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Alltell Wireless ceased operation in 2016 and their former website is now redirected to AT&T. It was privately owned and there were 13 million subscribers and 800,000 customers in 34 states before acquisition by Verizon and AT&T. The headquarters were in Little Rock, AR and Customer Service remains 1-800-255-8351. The last CEO was Frank O’Mara.

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In March 2016, I received an Alltel Windows phone that drops calls (error code: CD-021 ISP problem) continuously every day, has one-way communication, and the screen freezes which means calls cannot be sent or received. Just think about being unable to make 911 calls. My complaint is that I am making monthly payments for a phone that does not provide the service for which I am paying. Today T-Mobile informs me that the phone is low-end; however, even though I am the inconvenienced consumer, I can "buy" a better phone! I was also told there are no free phones to offer. Thank you T-Mobile. Your representatives have helped me make a decision. I have been a T-Mobile customer for 13 years; the business relationship has now ended.


Hard to believe that ALLTEL wireless is still around these days isn't it. With so many other cell phone providers I believe this company is now just limited to industrial customers right? Makes sense. ALLTEL customer service was OK at best the last time I tried to use them.


Choose your own number and keep it for life is what Alltel has to offer. We have started off a business and wanted the 1800 toll free numbers. Alltel was a good choice for us for the variety of number choices they had. This helped us increase the sales as it was easy number to remember. You simply choose your preferred handset and decide how many handsets you require. Wow this is something that no company would offer. Thanks to Alltel which has given me good service and I am totally happy with them. Freedom of month to month plans with no lock in contracts, or choose from 12 or 24 month contracts and save on set up.


My wife and I both have had prepaid service for many years with Alltel. Last year we both received a text message from Verizon stating our service would be discontinued on January 16, 2013. I then called and spoke to two Verizon representatives who both told me I had to purchase a new phone to retain service. They were discontinuing service to Alltel phones. I was further told that if we did not use up our prepaid amounts on deposit and left Verizon, we would lose those deposits. I now have an expensive new phone I don't need that our son is paying for which is wrong.

Yesterday I called and found out that "Management" failed to communicate correctly what was happening to its employees, and they only just recently found out also. All that was changing was that internet access would be stopped on the old phones. Neither my wife nor I ever had or needed it in the first place. This was really a scam on Verizon's part apparently to get customers to go to Verizon stores and purchase new phones. Our son spent an undue amount of money to assure we had at least one phone. There should be some financial consideration given here by Verizon for this unnecessary expense. My old Alltel cell number is 417-299-8116 and my wife's is 417-299-1979. Verizon just "duped" us! 

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