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on a recent flight to orlando from ireland i paid for 5 tickets with a travel agent in killarney southern ireland 3 adults 2 kids aged 8 and 9 years old flying from shannon to newark to orlando and orlando to newark and newark to shannon on both times we left newark 25 october and return on 2 of nov our kids were put sitting on their own as far as im concerned your company will have no luck in the future when your treating children like this i presume you alredy realise this is my last booking with american airlines


To whom it may concern receiving complaints about the service Eulen America:
I hereby make a formal complaint about the mistreatment and disrespect observed an employee of Eulen America named Olga, Mrs. old lady, gray hair with glasses, skinny and short, who did not want to provide us with her name or show his identification, covering it with his hands so we could not see it when we express our feelings towrad the way she was treating passegners, specially Cubans. This happened this afternoon, February 24th, at 2:00 pm in the Concourse D / E (for connection flights). This lady by the name Olga. treated contemptuously Cubans who tried unguided to walk out that door, and even some discrimination actitude was noted in her actions when he shouted: "Cubans are not allowed to use this exit, they must go down". However, many other passengers used that exit, without having any connections, but she apparently only referred to Cubans, by identifying them by their appearence and look like. More than once we saw her mistreat and humiliate comrades of the same staff, in front of everyone. When we told, (three people who were observing their behavior), we intend to file a complaint against her and asked for her name, she brought her 'Supervisor' Mr Miche Sixtol, who told us that she was not there to serve the customer, and that he could not give us her name, nor his name, since they worked for a private company. Similarly we saw he tried to prevent us to see his name, but we could see it. Olga's name we knew because we asked one of his coworkers, since all the time she hide her identification with her hand, so we could not see it.
They laughed at us when they saw we could not find someone to take seriously our claim, at least make known the discriminatory treatment of this person towards Cubans, whoonly showed a face of bitter and frustration towards passengers. We approached her just to ask a question, without even letting us finish it. I had to explain to some Cubans thatalso approached her to ask about Cuban flights, but as soon as she heard the word "Cuba" she not even allowed them to finish formulating tjir questions, and simply pointing his finger she sai in a loud voiced: "Cubans must go down ".
For your information, there were people who had the decency to guide us and tell us that this was the best way to make the complaint, and told us that it was not the first time similar incidents had been reported about Mrs. Olga, but no actions had been taken.
This same complaint I have posted on the website of Eulen America, hoping it gets to the appropriate persons/executives, so that this time action be taken to avoid this kind of situations. It is important to note that attitudes like this make a very bad image of the companies involved in any work done at the Miami International Airport, which counts on such a great international prestige.
I would appreciate a response to my emial.
Maria M. Brito


This is a follow-up to a previous e-mail complaint that I made earlier this morning, 3/19/2013. Because of our counselled flight, I requested had 2 (two) round-trip airfares. Reason for was because we lost one full day of our Cancun vacation. To add insult to injury ,we were booked on the next flight at 1;40 pm and that flight was also delayed.

On arrival to Cancun we waited patiently for our baggage, too no avail. Our luggage did not arrive. We are now without clothing and bathroom neccessities . Not only did we miss a full -day because of American Airlines ""mechicanical malfuncutions"" but we did not receive our luggage with clothing and were not able to eat out with friends this evening.

We are very dissappointed with this airlines. Doubt we will schedule another flight with your airline in the future. This is our first experience with American Airlines and it has not been good.


David M. Minniear


On November 2 my party of 5 was suppose to have nonstop American Airlines flight out of San Antonio airport leaving at 7:05 am arriving in chicago around 10:30 am. Our flight was delayed by american eagle because pilot refused to fly. We did not leave until 11:00 to Dfw airport and arrived in Chicago around 5;00pm we only had 2 days and our first day was ruined because we got caught in Chicago rush hour traffic. On our way bac on Sunday we sat on the Tarmac of dfw for 1 1/2 hours repairs. Needless to say because of the airliners I pretty much waisted my money on this trip because I did not Have enough time to do all I set out to do. Also the American Airlines customer service reps in San antonio were very rude to be specific T.k. Jones. I do believe I need to be compensated for my time loss,my party of 5 just threw our money and time down the drain.


