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To whom it may concern, every day now for the past month or so a pharmacy tech (don’t wanna mention names) who happens to be a good friend of mine is constantly telling me how she is being treated unfairly at her job. Things like always being told she needs to step it up when she already works 40 hours plus over time, but can’t be qualified as a full time employer? Can never ask for a day off with out being talked down to like she is a no body and so on an so forth. If you’d like to know more about what I hear you can feel to email me back.


I purchased my prescription after my insurance policy had expired and CVS charged me $110+ for what used to be a $4 prescription. This would be the Bloomfield, Indiana CVS store. You people are what is wrong in society today. I will file with the Attorney General and then post this on the net. Hope you are happy with what you do. Have a nice life. Print this if you think your business ethics are acceptable, probably not. Please use my name too.


I went to CVS on 15 the street Augusta GA 3/12/14 at 8pm and got in line to drop off prescription. There was only one customer ahead of me but the tech did not get to me for 20 minutes because she constantly answered phone calls from customers an let us wait in line an excessive amount of time. Two customers behind me began to complain and the tech, Mary, announced loudly, ” Rite Aid is open if anybody is to impatient to wait!” The customer was offended and began to argue more and she proceeded to have a verbal battle with him in front of customers. Then she said “Feel free to speak to the pharmacy manager because when I finally get to you I am sure you are not going to let me help you.” She again told everyone in line to go to Rite Aid next door if they wanted to. I was very uncomfortable with the whole scene and felt she was wrong in many ways. I like CVS but plan to rethink my decision on continuing to shop there in the future.


My wife and I just relocated here to Newark about 6 months ago. We are both senior citizens and require a lot of meds and we have a son that also requires a lot of meds. I have never seen such disorganization in my life in dealing with past pharmacies over the last 40 years. Scrips that seem take forever to complete and misinformation on when scrips are ready for pickup. We received info that the script is ready for pickup and when we arrive, we are told it isn’t ready and have to wait and additional 30 to 40 minutes This was our choice for a pharmacy because of the convenient location. My choice now is to make a decision to continue with this pharmacy and waste our time with scrips or drive further to receive the service that I think a pharmacy should provide. This is my first experience in dealing with a CVS pharmacy and probably the last.


While in CVS today, March 11, 2014 at approximately 2:30 pm I asked the so called manager for assistance while he conversed with a female worker and he informed me that he would be right with me. I continued to do my shopping in the aisle they were conversing in but I became pressed for time and the discussion they were having in respect to another employee wasn’t worth my having to wait. I approached them both and asked again but he became belligerent and hostile.

This really irked me to no end. I did not see a name tag on him but the woman employee said, Gino we could take this up later. This man was rude, disrespectful and didn’t care about me, the customer, one that shops in your store religiously! I told him there was no need to help me so he might as well take my cart and put everything in its perspective place. I will no longer shop at your store when I can and have been treated better elsewhere. It behooves me that this man was even given such a valuable position when clearly, he shouldn’t be working there at all. He obviously feels it’s his job to bad mouth others with his vulgarity instead of doing the job he was hired to do. A very poor choice in management. I honestly didn’t know he was a manager until I asked the cashier at your counter whom obviously would have been better suited for the position.


The young girl complained to other employees and was very rude saying I would have to wait 2 hours because she had to put other prescriptions in computer before she could get to me. My doctor called and talked to pharmacy and got my prescription straight and the girl told me no one ever called a prescription in for me and the whole time it was called in sitting in the inbox tray right in front of pharmacy table. I also noticed that the other pharmacy person had to come and correct her for telling a lady about her meds and not letting her know about insurgence problem. She would not let other pharmacy lady talk because she was talking too fast and trying to cover her tracks by double talking. She was very rude and acted like she didn’t want to be at work which worries me about who you have working for you. And I am standing here waiting and bet she makes me wait the 2 hours and probley more just to prove a point to me.


I have coupons that I keep in my purse, so that I can have the cashier scan them at check out, never once I had a problem doing this, until I walked into the CVS on Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., In Seat Pleasant, MD. I think the address is 5024 Marting Luther King. After receiving my items aproaching the register, The cashier asked me do I have a cvs card, I said yes, but can you scan all my coupons, before I could finish my sentence he said I’m not going to scan them, because you don’t have nothing on thats on the coupons.

I said, the cashiers scan my coupons all the time when I ask. He said I dont care I’m not scanning them, then he called security, I said why cant you just scan my coupons, that’s all I ask please. He said in a I dont care attitude, no. I said can I speak to a manager, he said I am the manager. I said I not moving until you scan my coupons, he said well your items are voided. I never got my stuff. I was frustrated told him that he needed to do something about his dandruff falling from his locks. He said something back as I walked out the store. It was late and I needed my tide to wash my close which I never received. Is this now customer service conduct.



I have had to wait several times on going back several time to pick up my perscription at the pharmacy and it was not ready. The pharmacy have on several occasions filled perscriptions that were not requested to be filled. This has caused my insurance company Aetna to not fill my perscription when needed due to fact CVS filled the perscription when not requested. This has been done many time by them. I have asked them not to do this and they have continued to do this. I have spoke with the shift manager several times about this happen and it still appears to continue to happen,. This problem appears to be happen with the elder and those on medicare/medicade. I often get call by them asking to refilll medication on ready fill. Some of my medicine I am no longer taking, due to fact my doctors changes my medication often. There is a young phermacy there that always intentionally keeps my pharmacy card, and makes mistakes in taking in my information. I can be contacted at 281-441-90380or 281-706-2050 Thanks


I recently was perscribed a new perscription last month for a narcotic drug for my ADHD diagnosis. My doctor indicated that I could raise my pill does to an additional 1/2 pill during my menstrual cycle. I had to do this for ten days. Then I went back down to my nomal dosage of two per day. Obviously, that left me a few days short. The pharmacy told me I would have to have my doctor have a new perscrition perscribed by my doctor. I went the same day. I got the new perscription from my doctor which raises my does to two 20 mg per day as opposed to 10mg per day, so this would never happen to me again.

I gave the new pharmacy the perscription and they told me that even though I have a new perscription I would still have to wait until the 10th of this month which is six days from the date of the last pick-up when I can pick up the perscription. I will be out of my medication this Sunday. The tech was supportive enough to fill out a fax to my doctor asking for an early refil. In this case it would be six days before my new perscription could be filled under the traditional two days before. This would leave me without my medication for six days, which a “health and safety issue.” I will have no choice but to do with out my medication for five days. I believe this was within the pharmacists discretion and within the medical dialogue under special circumstances. My pharmacist was complely cavalier about the whole thing.

He blew me off as if he could care less aout me, and indicated it was too much paperwork to do. That he was more concered about the pharmacy being sued then looking into my situation in totality; and that it was more necessary for the pharmacy not to draw attention for perscribing this new perscrption even when the new one had no refil date. He did not want the the pharmacy in trouble over the health of the patient. My husband and I have over seven or eight perscriptions a month which we fill and we shop regularly the store as a result.

Call the managers they will confirm this. I am at the point where I intend to retrieve my new perscription this Saturday as well as all our other medications to Walgreens who would be haapy to get them and reviw me on a case by case basis when a good patient needs additional help. I would fire the Indian pharmacist. I don’t his name nor do I want to. If this is how he treats other customers the way he has treated me then you will continue to loose custormers.

I would also bring to your attention that if anything happened to me during the time I am off my meication and could prove this was the case. The pharmacy would be at a greater risk of being sued than dealing with my one perscription. Yes, they may have faxed my doctor, but she is in an office with so many people we will not know when she actually received it or in the time frame I am contacting you about. It is easier to blame the fax and/or the doctor than doing the job of a pharmacist.


I am six months pregnant and have been dealing with severe knee complications. I purchased a knee brace and got it in the wrong size. I went back to the store to exchange and the cashier refunded the product back onto my card to then re purchase it. My credit card had a hold on it bc of a car rental I had on it , therefore she was not able to swipe my card again. The process I understood, however she did not tell me this before doing it. And if all i needed was a swap in size why couldnt she just change it.

I spoke to the assitant manager who was very apologetic but that doesnt change the fact that i left the store without my product and have to wait up to 48 hrs to get the refund money back ony card. This is such an inconvenience to me personally because everytime I come in this CVS there is an issue. Ranging from never ending long lines, to the staff no where to be found, dirty restrooms, and pharmacy attendants unable to answer simple questions about their own products. I would say this last incident was the last straw to my overall experience at this pharmacy.


I feel I have been treated unfairly by your company. Last week I visited the Minute Clinic located in your Miami Beach store because I had a clogged ear. I told the clinician that I have a history of wax buildup in my ears and wanted to get my ears cleaned out. I was told that there was no wax in my ear but there was a congestion which could be helped by taking a steroid medication. I filled the prescription that was given to me at the Minute clinic in that Miami Beach CVS pharmacy. The prescription cost me $61.99.

I proceeded to use the medication given to me for a week with absolutely no improvement in my ears. Needless to say, I became quite concerned about my hearing and so yesterday I decided to visit an ENT doctor to find out what was going on. The doctor informed me that I had a very large amount of wax in my ear which was causing my hearing loss. His actual words were that it was the most wax he had seen in anyone’s ears since he had been removing wax from people’s ears and that was a long time. When he removed the wax, my hearing immediately returned to normal. He was quite concerned that anyone could have looked in my ear and said that there was no wax in there.

He insisted that I return to your pharmacy and show you what was taken out of my ear and also show you the report he made because he didn’t want the same mistake to be made with anyone else. I followed his advice and went to the store this morning. I spoke to the only person I saw in the clinic who then told me I should talk to the store manager. The manager informed me that all he could do for me was give me a $25.00 gift certificate to compensate me for my troubles.

I would like to let it be known that I feel that I have been treated very poorly. I feel that I should have at least been refunded the amount I spent since it was not my fault that I had purchased the medication in the first place.
Not only did I have to deal with thinking there was something wrong with my hearing for over a week, but I also was not able to communicate well with my co-workers during that time. Add to that the fact that I spent $61.99 for a drug that was not helping me and I’m not sure what kinds of effects taking steroids for that period of time may have on me. I don’t think that being reimbursed with a $25.00 gift certificate is adequate compensation for a mistake that was made at the Minute Clinic in your store.


I went to CVS to get my medicine and the Pharmacy tech name Terrinna was so rude to me, she was yelling , an even after I gave her my money in the drive thru she pull the draw so hard and walk off. I was very shock and scared. I have been using CVS for years, and I have always been a loyal customer and referring everyone to the company. Now I am thinking about going to a different Pharmacy to get better service. I am so scared to go to that pharmacy now, because I am not sure what she will do next!!!


I purchased a 5 oz (141 g) bag of Gold Emblem fruit & nut trail mix from CVS 2866. I buy these at work so I have something healthy to eat during the day. One thing I noticed in the bag was they had apricots and dried cherries in them but after opening the bag and putting the contents in a bowl to snack on I noticed that there were no apricots or dried cherries. There were chunks of dried pineapple plenty of raisins and cranberries and nuts but now apricots or cherries..

I will purchase this product again because it is good for you to eat but I will inspect the bags to make sure the product label matches the contents


I have already complained once. But I find it necessary to complain again. I took a prescription to be filled on Monday. They were out of it and told me that they would give me three pills and I could come back Tuesday and pick the rest of it up. I went back to pick up the prescription on Tuesday, that I was promised would be ready Tuesday after 12pm,and it was not ready. I was promised it would be ready after 12pm on Wednesday. I got there today and it was not ready. This is not a surprise because this happens all the time. I asked that they give me a couple more in case I could not make it by tomorrow to pick up the prescription and they told me that they had already given me pills free of charge and they could give me no more. First of all, they were not free. I will be required to pay for them when the whole prescription is given to me. Second of all, the medicine has to be taken and I have gone by multiple times only to be promised the next day. What if I run out? I was then promised that the prescription will be ready tomorrow after 2pm. Aside from not having the medicine, the staff were unpleasantly rude to me and I do not appreciate it at all. If it were not for our insurance, we would go elsewhere because this is not a first time occurrence.


