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I called to speak with a sprint operator about not being able to access my account on line. I explained to her, in detail, the issue when attempting to log in. It was quite the obvious, yet I took the time to make certain she had the details of my experience, to understand why I needed to speak directly with a person, as the link had errors associated with its functionality. I could continue on, however this is only the surface of my irritation behind the unpleasant experience. I spoke with the operator briefly as she pretentiously offered assistnace, before she abruptly cut me off. She then offered me an email with a link to create an account, and said, "We are receiving a high volume of calls, I am going to have to let you go to assist other customers."

For starters the attempt was that in comparison of someone who takes the call for customer service and rather than assist you they either forward you to a department unable to assist with the particular problem, or, they forward you to a department that has gone home for the day. Either way, I did not receive the assistance I needed to solve the problem. In the interum, while I sit and write this complaint, I am also unable to accomplish the purpose of my initial call, now I have to add to it a complaint. "I am a customer" after the operators statement and the poor customer service, I began to question that statement, am I a customer, should I continue to be a customer, as at that moment I did not feel appreciation for being a continuous, loyal, good account standing, timely paying, multiple line and equipment purchasing, "Customer."

For the first time in all of my customer service experience, I have now reached the all time need for a NEGATIVE RATING. Now I have one question," Am I a customer?" at this point I need convencing because in my eyes and my monthly billing payment and purcahses I thought I did this as a customer, in which I use "customer" loosely. I give this rating a negative eight, becasue I think there is an opportunity to fix the problem. Now how it is handled will determine the overall rating........make no mistake even if you can correct the problem, the value of the rating will be far from a five. Signed, Possible Customer?


I became a sprint customer in December 2014. I used to be a verizon customer. I regret leaving verizon. Well the day I switched companies and thought it was a good deal. Well it is horrible. First of all I want to say that I was at sprint for more than 5 hours with your customer service representative. She took a long time helping me. She was friendly and kept trying to rush because her husband and son were waiting for her to have lunch. She didnt do anything right. My plan was a mess and she never download my pictures from my old phone. She didnt care. Ive walked into sprint so many times because the payment she promised me is not happening. Everytime I walk into the sprint store in person to fix the same problem over and over. They say it will be fixed and that my payment will be ok. Well it keeps on going higher and higher. Im very dissapointed and frustrated with the company sprint and there customer service staff. They lie in my face.

They tell me that it will be fixed and its really sad to say that im the idiot in there face. Im so upset about my bill and know they even hacked into my voicemail. There is a voice of an indian male that has left a message that is very inappropriate. Ive called customer sprint service and they say my bill is fine and I tell them it supposed to be 113 every month and instead its 168 that is a huge difference. Ive also called sprint customer service and spoke to them about someone hacking into my phone and voicemail. They said they couldnt do anything and that I should walk into a sprint store. I asked again if they could do something and the lady from sprint put me on hold and left me on hold for a very long time and then hanged up on me. It was frustrating not having good customer service to help you.

Sprint is the worse company ive have ever dealt with. They have horrible customer service. They lie about everything. They dont fix the problem. Im to the point of just wanting all my money back. I no longer want to be in this company if this is how its going to be. I would really like for someone to pay attention and help all these people that have complaints with sprint. Its horrible being in this situation with a company that doesnt care about there loyal customers. Its embarrassing for sprint.


I have filed over 200 complaints about service failure. My data doesn't work 90% of the time. When it does its dog slow. Texts will not come in for 2-5 days and will not unless I reboot, reset all network settings and connect to wifi calling. Calls are continually dropped. Reps hang up when I call and scheduled supervisor calls never happen. I've been tossed aside and left with a glorified aluminum and glass brick and pay $150/ month for service that doesn't work and hasn't in quite some time. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and this is absolutely disgusting.


Came into store in Clermont Florida to port over 3 phones from another company. Was told by rep I was approved for 3 lines 0 down and went through the whole process of picking 2 iPhone 5s and one iPhone 6. Then went through the porting process and was ready to check out, whole thing took 2 hours and was told I had to pay 350.00$?

I told the rep to cancel and the process took my main line and I was without service until the next day, I had to go to current provider to have my number ported back. I was upset so I called customer service where I was flipped back and forth from one rep to another for another 3 hours with no resolution my time and energy has been wasted and I am pissed off.


We went in to the Sprint store near Southcenter in Tukwila, Washington. I have been a customer since 1996. My adult daughter and I needed new phones for different reasons, and we were close but no yet in our upgrade period. We were talked into two new phones, and iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy 5. I was told that with EVERYTHING... the cases, the covers, the insurance, the "Free" tablet... all in, my bill was only going up $20. It was too good to be true, I made her say it many times, and I clarified that the amount was "all in". I'm so glad my 25 year old daughter was there to hear it. My first bill came, and it was double! All the activation fees etc. that were supposed to be waved were there (another hour on the phone and they are gone) but my bill was still way higher than quoted.

The next month, the bill is not $20 more but $85 dollars more... (another two hours on the phone) and I finally told them to honor what was sold to me or I would be sending them all back. I will be doing just that... if I get a new phone number because they won't release it, then FINE!! I'm not paying another dime. I love my new phone, but I won't be lied to. PLEASE if anyone has had a similar tale, please let us unite! I'm calling the local media to see if they are interested in looking in to it. It's not right that they can tell you one thing, print out a nine foot long receipt and make you sign it and agree to stuff that there is no way you could read or understand, which they don't tell you about and then they hold YOU to it as a contract. I think that is called bait and switch... or just lying. Not standing for it!!


WORST customer service I was better off sticking with Verizon. I was calling about my account issues I have two of them lady was rude and wasn't helpful at all! I finally just said forget it I'll figure it out myself. She just kept quiet didn't guide me well online. I am disappointed because I liked SPRINT but starting to have too many issues with there customer service and there service this will be my last contract with them period.


I became a customer with Sprint on the 2nd of February and it was the worst decision I have ever made. I should have stayed with previous carrier. Customer service is not trained properly. First billed was billed incorrectly, I called and supervisor by the name of Trish told me she would issued a credit in the amount of 69.99 and that it would take 24 hours for my billed that was generated on the 5th of February to reflect it. I was in the store on 2/23/15 and discovered that I was lied to. I had to call back and go thru the whole entire process again only to find out that I was only issued a credit of 42 something.

While I was on the phone on 2/23 I spoke with a financial representative to extend my due date since I was used to paying my bill always on the 14th of each month, the customer service told me that he could only move me out to the 28th but I would have to call back on the 28th to have it extended out to the 14th. I called back on the 28th to find out that since I was a new customer and didn't have any pay history that I could not extend my payment out to the 14th and that I would have to pay half or the full amount on 2/28 or setup an automatic payment amount to be deducted out of my account. I was furious because of the miscommunication that I had received. Discovered on 2/28/15 that I had a credit on my account in the amount 264.38 after speaking with customer service representative 767471 (Cindy) and that there was no since to change my due date and to wait until my bill was generated on 3/5.

Looked online today for my bill and there is no bill but CS is telling that my billed should be ready by 3/6/15...once again misinformed information. Also Sprint need not put people on the phone that can't speak fluent English it makes it very hard to understand them and to solve issues. If you want to keep a customer please escalate this complaint to the very top of the line.


I was looking to save money on my monthly bill and decided to switch from Verizon to Sprint providing they savings were substantial... BIG MISTAKE..., It all started when I visited the sprint store in Laurel MD, I spent 6 hrs there making sure I get the plan that was just right for my family along with the savings from the cut your rate in half promotion that have going on. I was quoted anywhere from $140.00 to $145.00 monthly which the rep said included my devices and taxes so that was great for me because my Verizon bill was $208.00 monthly. The first month I got a bill for roughly $143.00 and I was ok with that because that's what I was quoted but the second month I received a bill for $185.00 which as you can imagine my shock.

I called customer care and spoke with a rep ( no help) then I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me that he cant help me because he wasn't at the store and cant take my word, and I was ok with that so he continued to explain to me that if I can go back to the store and have either the rep that quoted me the price or a manager make a notation in the system that the price I was quoted was indeed $140-$145 monthly then they can go ahead and credit my account monthly for $40.00. I went to the store and spoke to a manager and she was kind enough to put the notation in the system then I stood right there and called customer service back and the rep said that everything is good and it will be sent to the back office and I should just pay $145.00 on this months bill, so that's what I did.

Now I am receiving emails saying that if I don't pay the $40.00 that I will have service interruptions, so again I called customer service and they are saying that they only can credit the account for this month. this doesn't make sense to me why would I switch from an excellent carrier such as Verizon to only save $23.00 per month. Sprint lies and tricks people I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. SWITCHING TO SPRINT WAS THE WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE.


On Oct 27th, 2014, my wife and I entered a Sprint retail store to purchase 2 cell phones. I told the representative at 9398A Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL that I needed a phone that enable me to process my customers by phone, while using my cell phone's hotspot to access the internet. I found out that Sprint phones are single band and wont allow the hotspot to access the internet while talking on the phone. Therefore, I could not use the Sprint phone to conduct my business.

I had been informed by Laquailla Williams, the Sprint store representative, that if I brought the phones back within 14 days I would be refunded, in total, for the cash payment and the buy back value of the 2 phones my wife and I had negotiated in exchange for 2 new G3 phones.

On Oct 31, 2014, my wife and I returned the 2 G3 Sprint phones that evening after getting off from work. I was informed by Representative Williams that I will receive a check from the Sprint office for the total of $540.00 within 2 billing cycles (information received from Sprint Finance Department 1-800-847-6654). I was also told by the other representative at the same location that I should expect my refund within 10 working days.

I called the Sprint Finance Department 1-800-847-6654 to get clarity on when I would actually receive my refund. I was told that Sprint is not responsible for refunding me for phones that were turned in at that Sprint location (5 Star Cellular), which is a third party entity. I was also told by the Finance Rep that I would have to go to the store where the phones were purchased to get my refund. I went back to the retail location to relay what I had heard from the Finance Rep to them. Rep Williams told me that I need to speak with her manager Chris and gave me his phone # 904-203-9334. I called and left numerous voice messages but received no return call backs.

From Oct 31, 2014, thru Dec 10, 2014, I have made the following calls: Nov 17, 2014, 1pm I spoke to Mauren; Nov 22, 2014, I spoke to Mylae 2:30pm; Tarell 2:40pm;Lataya 2;50pm of Early Life (855-216-0821); Zak of Return Equipment Excalations Dept. 3pm; Ana 3:15pm; Nov 28, 2014, spoke to Andrea 4:18pm (memo #I678255390). Each have kept me on the phone for 40 minutes to an hour telling me that they confirmed the facts I related to them but could not tell me who I should talk to in order to be refunded.

On Dec 8, 2014, I took an early morning ride to the retail 5 Star Cellular Sprint store located on 9398A Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL 32225. To my amazement and pleasure I was able to meet Chris, the manager, as he was making his morning cash pick up. I expressed my appreciation for being able to catch up with him, then went on to share with him that it has been 2 months since I have returned my phones and have yet to receive my refund. He began to explain to me that the Sprint Finance Dept was responsible for providing me a refund. I explained that I have shared my scenario to a number of Sprint Reps who have basically done nothing. Now I am here to get my refund. With indifference, Chris spoke to the Sprint Rep after I called. The Rep responded to Chris in a more positive way than I have ever been able to experience. The Rep advised me that I would receive a check in the mail for the cash balance of $387.50 and that I would receive a check for $150.00, the value of the buy back phones we exchanged for the 2 G3s, within 7 working days.

The following week I did get a check for $387.50. To this day I have not received my $150.00 check for the value of the buy backs. I have emailed the Rep Williams explaining to her that I have not gotten my refund for the buy backs but got no reply. I called her and she said the manager Chris told her that I will get no refund for the buy back phones. The check I received is all that I will get.

March 2, 2015, I spoke with James of Sprint Finance Department. I was on hold for an hour after speaking to Jennifer, who transferred me to James. I rehashed my scenario for the 15th time. James assured me that he would make sure that I receive my refund for the buy back phones, explaining that he understands that I deserve it. Also, he would call me the following day - yesterday. I never heard from James.

Account # 912160556. It is very sad that a consumer has to experience abuse of this magnitude while attempting to get a refund for a good faith transaction. All I want is my final check of $150.00 for my buy back phones. I am not looking for interest for the length of time my money has been held by Sprint for such an unreasonable time - just what is mine.