I'm a white 62 disable female and I was asking one of your employee were do I catch a shuttle bus to go to a hotel and she told me that I would have to get in a line going outside so I did but when I did go outside she came up to me and ask me what the heck iI was doing I told her again I was waiting for a shuttle to the hotel she told me I was in line for the shuttle to the airplane I told her she told me to she got mad at me and told I could go to jail and she said you people think you can do whatever you want to and the person was black woman and I felt she was against white and I was very upset and wanted to cry. Also my flight canceled do to too many airplane needed to be de-iced there was 18 plane ahead of us do to all the flight crew wasn't there so by the they got one there they had to canceled the flight. They had me to the American airline desk they set me up with another flight and I ask her about staying in a hotel she gave me a voucher for a cheaper hotel and I asked her why would I have to pay for a room she told me they couldn't do nothing about so being disable is just to bad for me all this happened in Philadelphia, my flight number was 3780 the date was 1/06/15, trip number was 218-512-630-03 airline confirmation was BVBQJQ. I like to use American airline but I didn't like your employees in Philadelphia and I didn't like to be treated the way I was treated.


I have received a call from a representative concerning my necklace that they found it and they where suppose to call me back and I have not gotten a call back. I am not pleased with your service I have not only not gotten a call back but I have not received my necklace back either. I have been trying to call as well as sent several e-mail concerning this matter with no response if this matter is not resolved I will have no choice but to submit a complaint with the police department that It was taken out of my suitcase and I will never use your airline again. I have described the necklace to a tee and It also had my name and address with the neckless which is how mary got in touch with me. I have heard absolutely nothing and when I call all I do is get put on hold.Now If I am not gotten intouch with in 5 days I will go onto -facebook-twitter and pinterest and any other web site I can to let people know what kind of service you get and how things are taken out of your bags.not only was my necklace taken but my pajamas...really..baggage people are that desperate....My new address is <hidden>..My name is <hidden>..that necklace was a birthday gift..if I lost it would be one thing, but my suit case was locked.


I left for the trip of a lifetime that I have planned for a long time to Australia/NZ. My 1st flight was to LA from Sacramento on American Eagle Plane. The lady at counter said she could only send luggage to LA, not to AUS. Went to pick up luggage to recheck in LA and wifes was there but not mine. We saw both luggage pieces go onto plane. The flight was delayed because it needed more fuel and they were shuffling luggage around for 45 minutes. LA did not know where my bag was. I caught my next flight to AUS and had tour company help me follow up. I did not have my dive equipment and missed out on the barrier reef dive. I did not have my belongings and had to spend tour time shopping, missing important events. AA ruined my trip and caused me a lot of stress for 8 days. My bags didnt even leave LA for 5 days. What is wrong with the people working there. If the lady in Sacto had put something traveling to AUS maybe my luggage would have made it. This is not the first time this has happened with this airlines. I think AA needs to pay me for 8 days of my tour that caused me such stress I was not able to enjoy it like I should have. I do not want a voucher for American AIrlines as I plan to never travel with them again. I think a cash settlement for $1,000 is more reasonable and I don’t think that even covers the missed days and things I had to purchase. It does not cover the stress it caused, thats for sure. I do expect a response. If there is not a reasonable resolve to this problem I plan to write to the higher beings and the newspapers. I also no coming home this happened on another flight coming from Phoenix prior to picking us up in LA. The pilot explained exactly why they were late. Sounds like a pattern. Please respond. Thomas Morris.


I think someone been watching the clock or the 3 hr delay on the tarmac would have cost AA lots of $
AA6159 (british airlines code/share) time of flight was 18:00 At the gate we could see the plane so what was the reason for
showing it was to leave at 20;00 So then we started to board after 20;00 Then the hell began waiting another 2 1/2 hrs leaving
at 22;30 So the Captin finally told us why they had to change some electical problem and still were writing up the paper work
the rule as I know it is only after 3hrs or would there be compensation to the passengers. Good work AA you saved yourselves
lots of $, By the time we did reach LONDON there were at last 100 or more passengers that had misses their connecting flights
A real night mare for all of the parents of small children ,and disabled passengers like myself, From the time I left a bed till I arrived home to my bed was 33 hrs of hell. Why couldn’t AA have taken care of altertive flights at the very least for the passerges that put a very heavy burden on them SHAME ON AA.


