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Sprint is a piece of junk, cant wait to get rid of them next . DO NOT GET SPRIN UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. Poor signal strenght, charged me twice for the same thing 149.95 twice, after countless hours speaking to different people from Sprint nothing was achieved. Nobody cares about the customer. Sprint looses costumers on an accelerated pace, to hold to them tey will get the iPhone now, be aware before you get in any contract deals with them. POOR,POOR, POOR customer service. Dont get tricked by packages they offer. I’m in Philadelphia and in the building that I’m in I have no signal, everyother coleg of mine that does not have sprint have no problems.

This is the worst cell phone company to use .. they promise a early termination fee but renege on the their company policy when you are in a roaming area. I advise everyone who a SPRINT phone to try another provider.. The sad thing is everything Sprint states the going to due they find so other way to follow their policy… In order to get the 149.99 waived, I have to send a copy of my address of a utility and send a phone that I did not buy from SPRINT but SEARS.COM. This How SPRINT DOES BUSINESS!!!

I will pay $20.00 more dollars a month to be able to use the phone. I have a HTC touch pro 2 phone. Warining you about Sprint.


I had upgraded to a family plan,all to discover that it was 549.00 on the first bill there was a sale promotion of 50.00 off of the phone price and it was not on the first months bill.I called customer support and wanted to go to a cheaper family plan or to cancel but they told me i was in the best plan for the 2 phones,the family plan started at 129.99 for two lines,plus the 20% employee discount for Walmart,so that is 105.00 a month i was quoted then i Kept calling to reduce the plan or cancel my plan and they wouldn’t let me, mind you i was on hold and bounced from person to person all the while in all took me 6 in a half hours not to resolve anything,and had mad numorus more calls made 250.00 dollar payment in on month

didn’t even touch the balance called made numerous payment arrangements only to find out I never made payment arrangements,finally talked to someone to make the arrangements of 200.00 a month and they put me in collections and still refused my 200.00 payments a month mean while i owe 851.70 and its in collections,and have 45 days to keep the account and phone number,all because they refused to accept 200.00 a month.I had even talked to two supervisor and 3 managers,and this is how they treat a three year customer,oh and by the way Walmart is ready to kick sprint cell phone service department out because of dropped calls,when we need to contact other employees at work,for part of our jobs.I hope someone will read this and help me because,this is not right.


8-8-11 I called sprint. care person said I qualified for $75 off an upgrade. I told him I wanted to upgrade my phone and my wifes phone to the Photon. He then told me the price at the store of $199 and then said all I would have to do is sign a new 2 year deal. He said minus the $75 thats only $125 for each phone times 2 thats $250 plus tax. I called the sprint store in Aliso Viejo Ca. to see if they had 2 in stock.I got off work early and went to the store. I got to the store Anthony helped me and I told him about the phone call price I was quoted. He said no that $75 bucks is off the retail price you dont qualify for that yet. I said thats not what I was told on the phone. I then called customer service.

I was bounced several times and each time had to retell my complaint. They all kept telling me $75 off the retail price of $549. I kept telling them that I was quoted a price of $125 each by the original care person. I was told that it could not be honored. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I talked to a Carlos from the resolution center. I told him how I was quoted a price and it should be honored. I told him to listen to the conversation if it was recorded, he qouted me $125 per phone. He said he was going to have to refer my case to corporate and call me back in 24 hours. 24 hours came and went. I called him and left 2 messages asking what was going on. I called customer care again told the story 2 more times got another person named Carlos.

He said the other guy should have called me back and that he was sorry. He said he was going to honor the $125 per phone price but that it was too late to order the phone since it was already after 9pm and that he would call me back between 1 and 2 pm the next day. He called back and after only a couple minutes said he will need to call me back in a few minutes. 97 minutes later Angel calls me and tells me Carlos had to leave early and asked me to give you a call. He was not filled in I had to tell the story again and told him Carlos told me on the phone last night he was going to honor the price of $125. Angel said thats not going to happen you dont qualify. He then placed me on hold and said he needed to talk to carlos who just a few minutes ago told me he left for the day.

