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Top Hoover Complaints

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You sent me the wrong model and have hung up on me 3 three times I spent waiting to talk to the a supervisor a total of 45 minutes. In the past we have purchased exclusively Hoover carpet cleaners. we have three german shepards and we need a machine that can withstand that type use.

So in short I am very disappointed with your customer service and I am rethinking any future purchases. It is very concerning that your company is so difficult to reach anyone that is knowledgeable about such matters. I beleive that after investing more that 1 hour essentailly struggl
ing to get any satisfaction I may have resolved this debacle.

It was more difficult and your error at any rate, I will be very cautious about further sales of your product.


I was extremely disappointed with the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life by any company. I asked your representative for her name and she said "Chris". When I asked for her last name, she said "Chris is enough" and continued to refuse to give her full name. I have purchased many Floormates since you first produced them in 2004 and they never last long, but I like the way they clean so I continue to buy them. When I had a problem with one under warranty, your representative suggested the newer one that uses extra solution and I agreed to buy it. It would not start soon after purchase so your replaced it on November 2, 2017. The same problem happened again but, this time when I called, Chris refused to help me now that I am disabled and unable to bring machine to your repair store. I asked her to send me a new vacuum because this model is warrantied for two (2) years and I have only had it for four (4) months, but she not only refused but she was so incredibly rude to me. Because of her atrocious behavior, I will never purchase a Hoover product again and will warn my family and friends to do the same. I will now purchase the Bissell Crossover. I have always had professional, courteous service from every Hoover representative I had in the past and I am sure you can see how many vacuums I have purchased and it will reflect I have had a great deal of contact with your representatives and I found them to be extremely kind, considerate, knowledgeable and courteous and that is why I keep buying your vacuums. Now that you have unprofessional, insulting and discourteous staff, I no longer have any desire to continue with a business relationship with Hoover.


My washing machine was in warranty and was showing an error code so I made an appointment for the engineer to come out. I cleaned it all out and the error seemed to clear. However, now its out of warranty by a month the error has returned as it only shows up on certain cycles. However, I am now having to pay for an engineer to come out at a cost of £16*12. This seems unreasonable to me as they can see I reported it before it was out of warranty but I am now having to pay. Based on this I would not buy another Hoover appliance.


Countless problems over a number of years with rubbish ovens that break continuously. Now, after I called the corporate office to complain, they're asking me to pay for their equipment - which is clearly not fit for purpose - to be fixed. Hoover customer service is genuinely the worst I've ever come across and their products are terrible. Buyer beware.


In December my parent purchased a new Hoover washer from Currys, they were offered extended warranty at the time but decided they were happy enough with the standard warranty and would then look at it after the initial year. Just outside the 30 days they had a error code come up on the washer so called for an engineer. Eventually nearly a week later an engineer finally turned up who changed a control board and then came to us and said he had a problem as there was damage to the drum lining caused by a coin and water damage to the controller because of this but it wasn't covered by the warranty but he could get the extended warranty now and it would be then fixed.

We asked the engineer to show us the issue as the controller which we have has no watermark what so ever on it and the engineer couldn't provide the coin he insisted had caused this. He took offense to this and when showing my brother in law who is an electrical engineer the issue he started yanking at the washer drum balling and shouting how he was doing us a favor and now we would have to pay his £109 call out charge, all this because we had asked to show us the so called coin that caused the damage as it made absolutely no sense that a smooth edged coin could of caused the damage he claimed or that it wouldn't of been present in the filter.

From what has become clearly apparent they may as well insist that the customer buys the warranty as if they don’t they will refuse to carry out any repair work when the product becomes faulty as you can basically tell the customer anything you like and dare they ask you to show them. Oh yes that’s it, its illegal to force a warranty on someone so lets find a way around it. Surely a washer is fairly susceptible to things such as coins accidentally going through and be well enough designed that they would prevent this causing damage.

After this my father threw the engineer out as present was a 6 year old foster child who witnessed the whole event and was left scared and traumatized by the experience. They then contacted the Currys & Hoover to inform them of what had happened where they were told that this was correct and without the warranty they wouldn't be able to fix the washer, basically what resulted in them being forced into purchasing the insurance. This is nothing more than a dirty underhanded tactic to force warranty sales on customers as the customer is being held to ransom.

What made the matter 10 times worse was they didn't even acknowledge the bigger issue of the fact an engineer who obviously suffers with anger issues is allowed to go into customers homes and hurl abuse at then in front of vulnerable children, which in this instance was a foster child who was there after being removed out of an unsafe environment and then even said that they would send the same engineer back to them and only at the point they point blank refused and informed the advisor that they would be passing this safety issue back to social services as this was a sever risk to foster carers who have products from Curry's that they eventually agreed to send a different engineer but this would have to wait until 10/02/16 nearly 3 weeks after they have been without the washer with a large house hold.


Every time I switch on my Hoover vacuum it cartloads of dust spew out the back. Surely the filter does not have to be cleaned and washed after each use. It means that I have to dust everything after I have hoovered. I would appreciate a refund on this product as it is not a patch on the old Hoover constellation which I had for years and never gave me a moments problem.


I am waiting for a reply from Hoover. I am very distressed. I bought a model that had a hard floor setting marked clearly on the vacuum cleaner so I assumed I could use in on hard floors as well as on carpets. It has left scuff marks all over my brand new Traffic Master floor. I am close to tears. Why in the world would the vacuum cleaner clearly show a setting for hard floors if it can't be safely used on them? What can I do? Can I take a company like this to small claim's court? There have been so many complaints against Hoover. Is there a class action suit against them? There should be!!


The Hoover Linx is handy and it will clean your floors better than most of the other stick models we tested. Combine that with its reasonable price and you have one of our favorite vacuums to date. It is a uncomplicated cordless stick vacuum. I have been using this stick since more than 5 months now and I feel that it is one of the best ones I have come across so far. It is very handy and a great value for money. It can be moved to the corners easily and cleaning can be rest assured. I would definelty suggest to anyone who wants a vacuum cleaner. Nothing better than Hoover Linux.

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