I was with a pharmacy employee when a person started to talk out loud on the Cell phone at bearly 3 feet from us, and just because I asked the guy to please stay away or low down his voice he started insulting me with explicit sexual and dirty remarks than everybody could hear and none of the employees care to call management, security or police and stay looking as the argument was escalating and with the dangers to get worse, I have to call 911 myself since I’m a High Blood Pressure Patient. The police came to the store and the officer talked to the pharmacy staff, later I talked to the manager and asked her how can they(CVS) aloud a situation like that going inside the store specially the pharmacy, to what she answered to me that she was on a phone call, sorry. The violent guy have the nerve of saying to the pharmacy girl (Rachel): hey I’m sorry for my dirty mouth. To what she responded: It’s Ok!!! The guy got violent with a customer and talked sexualy explicit she could hear but: It’s Ok?? The Violent guy cause and alteration in front of everyone in the pharmacy and store and the manager did Zippo, Zero, Nothing? Is that the new operational way of CVS? letting things getting to the edge of tragedy, at the line for prescriptions? I’ll like to hear an aswer from you and what plans for security awareness to employees and customers and the use of Cell phones and how you manage that kind of situations inside Your stores.


On Saturday, April 30, 2013, I accompanied by disabled son to CVS (Store #628) to fill his prescriptions. We submitted the prescriptions at the “Drop-Off” counter, and then returned one hour later to pick up the order. When we arrived the prescription was not ready, so we took a seat, waiting for my son’s name to be called. In the meantime, several people walked up to the counter to inquire about numerous things, and instead of stepping away, they remained standing at the counter. After an extended wait, the person (male) behind the counter called my son’s name, and began to enter the prescription information into the cash register. I looked over and told him that “we” will come over after these people move away. Instead of asking the customers standing at the counter to move back, the counter help, now with an attitude, called my son’s name again, then saying to me that he is not speaking to me. I reminded him that son and I are together, then took it upon myself to ask the two men standing in front of the counter to step away so we can conduct our transaction. Even with all this going on, the counter help (cashier) never took the initiative to ask the men to move back. An argument between me and the two men ensued, and instead of assuming a “leadership” role, the counter help began to ask my son for his age and date of birth in a loud and annoyed tone. I had to remind him about the HIPPA Law, and the fact that such information should not be divulged within earshot of others.

This is the second time I registered this type of complaint. The first was a verbal complaint to the Store Manager in January 2013; so, today I made several calls to the Area Manager, with no luck. I am still waiting for a callback from the Area Manager. I now see why CVS is always empty when I walk in.


I have gone there multiple times! Every time I go, I always have to wait for extended periods of time! One time I waited 2 and a half hours and the next Time I waited 1 hour! The service is not the best, and every time I go to pick up prescriptions, they never have my full prescription. I went yesterday, they gave me 3 pills and promised me it would be ready today after 12pm. I went to get it and they told me that it would not be there until tomorrow. It is just aggreivating, and I know that several people I have talked to also have to same complaint.


lI live in decatur, ga. So on 4-8-13 I went to pick up dad med. there was 4 to be pick up. i dont live with my dad he is in Lithonia so i try to grt it at one time so i don’t have to make that drive. One of the pharmacy fill all four but when i went to pay the young lady said i could not have but three. all four was fill 3-11-13. which was 3 day before. but she would only give me 3 of thim, saying it was not time.

my dad is 91 years young. with my job i could not get back in time to drop off . my brother do not have a car. She was not friendly and had a bad attuide. i all ways pick them up at once. The CVS in Lithonia, Georgia. need help all the citizen of lithonia hate that store, But it the close;s one near them. small town. They need better people working in this store. PS Is this store a training center. No one person is never there long.


I was at CVS Pharmacy in Martinsville, Va on Church Street. I swiped my card to pay for the items I was gonna purchase, but it read, “invalid card”! The cashier by the name of Eddie tried, it didn’t work for him, so he then called a lady over by the name of Kathy. I was on my phone as they were trying an I was telling my friend how my card wouldn’t go through.

Eddie (cashier) was in my conversation and said, “the name is Eddie, go ahead file a complaint”. So by that time he had really irritated me to the fullest and I asked for the manager…so Kathy was beside him and she says, “I’m the shift supervisor”, I said, “so you’re gonna just stand there and let him talk to me like that”, she said, I don’t see where he said anything wrong!

So basically, me an the cashier Eddie stood there and argued back and forth and she never opened her mouth to correct him the entire time. So eventually, she said she wasn’t able to get my card to work, so I just slid the money across the counter, because I’d become very angry with the customer service and how the supervisor didn’t take any control.

Eddie handed me my changed and I snatched it from him, he had the nerve to throw my receipt in my face and I picked it up and threw it right back at him! I have never received such horrible customer service in all my life. Now is somebody that you all have chosen to represent your company…I’m curios of what you think of this situation!


I want to complain about the quality of service at the CVS located at Harwood and Centrall in Bedford Texas. First of all people should not be put in front of customers that have no customer service skills. There are many occurances where I go in and constanly have to wait in line because an incapable person is waiting on people. There are also 5 or 6 other people besides the Phamacist that refurse to look up.

There was a woman just waitng on the drive though and just stood there stairing at the computer when no one was even at the drive through anymore and refused to look up or help when there is clearly a second register there. There were at least 7 people besides my self, all of who were shaking their heads.

This is a common ooccurance at this location. I switched from Walgreens last year for convience and absolutely dread having to pick up my perscriptions from this pharmacy. I have no choice but to switch back to Walgreens. The manager of this location is a joke as well. I have often seem him ignor calls to the back for assistance. He does a whole lot of nothing.

I dont know his name but he is tall Blonde very young looking guy. It is a farce that this company or location is sitll in business. Again this is an every week occurance. My wife and I both have prescriptions filled on a regular basis and it never gets any better in there. Its just unbelieveable and I can not immagine Im the only complanner.


I have a really hard time getting my meds after my dr. calls them in to cvs,sometimes Ican’t get them for days even though I’m completly out of my meds. or if i have three or five refills Ihave argue with them,for days,then evenly look on the computer and tell me sure you have five refills no problem.

Ihave been with cvs for fifteen years but I am being forsed to look for another drug store after all these years, also they scan my drivers license for everything ,now my license number is out there for anyone to have acess to which i don’t like I’ve already been through someone getting my number from my license ar home depo and using it in another city and it took me a year to get it straightened out.

I do not want to go through that again. those people are so rude to everyone. needless to say i will be leaving cvs I’ve had it with cvs I do not need to have to be up set when I have three refills left, and i’m out of my meds..FED UP


my son has seizures daily takes medications daily called C V S they were giving all kinds of excuses , to early, no refills available medications not available pharmacy stated the medication was not in and would not be available until Monday after 12.00pm .

Called CVS Monday morning around 9: 30 talked with Lacy she stated hold on while i check and see if we have any she stated yes we do i asked her did you just get some in this morning she stated no we have some on the self i asked why didn’t they give me some Sunday she stated i don’t know .


Prior to 01/04/2013, my father Michael Chun had been discharged from the Queens Medical Center with numerous prescriptions including Metoprolol and Digoxin. Prior to 01/04/2013, I noticed that the medications he had been discharged with were in low supply so I called in for refills at your Longs Pali CVS pharmacy. On 01/04/2013, I visited Longs Pali CVS pharmacy to pick up the refills, (totaling 8). At that time, the Pharmacy technician brought out and held infront of me a total of 7 individually sealed packages.

I informed her that I had phoned in a total of 8 medication refills. The technician then asked me “which one are you missing?” (this was without removing any of the refills from the bag). Looking puzzled, I again told her that I had called in a total of 8 prescriptions. I then noticed by looking down at one of the sealed bags that another patients name was affixed to the bag and the medication was Levothyroid.

This was held all together with my fathers medications. That visit ended up with me leaving the store with only 6 out of 8 of the medications. The reason I was given was that it was too early for my father to pick up the Metoprolol and Digoxin. (according to the pharmacy technician). I personally prepare my fathers medications weekly and the orders for the Metoprolol is 1 tab TID which had been given to him properly since his discharge. Finding that my father was 10 days short of his Metoprolol was perplexing me. I called the Longs Pali CVS pharmacy and got a 10 day supply to last my father until his insurance would cover another refill.
Prior to 1/16/2013, I phoned in the refill of Metoprolol and Digoxin.

I received a text indicating to me that his Metoprolol and Digoxin refill was ready for pick up. On 1/18/2013, I picked up my fathers Metoprolol and Digoxin and drove home. Upon arriving at home, I found that he had only received Metoprolol 30 count where the prescription was for 1 tab TID. I further noticed that he had only received Digoxin 10 tabs. I called the Longs Pali/CVS pharmacy and asked them if the label indicated that there was supposed to be 90 tabs dispensed for the Metoprolol, and 30 tabs dispensed for the Digoxin, why was there only a 10 day count administered? I was informed by Pharmacist that the count had infact been incorrect and that I would have to return to the store, return the two medications, get a refund and be dispensed the correct amount.

This is the second visit to Longs Pali CVS pharmacy with two medication errors and second with two more medication errors. Being staff in a local Emergency Department, I know the importance of avoiding medication errors along with incorrect billing to Medicaid and Medicare. I am wondering if I had caught 4 errors in 2 visits, how many more are NOT caught by other members who utilize Longs CVS pharmacy. I am currently in the process of filing complaints with the State of Hawaii Board of Pharmacy, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Regulatory agency and possibly bringing this to the attention of the media.


I am a nurse and I have been dealing with CVS on Fayetteville Rd. in Lumberton, NC for sometime now as a customer and as nurse. This has got to be the rudest place of pharmacists I have ever dealt with. We have patients changing pharmacies to different CVS locations and leaving in general due to the attitude. They lOSE refill authorizations, lose messages for prescriptions called in and sometimes just get it wrong in general. Today I dealt with a pharmacist named Roshonda who raised her voice at me when I asked why she was asking for information that had not been asked for before. Seriously! This is what we as a business have to deal with daily! Dr. Hardin and I are highly dissatisfied and pray your company will make changes to improve this location!


I submitted a refill to CVS on 225 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich CT for 60 Atorvastatin 10 mg Tablets. When I got home I discovered only 30 tablets were in the pill container. I went back at which time they said they had made an error (not the first time) and were out of the medicine, but would have it in that night and it could be picked up the next day. I went back the next day (today) and they now indicate that this is a special order and will take a week. This medicine is a generic substitute for lipitor. I find it hard to believe that this is a “special order”. What would you suggest I do at this point?


I have typed Rx pads with directions for my patients. Pharmacy filled out rx label – Take as directed. ( never typed the directions for taking the medication, or what the medication what as prescribed for )as on the prescription Patient had a rx for Malarone and Zithromax 250mg Dosepak. I have had multiple complaints with clients calling unsure how to take the medication, all the clients used CVS pharmacy. I have called 2 pharmacies and tried to speak about the importance of having the complete directions with no success. Please respond on how to resolve this issue.


Our parents have been doing business with CVS Pharmacy in Center, Texas for over a year. We have had several issues with Daniel and one of the clerks. Don’t remember her name so I will not address this issue. But Daniel is the pharmacist we have had the main problems with. One time, I had called in to refill some of my mother’s prescriptions.

The system stated that they would have to contact the physician for renewal of prescription. After about a week my mother did not have enough medication to last through the weekend I called to check on the prescription and they stated they had not received notification from her physician to renew the prescription. I asked why they had not notified us there was a problem and they were very unconcerned about it. I called the physician’s office and had to get the doctor that takes his call to call the pharmacy to reorder the drugs. This physician called me back and told me that he would not speak to the pharmacist again at this pharmacy.

Stated he was rude and very disrespectful. When I called and spoke to Daniel he told me that he would not deal with the physician. Which I told him that my mother’s health was my concern, not that he and the physcian had a problem and that if they had notified us in a timely manner there was a problem getting the prescription renewed we would not be in this situation. After several minutes of telling him the importance of getting this prescription he said he would give me enough to get us by until they could contact the regular physician on Monday.

Then we had issues with insurance cards not being valid. Striplings in Nacogdoches was able to call the insurance company and get the information needed in order to fill the prescription, but CVS would not make a toll free call to see what was wrong. My parents are 86 and very feeble but my mother is very independent and is trying to take care of her business. A simple 5 minute call would have cleared this problem. This was mostly with the clerk we had this problem. We’ve had a couple of issues of them not refilling prescriptions in a timely manner and I call the physician now to make sure that they call and approve the renewals. My sister went three days last week to pick up a prescription.

The first day she went the drive thru window was closed and she wasn’t dressed to go inside, one of the main reasons we use CVS is the convient of the drive through, the next day the computer system was down, the third day is when we find out there is a problem with the insurance card again. Daniel told her that they had already ran the card through and it showed to be expired at the end of December, and she asked him to run it again. She said he put both his fist to his head and very upset told her that he had spent an hour on filling a prescription and asked her if she didn’t care about him. She told him no that she needed my Dad’s medication for alzheimer that she has been trying to pick up for three days. He made some other comment to her and she told him that we would be moving our business to WalMart because she always had other things to purchase at WalMart.