Due to late AA take off of two consecutive attempts to fly to SJC from DFW (direct flight) yesterday, my business colleague and I missed a very important meeting with Intuitive Surgical in San Jose, CA. Both delays were due to AA maintenance issues that should not have happened and posed great safety risk to all passengers.

1. Tires needed changed – we only learned once onboard so had to remain on plane. No choice.

2. Then we had to return to DFW post take off emergency landing due to hydraulics failure.

3. Second plane (no sense of urgency and had to wait in long line to get assistance) had ‘Computer Malfunction’ onboard – we sat on runway for another hour.

No offer of assistance to board another flight airline was provided by any AA gate agent or representative via phone as well. We had no choice once on Plane #2 to stay on as it was out on runway with computer problems.
As this AA negligence has caused us to lose business, waste an entire business day and create an embarrassing business situation for us, I would like to request a Full REFUND or voucher to compensate this embarrassing situation.

My colleague that I was traveling with spoke to Karen Manning in Customer Relations with American Airlines and she issued an e-voucher to her (Michelle Fleming). She was told that I needed to fill out my own form to obtain the same.
My record locator number is YNRVCV and my ticket number was 0012387866966. My AAdvantage number is 2U9M168. Please contact me by phone at (903) 530-6990 or by email if you need any further information.

Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

William (Bill) R. Woods

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by William R Woods on 03/20/2014 at IP address using our American Airlines complaint form. This opinions contained in this American Airlines customer review titled, “Poor Service = Multiple Delays” do not reflect the opinions of this website.


from Ontario Calif. to San Francisco was suppose to go to Washington DC but their was a ground stop in San Francisco so I ask them about my flight so They send me to Chicago when I arrive they said they don’t make stops at GSP SC so they said they would send me to Charlotte NC before we left Captain was late and at Chicago they change gate from H3 to H2 so when I went they said I had missed the flight and I was there so they send me to Philadelphia and then after their was a 1 hour delay and then to GSP SC and all this was at American Airlines because of Untied Airlines could not get me home from 8:00 pm Sunday night to Monday night almost lost my job and no sleep for 2 days


De4ar Sir: I received an email today at 2:18 Pm EDT here in Bradenton , Florida. It told me that a ticket had been puchaed using my credit card. This ticket is absolutely fraudulent and must be cancelled immediately and you must tell me which credit card was used , what number, so I can cancel it immediately , as it is compromised now by thios mysterious traveler named: JACK SMITH. That is an obvious fake name, and ceratinly not my name: George P. Kickliter. I di dnot place this order myself and did not authrtoize such a trip. I live near Tampa, Florida, a long ways from Termpe, Arizona. Details below:
Thre email was from “Airlines” (
Your order#:4182522…………………THIS IS A FALSE/FAKE ORDER NOT MADE BY ME!!!!!!


I received an email today saying I have a reservation on AA from Mpls. to Lexingt0n on April 24th with a $279.79 charge. I have NOT made this reservation!! it’s a phony. I want to make sure this charge does not show up on my credit account. I also called American Airlines of this fraud and notified my credit card company today please verify there’ll be NO charge made. The agent told me at AA that this is a fraud…thank you for taking care of this. Would appreciate your email verifying that this has been taken care of by Amer


To whom it may concern, I am a teacher in the state of California. I was on my way home from a trip to Costa Rica. I had with me 5 students, a VP and a parent. We had spent a week traveling and learning about Costa Rica’s Rain Forest/ ecosystem.

On our way home (3-29-13), we were on American Airlines flight number 177 out of JFK flying into SFO. What I experienced on that flight was very surprising to me. We were seated on the left side of the plane right next to the serving area for first class. Very early on in the flight we witnessed a tall black man that was working in the serves area (but not serving) have what I would categorize as a childish fit.

