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Toll free phone number: 1-800-334-7226

Autopage is a leading vehicle security system retailer in the United States. Founded in 1979 in Southern California the corporate offices are now located in Commerce, CA.

If you experience problems with one of Autopage’s systems, you will find the following telephone numbers helpful. The main customer service number is 1-800-334-7226 and if you are local you may call 310-294-8135. The fax number is 1-800-903-8839 and customer support in Canada is 905-625-5196.  

If you wish to mail the President with your concern you may address your communication to Mike Northup, President, Autopageusa, 5349 Zambrano Street, Commerce, CA 90091. The homepage at their website has a useful “customer service” tab and then you will be able to access a useful page providing product manuals.

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I called in on the 14 January and was passed from Pillar to Post spending almost an hour and ahalf on the line with different consultants who all had something different to say, eventually i was put through to Nomsa who clarified that she could clear see from her side that there was a limited placed on my account and seemingly the network failed hence i was billed more which was an error on their side. I was than put through to another department and spoke to Precious who promised to sort this out and have a manager call me back, on the Friday my account was credited with R188, however no cutesy or explanation was given.

A week later on 22 January, i called Autopage and got through to Belinda, who put me through to another department and the call was handled by kelvin, that call cut and I was not called back bearing in mind that I had just been on the Line for 30min. I called back and spoke to Nokupiwe who acknowledged everything I expressed and assured me that a manager would callback. Sadly we take these contracts with service providers who steal from our accounts and give lousy explanations.

When Autopage network fail, why is it that I as a client get charged more, Why does Autopage not take responsibility for their errors. The worst part is that clients spend hours on these call and bear in mind that Autopage is not a toll free number, so we get charged to call them and they never call us back.

I regret the day i took a contract with Autopage.


Worst service ever at the Autopage Irene Mall. I went in to do a sim swap, paid all the money was told that it will be activated in 24 hours after 28 hours I phoned and was first told he will check. Half an hour later I called again, I got told it is a head office network problem. I phoned head office to be informed that he only submitted the sim swap 18 hours later and that means I have another full day to wait. The biggest problem is that he lied. Worst company ever, there is no other Autopage in our area so we don't have any choice to go to this shop. This is not the first time, I have never been to this store that there was not a problem.


During the month of September 2015 I discovered that Altech Autopage is debiting money from my standard bank account till to date. I completed the fraud incident form and fax it with no fruitful result. Someone has bought a phone at cape town one of your stores while I have never been there. I live in and am employed as a police officer. Please help me as I have already opened a fraud case at Or Tambo airport with ref. 16/11/2015. I request also any money that is owed to me be paid back.


Here is my latest Autopage complaint. My phone has been suspended for the third day now! Everyone is telling me this is a network related problem and i will just have to wait. I cannot access my emails or anything. I would like to know how Autopage will be paying reimbursing me for this. I am very very upset that i just have to wait for the corporate office to get through all the Autopage complaints and respond to mine, since I have seen hundreds more out there so far. My account is always paid on time. Maybe if i was in arrears i would get better feedback or more attention from Autopage.


Good Day, My husband has been customer for over 16 years with the same number. His phone was ****** on the 21st of September 2015. I went to Middelburg Mall Auto Page, they did block the phone and did a sim swab. But then I struggled for over a week to get the IEM nu ex. The Middelburg Mall Auto page did nothing for me, they only kept telling me to wait for the number in order to open a case nu at the police. After many calls to Auto Page I found this numbers on my own. Then Middelburg Auto page inform me that it may take up to three weeks to submit my insurance claim.

Once again I contacted Head Office and they send me the forms to complete. I did send it threw to Middelburg Mall, but I have not yet, up to date 13 October 2015 heard a single thing from them, I have all the E mails and you can go threw my bill to confirm the fact that I have many times tried to sort this out. Out of desperation I went to the Groblersdal Auto Page, they then again submitted the forms again, this was in the beginning of October, once again, they make promises to send me the tracking number and to contact me as soon as my phone arrive. I need to say, that after my complaint, Auto page did contact me and apologized.

My only concern remaining is the fact that I still do not have my phone, when will I get it. And secondly, why did Auto Page Middelburg Mall only told me that I can only get a Galaxy Grand Neo Trend, I asked them why, because I have a big contract, but they insisted. Funny enough, my daughter got exactly the same contract as me and she was offered a CAT smart phone


I was contacted by a sales agent from your Sandton branch for an upgrade but I informed them that I was not going to renew my contract that will end in September 2015 however up further conversation with the consultant , we came to an agreement on a structured deal that suited my affordability. I was then informed by that consultant that I will receive my phone within three (3) working days which satisfied me.