When I called him, I asked him why they could not call the insurance company like they did the last time and his response was that the computers were talking to each other and this was how he got the information that the card was expired. The information I looked up on line for Aetna stated that they were updating and improving their coverage and that they did not have to do anything. I told Daniel, that this could have been resolved with a ten minute phone call on their part and my Dad would have had the medication that he needed. I told him that he did not show any concern about the customers. There are several comments on my facebook that several customers of CVS are going to move their business because of the attitude the pharmacists and clerks have. Too late for us to not move our account but I just wanted you to know that we do not have to use CVS and be treated like this.


To Whom It May Concern, I have been getting my perscriptions at CVS for many years! Today I went as usuall to get my petscription filled. The person typing the perscription wss very rude to me from the beginning. It was a very busy night, but.that should be no ecvuse!

She then told me that my perscription would take 2 and half hours.I didn’t have that kind of time. She said she would try and get it faster. After sbout 30 minutes of walking the store, I went to the desk, and asked the pharmacist how much longer he thought it would be. He knew who I was because I have been there many times. His response was, “just shut up and sit down, it will be ready at the time tbe other lady told you!!”

I got extremely mad for being talked to like that. I then went to get the store manager.. He went to the pharmacist and he sided wirh him!! He finally got my medicine ready only to find out he didn’t run it through my insurance. Of course that was my fault. So they had to refund my card and recharge.

The pharmacist didn’t even apologize for anything.. I understand that they are very busy, I just don’t like to be talked to that way


I have been told on numerous occasions it would take no more than 20 minutes to fill my prescriptions. I called in my prescriptions today & 4 hrs layets they were still not ready. When told they would be ready in 2 1/2 hrs. This had not only happened to me but my wife as The Minden store is horrible!!


When the US Government ended it’s contract for filling prescriptions with Walgreens and began using CVS Pharmacies my husband and I began using the local Helotes, TX pharmacy. Every prescription we have had faxed to this pharmacy has resulted in a problem. The latest problem today, January 4, 2013, was two prescriptions faxed for my son, Nathan. The pharmacy called our home around 12:30 to advise that they had the prescriptions and named them and requested my son’s insurance information.

About two and a half hours later we went to pick up the prescriptions and were told they had only received one prescription. While the young man at the drive through felt his job was finished I requested that he call the doctor’s office for the second prescription. He wanted me to come into the pharmacy and I did not intend to go in as we had received the phone call and I felt the burden was upon the pharmacy. In the meantime, I had my son call the doctor’s office and request they re-fax the prescription.

The young man again wanted me to leave the drive-through and I resisted. He brought a manager, Chase, to the window and I proceeded to explain my frustration with this pharmacy as this has been an on-going issue with this location. Another individual, perhaps a pharmacisit came to the window showing the fax and telling me I had to move. I wanted the prescription at this point as I would have driven 50 miles to fill it due to the absolute frustration with the incompetence of this location.

She advised me that she could not give me the prescription since it had CVS on the heading. We then agreed to have this final prescription filled at this location, however, I was required to move and was told it would be ready in fifteen minutes. The prescription was filled within the time stated. The young man that had originally assisted me came to the window without a word.

He handed me the clip board for my son without a word. He then had to advise me of the cost and I paid. I then requested information for filing a complaint. He searched for a bit and came back with a phone number written on a CVS coupon type receipt. I would like to have a resolution to the problem with this pharmacy. As I see, it appears maybe it is all of the CVS Pharmacy’s. I long for Walgreens. I never had a problem with their receiving, processing, or customer service at Walgreens.


I went to CVS located on the corner of Camino al Norte and Craig January 1st 2013 around 7pm, because I needed a money order quickly. My husband and I have always came to this pharmacy for well over 3 years. I have never had a problem with any employee we ALWAYS get money orders with no problem. I asked the the cashier for a money order he told me that you guys charge 1 dollar for the money order and that I needed my ID. Which was fine i had no problem. So I went to my car and asked my husband to get it for me. My husband got in line and asked the gentlemen for a 40 $ money order. The cashier asked my husband for and ID and my husband presented it to the cashier. The cashier tried scanning the ID and he said that the computer didn’t take his ID.

The gentleman tried typing it in and he said that it wouldn’t take it again. The cashier calls the manager (Angela) as soon as she approaches she said they couldn’t take his ID. The manager did no effort to even look at the ID. The ID my husband was presenting was a Matricula Consular. This ID was issued to him here in Nevada. Its a legal ID with a Legal address from Nevada. This is the same Exact ID he has presented for the last 3 years. We felt very mad that the manager did no effort to try to help us. She had no customer service . And I don’t understand how every other employee had no problem with his ID and that day they didn’t accept it. I’m very mad and will never return to this location again.


I I order a refill on Wednsday 12-27-12. I came to pick it up on Thursday evening, they said they were waiting for it to be preauthorize by the Dr. Iwas told the Dr office didn’t respond. I called, the the Dr office and they said they didn’t recieve anything. The pharmarcy the would fax it again. I call on Friday evening,and I found out that nothing has been done. I ask could I have a few pills for the weekend the Pharmarist Jay Mwangang said no.( I have been using this Pharmarcy for over 10 years, the perscription is for my autistic son,he can not cominicate well, but I after three days with out the drug he seem anxious).

Saturday I speak face to face with the Pharmarsist I ask him exactly what did he want the Dr to do.,I know whenI page the emergency number. I would have to give the Dr this information. I did speak to the Dr,and he did call the insurance company only to find out that it is closed on the weekend.I call and ask could just pay for it.I bought two pills for 26.00.That’s not the problem,my complaint the Pharmarist didn’t try to help in anyway.It’sh always some problems at this pharmarcy.As soon as I get this problem straight I’m switching to WAlgreen.


First of all my wife and I have been costomers with cvs for over 35 years however I don’t think any more. We have our prescriptions filled located on providence hwy in Dedham, Ma we order them sometimes 5 days ahead of time or our doctor call or fax the prescriptions in and they don’t get filled. Point of fact on Dec, 21 2012 at 1:35pm my wife doctors office called two prescriptions they were approved by our insurance company at the sme time However only one was filled not the other one until my wife called on Dec, 23 2012 and the pharmacy and they said oh we will fill it now. My daughters Doctors office called in one for her on Dec, 13 2012 and it was not filled until Dec, 21 2012 after atleast 5 calls to the pharmacy. this is very unproffesional but also unacceptable. I am beyond upset and mad. You need to resolve this or we will look else where to fill our prescription.


My complaint is concerning your Mechanicburg, PA store located at the corner of Carlisle Pike and Sporting Hill Rd. Recently we changed insurance companies, my wife dropped off a script to be filled at the drive through window. She informed the employee that we had new insurance and wanted them to take the information. The employee told her to just leave it and it would be placed in the bag with her script. She did so. I picked up the script not knowing that there should be our insurance card. She asked me for the card which I didn’t have. We immediately called the pharmacy.

They didn’t have it. They said the person that took the card left for the day. When my wife asked for them to call the employee they refused and every employee she talked to after that was rude and sarcastic. The manager on duty was on break and didn’t want to deal with the situation and when did hung up on her, stating something to the fact I am on break. I then called back and was told that they are looking through the trash now…. how comfortable does that make you feel. I finally decided to go in. I did go in and when I got there all the people on duty had conveniently left. So I filled in the manager on duty. He heard about it but was little he could do and stated he would have someone call my wife tomorrow.

At my dismay I found out that your employees do not know your red flag or fraud policy. I stressed my concern that the card may have been given to someone else in error and/or possible misuse in the department.

I am a V.P. of a collection agency and deal with medical fraud and abuse on a regular basis. I am also a CCCO (a certifid compliance officer. I am aware of the necessary policies and procedures that must be in place concerning this matter including but not limited to HIPPA, RED-Flag, Fraud prevention. To add to my frustration we did not receive a call or any follow up from CVS concerning their misplace of our insurance card.

I did contact our insurance carrier and informed them of my concerns and they are taking care of it. I would appreciate a response to both your policies and procedures concerning lost medical insurance cards placed in your care and the training your representatives receive in the handling of those policies and procedures.


After picking up my daughters perscription I took it home and did not open the bag that was stapled shut by CVS. When I opened the bottle it did not look right. After counting the number of pills I find that it was short 6 pills. Knowing this CVS, due to problems in the past, it was pointless to go talk to them.

But I decided to go anyway. I was met by a very rude young pharacist. I told him what was wrong. He informed me that they have to keep a very close count on this type of medication. Looked at his counts and came back to me to tell me he was correct and the bottle left there with the right amount. He then continued to tell me “I am sorry you can not understand what I am telling you.”

As though I was ignorant and could not comprehend what he was saying. They do not make mistakes. He then told me I needed to check the people in my house hold because they took the medication. I am very upset at the way this man treated me and astonished by his accusations. This is not the first time I have had an issue with the product I have been given at this CVS.

I have had 3 different issues in the past few years with them. When I told him I would never use them again he simple remarked “OK” and walked away. I knew they would not give me the missing medication. But at least admit that a mistake is possible. And never treat your customer as though they are beneath your intelligence.


Dear cvs I have a complaint about how I was treated at your albuquerque n.m store on centrel and louisianna .I went in on 3/1/12 to have a perscription filled everything went fine got home counted my pill it was short 10. So I went back the next day after work to let them know what had happened and the man at the pharmacy said the pill bottle was initaled the that they had been counted there for they where right and I was wrong.

The Pharmacy manager had filled my perscription and he would not be back until tuesday 3/6/12 so again after work I go back I tell them what happened they did a pill count they had shorted me.The girl behind the counter asked me if I wanted them in a new pill bottle or did I want them added to the one I already had or do you want to COUNT them then the pharmist says very loudly that the next time I get this perscription filled I need to bring it in two days ahead of time I said on my B/P meds he said no only on your hydrocodon Pain pills, so while waitting on my B/P perscription he back at counter slaming his stapler around .

I am still saying WOW i HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED LIKE THIS.Not a sorry about this mistakes happen and all they did was embarrass me.This man needs anger management. How can you treat a customer like this for counting there pills. Still saying wow!!!


Ok one day I went in to CVS in Houston medical center to get a glucose machine, lancets,test strips and ect. The test strips are in the back where the pharmacy clerks get it. So I had no idea how much they were are how mant came in the packs. I also didnt know too much about the actual machine. So im goind from isle to pharmacy checkout asking if it would be covered on my Flex account and how much are the test stripes. So I pulled one of the shelf and went back to the front and requested the test strips for that machine and they were 106.25 and I said hell no thats to high.

So I asked her ar there any cheaper test strips and she replies with attutude yea it depends on the machine. I then asked well what machine has the cheapest test strips and she said she dont knowjust go get another machine and she will tell me. So I go back to the isle and grap every damn machine and brought it back to her and she huffed and puffed and just was pissed that I dd what she told me to do. I then told her I didnt tell you to work at CVS, you are on the damn clock if you was not so damn bitchy you would of look at the test strips and told me the brand that was cheapest. So she did and they were out of that actual machine.

I did have other items in my hand but by then i was done and walked out. You dont even want to know how there unprofessional manager acted when I caled back to the store. Very rude disrespectful, non customer relation skills, hire anybody off the street folks. I have no decent words for that…


Dear Sir, I have been going CVS Pharmacy at Moraga Way, Orinda for over 10 years. I usually go there first in the morning 8:00AM on the way to my work. Yesterday January 31, 2012, when store manager Isaac took care of me at the cash register, he said “Why you come everyday? Can’t you combine things to buy and make it one time?” Sometimes that store’s tag on Sale items are old, so I reminded him that the items (Oatmeal) are 2 for $5. He said “You DON’T have to tell me, the bar code tells and our store is always up to date.” If it is so, I would not remind him.

This kind of thing happened time to time. I don’t see him acting like that to other customer at all. I feel he is just picking on me only. Till yesterday I was holding my feelings. So when he told “Why you come everyday!” I told him nicely “Because I would like to see you.” That way, there will be no controversy. But the more I think the more it is the time to say something about it to somebody. I still would like to purchase the items from CVS but I would like to be in the store with peace in mind.

