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United Airlines is a major American airline headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and is publicly traded on NYSE:UAL. With 8 domestic hubs and 1 international hub the United fleet is 715 strong with over 375 destinations. In 2014 revenues were reported as over US 38 billion. There were over 84,000 employees reported in 2015.

If you have a problem with your United flight, call 1-800-864-8331 or with baggage call 1-800-335-2247. You will find helpful contact numbers here. Or if you need to call support while mobile, try the mobile phone contact information. Common problems include flight delays and customer service complaints.

If you would like to contact acting CEO, Brett J. Hart you may address you postal correspondence with United Airlines, Willis Tower, 233 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606. Mr. Hart was appointed acting CEO in October 2015 after then CEO, Oscar Munoz had a heart attack.

United began in 1926 as Varney Air Lines and has a rich history of holding many ‘first in the airline industry’ innovations. The Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue theme and slogan ‘fly the friendly skies of United’ are iconic. Social presence may be found on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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The person at toll free number at Gurgaon should be indian who can understand English speaked by indian because my husband contact who was foreign lady who was unable to understand English and could not able to solve problems


On June 13, 2018 at apx. 12:40 P.M.after just deplaning from flt.# UA-4927 at Providence, R.I. I fell while attempting to sit on a wheelchair just outside of the aircraft door. I hit my head above my right eye causing a bruise and on my right side causing a break in rib #7. My doctor told me it will be about eight (8) weeks for it to heal. It is painful.
For more and complete details contact me at the above e-mail address or (916) 933-2751.

Al Freitag


We wen on vacation on May 21 2018 and on our first flight in Cincinnati was cancelled so they helped get us new flights. We were told everything was good we were to fly to Chicago leave at 10 am and then our connecting flight was at 5 pm ok good. We get to Chicago and go to check on our next flight and to our surprise it is at 5 pm the next day. We wait in a line for 3 hours to get things straightened out and they got us a room and a meal for the night and left the next morning needless to say it put everything a day behind and we lost money on our hotel where we were staying and had to rebook. On our way home 06/18/2018 same sort of thing everything was good till again in Chicago. We get to Chicago and were running close on our next flight and we have to recheck our baggage and stand in another line for 2 hours just to find out that our flight again to Cincinnati was cancelled and we would have to wait till the next day again for another flight this was at 7 pm I had to be at work at 6 am so I could not wait till tomorrow to fly home. We would up having to rent a van costing us over 300 dollars of our own money and over 40 dollars in gas just to get home. It was something we completely hated no sure we will ever fly United again after this fiasco all 6 of us just want United Airlines to make this right!


I arrived from after a five hour wait at Dallas airport to Chicago Illinois, Monday June 18, 2018 upon arriving I was told my luggage didn't arrive . I filled out a form. on Tuesday I was told that the luggage was ready for pickup. I called and informed them that I was a senior and lived in Indiana. They said we will have it delivered. Wednesday I received a notice that my luggage was on its way. Thursday I received a message that it had been delivered. I called and stated it has not been delivered I'm at home and no one has come. Friday I called and was informed that the luggage was scheduled for delivery on Saturday morning. I expressed my anger and they connected me to a supervisor. Upopn speaking with the supervisor she said the delivery company was going to call me. unbelievable they stated we left your luggage on the side of the house . It rain all day on yesterday, stormed. I looked out and sure enough they had left my luggage outside on the side of the house where a BIG SIGN SAYS do not go up these stairs., I have no way to get it down and it is soaking wet. I was told by the delivery company this is a policy of United - to leave the luggage if no one is home or answers!




We had a Flight on Sunday May 27, 2018 Flight# UA6185K to Las Vagas. SJ Williams, Shelia Williams, and Makenzii Williams. We had set on the aircraft for for 5 hours before they told us to get off the plane due to mechanic problems. When we got off the airplane we had to get in line to re-route us to our destination. But we didn't a flight out until 10:00 PM central time. When we arrived in Houston, TX they said they was going to put us up in one of the airport hotel. They took us out to a Holiday Inn that we wasn't aware of. I lost money at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas we had to pay for a day that we wasn't there and had reservation to go to the Grand Canyon which was pre-paid in advance and lost money their too. United Airline is responsible to give us our money for our lost but we haven't received anything. Also, the customer services at the Birmingham Alabama airport was very, very poor they was horrible. They was arguing with the passengers. Also, one lady I have their name is you need them I will gladly give their name to you. After we stood in line over an hour and half she brought a group of people and put them in front of us and that pushed us back further in line. We are very angry and upset with the customer service in Birmingham. After we sit on the aircraft 5 hours the attendant gave us hot water to drink with no ice and it was horrible. Also, coming back home another aircraft was delayed in Houston, TX. We didn't get home until later that evening on June 1, 2018. You can contact me at 256-295-6240 or 256-478-6868 so we can discuss this matter. We didn't get to Las Vegas until that Monday instead of Sunday. If not I will be going to the Better Business Bureau regarding this situation. Thank you, Shelia Williams


On a 6 day trip to Japan with a stop over in Guam on October 7, 2017. Did not receive our bags when we landed so we filed a claim (File Ref # GUM 16950M) at the United missing bag department in Guam on October 8. Filed a Customer Property Claim Form (Interim) on October 26, 2017 because we did not receive our bags for 4 days. About 12/20/2017, I called the Baggage Resolution Center and they said I had filed a loss claim so I had to resubmit an Interim claim. I do have the original copy which shows that I had submitted an Interim claim. Resubmitted an Interim claim on January 10, 2018. Was told by the claim department that the processing would be done by March 19th but have not gotten any response. All the copies of tickets and baggage claim receipts were submitted with Interim Claim. According to your "Notice of Baggage Liability Limits" , we are entitled to compensation Please let me know what your office has decided. This complaint is for both my wife, Joyce Hashimoto (United Frequent Flyer #CB779266), and myself (United Frequent Flyer #SV020876). Thank you very much.


my name is George Elias I was traveling from Cleveland Ohio to Beirut Lebanon on the 18th of Feb 2018, My confirmation # was ET840N all my fights starting from Cleveland (an hour delay) to Houston were my flight was also delayed Germany were delayed, therefore I missed my MEA flight in Germany to go to Lebanon. This was a horrible experience. I'm sorry to say it was my worse travel experience with United airline .I addition, the driver who was suppose to take me from Beirut to north Lebanon, left me at midnight and I ended sleeping on the benches in the airport.
I would like to be compensated for the agony that I experienced in this ordeal trip. Please advise.


I am stunned by the stupidity of your flight attendant who required a dog to be put in the overhead baggage space. An unquestionably disgraceful action to take.

You have taken responsibility; however, the flight attendant has not and hides behind a false statement. Please do more than reprimand this employee and terminate her employment with your company. Likewise, other attendants on the flight should be asked why they did not intervene.

This situation makes it impossible to ever fly with your airline again.


i tried to make a reservation from pbi to ewr on tuesday, march 6th. i tried to make the reservation less than 3 weeks out. i have a lot of miles. i used to have a united plus credit card, but i found it so difficult to use the mileage i closed it out. in trying to make this reservation i was offered 60,000 miles and over $200.00 a ticket. the retail price of the ticket when i called was 16.00 more a ticket. when i said to the reservationist on the phone that it doesn't make any sense i wasn't saving anything and she agreed. i tried again today to make a reservation using miles to go from pbi to ewr on tuesday or wednesday march 27th or 28th returning on monday april 2. i was told i had to use 50,000 miles each for the return flight because there was no economy tickets for mileage on the way back plus the 32500 miles each on the way there plus over 200.00 each for the flight from pbi to ewr plus the cost of the return flight back. like the flight on march 6th it was easier to just fly jet blue and it was cheaper. i guess you know that the cover of university of chicago business school magazine sometime this past year said "united is trying to be less awful". you are not succeeding.


We flew AL 1655 back from Cancun 2-10-18. They were late getting there due to a late inbound flight (as emailed from UAL). We got into Chicago late, with the majority of the plane having connections. When we got there we were running through customs when a guy from ??? gave us express tags. Fine, but no one new what do with them. Got down to claim and recheck bags, gal said too bad, you missed your flight, even though there was 20 -25 minutes left. Then the Sh&t show began. The ticket agents claimed weather was the issue and basically F-You..this went all around until they finally gave out some vouchers, after security called, plus mgt. This continued the next day..Rescheduled 3rd flight, no help at counters, ect..Still out another $150 bucks plus my extra day to relax. Hard to find a reason to take UA again. Backs up all the social media goings on the last year.


When booking my flight from Houston to Chicago on February 25, 2018 I was double charged $188.30. I called Reservations on 2/3 as soon as I saw it was deducted from my bank account twice. My Confirmation number is IMNTVR. I've called every day since 2/3 and spoke to numerous Supervisors, Sasha, Andy, Frank, etc. who insist that I will get my refund within "24 hours". However, even after my Banker called stating that she needs a simple note on United letterhead, the Supervisor, Frank, insisted that they have no way to send a fax or email to release my funds. It is now 4 days later and I still have not received my refund for the duplicate charge. My banker says you have it on hold until Feb. 9, 2018. No one at United knows HOW to release this hold. I find it ridiculous that even your Supervisors claim they cannot reach your Accounting Dept. and I've been told they do not have phones!!
I've also had to sign up for a new mileage plus account as my old one has "disappeared" and I've lost my miles. I will definitely think twice about flying United in the future. Please issue my refund ASAP! Thank you.


My sister and I had received a credit in the amount of $125.00 each last April. I called and spoke with your service department to retrieve the certificate numbers to book another flight. They told me that they have no record of this. What is going on? You did send me an email with the certificate numbers last April but (totally my fault) I may have deleted them by accident. I am disappointed that you would keep a record of this for your files. How do I obtain my credit?
Our names are Peggy Strutz and Karen Strutz
flew last April from Phoenix, AZ to Washington DC
My phone number is 480-244-5473
My email address is pegstrutz@yahoo.com
Hopefully you can rectify this situation.
thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Peggy Strutz


Let me preface, I have enjoyed flying united historically and will continue using your airline in the future. This experience was an oulier for us, but I believe should be shared. My wife, daughter and I were flying from DIA to OHare this past week and had a connecting flight to Asheville at O'Hare. The flight from DIA was delayed and we were tight against the connecting flight. We asked the flight attendant if she would be able to help us if the time was very tight when we landed by calling the other gate when we landed to let them know we were on our way. The flight attendant told us that she was not allowed to do so, which we found strange because airlines in the past have done so before. When we landed we found out the gate changed to a terminal on the other side of O'Hare, we were going to have to run to see if we could make it. I again request assistance and was told flatly, "no". I was surprised and frustrated. My wife and daughter and I ran to the terminal, I have a heart condition and a bum knee...it was not a pretty sight! We made it to the gate after they had closed. After some significant begging and some kindness by the united gate attendant, they let us on. It was a poor experience and did not reflect well on United. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Sincerely, Howard hogan


made reservations #p8r23k many months ago. I was assighned seat 17 d/e from Chicago to san juan. After my wife and I were in our seats two other people came by with the same seats on their boarding pass and the seats on our boarding pass. Solution was to have us gather all our belongings up and move to the back of the plane. I had these seats for months and was already sitting in them so why did I have to move. This was very inconvenient and to the BACK of the plane in undesirable seats. Please explain this action and why I should fly with United again.
Gary Kaufman


My name is Barbara Mendehall Prince, My husband was a pilot for you and had a crash and was killed in the 80s I had two children at the time and was all alone to take care of my young children, until this young gentleman a friend of my husbands decided to marry me and take care of me and my kids. Well im 77 years old and am traveling except I have to pay alot of money to fly because you took away my flying privileges away because I remarried. I think that is very unfair and I will never have my husband back and he worked hard for you and he is in heaven and Ive been flying a different airlines but I don 't know how long I have left so I would like to fly United one more time for my husband. I'm going to maine for a wedding next year so if you can help with the price I would really appreciate it. THANKS AND HOPE YOU CAN HELP


On October 14th, 2017, my husband (Tom) and I flew United Airlines from Great Falls Montana, to West Palm Beach Florida. My husband had a board meeting he had to attend in West Beach Florida the following day. We left early in the morning on Saturday the 14th to make a connection in Denver, etc. The plane could not land in Denver because of fog and then because of fuel shortage landed in Wyoming to re fuel. We spent almost 2 and a half hours on the landing strip in the airplane in Wyoming and then flew back to Denver to land. Because of such a long delay we missed our connection and had to wait in a customer service line- (the only one open at the time) for three hours to speak to a representative. Finally after 6 hours we were told we had to spend the night in Denver and we could only fly to Fort Lauderdale in the morning and we would have to rent a car to get to West Palm Beach. Our luggage was lost and it took til 10:30 that night to finally track down our luggage in Denver. Tom missed his Board Meeting which was serious for him, and we had to pay $30.00 a day for the car rental because we couldn't return it in West Palm Beach. We fly all over the country and we know that their are situations that occur beyond anyone's control but we felt the United did not have appropriate customer service in making us wait for 6 hours before we could make different arrangements. No compensation was given for hotel or meals or rental cars. We also felt that the luggage was a huge error in that no one could find it til 10:30 that night. My husband's board meeting caused him extreme difficulty and we have to re schedule a meeting which is a huge expense. WE would like to be compensated for all of our additional expenses while flying with United Airlines. I would be more than glad to send you a copy of our itinerary from that day.

