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Motorola is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, or at least they used to be. With millions of customers around the globe, the company pioneered mobile communications and technology. The company headquarters is located at 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza Ste. 1800 Chicago, IL 60654.

If you have an issue with your Motorola phone, direct your feedback to Greg Brown who is the current CEO. You can call Motorola customer service toll free at 1-800-734-5870 or 1-888-508-6052 between normal business hours. Live chat is offered Monday to Friday from 7am-10pm CDT and on the weekends from 9am-6pm.

Common problems with Motorola relate to a wide range of products from Moto Mods, Moto Z Droid, Moto X Pure Edition, Moto G Family, Moto E (2nd Gen.). The company also offers other products like baby monitors, bluetooth headsets, car speakerphones, home monitors, home phones, modems, gateways, and pet monitors.

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Since I purchased Moto G5S, I am have one or other problems, like heating while charging, and top of the display where was a black shadow, I sent lot of emails but they given instruction to give the hand set to the service certre and gave the set but the techinical person said their in no issue, after some time the display gone blank. so they changed the display now I not able to hear any thing while i am receving the call. So again I am given the set to Indira Nagar service station, Bangalore. But now also they are telling same thing their is no issue, please let me know what i have to do.

Sir can forward all my emails to you, if you want it for reference.


My Moto z crashed and was useless after 2 years and 3 months. I had to get a new phone. We're very unhappy here waiting for my wife's to crash next.



We have multiple issues with Motorola's radio repair program. Radios are constantly returned unrepaired and when we try to contact Motorola all we get is a case number or NO return phone calls. We have had radios going back and forth to your repair department since the end of June 2018!!!
This is very frustrating for us as we strive to give our customers excellent service but are unable to because of your poor service. If radios can't be repaired after a couple times they should be REPLACED.




I bought my Moto z play with the mods, battery and speaker, an update went to my phone and broke it, they sent me another one and that's broken as well, they sent me an email to send my phone to them,I will be without a phone, so I called Verizon and they sending me a loaner...can I just tell you how upset I am...I have been a customer for a long time and for an UPDATE to ruin my phone,then to have to go without a phone as you fix the problem that your UPDATE caused...poor customer service...I paid for my phone out right, I take very good care of my things, you send me JUNK back...not cool at all


ive purchased a zdroid, mind you the piece of shit cost 800$ I have also a warranty till 2018, the phone new barely used is dead and the idiots at motorolla or where ever they hire their rent a workers who barely speak English wont honor the warranty. DONT BUY MOTPIDIOTS. BOYCOTTMOTO


I have bought MOTOG Plus in August, 2016. I am experience two problems
1. Ghost touch problem for the last 8 months. I get it checked from your Service center at SHIMLA, HP, India but problem remain
2. Since last two week my phone switch off automatically.

Please resolve this issue


I've been trying to order a warranty replacement device for my son's phone, I've spend 3 hours of my time on the phone with Motorola customer care getting hung up on and being put on hold while people try to figure this out. Current issue is the Redemption Code I was sent doesn't work. Also, the phone that is actually the phone that would replacement is not in stock. My son had a 64gb phone and I can only order 32gb as a replacement. While all this is happening there is a $250 hold on my son's credit card because we can't get a shipping label to send back his non working device until we order. He has been without a phone now for almost a month because of Motorola's inadequate customer service. At this time I doubt I would ever purchase a motorola phone again.


I purchased my Moto X Style through Flipkart (Invoice dated 25/10/2015). While making calls the call recipients often complain that they cant hear me well and that my voice keeps breaking as if it is vibrating. I contacted the Service centre at Trivandrum a few months ago and they suggested formatting the phone. Even after formatting the problem persisted. They then told me to port the number to another service provider. I ported my existing number from BSNL which I had been using for more than years without any problem to idea. I also obtained a second connection from Vodafone. Even then the problem persists. Please consider my problem with the phone as urgent and advice accordingly.