This complaint is related to your pharmacy. I call a few days ahead, I use the store system of ordering my prescription and I do all that I can to make sure my prescription will be ready on the day that I need it. When I go into the store to pick the item or items I have to wait 30 min. to an hour. Sometimes the items are not ready and I have to go home and return hours later. Today I called direct to the pharmacy and was put on hold, I waited, and I waited, then hung up and called again.

“Chad” answered for the second time and and again asked if he could put me on hold. I said no. He explained that he was waiting on customers at the counter and the only one there. I think it is great that you have so many customers but those curstomers may start thinking that it is time to find another pharmacy to shop at. In the past the people that have served my family have been kind, and considerate. They are now just too pressed to render good customer service.


I dropped off a prescription to be filled and was told that so many “fillers” had come at the same time that it would take 30 minutes to fill mine – maybe 40 minutes. The pharmacy girl was agitated that so many came in close to the same time! That is what I call job security but she was upset because of the number of people needing medicine… I said okay and went to the grocery store and dropped back by in 65 minutes. After searching for several minutes, I was told that since my prescription had to be mixed, they filled everyone else’s and had not done mine. They intended to do it last but had not done it yet, although the store was empty. I inquired how long it would take and it would have been another 20+ minutes.

I had milk and ice cream in my car and I live too far away to run back the same night so I ask for my prescriptions back and took them to another store. This is only one of many bad experiences I have had at CVS. I do not know why anyone would shop there and I am moving all my business after 40 years. Another bad experience I had was when my doctor faxed through a prescription 4 times while I was in his office and it took 4 days and 4 trips before CVS ever admitted that they received it. I was also treated rudely on l occasion when I wrote a check for toiletries I had purchased and the clerk demanded to see my drivers license. She had checked me out numerous times, including the day before and my drivers license was imprinted on my check. Additionally I have never bounced a check and everyone in the store knew me!

I told her my license was in my car and she said I would go get it or she would not check me out. It was raining really hard so I walked out. The next time, I wrote a check and the new male clerk had never been taught how to key it in. He knew how to key in debit and credit cards and cash but not a check. With 5 people in line behind me and one being a banker I know, the new clerk announced that my check would not go through. I explained to him nicely that if my check didn’t go through, no one else in our town would have one that would go through either. Being a business person with a solid business and being well known in the town, this was humiliating.

I finally pulled out a credit card and gave him after the banker and I both tried to show him where the account number and routing number were on my check so he could key it in. After I checked out, I went to the back of the store and confronted the pharmacy staff about how I had been treated at the front and they advised that he was new and did not know how to enter a check. They advised that I should have brought my purchases back to them to check out..That was no consolation when the 5 people standing in line behind me still thinking I tried to give the check out guy a bad check…. Well I have had enough after 40 years – I shopped there when it was called Rite Aid – but I refuse to be treated disrespectfully over and over again. As I walked around the cosmetic counters a year ago, I observed a 10 or 11 year old Hispanic girl opening up all lipsticks and trying them on and pushing them back on the shelf.

She broke seals and contaminated all the lipsticks in one complete display, then started on the nail polish and mascara. Staff walked on by her and said nothing. Two days later, 2 small hispanic children accompanied by their parents were at the check out counter as their parents supposedly asked questions about where a certain item could be located. As the parents leaned over the counter talking to the check out girls, the kids filled their pockets with numerous pieces of candy and then they all walked out the door. I told the clerks that they had been scanned since it was apparent that they only came in to steal candy for their children. The clerk said “oh well”. They need to sell out to Walgreens or Rite Aid or anyone. There is no such thing as quality control in CVS.


My Dr faxed my percriptions into CVS around 12:00 pm on Friday 2/3/2012, I went to the CVS on Shelby road in Kings Mountain to get these percriptions before I went home as I am pretty sick right now, first the guy at the counter tells me they don’t have any perciptions for me and that I would have to come back later. I explained to him that I was very sick and my Dr wanted me to start on these antibiotics as soon as possiable and I ask him if he could call my Dr and ask about my precriptions, he told me to call him because he was to busy. I called the office and they had gone to lunch.

I ask him if he would call me as soon as they filled my medicine and he very rudely tore off a piece of paper from the register and told me to write my name and number down. I did that and with out even acknoledgeing me he took the paper and walked off. After not hearing from CVS all day I called them at 5pm and the lady told me my medicine was ready. I told her that I had been waiting on a call from them all day and no one called. She said she was sorry but they had been really busy. I think this is bad business and when someone is sick they shouldn’t have to wait all day to get their medicine.

I understand that they are busy but they need to be educated in customer service. I am very dissapointed in them.


I was at CVS to copy two pictures. A young man finally helped me and wasn’t polite. I had trouble finding what I wanted and asked the sales lady to help me…she had the same young man help me but he helped with one sheet and I stared to process the second sheet but again had trouble and stood in line to get help. After he accused me of pushing all the buttons…..when he helped scan the second sheet it cut the hat off all the pictures. I said that’s not right which he replied that’s how it scanned. He never asked to corect or have a solution. I went back up front ask for the manager and the lady said he was the manager.

I asked for the store number and said I wouldn’t be back and was transferring all our scripts. We spent between $600.00 and $700.00 dollars a month on scripts…..never again. I went to Wal-greens and the photo staff were pleased to help me and within 10 minutes I left the drug store pleased. Word of mouth is the best advertising a person can get….I can a sure you I will tell all my friends how unprofessional your manager was to me. He doesn’t realize that a $6.00 picture will cost the store $600.00 a month in lost scripts.


My neighbor dropped off a prescription at the CVS on Hollywood Way and Verdugo St in Burbank,Ca. (store # 9795 )last week and was told by the pharmacist that she didn’t have enough to fill that prescription,my neighbor asked if she could call one of the other CVS stores to get some more to complete the prescription and was told “no,and if I could it would take a week to get it in”. My neighbor had to go back to her Doctors office ( which generated another DR. visit co-pay of $95 dollars and additional lost time and money at work which her boss didn’t appreciate either).

When she got back to the pharmacy with the new prescription there was a male pharmacist there and when my neighbor turned in the new prescription for the lesser amount ,she was told that she already had a prescription waiting for her with the original amount. When my neighbor complained to the store Manager she was told that they have had a lot of complaints about that pharmacist but it’s difficult to get people to cover that shift so they put up with it. What the HELL kind of an attitude is that to have in a store Manager,and especially in a pharmacist who has to deal with peoples health and maybe even their life.

I think your Human Resources Dept needs a MAJOR shake up,if they are going to hire people like this they need to be FIRED and CVS needs to have their license pulled effective immediately.


I have several prescriptions with CVS and moved them to the CVS Pharmacy on Seal Beach Blvd in Seal Beach, CA. On three separate occasions my girlfriend and I have had to deal with the Pharmacy staff over the phone. Each time we dealt with the same Asian woman who is extremely rude, dismissive and has a very difficult time with English. Let me re-state, she has an extremely difficult time understanding English and we have an even harder time understanding her. To top it off, my prescription for Coumadin was due yesterday 01-16-2012. Its 5:30pm PST time on 01-17-2012 now and I left the pharmacy 15 minutes ago.

First, I called them 3 1/2 hours ago at 2pm to confirm that it was ready and were told the it would be ready very soon. We arrived at 4pm and it was not ready. I spoke to the Pharmacy staff member and asked when it would be ready. I was told 15 minutes. I told him that my girlfriend and I would go get dinner and return after. We returned at 5pm and spoke to the same Pharmacy staff member. We were told that it was not ready again. He told us that it would take a little more time. While waiting I decided to get some supplies which included insulin syringes and blood sugar tablets. I am a Diabetic without insurance and have purchased my prescriptions and supplies with cash or credit card for years. When asking for the supplies I was told that they do not sell syringes.

I have, in fact, purchased them from the CVS Pharmacy located in Westlake, CA on several occasions. They asked for my ID and had me sign a syringe receipt form. I explained this to them and the same woman told me that CVS does not sell syringes and then dismissed me and walked away. I assumed that she misunderstood me as she does each time we speak. I asked again, but this time she asked to see my Diabetic Card, as if some card that says that I’m Diabetic would be sufficient to purchase syringes. Second, there is not a national or state database where Diabetics are required to register and then issued cards like drivers licenses. Have you ever asked a person for their cancer card? Moving on, I then explained that I had purchased insulin and syringes from CVS again. She then proceeded to look my purchasing history up in the computer.

I asked her how she could possible know if I had purchased insulin if I paid cash and it was a non-prescription item? She again dismissed me and rambled on, which I could not understand. I had to repeat my statement 4 to 5 times before the Pharmacist on staff walked over and asked me what was going on. I explained that I was trying to purchase syringes to administer my insulin as I was a diabetic. She told me that it was a prescription item, which it is not. I told her that it was not a prescription item and anyone could purchase them from any pharmacy, even online.

She responded, “Purchase them online then”. Basically what they are saying is that they don’t recognize the protocol of other CVS pharmacies and that they need a purchase history for insulin with insurance to be able to provide a basic necessity for a diabetic. They give needles away for free to drug attics, but I cannot purchase a very necessary supply which allows me to live, from a company that claims to be a Pharmacy. The more interesting part was watching the other customer’s faces of disbelief as they listened to the pharmacy staff.

To prove my point, I then went to another CVS pharmacy located just miles from this CVS location and was able to purchase my syringes and Coumadin within minutes. I was able to do this without insurance, insults, embarrassment or a diabetic card.


I wanted to buy Christmas cards so I saw a very large 50% off sign on the CVS card shelf. I bought a box and went to the counter and was told it was: buy one and get one at 50% off. I went back to check and sure enough in very tiny tiny print it said buy one get one 50% off. I find this deceptive advertising. I complained to the store manager and was told that they had nothing to do with it. It was a corporate decision and all the signs came from headquaters. It made me want to shop elsewhere. You should have had the Buy One get one 50% off in large letters. Shame on you!! Where is your Christmas spirit?


This it the 3rd time I have cancelled a possible order due to complete disgust. I am a long time customer of Longs. I spend thousands of dollars per year now at CVS. You send me emails with all kinds of lures to purchase online, and as I have said, I cannot be successful. This last miserable event, today, was the same: I go through about an hour of finding the things I want. I go to check out and the prices are different. I go back and start over again. Now, I get the prices right. I want to complete my purchase and submit “cyber monday”.

It is supposed to give my $10 off my purchase, if $60 plus, and free shipping. Instead, It gives me $2 off my purchase and charges me shipping. Oh, the top of it all? Try calling your phone line. I never did get a way to talk to customer service. I assure you, I will NEVER go online with CVS again. It’s making me ill and stealing my precious time. If you want me to try again, make it worth my while. I’m including my email address. In the meantime, I will order my $100 worth of items from Rite Aide and/or Walgreens. Merry Christmas to you too.


I just received an e-mail stating the pictures I ordered from CVS on 11/9/11 are now ready (it is now 11/16/11…a week later). I went to store #1458 in Ocean City, MD on 11/10/11 (when the website told me the photos would be ready) and was told that they did not print my pictures because they just migrated to a new system, and the cashier did not know how to use the new system…she also told me they were still receiving orders and she would not be able to print those photos either (her attitude said: “good luck to those people too!”). She told me that the photo supervisor would be in NEXT WEEK and I could pick them up then.

I live 3 hours from Ocean City, and considering I ordered the photos knowing I could pick them up the next day (like the website told me the photos would be ready), this was completely unacceptable to me. I understand that there was a new system and the pictures could not be printed, but I NEVER received a phone call stating any of this. The order on the website would not process without my phone number…so what is the point of me entering my phone number if CVS is not even going to have the common courtesy to call me and tell me that they have NO INTENTION of printing my photos?

I am very unhappy with this service and will never use CVS for photo printing again, or recommend CVS to a friend. I hope you will make changes to your customer service once reading my complaint. It is understandable for a machine to not be in working order, but it is unacceptable to have complete disregard for your customers and not tell them when you will not be able to perform a service.


A few days ago i went to cvs in Fallbrook, ca. to make a picture cd i was standing in line at the photo section the guy there pretty much ignored me, then this lady went to ask about her one hour photo the guy right away screaming at her told her she needed to wait because the machine was broken so i moved over to the cash register line where i waited about 20 minutes after that the manager came to help, i looked at him straight in the eye and i told him “i want to make a picture cd” he didnt seem like he was paying attention and since it was my first time making a picture cd i didnt really know what to expect.

