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Workers were out this morning on Bluemeadow and Livingston rd 2 trucks, my complaint is that they drove one of the vehicles on my property which caused the ground to sink in with the ground saturated due to the wet weathered did not help accidents happen but before leaving they should have repaired the area that was damaged.


I keep getting phone calls regarding knee braces, braces for pain for knees, always about knee pain from this exchange and phone # 513-634-0834. I am really tired of all of these scam phone calls. There must be a blue million of them from this same exchange. I know that you are making money from these scam phone calls which are from cell phones. PLEASE-track them down and stop these harassing phone calls. Maybe my next complaint should be filed with the FCC if you don't get a handle on these bogus calls who are trying to steal our personal information. Thank you. Please call me with success in stopping these annoying calls. 513-661-8439 and 513-633-1712.


Ordered wireless internet and tv bundle from Cincinnati Bell. Over the course of weeks, from the beginning, almost nothing worked. "wireless" internet seldom worked at all. When it did the speed was too slow to use on laptop 30 ft away. TV worked now and then. Several calls to "tech" support, nothing was ever accomplished. After 2 weeks I gathered all the equipment given me and took it back to the Cincinnati Bell. First ridding of the internet that never worked correctly then later took back all other equipment.

Now I'm being billed $122.71 for a month's service which I certainly did not receive. I received zero benefit from this experience. Only lots of time on the phone trying to fix the problems. I do not feel that I should pay for this alleged "service".

Account #: 8591042825017


I own Angilo's pizza. I have two Cicinnati Bell phone lines. 742-0555 which is working. And 742-0552 which is not working. The number is my credit card line. I have been told that Cincinnati Bell cannot repair my 742-0552 line for the next 7 days, which leaves me unable to accept any credit/debt cards. I have tried to convey the urgency of this situation to your repair personnel on the phone, but they really don't care and just keep telling me how sorry they are for the inconvenience. I don't understand why it would take 7 days to schedule a line man to check out my phone problem. I pay Bell promptly every month. Account #513-742-0555 643. If I don't get this 742-0552 line fixed by tomorrow, we just might not need Cincinnati Bell... to service us any longer.


I am not getting my all my subscribed services. How can I contact Bell corporate to file a complaint with the CEO?

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