He came back and said look there is no way we can honor that price. He said there were no notes of the quote on my account and that he could only offer $75 off the retail price. I told him that I didnt think that was a fair solution and asked what sprint has in place to hold these poorly trained customer care persons accountable for giving bad quotes and bad information. He said only about 1% of the calls are recorded and that they are for training purposes only. So I said so they can tell people anything they want and get away with it.

I took time off work, I was over 2 hours late coming home, I had to ruin my anniversary surprise by telling my wife where I was for over 2 hours, my kids were both sleeping by the time I got home so I didn’t get to pray with them or tuck them in, I spent hours on the phone being bounced, I was lied to 3 times (bad quote)(carlos told me he would honor the price) and (angel said carlos left for the day.) The final offer made to me was $100 off my sprint bill if I sign a new 2 year deal and $45 buy back for each of the hero phones and $75 off retail price for each new phone. I declined because to me that is a slap in the face after all that I have gone through…loss of work, loss of family time, loss of hours on the phone, being lied to and deceived 3 times. I fully feel that Sprint should honor the price I was quoted for both phones of $125 each.


Poor customer’s service. Deceptive marketing and business practices. Early Termination Fees with no grace period. I have been with Sprint for over 11 years, and they offered a discount of 10% if I had an AOL email address. I asked the Rep. if this would extend my contract, and he said no. So I get the email and it says 2 year renewal and a few lines below it says “contract extension: no”. So I believed the Rep. when he stated that it would not extend my contract. They put in special notes all the time.

So, a couple days later after speaking with Sprint at least three times and seeing that they could not even match what Verizon was offering me as a new customer, I decided to leave them. Now they are not honoring what their Rep had offered – “No contract extension”. I have tried to speak with their customer support team and have been bounced around from supervisor to supervisor for days. Not one of them has the ability to do anything.

So, if they treat a customer that has been with them for 11 years, just imagine how helpful they will be with a new customer. Stay far away….


Yesterday I brought my Blackberry curve into the sprint store near my house as it was not working. Literally, the screen was black and i couldn’t push any buttons at all. So, the service tech looked at it and the girl brings it out and says,”oh it has water damage. you have insurance, but insurance doesnt cover water damage. It will be $100.00 to get a replacement phone.” couple of things, #1 I’m pretty sure that most damage that happens to phones is water damage, so awesome that it’s not covered by insurance. #2 the girl wasnt even going to dry it off before giving it back to me! #3 then she tells me I have 18 months left on my contract, um.

I’ve been a customer for over 10 yrs. NO WAY I would’ve agreed to be in a 2 yr contract, so great that they’ve put me in one. I asked how much to get out of that. She replied $200.00. #4 i have several small children, i have no idea how the phone got wet and its a pretty new phone in great condition. My options were pay $200 to end my contract, $100 for a old refurbished cell phone through insurance, 0r pay $87 for a refurbished phone not throught insurance. Nice right? That’s how they treat a customer thats been with their company 10 yrs! So i decided to pay the $87 and not go through insurance and wouldnt you know it as soon as I placed the order my original phone started working.

I called sprint to cancel the order an they refused to cancel the order. I have to wait 2-5 business days for it to arrive, then call to ask for a return package (which will probably take 2-5 days) then send it back,(another 2-5 business days) and my acct will be credited when they receive the phone back. WTF! I am sooo pissed. It may be $200 well spent to get away from them.


if you value your time and sanity DO NOT USE SPRINT. this company wins handsdown for the worst customer service and billing snafus of any company (including ATT,and that’s saying something).I have been told that my bill was $60 overcharged and the next day I was told that that calculation was wrong as well. Don’t expect your bill to even RESEMBLE what Sprint claims to charge and do not under any circumstances order their broadband service it is way too pricey for such slow and intermitent service. You will get very little work done and must prepare for a call to customer service like you would for a marathon. In both cases you had better be able to deal with long windedness.

