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I purchased the above television approx August 2017.

The television remote control then the television itself developed a fault.

i contacted you to explain this was just out of the warranty Aug/Sept 2018, and the reply was basically buy a new remote control??
I have contacted numerous times with regards to the lack of customer support, but have still to date received no help.

Are your televisions built to last 1yr? I would expect a television with little use to last a number of years.

I feel i have waited for a reasonable response long enough.

The television was purchased for £299 from our local tesco store.

I once again await your reply.

kind regards

Nicola Davies


To whom it may concern, on June 21 I was admitted to Sharp Coronado ER. due to vomitting blood. I was seen by Dr. Anvari, Vasiliki in a matter of less than 2 hours I was sent home with an apparent ulcer, Dr. Anvari, Vasiliki said " you definately need an endoscopy and the Dr. can see you Tuesday. I felt all staff was in a hurry, the medication the nurses administered was 10cc and one told the other it is ok if you only give 5. The same with the second solution only half was given, and they both rushed out saying good night. Before leaving I had the IV taken out it was only half done and sent home walking to our car. Friday morning I called Dr. Korn"s office and was told Dr. Anvari,Vasiliki never made arrangement for me to be seen but they made an appointment anyways. I felt dizzy and no energy, on Monday morning I threw up blood again and was taken by ambulance to Sharp Chula Vista per my request since I did not get the proper attention at Coronado. My blood level was 6 and had to get a blood transfussion, I believe if I had been checked more throughly it could have avoided me almost loosing my life. Now trying to recuperate and feellig that this could have been prevented and avoided me all this pain and discomfort. Now recieving all kinds of bills that to me were uneccesary if given the proper care at Sharp Coronado.


NO COMPLAINT: AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF excellence: I have a Sharp Aquos wide screen I bought in 2010. It still works fine with no maintenance whatsoever. I also have a tube Sharp I bought in 1995with a VCR installed and both work great still. I have rated you as #1 in Televisions since 2000, and you still are and will be for a long time.


Useless customer service from Sharp technicians. My A/C is out and nobody will fix it.


On 1/9/16 I was scheduled for a delivery of a 55" Sharp TV from 10:30A-12:30P (Order # BBY01-775454036749). Delivery was confirmed by email and a phone call the night before. I received a phone call while I was in transit to my residence at 9:00AM stating that the driver was there for the delivery and to return his call which I promptly did 3 times but he would not answer his phone. This is an hour and a half early. This is unacceptable. When I called the 1-888-237-8289 number numerous times I was told my delivery was in transit.

This was completely false information. Only until the last call, which I was kept on hold for 45 minutes, was I told that my delivery had gone back to the warehouse and i would have to reschedule the following morning. The driver would not wait until 10:30. His name was Brian. His cell is 267-970-9672. Brian also said he was at my house at 10:27 which is a complete lie because I was there from 9:50 with my door open and NO ONE CAME. I was also told that this is the problem of the warehouse and not Best Buy. I purchased from Best Buy not the warehouse.

I would like to know how I am going to be compensated for the lies I was told and the complete waste of my time? I would also like to say my delivery was completed today (1/16/16). Again it was delivered an hour earlier than my appointed time which was supposed to be from 10:30-12:30. However the driver did call to say he was on his way and would be there in about 1/2 an hour, which he was, but had I not been there he said he would have waited until the appointed time.

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