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dear brother, kia cerato is a good car but the services & maintenance in jaddah is the bad thing. they are organised, they are not accepting cars easily, they are not working quickly, they do not understand the problems in cars,the number of staff responsible for the quick services are not sufficient (2 staff??), they are not doing all the chick list for each Km as specified by the company in the regular services, they requested from me ~620 RS for 20000 km to change only filter of air condition & one other filter & oil exchange.

In each regular check up i found they are putting more engine oil than the max. limit, which when i went to outside specialized oil exchanger he found ~700ml oil in excess. Also, i found other people in the same day that i was their complaining that the spare part ( as compressor of air condition, master of breaks)are not easily available & they are going to request them & ask them they will contact them after 2-3weeks..

is it correct to leave your care unrepaired for this period. Also, the lack of the number of point responsible for services & if you found a place they will said to you that they can not do all services. Until now no point for kia services in Makka which is a big countries in KSA...... Do they know about Kia car services?, Is this services for each car is sufficient to follow the car engine? i don't know if the Kia company will be satisfied for this or not? or should i go i seal my car??


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I purchased a 2012 Kia Optima in December 2011. It just reached 9,000 miles. All of a sudden the front end began to
make a rumbling noise like the front axle is about come off. The vibration is on the right front passenger side. I am now afraid of what I have invested in--I took it to the Kia Dealership on Mt. Moriah in Memphis, TN. The service department kept the car for two days and the technician stated that she heard the noise but could not find out what it was.....On Thursday afternoon I was called to come and pick my car up but there is no resolution to what the trouble is with the car. Bill in the service department stated that he would have to call the corporate office in order to find out what is going on.....I want this documented due to the fact that I am a Coach and I transport students and if something were to happen, I want it noted that I made the local dealership aware of the problem and now I am notifying the corporate office. The noise does not sound well at all. Please notify me to show that you read emails and you care about your customers.

I look forward to hearing from you....
Zinker Williams
5434 Eagle Bead Cove
Memphis, TN 38125


I think it is unfortunate that the service dept at Kia of Vero beach is so fixed on how much money they can get from their good customers that they lose site of the big picture of having a satisfied customer that will continue to buy their product and use their service dept.

No one has touched my sorento but Kia, but the last visit I had with a complaint of winning noise when my vehicle changed gears has really turned me aganist Kia and their service dept. (I will not return at all) Instead of working with the customer all the service manager did was calculate how much money he could get of of me, that is very unfortunate of course I would pay any problem that was not covered by the warranty but to have the service manager to start adding up the cost before the problem was even found was not wise on his part at all.

Thank you


I went to put the seat belt on my grandson and it went down in the seat, it is not properly in the back of the seat to stay up enough to hook it. I couldn't get it out of the back seat and I took it to the Dealer and he said KIA has nothing to hold it up. He pulled it out for me and that was the end of it. Advanced Auto was my next stop to see if they had something to keep it up out of the seat so I could use it. Well they said they couldn't fix it. So I came home and put a close-pin on it to keep it up out of the seat, I don't know if the hole is too big or what it is doing, but it is very unsafe. The front passenger seat is so low, people complain all the time about it is so hard to get out of once you're down in it. I really like my KIA and the last one I had, but this is a real safety problem for children to be safe in their car seats. I just wanted to inform someone about the problem, before something happens and someone dies.


I am writing in reference to an extremely negative experience I encountered when I visited your dealership located on University drive in Huntsville, AL. I was looking to purchase a 2013 Kia Forte - VIN KNAFT4A24D5672173 - advertised on the dealerships website for $11,625. When I arrived at the dealership I was instantly approached by a salesperson who was very nice and eager to help. I explained to him I wanted to see the vehicle advertised online and also wanted to see a new Forte so I could consider the options of buying the used car compared to the new car. His response was you cannot believe everything you see online. He stated that cars are placed online to get customers to the dealership and once there they could see what the dealership had to offer. He then proceeded to show me the new cars. Finally, he took me around and showed me the used cars. The 2013 that was advertised was on the lot. After we looked at the new and used Fortes, I asked him to get me a price quote for a new Forte and the 2013 Forte. He came back and gave me a price of $16,999 for the 2013 Forte that was advertised online for $11,625. I asked if I could borrow his computer to pull up the dealership website and show him the price of the car. When I pulled up the website he took the price over to his manager. He came back and stated the online pricing was 2014 pricing and since it is January 2015 the price has changed to 2015 pricing. We then offered to pay cash for the vehicle if the $11,625 price would be honored. The salesperson did not acknowledge the cash offer and quickly changed the conversation to encourage me to buy a new car. Also, when I first arrived at the dealership, I was asking to trade in a 2011 Ford Fiesta. I expected to have negative equity in the Fiesta. I currently owe $8,500 on the vehicle and using Kelly Blue Book as a guideline I expected to be offered around $5,000 for the trade in, I was extremely shocked when I was offered $3,300 for the trade in. However, my disappointment is un-related to the trade in. My disappointment in KIA is the fact KIA advertises prices online but refuses to honor the advertised price. Finally, I am not a customer who needs or relies on generous credit approvals. I was told by the salesperson that I was not a typical KIA customer. He stated most customers were in desperate situations and were just happy to be approved for a vehicle. I appreciate the KIA policy to approve all customers. However, I believe you reputation as a company would be better served if you honored advertised prices. It is unbelievable that a company advertises a price but refuses to honor it. Until yesterday, my plans were to trade in my Ford and get a KIA Forte. As of today, I am unsure how I feel about KIA.