He asked if i wanted the glossy finish i replied yes confused i asked him if that was necessary for the picture cd, he replied “no thats not what you said”, u said you wanted to process this” i responded “no i didnt i told you i wanted a picture cd” he keeps arguing with me on my request pretty much he was calling me a liar at the end he processed my request and made his angry faces at me. If thats how a manager treats you what can you expect from the rest of the employees? This is the worst customer service i’ve ever had!


complaint is with the cvs on walnut and shiloh in garland tx. with a young pharmicist name gayla. I ask to get a pain medicene alittle early for going out of town two weeks for the holiday. where everyone could hear she tells me shes calling my doctor wanting to know why I was taking that. I had requested her call for early refill. they fill it whenever they take a notion whoevers there. this one takes great pride in deciding when its filled. I told her shes not suppose to call a persons doctor as to why a person takes a medicene. she said yes I can and I go back up there to see if she called to as what I wanted.

she said no you said you didnt want me to call them. I said no I didnt tell you not to call. I said I want you to call them so she did but not to see if they would ok it to be filled early. then she proceeds to tell me shes not filling it before she says its to be filled and wont do any good if the doctors office does call her shes not filling it.. now is this a way for cvs to treat customers. playing god. plus the attiude and smirk she had like ha ha you cant do a thing about it. I called my doctors office back and told them what she said. after this.

I will not step foot back in a cvs ever even if they had a free giveaway of everything. they pull this with my son whos had pancreatic cancer and has to have digestion medicene to survive. they play games with him. I will copy this and send it to everyone I know. letting them know how cvs is ran. I will pay more for my medicene to have pleasant pharmacies. cvs is history


My husband and I stopped shopping at Walgreens years ago,because when we went there for sale items they were out on the first day quite often. We haven’t been back there since, because we don’t want to waste time if the product won’t be there. Today is Sunday, the first day of the new ad and CVS was out of the sale items we wanted. My husband drove to another CVS only to find the items at that store were also sold out!!! You lost some loyal customers today because of this. Since we haven’t been to Walgreen’s for several years we are going to give them a chance to earn our business. We are very disappointed in CVS and thought you should know why you lost 2 customers today. Thank you for your time.


BEWARE OF THIS CVS PHARMACY ON ATLANTIC NEAR ST. JOHN’S in Jacksonville, FL!!! They grossly shorted my (expensive!) prescription of a controlled substance and not only did they refuse to do anything about it, they treated ME like I was a liar and like I was the one who did something wrong! The male pharmacist there was RUDE and dismissive — DO NOT GO THERE. If you do, make sure you re-count your pills before you leave, because either they can’t count or some employee is stealing from peoples bottles. And what they told me is that they can basically just short you howver many they want and then won’t refund the missing meds to you OR your money. I’ve NEVER been so poorly treated — I will NEVER go there again!


If keeping the customer happy and keeping him as a customer is one of the goals at CVS, then the dark haired middle aged female “shift supervisor” at the Broadway,Arlington, MA CVS who was working there on Oct 26 at 1PM should be fired because she is a miserable employee who couldn’t care less about making customers happy or keeping them as customers and she would much prefer to highly upset them. I dropped in there to take advantage of the buy one get one free vitamin sale and discovered that there was only one bottle left of the one I wanted.

so knowing the cvs policy that I should then get that bottle at half price, I went to this woman and she adamently refused to do it because she said there WERE more bottles in the back room but they contained less vitamins because the particular bottle I had had 25% more due to an ended promotional offer and that I had the last bottle, so to take atvantage of the sale i would have to buy both bottles of unequal amounts, which I did not want to do because i just wanted the one in my hand.

The point is that my request was not being unreasonable, she COULD have done it if she wanted to and CVS’s bottom line wouldn’t suffer for heaven’s sake. In addition, it would have made the consumer happy and kept him as a customer neither, one of which is now the case. I know nothing will be done about this and that’s fine because it just drives another nail into the coffin of CVS’s alleged committment to customer service.


If keeping the customer happy and keeping him as a customer is one of the goals at CVS, then the dark haired middle aged female “shift supervisor” at the Broadway,Arlington, MA CVS who was working there on Oct 26 at 1PM should be fired because she is a miserable employee who couldn’t care less about making customers happy or keeping them as customers and she would much prefer to highly upset them. I dropped in there to take advantage of the buy one get one free vitamin sale and discovered that there was only one bottle left of the one I wanted. So knowing the cvs policy that I should then get that bottle at half price, I went to this woman and she adamently refused to do it because she said there WERE more bottles in the back room but they contained less vitamins because the particular bottle I had had 25% more due to an ended promotional offer and that I had the last bottle, so to take atvantage of the sale i would have to buy both bottles of unequal amounts, which I did not want to do because i just wanted the one in my hand.

The point is that my request was not being unreasonable, she COULD have done it if she wanted to and CVS’s bottom line wouldn’t suffer for heaven’s sake. In addition, it would have made the consumer happy and kept him as a customer neither, one of which is now the case. I know nothing will be done about this and that’s fine because it just drives another nail into the coffin of CVS’s alleged committment to customer service.


My sister and I have been purchasing a pint of liquid vitamin c-brand name Rx Choice at least once a month (each of us). The price was never consistant one time it would be 14.00,the next it would be 16.00. I finally asked who CVS deals with (cardinal,Mckesson or who). I was told Cardinal. I knew Walgreens dealt with Cardinal also, so I asked what would they charge me for it, and was told around 10.00!! I was dumb-founded. they had in the last year or so been charging us 18.90 per bottle. The item number is 163-1951 and I’m saying that the cost is around 7.00 per bottle….you don’t needto know how I got this info.

This is a total rip-off to your customers and I won’t be shopping there anymore. We always bought it at the CVS at the “four corners” in Oklawaha on state road 40. I am telling everyone I know how y’all (do business). I deserve an explanation as well as an apology for being overcharged for so long. And the staff in the pharmacy are rude and don’t know jack about how to treat customers. My sister also bought all her prescriptions there and she is pulling out to another pharmacy. I would appreciate an answer if you can come up with a good one.


I was in Las Vegas and had to pick up a few things so I stopped in the CVS store next door to the Monte Carlo hotel the store was busy Icould not find an employee to help me locate something and when I did finaly find someone they they were rude and nasty like I was bothering them by just being there so I left and went to the store by the Circus Circus Hotel and found those employess even worse there. There was a women there here name tag said she was a shift suporvisor and she was the most rude one of all. I go to Las Vegas often and will never go in one of those CVS stores again!


I went today to pickup my prescription that I called in on Thursday. When I got to the pharmacy, they told me that it was not ready and would I like to wait. The girl at the counter told me that the pharmacy was not open on Thursday as the pharmacist could not make it to the store. She came back and told me that there were 16 pages of prescriptions to be printed. Could I come back. I feel I should have gotten a phone call so that I did not waste my gas to go there. I will tell you now, that one more problem and I will pull all my prescription out and take them to Walgreen. I have been doing business with you for 46 years.

In the last year there has been numerous times that I have gotten to the store and my prescription was not ready or I would have to come back. You all need to get your act together if you are going to keep my business. I take 18 pills a day and you receive all my business. Please look into this matter and get back to me.


I have been using CVS for my medicine refills for several years. I have encountered a tech. that has a problem hearing or just don’t care. She has been the reason for most problems that I have encountered. I have complained to the store manager several times. But she doesn’t do anything about it. I think the people working in a pharmacy needs to be professional and able to do a professional job. after all some medicines are life and death. Not just a asprin. I am now having to go back for the third time to pick up my perscription that was faxed in yesterday about 1.30pm.

I t was ready for pick up but they didn’t bother to call to see why it was over $20. and not the usual $3.00. The tech. said she was told that I was going to call the ins. company to find out and she just did what she was told. Which it still had to be sent through again anyway. If she had done the job she is paid to do it would have been ready earlier today. Oh and when I asked the pharmasist to run it through again for me. he told me he would have to transfer me to that department. Yes he is a older gentleman. but if he isn’t able to do the job correctly then he needs to retire so a capible pharmasist can do the job and quit messing with peoples medications.

As with the Tech. And if the manager cant handle telling them thwy are causing too many mistakes so she don’t have to hurt their feelings. well when they cause someone’s death for a perscription mistake she too will be held accountable for it. I have nothing against older prople working when they are capible. But there is a time to give it up before you kill someone. For Goodness sakes. {Store in Madisonville Tn. 37354.}


August 8 in Minneapolis at the Nicollet and Frankling AVe CVS Store I was shopping. It took a while because everytime I asked an employee where something was they gave me the wrong isle. I wondered through the whole store looking for my items. When I went to pay I ask if I could use the restroom. The clerk who was going to check me out said that they did nto have a public bathroom. Now in the past I had used the bathroom. I am 62 years old and I was a long way from home and was taking the city bus whcih now had to hold my bladder. I stepped away from my cart and said, “Fine, I will never shop at your store and I will make sure I tell everyone I can.

The people employed at this company are the rudest I have ever encountered. I will go to target, kmart, walmart and walgreens because they have public bathrooms.


The CVS pharmacy in Immokalee,Fl. store # 3268 is treating people coming in to fill legitamite prescriptions like they are all criminals or drug addicts! We have gone to this same store for over TEN YEARS, and the pharmacist named “Vicki” along with her one little flunky are giving elderly patients with serious chronic pain very hard times to get their meds! These are people so ill that they ONLY time they get out of their homes is to go see the Dr. and then to get their scripts filled! But because of all the stigma attached to Oxycodone here in Fl., THESE two hateful shrews are pledging personal vendetta’s against pain med customers!

They lie, saying “the pharmacist is out of town for 2 weeks”


The doctor perscribed me predinisone 20mg tabs twice a day for five days..he told me to take the entire bottle till it runs out,Now i take my perscription to get filled at cvs..on the bottle it says 10 is listed as the QTY..Which it was 20 pills count inside the there is no doubt that this is a hugh error had i have not noticed or caught on to this what would have happened…I know it’s only prednisone but suppose it was something else that’s life threatning and the doctor gave his order and not to exceed that amount and i take more than he told me to take and i go into cardiac arrest or dies..what happens next..this is i’m a Diabetic,High blood pressure,High colesterol.

I can’t afford to continue to go thru these types of med error’ can become deady to some people,,,this is not the only time i have went thru this with this cvs location i brought it up to the pharmacist and they say sorry we’ll do better next time..and now this please see what’s the problem with this location it may very well save lives…your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance for all of your help…..Ms Beverly Tate


The mamager at the CVS located near Siesta Key in Florida is very unprofessional. He flirts shamelessly with the women that come in his store and with his female employees. I also have seen him act very innapropriate with a particular female employee. I have heard from some of the staff that the manager and this female employee are having an affair and the manager is living with her because his wife found out. It is very uncomfortable as a customer to witness this kind of behavior so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be for an employee to work in that kind of atmosphere


While picking up my prescriptions at the 2323 Illinois Ave store in Dallas,TX, I encountered very unproffesional behavior resulting in my transfer of $2600 worth anual prescription bussines to a non CVS store. I am disabled and need to carry a blue Walmart shopping bag with which contains personable items so my disabled arms don’t drop, loose, and or break things while traveling on public transportation. I have filled RX at the same store since 2005 and have never encountered a problem having a Walmart bag and personal items with me. However, during the last visit I was told that I had to leave the bag at the front of the store.

I opened the bag and showed the new manager the Galaxy Tab inside the bag and explained that I did not want to leave a $500 computer at the front of the store to be stolen. Afterall, women were allowed to enter freely with purses without a problem. The manager told be that I would have to pick up my RX at the drive through window. I followed instructions but was not allowed to pick up the scripts at drive through. The RX employees were laughing and taunting me for thirty minutes. Would not allow me to pick up RX because I was not in a car. How do I file a violation of Americans With Disabilities Act Complaint/Suit?


To whom it may concern I never receive all of my prescriptions. Every time I try to get my orders refilled at the cvs pharmacy on, 130 Lenox Ave. New York NY 10026 they always leave some out, and when I call to inform them of their error they claim it was either already filled or that it was never ordered. My doctor even has trouble when ordering from this pharmacy. CVS pharmacy’s gross incompentents is not only frustrating but also quite dangerous. I strongly urge whoever’s in charge to fix this serious matter before a customer dies becauses of their intolerable carelessness. Sincerely Concerned customer.