He was loud and putting down another airline employee for organizing the service area in a way he did not like. He was waving his hands above his head and talking loud in an angry manner. The two older employes that were waiting on first class had to go in and calm him down. They were explaining to him that people just do things differently and that it was ok. The black man spent the next twenty minutes banging and shoving thing around as he rearranging the service area.

Not only did my student get to hear him putting down another employee they got to witness this episode as well. The employee he was putting down was another black woman waiting on the section behind us. She was also rude to American Airlines passengers when talking to them.

About a half hour after this happened, a passenger behind me set a wrapper and a empty cup on the tray beside this service area. The black man let into him like he was a little kid. The man said he understood not to put his stuff on that tray anymore , but the tall black man kept yelling at him.

He kept saying “you do not ever do that again” “do you understand” in a angry loud voice over and over again. The man behind me told him he understood and could do without the lecture. I have never witnessed that kind of rudeness from an American Airlines service worker in all my fly experience.

I later got up to go to the bathroom. When I walked back to my seat, a bleach blond woman (American Airlines airline employee) with a double chin was standing behind the service cart at the service center for first class. The cart was right beside my seat so I could not get to it. So I was waiting for it to move. She turned around and in a rude and loud voice said ” What are you doing”. At this point, I could see why some people got irate on airplanes.

I was talking to my parent after the flight and he expressed a similar concern about these employees. He got up to throw away his trash. He walked to the back of the plane and held out his cup for the service worker to take. She was just standing in the back. She pointed to a plastic bag about three feet away on the floor.

The two older gray haired service workers in first class (man and woman)and the gentleman who worked the back section who wore am knit cap were always professional, kind, and worked hard. The black man and women and the bleach blonde should be transferred somewhere that does not have contact with the public. Their interpersonal communication skill match that of a seventh grader. The drama they brought to the flight left a bad impression of American Airlines.

I would expect to be treated and watch other people be treated much better than this on American Airlines flight.


Dear Sir/Madam: I have being an American Air Lines traveler for almost 20 years, and never had any problems before the 29th,Feb 2012. I made a reservation to travel to Trinidad on the 7th Feb,2012 returing date Mar 14th,2012. I received an emergency call from Atlanta informing me that my mother had a hearth attack and had passed away. I made reservation to travel back to Atlanta on the 1st, of March 2012.

I was charged $257.00 US which was $1.659 TT dollars which I paid cash. I was informed by one of your AA supervisor in Trinidad that when I get back to the USA I should request a foam for an emergency waver and I must provide AA with a copy of the death certificate for my mother. I call your company on March 5th,2012 and spoke to an Agent name Mr.Bob, he won’t give me a last name. After explaining to him my concerns he sounded a bit rude and did not seem to be interested in hearing my complaint; he just said to me go on line and file my complaint.

I am 72 yrs and has never felt so insulted by one of your employees before. May I thank you for your concern in this matter.


My wife needs a wheel chair when we travel.On American Airlines flight number 1772 on 1-24- 12 from grand cayman to miami my wife was sick and was cold . We were told that blankets were no longer available butwe saw them being used in first class. this was not as bad as the situation we ran into in miami . The young man who was waiting for us with the wheelchair was very nice and took us thru to the gate for our connecting flight to detroit.Now the bad part. Wehad a four hour lay over till our next flight.My wife has very limited mobility so she needed the wheelchair to get to restrooms or restaurants.We were told by American Air we could not keep the wheelchair while we were waiting.

One young man found us a chair but a young woman told us that the chair did not belong to AA and took the chair away from us. There was no one at the desk for the first three hours so we could not ask for help. So my wife suffered for the three hours.Finally some one came to the desk and got her a chair. I am 84 and my wife is 82 this was not a pleasant time for us.I hope changes can be made so this would not happen again on American Airlines.


Dear American Airlnes… you suck big time. I believe it would be my mission to bad rep this unprofessional and disorganized airline company. American Airlines passengers be aware, two times they cancelled a flight on my. asking to leave the next day, both flights were from New York to Rio (flight # 255) and even last night (oct 07 2011) they cancelled, it was very important to me to be in Rio today saturday october 08 as there is a launching of a new condominium and I was going down there to buy an appartment, and the buyers of today would receive a brand new car.