Three (3) weeks has since past from this initial call and I did not receive my phone after which I call that Sandton branch on 26/08/2015 and spoke to Thapelo, the branch manager who assured me that he will sort out this problem and will get back to me that same afternoon which up until this email nothing has happened. If your company is service orientated, then you'll give a new meaning to the word service. It is for these reason that I won't deal with your establishment now and in future and will definitely spread the good word about your service.

This in short is me telling you'll to get stuffed.


Cancelled a contract with Autopage and requested the number to be on pay as you go. After lots of calls and frustration this was sorted out. I migrated to a new service provider with my number only to find that I am still invoiced for the contract. Tried to cancel this contract and get refunded with no luck, no response although I have reference numbers through their call centre.


I would like to lay a formal complaint with Autopage regarding my account. I have made numerous inquiries with you guys of an incorrect deduction on my account and you guys have still not sorted out my query. Its been 5 months and you guys are still deducting incorrectly from my account, ref number is 595866/ 649795. I have spoken to many employees who said it will be sorted out and still same ****. I have spoken to employees who said it will be handled.

I spoke to another employee on 13/05/2015. She said there is number(contract) on my account that's not suppose to be mine. I cancelled my 0745897377 and paid the settlement amount in January 2015. I have since queried every second or third week to refund my money and to cancel the number, I spoke to another rep in accounts who said she will put me on a cash basis but still an amount was deducted end of this month and I also paid R150 now, so what the f... is going on in your accounts division, I keep on calling and nothing seems to be done. please sort out your ****...


I have been with Autopage for many years. I decided to get an iPad, and my phone account went up but was still okay to manage. Then all of the sudden this month my account was debited for the amount of R5700!!!!! I phoned and asked them what happend, all they could say was I used data... Impossible!

I phoned on Friday the 1 May, and also asked to get my bill emailed to me, but received nothing. So I phoned again on Monday the 4th of May. I asked for a breakdown of my account, and yet I received nothing up until today. I have never used that much data and would like to get an answer.

Two or 3 months ago I have also received a bill over R3000! I was told it was Facebook on my phone. I have deleted Facebook from my phone that I am using so what could be the excuse this time? This is ridiculous! This amount of R5700 is more than I pay on my car. I want feedback as soon as possible please.


My reference number is 660127. You charged me R 1957.92 for data. I paid R 350 for 5gb and only used 3.8gb. Your staff said I changed it to 1gb but you kept on billing me for 5gb. My phone got stollen and now you say I owe you money so you cannot supply a new phone. I hope this is a level of Incompetence and not fraud. The query was lodged in January this year already.

My next step is to consult with my attorney, maybe for a class action against your company. I think one advert in the papers we should have enough clients to hire the best council money can buy. I do hope there is merit in this to charge you with fraud. According to the complaints on the Internet there is a pattern with you billings. It is time someone takes action!


Upgrade contract in March. receive Nokia Lumina used for 3 weeks then showed me I must "slide down to close" after I did that phone do not want to come on again. Took it in to Autopage Richardsbay, came back unrepaired - technician told them I handed the phone in to be repaired by another company/person. I got witnesses that can state that I DID NOT HANDED THE PHONE IN FOR REPAIR AT ANOTHER PLACE. Being by Autopage for long I this is the services I get, that's so bad, no one want to help only believe what technician say. This phone is maybe a fabrication fault now I
must pay for something that I am blamed for and is not even MY fault.


I have a problem with autopage, they keep on deducting money on my account but I have never open any account with them!


I would like to find out that why are you trying to deduct R472.50 in my account because I finish paying this account in May 2012. My balance was R412.80 and after my last payment, you continued deducting my money. I called to cancel that stop order. I even went to the bank on November 2012 to cancel that stop order, I had a one (1) year contract not 4 years contract.