I call sprint on 3/4/15 concerning my phone service has been disconnected. I paid money on 3/2/15 to keep my phone turn on. The customer servicer Rep said that this aloud my phone to stay on. Here come Wed 3/4 my phone off. I have call sprint several times this morning beginning at 7:00 am about my phone service and no one can seem to help me. you cant get a hold of any supervisor, no one no anything and I have been on the phone for hours waiting to get someone to help me to get my phone back on. I have been with sprint for about 9 years and can you believe this is happening. I paid them money to keep my phone on and turn it off the next day. I had death in my family and I am not able to even get in touch with them. I am angry, mad, disappointed and all of that. The customer services Rep's that I have spoke with have been so rude, unconcern, their attitude is like what ever. I need someone to get back with me. On a scale of 1-5 is 0 right about now.


have been with Sprint for many years. Constantly putting up with phones that done work. I am disabled and it is extremely difficult for me to go to the main Sprint office for service. But do they care? How can I call if my phone is not working! I am required to go to the office, which is 25 miles away. Why I keep going back to Sprint is just plan stupid! If anyone reads this please think twice before purchasing! Consumer service is terribly. This last time I was on the phone trying to get a problem resolved for 4 hours! This is the last time. As soon as I am able to save the money I will go with a different provider!!!!!! I am so frustrated! Sprint has put a block on my phone due to no fault of my own. I have gone to the Sprint office 5 different times and was promised it would be removed and it never is!


I have been with your company for several years just last year I got to get three new phones 2 being I phones 6 and a note ever since I got the I phones I started getting getting message that my bill was due and they needed payment I did not expect this big bill and I requested an extension which I received now I am really confused I have been payment every week at least $100 sometimes even $200. every time I get an extension I make a payment. Today I was trying to make a payment of $200 and they would not accept it they want $621.00, which I am still trying to get. I do not receive paper statement so I dont even know what I paying on anymore. Every time I make a payment it seems to get higher instead of getting lower. Please Help!


Sprint does not care about their loyal customers. All they want to do is keep charging and giving great deals to their new customers. I lost my telephone. I went to the Sprint store on Westpark in Houston, Texas. I just wanted to keep within my free upgrade. The girl talked me into an Iphone6 and said it was only $120.00. She did not tell me it was a lease but instead a special offer for established customers. NOT TRUE!! I constantly am calling because my bill is incorrect. My monthly plan is $110.00 but with all the add ons it is over $300.00.


I went to a sprint store to transfer my Verizon phone to sprint. After waiting almost an hour the gentleman took all my information and then informed me sprint could not transfer my # because they are on a different frequency which surprised me. To get your good deal I decided to get a new phone and plan and a few extras. It was going to cost about 90 dollars a month which was fine but he told me sprint wanted to bill me $8 a month to bill me. That was it...After I spent an hour and a half in the store i walked out and went to Verizon and it took me ten minutes and i was finished. Your add says you can transfer Verizon so your sales associate lied to me just to make a sale. That is false advertising.. if you can you can..If you cant you cant..Which one is it? Thats one hell of a bait and switch..Isnt that illegal? If your company even gives a damn about your customers I will wait for an email reply and tell you the store..If not then whats the point of complaining..Thank you...Mr. Stephen A. Adamchick


Waited 4 months foe this day to upgrade my daughters phone. Found out today that Sprint changed their upgrade policy LAST NIGHT. So she is not eligible for four more months. So i called Customer service, after a 30 minute wait on hold, talked to someone, after another 20 minute negotiation, agreed to pay $100.00 to get upgrade early. But i had to go to a corporate store. So i drove 20 minutes to the store, and gueas what?! They couldn't do the upgrade. So i called back, 30 minute wait. Was willing to order over the phone, even though i promised my daughter a new phone today. It took two people, and another twenty minutes to start the process, and then they hung up on me. Decided to try one more time. Another 30minute hold, got some one that really tried to help, but after 20 minutes of her trying to get help i finally gave up. Not sure what i am going to do now.


Sprint was having a promotion if you changed to sprint for each line you bring they will give you $100.00. It has been a year and i am still waiting for my refund. I brought over 3 lines so I was promised $300. After the first month I went to the store and asked about the refund and they told me it would come thru the mail. Every month after that I have called sprint, I have went to the store and I have gotten the run around with everyone telling me a different story. Not to mention the really bad reception, dropped calls, slow internet that matches the bad service I have received from sprint. I was promised a plan with my new phones and found out after talking with customer support that my plan is higher per month. I have been promised a call back every time but no one ever calls!!! My sister got her iPhone a month before I went and noticed she got the same phone I did but she got hers cheaper?? I am so upset with the way they handle their customers that all I want to do is pay off what I owe for the phone and go back to verizon. Only reason I left is because sprint told me they could give me a plan for cheaper than what I was already paying. I pay my bill every month and I have kept up my part of the deal, what about YOU SPRINT????? I WANT MY $300 and I want out of my contract!!!!


Unfortunately I cannot choose 0 stars. This company is unethical, not beyond lying, and the entire program is deceptive. They lie and say you will receive a full refund. NO...you will NOT...they will charge a restocking fee. They tell you they have the best network. NOT!! The voice service is horrid. Their in network service is slow. Out of their limited service areas it is almost non-existent. They tell you that you have 12gb of data service. NOT. That 12 is ONLY when in their network. Outside you have a limit of 3mb. If you exceed this they tell me they will actually CUT THE SERVICE TO YOUR DEVICE!!!! How completely unsafe could this possibly be? You're driving in rural areas and they cut off your device??? WTF??? Sprint has nothing but liars and thieves. AVOID at all costs


Husbands mother passed away in the Netherlands - Called and explained situation - Sprint offered me international call roaming at 4 cent per minute. Told that It would be a 5.00 dollar monthly fee. Agreed - Received bill - 356.56 - Charged me .99 cents per minute, a 5.00 Japan roaming fee and a 40.00 Multi Country calling - What the hell happened to 5.00 dollars a month? Called but got no where as usual - Sprint reps are either the dumbest customer service reps on earth or Sprint does not train them to give accurate information and it's not fair that I have to pay for that. It's so frustrating dealing with them. I could go on.........many other "mis" information received on various matters and plan changes. I think they are dishonest.


I switched to the new family plan that is well advertised up to ten lines for under $100.00 per month with shared 20 GB. I agreed yo a monthly bill of $110.00 per month at the time of ordering the new phone I paid $200.00 something for some fees? within 15 days I found Sprint to have a bill for me in the amount of $375.00 saying the first month would be doubled up to transfer over to the new plan? I paid that amount! Well within 30 days Sprint had another bill for me in the amount of over $200.00? I then called to sit on hold a seemingly endless amount of time to get to someone calling themselves a supervisor? He claimed to have found the problem and fixed it?

At that time I paid $110.00 the amount I am supposed to pay! The next month the same program another person claiming to be a supervisor claiming to solve the problem? Now Sprint saying I owe them even more money? this has gone on for four or five months now Sprint is now threatening to turn off my phones? They are saying I owe them almost $600.00? And they are still more than happy to find the problem and lie and say that it will be taken care of? I have now wasted some 20 hours of my life trying to get Sprint to fix their problem and not at my expense? Is this the way that Sprint does it's business? I think I have the answer to that already? I have friends having the same exact thing happening to them!

Sprint is a company I have dealt with for years, but at this point I believe this to be a company of lazy thieves that have absolutely no problem in telling a lie or two like it will be taken care of? Rate my experience negative customer satisfaction? I guess your company no longer needs that you can just steal from customers!


We ordered new the new IPhone 6 after Sprint advertised the $60 monthly plan. They were ordered over the phone and the representative told us we could either pay for the phones up front with a 2 yr contract at $200 which is what we usually do or get on the new easy pay plan and pay nothing up front. We opted to go the usual route instead of making additional monthly lease payments. However when we received our bill we found a $25 charge we did not understand. After calling sprint they said someone would have to call me back in 3 days to resolve the issue and they would have to listen to the actual call. I ended up calling them and after being on the phone for almost two hours to speak to a supervisor they only told me that my phone was discounted and I would have to pay the additional $25 to cover the cost of the phone. I have bought phones in the past and the tradeoff for the discounted phone is signing a two year contract.

The supervisor said that was not the case I still have to pay which means I will end up paying $800 for the phone plus be tied to a two year contract. I explained that is not what your rep stated when we made the purchase and the additional $25 was never mentioned. They did not care, they offered me $20 and to switch me to another plan that was $5 a month less than what I was paying ($85 instead of $60). This is disgraceful. They sell lies to make a commission and then the company refuses to honor what was actually promised. They stick you with higher payments and refuse to hold their representatives accountable for the false information given to customers. Sprint is cheating people out of their hard earned money with lies and false advertising. I want to return this product and get my money back but since it’s been more than 14 days they want to charge me a penalty on top of everything else.


I held a CHAT session with Sprint about changing calling plans in hopes of reducing my bill. I was told I could change over to their Family Share Plan that they advertise on TV. I was told that my new monthly bill which would include 5 lines and a tablet would be $158+taxes. This quote was sent to me via their chat log. I received my current months bill and my bill was over $300.00. I called to understand why and was told that there were several fees that were being charged and would be charged on a monthly go forth basis and thus my bill would be substantially higher than what was quoted to me. After sending fax documents to Broken Promises team, a follow up call and chat, with no response, emails to their media team I finally got a response back from their executive / regulatory relations team who responded and issued credits for the fees on the current bill. However, they still continue to state that future bills will be approximately $290 a month. This amount is still $100 more than what I was expecting and what I was previously being billed.

I re-contacted them advised them that this amount is still greater than what I was quoted and had in writing from them and expect them to honor their quote. I'd also note that this new amount is also almost a hundred dollars more than my previous bill and plan and had I known and been advised of these added costs then I would have never opted to change my plan in the 1st place. As of this complaint I have not heard back from Sprint and have also pursued official complaints with the CFPB and the FCC regarding what I consider deceptive and bait and switch type tactics being employed by Sprint. They need to be held accountable and be made to honor the word of their team members.


My son was a victim of "phishing " and he is incarcerated at this time and I'm trying to fight this hefty bill for him that he received of an account that was fraudulently opened up in his name just before he went to jail while he was homeless. And what does sprint do-SEND IT TO COLLECTIONS. The same thing happened to him with verizon. I'm afraid this will be a huge fight just like verizon was. They make themselves so unattainable-you can't get ahold of anyone.In the meantime his credit is screwed.


Husband and I were with Sprint several years. Husband passed away recently I and called to get his phone turned off and account/plan changed since it is just me now. (I have the death certificate, Will filed, durable Power of Atty, etc etc.). I was eventually told (after checking with his Supervisor) that this could ONLY be handled in person in a Sprint Store and to go to my nearest Sprint store for this. I could not email, fax or mail in the death certificate or any other papers they would need. So, I went to my nearest Sprint store and was told there I need to go to a Sprint Corporate Sprint Store 20 miles from here, which is again "the only place that handles this matter".

Who knows? I may end up having to drive to their Corporate HQ in another State to deal with this relatively simple matter: File death cert and create new account/plan in widow's name, same address, bank, financial info. How stupidly, but so far no one in the company knows what to do with this "unusual" matter. To give you a concept of how bad the Customer Service is: So far, in dealing with my husband's death I've gotten far, far better service from the Social Security Administration and the IRS than Sprint.


I entered the Sprint store at 10600 Tamiami Trail N #602, Naples, FL and was immediately treated with disrespect. The manager and store associates were just standing around when I walked in. They acted like I was bothering them. I asked a few simple questions about the phones and plans and was just answered in very short sentences and belittled that I did not know the answers. They were extremely rude and disrespectful to me. I had intended on switching my service to Sprint with 3 new phones for my family. As of now that will never happen and I will make sure that everyone I know does not use Sprint. I left that store feeling belittled and harassed and extremely upset. Something needs to be done with the staff of the Naples, FL store. 


I have been a Sprint customer for 7 years, no problem at all. I have always paid my bill on time. I signed a new contract a year ago and pay $170 a month for two phones 1500 minutes/internet/unlimited texting. This would be no problem if what I was promised in my contract was actually being given to me. For the last year, from the day I brought home my cell phone nothing has worked. When I called to return the phone in the 14 day time-frame I was told a tower outside my home was being prepared, internet may be unavailable for a few weeks. A year later my phone places calls 1/2 of the time and the internet has never been able to be accessed. I was informed that the tower works fine. I have called every month for a year.

After the first 6 months of calling and visiting repair stores repeatedly the company agreed to take the two non-working phones on my account back for $100 a piece and replace them under insurance. I dished out the $200 in hopes the phones would work. I received two new phones in the mail and the problems remain, however these two "new" phones that still cannot access the internet freeze anytime you try. The battery must be removed in order to restart the phone.

After this I called to complain. I was told a manager would be speaking to me and a gentlemen came on the phone to tell me I was too much of a "F****** Idiot to figure out how to make a cellphone work" and hung up. I called back and was told the gentlemen never signed into my account under his ID number so the conversation recording was pulled up and for months I received apologetic emails from Sprint. As a well educated individual who worked in IT Tech for years I am positive I know how a cellphone works. Upon calling yesterday to express that the phone does still not work I was told these were my option. 1) Cancel the plan for $500 2) Early upgrade the phones for $300 3) Send the phones in again for $100 a piece = $200 How, when I have paid my bill every month for a year no problem but have not once been able to use what I pay for, does that make sense?