So thank you American Airlines you cost me aggravations, time, stress, gasoline, time off from work, etc etc. I don`t thing anyone ever made me this angry, furious and frustrated in my all life, but you American Airlines succeded, be ashemed of carrying a name that represents a country like America.


Me and my husband was supposed to go to San Jose on 9 August. AA called us and said our flight is cancelled and we have to go next day. We had to go same day as it was urgent so we called them. AA put us not to direct flight to San Jose but we had to change two times our plane from Washington to Texas first then to Denver and then to Oakland. We reached midnight to Oakland. The airlines did not apologize to us and gave us any discount. We are not going to go by that airline anymore we decided.Even in plane our seats were not next to each other.


RE: Flight Number AA017, July 8th 2011. My wife & I just returned from a trip where we flew AA from St. Petersburg to San Francisco with layovers on New York & Helsinki. Upon landing in New York we went to our gate #46 to catch flight #17 to San Francisco. We arrive over twos hours early, checked in and waited like normal. Prior to the boarding, there was an announcement that flight #177 to San Francisco had been cancelled due to weather (??) and those passengers would be moved to our flight #17. When boarding began, the desk agent made a PA announcement offering the following to each passenger that was willing to give up their seats: $500 travel Credit, Hotel, Meals & Transportation, 25,000 air-miles.

The agent made another request and sounded desperate. My wife & I volunteered. The agent was very pleased as were the people that were given our seats. The agent told us to go sit down and he would get back to us at the end of boarding as he was busy. We did. Just as the doors were about to close, the agent came running up and said: “It seems we do have two seats on the plane and have rescinded the offer” I asked him to repeat that as I was not sure that this was correct. He concurred and said we had to board the plane immediately. He took our boarding cards and rushed us down the gate where we were called to hurry. He then came running up and said: We have moved your seats.

I have one seat in Business class and another in economy. Hurry and go to your seats and he went back to the desk. Upon entry into the plane we looked for our seats and found people sitting in them. They moved and is was chaotic. As a matter of record, we booked this flight well in advance to sit together for a reason. My wife just had an accident and required assistance from me and she recently lost her mother for which I was there to comfort her. We had also purchased a ticket for our son (my stepson). He did not fly back with us as his grandfather died and we changed his flight for 10 days later. So, our vacation turned into a funeral trip.

The last thing we wanted was to be forced to NOT sit together. While trying to assist my wife, I was ushered out of business class to my new seat assignment next to the kitchen seat #22H. A seat I would NEVER book for any flight. I could see my wife from where I was standing and she asked the flight attendant to assist her with putting her bag in the overhead compartment. The flight attendant looked at my wife in disgust and said: “What, You can’t even lift your own bag” My wife replied: “I have a shoulder injury and need help putting it up there”.

The flight attendant replied in a very snide retort: “I have a shoulder problem too, so put your bag up and go back to your seat” and then walked away without looking back. This was very unsettling. My wife waited moment and no help came. She then came back to me at my seat area and asked me for help to put her bag up. The flight attendant was there and looked at me and said: “Are you going to help her?”. I said absolutely and went to her seat and put the bag away. The attendant was nowhere in sight, she had dispensed with us. I returned to my seat and we departed.

About 2 and half hours into the flight, my fight attendant came with a tray of water cups. He asked the lady next to me if she wanted water. When she said yes, he replied” “I will return with some other water for you as you don’t want this tap water” He then smirked at me and asked me if I wanted water. I said no as I brought my own. He returned with bottled water for the woman next to me. Oh, she was a flight attendant from another flight. This in itself was not so bad as was the obvious contempt for the water being served to me. I didn’t worry about my wife, thinking in business class is no problem with water.