I went to town yesterday. I hit something on the highway on the way in. The my tire light came on. I pulled into a parking lot to check it out. I found out my back tire was flat. No problem, I always keep a pump and a tire plug kit in the trunk. So I start pumping it up. It's not inflating. So I thinking, OK I got to use the spare tire. Guess what? There's no damn spare tire! There's not even a frickin jack! There's a frickin pump that looks like it cost like 20 bucks and a save a flat container. Which is worthless because I can't inflate the tire. So I call the dealership, they tell me yea that car (2014 Rio) don't come with a spare. But they tell me that I got the road side package, and to call them. So I call. They said they would have someone out in about 45 minutes. The guy showed up, hooked my car up and towed it a couple of miles away to the dealership service dept. I'M HAVING MY CAR TOWED FOR A FLAT TIRE! WTF! Anyways. They tell me it has two holes on the sidewall. So I need a new tire. (105.00) bucks. They didn't have one, had to order it. Another hour. It ended up 3 frickin hours for a flat tire! I love this car, and your service dept. it is awesome. Never ever dealt with a service dept. like the Kia ones. Great people. I asked how much a new tire and rim would cost. They told me between $300.00 and $350.00. They said I had to buy the kit. I don't want a damn space saver tire. And I hate the jacks that come with most cars. I always use a floor jack. Anyways I had to write this a day later because if I had written it yesterday, it would have been unreadable. I was so pissed off I was shaking. I mean seriously, if I got towed into the service dept twice, that would pay for a new tire. On a side note. The salesman told me I had Sirus on my radio. Come to find out it doesn't work in Hawaii.


I bought my Kia Soul in May 2013. It has been great thus far until a few days ago. This past weekend, January 9th-10th, my Kia Soul would not start. I live in LaPorte, IN and the weather has been snowy, icy and with minus wind chill factors with temps in the minus 20's. I am in a band and use this vehicle to transport band equipment from job to job. If my car is not reliable, then I cannot continue to do this. We were finished with a gig and loaded the equipment into my Kia Soul. I got in and tried to start the car and it did not turn over. I tried turning the key in the ignition 4 times and each time all it did was click. The battery seemed OK as all of the lights in the dash were bright. I went back into the venue and asked if we could wait there as I had to call for a tow truck. The place was closing and I was imposing on the owners to wait with me when they truly wanted to go home for the night. In the meantime, my boyfriend went outside and he tried to start the car. He turned the key in the ignition 4 times and on the 5th try the car finally started. So we thanked the owners for waiting for us and warmed the car up and then made it home. The very next morning, the car would not start yet again. And the same scenario ensued. Finally, after turning the key in the ignition multiple times the car finally turned over. So we drove it directly to Neilsen Kia in Michigan City, IN. It was a Saturday and the service department had already closed. So I left the car with one of the salesman (Chuck) and filled out a form and dropped off my keys. On the following Monday, I called the Kia service department and asked if they were able to fix my problem. The mechanic on duty (Mike) explained that the problem was not fixable. I thought that Kia had a warranty that covered the car, bumper to bumper, for 5 years or 100,000 miles. This was one of the main reasons I bought the car to begin with. But Mike explained that the problem is in the design of the 2013 Kia Soul. He said that the starter is mounted to the bottom of the engine block and there is no splash shield protecting the starter from snow and ice getting into it. Thus, the starter froze. I asked if a splash shield could be put on my car to keep this from happening in the future. He told me "no" as they only started putting the splash shields on the 2014 models and the 2013 Kia Soul had a different body design which would not accommodate the 2014 splash shield. So I said, "Well, what can I do as I need to have a reliable car?" And he basically told me "nothing". He also told me that 3 other Kia Soul's of the same year had been towed into their dealership with the exact same problem that weekend. I can't believe that Kia would not address this issue. This is a design defect and it is not something that I am responsible for. I cannot continue to drive the car in the cold weather when it is not reliable. So we drove it directly to Apex Muffler in LaPorte and explained the situation to one of their mechanics. He said he could configure a splash shield for my car and it would cost $120. So I left my car with him to get this taken care of. In the meantime after he looked at the under carriage of the car, he called me and said that there were actually holes drilled for a splash shield placement. So what gives? Why couldn't Kia take care of this for me? It should be covered in the warranty. You must know of the problem because you have taken the initiative to redesign the car in 2014 to have the splash shield to protect the starter. This can become very dangerous to people as they can become stranded in below zero temperatures and it can be life threatening to those who live in states where the winters are challenging due to snow, ice and low temperatures. So I would like someone to address this issue or at least refund my money for forcing me to get an outside mechanic to repair a problem that Kia should have taken care of in the first place.


On April 1, 2014 on around 4 P.M. I was driving on Astoria Blvd, Queens, NY, and while approaching the red light the car all of a sudden shuts off. I waited few seconds to start the car again. The same day while driving to the Bronx, NY at around 5 P. M. while driving on the Cross Bronx Express Way and Middletown Rd. I experienced the same situation as stated above on this letter. I am very concerned about this, because is not only about my safety, but the safety of other people on the road.
Because there are no Kia service department in the Bronx, NY where I live I called Kia at Tenafly NJ, where they wanted me to take the car the next day 4/3/2014. I emphasize that it was impossible because on that particular day I was traveling to PA. The appointment was scheduled for today April, 2 2014 at 4 P. M.
Your attention to this matter will be appreciated. I can be contacted at 917-412-1356
VIncenzo Castellano


I bought my second Kia within the last 12 month’s, the last one being one of my daughters first car. Although it was used it still put her into a $14K debt and as a college student that ain’t exactly peanuts. She took delivery of the vehicle and noticed the gas tank was only half full. I have since learned that this is a new company policy and I want to tell you that the policy sucks. It took the thrill out of the purchase and makes you guys look like you’re hard up for cash. It also makes me wonder what else you’ve done that I haven’t noticed yet, being that you seem to be that desperate. I have two more kids in line waiting for vehicles and considered trading in my 2011 for a newer model, but I think I will go to a company less cash strapped than you seem to be. I will pass this policy along to everyone I know in the hope that they reconsider buying from companies that do that kind of stuff.