Why should I continue to pay? When I asked Sprint this I was told that I promised to pay in my contract that is why I should pay. Well Sprint, you promised me an internet connection and a working phone. I still have a year left of paying $170 a month for a phone that sits on my kitchen counter and does not work. A phone that DROPPED A CALL and was UNABLE to send text messages while in the Sprint store. However the repair tech in the store told me I must have broken the phone so I needed to purchase another at $300. Yesterday I spent 8 hours on the phone, I was hung up on 6 times because customer service was frustrated. This problem will be fixed. This is completely absurd. The last person I spoke to yesterday told me they had never seen a account with so many "notes" and that my file was like a "book". . . There would not be any notes if Sprint customer service had any ethics.


To whom this may concern, I have had Sprint for almost 3 months and ever since I signed up with Sprint I have experienced nothing but headaches and trouble with the service, which is really sad. I have called in numerous times to try and have the issues resolved, however the issues persist.

I have told the technicians on the phone that we get a lot of drop calls, extremely slow data connection and trouble with incoming and outgoing calls while on the phone; such as not being abe to switch back and forth between the two lines, unable to merge the two different calls when the third person call in. I have explained these issues so many times as you can see if you look up my account information.

I was even informed to take all the phones to the Sprint store to have them check it out, however when I went to the store and explained the situation to the person that was helping me I was told that because Sprint was on CDMA that function of switching back and forth was unavailable. He then told me that he would look at my phone but would have to charge me $35 for each phone, which is preposterous.

I was furious at the fact that he would even charge me over something I have no control over. I then told him to make a note so that when I call Sprint it would show up that I attempted to go to the store just as they suggested, however no one ever said they were going to charge me for it.

So basically I wasted 45 minutes of my time waiting to get help even though I made an appointment and in the end they were still unable to get what was needed done. After visiting the Sprint store I called Sprint back and spoke to a lady in the retention department and told her my problems and why I wanted to cancel with Sprint. She was really nice and understanding about it and placed me on hold while she spoke to her supervisor to see if they can waive the termination fee.

After waiting for quite some time she transferred my call over to her supervisor whose name was Robert. It was the worst customer experience I have ever encountered and I was appalled at the way he was speaking to me. I tried to explain the situation to him and he kept trying to talk over me while I was speaking at the same time.

I even addressed the problem of him speaking while I was speaking at the same time and he kept doing it. He then told me that he was unable to waive the termination fee based on looking up the percent of usage on my phone. I don’t understand how my using my phone often means that I’m not experiencing all the issues I’ve described above?

It makes no logical sense that because I make use of my phone a lot that it’s acceptable since I’m still able to use it. Yes, I’m able to use the phone but the fact that these problems still exist even though I’m using it is extremely frustrating yet Sprint representatives cannot grasp that concept and all they can go by is what the numbers on the screen tell them.

I have never been this unhappy with a service provider before in my life and the fact that Sprint won’t even listen to me or try to understand my situation is just really awful. My boyfriend and I use our phones often because we have our personal business on the side and having an efficient service provider is very important, but I guess Sprint doesn’t care about that.

The supervisor Robert had the audacity to suggest that we take all the phones to sell and use the money to pay for the termination fee because most likely we can sell our phones for that price. Tell me what kind of customer service that is? What kind of professional employee who works for a big company would suggest something like that?

If that was the case why won’t you guys just take back all our phones and refund us for everything back? I even asked to speak to someone else because I did not like his tone of voice with me and how rude he was being but he just told me that basically he was the only person that I could talk to and if I call back then the call would be transfer to him.

I have never had someone pissed me off as badly as he did. If that call was recorded I would like someone higher up in the company to listen to it and see if it is acceptable to talk to a customer that way. After speaking with the rudest person ever in such a well-known company I called back to a different department so I can put in a complaint about him because his attitude was much uncalled for.

The second person I spoke to that day said he escalated the complaint just as I have asked and he then again asked me about the problems I was experiencing and once again I explained to him and he told me about the percent usage just as Robert have told me. He then suggested I go back to the Sprint store and he would waive the charge that the Sprint store will charge me so I can have the issues resolved.

That frustrated me even more because now I have to take the time to go back to the store which I originally did in the first place. You guys must think I have all the time in the world to go back and forth and keep calling back to address the same problems over and over because no one write down notes when I call in or something. I’m so sick of Sprint giving me the run around every time I speak to someone new.

I will never have anything good to say about Sprint as long as I have the service and I will never recommend Sprint to anyone that I know because of the horrible experience I have had. I’m extremely busy and every time I take the time to call in I do it during my lunch so that is taking away my time. I am a very unhappy customer and I will do all that I can to prevent anyone else from making the same mistake I made by switching over to Sprint.

No service provider has ever given me such a hard time before. Given the circumstances I would think Sprint could sympathize with my situation and what I have been experiencing to let me out of my contract. Since the first month I have asked yet they prolong the process by sending me everywhere else to try to resolve the issues that are still not resolved. I will file a complaint about this to the BBB and post my situation all over the internet so that everyone would rethink twice about getting Sprint.

If Sprint would just honor my wish to begin with instead of making me run around like an idiot trying to prolong my service with them then I wouldn’t have to waste so much of my time and I wouldn’t be this angry about the situation, but the fact that Sprint doesn’t seem to care about customer satisfaction would destroy their business in the long run. Just know that eventually by word of mouth Sprint will have the least customer in the wireless industry if they don’t know the meaning of customer service is.

I’m very shocked that a big company such a Sprint will force their customer to stay on a contract even with all these problems and even with the customer calling in so many times to attempt to have it fixed. I’m through running back and forth on this but just know as long as I’m still with Sprint I will have everything negative to stay about Sprint to everyone I cross path with. Worst wireless provider ever!


I have been dealing with sprint and their customer service for 9 months now. The problem is I will have less than 2 blocks away from it but I get no internet service. It is very shoddy and poor. I still pay $100.00 a month for the service that is not being provided to me. After 9 months a technician finally calls me and informs me of speed test. He said that it should never ever be below 600 kilobytes per secent For download and upload. Then I have another technician come to my house And he showed me on his computer that I am bouncing between 2 different towersAnd he advised me that all they would have to do is turn the antenna. 1 or 2 degrees And it would be hitting the residential area instead of the 200 miles of desert. It is currently spanning across. Then Mr William Shipmon From The executive resolution department. Calls me and says that we are not going to do anything for you. It is more important to have that I was aiming at the desert tortoise is an coyotes then it is the paying customers. And if I don't like it I can cancel my account give them back the phone that I paid for? And they will just keep the money that I have been paying for a service that they have not provided to me. If anybody should be getting that money it is me, I was not provided what I paid for. Customer service is done nothing but lie to me and jerk me around And place me on hold for hours at a time? My suggestion to all is. Never activated service with sprint.


The Sprint store in Portage, Michigan have made unauthorized changes on my account which include more than one of the individuals under my account. The pin number nor the security question, nor anything was asked to authorize anyone in my account. One of the individuals under my account phone stopped working so they took it to this store and was told it would cost them $100.00 to get a new one as they could not repair it, their contract was not up until December 2013.

The representative went into my account without my authorization, pin , etc and told them there was a upgrade due for another individual on my account whose contract had expired and if they wanted they would use that upgrade for them which gave them a brand new Iphone4 and their contract still ends in December 2013. The individuals upgrade now has a contract which expires 2015 and can't even upgrade if they wanted to because Sprint store used theirs so that the other person did not have to pay a $100 to have theirs replaced.

I have gotten the run around at Sprint its self and the store. I wasn't aware of this issue until a much later date which I called and tried to fix this issue and not getting anywhere with the store or Sprint. What can I do next please, I am frustrated and one of the individuals as stuck with a contract no new phone while the other has the new phone and the same contract. Doing this also was without any permission, authorization, etc.


Dear Sprint CEO. I have tried and tried and tried to contact you. As everything else with Sprints world, it is all a promise. Thus, I will have to send the reasons why I am leaving Sprint as a user. I guess you have been busy is even a few of the 456,000 losses in users last quarter would like to discuss reason why they are leaving Sprint. Well, shame on me for trusting Sprint. Now, after spending approximately $2,000 in the last year for service that was: Voice Substandard Texting Substandard Voice Mail Below Substandard, practically unusable (could not understand messages, had to reboot phone multiple times a day for voice mails to show up on the screen, Sprint's idea of "taking care of customers" was to basically offer me their Buy Back program.

Send me your handset back, and we won't charge you the Early Termination Fees. So I have given Sprint $2,000 in a year for a service that was barely usable, PLUS $400.00 to purchase handsets that now they want returned. I was not planning on having to spend $400.00 for two new handsets in one years' time. I'm sorry you had an issue. Keep the old handsets and sell them to see if you can recoup some of the funds in order to purchase new hardware with another carrier.

If Sprint would have at least tried to take care of the customer, I may have said I'd at least keep an open mind and maybe tried them again at a later time/date.


Someone in your technology department with a level of security clearance that deals with text information like the type investigators have access to and can print out dates/times/texts is doing a favor for an average person that has told me word for word what I have text'd. The Sprint employee in question should be investigated. Who it is and how to do it? I don't know.

I am sure a prestigious company like Sprint would have an Internal Affairs Department. I have tried calling department numbers that your first row customer service reps have given me and have not been able to get through. When you at Sprint figure out who I need to talk to resolve this issue please reply to my e-mail (if you call me, it may alert the person doing this).

I have been trying to go through the chain of command. I will however go directly to corporate. I have been a loyal customer for many years and promoted Sprint with everyone I know. I want resolution ASAP! My right to privacy is at stake. I will keep a copy of this correspondence to send to your corporate headquarters if I feel there is no progress.


My husband and I have had our sprints phones for a long time very good customers - pay our bill on time - it was time to renew our contract with sprint the rep offered me 2 phone upgrades without a cost to me and $70 credit on each line - stupid me I took the offer and on my next bill saw charges for the phones - they claim that you can't get the $70 credit per line and new phones - but because the first rep that offered it to me made a mistake they would not fix it.

So I had to pay the $314 bill in order to not get a mark on my credit and pay the $200 cancellation fee - this all happened in a 32 day period and because it was 2 days over the 30day change policy they wouldn't except the offer to give me back my old phones and start over with out a cost to me what terrible customer service to a very good customer they dont care its all about the $$$$$$ with sprint and when my contact is up.

I will never use them again nor will I give them a good name to others - I even get a discount because of my business but I still won't use SPRINT again


I canceled my sprint service November 16th 2011. I have just learned that I will be billed for the entire month because I did not cancel my service at the end of the old cycle ( Nov 9th ) If I had canceled my service Nov. 9th then I would have had an early termination fee. Now I expect my service to be canceled effective 11/14/2011 as requested via chat on line. The new charges should be prorated for the few days I took to cancel. The closest billing cycle is the past billing cycle. I will be submitting a formal compliant with the FTC and I'm considering a small claims court.


I have had issues with my phone resetting for months. I have called numerous times and visited a sprint store in Huber Heights August 8th where a tech told me he replaced my ear piece, took everything apart and put it back together. If it continued to give me problems I was assured they would order me a new one. As a busy father of 3 I work 12 hr thirds so did not apprciate when I called back tonight being asked why I hadnt taken it back since. I had a rep take my info last Wednesday, confirm with me it was on it's way and I even had a phoneway survey about the experience! When the phone didn't arrive Friday.I called and another rep told me it was in transit. Today I am told NONE of this waa documented and made to feel like a liar and an idiot. For an issue as simple as my evo 3d not working as it should I am shocked I was liedto and trwated so rude. I pay nearky $200 a month and we pay for insurance on equationour phones. I expect MUCH better treatment for a company I pay my hard earned money to! I have dwcided to.contact the bbb if this is not resolved as I have in my phone history the times I called AND it should be documented in my sprint bill. Nice try sprint, I can prove I was told a new phone was coming, twice. Even though you claim there is jo call record.


when I talked to customer service about purchasing a internet broadband for my dest top computor, and other computors in my house, your agent said they have the device that will give me internet connection, so we worked out agreement" add a two yr agreement" once I got the device it was for a single computor and that it was not what I was looking for, I was looking for mutipal connections. Other things was happening drop websites, frozen pages, vary slow and no connectivity. I have complaint from day one when I got the device nothing happen. So I file a law siut with other customers over your 4G broadband device. I hope you got this messege.