Thank you so much for your time in this matter,

Leslie Murphy


On 10/9/17, I had take a United flight from Akron Ohio(flight UA4716) to Houston TX with a layover in Chicago(flight UA1218). While in Chicago, they informed me that I had to leave my carry on luggage at the end of the walkway so that they can put underneath the plane(cargo) area. When I arrived at Bush airport in Houston, they had informed me that my baggage was still left in Chicago on the walkway and that they never put it on the plane. Unfortunately my car keys were in the bag(baggage #4016 997852). Therefore, I had to take an uber to and from the airport to my home, which cost $45 each way. In addition, I had to take an uber to work that morning costing me another $9. Lastly, I had to pay for an extra night of storage for my vehicle($8) since I couldn't drive it home. I am very upset and would like to be compensated for my inconvenience. It was not fair for me to pay all of these extra fees due to the fact that you left my bags in Chicago airport. Please contact me at 281-235-7213 or nickharvey28@gmail.com

Thank you,

Nicholas Harvey II


The complaints are many. Dating back to Dec. 2016 and Jan. 2017, but my latest is this. On my last flight with U.N. this is what happened. On
Oct. 23 2017 i had a flight from PWM to EWR and then from EWR to SNA. My almost new luggage was badly damaged for one thing. It is a hard
cover case the corner was crushed plus it has a cut on the side, and can't be repaired. Also I had given when i booked in september row 8 from
EWR to SNA why this was then changed to row 23A I don't know. I have a problem with my hip and walking that far back was a problem for me.
Also ;when going to the lounge at EWR with my voucher I was told by a very nasty counter employee no. even so, one other lady said yes come
on in. The shenanigans by UN is over the top. I feel discriminated I needed a wheelchair to get around at the airport to be treated that way. My
vouchers expiration date is 10/31/17 . My next flight on U.N. is in Dec. and I'm very concernd about it.

A reply how U.N. is going to handle my luggage case is appreciated

Sincerely elisabeth E. Hau




Confirmation CZP48Q Flight UA 106 Sept. 23
still waiting for partial refund for me and my wife on this flight no AUDIO or internet food was terrible !
long time frequent flyer Ulrich Schaupp AR 821024


while my flt mileage from newark nj to denver was 1604 miles each way ie 3208 times 2 tickets=6416 miles ,i only received 595 miles per ticket=1190 total miles. im told by united that i am only entitled to this amount based on the cost of the ticket not the miles actually flown.i have been saving my points for a trip to europe for my wife and i and i am very displeased with this policy. was i wrong to believe that your mileage plus program does not mean the miles traveled???? I drove from pa. to newark just to get a united flt. i believe i should be awarded the difference between the 6416 mileage indicated on my itinerary and the 1190 issued me. if this is your policy, their are many other airlines to choose from. i have only chosen united over other carriers and now that i am retired and have time to travel i would hate to change now.please advise as soon as possible as to the disposition of this matter

cc newark star ledger
r phil. inquirer.


The flight from Kauai this last Friday night , the flight attendants definitely had attitudes. I'm not sure if burned out is the word, or underlying completely sick of customers. I strongly suggest they fly on a SouthWest to experience real warm customer service. And frankly, I thought I was possibly treated with disdain because of my race. I am white.


After my inbound flight (UA1821) (with United) was reschedule to the next because of extra time necessary for check-in to confirm by agent that I am indeed allowed to travel with my french passport despite an original booking with my Canadian one, I was told very nicely by agent that everything was ok with my return ticket... yet when I went to the Air Canada check-in counter over 2hrs prior my return flight (AC176) I was told that their system was showing my return suspended by United and to call United as they owned the ticket...which I did and was told to go to United check-in....which I did to find it deserted...by the time someone showed-up I had missed my flight....to be told that United system had no trace of my booking or even of me flying with United the night before and that's why my return-flight was suspended...the reason being that the booking was made via Orbits and that United had no access to any of the data...therefore, I was to called Orbits. Yet, Orbits confirmed what Air Canada told me, that the ticket was own and canceled by United and after spending 2hrs with Orbits, I was told that without explanation or apology United had just booked me for the next day to arrive 7 hours later than original booking....no compensation, food or hotel was offered when asked.


440-420-9923 I booked a flight for Thursday Sept 7th 2017 for PM thinking I was booking for AM When I went to check in I REALIZED MY MISTAKE. MYGRAND DAUGHTER NEEDED TO BE THER Thursday MORNING . When I tried to change reservations to am the only options I was given was to cancel reservations and rebook which cost me another 338$ X 3 for changing only the going to NY reservation We were keeping return flight. The plane we were changed to was empty. I was told ticket prices were like a bucket system , if plane is empty cheap.
I do not think that flight was close to reasonable and will consider taking another airline before using United again . I do not think they were very sympathetic


on august 10th I had a international flight to India which had to be changed cause of a problem with the visa...we were told no additional fees cause of the problem I had incurred...then I was told there was an additional fee of $1056.00 cause of the ticket change... the agent I talked with said when I returned to the states to call ya cause the $700.00 of the $1056.00 would be refunded...however when I called them today they tell me no u can not get anything back...the agent lied to me...ya need to teach your agents to be honest.... using United Airlines I will never use...and I will make sure this is well known...this is not how u run a business.!!!


Experienced a five hour delay on my trip to Taiwan but on the way back, I experienced a seven hour delay. Staff response was terrible. Did not see a steward for five hours. Pilot discouraged passengers from departing the plane but when the heat became unbearable we left only to be turned right back to the plane which still did not take off for two hours. Pilot kept saying we were departing when clearly we were not. I asked for water too take medication and was ignored. As mentioned did not see a steward again for five hours. In first class there was air conditioning and water so clearly the staff had the capacity to treat passengers as human beings just not if you weren't in first class. The customer service has been abysmal regarding my complaints. I was on hold 45 minutes only to be cut off. Never fly United if you expect to be treated humanely or even if you want minimal respect, the staff is terrible, the planes need maintenance and customer service is nonexistent.


My husband is in the middle of trying to get home for his brother's funeral. His flight from Denver to Grand Junction, Colorado was delayed for two hours and then cancelled all because the flight attendant was late. He is now stuck in Denver, Colorado with no extra money thinking he was going to be home by now. He has not eating any meals all day and is very exhausted from his trip and the loss of his brother. Your company should compensate him with a paid hotel room along with a paid meal of his choice and paid breakfast, if he chooses. All because of your employee, I would rate his experience with No stars!!! His flight number was: United Airlines 4608.


Water leak in restroom flooded the floor of the airplane. No notice from crew other that to ask passengers to put items on their laps. No explanation, no assurance of problems resolved our issues based on leak. I am involved in training at local schools should an emergency occur this was a poor demonstration.


Currently the non departure of UA 745 La Guardia to Denver. onSep 24 206 due to "technical difficulties" is proving very irritating, very little information was given out and quite by accident found out a meal voucher was available. I am on holiday from New Zealand and have wasted hours sitting around the terminals freezing. Only flew United because it belongs to the Star Alliance. Would currently only rate my experience today as one out of five barely. I understand the safety needs but communication seems to be a major issue today for your company.


I had a very upsetting experience on a flight with united airlines on Tuesday Sept 13, 2016. My sister, niece and myself were checking our baggage and a gentleman (I did not get his name) but I would have if I had known how rude and inconsiderate he was going to treat us. It was at the FLL airport and he stood behind the United Airlines counter and made us empty all three of our carry-ons on the filthy floor b/c he said our carry-ons were too fat and they needed to be able to fit into the measuring container that gauges the size that is allowed.

I didn't see any problem with my carry on or my sisters.. my niece's may have been a little too fat so we agreed to his demands. We had to sit on the filthy floor and rearrange all 3 of our carry-ons while he just watched us struggle for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Finally after we had to put shoes and some other items in our purses did he agree that they were just OK. So we boarded and to my surprise I saw in the overhead compartments on the airplane at least 10 probably 15 carry-ons that were twice the size of what that gentlemen made us rearrange and separate ending in our purses that we had to carry for the next 6 hours to PA at 10:30 PM. I have traveled on an airplane at least 30 times if not more, and I think we would know by now how big our carry on should be. It was so out of line and I feel totally harassed by the treatment we received from United Airlines.

I have asked numerous people and they all agreed that they have never been asked to empty there carry-ons b/c they were too big. I understand if they were so big that they wouldn't fit in the overhead but that was not the case here. And like I said before I was astonished to see that there was at least 10 or more that were bigger and fatter than ours. I wish I took a pic of the ones in the overhead but I had been crying and I was very upset because I had just left my daughter in Florida and the only thing I wanted to do was get on the plane, close my eyes and cry myself to sleep. I feel we need an apology and some type of compensation for our distress and hardship! And furthermore, I may have to reconsider ever flying with united airline again.


Made sure before we left Seattle, WA that we had wheelchair assistance in Chicago, IL and we were not on list. Have 15 minutes to make flight. Ridiculous after following all rules and 4 extra people were put on shuttle.


I am a very dissatisfied customer who flew in UA Flight # 1033 from Panama City Panama PTY on Tuesday Sept 6 to Houston Texas. I purchased some liquor at Attenza Duty Free Store in Panama and the store tried to deliver the merchandise prior to the plane departure and the captain and flight attendant Supervisor rejected the item. I was seated in row 36C which made it hard to see up front when the items where delivered.

I was very upset since the Flight attendance Supervisor took my name and called the Captain who informed her that they will cancel the purchase. Upon my arrival to Houston I contacted Panama Duty Free Store and they informed me that they had the merchandise and they could not deliver it prior to the plane departure and they never heard from the captain of the plane. I fly to Panama frequently because I am a native of this country and I reside in the US but I am retiring and building a house in Panama . I am extremely sad to know that I use your services 3 to 4 times a year on an average and I was treated so unfairly by the captain and the Flight Attendant Supervisor.

When you have poor experiences like this you can rest assure that I was not happy because I never got my duty free items and I will share this story with family members and friends. I just hope that your crew members and Captain become more sensitive to customers needs and try to reach out and be more flexible since you gain more customers with positive experiences not negative ones. Thank you for your time I plan to send this letter to the CEO of United Airlines Mr Hart in Chicago to also make him aware of this incident.


Had my delta flight rescheduled to United Airlines from SYR to SMF on August 16, 2016. Was due to leave SYR @ 5:25pm arrive @ SMF @ 10:08pm. arrived at airport about 3pm. United Airlines flight #3533 & 515 from Chicago to SMF. Then United cancelled my flight and scheduled me for American Airlines and didn't arrive in SMF until 1:30am. My ride home from airport had to be informed many times of the changed arrival time and greatly inconvenienced my generous friend. I am a 77yo woman and this was very difficult on me.

All the hassles of being in an airport and inconveniences of being in airports for so long and arriving at SMF at 1:30 am and being almost the only person there at that hour of the morning. Finally got home @ about 2:30am. It was a long and difficult day. Had some medical issue after I got home probably due to to this very stressful situation. I believe compensation for this most difficult time I have ever had with an airline is called for. Did appreciate that all airline personnel were pleasant and helpful.


I rate this airline -0 , I have talked to several different customer service agents in complaint department. They admitted that their service was unsatisfactory. Then told me the employee would be spoken to. This was terrible for them to do. I have proceeded to make a complaint to the DOT and hope to help anyone else flying with a medical assist dog. I also will be informing the disabilities complaint department as well.


There are very few flights in my life which I will remember for a long time: flight UA 59 will be one of them. Due to my profession and my family ties in Germany and California, aviation is part of our lives. With four people we departed SFO on July 18, 2016 with the Lufthansa airbus A380, flight LH455. The reservations were completed through the Lufthansa website. The quality of the airplane and the trip was as predicted, very good.

With Star Alliance partner United Airlines we returned on July 27, flight UA59. Quality of aircraft: It felt like boarding a 25 year old vessel: seats worn out, magazine pocket ripped and hitting my knees during the entire flight, mono screen for all passengers, extra miniature bathrooms. Entertainment: Mono screen like vintage aircrafts. Could not connect to UA wifi: flight attended explained to us it “rarely works!” - therefore movie streaming not available! 18 hours on board- no movies except Greek Wedding 2 twice.

We departed 50 minutes late. Over Canada we were received two short messages by the pilot about air traffic computer problems. No further updates for the next 2.5 hours until the map suddenly changed on our screen with new destination Chicago. Confusion between the passengers was palpable. We ask the flight attendants - they appeared equally confused. Ten minutes later short statement by pilot that he did not want to “wake up anybody”. Terrible communication by the pilot.

Arrived in Chicago, quick refuel within 45 minutes. Passengers hopeful - then brief message by pilot about technical problems with aircraft. No A/C and on board temperature rapidly climbing - 90 degrees outside. Elder patients and our children appeared in mild to moderate distress. The situation threatened to become dangerous. Pilot with minimal updates and no explanations. Luckily doors opened again and passengers had chance to cool off. After additional 2.5 hours we finally departed toward San Francisco. Exhaustion across the airplane.

Again no wifi or movie streaming available. Arrived in SanFrancisco after midnight. Over 18 hours in the airplane. Nightmare not over: arriving gate blocked by another UA aircraft with technical problems. Further 45 minutes sitting near the runway until other vessel repaired. Previously scheduled driver for pickup from the airport not further available at this hour. Had to pay for a taxi with the family to return home.