I was at the CVS pharmacy located at 959 Bay Area Blvd. Houston Texas Store 212-8040 to purchase some Vitamins.
Even though add started today Sunday 6/26/11 all the items that I was looking for is either gone or only one bottle each were there. Buy one get one free was not possible because of the umavailibility of the same kind. When I approaced the Managre Mr. LAHIR he plainly told me that items which they had many on the shelf (higher quantity bottles are not on sale) are not on sale. I asked him if he can honor the ad on thr paper and sell those buy one and get one free” he plainly with mean attitude told me NO.

I aske dhim why not his anser was that is the way it is. In a way he aske me to get out with his mean attitude. Even then I shoppe $51.00 worth of items since I did not want to go back with nothing. I will never agin step into that store so long LAHIr is manager.


I took my 70year old mother to the CVS Minute Clinic at 6015 E. Brown in Mesa Arizona ( corner of Recker and Brown) to to get help for a nagging cough. The Nurse Practitioner refused to help her. She stated that my mother had pneumonia, but when asked why she thought that, she had no reasons! We asked the nurse if she would at least please do her vital signs, check her oxygen levels or her color in her feet or hands or lips. No, she would not. She simply made a diagnosis without any evidence. This was done at my mother’s expense because we went for help, but received nothing. When contacting CVS, they said it was their policy to not take vitals! Unless you want heath care by crystal ball, DO NOT go to CVS.


My fiance’ brought to CVS pharmacy in Bozeman Montana,a new script. This was on a Wednesday. When he went to pick it up on Friday morning,he was informed it could not be filled. There was no explanation as to why he had not been notified of this. As it turned out-he had to take his script to the nearest pharmacy at Albertsons-to be filled. By our own choice, we do not own a vehicle. We like to walk, great exercise. Walking another mile was not the issue,as they made a point of mentioning. The issue is the lack of consideration to let my fiance’ know his script could not be filled. If this happened to him has it happened to others, the lack of consideration?


Two different times this month the cvs pharmacy has made error’s reguarding my prescriptions The 1st was they gave me the wrong amount. The 2nd, I called to varify if my Rx were ready for pick-up, I was told that all 3 were ready. I went to the drive-through, they only had 1 filled. I had to go in for an explaination, I was given three different ones, none of which made sence. also I had to speak to 3 different people even though I asked to speak to the head pharmicist. when she came she handed me all 3 with yet another excuse. she was rude and unprofessional. the whole experience was very upsetting, as well as un-nerving. I have serious reservations reguarding using your pharmacy again.


CVS Pharmacy; 7607 Greenbelt Road; Greenbelt, MD 20770. I would like to bring to your attention what I consider to be a rather Extremely poor customer service exhibited by two of your pharmacy technicians at the CVS Pharmacy at Hanover and Greenbelt Parkway. On Thursday evening, 6/16/11, on or about 11:00 p.m., on my way home exhausted and stressed from a 10-hour workday, I drove up to the drive through window to return an earlier prescription that was incorrectly filled by the Pharmacy at 7607 Greenbelt Road in Greenbelt, Md.

After several months my doctor finally prescribed the medication “Tegratol”, that is effective. The prescription delivered to me appeared to be the generic brand of the prescribed drug, Tegratol, which I cannot tolerate. I returned the prescription to the technician at the window and told her I needed to have the medication replaced with the name brand “Tegratol”, prescribed by my doctor; I also indicated that I could not wait but will return the next day to pick up the prescription. She kept insisting that I park my car and come into the drug store; she never stated the reason for her request.

I was too tired and did not want to get out of my car; I wanted to get home; she refused to understand. She left the window as I sat waiting for what appeared to be 10 minutes. She then returned with another technician who I repeated the same information and who responded in the same manner,stating that I needed to come into the store; in response to my question why I could not complete my transaction at the window, she said that there was another customer waiting behind me. I stated that since I was first, she needed to complete my transaction before proceeding to the person behind me.

She continued to argue with me by which time I was so stressed and upset I expressed my anger and drove off leaving the medication and other related receipts in her hand,for which I do apologize. What I found to be appalling, however, is that although, they were left with the returned medication and receipts and that my medical history in CVS’s records clearly identifies my health condition, and the need for my medication, CVS’ Pharmacy Technicians obviously did not care enough to follow-up by making a telephone call to me the customer.


Saw tons of money-saving blog sites promoting the one day Pepsi deal at CVS. Scan your card at the magic machine, get a coupon for a 12-pack of Pepsi only 99 cents. This deal valid on June 15, 2011 only. I dragged the three kids to the store, scanned my card and got nothing. I asked the clerk and she said “Better luck next time, I guess. People have been complaining about that deal not working all day.” It appears the deal never existed and was just a way to get people into the store. Then I tried to use a perfectly valid and non-expired manufacturer’s coupon for Flintstone Vitamins with the exact product listed on the CVS coupon.

The register beeped. CVS cashier said I couldn’t use the coupon. I asked why and her response was “The coupon is good but the register beeped and I don’t know how to override the system”. I’m also tired of the items promoted to get the free gas are always out of stock.


I called in my refills 4 days ago at CVS Pharmacy and have been getting daily messages on my phone to pick up rx because they were ready. I went to pick up my meds this evening. One of meds was missing and when I asked where it was I was told they didn’t have the med and maybe it would be in tomorrow. This is a med I can’t be without and I took the last one this am. I asked CVS Pharmacy why I wasn’t called and the pharmacist shrugged his shoulders. I asked if he could help me get the rx somewhere else tonight all he said was no. I have many rx filled at CVS Pharmacy and have had so many problems like this.

If they would have called me and informed me they did not have the med I could have had it called in to another pharmacy. It is Friday night and again this store has messed up my rx again. I have already spoken to the district manager several months ago about this very med and he was so rude I just don’t who else I can talk to. CVS Pharmacy in Hanford, CA 93230 Fargo Store.


while I was awaiting a prescription to be filled, I sat down to wait. As soon as I sat down, I noticed a CVS customer having breathing problems. Obviously suffering from asthma/emhysema. He requested a refill and asked if they could kindly give him one puff of his asthma medication….the employee (Justine Broccia), said, “NO.” “you about 20 mins. I was stunned at the unprofessional atitude, discourtesy and lack of empathy. I sat with him because I thought any minute I will call 911. (he was about 72 yrs old and in addition to his breathing issues, I noticed each step he took, he was in pain.

I felt it was necessary to contact CVS officials to let them knew, there are a few days of the week, I no longer go to the pharmacy/front store. I have a few friends that also feel as I. In the past, I visited CVS on a daily basis ( nnever walked out without making a purchase. As a result of the above, my friends and I only will do business at the pharmacy is when Ms. Janet Distefano and/or, Arafarh Shamsaddin is doing pharmacy. I believe the CVS Store is #1058.


I could not find an email address to send praise so I am doin it here!! Yesterday I drove from West Palm Beach to Tampa to visit our daughter and I had forgotten my generic Zocor medication. I went to the CVS pharmacy on MacDill Avenue and Columbus Drive in Tampa and explained the situation. We normally get all of our prescriptions at the local CVS at home but this prescription was not filled at CVS but at COSTCO. The pharmacist said that if I had a prescription bottle showing my name, medication and strength, she could help me. I did have an old prescription bottle that I had some vitamins in and I took that bottle to the store.

The pharmacist gave me three pills to hold me until I returned home, at no charge!! I have always been very pleased with the personnel and service that we have received at this particular CVS. All of the people there bend over backwards to assist customers, all the time. I would just like to send praise to the staff at this CVS. They are great.


CVS in Whittier Florence, near West of Sorenson. 25% off coupon not credited to purchase. It said it was good on everything. The clerk kept it and didn’t tell me it didn’t save me on anything on my purchase, or why. She also carded me on cigarettes. I’m a Grandmother, and I have to go out and get me ID. Then she enters my Driver’s License info into the computer. I said I don’t want my info in a computer, it can be hacked. She said “too late”. Anyone know how I can get CVS to take my info out of their database? I know every company and store says their data is secure.

Unfortunately that is a myth, and always has been. I’ve worked with computers since 1976 and the internet since it started. I can tell you with 100% certainty, no data on a computer connected by any route to the internet is not secure. Also, data stored on a computer on an intranet, or no net of any kind is not secure either.


I went to cvs pharmacy in Bridgewater, NJ on route 202 three months ago to fill a perscription. They said that they couldnt read the perscription so i took it back and filled it at rite aid which had no problem. I went the next month to fill the same perscription. I left and when i came back the pharmasist wrote on my my script that it cant be filled until June and put some sticker in the back so it wouldnt be valid anywhere else. she did this all because my insurance wouldnt pay for it. I just went in today with the same perscription and low and behold she said the milligrams the dr. wrote didnt exist so she had to verify it.

she said it was a three but it was clearly a two. so again with the sticker. i was upset because she does this to only one perscription which is clonopin and she is the only pharmacist i have this issue with. so i lost my cool with her b/c this is the third time she took it upon herself to play dr. and decide if and when i get my perscription. i had to take the perscription to rite aid and what a surprise. they saw it as it was, a two. funny thing is she had the bottle ready and the sticker on the script said 2mgs. how pathetic for pharmacist to play with customers perscriptions like that. its unfortunate b/c i like going to that cvs and i really like all the other employees.

however i think this woman should stop trying to play police, dr. and pharmacist!!!!!!!


I was going to write this note to Douglass A. Sparro, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer of CVS Caremark Corporation, but I dissuaded myself from doing so in order to inquire about a situation in one of your New Jersey CVS stores about which someone in authority at CVS should improve. At the outset of this letter, I must identify myself as a college professor and public school teacher as well as a former school board member in New Jersey, but I am not nor have I ever been an employee of your corporation.

I am, however, a customer as is my wife and as are many of my fellow teachers and my wife’s fellow teachers, the parents of our students and the students themselves. I have served by appointment on the Ocean County Mental Health Board and I have served as an appointed member of at least one executive committee by a former governor of New Jersey, Thomas Kean. I am addressing this note of inquiry to you for the sake of one of your employees (she is department manager in one of your New Jersey CVS stores.

My concern is that this young lady, who has been a loyal employee for years is being personally abused by her superior at the store. The employee asks her superior if she can go to relieve herself at the ladies room and the man in charge says bluntly that she can not be in the bathroom while she is the only manager on duty. THis young lady has been scheduled to work almost non-stop and without a full day of rest by this particular superior. This man represents your corporation and he would deny a loyal employee a visit to the bathroom during a ten hour day? Is this legal in this country or in this state in particular.

The man (the superior) regularly compares his employees and at the same time berates at least one of the employees being compared. I am asking that your store behave in a civil manner. Your employees are human beings and should be treated as the loyal employees they have already proven to be. It is not your employee’s intent (the one is my friend). I have volunteered to make contact with you in a repectful manner and I am doing so with the knowledge that corporations are often too large to show compassion. I will follow your lead and advice, but i must warn you, CVS has a corporate reputation to protect.

The man who is harassing my friend does it with impunity. I hope that this letter does not become one of many and the young lady in question feels exploited by her superiors who will not bend in a civil manner to make this young woman’s work day be a pleasant professional experience. Am I asking for compassion, empathy, sympathy? I am not sure we can expect that from a corporation. I guess, since part of your corporate name is “CARE” I hope and expect that you would do just that, “CARE”

Someone of authority in your esteemed corporation should speak with the manager in question and ask for some traces of professionalism that reflects the proper manner in which your employees are being treated. As I type this note, my wife is on the phone trying to calm your employee down because of her demonstration of personal distress.

The young female employee, is being stressed out by the man who oversees her. THis man seems to hurt with words and with punitive scheduling. I have adviced this young lady to keep an accurate record of accounts regarding Work based humiliations, repressions and all matter of bitterness information to an information. The stress caused to this female employee by a representative of your corporate power should be of great concern to a store whose major purpose is to heal and provide personal comfort to the community.


At least once a month, maybe more, I come back from CVS angry and frustrated. I save my bigger items for when they’re doing the 25% off. Well….it’s changed a bit in the past few months. Once, you did the 25% off the purchases (except booze, scripts), and then if you had any ‘extra bucks’ which were originally to be used like ‘cash’ to pay for the order, that would come off last. Now? OH no!!! Now, they count those as coupons so that diminishes the discount. And this time, they had an item packaged two pieces, priced at the normal price for one. It didn’t say ‘sale’ nor ‘discount’, yet that counted as a sale item as well.