I have upgraded my phone and now when I restart the phone it is always showing optimizing app 1 of 1. Really fed up of Motorola and their crappy products.


The Motorola cell phone moto-E is an total flop. I went back to my old phone and will not buy another Motorola product. I had multiple problems and consider you engineers inept. It should be a PHONE FIRST. I could not answer it half the time, the screen would not stay on key pad while phone was in use, making messaging a nightmare. A button hung the phone up but would not answer?


I have submitted my phone for repair of its Screen which was damaged by me on 31/12/15, but service centre of Motorola said that its Board was also not working properly, so that we also change its board which is in warranty and they send a request for the same it is in warranty so this it is replaced free of cost and estimate time for it is One week. But till date my phone was not repaired and they it will take one more month to repair. Kindly tell me how can I attend my calls.


Phone is not coming on. We have tried charging it also but its completely gone. It is not even one year that we had bought this handset Moto g 3rd generation. Kindly rectify the problem at the earliest possible or I will be forced to call the complaint number immediately.


After updating my Moto G3 to version "android 6", many applications not working properly, and the phone is getting hanged frequently. Never had a problem before now.


I purchased a Nexus 6 unlocked cell phone through Amazon on July 16,2015.because it offered a featured that allow automatic software up dates. In Sept of 2015 Marshmellow was released to date it hasn't up loaded to my phone. On Jan 12, 2016 for some unknown reason all but 9 of my contacts just disappeared I wasn't able to recover them. I went to my carrier who wasn't able to recover them. I called Motorola for help under the US warranty, who informed me that as far as Marshmellow was concerned I needed to return to AT&T to have them up date my phone.

I told the person that AT&T send me to them. As to the lost of my contacts I was told I would receive an e-mail, which never happened. I a layman I purchased this phone for the automatic updates, I didn't want to have to install these up dates. At this time I would ask that Motorola repair this phone or replace it or refund me the cost approx $449.00. Please respond as soon as possible. I'm currently using another phone


I had 2 unresolved "chat" calls and also a problem ticket (that apparently got closed w/o resolution, NRB000008191852). The phone support are oblivious to all the internet web sites / blogs complaining about Verizon SMS Gateway not working. The problem is: I cannot email an SMS text from my laptop to my cell phone. Not only can I not send an email text to myself, I cannot sens an email text to other family members on Verizon. From the blogs, this is a fairly global problem ... from the perspective of Verizon "chat" support, they act like it's the 1st time they have heard of this issue. They 1st said I had a phone (motorola) problem, then an internet provider (earthlink) problem. Until just recently (last 2-3 weeks), I was able to regularly email an SMS text to my Verizon/Motorola cell phone without any problems. Currently, I keep getting email delivery rejection messages (see below).

Message clearly indicates that Verizon server initially connects, then disconnects (not handling or processing SMS text message) which then triggers earthlink to return the email reject message. I've been in the computer business for over 30 years, most recently as client support / client satisfaction manager for our western region and I know nonsense responses when I hear them. This is clearly a problem with Verizon servers (host []: 554 rejecting email texts to my phone. I'm not looking for anything free, or discounts, or anything else other than getting your vtexts servers to pass on info to my phone. Again, this used to work flawlessly 1st week of December, now it does not.


My dad has bought Motorola G 3rd Generation (8GB) in August 2015. The phone fell down and got display crack. I have got it repaired by S. G. InfoTech but the display isn't working properly, plus they have removed sim slot, plus speaker isn't working properly. Please kindly pay attention to my complaint and give me reply as what to do now?


Motorola company sent me a phone that did not work and I sent it back and then they said it came back no phone but the package was tore a little and then then they claimed fedex stole the phone your company owes me money. Motorola company sucks and no customer service. I will never buy Motorola products and will be spreading this on the internet that your company are crooks and still products from customers. You do not have good customer service you are the worst company I have ever dealt with and I will not ever buy products and I will let all my friends and family not to buy your products. Seriously do not bother calling them! At least my old phone (shown below) still works. More than I can say about the new ones now.