But, my wife did not get any offers for any drink until food- service time. Though all the men in the cabin did. The Flight attendant was rude and non-responsive. After this I decided to watch, so I stood up in my area where I could see where my wife was seated. I witnessed the flight attendant flitting around all the men in the seats and totally ignoring my wife.
At one point my wife was fiddling with her tray and the attendant came walking by and gave it a shove as she passed.
This startled my wife and upset her. The rest of the flight was the same. I am not sure why the flight attendant was so rude and disregarded my wife in the way she did.

I do not know if in fact she also had a shoulder injury or some other calamity going on her her life. But to treat my wife with such contempt the entire flight is absolutely uncalled for. Additionally, when the gate agent gave us the offer to fly the following day, I called our transportation that was meeting us in San Francisco and concealed it. By the time we were forced to get on the plane in seats we did not reserve it was too late to call for transportation. So, after being treated like trash for hours, my wife was in tears, I was terribly tired as I had to keep moving for the constant kitchen cart preparations for a flight I had been told we would not be on.

Upon arriving in San Francisco, we had no transportation and we were going home in Santa Rosa. The taxi was $257.00 before tip and we had to wake up friends at 2;30am to bring us our keys as they had them with our car. Very embarrassing. In essence, our seats were given to someone else under the “Promises” that we would be compensated.
We were not and were forced to take alternate seats apart and we were treated very poorly the entire flight that we should not have even been on and left at the arriving airport without our preplanned transportation.

At the baggage claim help desk, I filed an incidence report which I was told would be entered into my file for your retrieval.
Do you think this was a reasonable set of circumstances? Was the flight attendant acting as American Airlines policies regulate? Was it fair to sell our seats then force us to board under these circumstances? I would very much like to talk to you about this and look forward to hearing back from you soon.


On July 8, 2011 I had reservations to travel from Maracaibo, Venezuela to Miami, Fl. on flight AA724 leaving Maracaibo at 7:AM. I made arrangements to arrive at the airport no later than 5:00AM. On the way to the airport we came upon a traffic accident which slowed us down. I arrived at the ticket counter at 5:42AM and was told that the counter had close at 1Hour and twenty minutes before the flight. I arrived just two minutes after and could not get on. I pleaded with them to let me on but they would not. I asked if there were any empty seats they said yes but I could still not get on the airplane.

I then had to reschedule through Caracas to Miami for my final destination to Lafayette, La. I was flying First Class from Caracas to Miami and Miami to Houston. After rescheduling only the Caracas to Miami flight was first class and I had to pay almost $500.00 for Coach. I also had to pay for a domestic flight from Maracaibo to Caracas. This was very stressful and inconvenient to say the least. If your policy is to shut down the ticket counter at 1Hr. and twenty minutes before flight time I am not aware of it. I have seen standby passengers board 5 minutes before flight time.

I decided to fly on American instead of Continental because Continental flies through Panama, but I may have to take that route next time. Your take it or leave it policy is not working well for me.


From India was in USA for observership in cleveland clinic- ohio in june- july and have very bad experience with american airlines by misbehaviour and felt that I was a victim of racism. I was charged 60$ for my second baggage inspite of having eligibility and permission in my ticket which already tie up with british airway. I have 1hr stressful time and mental harrassment even the matter was unsolved by higher officers. I ask for returning of undue charge with compensation of 5000$ to the airlines and british airway suggest me to ask to american airlines as they are not responsible for that. So please do needful at the earliest as part of neutral justice.


I had the misfortune to be booked on AA flight AA 1932 from Miami to Montreal on Sunday, 19 June with ETD of 20.25. I should add that I had travelled to Miami on AA flight AA248 from Brasilia on the same day. I can say with all honesty that in over 40 years of flying in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, South America and Africa that I have never experienced such inexcusable treatment by any airline as was meted out by AA in Miami on the night of 19 June and early morning of 20 June. I shall never travel AA again and will warn friends, colleagues and anyone prepared to listen not to do so. I am preparing a newspaper article to be published here in Brasilia to the same effect.

The original gate for departure from Miami was given as D46. The ETD had been revised to 20.55 by the time I arrived at the gate around 20.00 due to an hour’s delay in the arrival of AA248 due to late departure from Brasilia and bad weather in Miami which had closed the airport for a short time. There was a flight to San Juan at gate D46 and all passengers had embarked on that flight by around 20.30. At around 21.00 AA staff at the gate announced that the San Juan aircraft had been embarked before arrival of all the crew who had still not arrived.