The quality gradient between Lufthansa and United Airlines aircrafts is dramatic. Booking our trip with Lufthansa gave us the false illusion that the Star Alliance partner United Airlines would provide similar service. Urgent upgrades of UA vessels is mandatory. It reminds me of the unequal partnership between Mercedes Benz and Chrysler. Communication was terrible: The pilot informed the passengers rarely and vaguely. Beside frustration on board, confusion settled in during most of the flight. Sitting in Chicago for 3.5 hours without knowledge of the situation and possible alternative options was extra stressful.

Organization poor: It was unacceptable that no UA gate was available upon arrival. That another UA aircraft had technical issues supports my point 1. On board entertainment not available on United Airlines flights. As a heart surgeon and chairman of our heart institute I consider myself very busy. I never found the time to send a letter to an airline in my life. However, flight UA 59 was such a disaster and created such a stress for our two children (age 2 and 4) and us parents, that I feel urged to share my experience with you.

As a physician I was very concerned in Chicago about the health of various passengers. Our parents from Germany planing to visit us in California for Christmas. My experience with United Airlines prohibits me to book any flights with UA for them.


We had a flight UA3419 Syracuse to Newark August 14, 2016 Sunday 6:09pm. Confirmation # MFTN8X for 2 persons. The flight was delayed first, then cancelled all together. In conversing with a United customer service agent there were no flights available for over 24 hours from Syracuse. With my travel partner and myself needing to get back to work in Charleston Monday morning, we could not wait till tomorrow even, therefore, we had no choice but to rent a car to at least get to Newark Airport for better chance of a flight. We were able to book a flight out of Newark to Charleston at 1:45 on Monday. to get back to Charleston SC.

The cost of the rental car was $109.41, gas $11.01, hotel 90.39, additional parking day at airport $8.00 and lost wages between the two of our jobs. My partner works for Patient Premier Advocates with lost wages of $160. I am self employed and lost wages over $200. I researched a flight from Syracuse to Newark for this Sunday (comparable to last Sunday) and found the cost to be $292 per person at the cheapest rate.

We feel we should be compensated in the amount of $900 for total loss we incurred due to United's inability to full fill their obligation to us. I was unable to attach receipts to this letter, however, I am happy to fax or mail, if you supply me the information.


I bought tickets for my daughter and her husband who has never flown and the flight from Dayton to Chicago to Seattle went just fine but there return flight from Seattle to Newark to Dayton well to say the least was the worst act of I don't give a damn that I have ever seen. My family got to Newark and was told there flight to Dayton was cancelled by the FAA and airport was closed. You have a choice of going to Cleveland, Detroit or someone else but which ever you pick that's it as far as you can go.

My daughter called me in the state of Washington crying and hubby in a panic because they couldn't go to Dayton, Ohio. They ended up going to Cleveland oh and had a relative from anna oh drive there and back five hours. She gave me confirmatoin number JD25YJ. They were told since united had nothing to do with it because of FAA doing this they weren't responsible. My husband called Dayton airport and was told airport was open and no problem there.

My question is how does an airline like United feel like they can just leave customers in places where they have to find there own way home. I paid for my family to end up at home on Dayton not Cleveland. My family distraught and confused. United corporate headquarters failed them and me. I don't know if they will ever fly to me again after this. This is totally unacceptable.


On July 27 th I traveled from Florida to California. No problem with my flight. But I traveled with 2 pieces of canvas style roller luggage ~ one piece is totally unusable now. The piece has small area holes that were not there before. I had to purchase two new pieces for my return trip to Florida. If there is a number for United Airlines corporate complaints, I would really appreciate it!


We were scheduled on August 10, 2016 on flight 565 DCA to ORD. I called to see if the flight was on time before we departed for the airport. I was told by an agent the flight was cancelled due to weather and we were now booked on flight 3441. I was never notified of this and explained this to the agent. She insisted the flight was cancelled and did not know why we were not notified. I checked on the Internet and there was no info that the flight was cancelled. I called again.

Another agent told me the same thing, the flight cancelled due to weather and he gave me the same bs on the phone. Weather was fine and no other flights were cancelled from DCA or Dulles. We then went out to the airport for the 3441 flight a few hours later and saw the flight 565 had not been cancelled and had left for Chicago. Flight 3441 also had an almost 2 hour delay.

I missed a night work meeting that I was scheduled to be at, wasted the day, waited for a flight that was delayed,was lied too, and arrived home 4 hours later than I was scheduled for no reason than an incompetent agent, XM, changed our flight for no reason. I spent half the day trying to get answers and finally got a supervisor.This all was verified by a supervisor,Asia, H6, when I called to find out why we were switched to a different flight for no reason and lied too while we were now waiting for this delayed flight.

I also had paid for economy plus on flight 565 which I received a partial refund for as we did not have these seats on the flight that this agent switched us too. I expect more than compensation for the lies, being switched to another flight for no reason, being delayed 4 hours on flight we should never had even had to be on and having to call, be put on hold, and not having any one be able to explain why this happened and missing a night work meeting because someone decided to switch out flight that they should never have done.


I was to take United Airlines, flight number 4367 at 6:09 a.m., from Richmond VA Airport, USA to my daughter's destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica on Thursday June 23, 2016, schedule for 5:00 p.m. I was to arrive in Montego Bay at 12:40 p.m. June 22, 2016. the passengers had boarded the plane. The plane had backed up and prepared to take off when the pilot informed the passengers there was a mechanical problem and the passengers had to disembark. My understanding was there was a compressor problem with the plane; the flight was canceled and passengers had to rescheduled their flights. There were three of us traveling with the same flight itinerary, in a timely manner a United Airline agent was available to assist us in finding another flight.

The gentleman traveling with us informed her of our need to reach our destination for the wedding. the United Airline agent stated United Air did not have flights until the next day. Richard Mason then asked about other airlines and the United Airlines agent informed him that United Air only had agreements with Jet Blue and Delta. We were informed there were two seats on Delta and she could only put him and his wife on that flight . He asked if she could find a seat for me, mother of the bride. She said no. I asked why and she stated a certain number on my ticket was not same as the number on theirs. When I asked why the difference in the numbers on the tickets would not get me seat the United Airline agent did not respond. All attempts to put me on a flight with them was futile.

Maybe an hour went by and the agent told me she had seats on American Airlines for the couple I was traveling with. I insisted the couple i was flying with take the flight and i would continue to work on securing a flight for myself. At that point the United Airline agent left the customer counter with no explanation and returned in approximately fifteen minutes. The agent said to me and I quote IF I wanted a flight the next day she could MAYBE get me on a flight 10:05. The wife of the couple I was trying to fly with asked her why maybe. The United Airline agent turned and went through a door behind he airline counter and came back. I asked her if she find an earlier fight on another airline the next day and the United Airline agent said no because she had already printed out the Delta flight. I was speechless.

When I asked for her supervisor the agent informed me SHE was the SUPERVISOR. Meanwhile I'm on the cell phone with my son-in-law and he asked to speak to the agent to help resolve the situation. She stated she would not speak with him. I had to request a hotel voucher and shuttle information so I could stay in Richmond, VA until the next morning. I live in Newport News, VA and had traveled to the Richmond Airport the the couple going to the wedding. I was given a voucher to the Richmond Airport Hotel which was not fit to stay in. The agent did not provide me with a food voucher. I arrived at the hotel around 2:15 p.m. This is after I arrived at the airport at 3:15 a.m.on June 22, 2016. Please not that twelve hours had gone by since arriving at the airport.

When checking into the Richmond Airline Hotel the clerk inquired about my food voucher as he gave me the schedule for dinner. I sent 10.00 to eating at Applebees in the Airport. I saw the United Airline Agent who gave me unprofessional service with disrespect as I was getting my luggage to go to the hotel and I kindly asked her if she could be of any additional help. She said the only thing she tell me was to use my cell phone and call United myself and maybe a flight could be found that SHE was unable to see. I thanked her and wished her well. I prayed and called. The call was answered immediately and within fifteen to twenty minutes flight UA4367 was booked for me the next morning departing at 6:09 a.m., connecting in Newark to Montego Bay. During this entire time she as condescending, rude, disrespectful, not once did she actually look at us, etc. I have traveled abroad and in the USA. This is the first time i encountered this kind of behavior from an airline employee. My daughter's wedding was late at her insistence.

The wedding was after 6:00 p.m. She was kept informed I was on my way. I was not able to have a complete shower, etc. I paid for a room that I did not use on June 22, 2016. I was unable to eat on Friday, June 24, 2016 due to an upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea or leave my room until later in the evening for dinner all due to my experience at a United Airline counter in Richmond VA, USA. I thank you and i am looking forward to a very positive response from United Airlines in reference to this situation in the very near future.


My ticket was in United airlines traveling from Houston to Chennai. My confirmation reference was GXWTML . The itinerary for the travel was as follows. Take off was delayed in Chicago to Frankfurt flight UA 907 and consequently missing the connecting flight UA 9130 (Lufthansa LH 758). Went to the UA service center at Frankfurt airport who issued me a ticket on an alternate route to Chennai via Dubai. The itinerary was to travel to Dubai by LH 630 on 9th July 2016 and then travel to Chennai by EK544 on again 9th July 2016. That is the connecting flight EK544 was booked a day earlier; that is on 9th July 2016 instead of 10th July 2016.

So I was stranded in Dubai with no flight to Chennai available for the next 4 days. I ran from pillar to post and ultimately I found two Lufthansa officials (Majid Yaqoob & Derek Fernandes – duty Managers of Lufthansa at Dubai airport) working until early morning of 10th July 2016. They stayed back after their working hours to help me and finally got me a ticket from Abhu Dhabi to Chennai by etihad airlines’ flight EY270 on 10th July 2016 departing at 1405 hours. I had to travel by surface to Abu Dhabi International Airport which was about 1 hour + by road.

I was delayed by a day filled with lot of anxiety running around from here and there. The service desk of United Airlines at Frankfurt had a UA employee who was in a hurry and was not patient enough to complete issuing ticket by alternate route. She asked me to collect the ticket from the next service counter which had a Lufthansa employee who with great reluctance went on to issue the ticket to Dubai and also booked my ticket to luggage. She asked me to pick the luggage at Dubai and check in from Dubai at Emirates counter to Chennai. Very bad service indeed. I am 71 years old with health problems and I just could not keep awake, leave alone going through long queues. Incidentally in Frankfurt I went through security check at least 3 times in my effort to find a service counter of United Airlines. I had a large luggage also.

By arriving late I missed an important family function, for which I can not add any values. I was sick for a days after arrival and only today I started feeling normal. I request refund of my entire ticket or compensated adequately for the troubles I underwent. I am a citizen of United States and am sorry to say that I had never been subjected to such agony and anxiety in my life time. No hotel, no food, no lounge waiting, no service except being rude – in short nothing was offered to me to reduce my pain or anguish. But for those two Gentlemen of Lufthansa at Dubai airport, I would have appealed to US judiciary for meaningful compensation.


Had 48,400 miles removed from my frequent flyer account because I did not have activity for 18 months. Asked to have them reinstated and they refused. Gave no options such as a penalty fee for reinstatement. Got screwed and without recourse. American Airlines allows miles expired after 2002 to be reinstated for a fee of $200 for up to 50,000 miles. American also sends out notifications of miles about to expire. Did not receive any notification that miles may expire and now am looking at getting screwed out of about a $1,000. There sole intent is to have as many frequent flyer miles expire worthless so as to reduce their liability. No one at United to whom I made this accusation argued my assertion. Horrible, horrible program. No wonder their customer satisfaction is so low. Sorry I could not rate them with zero stars.


I wanted to let someone know how frustrated and disappointed I am with my recent experience with United. I was scheduled to fly out of Denver at 5:40 P.M. on 7/6. I was flying to LaGuardia and was scheduled to land at 11:30 P.M. When I arrived at my gate in Denver, I discovered that my flight was delayed by 20 minutes. No big deal... Except it didn't end there. The delays kept coming. Unfortunately, no one was working the desk at the gate so there was nobody to communicate with in an attempt to get answers.

Finally, at about 5:30 or so, we were informed that the delay was caused by a problem with the plane not connecting properly to the ramp. We waited while that was fixed, passengers exited the plane and the cleaning crew did their job. We boarded the plane at about 6:15 and were informed that we would not be able to land at LaGuardia because of a curfew at that airport. Instead we were going to land in New Jersey. Then... some other mechanical problem developed. We were told, repeatedly, that the situation would be fixed in "about 15 minutes or so". We finally were able to take off at about 8:45. Three hours after we were scheduled to leave! I understand that things happen, problems occur, blah blah blah, but it is unprofessional and unkind to LIE to passengers... telling us over and over again that we would be leaving in a matter of minutes.

To make the experience even worse, when we arrived at Newark Airport at 2:00 in the morning, we were forced to wait in a line while customer service provided us with taxi vouchers. While I appreciate that United worked to get all of us home to New York, there must be a better solution that making people (who have already been inconvenienced by a number of hours) wait for more than 30 minutes to get the voucher. THEN... THE ICING ON THE CAKE OF SHAME... We had to wait for over an hour to be put into a taxi. There was one woman filling out the forms needed for the cab drivers to be reimbursed while three men (including a Supervisor named Lou Thomas) stood around doing nothing. Now I realize that these people don't work for United, but it was because of United's problems that we found ourselves in need of the taxi.

