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the paper in not taken by printer and mechanical is not working it make too much sound
paper is not taken by printer drop the paper.
when we try to print the printer make tomuch noice and paper not going in.


On May 6, 2016, I purchased a Canon EOS 80D, 18-15 Kit Camera. After using the camera the third time, the memory card would not lock in. I contacted Canon and sent my proof of purchase, warranty information and sales receipt. After sending the camera to the Newport News Repair Facility I was assigned Repair ID Number RNA25459. After waiting in excess of a week I contacted the repair facility and was told that they were still evaluating the problem. I waited 4 more days and I was told they were waiting on a part to come in.

After speaking to the Supervisor, I was informed that after they had been in possession of the camera for over a week they ordered the part. My complaint is why provide your email address if you're not going to keep the customer informed on the progress. Not once did I receive a phone call or message regarding the progress of my repair. When I spoke with the Repair Supervisor, I informed him that if I knew it was going to take this long even having warranty, I would have used a local repair facility. It was very frustrating talking to the Canon customer service number because they had no idea what the repair facility was doing.

Only when I asked to speak to the Customer Service Supervisor did she connect me to the Repair Supervisor. Just thought I'd let you know that in my opinion I received very poor service.


We just bought an MP 240 printer and the ink is already out. Called Canon customer service number and they directed me to the website to buy more ink. That's not what I expected from a global brand!


I have owned my Canon PIXMA MX712 all-in-one printer for several years and other than the fact that the ink cartridges are extremely expensive I have been generally happy with it. I have had problems with the scanning capability which is probably an operator error and have been able to do what needs to be done using the paint application on my computer. About three days ago, my printer suddenly stopped printing. It makes the same sounds it always did, the paper feeds as usual but nothing prints.

I have gone through the cleaning and deep cleaning procedures multiple times with no success. I then went on line and find a forum that includes other users who have had the identical problem. All of the people on the site indicate they have had no success in getting Canon to address the issue. In my case, I have several extra cartridges on hand for my printer that are now useless (probably about $100 worth of ink). I went to the Canon website to try to get help and finally gave up trying. If I wanted to buy something I would have no problem getting help - but trying to get technical support is something else.

I will never buy another Canon product and will spread the word as best I can to anyone seeking advice. I am in the market for a good printer that does not bear the name Canon.


Was looking at Christmas presents for my friends and could not believe the price of Canon cameras and the camera accessories. The price of a lense is in many cases more than the price of an entire camera. I am sure they will be out of business soon. It just seems this whole gig is a scam.


Passion for capturing moments has led to me taking up photography seriously. Canon is the brand I choose to purchase a camera. To start off with I have taken IXUS which is compact to carry anywhere and everywhere. A perfect match for my passion. Canon has great options for different purpose. The clarity of IXUS is amazing. It is now only making me develop more taste towards photography. I am really enjoying the whole experience and sure to pursue my passion because of Canon. For stills and video play back there is a dedicated button. Many such features of the product by Canon makes it different from other companies. I would highly recommend Canon not just for cameras but also for other products too.

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