Good luck

M. Vazquez.


This companys finance department has not got a clue how to organize finance. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I decided to pay off the balance for my vehicle and contacted KIA finance department to get a final figure. They worked it out and I paid the required amount by card and I asked for conformation that I had now paid in full for the vehicle.

The conformation arrived next day saying that they had no further interest in the vehicle. Two days later I received two letters both from the finance department, both different, which stated that there was a shortfall in the amount that I had paid, one stated that I was some £112 pounds short and the other stated that I had not paid anything off the final payment. So what was going on in the same department and I said at first, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.

I decided to conact Consumer Direct, which is part of the Trading Standards Office. They advised me not to pay anything more as I had the letter stating that the company had no further interest in the vehicle, but I was to phone the company and point out their error and see what they said.

So I phoned the finance department, which by the way costs 10p a minute as it’s an 0871 number. They don’t hurry themselves and my phone bill is mounting up, they don’t care it’s not costing them anything.
To say the least, I had a good rant at them and the unfortunate lady on the other end is getting a right ear bending. She says she will look into this cmplaint right away and within a few minutes she is back on the phone and says that I am right and that there is nothing more to pay for this vehicle.

I once again ask for conformation in writing and sure enough two days later I get an identical letter to the first one that I had received, saying the they had no further interest in the vehicle. I have informed the Consumer Direct what I have received and we are now waiting to see what happens next. I have been advised that if they come back again for further payment, I should take out a summons agianst KIA for harassment.

I have never known such an incompetent company before and I am now wondering if the same sort of problems exist in all other sections of this company and I am now worried that I may have made a terrible mistake in buying a KIA car.


I had a day off of work and took my Kia Spectra in for a recalled part that needed to be fixed. During this time I also requested an oil change. I dropped my car off at 8:15am and was not called until 11:15am to pick it up. When I was trying to pay for the oil change there was no paper work on this being done.

The admin person told me to go walk back into the service center to figure it out. That was the 1st rude thing that was done. Customer service would have been for her to call or page the tech to come into the show room area. I went back to the service department only to find out my car had not received an oil change.

This dealership had my car for 3 hours to do 1 thing?!?!?! After the tech said he forgot about it that he would get it in for the oil change in the next hour. Are you kidding me?!?!? I had made other appointments that day since it was my ONLY day off.

Not 1 person apologized or offer any assistance or a solution to this issue. Don’t you think these people could have said here come back to us and have a FREE oil change. I don’t even care if I had to pay for the oil change but at least offer something. They were very unprofessional. I TRIED to give this dealership another chance. This is the 3rd issue I have had with these people.

They have a brand new building and I thought the help there would have been different. Though I found out the hard way nothing has changed with their service! I also don’t think someone on the clock and working should be on their phone more than speaking to a customer.


I now know why you only give a 100,000 km warranty for your kia sorento i have the miss pleasure of trying to track down an engine for my vehicle. I have had brake rotars replaced $800 / a 4×4 problem repair $1900 / NOW I HAVE A ENGINE THAT NEEDS REPLACING and cannot find one in Aust. I have not had the vehicle 4 years yet and I dont think paying $44000.oo is value for my money. I have sent emails through to you guys before were can I get a replacement motor so I can at least off load this LEMON. I work for myself and this is costing me big time. Thanks.


I have a 2009 Kia Optima and the battery keeps dying if I don’t drive it for a week or two. I keep towing this car into the dealer and they charge the battery and say everything test OK. I have had it into the shop 3 times over the last 6 months. Kia is refusing to replace the battery stating that once charged everything test OK. They said that I should start the car and let it run every few days. That’s easy for someone that doesn’t travel weeks at a time. I can replace the battery on my own, but that’s not the point. I shouldn’t have to replace a battery after 2 years.

The good news is that I have 5 years of Kia roadside assistance, so they will come out every time I need a jump and Kia will pay for it. I bet I can far out-way a cost of new battery with the roadside assistance charges that Kia will be paying for. Thanks for nothing Kia!


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Dear Sir, I own KIA car,and i do all the maintenance on time,suddenly i haired a sound in the gear box .i tried to call for an appointment it was impossible to rich anybody by phone,when i drove to auto mall branch in Jedediah they refer me to Sylemaniah becouse they don’t have the service for gear box when i ruched to sulaimaniah branch they could notaccept my car before fife weeks from today and they refered me to nuzhah and i could not find the location nor the phone# Kindly help me with my case befor i loose my kia gear box.


My 06 kia optima has 42,000 miles and has had issues with the lights from the start. Finally the dealership said if I had any other issues with the lights bring it in they would give me a loaner car to drive until my car had its lighting issue fixed. My brake lights stuck on while the car was turned off and parked at my job. After the battery was drained and the car would not start to be driven ANYWHERE,the dealer said that no loaner cars was available and just bring it in and drop it off.The service dept. sales dept. or the dealership manager would not offer any other assistance.

I only live two blocks away but as a female living alone pushing the car to the dealership was not an option. The purpose in buying a kia was for the warranty coverage.