I finally arrived home at 5:00 A.M. Nearly six hours after I was supposed to be home. I was exhausted and sore from carrying my luggage for the additional 90 minutes it took to get into a cab. I was in no condition to go to work, today, since it would have meant less than two hours of sleep. Sadly, if I don't work I don't get paid. Not only did United rob me of my time but it cost me nearly $200 in lost wages.

While some of these issues could not be avoided, I do think there is room for improvement in policy, communication and execution. I sincerely hope that you will look into these issues and work to find more passenger friendly solutions. I will definitely remember this experience when I book my next trip (I will be traveling to Chicago this September) and beyond. I would be lying if I said that the bad taste left in my mouth over yesterday's experience might still be lingering at that time. It certainly has the potential to influence which airline I choose for my future plans. Thank you for your attention to my letter and the frustrations I experienced. I hope that you find my comments helpful and that you will look into making some changes as to how you operate.


This is re: SkyWest #29931 and a service experience on June 15, 2015 on a Spokane overnight I encountered with her. She was extremely discourteous, rude and demanding to this associate. We have contracts with several airlines and I have only had a handful that have been as detrimental to my service to other guests as she was. She didn't like what we had on our menu and as I was waiting on other tables, followed me around the dining room and kept insisting on a previous visit she had had a certain Item. I suggested a few items on our menu and she then asked if there was somewhere nearby that might have her special salad. I gave her lengthy directions, while ignoring my other guests to do so, and explained where she could possibly find her salad. She walked outside, then turned around and returned, complaining that her arm pain made it to difficult to walk far. She decided to stay and eat in our restaurant.

She proceeded to order, and when the food was delivered, didn't expect to pay extra, as she had visited 3 years ago and wasn't charged extra. I explained we had new kitchen mgt., new guidelines and we had to charge for everything that came out of the kitchen. She became argumentative and unpleasant and continued to press the issue, I gave her extra items at no charge, but explained this wasn't policy. She paid, I thanked her and told her to have a nice day. My on sight HR and newly hired F&B decided to take her comments, not listen to my service challenges with Sally and take disciplinary action. We have a phone number to call for unruly SWA and FED EX guests who don't adhere to pleasant conduct, and in all my time with this hotel we have only had to call once.

I wish any service person who encounters this much luck, as she is truly an overly demanding person, who won't be told no, and will do what she can to get any hospitality personnel into trouble. Thank you for your attention to this unfortunate service interaction.


They did not pick up the baggage change from American Airlines and left my son's (and his roommate) bag sitting in Madrid. We only knew that because I had to track it through American. They were left in Tel Aviv for 6 days with no luggage and no help. A call center in India is the only way to contact them. United Airlines was not helpful or understanding at all.


I am currently having a bad problem at the Houston International airport. I am traveling with 18 others trying to get home to Baton Rouge , La. We left from Denver Co. at 3:05 pm and we were to change planes Houston however we were given several departure times and finally to we would have to wait 24 hours or more before we could leave out. In this group several persons have Diabetes, Arthritis, Sleep Apnea along with a host of other physical impairments. I have insulin that must be refrigerated and I was told to go to customer service and ask for Ice. I am also one of 5 persons in a wheelchair. I spoke to Corey in Michigan who made a suggestion. This is a very poor way to say you recognize the Americans with Disability Act . I feel that your airline has no regard for the disabled or handicap . This was first and last time using this airline.we are now trying to rent vans to go home in the morning at a cost to us. You should be ashamed of your actions.


I was on Flight UA0099, Seat 33C, Melbourne, Australia to LAX which left on 15th May, 2016. From the beginning we experienced problems with the Entertainment system on the flight from the moment we left. 40 minutes into the flight the Pilot informed us he would need turn the system off and restart in 20 mins. After this occurred we were able to use the entertainment system but it was never functioning properly during the entire flight and at one stage I had to ask the air hostess for assistance and she advised me she would need to reboot my screen. Again it worked but it was not a 100%.

When we were about 4 hours from landing the Pilot again informed us that the entertainment system was not functioning again he would now have to turn it off for good. Fortunately, I had a book to read but I was looking forward to listening to some music while doing so. The Pilot informed us to write to United via a website which while he quoted I did not understand. He informed us we could redeem some sort of compensation for the lack of entertainment on the flight.

Over all I have to say the flight did not seem long as to compared to the past as this was the first time I had travelled on the Dream Liner and I certainly felt good after the flight. Staff were friendly and it was only the entertainment system which marred the experience which over all was a very good flight. Returning home on Flight UA0098, Seat 31J on Thursday 2 June, 2016.


My flight information is leaving from Puerto Rico, United Flight #841 at 2:22pm, to Chicago. We will start on Saturday, May 28, 2016, arrival at the San Juan Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, approximately 1015 am we left the Adventures of the Sea Caribbean Cruise Ship headed to the above listed airport, arrived at 1045am. On arriving at the Airport we were notified that an earlier flight had been cancelled and they had to get those passengers on a flight first. We did not get finish with our check-in until 1:47pm. So we were told to hurry and get to gate B8, mind you there is seven(7) people in our group, I am 70 yrs old and we had my cousin, who is 75 yrs of age, in a wheel chair rushing to get to gate B8 after going through TSA pre check.

So we made it flight was beautiful until we landed at Ohara Airport, Chicago. First of all we were to pick up our luggage at the baggage claim area, I think on ramp #4 of which my luggage never showed up. We filled out a Delayed Baggage Report at 7:18pm, come to find out that in Puerto Rico the agent that check all seven(7) of us in placed baggage tags on any bag rushing to get us on the plane, so after checking all baggage tag numbers my bag was missing but it had Lashandra Sandifer tag on it. After calling your United Airlines Baggage Resolution Center - 1-800-335-2247, we were told that my luggage was still in Puerto Rico it never made our plane and will be placed it on a United Flight arriving in Chicago at 6:18 pm on Sunday May 29, 2018, we will deliver your bag to you, we will need Lashandra Sandifer baggage tag and ID. So I, Joyce Gordon called the Resolution Center again to change the delivery information.

I have called the Resolution Center several times to find out where my bag is. Lashandra Sandifer received a call from Ohara Airport that night May 29, 2016 from 773-601-1203 at 7:05pm,from a woman letting us know that my luggage had been damaged, when we tried to ask questions the lady hung up the phone and didn't leave her name. So we called back at 7:14pm asking to speak to the person who had just called us, the lady on the phone stated she was on another line and could she help us, we told her that we were inquiring about what happen to my luggage and why was the women being so unprofessional by hanging up on us, she stated that we would just have to wait until our luggage got delivered and hung up again without leaving her name or any other information. This Department at Ohara Airport baggage pickup was very unprofessional. so I called the Resolution Center again, by the way everyone I talked to at the Resolution Center ( about five (5) different people) was very nice and professional.

So today, Memorial Day, May 30th 2016, at 12;31pm, I have not received my bag yet, I did call the Resolution Center back again, who tracked the bag as being on the delivery truck that was a little behind but on their way, that was at 8:15 am, no bag yet. not only did United mess up our Sunday but now the holiday, which we have plans for, they have both of our numbers, so far no calls no word on where my bag is. I will be putting in a claim form and writing a letter to the Corporate Office, which I no you no that already, I'm tried, my holiday is mess up a lot of things in the luggage was for this holiday.


Had lots of problems renewing Red Carpet membership. Tied numerous times on line, no luck. Called Premier Number and was passed to Millage Plus Desk and then to someone else not Red Carpet. So I go shunted around twice. So after 3 tries finally got some help. Love United but it should not be so hard to renew, had many problems with trying to renew on line.


Received email advising three day Companion Fare Sale to Europe, to be booked by April 27. Was not ready to book yesterday and clicked on the email link today and it is telling me ended April 27. It is early morning EDT on April 27. Did not get any satisfaction calling main number.


I have a complaint that I would like to bring to the attention of United Airlines management concerning services received on Tuesday the 12 April 2016. My departing flight was United Airlines flight 9197 to Frankfurt Germany with a departure time of 3:30 PM from Detroit Metro Airport in Detroit, Michigan.

Prior to leaving to the Detroit Metro Airport on the morning of 12 April 2016 my husband and I were finishing up last minute packing so we could weigh the suitcase to make sure it was within the 50 lb. authorized allowance. The bag was over in weight and I only wanted to take one suitcase so my husband called United Airlines at phone number 1-800-228-2744 to speak with somebody in reference to charges on overweight baggage.

We called because we were unsure if we would get charged for each additional lb. over the 50 lb. limit or if it would be a flat rate charge for any amount of weight over the 50 lb. limit. We were informed that it would be $100 if the bag was overweight so I asked the United Airline employee how much it would cost if I just took an additional suitcase and I was quoted $35. I thought to myself that this makes no sense at all how I would get charged $100 to be overweight on one bag but only have to pay $35 to take an additional bag that could weigh up to 50 lbs.

So I clarified this information with the United Airlines employee to make sure that is what was being said to me. I told the United Airlines employee that this didn’t pass the common sense test that you get charged $100 to be overweight on one bag but could take another complete bag for $35 and the United Airlines employee said that was the policy so I said OK and that I would just take another bag.

Upon arrival to Detroit Metro airport we went to the United Counter to check in and we were informed that we had to check in with Lufthansa which confused me because the itinerary said United Airlines for the departure flight and Lufthansa for the return flight. We went over to Lufthansa to check in and I told the man at the ticket counter that we have an extra bag to check in and he asked me for $100. I asked him why it was $100 and he said that is what an extra bag costed. I told him that I was informed by the United Airlines employee on the phone that it was only $35 so why is he quoting $100.

He said that it was $35 dollars if it was a Domestic flight and $100 because it was an international flight. I told him the United Airlines employee that I spoke to did not say anything nor ask me if it was a Domestic or International flight. The Lufthansa employee told me that I could submit a complaint to United Airlines in which I am for possible re-imbursement of some type and that I needed to proceed to another desk to pay the $100.

At that point we were stuck paying $100 dollars because we had already packed everything needed for the trip. If we did not need everything that was packed we could have removed some items before ever leaving home and would have not had to bring an additional bag but decided for the $35 we were quoted we could take all the necessary items. I would like to be reimbursed $130 dollars to pay the difference of $65 dollars for the departing and return flights. I have no problem paying the $70 ($35 each way) dollars for the additional bag for the departed and return flight because that was what was quoted to me on the phone and what I was expecting to pay due to my decision to take the extra bag based on that price quote.

The United Airlines employee I spoke with on the phone should have got the details/information of the flight before giving me a quote so there would be no misunderstanding. I am a consumer and do not know all the rules/policies so that is why I called to speak directly to one of United Airlines agents so I could get clarification. Another recommendation may be a reimbursement is to upgrade my wife’s return ticket to First Class. I have attached a screenshot of her itinerary for the departure and return flight. Her return flight is Lufthansa Flight 442 on Tuesday 26 April 2016 departing at 10:00 AM.

I do not have the United Airlines employee name but I have attached a screen shot from my phone showing I called the number 1-800-228-2744 on 12 April 2016. I appreciate your time and concern into this matter and hope you consider one of my recommendations due to the false information I was provided and the monetary loss. Please feel free to contact me should you require any further assistance on my part concerning this matter.


As of March 26, 2016 Flight NO. UA383 on Route From HNL - DEN Board Time 1855hrs Departs: 1945hrs Seat NO. 38C Aisle As I was just about to take my seat the passenger on 38D spilled his whole drink on my chair and I had informed the flight attendant Mr. Ed that my seat was soaking wet, due to the other passenger spilling his fountain drink on my seat, "He then, the flight attendant told me to just sit on the wet seat" because there was no other seats available.

I Was Very uncomfortable I assumed that he would assist me to another seat I strongly feel that was so unfair due to me being a loyal paying customer for United Airlines I was not treated well on that flight. My husband even informed him what as his plan, but the flight attendant said Sorry there are no other seats available. Unbelievable. As of March 27, 2016 as I reached my final destination to San Diego as I picked up my Luggage my bag were broken and torn.


My Son had a connecting flight from Denver to Memphis. When he arrived in Denver his flight had already left. He had to sit in the airport for approximately 17 hours. With no food or a place to rest he went to the customer service and explained that he had no money to eat and was extremely tiered from the trip and they told him there was nothing they could do for him!! This is unacceptable from ay reputable airline! We have traveled not only with your airlines but others as well and have never experienced anything like this.

We pay for our flights and trust that we are in good hands when we travel with United, this was a horrible and unacceptable experience. Customer service was saying they couldn't control weather or mechanical issues, we understand that but this was neither. The connecting flight simply DID NOT wait!!! I feel we should be compensated for not only our flight but for the way we were treated and our troubles as well! We do not expect to have to be hungry, sitting in an airport for this amount of time and on top of it being dismissed. We are good paying customers and hope to resolve this issue.


On the 24th of March I had a flight to leave out of DIA to DFW, up arriving to DIA to check in my bags to one of your baggage claim agent at the counter. Well the first thing that I notice he was really upset and had a nasty attitude with me, but that was ok. I told him my name and my destination on where I was traveling to, he check all of what he needed and got my baggage sticker to place on my luggage bag, notice he was still upset and rude as he place the sticker on my luggage bag and just place it behind him behind him beside the conveyor not on top. As I walk away I took another glance back to see if had place it on top but it was still there beside the conveyor.