This is how low Sprint phone service is.....my husband died but prior to his death we asked Sprint to turn off his cellphone service while he was in hospice. (They did that) Once he passed away I called the company to have his cellphone removed from the family plan account. First they turned off all the phones and I had to call back and get the phones that belonged to live family members turned back on. Then after I transferred all the account information to a NEW account, they sent me a bill on the old account for "early withdrawal" to my husband. He died, he did not withdrawal from the account due to dissatisfaction with the company he DIED. Plain and simple.

After fining yet another complaint to the company about the billing they now what someone to take over the now CLOSED account. Hmmm I m confused all the way around. Why does a dead man still receive billing from Sprint? Are they really hard up for money that they are going over board with their billing department. What is the problem here? Can anyone explain why this so called company has so many departments that they do not know what one offices is doing vs. the other. Needless to day these people are morons.


Dear Sprint customer service. I have been a customer with Sprint for nearly a decade and have never had an issue with Sprint until recently. On January 21, 2013, I called customer service to inquire about a family plan. The customer service representative told me that because I have been a longtime customer, I was eligible to receive an upgrade. I enquired about the cost and he told me that it would be $75 a month with a $125 one-time- fee for the initial set-up. I agreed with the terms that the customer service representative expressed to me.

They told me that they were going to send the two phones via UPS and I received them January 23, 2013, two days later. Upon receiving the package, I opened the package and called customer service to activate the phones. At that point, customer service told me that the cost would be $150 as opposed to the $75 a month, communicated to me prior. I expressed to the customer service representative that I could not afford to pay the price of $150 a month. The representative told me to send the phones back and all the contents of the package that was sent to me.

I proceeded with sending all materials back via UPS the following day. I also have a confirmation number: C4287, which indicates that the materials were received by Sprint warehouse on January 31, 2013. When I received my first bill on February 11, 2013, I called customer service immediately upon arriving home from work to find out why my bill had increased so significantly to $266.68. I talked with a customer service representative by the name of Carolyn. I explained my situation to Carolyn and she then transferred me to her supervisor, Kim. I described my situation to her and she transferred me to Account Services, where I spoke to Mr. Olvitti. I explained my situation to him and he told me that it will be taken care of. He told me that adjustments will be made on the statement the following month.

I called again at a later date and spoke to a customer service representative by the name of Lakeshia when I had seen my bill had increased again to 366.29. I was absolutely stunned by the increase. She transferred me to her supervisor after I explained the situation to her and the supervisor, Alex, told me that it would be taken care of. Another month went by and I received my bill and it was in the amount of $543.53. I called customer service straightaway at 7:05 a.m. on April 6, 2013. I spoke with a man named Mr. Addison and explained the situation again.

He then transferred me to Mr. Ernest, the supervisor. I explained my situation to him and he transferred me to a dispute specialist, named Linda. I expressed my frustration and difficulty with the situation and she assured me that it would be taken care of on the next billing cycle. I am writing to you to express my utmost interest in having all matters fully resolved with regards to the situation. I will appreciate whatever can be done to help resolve the matter. I have been a customer for nearly a decade and I am not pleased with the lack of professionalism displayed by Sprint. I expected more from Sprint. The Sprint Corporate Responsibility states, Sprint is committed to the belief that we all share in the responsibility to conduct our businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We base this on the premise that a company is much more than the products and services it sells; the effect a company has on the environment, the people and the communities it serves reflects the company’s dedication to being not only a good business, but to being a good corporate citizen.


I have been a Sprint Customer for years and always had great service until about (5) months ago. I have (4) phones on my plan that cost dearly. None of us get service, lose calls all day and we own a company and are losing our customer because of this service.

We have made numerous complaints with Sprint to no avail. They keep saying these have two towers down, which is not my problem and I don't feel like I should have to keep paying for such lousy service. I want out of my contract so I can go and find better service, however; Sprint said I would still have to pay the early out contract fee. I do not feel I should have to pay this as it is not my fault that we have no service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been with sprint for several years. I noticed last September (2012) my phone was dropping calls, no service or failed calls. I called and was advised that the system as going through upgrades in the bay area (San Francisco). I was advised it would be done in October, then again in December and last was told it won't be done until march of 2013. I have call 611 several times with complaints and questions. I talked with one lady who was very nice, made me up a ticket, checked my phone to make sure it was okay and then told me someone would call me within 72 hrs to discuss this issue further. I never got that call and then when I called back to talk with the lady who made my ticket up, the guy on the phone said it was impossible to find that person. I think that was just laziness and BS. If one writes up a complaint, I know they can tell who wrote it up by name or employee number. I was told my bill might be adjusted or credit made when this upgrade is complete. It is very frustrating to experience these types of issues for such a long period. I have three other phones attached to my account. I know I am just a small fish in the sea and losing won't small fish won't even put a dent in your business.

I would like to know if sprint would let me out of my current contract for just my phone only (707-333-9790) and the other three phones for now will stay there until there contracts expire. I am just totally fed up with this issue and service and want to move on. Your cooperation regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Ronald Braxton


I got a sprint EVO 4G and was told it would be faster than any other carriers by the sprint rep.I have had nothing but trouble with ph. connections, try to download anything is a joke, and I have complained a number of times to the local store and complaint lines. I keep getting the same answer-- the tower is down and should be fixed soon. Well for the last 90 days soon has not happened, and the service techs keep telling me that they have no answer.. I could put up a new tower in 90 days, these people do not care about the customer at all.. I had much better service--I actually had service with my pre-paid minutes.


I current have 6 phones on our account. One of the phones, a Tahoe, purposely does not have added internet access. This was because my husband did not want it, just wanted texting and voice. The other 5 phones have access to the internet. Our last billing contained 56.79 for Data Charges on the Tahoe. I called to tell Sprint that this was a mistake. We did NOT access the internet on this phone. They would not reverse the charges, were not able to prove we used them, could not tell us what site we supposedly accessed, and basically it was our word against theirs.

I cannot wait until our contract expires. Frankly, it may be worth it to opt out of our contract and get away from Sprint. Poor customer service and management. I'll make this simple. I have been with Sprint for 12 years. I went to upgrade my phones and signed a new 2-year agreement with them. The rep said my bill would actually stay 'exactly the same'. My bill is now $34 more per month. I was flat-out lied to by a store rep. The customer service group said they were sorry about that, but they can't adjust the bill. 12 years I'm with them and they treat me like this?! They've made my decision for me, I'll need to try my luck with another carrier.

After all, what worse can they do other than lie right to your face, right? They'd rather lose a customer of 12 years than modify my plan to the same level as it was last month? Insanity.


I've been with Sprint since 2006. I upgraded from my Nextel Minolta 686 (used for my truck company business) to a Samsung 400 from the Madison Ave., Sacramento, CA store, Dec 28, 2012. I immediately began having problems. No service. My roommate is handicapped and uses her phone for possible emergencies when I am in my dump truck working. Not having service was dangerous as well as costly. Went back to the store and was told both towers in my area were being worked on and the problem would be fixed in a few days. The problem continued into March 2013. Meanwhile, I was having problems charging my new phone, receiving messages 2 to 3 days after they were sent (costing me, to date, over $2000.00 in lost income).

Every trip to the Madison Sprint store to try to correct the problem ended in dismal frustration. I asked to turn back on my old Nextel phone and was told that I would have to pay more money because Nextel had changed. All calls to Sprint for help are logged. I was finally told in the beginning of March during yet another call to Sprint customer service that I might need an Airave to boost signal. I would receive it 3 to 5 business days. After week of non receipt, I called customer service again. The Airave had not been sent...I'd get it for sure in 3 to 5 business days. Once received, I had to spend another chunk of another day on the phone with customer service to help me get it connected. I finally had service but my phone continued not to charge and I would find it dead in the mornings.

Back to the Madison store. Frustration. On May 1st,2013 I was told that my battery was fine in the phone so I bought a new charger(35.00) in case that was the problem. They would not exchange the phone because it was past 14 days since purchase. The tech department would not look at the phone because I had not purchased insurance. Tech said to contact Samsung. I put the phone on the new charger and it was dead in the morning. I went to the corporate store on Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA on May 3rd, 2013. I was told the battery was bad and waited 3 hours while they replaced it.

I put it on the new charger and found it dead this morning. I called customer care. Sprint had me call Samsung. Samsung will repair the phone on warranty but they will have it for at least 14 days and have to wipe all of my broker and customer numbers out of it...plus the loss of a phone (loss of more $). I called Sprint customer care again. I was told they would send me a previously owned phone that I could download my contacts into while my phone was being repaired...49.00...more dollars. I do not text, use apps, or take photos with my phone. It is used for business and emergencies. I'm not asking for a better phone. All I'm asking is that this phone be replaced with a phone that works. As a long time and loyal customer, I deserve that respect and service.


I current have 5 phones thorough Sprint on our account. None of the phones have internet access as all we do is talk and text. They are not amart phones. One of the phones on our last last bill was charged $26 for data usage. I called Sprint and told them that it was a bogus charge and they finally removed the charge. At that point I told them that to be safe, I wanted all the phones blocked for data as we don't use data. I just got me new bill and I again have data use charges. After talking to Sprint they tell me there is nothing they can do as those charges accurred between the last billing cycle and when I called. I was livid.

I have been with Sprint for well over 15 years and it comes down to my word against theirs. For $40 they are going to loose a loyal customer. Sprint is either adding charges to bills in hopes that you don't notice, or they have a fraud taking place where other peoples data usage is being charged to other people. As soon as my contract expires, I will move on to another carrier. Sprint obviously does not value customer loyalty

I have been a loyal Sprint Customer, but now I am really disappointed in the level of care that their CSR's offer. I have been overcharged on my sprint account due to some computer glitch twice. I try to explain to their agents about what was going on, after waiting on the line for over 40 minutes, they wanted to blame it on me, by saying I don't know how to submit online payments. That I must have pressed the Ok button too many times. I have only been paying online for the past 5 yrs, I can't believe that was their response.

On top of all that, they have left my bank balance negative due to their overcharges and I got from their agents was, "they are reviewing your case". No apologies, no sincere interest in my case. It seems it is very difficult nowadays to find true customer service agents that care.


My husband and I were with Sprint for over five years, around a year ago our service slowly started to decline. Our phones would go from dropping calls to not being able to make calls, to not being able to receive calls in a few short months. Knowing that my phone was due for an upgrade we decided to wait it out and see if that would fix the problem. Not only did it not fix the problem but our service increasingly declined.

The first call to Sprint, they gave us a run around on how they were fixing the problem and would give us a discount then send us a free booster box for the trouble. When the bill came not only did we not receive the discount but we were still waiting on a booster box. It wasn't until or third monthly call that they put in a request for the booster box correctly, not only had the first representative lied to us, but he had put in no request for a booster box or a monthly discount.

We gave the booster box a chance, but were still unable to make calls, and receive calls. Every month we would call to complain about the service and told that we were in the top service range. Not only were the representatives rude but would also lie about what they could do for us.

Finally deciding to switch cell phone carriers we were told by several Sprint Representatives that there would be no cancelation fees. Once again being lied to, we received a bill in the mail for over $600 in cancelation fees.

A frustrating call to Sprint to clear up the confusion, we were told that Sprint is not responsible for holding up their end of the contract by proving us with service, not only that they would not and could not waive the cancelation fees but also that they would send us to collections in less than two weeks. According to the bill, we have three weeks to pay it.


90% of the time we were unable to use our cell phone for almost two and a half months. From the middle of Nov 2012 to the end of Jan 2013. We keep getting the run around and told they were working on the towers in our area. Finally, in Jan 2013, we were told we would have to upgrade our cell phones. And that we would not be charged a upgrade fee. Well, they lied we do have to pay a $36.00 upgrade fee for ea line. Plus were stuck with another two year contract. And our monthly bill is twice as much as it was. We never received a credit for the time we couldn't use our phone. Do not upgrade with Sprint. They are lairs and sheats.


I've been a Sprint customer for about 8 years. Since relocating from Las Cruces, NM to Roswell, NM on mid-eastern side of the state my service has been horrible almost on a daily basis. I have sent an email to Sprint Cust Service days ago and haven't heard a word from them.

Sprint had an informal complaint issued against them last Spring by NM PRC and promised to clear up the poor service problem. It still exists, and I believe will not change. I can rarely access WWW, accuweather, etc. and now and then can send a picture to another Sprint phone.

I have no service in most buildings in this town. Had I been informed that service was poor when I relocated, I would not have kept renewing the contract. I was not informed and after a year or so looked at the coverage map for NM.....it is practically non-existent.

Therefore, I am fed up and want my contract cancelled and no lingering financial obligations attached. I've honored my responsibilities to you; Sprint has failed to do the same for me and other residents of this part of the state of New Mexico.