My Kia Sorento was leaking antifreeze. I bought it to Kia Flemington. First of all the person in charge of service would not return my call all day Saturday 5/21. I should have known that was a bad omen. Then he told me to leave my car there on Sunday night they would work on it with a diagnostic for $120. All day Monday no call, called back 4 times they said they had it on the lift all day and could not figure out what was wrong with it. Tuesday called back 11:30 John told me he would go get the estimate. Came back with all the hoses needed replacement, which I assumed.

Told me parts cost 451 and labor 1169. TERRIBLE LIE!!! Told him I was coming to get my Kia with this rediculous price. He told me the manager said he could take $500 off the job! You know he was lying about what the job cost. I took it to the neighborhood mechanic. He did the job for $459 in Hillsborough NJ. I will never buy another Kia because of these shysters. I have owned 8 cars and the best so far is Nissan. Don’t get your repairs done down there you will be fleeced.


I* bought a brand new kia soul 2010 in jan 10 if I do not drive it for three or four days the battery is dead this has happe3ned 5-10 times had a new battery put in last may or june this keeps happening I bought aq battery charger running up my electric dealer sai9d i shoulod disconnect the neg battery if i go away for three or four days I am a single senior woman and have not got a clue about this that is why I bought a brand new car so Iwould nolt have this problem anyone out there kinow who I can contact


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Kia client, Saudi Arabia, the world’s worst car client in my opinion. Unsuccessful service, bad deal, there is no hospitality and welcome the customer never never at all. I bought the kia car and then try to connect with most branches of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and i have not been answered on the phone by anyone in customer service. Staff expertise in dealing with the customer is so so bad it makes not not happy at all. I honestly would not buy another car in my life from Kia never ever because of these experiences. Will not advise any relative or friend to this car company and this bad agent service.


mainly my complaint is with the way the dealership handles their customer after the purchase. i purchased a 2011 sx kia sorinto and my niece purchased a 2009 carry over brogero. the cars are what we expected. the customer relations suck. we ea needed a third key. simple enought. but after calling a “number” of times and talking to jordan we each gave up. they jordon nor the dealership took the time out of their busy schedule to call us back. finally after approx three months my niece got a call they had her key. she has already went to the local kia dealer berlin city and ordered one…

this one only took 4 days and it was in her hand. needless to say we drove 50 miles away from home thinking we were getting a better deal. well money wise saved a few dollars. service wise lost a bunch. i would think after two people bought 2 cars from me at a total of over $54,000.oo being a sharp sales person i would give them outstanding cust service. even go out of my way to make sure they were happy, but that’s me. i nor anyone i know will go back to capital city kia in the future. kia is the one that going to hurt. i will look around for people that talk about their cust service next time because most of today cars carry out standing warranty along with the price being close together on the high end cars.

but thanks for reading and feel free to contact me.


As I said earlier on this thread Kia stole my ideas from My Book The Wood Rats Dragging Their Long Tales behind Them. In this book I describe all my characters even down to the last detail. In this book there are 38 stories in the book kia just took what they needed.They know all about me they lie about they didn’t know me I been on the television two times and the news paper twice in their viewing area. They have a car lot down the road from me . Whats funny is whoever took credit which i know who. I’m going after them to. because they lied to kia about their idea. they had no idea both commercials all mine.

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They copied my material and everybody just looking the other way. Every lawyer i get he tell me he has not got enough resources to tackle kia. well I just know the Kia are smart people when it come to stealing and lieing. SCRATCH A LIE FIND A THIEF!The story of the hamster comercials First of all they are not hamsters they are wood rats. they stole everything but the kitchen my characters say for instance:In the book the wood rats dragging their long tales not tails behind them on page 11 they stole my boutique.

lottie and dottie the twins are my god children i hate i put them white if i had they wouldn’t have put them on televisiob all my characters thet were grey brown and white they used them. they they copies copied all the white light bright and they were layed to the side. In Double Trouble the wood rats are the gang of rats who called themselves The Erasers they are black then wood rats are brown and they are huged their are not like hamsters they can carry the hamsters around.In my story calling all mice kia stole my idea also the van i had was cool buth the rats going down the highway full of lanes is mine want to know where they were going.

Enie Menie Miney and Moe the four wood rats had been kidnapped by the lunitic Possum and was all tied up and hanging upside down with thick ropes tied in knots. Now T-kake the mouse by himself could not chew the knots by himself so he sent out a destress signal Calling all mice thats where all the mice is going down the highway to help their buddy t-Kake the mouse. The Boutique belong to Enie Meanie Miny and Moe they are selfmade millionairs like my uncle he was a great entertainer the material he wrote was happening in his day. The Old Lady


This is Joe ann Kia I want you to know the wood rats is getting old. to bad you don’t have part 2 i have it and you is not going to get it. those commercials you playing is no good no talent how far you think you gone get. i wrote and i don’t know howw you got a hand on my work. i don’t need nobody to tell me nothing. the people that’s steeling black people work. nobody in your company can come up with anything i got me another book company if you steal that i’ll be coming at you.that junk you putting on won’t sell a toad.I got something hot wouldn’t you like to know.

Part 1 the Hood:All the animals were preparing for a race the prizes were great. They were compliments of the jazzywalker Boutique my idea you stole it. i saw one of them cars up close somebody would have to be out their cotton picking mind to ride in something we had three in our family we gave them back. when they found out you stole my rats and made billions. I got to go now I just bought a brand new rice patch. smile you on candid camera the old lady. You can steal but what i saw and read you were about to terminate them none talent hamster. but when you looked at my rats with no tails.

