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Olympus cameras are a little too pricey for me at this point. I wanted to comparison shop vs. Fuji or Cannon but there is no point. I believe these are all higher end models now? No complaints abou the product, I think they are probably great and I have heard nothing but good things.

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I love the Olympus TG-860 Tough waterproof digital camera last month. It is simply amazing. Waterproof to 50 ft., Shockproof to 7 ft., Freeze proof to 14 degrees F, Crushproof to 220 LBF,21mm Ultra-wide lens with 5x optical zoom & 180 degree tilting LCD,Sportcam ,mode (60p movies, High-Speed movies, Time-Lapse movies),Art Filters and in-camera sweep panorama capabilities Built in Wi-Fi & GPS. We have clicked so many pics and totally in love with this. It has created a sense of passion in me for photography, thanks to the great quality. This is highly recommended.

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