I have been having a problem with my service since February 2013. I have had dropped calls, texting trouble and very slow internet. I have called Sprint several times and they promised service would get better by the end of July. They stated that they were doing work on their towers on the area. I am still experiencing the same problems but worse. I cannot get good service at my home.


i was inadvertently signed up for a mobile hot spot through best buy 3/12. i did not receive this device. i called this company several times explaining this. i ended up paying the bill aug 3 for 94.00 for a device i did not have i had told the person i spoke with ( i think her name was michele) that i did not have this device and that i was a verizon customer. i was not paying attention in best buy when i was purchasing a ipad and a netbook. i had my 7 year old son with me and he has adhd.

he was acting up in the store and i wanted to get my purchases and leave. when i paid this bill i told the person that this account needed to be closed and i have to look into why this happened in the first place to keep my credit score ok. come to find out this device was turned on again with out my knowledge. i have been trying to fix this error but i have been getting the run around by your staff. from that i can not close this until its been paid in full and there will be a 130 early termination fee. i do not know why it is not understood that i did not have this device in the first place nor do i want this device.

i did not give it to my son for college ( he is 7 years of age and not in college). your staff has kept me on hold for 45 min several times and even stated that i would receive a call back ( their names are brad and raymond) and never called back and when i call back i get the run around again. i am looking in to my rights as a consumer legally because i already paid for something i did not have i am not doing that again because someone does not know how to follow instructions. hope to get this situation fixed as soon as possible.


I have met all the requirements for the $50.00 rebate and responded to the denial with a letter dated July 3, 2013. Each and every item listed on the denial card was addressed. The rebate form was completed in the Sprint store by a Sprint employee. There is no reason to deny the rebate incentive. If I am denied the rebate, I will be happy to return the phone after the entire contract is voided. I would like to have this resolved without having to filed complaints with whatever consumer agencies I can find along with the BBB and internet postings.


I cancelled one of my lines and paid cancellation fee plus that months Oct '11 bill. I wanted to swap phones as well due to my Blackberry malfunctioning I couldnt afford another at that time. Customer Service had no knowledge of how to swap it took a week of communicating with customer service. In trying to swap the previous line was never cancelled due to waiting for end of bill cycle which was OCT 19th.
O K hear now both phones were turned off I didnt have a phone I demanded they swap back to my broken Blackberry eventually cancelled service completely they stated we cant cancel line till billing cycle is over.

I eventually switched to cricket; Sprint charged me another month of service when I totally requested service be cancelled. Sprint robbed me out of another month of service when I clearly request my service be cancelled after I previuosly cancelled my extra line. I was with Sprint for two years with everything plan. Now they've stooped to cheating people out an extra month of service when cancelling.

I walk into a Sprint store on Thursday and order a iphone 4 for my daughters birthday on Saturday. Sprint store says no problem we will get it here tomorrow (Friday), we'll call you about 11am. Guess what call I got at 11:30am...that's right they didn't deliver it and there are no deliveries on Saturday. Now they want me to wait until Monday for the phone to come in. The store is taking no responsiblity and when I call Sprint direct they just give me a song and dance about how once the order is placed they can not do anything about it.

They can not even cancel the order knowing that I am willing to go to another further away Sprint store and get the same phone. I have been with Sprint for more years then I care to think, and this is the way they reward loyalty. Sprint phones...love em, Sprint coverage...love it, Sprint customer service...absolutely sucks. And they don't even care.


Our plan with Sprint-to whom we have been loyal customers for a number of years-was to expire in October so we went in to the Sprint store in San Diego to renew our plan and to upgrade our phones. I had received an $80 service credit 'coupon' to be used at the time of renewal so was expecting to be able to use it that at that time. However, when looking more carefully at the "gift" it said it expired in September. WHY would we renew our plan the month before it expired?!? rather than doing it when the time to do it was in October?!? I tried talking to your customer service department and did NOT receive any satisfaction and need a better explanation of the benefits of being loyal Sprint customers for so many years. Is this the way you treat your loyal clients?


My family switched to Sprint at the end of last year. We ordered 3 of the Samsung Galaxy S2's. Ever since we received the phones we have had problems with them. And not just one of them, all 3! They continuously power off by themselves, the menu button freaks out and pops up and down all the time when you are trying to do something, like send a text message.

dMy husband has spent HOURS, at this point probably days if you add up all of the hours, speaking with Sprint about our problems. Whoever he talks to always says, let me talk to my supervisor and get back to you. I bet only about half of those people have actually called my husband back, most of the time he has to call them again. We have replaced the phones with the same model phone twice! We have asked to be switched to a different model.

After much arguing, and even my husband saying that we are willing to pay for the upgrade, we finally spoke with someone who we thought was going to help us. This was in February. The agent told my husband that because of our continuous problems, he would upgrade us to the s3's, at no cost to us since we should not have to pay because of our problems.

When we got the new phones in the mail, they were S2's again!! My husband has called and called and called and no one is willing to help us. The only option that we are given is getting yet ANOTHER S2. my poor husband has spent so much time arguing with Sprint that are ready to just go to another company. But of course as we all know, we are now under contract and do not have that option. Please someone help me.

I do not want another call from a representative that cannot help us. I want results! If Sprint really cares about their customers as they claim they do, someone higher up should get involved and send us new phones. All I am asking is that we get something comparable to what we have now. I do not think it is fair to ask us to downgrade.

And since we were promised the S3's, I think that Sprint should keep good to their word and send us the S3's. Sprint is a corporation that makes billions of dollars every year off of poor suckers like me, they need to stand up and do what's right!


Beginning July 31, 2013 through August 10, 2013 I received limited service in my area – inability to make calls until I drove out of the area, innumerable dropped calls, no signal AT ALL in house, inability to contact my two children, and much frustration. I no longer use a home phone since Sprint has assured me of the excellent quality of their service….a service that was severely below par for over 10 days, regardless of what Sprint’s usage shows. Sure I used the phone, I just had to make sure I left my home and town and couldn't get through to my children if they were at home and I was out.

During the time of limited service, I had placed two phone calls complaining and was told they were documenting the complaints and Sprint would take care of me after the tower was repaired.

In light of this extremely poor service I requested a 1/3 discount on my upcoming bill for August 2013. I have now been on the phone for over 34:17 minutes and have yet to be transferred to the next level of supervision since billing rep did not have permission to commit to a reduced bill. Now, I am being given a runaround over a request for a credit of about $40.

I was finally transferred to a supervisor who informs me he will have to review the situation before he might be able to do something. Seriously??

I have been a customer for many years and I have to say, that this difficulty for such a small legitimate request is ridiculous. Sprint is fully aware that they provided poor service and that the tower in my area was under repair for OVER A WEEK and should be more fair to its customers and not make them fight for funds they have not earned.

This is horrendous customer service.


My wife and I switched to Sprint in June 2012. We both got the Samsung Conquer phones. In late September my phone quit recognizing any sd cards. I called Sprint with the issue and was very pleased with the service I received. Sprint mailed me a replacement phone and seemed happy to help. Today October 20th my wife's phone had half of the screen freeze up. She had to use phone since hers was unable to call out. After Sprint done the factory reset with no success she was told to take the phone to a Sprint store. After visiting 2 stores she was informed that they couldn't repair her phone for lack of parts. She was told that it could be replaced without a charge. I contacted both Sprint and Samsung about this since the phone is only 4 months old. Samsung said they fix it but she would have to be without a phone for 2 weeks.

I contacted Sprint to see what could be done. I was pretty much told tough luck and pay $100 deductible on insurance or wait 2 weeks. So now I am looking a t a 4 month old phone with Sprint and Samsung's name on it that I.can't use and neither really seems to care. We have 2 kids and need to be able to get in touch with each other. I do not understand how the service be so different from call to call. I can't believe that company's really sale products that they do they do not back. It seems that both Sprint and Samsung think that phones tearing up in 4 months is accepted in todays market. Their are plenty of other carriers that would like to take care of the Customers needs. I guess I will have to get a prepaid phone while trying to get this resolved after weighing the options of is this even worth the trouble.


I am currently in another state handling a family emergency. The home I am staying in I am not getting services, I have had important phone calls lost due to lack of services. I have called customer service to resolve this issue, seeing that I have been with sprint for approximately 8 years. They were unable to resolve the issue because my services do not quailfy for the signal tower. The reason my account does not qualify is because I do not have multiple lines on my account. My complaint is that because I do not have 4 or more lines on my account I can not receive the service I am needing with out paying out of pocket. I feel this is unfair to those persons that are single and without multiple lines. I am considering taking my services elsewhere if this issue can not be resolved.

Thank you for your help in resolving the issue.


I've been a loyal sprint customer and blackberry fan and consumer for many years now. It's unfortionate that I am now considering cutting my ties with sprint and disowning blackberry for life. My issue is simple enough, and I don't get why sprint can't handle my problem in a better manner. I have now owned 4 blackberry styles model 9670, in under 2 years. I am not rough with my phones @ all , in fact the 4th one which i've had for about a year now looks brand new still. The problem then u ask, the charging port on this perticular model seems to have been built poorly. Sprint now wants me to file an insurance claim, pay $100 and be given the same exact model. I wouldn't have a problem with that, if I hadn't had the same problem with all prior phones. Its clear to me that there is an issue with the way this model's charging port was made. I really really love my Blackberry, I'm kind of sad that our relationship will end soon because of poor craftsmenship. I won't pay only to be given the same problem phone. Infact I wouldn't take that same model even if it was given to me for free.


 This is the second time I have received subpar service from the employees at the Sprint Store within 3 months. The Sprint store is #1096, located in McKinney, Texas 75070. I went to the Sprint Store at 6:45 pm, Monday, May 6, 2013 hoping to resolve the issue with my phone. Upon entering the store with my toddler, I waited patiently at the designated location. I was not greeted nor was I acknowledged for more than 10-15 minutes. My child was playing with another child in the process. The employees felt that he was too loud and then asked me what was the problem, after not even having greeted me. I advised him the problem was that I had been standing there patiently for more than 1o minutes and no one even acknowledged my presence but was quick to address my child. Having been a long time customer with Sprint for more than 10 years, I feel that this was totally inappropriate and rude.

They all stated that they were busy but that is still not an excuse to ignore a loyal, paying customer with not so even as much as a greeting. Ivan Ruiz was the representative that attended me. I told him I was having a problem with the battery holding a charge. He did not send my phone back to be checked by a technician at all. He simply gave me another battery and said if that didn't work to bring the phone back. I felt very rushed and my problem was not addressed, nor was it resolved. Rather, I have to return and waste more of my personal time in returning to the rude customer service representatives located in Sprint Store #1096, located in McKinney, Texas. The acting manager, Eric Berry, did absolutely nothing to resolve, nor address the issue at hand.

My contract is over in February 2014 and if this is the type of service I will be getting I will be ending my contract. I hope my complaint will be taken seriously as I will be submitting this complaint to the BBB as well as the FCC if my concerns are not addressed in a timely manner. I would greatly appreciate a follow up in regards to this issue at your earliest convenience.


My service has been beyond poor and this has been going on for quite some time it started in june 2012 till sep or oct 2012 then I was given an air rave then service was a "little" better then I purchased an Iphone 4 in jan or feb, 2013 and then had to give up air rave because it was interfering with iphone I have heard every excuse sprint has to offer and still I continue to receive below poor service but yet I still pay my bill and sprint only deducts $25.00 dollar from my bill when I am not even able to make calls on any of my 5 phones this uncalled for I expect a call back immediately regarding this matter as I have contacted customer service numberless times only to be lied to hung up on kept on hold for ever and never called back and after I have been a loyal customer since 2004 never been late on a payment I think this would be a good story for the news.better business beural, consumer affairs, board of supervisors and my congress man because this is robbery I have rights and I refuse to be treated this way so would hope that a higher level manager or even the ceo would get back to Me so I can explain the situation because I dont think they know how customers are being treated I have friends and family that also have you sprint and they will witness all that is going on thank you and hope to hear from someone asap.


I have insurance on my cell which i have tuned it in 3 times cause thing had not worked the store assured me since i have insurance on cell covered no matter what.So one month or so after i pick my cell phone out of my purse and the front face plate was broke so i took it in and now of course all new people wrking in there srart to raise thier voice at me like i am stupid also i told them i had cochlear implant will let the jokes flow at deaf person me you know my iq does not drop20 points when u are deaf and i hope all deaf people protest anything to do wi


I recently switched my Sprint service from my families plan to my own personal plan. When I switched to my new plan, I purchased an IPhone 5 with the two year agreement. I also purchased a tablet with a two year agreement. This transaction occurred on Friday, November 9th 2012. I was really excited to have both items and was to try the tablet at my residence since I do not have internet at my house.

I was told by the Sprint employees that I would be able to access the internet from my tablet. When I took the tablet home, I could not pull the internet from the tablet. I called the Sprint store and they advised me the Sprint towers were temporarily down and they assurred me they would be back up and running in a few days. On Wednesday November 21st 2012, my tablet was still unable to get the internet through it and I called the Sprint store again.