I will be writing stories out my book and out my new book I never heard of you I really would like to know How you got your hands on my work. from what I see the commercial uyou making want sell a toothless man a toothbrush I bet i can. THE OLD LADY


The twins you see dancing their stage name Lottie and Dottie they thirteen years old and they play piano and they go to acting school. They are dancing because they are happy their mom and dad gave them a birthday party If everyone stop taking pay offs I could get some help. If you watching the commerical They got this idea off the back of my book. The Title Is Lottie And Dottie’s Birthda Party. Kia kidnap my god children Draw your own conclusion Once in a town, called Willow Spring Creek, lived a family known as the Bakers.

Homelee and Caroline baker.The Bakers had lived in Willow Spring Creek,all their lives.They also had two beautiful daughters. Lottie and Dottie were their names.Everyone in Willow Spring Creek,had met or heard about lottie and dottie.They were very well known for their beautiful red hair, and their beautiful blue eyes. I put them white because Kia would never have pick them all my white and light characters got picked not the black. See Lottie and Dottie is really black But I thought they would get further ahead if i patrayed them as white an they did.They both wore two pony tails and a bang, that rested across their foreheads. They looked so much alike until when people thought they were talking to Dottie they really was talking to lottie. It really got very confusing some time. Sought of like the wood rats I’m surrouned by twins you know.

There is something else to, Lottie and Dottie always dressed alike, and they always wore the same things all the time.Never would they dress differant.Although they had lots of cloths they all were the same color,the same shape,the same size and they were all cut from the same pattern. Lottie and Dottie were very neat dressers and also very well organized.The twins were so much alike When any one would see Lottie and Dottie they both loved yellow stll my idea differant color come from the same book The Wood rats dragging their long tales behind them.When any one would see Lottie and Dottie they would have big pretty ribbons on their pig tales. they both wore white blouses,and pretty yellow vests and skirts to match. They wore red fingernail polish white socks and yellow shoes. The twins came from the same book they stole my idea i told you they copted everything out that book if you noticed they getting rid of some stuff why you think that is?

I hope they haven’t bought this sight. My complaining would be useless. They copied everything else from my book why not this if they had knew my god children they would never have been up their White folks were good to my family they had butchers pens and everythig we never starve . I will always love white people don’t matter whether they were clan are what i can’t speak ill because they always protected me and my mom. When crosses were burn we got lost for some reason my mother always knew. I can’t fight them koreans but their end will surely come what goes around comes around.Lottie and dottie were very happy, because they were looking foward to valentines Day their 7th birthday party.The twins new anytime they had a birthday party.the neighbors would bring them all sorts of gifts. save the video in your favorites so you can com pare. they would get lots of surprises. and most of all their mother would make them this triple layer yellow vanilla birthday cake.Lottie and Dottie was very lucky girls.

Their parents own a very sucessful chicken farm.They supplied chicken eggs for the whole county. Lottie and Dottie got to go to a very good school.Green Hill’s elementry was one of the best private school in the district. When Lottie and dottie would return home from school they would do their chores. Lottie would start out with gathering the eggs, or working in the garden.Lottie liked her chores because Lottie was sort of and outdoor kind of person. But dottie she was differant, she was the opposite she was an indoor person.Dottie was incharge of washing the dishes,dusting the furniture, and vacum the floors.One evening when Dottie had set down to do her home work.she said lottie tommorow is our birthday and we must make plans.Are you sure?asked Lottie of course i’m sure said Dottie. so Lottie didn’t discuss it any further.She really hated disagreeing with Dottie. because dottie didn’t take it lightly, when lottie disagreed with her, because Dottie just as usually thought she could never be wrong.So as night grew near lottie and Dottie made their plans for their birthday party.for the followering day which was February the 13th but the twins thought it was the 14th which would have been Valentines Day their birthday.As the followering day approached, the twins became confusingly happy more excited about their birthday party.

Lottie went to gather eggs as usually, she was also very happy, singing skipping all around. When Lotties dad noticed how strange lottie was acting,he said Lottie you seem excitingly happy today for some reason.I am replied Lottie,today is a very special day for me.What’s so special about today?asked her father.Lottie whispered something softly from her lips and skipped dottie was also in a very happy mood and her moyher said to her,Dottie I’ve noticed that you are very happy today for some reason.Today is a very special day for me.It is? replied Dottie’s mother. And Dottie continued with her chores.So when the twins got finished with their chores Lottie asked Dottie would she go to the general store with her,and Lottie agreed to go with her.But on the way to the store,people began to noticed how happy Lottie and Dottie were.When they finally reached the store,Mr.Hall the owner of the store said hello Lottie and Dottie,hello Mr.hall replied the twins.What can I do for you girls today?asked Mr.Hall.Well Mr. Hall we were wondering do you have anymore of that good old bubble gum that we love so much?asked Dottie I sure do said Mr.Hall.As a matter of fact I just got some more in yesterday. We would like some please,requested Dottie.

how much would you like?asked Mr.Hall.Only 25 cents worth replied dottie.Alright said Mr.Hall.While he was getting the bubble gum and putting it in a bag he also noticed there was a certain glare of excitement on the girls faces.Why are you two so happy today?asked Mr.Hall.Today is a special day for us replied Dottie.And after they had settled up their account,with Mr.Hall,the girls went on their way smiling to themselves.On the way home way home all they could talk about were their birthday party.Because they knew as soon as they walked through the door,everyone would yell happy birthday Lottie and never cross their minds,that they had gotten their days mixed up.So as Lottie and Dottie approached the house,lottie suggested she would take a look in the window,and to Lottie’s surprised there was not anything going on out of the ordinary.And then Lottie turned and said to Dottie maybe we came back to early,that’s got to be it replied Dottie.The longer they waited, the plainer it became,that there was not going to be a birthday party.So as the girls went into supper,their faces were very sad. Even the twins parents noticed how sad the twins faces were.So their father asked was there anything the matter,and they replied no.