After arriving at DFW to claim my bag I notice that everyone else had there luggage except mines, 25 min later went to bagging claim service to report my bag wasn't on the baggage claim conveyor. The gentleman look my baggage up and told me that it will be coming in on another flight, now I'm upset because after paying for my bag and all the medication I needed was in there. This wasn't call for because I paid for a service that wasn't meet, and I had a time frame to take the medication my doctor prescribe for me. Well after the agent says this will be and two hour wait or we can bring it to my house, gave him my address and left. Was so up set that I just return to the airport to claim my bag myself.

I was and still maybe get our local news involved in United baggage and other people property that they check in and how its handle once it leave your sight. I will get the agent name when I arrive back at DIA, I kept all my information on the misshapen on United end. I love to speak to someone higher up to see if I get compensated for all what I went through.


In early December I contacted Mileage Plus to ask if we could use our mileage for a round trip ticket to Tucson AZ. A very nice man made all the arrangements. We use United Airlines regularly, but had never used our mileage because we weren't sure how to do so. The man was so kind and fixed us up with roundtrip tickets from Chicago to Tucson. He said we would receive confirmation with our confirmation number and our seat assignments. He said there would be two different confirmation numbers since we were each using our own mileage plus numbers. That turned out to be so and the cost for the extra miles and the call center fee were charged to my credit card and paid by me.

Tomorrow we leave so today I tried to print our boarding passes. Mine printed, but my husband's did not although I used the confirmation number you had assigned him, I spent the entire morning talking with very kind people. First I waited a long time to reach reservations. That man checked and said it looked to him like my husband's account had not been charged for mileage and canceled his reservation. He transferred me to the mileage plus people who again were very nice and very sorry, but they could not fix the problem, That woman transferred me back to reservations and there was and exceedingly long wait. She kindly stayed on the phone and helped explain the problem when we finally reached Reservations,

The best they could was get my husband on the same flight and to charge his mileage for that flight. Coming home there was room on the flight, but for some reason we had to pay for that flight. In addition we were charged a $75 fee for booking sooner than twenty days. In all, we have to pay about $400 for the mistake you made and for which each of the people I spoke with expressed their apologies.

We are regular travelers on your airlines and it seems unfair and unjust for us to have to pay $400 for your mistake. Please consider this an appeal for a refund of our money. As an aside, my husband is 93 and I am 83. All of this has been very distressing. It is particularly upsetting that you made a mistake which was compounded by your canceling his flight without notifying us.


Here is my complaint to the United Airlines Customer Services Manager. HC4LT9. I am a business man who travels regularly. Timing is very important to my business for schedule meetings and my customers contact and business. I was scheduled to fly from DCA to IAH to POS on the 15/02/2016. Your airplane was already taxing when encountered a maintenance (Computer) problem. We all sat on this plane for a period of over 3 hours (that was disgusting).

We were finally returned to the gate and left for Houston not until 1:30pm arriving after 4:00 pm missing my connection to POS. You customer care personal was not so caring after being told there was no accommodation for the group of us now stranded. After a loud out-bust by some of the customers one of your agent contacted Washington to find out the real reason for the delay (It was maintenance and not the weather). That was then corrected and vouchers were given for accommodation.

The wait to the Hotel was over 90 mins and I had to assist two of the passengers with their incidental deposit as to be able to spend the night in the hotel (Park Inn Suite).
The flight to POS on 16/02/16 was also delayed. We all had to deplane (due a maintenance problem) and re-board another plane again. I missed my scheduled meetings which I had rescheduled for that night at the airport.


My United complaint is about the in-flight entertainment system. Problem started already in Chicago, after numerous attempts to start safety in-flight video there was only sound no video so cabin crew performed safety demonstrations the old way with safety belt etc. which was OK. Problem also during the more then 8 hour flight to Brussels the entertainment system did not function and would like to be compensated for this shortcoming for both myself and my wife.


Wasn't notified on my cell # flight 1484 was delayed-went to the airport and waited-originally was scheduled to depart POP at 3:05 and didn't leave until 4:40 PM - Then was told flight would then stop in Washington Dulles for a flight crew change?

Then mid flight was told by Captain that air traffic control advised him that we could fly directly into Newark arriving around 7:10 PM instead of original 6:00 PM arrival time, then about 1/2 hour later captain informs us that he was advised that we would again have to redirect flight into Washington Dulles, much surprise again to many unhappy passengers. After touching down in Dulles were told to remain seated for about 40 minutes due to flight crew change and no service at all was given, had to actually ask for water quietly since was told if others heard everyone would want water? Upon a bumpy touchdown in Newark about 8:30 or so were told we would have to sit on tarmac and be tugged into gate?

Needless to say, was very unhappy with the flight 1484. I used to manage Midway Airlines so I am quite aware of the situations that arose and would ask for some type of voucher for the stress, inconvenience and hassle I had to endure. Since vouchers are for space available and cost the airlines nothing, I would appreciate your consideration in this matter. I will also be following up with a hand written letter to headquarters. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. And this will also be considered when I chose my airline on my next flight since I usually do choose United, when I do travel as often as I do.


Dear United Customer Complaint Department. My name is Ye and my MileagePlus number is UJ754681. My flight (Confirmation: ER005G; eTicket Number: 0162458166043) from Tel Aviv, Israel to Shanghai, China on the Oct 5th, 2015 was somewhat of a disappointment. This trip contain three flight as following and I booked this flight by using MileagePlus points:

- Tel Aviv, Israel to Athens, Greece
- Athens, Greece to Munich, Germany
- Munich, Germany to Shanghai China

After I have arrived Athens, the visa officer from Greece raise questions on my flight due to multiple transitions and eventually cost me missed the flight from Athens to Munich and Munich to Shanghai. At the end, I have to purchase separate flight ticket from Athens to Shanghai. I have contacted the customer representative on this accident and aim to claim the reward points back. The customer representative for somehow miss understand my question and issued other flight from Athens to Shanghai (Confirmation: ER005G; eTicket Number: 0162466305562), which is after I have arrived Shanghai.

I fly United Airlines as my primary airline, and this type of thing is not common. I am very well taken care of by the management and staff of United. I know that you will make this simple and unfortunate situation right with me. I look forward to your rectifying this situation and to claim the MileagePlus points back on my missing flight.


After calling to book my husbands ticket back to north Dakota, where he works. I have been hung up on 2x, not only can you not understand the Indonesian people your speaking to. But they could not understand me. On hold once again. going on 30 min with United Airlines customer service.


We are Martin Zorrilla and Angelica Osorio, who have an unfortunate experience travelling on board United Airlines , this Jan, 11. Let me begin saying that we are two Colombian students at Purdue (West Lafayette) with a very small budget, so we planned our trip sufficiently in advance to save costs. For our initial journey, we purchased the tickets 0167594070791 and 792, eight months earlier, expecting to arrive to Chicago in the afternoon and get the shuttle to West Lafayette, Indiana.

Unfortunately, the flight UA 1069 (9:48) from Bogota to Newark was delayed 1 hour 40 minutes due to a poor planning on the Weight and Balance procedure so this happening affected our whole trip. With just one hour to our next flight and regardless of any consideration other than a simple request to the other passengers to give us priority leaving the plane, we were delayed many times, some of them due to the lack of your assistance. We both know about the TSA detailed and demanding procedures but it is impossible to understand why in New York there was only one screening line with up to 4 stations at the Terminal (2 of them are active when we arrive) and no one from UA aware of its passengers.

We check our baggage once again, but as anyone would expect, we lost the flight UA1747 from Newark to Chicago. Confident that our baggage was onboard this flight (information provided by UA Customer Service at Newark Airport), we waited for about 2 more hours. Next, we boarded the flight UA 1437 and we arrived to Chicago at 10:00 p.m. Unfortunately, once again our baggage was lost and no one knew where it was. The lady in charge of the Customer Service Desk at O’Hare was misled by the system and informed us that for some reason our baggage was still in New York, and told us that Wednesday 13 will be the sooner we get it . Finally, very sad and disappointed, we accidentally found it at 11:30 pm. unattended, close to some carousel.

As a result, we also lost the last shuttle to West Lafayette and we had to spend the night at the airport to get the next one. Our excitement turned into deception. Despite we are just two students, more than anger, it is very frustrating how we feel without any explanation from you and no one was concerned about one simple need. We think that everyone deserves more respect and you should take future actions to avoid this kind of incidents.


We both were supposed to travel under above PNR numbers on UA3928 / 28 Dec 15. The flight was cancelled and no one notified us of that. I luckily checked on website and found the flight is cancelled. Contacted the united Airline booking office. They book me from OKC.DEN.YYC.

I have to take a taxi from Tulsa to Oklahoma Airport and reached at 4AM to catch the flight. Again there the the flight was delayed there for approx 2 hours and miss the connection to YYC. At DEN. I have to be in queue for 1 hour to get me and myself rebooked. We were booked for another flight which was again delayed and I could not reach on my job that day resulted in loose my pay for that day and beside that I have to give explain action to my employer.

In total we both loose approx $900.00 for this trip Taxi fare Plus we both did not get paid for one day. This was beside the suffering we had to spend more than 24 hours on the taxi and airports before we reach to our destination. We also traveled on United Airlines on 19 Den from YYC DEN TUL under separate ticket and above was our return journey. I had been calling different offices of united airlines but no one has given any proper answer. Kindly contact me for any further details you may need to know.


I and my wife were first class customers on your flight UA1162P on 12/19/15 (BQN to EWR-LIBERTY). We were not offered any kind of food or drink on this flight. We had to "ask" for coffee. My wife also requested a pillow and was told that none were available. We asked about the food situation, we were advised by the flight attendants that there was not enough time to stock the returning flight with food and none was available. Our ticket itinerary showed "meal".

We feel that the service we received was below the expected first class expectations that we had received on previous first class accommodations. We paid an excess amount of money for this flight and we received less than coach service and we feel that we should receive compensation for the poor service given. one star given as it can not be removed. serial # 1762 1du8 60194 14846 confirmation HVSSPZ.


2 of my family members and I, were supposed to fly from NEWARK Airport to DULLES in Washington DC, to catch a plane there to SAN JOSE, Costa Rica. The flight to DULLES was delayed, which made it impossible for us to catch the connecting plane to Costa Rica. I made a huge line to ask the lady in charge of my boarding gate what to do, because we weren't going to make it on time to board the plane in DULLES. The lady never got to me before they ended the boarding there, I had to interrupt her to get an answer from her which didn't even make sense.

She told me to go to the customer service. I went and made another hour and 1/2 of angry people line there, and when I finally got to the end, the guy told us that the only option for us was to wait until FRIDAY 01/01/16 (Today being WEDNESDAY 12/30/15). Now we need to wait 2 DAYS to reach our destination! Our whole purpose of the trip which was to spent the 31st of December with our family was ruined because of some delay the United airlines had on their end.

Not only that but our bags left the airport already so now we have to let them sit in Costa Rica while we wait for our flight on Fri 01/01/16. This has been the worst experience we've had and I am 100% sure I will never use this airline again! If a customer months in advance for an airline to take you somewhere on a specific date, it's their responsibility to assure that this happens. I was at Newark airport from 4 am- 9.30 am, spent all this time there just to know that I am not reaching my destination until 2 days later.


Flight UA986, Gate 43 Seat 38J CDC-ORD Paris to Chicago Gate 43 Time 11:40 am. I am a retied 71 year old female professional. My seat was at the rear of the airplane therefore I waited to board. The incident happen while trying to get to my seat. The incident was with a male flight attendant. He as heavy set, reddish/blond hair, working I think in first class. He was working the left side of the plane as you board. While boarding I observed first class relaxing and enjoying there drinks. The attendant was ahead of me coming toward me. He was very agitated and made it obvious he was not happy. I continued toward my seat, but there was a newspaper card in my way. (Perhaps he was trying to give out newspapers?)

This attendant came up behind me, took my right arm, lifted my arm and oversized handbag, placing it on the cart. The attendants touch was hot, and his anger was pliable. I moved forward and another male (younger) attendant was coming toward me. I voiced my complaint that the attendant behind me was very, very rude. His eyes go big but said nothing. I found my seat and tried to calm myself down. I was very upset for being treated this way. I do not know why I was treated so poorly. I do know from my work life these types of situations can go bad. You need to stay calm. If I had engaged him, the situation could have escalated. Please do not let this happen to anyone else. I feel he needs help.


Your baggage claim services Dept. has not been cooperative and has been giving me wrong information. When I try to fax them important info., they do not give me an email No. or physical address, The fax No. they have givwn me is either wrong or the traffic is so heavy that I cannot get through. Even when I write to you, I do not receive any answer. Is anybody out there? You would ;never be able to discourage me with the tactics you are using. I am HERE.


To United Airlines corporate offices. Here is my complaint. My name is Patricia Moore and I've been a long-time, loyal United customer. It was with excitement, that my husband, Jeremy Schurger, and I booked a trip to New Orleans on October 31st, 2015, 6 months in advance with 10 of our friends. We had group outings planned for Halloween and spent a good amount of money on elaborate costumes. However, these plans were disrupted on that day. After checking in our bags, we proceeded to our gate in Terminal A. We met all of our friends and proceeded to the gate for boarding. At this point, my husband and I were randomly told to step aside, that there was a weight restriction, and we were the last to check-in, so we could not get on the flight. A flight that was booked and confirmed 6 months in advance.