AND every month for the past 6 or 8 months, when I’ve taken a 25% “off everything”coupon in, their computer doesn’t read it right. For instance last month on a 120 dollar purchase (no drugs, no discounts, no booze), it automatically gave me $6.29 off. $6.29? Really? Last I checked, 25% off $120 is $30 off. First he tried to give me $30 extra bucks and I told him I’m so fed up, I may not come back to use it. I want it now, per the coupon. The manager then couldn’t manage to void it and re-do the coupon, then we had to play a game of ‘what in this order equals $30.’ I was there over 20 minutes at the counter while this little game played out.

Thing is, how many people don’t know enough math to know what 25% is? How many people are CVS screwing in this little game? The manager says it’s always like this. Someone at Corporate is clearly showing their disdain and lack of respect for customers when they play these games.

I for one am sick of the games and going to start shopping elsewhere. Our local store is dirty, disorganized, they’re always out of things I need, and they have a lot of past-date items on the shelves. (AND I recommend everyone check expiry dates on everything with CVS. They’re notorious for trying to sell old, out-of-date goods.)


i would like to talk about the previouse complaint i had for cvs at 18080 mateny road germantown md 20874, i went back to the store and talk to a different pharmacist, and talk to her about the problem i had with my 90 day precsciption that i received on april 11, 2011 and was out on may 11, 2011 and my insurance would not pay again, so the pharmacist mary s schnapp, check on the presciption and explain to me that who ever fill only gave me 60 day supply and i told her i was charged full co payment of $50.00, she refilled my presciption and i was not charged for the refill, she even called my insurance company and explain the mix up.

she was very pleasant and her customer service was great, i would like to say thanks to her and my hats off too. she also let me know that it will take some and i had to wait i told her i did not care as long as the problem was solved, she was the greatest and again thank mary s schnapp.


I’m angry enough to write this letter. I usually don’t get this upset with local retail major chain operations. However, this incident was awful enough to warrant a letter. I hope America hasn’t fallen so far that the customer is not always correct. (In this case I believe that I was absolutely correct!) This morning (Sunday, May 15) at about 9:15 AM I purchased some items in the West Cape May CVS Pharmacy. When I got on line to pay for the items I wanted there were five (5) people on line to pay and one cashier.

There was a young lady behind me with two large packages of baby diapers and other items in her arms. The VS Pharmacy manager was at the head of an isle near the register working on a clipboard checking off items. At this time this manager started to call across the line to the customer at the register joking and generally kibitzing with her. She had a large order. I suggested that he open another register to clear the waiting customers in line. He told me in clear terms that it was company policy not to open a register unless there was more than four(4) customers in line.

I replied the I was now waiting in line more than ten (10) minutes. He replied that he was busy doing necessary paperwork and would get nothing accomplished if he opened registers all day. My response was “you won’t have a store here if you don’t take care of the customers waiting at the register. I guess the answer is to go to another store.” His response was, “I’m sorry you feel that way!” He returned to his paperwork.

I let the lady behind me go ahead because she was holding the diapers and other items in her arms and it was clear she was as upset I was as well as being tired of holding the items she wanted. She also agreed with me regarding the wait in line and the managers attitude. The VS cashier was working as fast as she possible could and was as pleasant as she could be under the circumstances.

It is very clear that this manager cared little for the customers and had absolutely no respect for them. All he wanted to do was his paperwork. I stand on my statement that the customer is the most important part of the equation. The customer must be taken care of before all paperwork. The customer is always correct . If any operation ignores this equation they will be out of business in short order. The most important element in the equation is the customer and this element was totally ignored in this instance. In this economy you simple can’t ignore the customer if you want continued success.

For the good of CVS and it’s customers at this store, this manager should be replaced or at the least transferred in my opinion. He ignored the most basic value in consumer retail relations, the customer.

If you wish to question me regarding this incident, please e-mail me and I will happy to respond. This manager is hurting the CVS organization and the customers that support it. There are so many qualified people who need a job, are willing to satisfy the customer and also get the paperwork done without arguments with the customer.


James K. Aumack


This is the second time that I personally have been given the wrong medication! A few months ago I was given the wrong birth control and this birth control was on automatic refill and I had been taking it for a few months already. The CVS Pharmacy that we go to by our house was already closed when I noticed that it was wrong. I called the next closet open CVS and they told me I had to wait till the next morning because I had to talk to the same pharmacy that filled it. I was without my birth control for 24 hours due to this mistake. The next mistake happened yesterday when our doctor called in a antibiotic for our 3yr old daughter that has pneumonia and was given the wrong antibiotic.

She had taken 2 doses of it before I notice that it was not what our doctor said she was calling in. I called our doctor to double check on what she was suppose to have and they read from her charts exactly what the doctor had called in and it was what the doctor had told me she was going to call in. I told them that she was given the wrong antibiotic and didn’t know what we were suppose to do. Our doctor called and got everything straighten out for us thankfully but our daughter was delayed treatment for another 24 hours and were hoping that her pneumonia didn’t get worse due to this mistake!

I am very unhappy with the fact that all we got was “were sorry” both times and they didn’t have us pay the difference on her antibiotic which was only a few dollars! I would like to let someone know of these mistakes and please have them start double or triple checking the medications before they are handed out. This has happened to many of our friends and family members as well so something needs to be done! We are very upset with these accidents and mostly concerned about the mistake that was made with our daughter’s antibiotic!


On Sunday, may 8 at approximately 4:00 my daughter in law went in to get a prescription. After wainting outside for 30 minutes she came outside and asked me if I had my ID so I could go inside and get the medicine because the pharmacy tech in the store was rude to her and they were arguing so she left out the store. I went in the store thinking all i had to do was show my ID. The tech had left the front of the store and refused to come up front to fill the prescription. When she did return up front 20 minutes later, the other tech was asking her to fill the rx because i was there to sign for it.

The young lady looked at me and talking talking to me real rudely. i kindly told her i dont know what happened before i can in the store all i wanted was that rx so if my grandbaby had another seizure we could have the rx. She stormed out the stor saying I had an attitude and she wasn’t filling anything. Ms Lena the other tech told me to just hold on and she would make a call someone to get the approval code for the rx. She came back in the store again and started arguing again I told her I wasn’t in there for all that all I wanted was that rx and if I didn’t get it and my Grandbaby had a seizure I was going to sue CVS. She picked up the phone and called the police and told them I threathen her.

This is unacceptable in any case. I’m looking into getting a lawyer.


(255 Main St Venice, CA 90291). I was assaulted by a cashier/ manager named J** N*****, he ripped a receipt in half and out of my hand and threatened not to give me the merchandise I had just purchased and then he bullied me out of the store– all this because he said “don’t blame me because the strip on your credit card is worn”. I said “I don’t blame you but I’m sure you can find a way to make it work even if it means entering it manually”. That’s when he went berserk and tore the receipt out of my hand saying he has the right to refuse service to me if he wants.

I’m not even sure why he was acting so crazy toward me especially considering the transaction already went through, all because I told him I expect there is a way to make it work.


Okay, for the 2nd time, I was refused service at a CVS Minute Clinic? The first time, I had a bad case of hemmroids. The NP looked at them said I need to refer you to a specialist and that will be $30. Recently, I had food posioning and again was refused service. I don’t have health insurance. Is this the reason why the clinic refuses to see patients? On my last visit they said because my blood pressure was elevated they could not treat me? They referred me to another clinic and they saw me? Needless to say, I will never go to a CVS Minute Clinic.


i summitting this complaints because i will not go there again i got up to go to cvs before it close because i was out of sleep aid so i went in my house dress and some sandals i notice that the employee was watching me and one cvs employee was standing by the door and the other one was sweeping on every lane that i was on i work at walmart and would never do that crap that they did trust me i will not be back it makes beleive because i am black that is why they did what they did i am a very honest person and would not take anything from anybody i work hard for mine.


I have worked for years at CVS. Hours are cut to the marrow. DM does not care, takes you away from what you need to be doing to what they want done. That puts you behind. Not enough staff to serve the customers properly ( I feel really sad for the older clients ) .. Personally, I think Tom Ryan needs to take a good look at the situation. With the competitors with three or more on the floor to assist customers, stock shelves, process film, clean, wash windows, check in vendors, I just hope CVS wakes up soon before they find all of their investments (personal and economical) go down the drain, or with Mr. Ryan retiring, does he or the share holders even care anymore?? J


5-1-11. I had a CVS 25% off coupon for the total amt. of the bill. I had a prescription which was excluded (of course!) a lipstick and a box of candy. I specifically asked the girl at the counter if the lipstick and candy were covered for the 25% off, she said yes. Then when I got the total from her, the 25% off amounted to 38 cents, so I went to the CVS manager and found out that all “sale” items are also excluded (the lipstick was not indicated as on sale). I told him that they say that everything is on sale so the coupon is useless. I say WHY BOTHER WITH THESE FAKE COUPONS! It’s just a joke! The only thing that the 38 cent discount applied to was the $1.50 box of candy.

I hate CVS – false advertising! Has anyone ever gotten anything at a discount at these stores?


I have been on the same meds for over a year, the whole time getting prescription refills at CVS pharmacy. Well I ran out and call my doctor to get refills and he called them in. Well CVS filled all except one. So when I picked them up I didn’t know? Why one was not filled they blamed it on the doctor and would not double check the mistake and also told me that I was going to get sick from missing taking it. What type of person would do that and why would you want them at your company?


Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 4:35 PM. To Whom It May Concern: Unfortunately, one of my required prescriptions is Symbicort which is very expensive. Unfortunately, I have no insurance. However, the manufacturer, Astrazeneca, has an assistance program whereby with the prescription and Card my Physician gave me the first prescription was free of charge and the next eleven were to have a $75 discount. The first prescription was submitted and was indeed free. About a week or so ago I called in to get a refill. The CVS Pharmacy faxed my Physician for a refill authorization and received it back.

I was notified that the prescription was filled and ready for pick-up and the price was $150.11 which was of course more than I would have preferred but it covered two months so I took comfort in knowing it would cost me approximately $75 a month. I told the Pharmacy I would be in in a few days, as I had several inhalations left on the inhaler I had and it is difficult for me to get around so I like to try to wait until I have several things to do in one trip, like food shopping, etc. Today, May 1st I went to the Pharmacy to pick up the Symbicort and three other refills that were ready.

I was informed that in the interim the Symbicort was “placed back in inventory” and today’s price, with the Astrazeneca discount was now $177.99. I had never been told in all the years with CVS (and it has been many) that if a filled prescription was not picked-up within a day or two of notification, it would be “canceled” and subject to repricing when I did come in to pick-up the refill and I am unaware of any written notification in any form on your receipts or at the Pharmacy. It was probably ten days or so since the first notification of the readiness of the Symbicort refill, but BOTH times I spoke personally with a Pharmacy assistant and the second time I spoke with the Pharmacist himself and assured them I would be in as soon as possible.

I understand that CVS has no control over the manufacturer’s pricing BUT I would like to know and express my dismay and disappointment that the original prescription was canceled as described above and as a result I incurred an addition $28 expense when I came in today to pick-up four refills, including the Symbicort. Unfortunately. these days $28 is not an insignificant amount of money to me. Unfortunately, I was never warned or notified that a filled prescription could somehow become “unfilled”. The time line consisted of a week to ten days, not a month or longer.

I am a long-time client of the CVS Pharmacy and stayed loyal to CVS even when many were moving their prescriptions to the flat-rate discount programs offered by other retailers that have become so popular recently.

What does CVS have to say to me about this….I would like to hear back ASAP!!!!!


I’m 5 months pregnent and i work for CVS. I like working but not when im the only one.all the other employees take there breaks on time while i have 2 wait for someone to actually be ready 2 let me go. They say they are busy but so im i i take on all the work on the frontend registers, common questions, self scans while everyone else sit in a circle and share there like stories. I don’t even get a second brek until its time 2 close. Like im pregnant can i get some help here i work and lift more than the men here, and what do i get, nothing. My manager at CVS doesnt even care, he is with them young and immature.


I made a trip to CVS in Anderson, SC today to get last minute Easter items. As I was about to check out, I came across 75% off clearance items. I picked up 3 Neutrogena powders marked down to $3.20 and one Neutrogena concealer at $2.50. I recently started couponing, but have learned most of the in’s and outs of how it works. I had four coupons for $3 off ANY Neutrogena cosmetic product. The coupon said “available only at walgreens” at the top, but was in fact a manufacturer’s coupon. When the clearance items were rang up, they were punched in as “taxable items.”