So, Montreal AA1932 passengers were informed, we would have to wait at D46 until the gate was freed or maybe there would be a gate change. At around 21.15 a gate change to D39 was announced. On arriving there we were told that the aircraft to Montreal was still not ready and there would be a further delay of 20 minutes. This turned out to be 30 minutes at least but around 22.00 embarcation commenced. By 22.30 embarcation had been completed and dinner orders for business class passengers taken by stewardess Eva Von Bromssen although by the time she got to me on the last row of business there was no longer any alternatives.

Shortly afterwards, business class passengers witnessed the male flight attendant on the flight shouting angrily at someone trying to embark along the lines of “get off”. A few minutes later the pilot emerged from the cockpit and reprimanded the flight attendant and I caught phrases such as “I should have been consulted”. The flight attendant attempted to respond but finally turned on his heels and marched into the coach sector. A few minutes later the pilot announced that a passenger had been removed from the aircraft and his checked luggage would have to be removed. This would cause a further delay while his luggage was located and there was a critical time issue in reaching Montreal before the airport curfew there.

A little before 23.00 the pilot informed the passengers that the flight could not make Montreal before the curfew and was therefore cancelled and that we should all disembark and rebook our flights. Being in business I was one of the first to leave the aircraft and upon reaching the rebooking area I was confronted with a long queue from another cancelled flight. I waited in line until after midnight. Fellow passengers in the line told me that a young man was ejected from the flight by the flight attendant because he was either drunk or drugged and was causing a disturbance. I was also told that the flight attendant involved had also left the flight, whether ordered to by the pilot or on his own volition.

On reaching the desk I was informed that I had been rebooked on flight AA 1984 at 08.25 the next morning on coach class and that I would have to wait until 20.25 if I insisted on a business class seat. I have been delayed by volcanic ash, strikes, bad weather etc and have always been accommodated at the airline’s expense but the AA supervisor at the desk was adamant that AA was not prepared to do this. She even tried to justify the cancelation of the flight as due to bad weather which was an outright lie as the problem was caused by the removal of a passenger who should never have been allowed to embark in the first instance.

I was given a discount voucher to the Nht Courtyard Marriot and told to make my way to the exit opposite gate D25. It was around 00.30 and the Skytrain airport was no longer operating so a steady stream of exhausted passengers had to make their way to gate D25 on foot. I waited until 01.30 for a shuttle which never came and I was subsequently informed by the driver of the shuttle to another Marriot that the shuttle to the Nth Courtyard Marriot did not run after midnight. All the hotels in the region were full as I was told by the drivers of the few shuttles remaining. The airport was closed so at nearly 02.00 I had to take a taxi to a very dilapidated motel called the Miami Springs Inn with dirty bed linen and a lock on the door which did not function. I could easily have been assalted or worse.

I have given this as a personal safety share example to employees of the company I represent with advise to avoid at all cost flying with American Airlines who simply abandoned passengers to their own devices at after midnight. The discount voucher to the hotel states that a courtesy AA has negotiated a special distressed rate with the hotel. I would comment that AA has no idea of the meaning of the word courtesy. The whole episode is now in the hands of the company I was representing who I am hoping will take a very strong stance on the issue.


RE: Itinerary No. NKIJNG. I booked flights on American Airlines for myself and my three children, departing from LGA to MIA on 2/19/2011 and returning from MIA to BOS changing planes in LGA on 2/25/2011. I also had seats selected both ways. (Please see Itinerary attach). I checked into MIA airport for my return trip on 2/252011 around 12:30 p.m. and was told by the ticket agent that all flights to LGA was delayed, there was some kind of weather problem in that area. (I believe they said high winds). Because we checked in so early and they were having problems with all or most of the American Airlines flights going in that area they decided to put us on standby on an earlier flight direct to Boston.