I bought my mobile phone 8/19/2015 and it fell down by my hand. The display of the phone broke even with the glass protection over the top part of is. I was told to go to the nearest Motorola repair shop to fix it, and that's where the problems began. It just got worse from there. Display is now broken, issues with signal, everything.


Hello there Motorola corporate office. I had submitted by Moto G2 mobile in your B2X service center on 6-OCT-2015, given me TAT is 7 days. I had Call service center Given update as we will close in next week suggested me to give complaint by Calling Call center. Associate from Call center Given commitment that you will be getting call back in 48hrs ie by 17-OCT-2015 (RSS escalation team) still not received.

Again i had Contacted team through Chat support associate also given commitment we had escalated to high dept you will be getting Call back, not received. Today i had Contacted for status associated Started saying that device was pending due to parcel not received. It will tack more 7 days.

I had requested to transfer the Call to floor support said they are in meeting at last said i was transferring the call but he disconnected the call (Shiva). Again i was trying to reach floor supervisor but they was denying outing call on hold for long time. The Motorola customer service team is not ready to share the escalation matrix & details i hope there was not aware


My phone doesn't have it where the back comes off. I put my phone on the charger it got extremely hot within a matter of minutes. The back of the began to swell, it cracked the screen as well as a brown substance appeared inside the back. I contacted at&t they stated my phone was under warranty but due to the screen cracking I had to contact Motorola. Upon speaking with Dominique at Motorola he/she asked me to take a picture of both sides of the phone I explained to he/she I had no way of doing so. He/she instructed that I would have to pay $125.00 for a replacement if I didn't take a picture. then he/she said it would take 24 to 48 hours for someone to contact me in regards to my phone.

I explained to he/she that I had no way to be contacted because I don't use email and I only have one phone. The guy I spoke with prior to Dominique was rude. I asked him to speak to a manager or supervisor multiple times and he insisted that it was nothing that they could do. After multiple attempts to speak with someone else he puts me on hold for a long time then finally proceeds to transfer me. The customer service at Motorola is terrible. I have had Motorola phones for 10 years and never have I had a phone that was defective to this point. Spending 2 hours on the phone to still have the issue be unresolved is unsatisfactory and ridiculous. This experience makes me want to try other phones like LG or Samsung.. I am very disappointed with Motorola.


I purchased the Motorola Sliver II Bluetooth headset on 9/20/14. Yesterday, 4/1/15 I noticed it was sitting on my ear funny when I removed it I noticed the little split where it begins to curve to go around your ear had come apart. The booklet says there is a 1 year warranty so I called Motorola this morning and they say unfortunately there is nothing they can do because it was broken. I informed them it was their faulty design that caused it to break in the first place. The lady on the phone basically told me if they replaced broken products they would essentially go out of business.... oh so you know your products are defective. I have purchased my last Motorola product.


I just purchases the new Nexus 6. I put the phone in my pocket and walked out the house. 30 seconds later while entering my car, I pulled the device out of my pocket and the screen was cracked in a spider pattern. The rep told me it was my fault and my warranty was now void, on a brand new phone, and I need to pay $175 to fix it even though I JUST PURCHASED THE DEVICE. I am filing a complaint with the better business bureau too. I will never buy Motorola again because of their horrible customer service.


I frequently change my mobile and go for different trending brands. This time I purchased Motorola inspired by the maximum performance without limits. I have the purchased the Lollipop version Moto E which has 3G speed, all day battery and 8GB memory. Wow, it's amazing with the specifications and also the cover make. Motorola also has Moto 360 watches, Headsets, Headphones,stereo Bluetooth headphones and many other gadgets with reasonable prices. I would like to suggest you all try Motorola to have wonderful experience.

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