After asking the gate attendant for an explanation, she became very abrupt, did not offer a satisfactory explanation, and let another stand-by passenger board the flight, after telling us only 1 could go. The attendant proceeded to put us on the next direct flight, 7.5 hours later. We were compensated $150. Needless to say, our luggage continued on to New Orleans, and we missed all of the pre-planned activities with all of our friends. As you can imagine, we were quite upset. Our vacation was ruined. This flight was not overbooked. We were told our seats sat empty.

Upon our return, we did some research, speaking with associates who are United employees. We were told that this is common, but the protocol is to FIRST ask for volunteers to give up their seats. This DID NOT happen. We have many witnesses that can attest to this. Secondly, if they could not find volunteers, it is United's policy to compensate 4 times the original price of each ticket. The $150 was an insult. I don't know the name of the gate attendant, but she was very unprofessional. At this point, we are so upset with United, we are vowing to never fly them again, take our story to the news, etc, unless we are compensated the amount 4 times our cost, as per your protocol.

I would appreciate a prompt response, and hope to resolve this matter. Our flight info was UA4255 on October 31st (EWR-->MSY) in Terminal A.


On 11/24/15 I summit a complain about my flight #UA1921S from Houston to Orlando. On 11/25/15 at 5:49 p.m. I received a call from Daniel from Customer Care, he left a message, I called him back same day at 1-800-864-8331 but, I got a answering machine. On 11/01/15 I called Customer Care and I left a message and I been calling every day and leaving messages with all my information for them to call me but, nobody call yet. On 11/30/15 I called 1800-241-6522 and explain the issue to the clerk, and He said that there is no way to transfer my phone call to talk with a Supervisor at Customer Care. This is unacceptable and very poor service from United Airlines. I repeat nobody call me as of today from Customer Care. Sir, please provide me the address for American Airlines Corporate Office Management, to submit my request.


I am filing a complaint our flight home was horrible worst flight I have ever been on, we were traveling with 6 in our part 2 adults and 4 kids. to start the boarding was so unorganized and took forever, when we got on the plan it was dirty, then we sat and and the kids and stuff get ready to watch tv, 3 out of the 4 kids plus my tv was not working either from the tv view or from the sound, we advised the stewards which got us nowhere we waited for them to come over once they did they said they have no idea what the problem could be and that we would have to deal with it, first of all that isn't a very nice response they should have at least tried to help us.

We were trying to keep them occupied, when the snacks were supposed t be handed out they went right by our isle, lucky we got drinks toward the end of our flight. There were screaming babies this had to be one of the worst flights I have ever been on. I spoke to one of united workers on the phone they advised to email and request a refund for our trip coming home. Please help us get this issue resolved, we are looking for a credit for our flight coming home from Orlando to Newark your associate advised is was 2,029.50. Look forward to hearing from you to get this resolved from the United Airlines corporate offices.


On Aug 25, 2015, My Fiance Lindsay Wartzok, Ticket #02777104958994, book this flight out of OHare. Upon check in, we both noticed that out seats were not together. Matter of Fact they were not even close. Her seat upon Check in 37, mine was 24. Which we both thought was stupid, and ridiculous. In order for us to sit together, we HAD to purchase upgraded seats at 63.48 ea. I was pissed, then had to pay $25 for ea piece of luggage. That was almost $200 out of pocket expenses that should not have been. I flown United for over 20 years, and this is the first time I have had to purchase upgraded seats to sit next to my loved one. My thought was, what is if this was a family of 4. That would be an extra $400 even before vacation. Not only is this a way for United to make more money, like United needs to, but this is called extortion! I am a 100% disabled Veteran, and this is how we are treated, like we have the money for this crap.

You guys at United need to give Veterans a break and stop extorting money from families. I will be contacting my Congressman and Senator over this, this BS. I am requesting FULL re-reimbursement of my $200 from the United Airlines corporate office, that I should not have paid for this dumb mistake from United. When booked in advance, you always have seats together. Again, I am requesting Full reimbursement of my money ($200). I may even contact the local social media over this and Facebook. This is Robbery. Also when we booked this tickets in August of 2015, Alaskan Airlines was our flight from PDX to OHare. No wonder Alaskan Airlines can afford to expand, more service, less, and CHEAPER. I will never fly United Again. United is definitely not the Friendly Skies.


When I ask one of the attendant, at the boarding of flight 453 to Atlanta, boarding at 12:40, about my minor niece. I was told she was to remain on line and board with the rest of group 3. I was told she was not a minor. Maybe, she stated", she was not a minor, because of her size. Then she stated" did she fill out a minor's form. Well, she came from Atlanta with much more, or, should I say with much more respect. She maybe big, but she is a minor. Who ever that was to say, she was not a minor and did she fill out a minor's form was very rude and disrespectful. I just want United Airline to make sure that people be treated with respect, even if a minor look like an adult, she still a minor. I just want some one in charge to know what happen, so that they can investigate into the matters of the workers, not all, but the rude ones.


On November 26th 2015 we were in Liberia Costa Rica leaving and going to our home town to Norfolk Va, as were getting our tickets the united employee forgot to give us our third ticket to final Norfolk, Mr Maher had to go back to ticket booth and tell him the mistake he made. After that as were in Houston TX we went to gate and asked the guy there who checked our info and he said your at wrong gate go to the other one as we got there the flight was on time as we give the united ticket lady at gate our tickets she scanned them and the flight attendant told everyone that we had booked flight.

When we were in Houston the guy at gate sent us top wrong gate and on our ticket had no gate number that's why we asked him he checked his computer but why did our ticket scan go threw even manager at United in Dulles said it was their mistake and Dulles had no flight to get us home as we paid to be home on Thanksgiving, not on Friday. We had the WORST EXP with United and wanted to know what can you do or can someone call us.

Were not happy at all about United mistake and what all started is in Liberia Costa Rica with United Airlines. We have flew with United before but this was like I said the Worst ever flight and not getting us back is not fair when were paying customer. Even when the manager at United said it was their fault she knew what we been through that day but she told me best thing to do was to email and make a complaint and that's what I'm doing. Please feel free to call me if you want to talk more. United Employees need more training in Costa Rica and at Houston at Gates or we would not be complaining, but this was not a Happy trip coming back. Have great Thanksgiving weekend.


Me and my wife was catching a flight UA1764 from Orland to Newark 3.30 on the 25.11.15 to catch a flight to London-Heathrow.We got the on plane and as we was about to move away from terminal the captain said there was something wrong with the baggage door, after about half an hour we were told to take our small hand baggage and go back to the terminal as the plane needed to be pressurized, after another half hour we were told to collect all our hand baggage from plane as it would not be flying.This meant we would miss our connection at Newark, we were then told to go to gate 48 to fly to Newark and then fly to Heathrow the next day at 7pm as this was no longer an option for us as we had family commitments.

So my wife asked if we could get another flight, after an hour we was told we could fly with Virgin that night to Gatwick so we had to go to reclaim our baggage which took another hour as they could not open up the plane straight away. Then we had drag our cases to the main terminal to the Virgin desk after all this stress because we had to fly to Gatwick then get a taxis to Heathrow as our car was parked there which cost £91.00 which really stressed me out. so I would like the taxis fare back and compensation for the stress to both of us .we are 67and68 year old and this does not help at our age.


On 11/22/15 on Fight #UA1921 from Houston to Orlando Fl. it was the worst flight I ever had. I got a broken ankle, I got a CAM Walker Boot; I was flying on First Class, sit 4E and I need to be comfortable due to my leg condition; the gentleman sat besides me was so "drunk" that I can smell his alcohol breath, he was heavy breathing, mumbling and talking to himself. I was reading a book and in two occasions the touched my arms to ask me: if I was going on vacations to Orlando, and if my book was good? I try to be polite and replied in a nice manner because, I noticed he was "very drunk". He went to the bathroom and I told the Flight attendant about the incident, that He was drunk and that I don't know how to handle it. She stayed that she will talk to him.

The Captain call me up front to talk to me about it, and the flight attendant said that She already explained him about the Alcohol policy and that they'll not offer him no more alcohol during the flight. He already have one glass of Jack Daniels before. Also, the Captain asks me if I want they can take him out of the plane, but I told him: that I can handle it as long as he don't bother me anymore during the flight. Also, they try to switch sits, but was no sit available. They replied that they'll keep an eye on me. I told them that the Airline shouldn't take any drunk person on the plane because, will disrupt the other person peace of mind. He came quiet from the bathroom and fall asleep for short time. When he woke up he puts his hand on my lap; I looked at him very mad and told him: What's wrong with you?

You better stop touching me! He didn't said anything. The Lady sat on the other isle on my left asked me: if I want to change sits with her husband, but I told her no thank you, and She said just let me know. The flight attendants came to check on me few times, but I didn't mention this incident again, because there is nothing they can do at this time. This is unacceptable that any passenger has to experience those behaviors specially flying on First Class. First, due to my leg condition I need to be very comfortable during my flight. Second, I didn't enjoy reading my book, neither enjoy the flight. I hope United Airlines follow next time the Rules & Policies with drunk passengers because, nobody has to go thru terrible experience I got!


We were to fly out on flight #UA220 @ 5:06 pm 11/18/15 out of Pittsburgh. There were no weather issues whatsoever and we didn't leave Pittsburgh until 9pm that evening. Missed our connecting flight in Chicago to Phoenix flight #UA483 because they left without us! That is not my fault it is United's fault! We were told we could catch the 8:30 pm flight the following day! Then we got rerouted to LAX flight #UA1655 arriving 2:30 am eastern time! Then we had to sleep on a bench seat in LAX airport because we had a 6:25 am flight #UA6526 to get to Phoenix! This was the only way to make our Thursday itinerary work for the golf we prepaid $207 per person for at Desert Mountain with a 24 hour in advance cancellation policy. Which cost us $414!

The idiots that rerouted us didn't reroute our golf bags nor luggage that I paid $120 to have shipped with me and my companion! We missed Wednesday night of our vacation! We missed the entire day Thursday without clothes nor golf clubs! Our luggage arrived Thursday night at 9:08 pm. Financial reimbursement needs to be made to me in the amount of $534 and whatever else you wish to give for ruining our vacation! WHAT PRICE CAN YOU PUT ON THIS? The way we were treated and lied to by the agent that said our luggage was with us is unacceptable!!! Worst flying experience I've ever had! This needs to be rectified immediately.


On November 23rd, 2015 I called into United airlines and spoke with a gentleman who was very dry and seemed to not really care about my situation. I was unable to get his name and later found out this is how all of United Airlines representatives demeanor is. The gentleman informed me that my ticket from 11/13 had been voided and he would send me a document by email stating so. He told me to wait 3 minutes although it never came. I called back and spoke with another representative who placed me on hold after I told her I needed that same document sent by email to provided to my bank so they can release the money back to my account. That representative placed me on hold for 24minutes and never checked back in after she said she would do research. I disconnected the call. I called again for the third time and spoke a very disgusting and rude representative by the name of Cindy B. I believe.

She continued to talk over me as I calm expressed to her my frustration. She made it clear my problem was not important as she only cared about getting my confirmation number. I asked to not talk over me she then said she will talk over me, told me to go to m medicine, technically she can hang up on me and she will NOT transfer me to a supervisor is everything that came out of her mouth. I had NEVER in my life been talked to that way by someone who represents an airlines. I called back immediately requested a supervisor as I was completely over the service I had received considering I spent my money with United. I finally got a supervisor by the name of Ariann who wasn't any better than the previous reps.

She was far from understanding and did not care about how I had been treated her only concern was telling my ticket had been voided and what would I like her to do. I understand my first ticket was voided and all that I wanted was a confirmation as I had purchased a second ticket that I've already used. Ariann informed me that there is no one above her and management was only there for administration. I was and still am in disbelief at how United employees are trained. Clearly customer service is not a practice or concern. I have taken my time to notify someone of higher authority of my experience. I am not sure how this case is handled but I refuse to ever fly with United again.


As a frequent flier of United Airlines, I am extremely disappointed at my most recent experience travel on your Airline. My husband and I arrived early for our scheduled flight (#1255) to Chicago. Upon checking the electronic display in the terminal, we saw that the flight was listed as Delayed for 25 minutes. I immediately went to ask an agent for any additional information, but no United Personnel was at the gate. As the scheduled time of the flight grew nearer, my anxiety level grew as well, finally one of your crew show up at the gate and gave an apology for the delay, but no explanation why the flight was delayed. Here is where my frustration reaches its peak: Upon arriving in Chicago we sat on the plane tarmac for 31/2 hours. The explanation received from the Pilot, there was no gate available for our flight.

As we sat and sat, the flight attendant remind us over and over again that the plane had not reach the gate and we must remain sited, even though many of us had to used the restroom. There was a man who was diabetic and asks for apple juice, your flight attendances had to discuss it before giving it to him, what if he had went into a diabetic seizure while they try to see if it was ok. To add fire to an already burning situation, there were passengers who had connecting flights, and your flight attendant announced that “if you have a connecting flight don’t worry they have all been cancel”.

WOW what customer service!!! No sympathy what so ever. Finally the Pilot said that it look as though it’s going to be a while so we can get up, so I quickly went to used the restroom. Thirty minutes before we arrive at the gate the flight came on with another announcement, “we will be passing out a snack and you are only allowed to take one”. When she gave it to me, I was so surprise I said “a cracker and we can have only one”, our flight was several hours long with an additional 31/2 hours on the tarmac and all you could give us is a cracker and only one. Once at the gate and we were leaving the plane, the same flight attendant was standing at the door way and she said to me, “did you enjoy your cracker” and laugh. I did not think that was funny or amusing, to make fun of a very bad situation.