I asked them if I could return the tablet and they told me as long as I returned the tablet by the close of business Friday November 23rd 2012 I would be able to do so if my tablet was still not working and they advised me again that my tablet should be working shortly due to the tower issue. I returned home early from out of state to return the tablet because I knew I needed to return it by close of business on Friday. When I arrived at the Sprint store (7810 Wormans Mill Road Frederick, MD they told me I could not return the tablet because my 14 day return policy had expired and it was day 15. I had to ask several Sprint employees because everytime I asked somebody they walked away from me to assist another customer who was purchasing phones.

Finally, one of the employees asked me in a very rude way if I had tried to charge the tablet. He took the tablet from me and plugged it in. After doing this, he refused to talk to me and walked to the back of the store. I then spoke to the store manager who told me he could not help me and told me to call Sprint customer service. I called the Sprint customer servce and the gentleman was very friendly and helpful over the phone. He told me he would be able to cancel my agreement if the store would take my tablet as a return. He also expressed to me that third party Sprint stores like the one I was at do not have the same policies as a main Sprint store.

I politely excused myself and asked the store manager if he could return the tablet and expressed to him that Sprint customer service was willing to cancel my agreement if they would return the tablet. This male manager became very angry and aggressive towards me since he was speaking of "personal" matters to a female customer. He stated "Tell them to fuck off, you are not returning that damn tablet". He then stated "Fucking customer service makes it seem easier than it is". He then expressed to me that he thought I was a nice guy but he could not help me after he saw my reaction to his unprofessionalism. I asked another employee for my tablet and I left the store with a tablet that does not work at my residence.

I have always had a great experience with Sprint until I came to this store. Unfortunately I am left with a montly payment on a tablet that has no use to me and I am still very upset with the way I was treated at the store. I have never experienced such unprofessionalism before in my life. This is the first time I have ever filed a complaint but I feel that this needs to be addressed. While I was at the store, I witnessed several other customers leave displeased and agitated because they had an issue with their experience there. I know black Friday is a very busy time for all stores but in no way should customers get treated the way I did. At this point I am weighing my options about cancellling all of my services and my family services if nothing is done about this issue. I hope that this is not the case. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


On January 7, 2013, between 12:30pm to 2:30 pm please review the call log. I had the severe displeasure to experience very bad customer services from serveral of your associates. Please be mindful that I have been a Sprint customer for approximately eleven and one half years, and I expect to be treated with dignity, respect and as any loyal customer should be treated.

You had Joshu, hang up the phone on me and all this started because I asked for a little off to upgrading my phone, and none of your associates were helpful at all. This is Joshu, your manager or supervisor who does not know how to speak to people. I find it very difficutlt to understand how you have someone in a supervisory position who has no concern for customers. When asking this person what his reference number was Jose, refused.

After this guy hung up and then spoke to David, who was also rude, no help and very sarcastic. We asked him to transfer to his supervisor and received the exact same treatment, who said he could not help, and he provided his reference number (I119921780), he provided this but refused to give us his name. Now it seems to be that when a long standing customer who pays their bill in a timely manner merely asks to receive a little something for renewing or staying with Sprint, that something should be provided other than just saying "thank you." Your associates all acted in a manner that shows that they do not care about me as a customer, and they either need to be retrained or replaced so that customers do not have this type of problem ever again.

I request to be contacted by someone in upper management to further discuss the details regarding this horrible situation. Customers deserve to be treated as if we are the last and only customer you have so that you can keep me as a customer and to ask that you waive the taxes or give me something to show your appreciation is not too much to request. I am available most days after 3:00 pm, because I do work and cannot speak during working hours.


I had returned a telephone and was informed to return the non working phone. returned the phone and sprint has turned off my phone over 10 times in once month due to not recieving the non working phone. I do not have the phone and I refuse to pay for something that I dont have.


This update absolutely sucks!! I can't get on the internet at all now.. i had troubles before and was told the update would make the phone take 4g only. Now i can't even get 3g!!! I have been with sprint for 7 years! Not only that but my touch screen lags.. even while I'm texting on the phone ot
R typing anything for that matter... its horrible! I'm not a happy customer. I hope this gets fixed asap. I love sprint but i need my phone for work and pleasure... its unacceptable..


Every few days my service seems to be messing up, when I call sprint about the service they tell me we have to do a service update. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with this every day. Also when I ask for a credit towards my bills the customer service rep tells me that they are only allowed to give me a few dollars off of my monthly bill. After they basically disrespect me I tell them that I am basically paying the same amount if money that somebody else would be paying on a different service provider and receive better service. I ask to speak to the supervisor and the supervisor gives me a credit that is worth the trouble ans annoyiness.

I have 2 iPhones on my account.

All I want is to be released from my contract without having to pay ANY FEES!!!


Called to find out the date of my upgrade and proceeded to get offered tons of stuff I didn't want to and when I said my service was bad I was transferred to a supervisor who was extremely rude. I was told the hold between first car and supervisor would be 2 minutes turned out to be 10. Second supervisor to third was supposed to take2 minutes, 15 minutes later I got apologies and no resolution for my time being wasted and for getting the run around. One more supervisor, another apologist who offered zero resolution then for the third time I asked formative of any kind to fill out and he flat out lied and told me that there surveys are random and there's no way to even take a phone or online survey. Basically a 2 minute called turned into over an hour.


We have been customers for many years, contract ends next month, we will terminate. In the meantime, I will have to pay next months' bill and I have no phone. I washed my phone on may 3rd, on Monday may6th went sprint store, did not want to extend or buy expensive replacement, so I went back with some old phones in the hopes of having one activated. they did not work, so I decided to buy one, Ron the rep asked for my "pin" number, we have never established one, I had proper ID, my sprint statement, old receipt with blanks for pin and password (never needed it).

He says he could not activate new phone without "pin" number. Account is under my husband's name, says he can come in with ID and his pin. Again, I told him we do not have one, ok he asked a security question, I answered correctly but because the info in the sprint computer was wrong that's it. According to the sprint policies I read it doesn't say in writing that a pin number is crucial for doing business such as replacing damaged phones, etc.. Ron at store #431 here in san Antonio, texas refused to help me simply because we have no pin number.


I had been a Sprint customer for over 15yrs we were up for an upgrade on our phones so we went to the Sprint store to see about getting smart phones. The customer service rep was not helpful and very rude, not wanting to answer questions or help in any way. So we went to AT&T store and switched over, while at the store my wife called to cancel service and port the numbers over which she was told there would be a early termination fee.. No problem we said.

Well a month later after we recieved our last bill (or so we thought) with the termination fee listed we recieved another monthly bill for one of the lines which after calling Sprint they said we did not cancel? Why would we keep one line and cancel the rest? Needless to say if you have a sprint line and cancel make sure you cover youself or you will have a lot of time wrapped up trying to argue your case.

I recently brought my phone to be repaired at the Sprint store in hurst tx after it flashed and all my info was lost they kept my phone for 2 + hours and did nothing to it to resolve the problem they said I needed to go home get on my computer and fix it myself my complaint is if I knew how to repair it I would not have brought it to them to begin with I told them I don't have a computer at home and didn't know what to do if I did I asked them to do it since they have 5 or 6 computers there they were not using they said ok and brought Google up on one and walked away there were no custumers in the store there were 4 of them standing talking to each other.

I repeatedly asked for help not one of them would help me I say again if I knew how to fix it why would I have even gone there the whole crew in that store needs to be replaced they are useless as custumer service


I have been a loyal customer with Sprint for over 20 years, paying my bill on time and etc.. On 10/25/12 I spoke to a representative at a local Sprint store in my areas about adding another phone to my line. He suggested that I opt for the family plans stating that all 3-lines would have 500 min and that my bill would be lower if I went from my current plan to this new plan he had suggested.

On 11/13/12, I received a bill for the 1st time since changing to a new plan and to my surprise it was approximately 3/4 or greater in amount than my last plan. I contacted Sprint immediately and spoke with a rep which informed me that I had changed my phone plan in the middle of a billing cycle and should have waited to change it at the end of the billing cycle and I would not have incurred such high bill. I feel that prior to making any changes to my Sprint account the rep at the local Sprint store should have advised/suggested to me that it would be in my best interest to wait till the end of my billing cycle otherwise I would have to pay a bundle in fees for switching my plan in mid-cycle. I appreciate that the new phone was free, however I find that I did not save at all because prior to switching plans my monthly bill was $157... a month and after making the change I received a bill for $291... Now what type of savings is that "Sprint"

In conclusion, I find this to be unfair to any customer and especially to loyal customer. In all fairness I ask that anyone affliliate with Sprint be trained in a manner that will enable them to adequately service me the consumer. Bottom line, if you as a rep wouldn't sale it to your loved ones than don't sell it to me. Basically, Spint reps be honest to the customer.

Thanks in Advance


I have been a loyal Sprint customer for over two years and have had 3 other lines of my family under my account. I am sorry to say that not all experience working with Sprint has been pleasant. One recent incident at the Sprint store at Santa Monica (12011 Wilshire Blvd) was extremely upsetting and tinted our trust of your company.

Sprint Complaints Department:

In August 2013 when my Sprint contract was due for a renewal, I went in to the above-mentioned store to process the renewal on Sept 1st, 2013. The sales associate on duty, Chamira Harris, told me that if I provided my Triple A membership card, Sprint could not only give me 10% off on all the charges, but would also waive ALL the activation fees on all four existing phone lines we have with Sprint. I then went ahead reactivated my Triple A account for that purpose and had our Sprint contract renewed and phone replaced with Chamira.

When my bill for the period came later in the month, however, I was still deducted $36 for activation fee, and did not receive the promised 10% discount. I went back to the store to ask about this. Chamira in turn asked the store manager Hank Watt and Hank said that having Triple A would not waive activation fee, nor give any discount at all. Admitting it was Chamira’s mistake to have misinformed us, both Hank and Chamira offered to compensate for our loss by giving me something from the store for the same amount of the activation fee, and promised to do so for ALL of our other phone lines as well when their renewal time comes. On that day, they did honor that for my primary phone line (310-819-6019), and Chamira also said she did put in a note in the computer about the same policy for our other lines at renewals.

Our second line (310-883-3212) was renewed on September 20th, but when I went in to pick up the iphone that just came in the store on Oct 27th, Chamira treated me completely differently: contrary to her sweet and eager attitude previously when trying to get our business, she now turned to be extremely cold and indifferent. She denied what she had promised, and told me that the store could not give us anything to offset its activation fees at all. When confronted, she admitted that it indeed was her that had misinformed us in the beginning and caused all the trouble, but still told us there would be nothing she could do about it. What upset us more was that she was being very rude, trying to tell us off, claiming that even if she had lied and misled us on purpose, there would be nothing we could do, but to pay for all the fees ourselves.

We feel that Chamira Harris’ unprofessional, dishonest way of handling this matter has not only cost us financial loss (Triple A membership fee, and activation fees), but has ruined our trust for Sprint overall. It felt as if in order to get our business in the beginning, she was tricking us into a deal by empty promises, and turned around not honoring it later on when we had signed contracts and paid for two lines. Her rude attitude certainly set up off further more.

We strongly feel that our loss should be compensated for, and such behavior like Chamira’s in misrepresenting Sprint and sacrificing the company’s integrity for short-term business should not go unnoticed and uncorrected by your corporate office. Otherwise, we’d have to regretfully choose to leave Sprint for other carriers, and we reserve the rights to file further complaints to consumer rights agencies if this were not resolved in a reasonable fashion.

Dr. (Benny) Jun Lin

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by Jun Lin on 12/10/2013 at IP address using our Sprint complaint form. This opinions contained in this Sprint customer review titled, "Dishonest Sales Associate Midled Me on a deal but would not make up for mistake" do not reflect the opinions of this website.


I was a Sprint customer for over 10 years and recently had to cancel my service due to outages. My husband is a surgical nurse and actually missed a call-in due to tower maintenance that they were doing and have been doing for almost 2 months now without any explanation as to how long it will take to fix. I had to talk to them for 2 hours to finally get someone to tell me the buy-back program would take care of my ETF as it was something I was DEFINITELY not paying due to the fact that I was only cancelling because my husband HAS to have service. I received a confirmation email and she noted that I might even have dollars left to go towards my final bill.

I went into the store, gave them the confirmation and they actually processed it incorrectly. They processed it as a "recycle" and told me that I was all taken care of (bill included) and even had a $90 credit. I confirmed and re-confirmed with her that I had a $0 balance on my account and she said I had to spend the $90 in the store that day or it would go away. I bought 3 iPhone chargers and went on my way. I recently received a final bill for all of the credits and service. Apparently the girl processed incorrectly and the $90 credit could've went towards my ETF. I called customer service and they were downright awful.