Then they asked if they could be excuse,to go up to their room.When they left,the twins mother said to the father, I wonder what on earth was that all about.I don’t have the slightest idea,but I know one thing this has been one strange day, replied the twins father.Since tommorow is their birthday,seem as though they should be real happy.Their father didn’t have the slightest idea,that the twins had gotten their days mixed up.That night the twins were very restless,they tossed and turned all night.They couldn’t sleep because they thought their parents had forgotten their birthday.Before the twins knew it the next day had arrived.The twins were up earlier than usually.When the twins came down to breakfast, their parents looked so happy.They said good morning girls,how are you doing this morning? We’re doing just fine replied the girls. Why are you and mother so happy?asked Lottie.well today is a very special day for me and your mom,replied the twins father.It is?asked the twins.Still not knowing that they had their days mixed up.As soon as the twins finished eating they hurried outside.You know what?asked Lottie.What!replied’s a very hurting thing for your parents to forget your birthday.while the tears ran slowly down their cheeks.most children when they are sad,they have a very special p;ace where their can go and think.Well the twins special place was down at the duck pond.The Bakers they also owned a very big nice duck pond.

The twins were so caught up in their moment of sadness,until it seemed like time just slip away.It never cross their mind how late it had gotten.Lottie said to Dottie don’t you think we ought to be getting back?Mom and dad will began to wonder where we are.So with their watering eyes and broken hearts,still thinking their parents had forgotten their birthday,the twins started homeward.As the twins began to get close to their house,they began to see lots of cars going and coming from all directions.Also people were going in and out their house like a shopping mall or something.I don’t understand what’s going on,yesterday was our birthday nobody showed up.Now today No party everybody in the neighborhood is at our house.What could be going on?asked Dottie.Maybe mother is having another one of her boring bridge games,replied Lottie.I sure hope not said the twins entered the house,all their friends and neighbors, screamed happy birthday Lottie and Dottie!There was so many gifts and surprises all over the place.And when the twins turned their sights toward the kitchen,their mother was coming toward them carrying the biggest three layer yellow vanilla cake,that anyone had ever seen.happy birthday Lottie and Dottie,said the twins mother.

Thank you,replied the twins,but we don’t understand why you and father?would have our birthday party today,when yesterday was February 14th Valentines day,said the twins.No my darlings today is february 14th Valentine’s day.You mean to tell me all this worrying and sadness was all for nothing?said Dottie,Well that explains a lot of things said the twins mother,it sure does added the father.Happy Birthday Lottie and Dottie said their father,thank you replied the twins.Today was one of the happiest days for Lottie and Dottie,it was not so much because of the party,but knowing that their parents really loved them,was the greatest present of all.Boo!now that’s scary.and to think for once thet your parents,would forget your birthday,may be just a dream to some.But to Lottie and Dottie it would have been a nightmare in Willow Springs Creek.

Same book copyrighted 1999. This relieves the pressure . I love you no matter who you are no matter you religon no matter who you are you all are one to me that’s the way it suppose to be. forever love the old lady


in the commercial they betrayed gangsters you will find out who they really are people talking about riding in toaster don’t ride in no broke toaster when we got done passing the toaster around it didn’t work. Matter of fact the cord was loose and a little two year old was electricuted why would any one in their right mine what to ride in a broke toaster when after we through it away side the road in the hood. They like picking up stuff don’t belong to them.

The washing machine why would anbody want to ride in a old brogen down washing machine kia kept using my stuff to make the time run out they can’t treat their on people right they fighting them coming over here stesling our talent one thing about they don’t have a lick of talent back to the washing machine don’t hunt no old broke washing machine kia trying to pull your leg cause out in them bushes where you find them old washing machine you also find dead bodies. the old lady


As you look at the veido you will see a pivture of my botique, you will see Two rats one with a purse that’s poochie mama, the one with the tie is stefon. is my characters but they switch jabo and put stefon as her lover. Why? jabo is a soul brother. Read This draw your own conclusion. Beware Cheating Don’t get You Nowhere! Today was going to be a very exciting day in the Green Leaf Forest because, it was the day of the Annual Animal race. This race has been held in the Green Leaf Forest for the last hundred years,but they had never had the same winner ten years in a row before.

Because of this, rumor had it that Pee- Wee the fox was a cheater. The other animals didn’t believe that any one could be that lucky. Pee-Wee the fox was known as the fastest thing on the trot.He was also known as the only fox,indeed the only animal to wear HiFy Knee-High sneakers. all the animals were preparing to run in the race because the prizes were great. first prize was a 2003 convertable lynchburgh.Second was a 10- piece living room set which included a 52 inch TV, and third prize was 50 pairs if JazzEwalkers with the three buttons on the side. The JazzEwalkers came in all colors. including flowers and plaids.

They were compliments of JazzEwalker Boutique which was owned and manage by none other than the four wood rats Enie Meanie Miney and Moe the four wood Rats.The wood rats had begun to wonder how Pee-wee the fox could be so lucky as to win the annual Animal race 10 years in a row.The wood rats decided that the race needed some looking in into.To make sure there is no hanky panky going on,we have to come of with a plan to trap the cheater, suggested Enie. I’ve got just the plan.