While weather- and equipment-related delays are understandable, the level of customer service by your staff is not. I believe United Airlines needs to take full responsibility for the inconvenience and expense I suffered due to your company's inability to plan and train your staff, as well as the communication breakdown that occurred among your staff. I expect to be compensated in the form of vouchers or frequent flier miles in an amount you deem appropriate. I await your response within two weeks.


This is not a complaint really but a request. My husband and I are traveling to Hawaii in January with a group. We requested United Airlines because my husbands brother flys United multiple times a year and wanted to upgrade us to business or 1st class as an anniversary present. When he called United they said he could not upgrade us because we were in a group and our travel agency is telling us the same thing. There are multiple seats available in business class on both legs of the flight and coach is full. I am writing to ask if there is any way he can do this for us? Our flight leaves Jan 14th from Chicago OHare #218 and returns January 22nd.


My husband, William Anderson and our son, Blake Anderson and grandson, Tyler Anderson flew roundtrip Madison, Wisconsin to Detroit, Michigan on United. We had a stop in Chicago. Our flights to Detroit on Friday, November 20, were uneventful. Our flight home today, Monday, November, 23 sadly was nothing like our flight last Friday.

Our flight in Detroit was delayed approximately 15 minutes as we waited for our turn to depart. This happens but it did make us rushed to get from our arrival gate to our departure gate. Because of heightened security, boarding is being conducted earlier which means we have a longer wait while sitting on the plane waiting to depart. While sitting waiting to depart, an announcement is made to the passengers that the pilot did not show up for work and is not answering his phone. We were asked to remain on the plane while they searched for another pilot to fly us to our destination.

We waited for approximately 15-20 minutes and then an announcement was made that we were being asked to get off the plane and take our luggage with us. No more information was given to us. We got off the plane with no idea how long we would have to wait. Our son, Blake, is self employed and was expected to be home by 2:00 for a job. He had to call and reschedule the job which did not make his client very happy as she wanted the job done before Thanksgiving. This meant working either tonight or tomorrow night to work her in around his already scheduled cleaning jobs.

His son, Tyler, has asthma and had to have a nebulizer treatment just before the flight from Detroit. We also worried he would need another treatment before arriving home. Thankfully his inhaler seemed to help him enough that he could get home before needing another treatment. We are not individuals who travel often but when we do, we fly United. None of us could believe something like this could happen. Why have the passengers get on the plane in the first place? We felt the lack of information was very stressful for all the passengers.


I made a reservation to travel to Boston. My flight was scheduled to depart from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport November 21st at 7.58PM arrive in San Francisco at 9:12PM connecting to Boston Logan at 10:09PM and arrive in Boston at 7:35AM Sunday November 22nd.. Our scheduled take off was delayed due to mechanical difficulties on the aircraft, and eventually cancelled all together. After two hours of waiting, two complete power downs on the aircraft, and nearly no communication from the staff as to what the status of the flight was, All passengers were directed to depart off of the aircraft to the ticket counter to re schedule our flights. I arrived at the ticked counter only to have one agent handling roughly 30 people. After two hours of waiting in line, I arrived at the ticket counter to try to reschedule my flight. Emotionally and physically exhausted I requested a refund for my ticket, which was issued. The customer service was unacceptable and less then satisfactory.

I asked where I should pick up my baggage and was pointed in a general direction, the agent said "where all of those people are standing". There were 3 carrousels running. Having no idea which one it would come out of, I wanted another two hours to finally receive my bagged. Only to be sent on my way in a cab which cost me another 33$ on top of what my flight cost me, which was 292$, and baggage check in of 25$, and a meal costing roughly 30$. I called customer service the next day, I also got LESS then satisfactory service. I wasn't offered any further compensation. The agent tried to pull the wool over my eyes and tell me that there was bad weather in Chicago. This was not the case, my flight was cancelled due to mechanical difficulties on the aircraft, therefor completely irrelevant.

The two agents I spoke with were extremely rude and unhelpful. I was on the phone between wait time and speaking with the agents a total of 2.5 hours. I feel as though I will be forced to take further action regarding this matter. I should compensated for my time, the emotional, physical, financial, and mental anguish that this cost me. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and taking this to corporate. This is unacceptable. I wouldn't even rate this experience as 1 star. My husband is a business plus member and has spent thousands of dollars flying this airline and has been a very faithful customer to United Airlines. We will no longer be using this airline to travel. I am hopeful that someone will reach out to me and help me resolve this matter and a timely fashion.


I am an invalid. Had to walk down the airplane steps in Dulles, which was fine, but no wheelchair was presented for me. Had to walk in the airport, which was very difficult. Got a wheelchair in Cleveland, told them we would need one in Dulles. My husband had to look for a wheelchair. Do you people not know what an invalid is? What should I have done differently? Had difficulty last year too. Got $150.00 toward my next flight. I would rather have had a wheelchair. Guess this is not going to change.


My family recently flew with your airline on a trip to Erie, PA to visit family. We flew from Austin, TX to Buffalo, NY- rented a car, and drove into our destination. The trip to Buffalo was uneventful. Everything went without a hitch, and for that-we were grateful. We were not so fortunate on the return trip. The trip from Buffalo to Ohare (CHI) was fine. However upon arriving at Ohare, the board said a 38 minute delay for the plane to ATX. I also recieved a text via my Expedia App confirming the delay. So we went to the area of our gate and found a Chili's to have some supper. At this point we had driven 2 hours to Buffalo, turned in the rental, went through security and flew to Chicago. We were hungry. Upon completion of our meal we went around the corner and saw that our flight had left. Apparently they cancelled the delay, no announcements were heard in the airport restaurant. The desk employee said the reason was that it was a "soft" delay, which means if they can leave earlier, they would. However there is not an indication of this on the flight board, nor on the text message I recieved.

I sought out the customer service desk to see what could be done. The customer service clerk was as helpful as she could be. All of our baggage was on the flight to ATX. It was currently 8pm at night and she got us on a 5am flight to Houston. We would have to be at the airport at 3am to check in, so there was no point in getting a hotel at this point. The desk clerk then had us on a stand-by list for a flight to ATX. There were severe weather conditions gong on in the central TX area which were playing havoc on flight schedules. Our children slept on a blanket on the floor, while my wife and i tried to figure out the next move. We went to board the plane to Houston and it turned out that the night clerk had entered all the data wrong for our family, essentially the kids had tickets, but the parents did not. The clerk on duty did a wonderful job, facing many severe looks from his manager who wanted the plane to depart- NOW! The nice clerk got us all on the plane to Houston. At the last minute, the flight attendant wanted me to check my carry-on.

Whatever...get me on that plane! We were off. So the flight got rerouted to New orleans due to weather in Houston. We sat in the plane for 2+ hours on the Tarmac in New Orleans...with 2 young kids. Eventually the plane refueled, and was off to Houston. We deboarded, and lo and behold-they actually CHECKED my carryon- ordinarily I can pick it up on the jetway when deboarding, this time i would have to go to baggage check. Thing is, this isnt my final destination. There isnt enough time to go out, come back through TSA, and make the flight that I'm on standby for. I opt to just handle it when I get to Austin. Just another inconvenience. So my carryon in in Houston, and my luggage is in ATX. Luckily we made the standby list. We were finally going home. It took us a little over 7 hours to go to our destination...and 26 to come home. Never at any time was I rude or disrespectful to your staff. This was my problem and they were as helpful as they were allowed to be. I dont normally fly United, so this was not a good first impression. Never once, did anyone look at another airline to meet our needs. We spent an exorbatant amount of money at the airports on just the basics for a family of 4 - no offer of any vouchers. I just feel that something could be done to ease our discomfort a bit.


I traveled to Houston to visit my sister who is diagnosed with cancer. Flight there was nonstop and had no problems. On my return flight home my ill sister dropped me off at the airport at the recommended 2 hour advance check in time. After waiting one hour an announcement was made that the flight was delayed due to awaiting aircraft, this was also texted to me. Then text arrived stating new update with further delay. Original depart time was 3:59, second depart time was 4:36, third depart time was 4:51, fifth depart time was 5:06, sixth depart time was 6:03, seventh depart time was 6:20. I finally had boarded the plane and realized i would be missing my connecting flight! Spoke to the attendant and was informed there was another flight at a later time. This meant spending seven hours at the airport waiting for my plane to leave. I was not offered any compensation until I asked and was only given food voucher for $14. I feel this was all the airline problems and I suffered immensely having to stay at the airport , as my ill sister was unable to return and pick me up and later return me to the airport. It would be greatly appreciated if I could have a voucher for a return flight to Houston to be able to help her when she becomes incapacitated from her chemotherapy. I had also paid for the direct tv which I would like refunded. My flight #1594 to San Francisco and flight #750 to Orange County. Hopefully you can compensate me as I am sure I will need to be traveling to Houston again and would definitely like to travel United if possible.


I fell at the airport at Phipps airline to fly home. The United Airlines agent I talked to was rude at united and at the ticket line in Davoa. Now I am in a cast from my shoulder to my fingers. I had to go to emergency room, and united airline charged me another 650 dollars to change my flight and wouldn't help me on the phone. I am very disappointed in united airlines and their very bad costumer service. It seems all your concern about is money. And least you could upgrade me now since my arm broke in 3 spots.


United complaint department, I booked a flight on July 12, 2015 from Eagle, Colorado to Cancun Mexico. My flight departed on October 26th. My flight was UA 4929 to Denver and then non stop to Cancun on UA 1119. When I went to check in my flight was changed to 4929 from Eagle to Denver , then they had me go to Houston on flight # 1285 and then Cancun on UA 1020. My original flight got me to Cancun at 3pm, the reroute got me there at 6:30, I asked and agent in Eagle and one in Denver and my reply was, we did not have an e-mail for you to notify you of the change, nonsense. The next agent said I was e-mailed on 8-4 15, which I never received? Obviously this is a out right lie. I had a weeding to go to that is why I booked 3 and a half months ahead, obviously I missed the wedding and arrived at the reception when it was over. Not good, it gets worse.

On my return flight we were delayed out of Cancun for 1 hr and 45 minutes, when I arrived in Denver I had missed the only flight back to Eagle. I then had to wait 2 plus hours for a van to Edwards. Instead of arriving in Eagle at 7pm, I arrived in Edwards, Colorado at 1am in the morning on my birthday. Then the next day I had to travel to Eagle to get my car. So in all that was another hour plus round trip. I spent about $600 and used 35,000 frequent flyer miles so I did not have to drive the 140 miles to Denver. There were round trip tickets non stop form Denver to Cancun on United for about $300 and on a competitor $200 round trip. Needless to say I wasted at least all the additional time and aggravation for no fault of mine but with United Airlines. I would appreciate some retribution, I am not asking for cash but would appreciate reinstating my miles or a major portion of them.


On Oct 10/15 my family (6 in total) flew from Regina Sk to Pensacola Florida to take my parents & celebrate their 60th Anniversary. We had two connecting flights. We had asked for personal assistance for my parents as they are 84 & 79. Our plane was late getting into Calgary (which is understandable but the rest of the experience was not) There was no personal assistance for mom & dad when we got off the plane, so they had to try walking & quickly because we where late. My mother almost collapsed from exhaustion. We followed the procedure though the airport & when we got to the gate to fly to Houston we missed our flight. We spent four hours in the Calgary airport getting the run around from several United Airlines staff while trying to find out what we where suppose to. Not one of them seemed to know what the procedure was to get us on another flight, very uneducated staff. We where sent to United Airlines gates where there was no staff attending the gates, to gates that we could not get to. Finally after two hours of running around the airport a United Airlines personal told us we would have to reclaim our luggage & go to ticketing. At that point we got downstairs to ticketing & where sent to Canadian Airlines ticketing to get new flights (another two hour experience).

In the mean time my Travel Agent got a hold of United Airlines & got us tickets to leave Calgary later that day. I went over to the United Airlines ticketing & even though my travel agent had tickets for us for later that day (I had my Travel Agent on my Cell phone), the agent at ticketing said they could not help us - end of story. So frustrating, so back to Canadian Airlines ticketing. Finally after four hours in the airport we had tickets for 4 of us to leave the next morning at 6 am & 2 (my husband & I) of us to leave at 10:45 am. When my husband & I arrived in Houston the next day & where waiting to board to Pensacola we where called to the gate before boarding & where told they did not recognize our tickets & where we not assigned seats on the flight, OMG - just another layer to an already stressful flight. After a few phone calls that was eventually worked out.

Coming home on Oct 17 was just as bad. Six of us got our boarding passes in Pensacola to come home. When we landed in Houston I looked at: our boarding passes for Houston to Calgary. All six of us where suppose to leave Houston at 12:53 but my husband & I had boarding passes for 8:55, giving us 45 minutes to get to our connecting flight. We had to leave mom, dad, my brother & his wife in Houston while we boarded our flight to Calgary. We would have a 4 1/2 hour lay over in Calgary while the rest of the family would have that wait in Houston. Not the end of the world. While we waited in Calgary for the rest of the family we find out that their flight is 20 minutes late leaving Houston because of some cargo that had to get loaded. When they arrived in Calgary they had to sit on the plane because the ground crew wasn't ready for the plane & then they had to wait 30 minutes for their luggage to arrive. Again in Calgary mom & dad did not receive their personnel assistance, totally poor service.