I can't believe this company still has any customers. They stated there was nothing they could do since it's been more than 14 days since I "purchased" the chargers (it's been 18, just got the bill today) and I was now responsible for the full balance. I find this alarming for so many ways aside from their ridiculous dealings on the phone in that I've had them wipe complete $185 bills away before and now they can't help me with a credit for their mistake? Also, to charge me ETF when it's been reported several times (even their own employees in my area) that we are having major service issues.

I have lost all respect for this company and hope that enough people read these posts and stay far, far away from them. I know that no company is going to be 100% easy to deal with but this company should be ashamed. To have a customer service team that can literally get on the phone and yell at you and do everything they can to weasel their way out of doing the right thing is beyond horrible. I can't believe I was so loyal for so long. I would rather pay extra every month for my "unlimited data" with any other company than ever deal with them again. I hope they lose enough business they decide to come back and have some dignity in the marketplace by actually serving their customer base.


I just recently became a sprint customer. I went with sprint for the unlimited data for the iPhone. This was a huge mistake. In about 90% of the areas I am in, the network is so slow that it is almost totally useless. Try to bring up a map to see where you are. Forget it.

The amount of time it takes to see the map, it would be faster to unfold a traditional map and find my location. YouTube is totally useless as is any other video. Even email takes forever to download.

Everything is extremely slow. 3G is the only service with some speed and even that is very slow compared to other providers. I don't live in a remote area either. I have compared the same iPhones, side by side, all from different providers, and the sprint iPhone is embarrassingly slow.

I am about to pay the early termination fee, sell the phone and go with another provider. I can't take it anymore. It has rendered my iPhone almost useless everywhere but my home on wifi.


I have been a customer of Nextel/Sprint since 2006... The service of Direct Connect offered by these Companies was extremely good... but ever since December 2012 Sprint and Nextel were not longer partner and unilaterally Sprint decided to cut the Direct Connect International and National Services, but they never let us know about these changes in the company and still they were charging us 90 dollars a month for them (please note that we have two devices on this account).

On January 2013, traveling to California, we decided to check out in one of the stores what was going on and they offered us for 99 cents to exchange our devices for new ones which suppose to have the International Direct Connect Service not phone service was included due to the exchange... we accept the offer and 24 hours later the service was suspended, why?, because they said a change has been done in this type of Plans and they are not going to offer any longer the International Direct Connect, but the option was either to cancel or come t0 Mexico and negotiate with IUSACELL which is a Company that carries the TSMA techology. Nevertheless, we did so and once in the store of IUSACELL they provided us with a catalog of their services and none of them is the International Direct Connect, worse situation is that they can not install any chip in the devices we have.

Therefore, we call SPRINT up to let them know that we were very unhappy with this situation and we are not willing to pay any more for a service that is not longer delivered by the Company, their answer was if we decide to cancel they are going to charge a penalization fee in the amount of $200.00 per device THIS IS NOT FAIR and represents a fraud due to the lack of technology to performe the Plan that we have hired.

We are not willing to pay SPRINT, we demand the refund of the money we have paid in full to them for the months of January, February, 2013 and we are going to stop paying this company as of March, 2013.


My daughters phone hasn't been working since early last year! Her phone has been replaced a multiple of times & everything they tell me to do to it, it turns out making it worse! Her phone turns itself on & off, drops calls (incoming & outgoing) and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!

Anything you can think of has happened to this phone & I'm sick of it! I waste my time and money going from Sprint location to Sprint location & paying a bill for a phone that half the time doesn't work!! I'm sick of the fact that no one at Sprint has done anything to compensate me for my troubles!

I would like a new, reliable phone & money from my gas & etc.


I am 72 years old and went to the kiosk at the Countryside Mall to get a new cell phone. Amelio sold me a touch screen phone and instructed me on how to use it. When I got home I was so confused that I couldn't even receive a call and I called 9 people on my contact list accidentially, couldn't find how to turn the speaker on, also couldn't answer a call, among some of many other things. I couldn't function with the phone. Totally user unfriendly, as was the Manager of th kiosk.

I wanted to return it and get my old phone back but was told they recycled it already. I had already disposed of the box and they said there was a $30 charge. I am so very disappoited in Sprint as my son worked as Manager in a Sprint store for a number of years. When I bought the phone, the salesman slid a pink cover and a black cover over to me and said which did I want. I thought it was part of the $79.99 I paid for the phone. It was an additional $24.99. Many of m friends have said derogatory things about Sprint and I always defended you, but NO LONGER WILL I DO THAT.

I'm glad my son doesn't wor for your organization any longer.


I had went to a sprint store in Pershing Blvd in Kenosha Wi To get services Which I did with a 100.00 deposit. The associate Lakota Lichwait activated my phone An I turn my phone in in a trade in. He had ask me if I wanted to use my credit on a case I said No And he processed to do it anyway. Then tells me to give him a rating on the survey. Told me if I didn't like the services I could disconnect the phone and I wouldn't be charge anything. I got the phone The services was horrible I was dropping calls I couldn't get online So I decided to bring it back 12 days later.

Now I'm getting charge restocking fee activation fee and time of services Which was NEVER explain to me. I go in to find out why I'm getting a bill ad where my security deposit went. The first associate That approach came to help us Then Lakota came and pushed the other guy out the way Processed to be rude to me and my mother When we were trying to figure out what's going on. It got to the point where the manager had to come and intervene Cause he was so rude. He completely Lied to me saying I was going to have 4G service Then I find out That there wasn't even 4G services. This man has no reason reason to be in retail. He has no customer services skills at all.


I am a military personnel. I have been deployed overseas for the next couple of years. I have been trying to place my phone on a military suspend plan. I have been provided with call numbers which I cannot connect to. Calling through sprint customer service has me jumping from department to department for hours and results in no solution. I want for a sprint representative to personally help me with this issue, because I am still being charged for this months service, I have not used it, and sprint can't help me?


I did not renew my contract. I cancelled my cell phone. I paid the monthly bill. Send them an additional check in the amount of $9.00 to pay for the couple days that were not included in the normal billing cycle. On the bottom of the check left corner I typed on the check "FULL PAYMENT OF". They cashed my check. That was in 7/22/2004.

Since that time it has been turned over to several collection agencies. Currently it is in the hands of Enhanced Recovery Com. Jacksonville, Fla. They are trying to collect $195.45. I do not owe anything since you accepted my check that had full payment of on the check. My offer was $9.00 and by cashing the check -you accepted my offer. I consider your continued efforts to collect more money to be extortion.

This happened 9 years ago. I dispute the bill. I consider the account paid in full and dont owe you anything. I will be happy to provide you with a copy of the cancelled check.


I am extremely upset with Sprint and the services that have been provided. I purchased a brand new Iphone5 from Sprint online. Since 2/23/2013 I have been without service, not being able to receive or make phone call and text. My phone is my business, I am on the road taking care of business. I have no phone to accommodate me. I am still within my 30 days to change companies and I am highly considering doing this. Not having service for 5 days is unacceptable and is causing me to lose out on money. I pay Sprint on time every month for a service I can not use. Customer service had been giving me the run around since day one. I have asked to speak with supervisors and my request were not met. I have been hung up on and given attitude from a Sprint representative. I plan on going to social media to promote the awful service I have received. As I type I have no service due to a technical issue on Sprint end. I need someone with authority, power and knowledge to resolve my problem asap.


From the first day of my business association with Sprint, I have encountered incompetence to a degree I never knew existed. We were lied to about the financing arrangements, lied to about the lack of contract, and the worst part is that every single Sprint representative tells us different things. Naturally there's more. We are moving to an area where the only coverage would be "off-network roaming", and this, in an area of forests and hills. Despite the fact they have no real coverage, and NO ONE in the area uses Sprint. Regardless, Sprint refuses to eradicate the $200 "termination fee". I know, no logic is required. (And several Sprint representatives have admitted as much.) Now we have been told repeatedly that we have a contract on a phone that we were assured, time and again when we opened the account, we wouldn't have a contract with. Lies, deceit, obfuscation, games. But then, to some degree, that's how many corporations work.


I have been charged for over a year for a product I never asked for with Sprint. I'm being told a supervisor will contact me and my case is under investigation. Never have been contacted! Sprint keeps harassing me to pay $ I do not owe, and has turned off my service! More than once, then it's turned on again for a while with NO resolution! It's off again with no communication, except a electronic message saying my service will be turned off if I don't pay, that I don't owe!


I have been a Sprint customer since 1998. I moved and had a coverage problem that they could not fix. I canceled both phone lines and paid all the early termination fees. Not one person from Sprint has called or e-mailed to find out why I dropped them after so many years. Hell of a way to run a company with no customer service.


I have called Sprint 5 times to try and cancel my account. Each time they tell me this time it will be cancelled and then I receive another bill. Today I received a letter from a collection agency stating I owed monthly for 4 months of billing past my original cancellation call. I was disconnected twice when I called today. I also tried to find somewhere on their website where I could give feedback and there is not any easy way to do so.


I'm upset with Sprint because my service is scrappy I get hit with a high phone bill. I can't make arrangments and I'm requesting higher up to look into this I should get quality service if I'm getting charged a full bill I want this issue fixed. I thought Sprint was supposed to be the wireless service that cuts your high phone bill in half not makes it higher?


I received a bill for early termination when I switched carriers. On December of 2013 I visited a Sprint outlet (Costco) with a service complaint that service was not consistent where we were living and that it was equally bad on both phones we were using. I was told the new Samsung galaxy would eliminate the problem and that it was free to upgrade. I did that and signed everything so they would activate the Phone. I was told that I had 14 days to return.

The first bill arrived and was completely different from the initial quote as well as the service had not improved that I went to return the phone. Costco of course said they would not take it back but called the factory store and they agreed to take it back. I returned the phone and they reinstated the original contract and"cancelled the new contract". I continued on the old plan until I had enough and install as land line. I then went to the Sprint store and was informed there was nothing they could do but there was no problem switching and porting over the numbers.

All was fine until the final bill from Sprint had early termination charges on both phones. I called and they stated that the contract was valid but would offer 150 dollars as compensation. i then received the (turn you over to collection letter) and called again. I was told the same thing as before including the 150 dollar compensation. I decided to go to the store and find out if the rep had made the commitment to me was still there, he wasn't. They did find the transaction returning the phone but no mention of any contact although the bill showed the old contract charges. I feel the termination fee is not justified on both phones but will concede the second line was 2 weeks short of 2 years,

The whole experience with Sprint started out very good but on 2 occasions trying to improve the service and function turned into a disaster. I feel being threatened and unable to receive any flexibility even though i was told what happen would not happen is very sad.


I am writing this letter with an open mind and humble heart. I have had the worst experience with Sprint ever. This company is terrible, and very unprofessional. My service was horrible and I was never accommodated for this. On top of all that, they canceled my service and charged me all these fees. Now I am with a collection agency that I am in the process of paying off so that I can get out from under sprint for ever. I am going to report this company to the better business bureau.


Me and my spouse went to the Sprint store looking to become new customers 1/24/15, which we did and it all seemed to work out. The next day I wanted to return my mobile phone for a smaller version of it, the rep that helped us was not in attendance this day 1/25/15. When we spoke with the young lady she advised us of our new account monthly payment, which seemed more then our original monthly payment. Come to find out the LEASE plan that we were suppose to be on, he did not place us in it, then we asked her if our numbers could have been ported over from our old Mobile carrier, she said of course it can, which he told us it wasn't possible. And he also neglected to tell us that our device payments would go up after 1 year. So me and my spouse was furious and decided to return everything. Not knowing that there is a restocking fee for every device. Mobile phone #1 $35, Mobile Phone #2 $35, Tablet device $75. All this could have been settled correctly if that guy wasn't worried about making his commission.


Sprint shouldn't even deserve one star it's the worst thing ever. The Sprint "manager" tricked me into having a service 130 bucks a month. He said "guarantee" and he said he would pay off the cancellation for my AT&T. It's been 5 months and now I'm sent to collections. He even screamed at me for complaining to him and made fun of me! I'm so pissed. I can't even afford to pay 530 dollars.