I notice that from last year you've been trying to deduct money from my account why? I don't have any contract with altech autopage since my last contract with you. Even then altect was deducting double the amount after paying. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS THIS R472.50 FOR WHO OPENED THAT ACCOUNT AND WHAT DID YOU GIVE THAT PERSON, BECAUSE I DON'T OWE AUTOPAGE. THE ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED AFTER I MADE SO MANY CALLS


Me and my colleague received massages today that we have amounts of R18353.77 outstanding, which is a joke! Autopage even blocked Peet's phone! We work for the same group ( Powertech Batteries- Altron ) and both of us has contracts with Autopage for years, but I am seriously considering writing a letter to Dr Bill Venter to inform him of the bad service I have received over the last few months! I have reported a stolen phone, just to be told 2 days later that I didn't, didn't receive statements anymore and had no reply on complains that I lodge, so I guess this one will also be ignored? The idiot that forward these massages today should be fired! May be one should indicate on a big bill board how bad the service is from Autopage, like the person who did it with cell.


My cell and my collegue both received massages today that we have outstanding amounts of R18700.77 witch is ridiculous! Autopage has blocked Peet's phone. We work for the same group and we both has a contract for many years with Autopage and I am seriously considering the bad service that I experience over the last view months from Autopage. I have reported a stolen fone just to be told that I didn't, I don't receive any statements anymore, I lodge a complain with no reply and I guess that this complain will also be ignored! The idiot that send these massages today should be fired! Maybe one should also put up a billboard that indicated how bad Autopage service is, like the person who did that with Cell C?


I have upgraded my line 084 309 2161 the 27 March 2015. I have agreed to a package for a 40" Samsung Smart FHD TV, with a Samsung Galaxy Trend Phone for the amount of R448.00 pm. I received my hand set on the 30 March 2015. When I opened the package, I noticed that the incorrect handset has been delivered. I immediately phoned Altech Autopage and advise them that they have sent the incorrect hand set. They said this was the hand set that was agreed on. Which obviously wasn't. Then I was told that the conversation must be pulled, so that they could listen to the conversation as to what was agreed on. They told me that it should take 24 - 48 hours and then it should be sorted. It is now the 8th April, no one is coming back to me with any answers.

I phone Retentions everyday, and everyday there are excuses they still waiting for the recording. The Managers are in meetings all the time, and when you leave messages they do not return your call. The 40" Samsung TV was due to be delivered within 7 - 10 days. I have heard yesterday from Retentions that there is no stock. They can also not tell me when they will have stock. No one at Altech is compotent to assist. The managers make promises that they can't keep and no one returns any calls. The customer service at Altech is very very poor. I am an ex Nashua Mobile customer, and for the 18 years being a client with Nashua, I have never had any complaints with Nashua. This is the worst cellular supplier I have ever had to deal with. It is unacceptable. Regards.


I have received a new phone which I was updrading.the phone game with a wrong sim card (micro sim) and I had to contact your department at my own cost for them to send the correct sim which was nano sim.i then again struggle to get hold of the person who said I must call him as soon as I receive nano sim until I contact customer care at my own cost again. On Friday 20/03/15 I called customer care as I was experiencing battery problem with my new Samsung A3 which I did not use for more than a week. Battery problem started after I downloaded few apps and I thought that was the only problem. They promised to send a courier to come and collect the phone .then it started to not using data bundles for internet .then restarted it to factory settings. I called again on Monday 23/03/15 or Tuesday 24/03/15 and still I was told that they will arrange for it to be taken back
And I will be contacted shortly but I was never contacted until now and the phone I am nt using Is not fair for me to pay a phone that I am not using and the painful thing is as my current contract expires this month of April they will start to debit next month for that A3 .I lost interest to continue with it .What is the solution to that


I upgraded last year with the blackberry z3 I use the phone for two days it was having a problem of microphone then I send it back to be fixed but it came back having the same problem and I went to the. Store to tel them that the phone is having the same problem so I told them that I don't want that phone anymore because it is the new phone but it gives me problems then they told me that they will talk to their boss until then when I went back the store was closed down in Vanderbijlpark Gauten I never received my phone til to day I'm dissapointed.


I have been to Irene branch over 10 times in the last two months trying to sort out my account. I opened my contract at the end of January for an Ipad Air 2. Everything went smoothly and i was told it would come off my account at the end of February with the Pro Rata amounts for January Which i was happy with. When i opened my account i clearly requested that its a closed account (Prepaid) and Freddie told me it was and i dont have to worry. Come end of February an amount of R1900 comes off my account!I asked Freddie why and he told me i went over my gigs. I asked him to recall me clearly asking him to put it as prepaid and he apologized and said the store will pay the difference and i should reverse the debit order with my bank. Which i did. I asked him to please sort it out asap and he said he would. I then opened another account for an LG 3.