I was also told by American Airlines if we did not get on the standby flight we will be able to take our regular schedule flight. We did not get on the standby flight, when we try to get on our regular schedule flight, we was told that that flight was booked up and we would have to go on standby on that flight. Our seats was given away. We waited and was then able to get on that flight as a “standby passenger” even though we already had selected our seats months ago. (Please see Itinerary), now my children and I had to sit apart. Then I was told that they cannot get us to BOS until Monday morning. In order for me to do this I would have to stay in LGA for 2 nights.

I was not offered a hotel or anything by American Airlines to help me with this situation. I was only told they are not responsible for the weather. The ticket agent did not seem to care about my situation. I was forced to take a taxi from LGA airport to the bus terminal. My children and I found our way, not knowing New York City, we actually got more help from the people on the street who we asked directions, and got a bus to Boston, we arrived in Boston at around 3:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. When I picked up my luggage at BOS Logan Airport, two of my suitcases were damaged. One the handle broke and on the other it was torn.

I am a frequent flyer of American Airlines and I am now considering no longer flying with American Airlines  in the future. The customer service, the attitude and not caring attitude of your employees is not acceptable.


Dear American Airlines: I recently flew from Toronto to Cancun on your airline. I had been impressed by your services on traveling down to Mexico and on Leaving Cancun to fly home I was extremely impressed with the staff at the check in counter their speed and efficiency was excellent . The gentleman there wished me a safe and enjoyable flight home and advised me that my luggage was booked all the way to Toronto. On the flight the attendants advised passengers that anyone connecting to another flight must first pick up their luggage and have it re-checked to continue their journey.I told the American Airlines flight attendant what the check in attendant had said about my luggage being booked all the way through to Toronto.

However I was told “NO” that’s incorrect I must claim and recheck it after going through customs. I waited at the carousel until all the luggage form American Airlines Flight 2212 had arrived and been claimed, but to my dismay mine was not there… no one I spoke with could help me, the check in lady for my connecting flight AA488 also advised me my luggage should have been there however there was nothing she could do, and hopefully it will get to Toronto when I arrive. So for two hours at Dallas airport and the three hours flying I was worried and concerned about my luggage, I had only taken my heart medication for one day and package the rest in my luggage, those five hours was worrisome and a real downer for me and my wife for what until that moment been a fantastic vacation. My luggage was at Toronto and was the first to be unloaded down the carousel to my great relieve.

My point is PLEASE PLEASE advise all American Airlines staff as to the luggage procedure for connecting flights to Canada and save other passengers the worry. Then instead of a negative ending experience we may all praise your airline for what was until the very end an excellent and enjoyable experience.v


I received two American Airlines Awards as a retirement gift last July. Knowing they expired in 12 months, I put together a vacation itinerary for my wife and me by mid-June; called Business ExtraAA to ticket the trip and I was pleased. Later I received an e-mail that the award had expired 7 days earlier and should call AA. I did -they said “Sorry”! I had been a Platinum Gold Elite customer for a number of years. (They used to have GOOD customer service- some years ago) – This inflexibility is a huge disappointment! I do not recommend American Airlines as a preferred airline –maybe last in line!


i made reservations on american airlines. when i received confirmation, i noticed that my wife’s name was wrong. i called american airlines and was told that i would have to pay $150 to change her name! it is more than a month until this flight. i think that it is unbelievable that you are charged to repair a mistake on a future ticket. i would think that it would be an advantage to the airline to have the correct information for their flight passengers, since national security is so tight. i would certainly consider it an advantage to know who was on one of my flights if i owned an airline. i consider this robbery and will find an alternate airline next time.


I had to change my itinerary on a return international ticket and was told I would receive the updated itinerary through email, which I didn’t get. I called back to American Airlines to ask for it to be sent again. The lady on the other end asked me to be absolutely sure because to have the itinerary resent American Airlines would charge me $5.00. When I expressed my displeasure she didn’t even bother trying to explain further, instead she transferred me to her supervisor (knowing very well I was calling long distance). I waited longer than 10 minutes, and hung up eventually. American Airlines, you should treat your customers with respect and dignity. It was a complete pain dealing with their customer service.

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