They are not able to do that walk through the airport. A wheel chair was finally found by the family for mom & dad struggled trying to walk. They where still waiting for their luggage while my husband & I where boarding the plane for Regina. I spoke to a Canadian Airlines representative & they where well aware of the issue & even though the rest of the family where in the airport the plane could not be held for them. It was okay for the plane to be late leaving Houston because of cargo but not okay to have a plane late when it would have to wait for passengers. The rest of the family missed the plane & again had to work with United Airlines to get a later flight to Regina. They where able to get on a later flight that night to fly to Regina.

This whole experience was a horrible experience for my parents. It was a combined mess with both Airlines - Canadian Airlines & United Airlines but in my opinion more so with United Airlines. Mom & Dad where very thankful to have family with them to help them though this experience because they would not have been able to do this by themselves. They will probably never fly again. It was heart breaking for me to see them go though so much stress on an event that was suppose to be so exciting for them. I have attached my husband's & my Itinerary for our trip.


My flight (confirmation #CP7T4V, ticket # 10676641257410, UA 220) from Pittsburgh to Chicago was late (time was changed from 5:41 pm to 6:40 pm). The flight arrived some time around 7:17pm in Chicago, which was the time my connecting flight left Chicago. needless to say I missed my flight to Fargo (UA 6028). United put me up in a hotel and gave me 21 dollars for two meals. The problem is that I missed work the next day and as a behavioral health therapist, my agency charges clients by the hour,( approximately $130, eight clients a day). I personally had to take extra vacation time and had additional pet boarding. I am hoping to be compensated for the inconvenience. I appreciate you time as you look into this matter.


Flight UA71 S Confirmation #EXQDXV. Upgraded to economy for almost $350.00. Seat 7A. This seat became a meeting ground for those that wanted to stretch their legs; but not use the restroom. I had to call the attendants 3 times because one women decided to strike up conversations with everyone who came to use the restroom. I was awoken from a sound sleep numerous times. Making matters even worse - the audio/video on the plane didn't work - so I couldn't put on headphones to drown out the noise. Needless to say; it was a very uncomfortable 8 1/2 hours.


On October 10, 2015, I flew on UA9 from SFO to Chengdu, China. The flight departure was delayed for more than three hours. According to the United announcement, the reason for the delay was that the plane needed four pilots to fly and there were only three on board. One of the pilots was late! This is poor planning and management on United Airlines, which caused major disruptions to my plan in Chengdu, as my hosts there had to make all the changes in the pick up and evening events. I request that United review and improve its operating procedures to make sure that pilots be at work on time, and provide me with compensation for my time loss and for the disruption of my plan in China on the evening of October 11, 2015. Thank you for your attention and I look forward to your follow up and response.


We were 6 hours late on Tuesday finally got to our destination no food or apology from the employees responsible. Suppose to fly home Sunday November 1 at 9 am they have no record of us can't get on a flight until 5:50 again no comparison no offer of food drink nothing. The worst airline ever. I will never again fly with them. They are always over booked!


I paid a lot of money to fly first class and to rest and watch a movie after taking care of my ill father 24/7 for 10 days, The movie and all electronics did not work and I paid all of his money to get nothing!!! . They have also quit meals service or a decent snack instead of pretzels on this flight a few months ago. I wrote them about this and never herd from the people. I want a refund on my first class ticket. Flight UA1051 on Oct 8th 2015. Have a complaint form that did not go thru and said number had been already issued. What a farce of an airlines. They forget who pays their salaries. I miss Continental. I want a phone number to talk directly to someone in power. Does anyone have it?


Flight from Edmonton AB was great, no delays even though we had one stop everything was great. We were in Charlotte NC for 15 days and enjoyed our holiday. We arrived at Charlotte Airport 2 hours early as we are flying back to Canada, our flight number was UA4528 08:15 take off time. We were not first class on this trip from Charlotte to Houston but from Houston we were on First Class. So we wait, finally around 7:30 the flight was going to be delayed until 10:30, then it changed to 11:30, at this point we asked the gate attendants if this will cause us to miss our flight in Houston, they said no. Personally feel and from all of the other folk who were to take that flight we all felt that we were busy interrupting them on their phone or putting on their makeup, yes super customer service going on there. Finally, our flight was now delayed until 1:30 pm, okay with this being said we are definitely going to miss our flight from Houston to Edmonton as they only have two flights from there to Edmonton weekly. By now everyone is pissed and not one person could get off their butt and assist us.

Finally my sweet husband had to get rude and tell them how the flight schedules work, finally we got some lady who was smacking her gum to look into this problem, then she is OMG someone should of transferred your flight earlier, you will never make it. Okay so now we have been sitting there for hours and not happy, her suggestion is for us to fly to Houston and then Chicago and then Edmonton, like really does that make any sense. We suggested that just the one flight to Chicago and then Edmonton would make more sense. She did the tickets but now we have to wait even longer for that plane to leave and then have a four hour delay in Chicago. We finally arrived in Edmonton Alberta Canada at 11:45 p.m., great we still have a five hour drive home but are so tired since already being up for just about 24 hours straight. We were suppose to be back earlier, I had a two family emergencies, one my husband was having severe chest pains and the night before my Mother who is 78 was put in the hospital.

I never plan on using United Airlines again, your business/first class is more like a third world country with the food and the way you are treated. Trust me, I sound like a rich bitch but I'm not, I have worked my whole life. The meals were disgusting and cold, have you ever flown on Air Canada First Class, the corporate office should read more United Airlines complaints. It might open your companies eyes a bit.


My family and I flew from Ohare airport on Monday October 20th 2015 at 7:55 p.m .to Orlando Florida. My 16 year old daughter was treated Horribly by your staff! Upon arriving I sent my daughter with her carry on thru Security check while I checked a bag. The lady in Security was Extremely Rude to her sending her back several times. She was told her bag needed to be checked in and was unable to be brought onto the plane When there was Several people in front of her who's bags were way Larger than hers. The lady Raised her voice at my Child and Rolled her eyes at her. This was very unprofessional. The gentleman who worked along side her told her my daughter's bag was of appropriate size and that she was Wrong.. By then my daughter was frightened and didn't want to be embarrassed further so she came to me and I had to check her bag in. I didn't have time to ask for a Supervisor being that we were traveling with a toddler and was going to miss the flight. But I Refuse to let this Incident Go Unheard!! Being Rude to Customers Should Not Be Tolerated Especially To Children. I was with a Party of 5and although my Flight was Very Smooth I Vow To Never Fly United Again


Was delayed in Denver for seven hours because of mechanical problems of the airplane. Our destination was Spokane Washington. I have COPD and have to use potable oxygen at that altitude. After sitting around the airport for that period of time I became sick. The pilot announced a website to contact but we can't find it. This took place oct 7 2015 . I ended with a lung infection which ruined my day at my sons wedding. Not very happy with the experience.


My daughter and I were traveling to Ireland for a tour with Globus and they booked our flights with United. On flight to Ireland- Shannon airport we were first routed from Pittsburgh to Toronto. In Toronto after we were loaded we were told to unload because of some security problem. We were unable to continue that flight and were delayed overnight in Canada. That in turn delayed our other connecting flight in England where we were again delayed overnight. In trying to reschedule our flights we kept telling the agents we were to meet up with a tour group in Ireland, but no arrangements were made to help us get any connecting flight in order to make it in time. We missed our first 1 and 3/4 days of touring with our group and had to purchase bus tickets in Ireland to even meet them.

After the tour on our return flight, a man had a medical emergency and our flight was turned around and sent back to Ireland. This time we were delayed overnight again and also spent a whole day trying to reconnect with a flight after we were back at Newark airport to try to return to Pittsburgh and all flights kept being delayed or cancelled. We finally got a flight and was again 1 and 1/2 days delayed as per original schedules. United provided transfers and meals on all the delays which I thank them for, but it was such a mess trying to figure out what to do and how to get anywhere when we had no phones or international calling that it put a damper on the whole vacation.


Made a reservation weeks ago on a flight from Burlington, VT to Washington DC. Had an early morning flight to arrive in DC during daylight so that we could rent a car to our final destination. We are an elderly couple not used to driving at night, especially in an unknown area. We received confirmation and a boarding pass the afternoon before the flight. Two hours later we received an e-mail saying the flight was cancelled. There was no response available or phone # or instructions what to do next. After finding a United # and being put on hold we were told there was no crew available.

I can understand cancelling a flight for weather, or mechanical issues, but cancelling for lack of a crew is unacceptable. Yes we were given a new flight on American, however it gets in well after dark. We can not fly the next day because we have paid for tours beginning early the next day. WE were offered a free checked bag on United but the offer is not granted by United on the American flight. Cancelling a flight for lack of a crew is bad enough however leaving us in the dark as to what to do next is just as bad.


On 8/11/15, I arrived @ O'Hare Intl Airport @ 04:29 PM, United Flight 679, where I was to board my connecting flight@ 05:41 PM on United 6506 for James M Cox Dayton Intl Airport. From the time of 5:pm Chicago time, to the time of 9pm, we flying customers were informed repeatedly that there was a mechanical problem with our connecting air craft. Finally @ nearly 10pm, we were told that our flight had been cancelled due to the lack of air crew to fly us to Dayton, Ohio. 4 customer service reps, told us repeatedly that United would not "put us up" for the night as , and I quote, "There are no lodgings available in Chicago for the night." To top it off, the remaining passengers had no luggage access, slept in airport chairs, and remained uncertain until morning to book another flight out. I was forced to book with your competitor, American Airlines, @ 11:35am. We were treated disrespectfully in this incident and need to be reimbursed for this unacceptable incident. Other factors included: an uneasy night in the airport where I also dealt with a man who made un-welcomed advances to me as I was traveling alone. (My law enforcement husband was appalled this occurred.) This needs to be rectified or compensated. What do you intend to do about this.


I was to headed to Denver from Kansas City for an award ceremony. Flight was to leave on the 21st at 9:10. After waiting over 6 hours the flight was cancelled I missed the whole thing that I had worked 12 months for. When I asked for help even when I was already late, I was told file a complaint. Worst customer service I have ever had. To top it off $7.00 was given for lunch, REALLY. I was out of a days work and a great time. I think you owe me more than a contact customer service.


United is by far the worst airline flying. We were going on a cruise out of Seattle on 06/21/15. We flew from San Diego to San Fran to connect to Seattle and our cruise. Flight 1964 never showed up and we were continually told it would show up. We ended up missing 2 days on board ship. We flew to Juneau and stayed in a hotel at our expense and joined the NCL Pearl @ 3:30 Pm on Tuesday. In addition NCL is charging us $398. for a shore excursion even though we were not on the ship to take it. I would rather walk then fly United again.


My family and I planned a vacation to Maui leaving on June 3, 2015 - we had booked our flights over 5 months prior to our travel and planned it so we would arrive in Maui around noon on the 3rd. We boarded our plane in Minneapolis at 6am on our way to LAX to catch our connecting flight with about 1 hr between landing and heading to Maui.

We are in the air for a little over an hour when the pilot announces that we have to return to Minneapolis because the deicer is not working - hello but don't they check these things before they send the plane up? Of course they couldn't get us on another flight til after 9am which meant we missed our connection and didn't get to Maui until 9pm on the 3rd - lost the whole day. We do understand things happen but we were glad we made it and were just going to put it behind us.

On our flight home on the 11th we arrived at the airport early to check in and print our tickets, pulled up our reservation (that as I mentioned we made over 5 mos previous) and it only listed me and my daughters, not my husband. We talked with the gate agent, who wasn't very nice, and she said its right here and printed all our boarding passes getting us to San Francisco with a layover and also our boarding passes for MSP. After having a 6 hr layover, we go to board the plane. I was in front and my husband was behind our daughters.

We are in row 37D-F, my girls and I get to our seats I looked behind us and my husband was not there. I started to get worried as most everyone was already on the plane so I told a flight attendant that my husband wasn't on board yet and someone was in his seat, she said everyone should be on board and I insisted he was not. she asked his name and I could hardly hear it but she called it over the intercom came back and said he didn't respond. I would not sit down and again insisted they verify he was on the plane.

She said I needed to sit down and they needed to close the door but that he had not checked in and she couldn't verify if he was on the plane. She asked me several times if I wanted to take a voucher and take a later flight but she couldn't tell me if my husband was on the plane or not and they needed to close the door. So you are telling me that if this plane went down you don't have a list of the passengers? You can't call the gate to see if there was a problem?? I took a walk once in the air and found him; he was on the plane and in seat 12D.

My husband told me at the gate they detained him and the gate agent looked at his ticket and ripped it up right in front of him and told him it was no good and he was flying stand-by and would have to take a later flight. Did I mention that prior to boarding they were looking for people to take a voucher and a later flight because of course they overbooked and didn't have enough seats! So the very RUDE gate agent tried to strong hold my husband and tell him his ticket wasn't any good!! My husband was very upset and said my family is on that plane and I am getting on it!

After some insistence - the RUDE gate agent printed him another ticket and told him to get out of here! We paid almost $4,000 for our tickets and I have never in my life met so many rude people and been treated in such a disrespectful manner. At this rate I can't believe they are still in business. DON'T FLY UNITED!!!

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