Which again went very smoothly. But now suddenly i start receiving smses on my phone telling me i owe R1900 and if i dont pay they will suspend my service?! Then on the 25th of March they suspend my phone connectivity and now im sitting here with a useless phone! But thats not all, On the 25th of March two amounts go off my account! One for R1074 and the other for R1296.00!! I mean this is simply unacceptable. I havent had data in my Ipad for two months because of Freddie and the Irene team, My phone got cut off, Large sums of money keep going off my account that have nothing to do with what i signed up for! and im just so tired of this. It seems to me that Autopage is quick to sign every body up and make everyone happy but once the sale is made ALL forms of customer service go out of the window! I have never experienced this level of customer service. Its Shocking!


I have had an contract with autopage for a while. In the last 15 months it has happened to me twice that Autopage did not give me my 1 gig data from October last year. It has happened before as well. Now Autopage has just given me the credits for the amout that I payed for the 1 gig each month. I think it is very easy to realize that you are stealing my money. Autopage needs to credit me the full amount because I was paying out of bundle rates every month. The contract that I signed with you was for a additional 1 gig of data every month. It took autopage several months to realize that you did not give me the 1 gig and now you think I should take the costs on me. I will not. I demand my money back. I will get my lawyer and I will never pay one month of a contract with you. You are the worst company and can't even rectify you mistakes. Very angry soon to be x-customer of Autopage.


I have a My Call 200 contract with Autopage and have an additional data package of 500MB per month. My contract already includes 200MB of data and I also receive a 275MB free for purchasing an internet bundle during a promotion, in total 975MB available to use per month. These data bundles are confirmed on a monthly basis via SMS. My Samsung Note 2, like all Samsung smart phones, has the ability to set data usage and limits so that users can monitor and limit data usage. My phone settings are set to warn once 685MB has been used and the limit is set at 950MB. According to my understanding once a phone’s limit is set, a user is not able to go over that limit. My data usage according to my device between 16 Nov and 05 Dec is 505MB.

I would like to request an official report to explain how excessive data charges were allowed to be charged to my account and why I it took so long to inform me. I was only informed by phone call when my account was already R5787.43. I then received a SMS a short while later (10h11) to inform me that my account has been suspended due to high data usage. When I called Autopage on 08.12.2014 to try and rectify this obvious mistake, I was told my account was now standing on over R 11000. I request that this is also explained, why was my account still climbing after my account was suspended?

When I phoned on 11.12.2015, Aldrin informed me that my account has increased again. He said that he could see that something didn’t look right and that there has been a bug on their system that has been affecting a few clients’ accounts. He informed me that he would be escalating my query to his manager, but I still haven’t heard any feedback from this. I have spent hours on the phone with Autopage head office during the month of December, on my own account of course. I have sent emails to Aldrin Ridgard on 11.12.2014 and 17.12.2014 requesting an investigation into what caused the data usage and what websites were accessed. I'm upset about ridiculous data charges and now my phone suspended for 11 week and still no explanation!


Hi, I phoned yesterday regarding my 1 contract where I did not get my allocated airtime, I was told I get this on the 1st of the month, which did not happen, I had 1000mb data, and after I was told to do something on the phone I had 3mb left, and still no airtime, then I was told to finish the R20 airtime I topped up with, then I will see that the 200minutes I have will work, the consultant was very rude when I tried to ask how I can sort this problem out as my son need to be able to phone, he is a security guard and need to have airtime, he then put the phone down on me, I phoned again, and still have not had my query sorted. I see on Hello peter that there are more people complaining about the same problem, I need this to be sorted as I am paying for something that I dont get. I think this is pathetic to have service like this, my contact details.


I'm upset about Autopage the November bill was R2763 instead of R707 as the usual amount, so when I asked them they don't explain to me. They told me it's about data. If I really used a data up to that amount I know how to check the data on my phone in the first place. This is a rip off & now they suspended my phone & still they didn't explain to me what went wrong.


I have purchased a blackberry 9360 from Autophage cellular in Feb 2010 and not even three months ago after the purchase i had problems with phone. Thereafter this year Feb phone again i seem to have a problem with my phone again. My phone battery was dying within 2 minutes and my phone kept on freezing all the time. I gave in my phone in on the 01 March 2013 and ipod till now they have not sorted it yet. i am so disgusted with Autophage cellular and mtn service. it is really patethic i will not deal with them ever again. intact with all my phone issues i have been admitted to hospital . i have been through a very traumatic experience which really just made me sick .