What’s your plan? asked the other wood rats. Enie began to whisper into the other wood rats ears.he told them about his plan and they all agreed saying,If any cheating is going on, we wil find it out.Then we will teach the cheater a lesson he will never forget.The lesson will be Beware Cheating Don’t get You Nowhere! Ater the wood rats were through discussing their plan, the animals start to get ready for the race.First to enter the race was yours truly himself, Enie the wood rat not Hamster.Since the wood rats looked alike,who could say who was who,and really be sure.Nobody really knew,and that was the plan!O boy,was Pee-Wee the fox in for the shock of his life.He would not even see it coming until it was to late,especially since he was the cheater.

Next to enter the race,was the two bears,Honeysuckle and Buckwheat,and of course their little cousin Little Said,who had a very slim chance of winning becaue he was so short and plump and very low to the ground.But he was going to try anyway.nothing fails but a try,little Said thought.Who Knows? I just might win by some small miracle.
next to enter the rest was 2White the white monkey. Next was Mr. Simms the lion,then T-KaKe the mouse, next was Chatty the cat, next was Pelo the squirrel. Last of all Pee-wee the fox steps up to the starting line all ready for the race.Now that everyone was at the starting line, the baloon pop!and the race was on.

After they had been running for awhile ,everything seem to be normal,but of course the race was still young.
Finally Enie was getting tired. He signald for Menie to take over.After running for about two laps, Menie began to get tired,he signald for Miney. Miney took overat the point when the race was almost over and ran his course. Now it’s was Mo’s turn. All Moe had to do was wait at the finish line.and the wood rats would know who came in first.Moe was in place at the finish line when he spotted Pee-Wee the fox coming down on a sky glider. Now Moe had found out Pee-Wee the fox’s most intimate secret.Pee-Wee the fox was about to lose everything.

But still the wood rats didn’t let on that they knew he was cheating ans how He did it. In the meantime, Pee-Wee the fox couldn’t figure out hoe Enie which was really Moe,beat him to the finish line. Now that the race was over,honestly, pelo the squirrel was the winner.He won fair and square without breaking any rules. Therefore the 2003 Lynchbugh Cooptaville was his, he was so happy. He was thinking of all the girls he could pick up.Second prize went to Buckwheat the bear.He too was very happy because he so needed that new 52″TV and furniture for his pond-side apartment.Honeysucklewas especially appreciative of the 52″TV considering he was a sports fan. He got to watch it all the time, because he and Buckwheat shared an apartment together to share the rent.

The third and last prize went to T-KaKe the mouse.His prize was fifty pairs of JazzEwalkers shoes with the three buttons on the side in his chice of colors. After everything quieted down a bit,everyone noticed that Pee-Wee the fox lost for the first time in 10 years and he was a sore loser. I don’t understand how you beat me Enie,said Pee-Wee the fox First of all Pee-Wee before you get the wrong understanding, I’m not Enie,said Moe.Then all the wood rats stepped forward, and the eyes of Pee-Wee fo eyes was as big as two fifty cents pieces.

Until that moment,he always thought it was only one wood rat ant that was Enie. Pee-wee the fox never knew about Menie,Miney and Moe.Then Pee-wee the fos realized a joke had been played on him. But Pee-Wee the fox was the only one not laughing. Enie started to explain since it was his idea.The reason you don’t understand because you cheated and so did we.Enie explained. We thought you were cheating but without any proof we couldn’t accuse you.Now that we have the goods on you Pee-Wee you will not be allowed to partticipate in any other games because you cannot be trusted. You are band forever. We hoped you learned your lesson, said the wood rats to Pee-Wee the fox. From now on wherever you go and whatever you do, always remember to Beware Cheating Don’t Get You Nowhere! The end

You see these are not gangster kia ran their reputation They some sweet guys as you will find out. Thank you copyrighted 1999 Washington DC. I’m out of here Love you the old lady


you want to know why i know kia is wrong. because i grew up in the hood and woods where the wood rats after we feed them grew as large as rabbits. They got the idea from my book the wood Rats dragging their long tales behind them. I have a story called beware cheating don’t get you no where. and in this story They owned and manage the JazzEwalker boutique. they sell cloths different items that you might want to look cool in. But they sell more shoes than anything. you have to freeze the screen to catch all these details.

you see the red car with all the little rodents traveling in the road my idea in my story calling all mice enie meanie miney and moe got in troubl and their friend T-Kake the mouse sent out a destress signal that signal was calling all mice.I also have a story called Double Trouble in that story it tells their color.In the same story it talks about them very shoes you see on their feet.In the story Education it talks about the mini van the wood rats are driving.In my story you read about Moe the wood rat went to New york on a business trip and fell in bad company and end up moving in someone elses Brown Paper board box.In my story some cool dudes enie meanie Miney and moe received a credit card in the mail they bought a car together what a mess some could drive and some couldn’ was a lynchburgh cooptaville.

