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TotalProtect Home Warranty offers turnkey solutions for repairs in the residential segment. Founded in 1978, TotalProtect is one of the leading providers of home warranty and maintenance plans across the United States. The company offers home warranty plans for kitchen, laundry, heating & cooling systems, plumbing, electrical & gas and others.

If you need to contact TotalProtect head office, they are located at 1625 NW 136th Ave, Sunrise, Florida USA. The customer service team can be contacted using the toll-free 1-800 number at 1-800-474-4047. If you need immediate support or to file a claim try logging onto

TotalProtect Home Warranty offers home warranty plans under TotalProtect and TotalProtect Gold. The company also provides ‘180-Day Workmanship Guarantee’ through over 40,000 pre-screened service technicians and tailor made plans to suit the needs to customers.

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The people that Total Protect send out to your home are unprofessional. I had to call Total Protect several times to resolve my issue and they still did not resolve it. I would highly recommend that customers go to a different warrenty company other then Total Protect. The customer service is bad, as well as the people they send to your home. When I asked to cancel they stated that I am still under contract and they will continue to take my monthly payments until my contract ends.


I opened earlier in the month in May. The replacement motor/parts for my AC unit were allegedly ordered on May 13. As of today, no one knows where the parts are. I have had to stay in a hotel as the heat is unbearable in the house. The temp as been over 100 degrees for at least 4 consecutive days here. It is unacceptable to be told a manager will be call back in 12 hours. The same part was replaced less than two years ago. When it happened in 2017, it took over a month for the repairs to be done. Your parts are faulty and your customer service is a negative 1 star.


I have filed a clam on 3/22 for my heating and air. Had your representation Acher's Air and Heating come out they filed the issue with Total Protect I have called two time now within a 2 week period and the claim still has not been reviewed and resolved. I have been with the company for a very long time have referred you to two other clients who subscribed to your services. I have never received such poor and inappropriate service. I have called twice to speak to a manager and have gotten the run around wrong numbers no call back this is totally neglect from the company and will file a claim with BBB, Consumer General and Consumer affairs regarding this poor service and neglect. I can be contacted at 804-551-5554 my phone number and address on file is:
11518 Lylwood Lane
Chesterfield, VA 23838


We have been customers of Total Protect for 10 years. We called in February 2019 to have a Whirlpool Dishwasher fixed. A straight-forward request. We used to receive excellent service over the years and were quite pleased with the "Customer Service". I don't know what has happened but now the Customer Representatives have no authority to fix issues. They apologize but cannot resolve issues. It is now 3/20/2019 and our dishwasher is still not fixed. Our order was mysteriously canceled, we had to call back to see what happened. Then we were told the "SYSTEM" canceled all the order requests and we had to start over. Then were were told the parts were on back order; then we were told that the wrong part was sent; two hours later were told that the part was shipped to the wrong address; then were were told the NSA sent parts to Utah. We have been on the phone for over a month with Supervisors, Representatives and no two Representatives give the same answers. This is the worst customer service ever. I would suggest that you not choose this company for your Home Warranty needs. Because no one has authority, you will be on the phone for hours and days. They will tell you whatever they need to get you off the phone. No one can expedite, authorize solutions out of the process. The Corporate Officers or Managers will not get on the line, they obviously are above talking to their customers. This is atrocious business practice.


Very unhappy re my refrigerator order part. I/wife call appliance service but do not get a response no calls this is going on too long I need a answer soon Food is spoiled.


I put in a call for repair of my Samsung refrigerator the middle of September. A service tech came out within a few days he accessed the problem and concluded there were parts that needed to be ordered to complete the job. Nearly two weeks later it was declared that the parts could not be located and I was given a choice to either accept cash or a replacement. The replacement was acceptable so that was my choice. I was told they would contact me for delivery a week went by no call from anyone. Called to total protect they said the repair company would be contacting me. Called the repair company they said the unit should be delivered directly to me. Called TP back again to find out what was going on they told me the unit would be here on the 16th of October. Called them back on the 16, 17 and 18 to advise that nothing has come and no one has called. Also on the 18th I asked for tracking numbers, order numbers, order dates. I started asking to speak with a supervisor on the 17 one was NEVER available still awaiting that call. When I called on the 19th I was now being told the delivery is slated BETWEEN the 16th and 26th. One person (Tracy) gave me a tracking number she said was for UPS, they did not have it. Another person same day the 19th said the number was the order number through Whirlpool. She gave me a number to Whirlpool when I phoned them they did not have it either. I asked for order date they gave me an "around" date. You cannot speak with a supervisor they have to put in a request for you a call back from someone between 24 - 72 hours of the request. I have received nothing but the run around, scripted LIES and unverifiable information, I even got three different corporate addresses for three different people the same day! Lousy customer service!


I have been getting the run around about a replacement for my washer since the part that is needed to repair my washer is no longer available. So, I was offered a monetary amount or I could get a replacement. I decided to accept the replacement washer but it’s been a couple of weeks & I still don’t have my replacement washer. . Also, I am also having problems trying to get my dryer repaired. A repairman came out & said they could replace the drum which was covered but the round plastic piece on the door of the dryer was not covered & I would have to pay $366.70 out of pocket to get the dryer fixed. I agreed to pay the $366.70 but my dryer still isn’t repaired. I was advised my Sears that they cannot get the part for the door so they canceled the order for the replacement parts. I am very frustrated with this whole process & would like for someone to look into these issues & advise me of the status. My contract number is 91859024. Thanks Glydia Hargrove (301) 808-2962


I have placed a claim in May 2018 for an outlet to be repaired and here it is July 26th 2018 and they have yet to complete the claim. I have called several times and have yet to have a supervisor return my calls. As I type this I've been on the phone for 30 minutes requesting a supervisor and Guy Garcia rep#49297 in Miami, Fl has yet to transfer me but continues to be combative and sarcastic. I would like a supervisor to call me back asap as I've been waiting several months for a callback.


I want to cancel my contract as of 5/5/2018 my name is Gwendolyn Wheeler my contractor number is 81107503 my email address is or my address is 12811 Sonoran Blue Way Houston Texas 77045 phone number 757 334 7015


No answer on repair order was given too. Fax numbers one no answer the other stayed busy.My washing machine has been out from September wp until now to day I was to fax the repair order


I was surprised at how much they offer. The company not only offers replacement and repair services for home systems and appliances, but also provides monitored and evaluated service network managers who are constantly reviewing customer feedbacks and reviews to improve their services.


I got a Total Protect warranty when I bought my home. It included a year of free support, which I did not really plan on using. However, at some point my A/C went out and I found them sending me cheap and unqualified repairmen out to my home to work on it. I do not really recommmend a home warranty for anyone now. It's a waste of money and I tend to read more complaints about them vs. happy customers.


Wells Fargo recommended a company "Total Protect Home Warranty". We have found them to be unethical, and untruthful.


On February 2, 2014 I purchased a Home Protection INS policy to cover home appliances, On Dec 7, 2015, I requested a new Dish Washer, I spoke with Melissa, and she explained to me that I had no such policy, instead I had A Systems Protection and I should have been paying more each month,I was told she would get back with me within seven (7) days, a month went by with no reply from her, I called again and explained the problem to someone else.

I did not get a name. I was told she would get back with me within two (2) days why are they taking $34.95 of my money each month from the bank by easy pay? I am a widow and it is very hard for me.Is there any way I can get my money back? People please be aware of this company and the complaints filed online against it across the United States. The company I spoke was located in North Carolina.

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