I have a 24 month topup R200 contract with altech autopage. Our initial agreement was to pay R214 . For the past few months I have been paying more than R360. On 13th April I was promised a refund within 7 working days but to no avail. I ‘m even contemplating to to cancel the contract immediately if my problem is not solved.


On 12 April 2013 around about 16h15 I received a call from one of Autopage consultant who is an African male. She told me about being valued Autopage customer and that they have special offers for me. He continued explaining those packages they were offering. I told him that I am not interested at all. He then suggested that he SMS those offers for me to have a look at them. I agreed to that suggestions. All I needed is to peruse those packages. I clearly stated to him that I’m happy with the package I have with Autopage and I do not need any further package. Subsequently I received SMS with the following :1.Milc subscription AP-1160444-1, 2.OneBox e-mail, 3.MyMusic Voucher code MS2527596107. I did not order any of these stupid things. I received a call from Autopage consultant. I do not appreciate this calls where things are imposed to a customer.. I am annoyed by this. I am even considering canceling the contract I have with Autopage. I feel misled here. Kindly investigate this and come back to me.


In December 2011, I went to Autopage, Paarl, to take out a data bundle contract for my 13 year old son. I was very specific about the contract, confirming that if the usage (according to the contract) is exhausted, additional data bundles could be purchased, if needed – like a top-up and that the usage can NOT go above the contract bundle!! After being assured and re-assured about this, the totally contrary happened!

I was hit with a huge bill of R3780 instead of the agreed AND salesman confirmed amount of R149 per month! After phoning the call centre more that five times as well as the Paarl branch, NOTHING has been resolved!! In the meantime, the salesrep that concluded the contract with me, is no longer in their employment and I was told that there is nothing that can be done and I just need to make arrangements to pay it off!

My budget has never allowed for that – therewith the 100% confirmation from the salesrep that the amount could never exceed the R149 per month contract! I am TOTALLY shocked and disgusted with Autopage about this, as I have been with them for years with my other contract!!! (and I was really happy with them all this time!)


I have been a cusotmer of Autopage since 2006 in my private capacity. In March 2009 my company took over the account in the nmae of Labuscagne and Partners. Since then i have upgraded in october 2009 and taken my phone in twice for repairs. At no stage was I informed about this nor was I ever sent a statement. In October 2011 when I wanted to take out a 3G contract with MWeb I was told my credit rating was bad. On trying to get an answer from Autopage I was first told that my account was all in order and then on further insistance nobody was prepared to give me a definite answer ansd said that \prabesh would get back to me.

He never got back to me and after several phone calls I managed to get through to him and he subsequently put the phone down on me. Eventually I received a statement dated July 2009 wiht an ammount. I have sent several e mails asking for clrification on this as to when these calls were made and for what period was this billing for and all I get is no response or the same statement is sent back to me with no explanation. What is Autopage hiding and why was I not informed about this even when it was sent to the Credit bureau.


12 October 2011. ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLUlAR/ VKP. Altech Autopage Dealer Code: D09486. To Whom It May Concern: I Thelma Ntimane have been trying to get hold of VKP Company to follow up on my cancellation application for the contract phone, because Iam receiving invoices from Auto page that I have to pay, Fist point VKP telephone number and fax number both do not exist, Second point the lady I spoke to at Altech yesterday told me that they don’t have the contact details accept their e-mail address of which they can not provide me with them, my concern is that if the Company does not have contact details then to me it’s a fraud.

Third point the lady from Altech Auto page told me that if I have to cancel the contract phone I need to pay R6000 for cancellation, but the phone is sealed in the box. Fourth point if this letter is not attended of as the matter of agency I will go to the media and open a case for fraud and criminal activities and I will not be robbed like that and will follow this up. Fifth point letters for cancellation have been sent to Altech Auto page since VKP does not respond. Sixth point I need voice recoding of every conversation from VKP.


I have no idea on what to do next as I do not think people working for Autopage can understand english. How many times must I phine and tell them that my debit order date is the 1st of every month. Thanks to you company, my credit record is now in the mud. Everytime you feel fit you try and take the debit order of my bank and now do you have any idea how much bank fees I have to pay in due to your stupidity. My date is the 1st of every month and when I phone in I get told it is on the first of every month, THEN WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP ON TRYING TO TAKE IT OFF ON THE 15TH AND 22ND.

