, Monroeville, PA
First delivery from Bob’s Discount furniture 1/30/18: Large couch, console, and love seat. We were told this console could be placed anywhere – between the two large couch seats, or the two love seat pieces. Once in my home, the delivery guys seemed confused about how I wanted it set up; then I realized why. The console is NOT mobile – it is permanently attached to the loveseat. Because it didn’t look as I wanted it to, I spoke to the salesman (Steve Briskin sp?) later and he confirmed his error. They did offer to take the furniture back. In addition to not being what I wanted, the delivery men ripped the end off of one of the power recliner wires, so that would have needed replaced as well.
When I got a call back from the manager, Norm, a little while later, he offered $200 off if I chose something else in the store. I wasn’t sure, but I wanted new furniture, so I looked at a sectional and decided to get it, though the material wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I thought I might like it ok. Delivery was set for a week later. The men were taking the previously ordered couch/love seat and bringing in the new stuff. While disassembling the old furniture, the men gouged three places in my wall (pic attached). And the new furniture, there was no wedge with it! I called the sales guy again, he says ‘there is no wedge in the furniture set you ordered’. Um, I took a picture of it, thank goodness!! So, I sent the picture, and what do you know, he calls to say he neglected to order the wedge with the rest of the furniture. Same sales guy as last time (he says I must think he is an idiot – I am mum). Being it was another $400 for the wedge, I wanted to just forget the whole thing, but I ordered it and set up yet another delivery date to get the wedge. At least they didn’t charge delivery on all these mishaps. Unfortunately, I’ve started reading reviews on Bob’s throughout all this aggravation and also seeing constant complaints about the Goof Proof coverage, which I also purchased. I’m thinking, just 24 hours later, maybe I can just return the whole set and be done with Bob’s…. but no. After a long conversation with customer service, they would not budge on doing a return. Supposedly there is to be some type of “compensation” for all our troubles, but they can’t tell us what exactly that will amount to – not until everything (wedge included) had been delivered, which it now has, as of this morning. I’m sure I’ll have to keep badgering them for follow-up. I also want to just “return” the goof proof coverage, but I’m sure I’ll get nowhere on that.
The best I can do now is to try to spread the word. You might get lucky with these people, but it’s like Russian roulette, so tread carefully. And now, I have seen a sectional I really, really like at Lazor Furniture in Latrobe, PA. It is a family owned business, extremely nice people run it. They have no delivery fee; the gentleman running the place, Conrad Lazor, told us that we were free to get furniture protection but he wasn’t pushing it; didn’t think we’d really need it. I had looked there while looking at other places, including Bob’s. Not sure why I didn’t just run with it. Now I’m stuck.

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