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Have had problems with my HTC Desire 10 since the end of last year and have been back and forth to the EE Shop where I got the phone. They have pointed me back to HTC and I have been sending the phone back and forward since beginning of March, not to mention all the phone calls. Jorn emailed me on 4 May and hoping this was the cheaper option to all the prime time phone calls I have replied twice with no result. I have this evening sent another email asking for contact and explanation of what HTC are doing. I am now at the end of my tether and find it totally intolerable that a multi-million company are treating me in this fashion.


UK home broadband worked fine for 4 months then kept dropping wireless and wired connections anywhere from a couple of times a day to every 15 mins. Always recovers itself without any intervention but is a major PITA each time.

Calling customer services has you on hold from 30-50mins before getting through to their Indian call centre who try the usual stuff before asking you to let them monitor the connection for 24hrs with a promise to call back. They've done this 3 times and never bothered to call back. They then said they'd escalate it to the next technical level and to expect a call from the higher team. Surprise surprise, no call. Eventually got them to agree to a call back from a supervisor and guess what? Yep, no call.

1 full month with problems and no end in sight. Emailing via their website took 6 days to receive a response only to be told to check things and then phone customer services. Absolute joke!!


Bought home broadband. Service was activated but there was a fault. Booked an engineer, who never turned up. Have spent two days complaining and getting nowhere. They won't let me leave the contract without being penalised. They won't confirm another date for the engineer as the 'system is down". No compensation and worst still have silenced me on social media so I can't let anyone know. This company should be backlisted!


Awful service once again. Been overcharged but made to feel it's my fault and I'm the one lying. Then told my manager will call you back within an hour over 2 hours ago. Ordered new phone still not arrived I could go on

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