So, when my coupons were scanned, the computer wouldn’t accept them because the items weren’t scanned as Neutrogena products. The manager(who rang my items up), looked at the coupons and said they couldn’t accept them because they said walgreens on them. I explained that they were manufacturer coupons(which can be used anywhere, even if they say a specific store). He still wouldn’t accept them, even after I mentioned that I would clear the issue up with corporate, since I know I can use those coupons for the items I purchased.

Then I asked if they could ring the items up so that the computer will recongnize them as Neutrogena products, but they said that since they were clearanced, the items were taken out of their computer system. The CVS coupon policy doesn’t say anywhere that coupons cannot be used on clearance items, nor does the coupon. So, the manager should have found an option that would let me purchase the items with the coupons!!!

I called corporate, but they are closed since it is Saturday. I will call first thing Monday. I will no longer shop at this particular CVS!


I am a restaurant owner in smithtown new york, and i have never met two farmacisits so rude in my life as the ones that work in the cvs in the waldbaums shopping center on rte. 111 and main street. Every time I walk in the place their is customer argueing with some one from the farmacy. I walk in today ask for my prescription, sorry u have no more refills u have to call your doctor. some customer service huh?? I ask them to call they say we faxed them will get back to you.

This is the type of service u get here, I will never go back they dont need my money. I was thinking about never walking in to another cvs again, but the one I use in williston Park n.y. is so friendly. I have to continue to use them, they know what service is all about. (This is where I live).The cvs in williston Park wouldnt even ask questions, they would be on the phone with the doctor right away.Sometimes people forget where their salary comes from. This is my first complaint ever about anything thats how frustrated they made me!!!!!!!!!!!


At the CVS pharmacy in Bloomington Indiana on walnut, or college by campus I have repeatedly had very poor encounters with the staff. I am not sure if they are underpaid, overworked or under-qualified but enough is enough. I have taken friends in CVS on two separate occasions because they had issues that they were embarrassed about. The most recent instance was a friend of mine who was dating a male that could not fit into normal condoms, so when I asked for some guidance the CVS pharmacists just laughed and left. When I called him back and tried to explain that it was an honest question he told me to just read the boxes.

The boxes themselves are very unhelpful when it comes to giving actual dimensions, so I asked him again for any guidance and he said he didn’t have time go away. My friend was already embarrassed to come in, and when it comes to something as important as safe sex I feel that the staff should act much more professionally than they did.


CVS pharmacy at Heckle Blvd., Rock Hill, SC. The staff stood at the door, which was already locked, waiting to go home. It was not 10:00 yet, but all of them stood at the doorway with their keys in hand, waiting to leave. I needed to pick up a vital prescription for my son. I said that out loud, and one young black male laughed at me and said ‘we’re closed’. I said ‘it’s not 10 yet!’. I asked to see the CVS pharmacy manager and she was too coward to come to the door. As soon as I got in my truck, they all came out of the door and left. Unbelievable!


Store No. 1118. Reference Store Number 1118 – Bayport, NY. Dear Sir/Madam, Recently relocated to New York I made every effort to transfer my prescriptions from my CVS in Phoenix, AZ (Camelback Road) to CVS in Bayport NY #1118. I have been taking about 9 medications monthly since 2005. They were all prescribed and treat serious medical issues. I recently visited CVS store no. 1118 in Bayport NY to pick up my prescriptions and do some other shopping. With customers in line behind me at the Pick Up counter your employee “Pharmacist Anthony” for the second time within a 2 week period unnecessarily and repeatedly spoke loudly about two (2) of my medications.

Anyone with even a minimal understanding of the purpose of my medications knows at least one of them is prescribed primarily to treat mental illness. (Anyone watching television for 30 minutes will probably hear at least one of the melodramatic pharmaceutical commercials about the latest drug they are hawking to treat all sorts of illnesses and disorders) Normally I would have ignored the repeated transgression, but this time the wife of one of my colleagues was in line behind me and clearly within listening range. (It seemed just about anyone in the store that evening was in listening range). While the clerk was attempting to finalize the transaction Pudgy Anthony continued to loudly speak about the medication.

Without request or provocation he boasted about the daily legal research he was compelled to do to maintain his employment with CVS. Although I have every confidence the wife of my colleague will exercise great discretion to respect my privacy, she now clearly knows I suffer from mental illness. I don’t know if any HEPPA requirements were violated, but if not your employee and CVS came awfully close. I want nothing from CVS. I seek no remuneration or compensation of any kind. All I would like is for Pharmacist Anthony to apologize and refrain from further discussing my medications, and for that matter, anyone else’s, in a tone of condescension and at a level which by any standard continues to be unreasonably loud.

While I am making my first complaint I might mention when the clerks at 1118 say they will call your name when the prescription is ready, they do so. Tonight, with hardly anyone in the store, and no one at the pharmacy counter, the clerk told me if I wanted to wait for my prescriptions it would be about 25-30 minutes. Although I thought that strange as there seemed to be no one waiting other than me, I asked the clerk if he would page me when the prescriptions were ready……After 35 minutes I started to become frustrated – well let’s be honest – I was angry, I saw the lights dimming at the pharmacy.

I walked back and saw what appeared to be the manager “cashing out” the pharmacy register. As I approached Anthony and the clerk gave me a strange look. Before I could speak the clerk said “Oh, your prescriptions are ready”………..I admit I am embarrassed at what I said to both of them, but quite honestly at the time and under the circumstances another few minutes and the pharmacy would have been closed and I would be at a loss for my medicine. This is not the first time this has happened at this store.

Someone from CVS really needs to take a look at the manner in which this pharmacy is run. Boy do I miss the amazingly wonderful, caring and professional staff at your CVS store in Phoenix.


i get a monthly script of the same medication every month, and i always go to cvs to fill it maybe not the same every month but still a cvs, i went to a cvs my normal routine to get it filled and the lady filling my script treated me like i was an addict because of the type of medication i needed filled, she gave me a hard time on filling it right away, by telling me i needed prior authorization by my doctor, ( my first time ever hearing this) so i asked why and how i did that, she was very rude when telling me how to go about it, now mind you my doctor had wrote on the script may fill today because of medical reasons and she would not even give me the time of day to explain that and ask her questions on why it could not be filled as a generic.

when i get it filled every month her customer service skills were very poor and i felt so discriminated i walked out teary eyed and confused. i have been clean off of the reason i have been on the medication for more then a year and a half and i take my sobriety very seriously and this medication helped me in getting this far. so i went to another cvs thinking to my self positve and giving that lady the bennifit of the doubt maybe that was just her or maybe i even i took it the wrong way,so i get to another cvs and the phamacist was so nice and explained every thing i needed and wanted to know with out no discrimination and seen what my doctor wrote on the script called it in and i got it filled in 15 minutes.

and i told her what had just happened and she said that the lady either just did not want to do her job.


I ask my husband doctor to call in my medicines at CVS pharmacy. I call to see how long it would take after an hour it was call in, the pharmacist person that fills my prescription answers the phone an told it would be an hour. I said i hope it would take no longer than 1 hour as I really needed my medicine that day, but he was very rude would just hung up in my face. First all his tone was rude, and he had this I don’t care attitude. I’m about to call back to CVS pharmacy and get it transfer to walmart. Now I finally see why i go to walmart for everything.


Good evening, my name is Denise. I just stood in line at CVS pharmacy for 15 minutes awaiting my turn @ the checkout counter @ 7pm @ 511 Hollywood Way, Burbank, California. There were 2 back tellers between the front and the photo dept. They would only come over once in awhile. NOT Worth it to wait in line that long like this. I’m taking my business elsewhere, where somebody can check me out in a timely fashion. Very poor service at this CVS pharmacy location. And the man behind me had just spent 45 minutes in the pharmacy line waiting as well. Its good to have us stand around and compare notes on how long it takes to checkout.


This is what I wrote the CVS feedback online. Location: 5910 Greenbelt Rd. Greenbelt, MD 20770, Store #2016. I would like to file a complaint on your cashier as well as your working manager (Marc BiTewLin?) on March 11, 2011 6:37pm. Your cashier let her two of her female friends harassed me (calling me b**** and other fowl languages) while I was standing in line. The problem is I don’t even know them and wasn’t even talking with them (or notice them) while I was standing in line at your CVS store for approx. 5 minutes.

When I finally get to the register, two black females friends of the cashier rush into my left side pushed my items off the counter and on to the floor (replaced with their own groceries), while the black female cashier laughed with two of her female friends that pushed my items aside (all the while calling me bitch, throwing a piece of paper at me and talking among themselves but staring and pointing at me the same time thinking that I can’t heard or understand their gangster language).

While the cashier was ringing up the register for her friends’ groceries (with my items on the floor!!!). I asked them nicely that “I was the person that was in front of the line, and my items are now on the floor, so please pick them up or apologize”, the two black female friends of the CVS cashier instead both ganged on me and telling to my face with lips that is 1-inch away from my face, “or what, what you gonna do, do you want to get beat up or what! bitch, you fucking bitch etc etc etc…!”

When the store manager Marc (last name: BiTewLin?) came out he didn’t ask for any reason but drag me aside thinking I was the one who caused trouble (this is my first time visiting geenbelt’s CVS & I all want was to purchase medicine and leave), the manager instead of telling off the girls, drag me aside and told me to leave or get out (couldn’t remember which)!!

I would have left if I wasn’t in a hurry to buy my medicine, after paying in the back cash register that manager drags me to (with Marc stand and eyeing me)! Making me look like a criminal or trouble maker! I left with Marc seeing me out of the store.

This happens at March 11, 2011 at 6:30PM if you are of someone of authority in CVS, you NEED TO VIEW THAT VIDEO FOOTAGE, I certainly was not the person that done anything while waiting in line, I didn’t even say a word and all this caused me great stress, humiliation and pain! I was the victim in this case while your manager and the cashier along with her friends are same perpetrators

I WILL FILE LAW SUIT IF THIS ISN’T RESOLVE TO A SATISFACTION! I still keep the receipt on the day# 2502.0161.0709.5141.33

Contact me at: for more details.


i always go to cvs everyday. previously i purchased 20 game card two times and the salesperson asked for my last 4 digit of my credit card number. this also happened again when i had a higher amount on my purchase. than i went in again and purchased two 20 dollar game cards and that salesperson did not ask for my 4 digit number of my credit card. my question is this illegal to ask for my credit card number if so i need to find out for legal purposes. if they are do this illegally the cvs i am referring to is the one on green street in new baltimore mi.


There’s a CVS pharmacy employee by the name of EVA at store number nine five eigth three in SANTA ANA AND SHE IS VERY RUDE! She never lets the customers use the restroom. Every time I go to CVS to shop she’ll follow me around like if I want to steal something in fact one day she kicked me out of the store. I think this is not good service!


Oh how we miss the days of Long’s Drugs ! At first when CVS came into the picture we had great feeling this would be a good company and that they would take care of their employees ! WRONG over the last 18 months they have done everything and nothing to make CVS a nice place top shop ! The stores are dirty, the employees are required to vaccumm, mop the floors, take out the trash and clean the restrooms and toilets, all because CVS will NOT pay for professional janitors, except for the Beauty 350 locations that cost 1 million $$$$$$ oer store.

We are paid crap wages and hours are cut to the bare bone to ensure the management get’s their numbers right and who cares of we can’t pay our rent or bills. Forget the poor customers who can’t find the items that are looking for because there are not enough staff to stock the shelves abd do check out the shelving and how dirty they are behind the products.

The poor communicatiion between management and the DM’s just goes to show you that they don’t give a rat’s a$$ about our concerns or issues that make us unhappy employees. I gave up shopping at CVS, even with my employee discount as I find the prices and selections at Target Stores much better. Besides why get called up to the office to be reamed over something you did not do by a manager who has no idea who or what you are to CVS as a person.

CVS is suposed to stand for Consumer Value Shopping, what a joke, it’s more like crap virus shit with regards to the stock and CVS’s plan to copy each and every brand name product as their own which fails to live up to the standards that the major brands do.

Enough said, check it out for yourself and ask your favorite cashier, if you can find them what’s up? 10-4 over and out CVS Sucks. Me Twinkle Toes


Stopped in to CVS store. Corner of Bustleton Pk and County Line Road. Phila/Feasterville,PA. Went to purchase items at register in front of store. I’m standing there waiting to pay and cashier (Linda) tells me to go to back of store register in pharmacy cause she is busy. I said”I have problem walking” and at that point I remembered why I do not go into that CVS store. I complained to the store manager last year about the cashier’s rudeness. And had a feeling nothing would be accomplished by my complaint. I had mentioned these episodes to friends and family in the area. And they told me that is why they do not go into this CVS.

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