Your company has such a bad name regarding this particular problem. Wake up… I will never use Autopage again and will make sure that if anyone wants to take a contract out with you, I will tell them how incompetent your company is.


I have been a client of autopage cellular for about 16 years. Account No 1.10543789 and 1.10026018. Debit orders are usually put through on the 30 or 31 or 1st of the month. This month they went through on the 29th – my funds only go into my account on the 30th. Well thanks to ABSA wonderful service they bounced the debit orders – i them contacted autopage to ask them to please bear with me until i can go to Port Elizabeth and manually pay the two amounts – usually R 212 each. Whats happens after 16 YEARS and as far as i can recall the first problem with a debit order and i sent a message saying i will sort out the payment as soon as i can get to Port Elizabeth as i live in Addo and there is no ABSA here.

What do they do suspend both my accounts. As much as i understand accounts need to be paid on time at least expect someone to contact me and speak to me before just suspending. DISGUSTED CLIENT OF 16 YEARS??????????


Not only does AutoPage consultants tell lies to customers they also send faulty stock to a person. Recently I requested some assistance from the helpdesk, after receiving information that I thought was true I made an decision bassed on the information received. d nr 1 the information was incorrect, seems to me they are to quick to make a sale, so they don’t check that the information is correct that they pass on to the customer. 2ndley the phone that I received was clearly damaged and a second-hand phone, the box was opened and the fact then concealed by sticking another sticker on it.

Just when I thought things can’t get any worse, I was told that I could only get a replacement phone dispatched to me when AutoPage received the phone back. On Thursday an hour or 2 after delivery I was promised by another agent that the phone will be picked up on Tuesday. But to my disgust the phone was never picked up. Getting home I get an e-mail from the very same incompetent AutoPage consultant saying the following “HI sir I know the phone nokia 5230 does not come with car kit. I can get management to get the call recording.

Thanks” where just a week before I received the following” HI sir The nokia 5230 does come with car kit. Thanks” all of these discussions happened via e-mail and I would like to see the recordings on that. Here is an e-mai even worse “Hi sir Please can I get the couriers to collect the phone I want to apologies due the broken seal Or damaged box Thanks JUDY ” this person should not even be allowed to give advice at all.


I’ve been phoning PE Autopage Greenacres for about a month now. My husbands daughter has got a blackberry phone from Autopage and it broke so she send it in on the 14th FEBRUARY 2011 and up to date got absolute NO SERVICE from Autopage she then asked me to phone and I spoke to them and they keep on promising that the phone will be here and the day come and nothing happens NO PHONE!!!! Monday(28 MARCH2011) they told me the phone will be here on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY (yet another lie). I phoned them on Wednesday(30 March 2011) to find out and Christel said she will come back to me in 5 min. Nobody got back to me instead they phone Carene telling her that the phone will only be here on MONDAY(4th APRIL 2011).

they are struggling to get transport for the phone what load of BULLSHIT!!!! I phoned Christel today (Thursday 31 March 2011) and listen to this they were out of stock of phones but they have received it and it will be here on TUESDAY 5th APRIL 2011 !!!!!!!!!!! So please can you get me any support on this matter because this is ridiculous if you got any trustworthy support were there THURSDAY IS THEIR THURSDAY and not FRIDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY PLEASE !!!


I went in to the autopage shop in the new checkers centre in ballito on approx the 18 feb 2011 and asked that overseas roaming be activated on my phone as i was going overseas on holiday.the application was filled in and was told that it would be done within 48 hours. Approx two weeks later i went in to the same shop and there was a different person at the desk. Upon enquering what had happened about my request, i was informed that the previous person had lost my details and it had not been done! this was a lie as my cell number was logged in the book. I went through the same process again and this time told 24 hours. WELL! i am in Australia since 9th march and still no roaming on my phone. whats happening autopage? i have been with you since 2001!


After complaining to autopage about charging my account for sending filthy sms to the phone that my wife is using, they offered to refund only half my money. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I have never subscribed to any such nasty service, can you imagine a 54 yrs old lady who is deeply involved with her church to receive adult messages on her phone. I will not stop until they refund me with ALL THE MONEY that they have taken out of my bank account without my permission. SHAME ON YOU AUTOPAGE, I hope that THE CROOKS OF SMART CALL that you work with and line each others pockets will jam your mother’s cell phones with the same filthy nasty sms in order to understand how I feel.

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