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Top Vizio Complaints

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I purchased a 55" vizio tv 2 1/2 years ago and took out a 5 year warranty. On Friday, December 9, my tv had no picture, but did have audio. I contacted Best Buy where I bought it and they sent out a repair man today December 10th. He could not fix the problem on the spot and had to order the part, which he said will take 3 business days from Monday making the part to be here on Thursday and he would be back on Friday to repair it.

That makes it 1 week without a tv. I then contacted your company and was told that it would take your service people a week to get the part and fix the tv. What ever happened to quality customer service? What ever happened to overnighting a product with all this modern technology and all the different carriers out there. I am extremely disappointed in the fact that you the maker of the tv don't even have the part that is needed on hand to repair your tv in a fashionable amount of time.

I am even wondering if once this problem is fixed that another one will follow and then another one so on and so on. I am not happy with your company or with the tv at this point. I doubt very much if I will ever buy another vizio product or even refer the product to anyone. I think this matter could be rectified in a few days verses a week.


My husband and I owned a Samsung TV it was 7 years old and it started loosing rows of Pixels. We were looking for a new TV without spending a fortune. We saw Vizio E series 55U smart-cast 4k home theater for a good price so be bought it. We brought it home hung it on the wall and hooked it up. We got the remote and said it needs adjusted, well we were not aware you need an I phone to use this TV. We are not young people and technology is difficult for seniors. The baby boomers are moving on fast and furious and it just seems strange to me that you would limit yourself to just selling TV's to I phone users.

I realize anyone over the age of 4 has a I phone and is texting and using it for everything. We as seniors have had to teach ourselves everything about computers and the long list of gadgets on the market today. I saw a small ad on the box that said download your app from Google Play to your I phone and use it as a remote. We assumed it meant you could if you wanted to. I am very upset with this situation. I emailed customer service all they can say is you have to use your I phone, well what if you don't have one, Or maybe you only have one. How does the other person watch TV if the phone goes with the owner. They said buy a cheap one. Why should I ? I just spent $500.00 on a product that I can't adjust unless I have an I phone. Not a happy customer.


I just want to alert anyone who is thinking about buying a TV to please avoid buying Vizio. It's a waste. The customer service representatives are useless and doesn't give a darn thing about the customers. The executive manager "Harley" as he call himself is unprofessional and nasty. I have brought a Sony TV at about the same time I brought the Vizio. I never have any issue with my Sony, but that piece of garbage I brought started given me issue in less than a year. They replaced it with a refurbished TV which now is given me the same exact problem in less than 4 months.

The thing they called Harley told me that it is my problem what I do with the TV after I asked him " what does he expect me to do with the defective TV that they had sent me?" He had the audacity to tell me that I am putting words in his mouth, are you kidding me! I regret the very first day I brought that piece of trash. The TV is a clear image of Harley who represents Vizio. He clearly told me that he is the big boss and no one else can do anything but him. I wish I had knew that thing before I brought the TV because I would definitely not waste my money.


Internet showed a Vizio M55-C2 on sale with free delivery and PU of old TV. Went to store liked TV had clerk load TV in SUV. Set up TV and worked great. Called store to PU old TV. I was told would not PU old TV because they did not deliver new TV. Do not understand that kind of reasoning. Have purchased CPU's printers and accessories over the years. This will be the last buy.


I have had my television I thought for a year, but, Walmart's receipt says since 9/27/2013 The television has began having issues with turning on and off properly. I turn it on the switch switches on and then shows the Vizio sign for a half moment and switches off. I go through your entire process of resetting it and it works for a while then a few days later the same thing. I sent in a copy of my receipt. I thought the television was only a year old, but, they are saying and the receipt shows 9/27/2013.

Listen, I paid you $510.00 for this televison is all good faith, I love the television, but, I have to tell you, it is unfair for me to have internal problems with this equipment and you not to stand good on it. I don't have another $510. to buy another television. its wrong. what has happen to the work force in America that they can no longer produce a product of good quality.

Please help me get my television problem worked out. It is probably a power switch and that is an internal issue. This television looks like new and I have been so proud of the purchase because I rarely buy anything for me personally. I support my Daughter, my Grandchild, the dog, the cat, the fish and a business.


Approximately 2 years ago I purchased a 50" Vizio tv from your store in Brick Town NJ. I brought it home, had it hung on the living room wall by an electrician and was very happy with it. 3 days ago the picture disappeared, the sound went also. I called the cable company at first and they said the problem was not on their end. I called my electrician and he came over and took down the tv and we tried another tv using the same outlet and cables and the other tv worked fine.