In December of 2014 we purchased 2 Apple iphone6 devices through Sprint. We opted for the so-called easy pay plan. We were informed through the retailer that we had 14 days to change our minds. The retailer showed us on the Sprint Website the information that stated if we did change our minds within 14 days they will waive any fees. Within 7 days we decided against that device, and, the devices we wanted Sprint did not offer. After much wrangling with VERY, VERY, VERY rude Sprint representatives the account was finally closed. The devices were returned. We purchased the devices we wanted but we could not keep our phone numbers, which we had before going to Sprint. Now, not only has Sprint stolen my phone number, which I have had for 15 years, they deny taking ownership of MY phone number. My current provider accessed their port center and knows they did steal my number. When I contacted Sprint, I was told that we have a current balance of $229.00 for 5 days. Had we stayed with Sprint our MONTHLY bill would have been $160.00. Not only are we not going to pay that ridiculous fee, we are going to start a campaign with EVERY social media outlet warning people to avoid Sprint like the Black Plague. Since their fine print states you cannot file a class action suit, we will sue them independently, and, encourage millions of others to do the same. All I want is my phone number back. They are not only liars because they don't honor their contracts, THEY ARE THEIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Sprint just releases my number, and, honor their contract, I will gladly back off. Until then, I am prepared to blast them EVERYWHERE. And they currently have thousands of complaints already. That "cut your bill in half" is a TRAP! That's a slick way of saying we're going to rob you of everything we can!!!! My goal is to finally put them OUT OF BUSINESS!!! And I won't stop until I succeed if they don't return my phone number PROMPTLY!!!!!!!!!


I am very disappointed with the Sprint representative Justin and Ron at the South Carolina store on Two Notch Road. My husband and I have a Family Plan which includes my son, husband and myself. We upgraded all three of the phone with the new Sprint versioin. My husband and son phone works fine. My phone is defected. I called the customer representative and she walk me thru steps to fix my phone. My phone could not receive data or connect to the internet. After trying to walk to all the steps to fix the phone the representative told me my phone was defective. She gave me an interactive number and told me to take it back to the Spring store I receive the phone from.

She told me since it was then 14 days from the date I purchase the phone it should be no problem. My husband took the phone back and gave them the number. They then went thru the same process. They had to then order me a phone. Receive a call phone is in. Husband goes to pick up phone. Representative couldn't find the phone. He was told the representative who order the phone was not in. Next trip, representative was in. However, order the phone under the wrong phone number. Now each trip my husband has to wait in long lines until his turn. Rep states he has to return the phone in order another one. Phone comes in yesterday...long line.

The representatives still could not update the phone (Justin and Ron). Kept my phone and told me someone would update it for the next day. To top this all off my husband paid for the screen protector/store fee for putting it on. Then he was told that we had send the screen protection back to the Zappo (life time warranty if we register it) and get another one. My thing is this...if you give me a defective phone why do I have send the order cover back to Zappo to get them to send me a new one. I feel that the Sprint store should put a new one on the phone. No phone yet and when I receive it I have to wait for Zappo to send me a new screen cover and I am assuming I got to put it on myself. This do not make sense. After this contract is over I am terminating my service with Sprint. Let hope the phone is ready today.


Our contract end next month and we called to find out what kind of deals we could get on new contract and phones. We are paying 210.00 a month for 3 lines now and was quoted 130.00 a month for 3 lines and 2 phones on the promo of 5.00 a month for 24 months. She mailed me transcript of our conversation. I called back the next day and spoke to Brandon who was very helpful. He said we would be charge 190.00 for 3 lines and the promo for 2 phones a month. He was getting ready to order the new phones and e-mail me the new contract we got disconnected. I waited a few minutes to see if he would call me back but he didn't. So I called sprint again and got a real rude guy who said our new contract would jump up to 310.00 a month. I got very upset and hung up on him. After cooling off over night I called back again and a lady was working with me. She put me on hold, after at least 10 minutes we got disconnected again just like the past. So we went down to the store and this guy said we can't get the promo offer and our bills would be 224.00 a month. Which is more that what we are paying now. I asked why loyal customers that have been with them for 10 years get kicked in the face and new customers will be paying half of what they were paying with their old providers. Checked Virizon and they would be 154.00 which includes 2 new phones and no contract. So unless someone called us with something better than what Virizon quoted we well be changing servers on Feb. 12, 2015


I have been a customer of Sprint for 14 years and have 5 active lines on said account. I pay for insurance and pay extra for each phone every month because they are newer phones, that's stinks. I have unlimited everything phone, text and data. in the 14 years with Sprint I have seen advancements but I have also seen the lack of administrative requirement of company and employee accountability. I pay hard earned money for services and have to question why? Why can't I get insurance for my phone from my choice of insurers instead of being forced to have whatever insurance Sprint corporation is supporting. This monopolistic tactic should be as illegal as a car company telling you that you must have their company supported insurance instead of being able to choose your own. Also why do we pay a $200 deductible Every Time something happens to our phone? That is why I have insurance; my phone cost $600 that means the insurance is charging me one third the cost of my phone Each Time something is fixed, that is besides the $125 I pay per year per phone for that insurance. Can you imagine your car insurance charging you one third the cost of your car each time something is fixed. I want to choose my own insurance not have someone or some company choose it for me.


On Wednesday January 14th, I connected Sprint to inquire about the Hotspot Option for my iPhone5C. I orginally spoke with a customer service agent...who then transferred me to a a gentleman "that could help me" (I'm thinking technical support). I was told there was a special where I could get 1G for free, 2G for $20/month or 6G for $60/month. He had an indepth conversation and he explained which would work best for what I wanted to do. I decided to get the 1G for free, and will upgrade later if needed. The gentleman went forward attempting to add the HotSpot feature to my phone. I was on the call for about 15 mins, because he was receiving an error message while trying to install the featuer. The call was somehow dropped and didn't get a call back. I called Sprint to inquire about the HotSpot feature because it was not added onto my phone.The customer service representative and supervisor told me there wasn't such an option as the 1G for free. I explained in detail as to the conversation I had with the gentleman.I requested to be transferred to technical support, because I thought that was the department which began the process of the HotSpot installation, but the agent refused to transfer me. When asked if they would review my account and see who I spoke with, conveintantly, the conversation from Wednesday wasn't logged (or so I was told). This is the same type of poor service I received in the pass, when I changed service providers. All I am asking, is that I be given what I agreed to, and nothing more. After speaking with the gentleman on Wednesday, disconnected my home internet service, expecting to have my HotSpot installed. This situation has inconvienced my majorily.


Back in October 2014 there was a special advertised on tv for the iPhone 6, unlimited talk, text and data for $50monthly. This caught my attention so I call somewhere around October 23, 2014. The representative (I don't remember her name, But sure its on file) talk with me about the plan, advising me that the plan is available for me, however I would have to pay $150 dollar deposit and pay $24.99 monthly for two years. I was not acceptable to the plan so she offer another plan for a free iPhone 5c at $60 dollars monthly with unlimited talk, text and data and a 2 year contract alone with the home line of $19.99 monthly and taxes equaling around $95 dollars. She also mention of the free iPod they was running and the router to hook up for service on my laptop. I accepted the plan on those condition. She went on to say that the shipping of the phones and fees will be waved and my first month bill will be a little more (month and a half due to the billing cycle). Again I agreed to this and was please, UNTIL I Received a email of my bill. Now everything drops on me, I called and was told totally different information and given the run around to store location (no positive help). The rep advise me the plan I'm on is the $60 dollar plan, $30.00 for unlimited data and $19.99 for home plus tax and a two year contract, I proceeded to explain what plan I was offered(which was mislead information) and was will to keep the plan in exchange of removing the home line in place of the iPod and or router. The rep said I could not change the plan because it's after 14day (well I wasn't even told that) and nothing they can do but cancel the plan and I pay the cancellation fee $550.00 dollars. I live from pay check to pay check and on a tight budget and only is asking for assistance that suits me. This is very unfair and NOT professional that sprint would do this. Please provide a feedback I will not stop until something is done.


Was contacted in August of 2014 about a free upgrade and a free tablet. Told the representative I was unemployed and could not afford any changes in my plan and was given the reply "this is a free upgrade mam" I received my new phone ( which I found out by going to a verizon store was 5 years old) and free tablet in the mail with the return envelope for my "buy back" and to be given a credit of 300 dollars. in order to activate these new free products I had to call Sprint. In doing so, I waited 20 min. for a rep. Then he began to talk to me about kigs and things I do not understand. Again I explained, I am unemployed and can not afford any changes to my plan. He then told me this would only be an increase of 10 dollars a month more than my current payment. I agreed, and then received a bill for $278.00. All my bills for the last 12 years has not been more than $75.00. So I called Sprint 12 times and spoke to 5 different people to get my old service returned to me. I received threats on my phone that my service would be disconnected if payments were not received. On December 5th 2014 I got my old plan back after being billed all these months and I now have a free tablet with no service. So I ask Sprint, what is free and what do you consider loyalty to your long term customers.


We have been with Sprint for years if you see all your notes on my account, I have called continuously prior to my contract breakage. I had called to see why we had no service in my home, they said they are working on towers. That's all we kept getting is the run around, I spoke with managers, whom stated they would send a tech to check our home and issue a Turbo to get better service, that never happened. I am a police officer and in need of my phone. Sprint left me no choice but to break my contract. We called after we received our bill, my wife's phone was out of contract as per your personal we spoke to other phone the same we did not have a contract. My phone was the only one left. When we called they rep stated it was a high balance due to the phone, Sprint was charging me for my phone, I told her we would gladly send it back, she stated she would send the package for the phones to be returned. We never saw an envelope, we have called several times after that for months I have been calling as I feel this balance is not correct! I have had the worse service from Sprint and just excuse after excuse! I want to clear this up ASAP!!! If I can get anyone to call me, so we may resolve this.

Thank you


Today I received in my mail, a faux handwritten Thank You, for my 10 years of service with Sprint. This 10 year acknowledgement contained no discount notices, deals, nothing. What a pathetic PR move. I currently pay approx. $70 per month for a flip phone with no Text Ability, Web. Now I see your Family Plan charges $25 for all this? Ready to go to T-Mobile. I don’t think they send fake handwritten thank you notes. You’ll have to do way better for my 10 years. You have my contact info.


could not use cell phone 815 403 3095 in fl, so I used a landline to call ,my il,cell phone 815 403 4595.if my cellphone 815 403 3095 had worked ,I would not have been charged overage charge ,I talked to sprint ,they said they are sorry but there is nothing they can do, sprint is not being fair, it is their phone that did not work , cell phone to cell phone no charge ,land line to cell 40 cents a minute . I pay $207.69 a month ,I am retired ,this will inadvertently make me loose my phone . I you can call me at 815-403-4595 . no charge ,I think! thanks Arlene Weber


I called sprint about our phone not charging, was told I will have to take it to a service center.
we went to the service center “a 60 mile ride” told them what was wrong I was asked if I had insurance on phone told them no. the manager said come back in 1-2 hours and the phone would be fixed. when we got back to the store the phone was not fixed he said it would be a $75.00 charge since I didn’t have insurance or I could send it to Samsung under warranty. but I would be without a phone for 4-6 weeks, I bought the phone from sprint they should take care of the phone or at least give me a loaner.


Sprint gave us a tablet and wi-fi,saying first 30 days were free. We got charged and had them shut it off and cancelled. After it was sent back, they charged us agIn!! Tbey refuse to remove the second charge. We didn’t want them to start with but tried them anyway. So we paid for first month but keep getting charged for something we don’t even have. Someone needs to fix this before they get sued!!!


Hello. I visited the Towson location of sprint a week ago because my phone was not working. The sales person didn’t have one in stock so they ordered me a new phone and I went in today to pick it up. I was assured last week that all information in my phone ie: phone contacts, text, email addresses, photo’s, video’s etc. would be transferred to the new phone. I just stormed out of the store because the sales person wiped out absolutely everything in my phone. I want this to be looked into now. Please contact me immediately at my phone number to discuss this. My phone number is: 443-982-3579 The above email address is my girlfriends email address.


I had an issue with the ear piece recently. After going to the Apple Ave. store 3 times so they could “fix” it they finally said the would order me a new phone. I specifically asked if it was going to be a new phone because I didn’t want a refubished one ( someone else’s junk). Marcus and the tech (I can’t remember his name right now but it wasn’t Joe) assured me more than once that it would be a new phone.
I got the phone had an issue with it the second week I had it. I was a little upset about that because it was a “new” phone.

Then yesterday I get a call about a family member that is real sick and in the hospital so I sent a text about it to my 3 kids. My daughter said Mom who’s number is coming up with all of your texts? It’s not yours. I wasn’t thinking straight because of my family member and mistook the number for another family member’s. I called the number thinking I would get my family member but it was some total stranger that wasn’t very happy with me having his phone number and therefore VERY rude. I made this call from my home phone and since he has called my home at least twice. Turns out your employees lied to me and this is a refurbished phone and that number was programmed in settings to come up with all the texts.

So, Vergie Jackson is a customer of yours and is very upset with me. Thing is, he has my home phone number and it is not hard to get an address with that information. This all could have been avoided if I wasn’t lied to and given a new phone or at least if you are going to cover up refurbished ones to be sure to delete all of the previous information before sneaking it to another customer! I am very, very upset over all of this and will be changing providers when my contract is up. I’d like to change it today but I guess I have to fulfill my contract but I will be spreading the word about how I was scammed and the trouble it has caused me. I am on Devin Vega’s account if you need that information.

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