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Toll free phone number: 1-800-967-6696

Crate and Barrel is a privately held home furnishing retail chain with European design flavor and is owned by Otto Group of Hamburg, Germany. There are over 100 stores with most recent store opening in Dubai in 2010. Revenues were reported as US4.39 billion.

To reach customer relations call 1-800-967-6696. To communicate by letter with CEO, Douglas Diemoz in USA, address envelop with: Crate and Barrel, 1250 Techny Road, Northbrook, IL, 60062, USA. The US corporate office phone number is 847-272-2888. Also look here for additional contact information.

In addition to its home furnishing line C&B also has a site for online sales and for children’s furnishings. Wedding, and gift registry, idea advice, holiday specials, including Hanukkah are available, as well as “one flat fee for delivery of furniture”. Social support is found on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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I went in to crate and barrel union sq. sf ca this afternoon fully intending to spend money on new flatware and plates, etc. No one greeted me at the door and no one inquired if I needed help on the second floor. When a salesperson finally approached me I asked about my purchase being shipped as it would be heavy. Her reply was "well, I guess you could or-
der it from the warehouse." I wandered further in the store to look at the sale merch. Not
one sales associate paid any attention to me.
You may have good products but you should hire someone like me to assess your staff on a random basis. I was going to spend at least 150.-200. which may not seem like much but it's lot to many people. I would like to add this is not the first time I have encountered this
behavior, in particular on the second floor.


customer service on phone horrible. just checking on a delivery wait time over 30 minutes . get more help to make service better. in puerto rico and waiting for delivery before leaving the island.


I’m vary confused
On nov 11 I purchase a skillet
I open a charge was 158$
Nov 18 I return the skillet
A purchase a pot 300 $
A the charge 255 $
Know my bill is 274 $
The say I have to pay for 158$
Really confused thanks hope I have
Som one to respond


I purchased Wyatt Grey 72" Media Console on August 7th along with another piece of furniture (Order 322999947). I was scheduled to pick up in warehouse when available.

I called a few times to check the status of the order and was told it was still unavailable.

On or about October 25th, I received an email that the item was available for pickup. I called in and basically asked for free delivery since it had been almost 3 months waiting for this item to arrive.

The CSR agreeded and told me she would waive the delivery fee. She gave me a delivery date of October 31st.

I took the day off, and around 9 am I didn't receive any confirmation of delivery, I called in and I was told there was a mistake, the item was never confirmed. The Escalation Agent basically told me it was my fault because I should have gotten a call 2 days before. She wasn't empathetic at all.

We go back and forth and she then schedules me for a confirmed delivery of November 10th from 7-10am. I was traveling that day on a Red-Eye flight from Las Vegas. My flight landed at 6am, and I was home by 6:10am.

Also, please note that I received 2 calls while in Las Vegas to confirm my delivery on 11/10.

I'm exhausted and sitting up waiting for the delivery, at 830am we receive a call from the delivery manager stating that the item scheduled to be delivered isn't available. At this point I'm livid, and exhausted. He tells us he will have customer service call us when they arrive.

I receive a call at around 930 which I wake up to answer, a gentleman is very apologetic and tells me he is transferring me to a resolution agent who will provide some answers. The resolution agent just tells me she is sorry a few times and I explain that sorry is unacceptable at this point. She then stops speaking and I say hellomultiple times and the call disconnects. I totally think she hung up on me on purpose. Of course I attempted to call back but the wait time was too long. I was too exhausted to continue trying to get answer.

My wife then sends a message on the Facebook page. We have been in touch with Monique Roebuck.

Yesterday I logged into the account to check on when the item is scheduled to be in stock, and it appears my entire order has been cancelled. Order number 32299947 no longer shows in my account.

I would love to move on from this however, I already have 3 pieces of furniture that match this last item I'm attempting to purchase.

I feel we've been more than patient. I've missed days at work, I've inconvenienced myself and all I ever get is an "I'm sorry".


My wife and I ordered this sofa from the Lenox Mall Atlanta, Crate & Barrel store and recently discovered that the order is going to be delivered late. I want to emphasize that we discovered the lateness when we called to check as we had not heard anything for over four weeks! We discovered through painful phone calls over three days that the store was notified within a week of the delay and did not notify us.

When we tried to discover the reason, we were palmed off with several "probable" reasons that all involved the manufacturer and the material we chose for this "semi-custom" sofa.

We pushed for a definite reason and the store manager eventually called to say that "corporate" had told her that our order was being manufactured and would be ready as per the "lead time" quoted in writing when we place the order, it was going to stay at the factory until Crate & Barrel had enough orders from other customers to financially justify picking up from the manufacturer and "corporate" was not going to do anything about it as it was not "cost effective."

In fact, the manager confirmed that all the "lead time" and "ETA"s that they give you, verbally and in writing, mean nothing: it could be six, 12, 24 months or more before we see our order. Crate & Barrel are not held to any delivery standard if it does not meet their cost effective (read profit line) goals. Individual customer service and satisfaction fall way below their company profit line in priorities, despite the fact that they take your money up front and keep it in their bank account gaining interest for them! Any cancellations after 72-hours of order placing result in no refund. Under other circumstances this may be called highway robbery, or even fraud!

In addition to this appalling example of big business holding the individual "hostage" for their own gains, we have serious reservations as to what Crate & Barrel may have done with our personal credit information. When we placed the order we were advised that we would get a discount if we applied for a Crate & Barrel credit card. I went ahead and applied as directed by the sales associate and inputted my information into the key pad at the checkout desk. Three weeks after my wife received a letter from Crate & Barrel's credit card company saying that they could not approved her application as they could not verify her social security number. My wife never touched the keypad and never input any of her information.

After two attempts from the store, we eventually obtained the telephone number for Crate & Barrel's credit card company as it was not included in the letter. We discovered that the company had never received my application and couldn't explain why my wife had an application processed in her name as the store was responsible for gathering the information. Of course, the Lenox Place Atlanta store had no explanation. We are closely monitoring our credit reports, but are gravely concerned about Crate & Barrel's personal information collection system.


I am glad I added Crate and Barrel to my wedding registry. This was the perfect place for gifts, no complaints about their service and the quality of products is amazing. Definitely recommend! If I could add, the only problem I had with this company is the customer service number was sometimes difficult to get someone on the phone.


Best sellers of furniture for outdoors or indoors at Crate and Barrel.I was looking for some Morocco Outdoor furniture to give a look for my garden. Found some great stuff at Crate and Barrel. I purchased a concrete Dining table and this received some great compliments from my neighbours. The delivery was done on time and they took care of the product well by packaging it very neatly. The customer service was good enough to keep me completely posted on the delivery.

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