I called Vizio and after doing everything the tech said he told me the tv was broke but could be repaired. He gave me the phone number of some local repairman and for only $350 he could repair it. I only had the set for about 2 years! It hung on the wall for pete's sake. Is this the type of product Target sells? I am extremely disappointed. Many people have told me to go on Facebook to the Target page and tell my story. I really don't want to do this. I have always had good experiences with Target in the past but you pay $500 for a tv and it only works for 2 years?

That seems pretty crappy to me. So the NFL playoffs are coming up and I have no tv. I am a retired school teacher who lives off his pension and social security. I don't have a lot of extra cash lying around to pay for another tv. I know I will never buy Vizio again, but I would like to think Target could do something to help.


My husband purchased a 47" Vizio TV 0n 2-18-2014. He passed away 01-26-2015. I was watching it this past Monday, January 4th, 2016 and the picture went black - could still hear voices, but no picture. I did the usual - unplugged it - turned to a different channel - left it off for 30 minutes, but with the same results. The TV was not quite 2 years old! My husband paid, tax & all, $598.00 in 2013. That means it cost me $300.00 a year to watch television, not counting the cost of the satellite. I just read many of the letters sent to your complaint dept. Many had the same problem. From the looks of it, you do not care what happens AFTER you make the sale. Your company should not be in business. And I will tell others of my experience with you!


1 just because there is no 0. Spoke to a manager tonight in customer service who was the most rude customer service rep I've ever spoke to. Absolutely didn't want to hear what I had to say or my concerns about a TV I ordered two weeks ago and have not received any notification on. Tried to cancel order but he said the shipping company has it. Funny how I've not received anything saying where it is. Now I guess I have to wait another week for them to tell me the shipping company has it. No more Vizio products for this family or my friends.


3 months after the 1 year warranty expired, the TV just went out. First picture, then sound, and in speaking with customer service rep, it is not repairable and they are unwilling to replace. It is not a good deal if it only last for 1 year, We have had an LG that has lasted for 7 years. Never buying a Vizio TV again.


I just purchased a Vizio T.V. D43-C1 at Walmart & only received a manual with ONLY in french & spanish. I only can read in English, so it's of no use to me. I called Vizio corporate office to complain & was told they can't send me one in English, I can only download it from the Vizio site. Not good enough to satisfy me, I need a hard copy. So please call someone in the warehouse & have it forwarded to me via the mail not thru the computer.


Bought a 70" Vizio TV from store 4989, 09-19-13 the tv quit working ,8-29-15 less than 2 yrs. I googled Vizio and found that they were having problems with this model [E701i-A3] Vizio said they would replace the TV just send pics and a proof of purchase. Contacted Sam's Club Office they said go to the store and get a receipt it's been less than 10 yrs., go to the store, cant find it. After 8 phone calls and several times of emailing me meaningless history they finally sent the tv purchase. Sent items requested to Vizio and they told me that it's been over 30 days and they consider my case dead. I explained the delay getting P.O.P from Sam's club and the pretty much called me a lier. Either Sam's Club owes me a TV or you can help me get it from Vizio.


On Oct. 23, I purchased as Vizio sound bar as well as a digital optical cord (Appx.$24.00). My total bill was $248.00. The digital cord was suggested by the sales rep. It turned out the cord would not fit my TV. The next day I went on vacation for 2 weeks. Upon my return, I went into the Munhall, Pa .location to return the cord. It turns out I was only 2 days late and was told I could not get a credit for it because of the 15 day return policy. I have made many purchases at that store and to refuse a credit over 2 days is not right. I left the store and cord as well as my receipt. I would appreciate someone looking into this matter.


Ok so I purchased a 70 inch E701i-A3B model as a refurbished via on Feb. 2015 and three weeks ago when I came back from a work conference when I turned on tv no picture only sound!! Called Vizio and said they were going to send out a on-site Repair Tech and they were scheduled to come out on Sat. Oct. 31 and Vizio cancelled because I had bought it refurbished and they will not cover warranty. But why resell an item that they supposedly already recalled to fix same issue and maybe used same parts left over. All i want is to get fixed or get my money back only had if tor a few months and its was hardly used, since I work all day and only home for weekends! Customer service at Vizio is horrible they told me I had to buy a new one or pay for the repair myself...... I have been calling and emailing them and some customer service reps say yes they will fix and some say no. The company should keep their word and know that their product sucks!


I have a 50 inch LED E500I-B1 TV, purchased from Best Buy on January 2nd, 2015. It has a great picture but it is not working properly. Sometimes (more often than not) it will shut off when you change the channel. Also when turning the set on during the day, it may go to a blank, pink screen. Also it may go to a black screen with the message of "not support". I think this TV is defective. I have 3 other TVs, all older than five years,an LG, a Phillips and an Insignia and NONE of them has ever had a problem . The Vizio replaced a smaller screen Samsung which is older than 10 years and it is still working without a single problem. I wish I had never given it away. I see on line that there are numerous, numerous complaints similar to mine. Please let me know what you are going to do about it to make this right.