It was nothing like the top car which is a Blow Fly the crazy eights own that. eight monkies with the worse one was Two Tone black and white to the top and polka dot to bottom he had a pack on his back which everyone thought was a back pack wrong again it was a battery charger.In the story the best old ice in town.they sing.The story the boombox it just like that i had in the seventies the boombox is my idea. I describe everthing in my book. about everthing and and everybody.I have a story called the Hood it’ because I lived in the hood Poochie mama is the grey girl rat standing by the boutique with the purse came from the story Double the story the hood the wood rats had on their hooded jackets jogging suis they had on their tennis shoes they had black sunglasses in this story.

also.on the back of the book you will see it talks about my god children their names Lottie and dottie that’s where they got the idea from for the the twins.This is a free story for anyone who reads this. The title of my story is a town called stichesOnce upon a time in a place called stiches, some very strange things was going on on Troubleton street.There was a big argument brewing: the strange thing about this argument however, that it wasn’t among people it was all happening in a sewing box.The argument was between the thimble and the needle. The thimble was mad because the needle made a mistake and poked him in the side.The thimble all of a sudden started hollering,getout!getout!

and take your cousins straight pins and afety pins with you.All you do anyway is hang out and stick people.So the needle straight pins and safety pins packed their bags and moved out of the sewing box.They left The thread , thimble tape measure buttons and the rest of their friends behind.soon word got out all over town of stiches that the needles, straight pins, and safety pins were useless.So the needles straight pins and safety pins packed up and moved out of the town of stiches.The next day disasterous things started to happen to the people in the town of stiches. for instance seams started bursting blouses started ripping zippers started unzipping but the worse of all the queen was having a ball and there were no needles straight pins nor safety pins anywhere what was queen to do?

The thimble came up with an idea, he decided he would hire his friend Cora the Porcupine. What a disaster that turned out to be, because every time the queen touched cora pocupine she pricked her fingers.The idea was so disasters until the queen was on the verge of telling the thimble to leave town. The town of stiches was comming apart at the seams, and thats because there was no needles and pins.I desire needles and pins!scesmed the queen When the queen finish yelling and screaming the thimible new he had to do something, and he had to do it quick. The thimble wnt around inquiring about the needle and pens. somebody told the needle that the needles and pins had moved to atown called cushions. When he arrived he wasn’t met by a welcoming committee As a matter of fact, it was just the opposite.

The pins and needles made it very clear to the thimble that they didn’t want to talk to him. The thimble knew if he could’t get the pins and needles to come back to the town of Stiches,he would be finished.Then the thimbl said to the needles if you want me to i’ll beg. See said the thimble. I’m down on one knee, please come home, I’m sorry for hurting your feeling. The stimble started to cry, and when he did that,The needles said that’s enough of that mushy stuff how about we get this show on the road? The next day all the needles and pins they left the town of Cousins and move back to the hometown of stiches rips stopped tearing hems of dresses stop falling out sams stopped busting zippers stop unzipping,and the queen had her gown at last.

Now the thimble had learned his lesson he learned that he couldn’t do without the needles and pins.The thinble also learned that the needles straight pins and safety pins could live just find without without him.From that moment on the thimble treated the needles and pins with respect,and they all became old and rusty and one day they were all thrown away,to make room for new ones.But the swing box lived on. copyrighted in washington DC A town call STICHES. This is also the book that kia stole they haven’t stole it yet but I’m waiting on them to snatch and grab. compliments of the old lady that’s me. copyrighted 1999


My name is girlfriend and have I got a story for you. Kia stole my idea Ihad it copyrighted in Washington DC I wrote a book Title The Wood Rats Dragging Their Long Tales not Tails. That mean my wood rats have no tails/ And they are huge you never seen a hamster that big. I can’t believe you copied almost the whole story about Enie, Meanie, Miney and Moe yes that’s their names. They are not gangsters they sang songs like Nearer my God To Thee. They are mine I slept in a bed with wood rats crawling all over me. Falling all out the lot.

KIA you got to be better than you doing. I’m getting up in age,my health is failing.In the book if you look in the book you will see eveything you see in the video. What that tell you? That mean it was copied. It was mine before those cars was born. And it’s still mine. Kia you made billions. i know you a big comany, and I’m just Little David and you’re Goliath all I have is a sling shot. The scienery comes from my book not you it’s called the hood. everybody that bought a book know who they are everybody knows but you.

When i started complaining in may you kept running it you ignored me. I’ m black and I’m not into color. i don’t hate you Kia but I hate you stole my work. It took me five years to write that book. From page 11 to page 139 you copied. Hardly anything you showed was your own idea. I didn’t go to school but guess what? i was born with it. god gave it to me and you can’t take it away. I’m the one you should be the one you’re dealing with cause you can be back on top at any time. i like to entertain. When I was going to school they didn;t have computers,at the black schools.Your no talent ad agency even copied my twins off th back of my book Lottie and Dottie’s birthday party.

They are real they are my god children Their names was changed so when i get famous they will be protected.all the rodents going down the road on wheels the wheels are not mine but the idea came from calling all mice.I have a van to it’s just not red. You copied so bad until copied the some of same colors. I was a best seller on various cites. I was on Tv in your viewing area and you gone say you never heard of me.I had two booksigning at barnes and Nobles my fans came out in the storm to support me. I was in varios news paper. I was on channel wtvm nine news at 12 in Colunbus Ga,descussing my book. I was also own channel 38 Rise and shine in Columbus georgia okay never heard of me other people have.

I wanted to picket but i never went to jail to old for jail and tatoos. People had started to reconize in walmart. I don’t understand we have supported kia for avery long time. I never you would harm me.and gets what I almost can walk to your store I’m black I’m use to walking, I’m use to people stealing from. I stole my mother and she beat all the taste of out of me. Sh’s dead now but I’m proud to have had her for my mom. enie Meanie Miney Moe and their characters are so sweet you betrayed wrong. I’m sorry you didn’t get to know them the way I did.

Kia you stole my copyright an that’s not fare. After 31 years of honest hard work I’m stuck in the givernment apartment with a bunch of crack heads eveywhere. I need a home in a nic area. and something to help me until I die. The said thing is we are in the same viewin area. SAD

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