My Vizio television started shutting off all by itself. For 2 months we just turned it back on. Then It got worse and then stopped turning on altogether. It is less than a year old and customer service will not answer my complaint. How can I contact the corporate offices to get some kind of a refund for this mess? It would be great if somebody had a phone number for the complaint department.


On Feb 19 called complaining of tv that continually shuts off. Repair service was called to our house. Per vizio requirements the repair man had to see the problem happen so my family had to put up with watching tv with repair man for 20 min. After repair was completed repair man left problem happened within 10 min of him leaving. Called vizio back they stated they would replace tv. Tv was supposedly shipped on March 19 they are passing the delivery on to a secondary company called Manna Distribution.

I have called them 3 times each time spending over 20 min to get thru to speak with someone. Manna stated they do not want to deal with they delivery as they have sub contracted out to Safeway delivery. Safeway delivery has an impossible answering system and if you leave a message no one calls you back. is now March 5 Upon last speaking with Manna the delivery company said they just received the product and that they can not deliver for another 4-5 days. Poor communication and the slowest delivery I have ever seen. Very dissatisfied. Case number is RMA:OSS1413511.


I bought a a 26" Vizio tv with a 3 yr svc plan from a walmart store back in october of 2012 and just in the last month there is a crack in the screen. when i tried calling the walmart where i bought it from they said that they can't do anything about it even though i have the receipt. i also called the number that's in the pamphlet that i received at the time of purchase. the manufacture gave me a number for repairs and those people said they can't help me as well. the manager at the wal-mart where the tv was purchased at said either put it on ebay or craigslist to sell it. in the pamphlet it doesn't say anything about tv's. i am now stuck with a 26' tv paperweight til i can get it fixed or sell it.


Have had my vizio since Nov. In April it broke down. Wouldn’t turn on or do a darn thing. Now it doesn’t have any sound on my directv. They said I couldn’t have a repair man come out till I had directv look at it. They just came out today. Its not directv. So I called Vizio. They wanted me to see if the dvd or vcr is working. I told them no because the directv man had checked. He said the problem was with the tv. He ended up hooking it to av to make it work, but with no hd. Local channels are fine. The Vizio person told me to have a neighbor or friend come over and look at it. Isn’t the tv under warrenty for a year?

I also signed up for 2 more years. I ended up hanging up on him. Cooled down and called back. This time I got a lady. Went thru the whole story again. I’m not a repair man. I shouldn’t have to try to find out what the problem is. Just send a damn repair man out. Anyway after awhile she put me on hold. I am getting a new tv, but its one that broke down before and vizio fixed. My question is why am I not getting a new tv, and why do I have to spend hours on the phone just to get a repair person to look at it. I know I will never buy another vizio. Now I have to wait 8 to 13 days till I get the new one. I do have to pay for hd.

I asked the lady if they connect it and set it up. Naturally they just put it in the house and plug it in. So now I have to have somebody come and help me again. You would think your company would do a little more for their customers. I paid over 1,000. and am going thru all this crap. The last tv I had lastest me 16 years. Never had a problem. The first time it lasted for 5 months and this time only less then 4 months. A very unhappy customer.


My name is joann i am very disapointed in your products my son bought a very large vizio tv a few years back pain alot of money for this vizio he sent it off to be fixed at his own cost it would be more to fix it than to get another one. So he did get another one and no it was not a vizio. Then a week ago my 32 inch also quit which was strange to say the least so now i am saving for a new one it will not be a vizio either such a bummer just thought someone should know, Joann.


Purchased a Vizio 37″ LED 1080P TV. Set took too long recognize any video signal when changing channels and would mysteriously reboot on its own randomly. Tech Support of no value asked to speak to a supervisor twice. Told they would call back. After 3 weeks still no call. Wrote to VP of Operations. He did not respond nor did he have a supervisor respond.. Friend had same TV with same prob. Finally returned to store and purchased a Samsung which performs flawlessly. I would never purchase another Vizio.


I purchased a Vizio LCD TV in 2008. There are abnormal patterns on the TV and then it goes fuzzy and then eventually goes to black in a matter of 1-2 minutes. You have to turn off the TV and then turn it back on in order to get the picture. I paid $950 for the television and it was defective within 2 years. That is completely unacceptable based on the statements that are listed on Vizio’s website. The cable company has made 5 visits to my house over the past 6 months and they have assured me that the problem is not with the connection or the cable lines. Based on this experience, I will never purchase a product from Vizio again.

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