However in the case of running,practice makes perfect. Do not expect the same results from your Sprint workouts. I just spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday and when I found that none of the changes that were promised were made, I called again this morning. The wonderful people I spoke to today asked me to take out my written bill to go over so that they could totaly negate the previous call wherein I was also told to look at the bill. No matter what, if Sprint is wrong, they will find a way to show that person who said so was also wrong and if you complain further you will be referred to the “escalation manager” Sprint’s version of the principsl’s office.

In retrospect,I should have broken the contract and paid the $200 fee for early termination–it would have been a bargain!


I would like to file a complaint against Sprint. My husband and I purchased two Sprint Zio’s in December of 2010 with the assistance of an in store representative. This store was located in our local mall and we were told these phones were reliable, fast and would suit our needs as we had previously discussed with the rep. These phones worked fine in the first few months but as time went on they seemed to deteriorate. My phone began to lose it’s GPS availability. I would drive around for an extra 20 or 30 minutes because the GPS would simply stop working – even where the signal was 4- bars strong.

I was late to three appointments because even though I left in plenty of time, my GPS decided to simply stop working. This also began happening with my husbands phone a few days after mine. Then, my phone began to power cycle after every text message or voicemail I would check, then after I hung up after calls then for no reason at all. It would simply just turn off and then on. Alarms began to go off, even when my phone was on vibrate/silent. This was not looked well upon in the meetings I was in at the time. I hadn’t even set any alarms to go off. My phone began to not ring when people would call me even though the volume was on the highest setting.

I am in real estate and phone calls are very important. It is unacceptable for me to not be reachable. Emails, texts and voicemails would come through when they wanted to. Calls were beginning to drop where they never had before. All these issues happened to my phone first and within days also began to happen to my husbands phone. He is also in real estate and MUST be able to b e reached at all times. I complained to Sprint via telephone and inquired about my options. They informed me that my only options were to take the phone into a Sprint store to be evaluated. They also informed me that I would have to pay a $100 deductible per phone.

This made no sense to me as it seemed these phones were just bad phones. Why should I have to pay for a new phone with manufacturer defects? II made a visit to the store where I purchased the phones. I explained my issues, I complained. They couldn’t help me. That store only sells phones and takes payments. They do not help customers with phone issues that THEY sold to them? WHAT? It was ridiculous. This wasn’t a kiosk, this was a full fledged store. Why wasn’t that explained to us when we bought the phones? I then took these the phones into the main store (the only one in this entire area by the way), where they kept them for 4 hours.

They told me they had “liquid damage” and that was to blame for all of our issues. I simply do not believe two identical phones owned by people who are not together during the day would start to experience issues w/in days of eachother. Our phones are never together and never around water. Whatever they did to “fix” our phones only made them worse. The power cycle has only gotten worse and applications (the major,simple ones like email and messaging) close in the middle of use for no reason. Dropped calls and calls made to us without our phone ringing is only worse. Sprint is blaming these issues on “liquid damage” that I don’t believe ever happened.

We switched to Sprint from Verizon because we were drawn to the low monthly price. I am now a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”. The service is awful, the internet is so slow we don’t even bother to use it because it is a waste of time, the GPS sometimes works,sometimes doesn’t. That is a feature you cannot afford to work when it wants to. The touch screen is ridiculous, it takes 10 minutes to type a text because your the phone doesn’t recognize the buttons your are clearly hitting. We have recently checked out the reviews on this phone and they are so bad. The Sprint tech even told me that these phones have received numerous complaints.

We are in real estate, it is imperative that we are accessible to our clients. We miss leads, sales, contacts and important, time sensitive information. I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount of money for an EVO (which in the ONLY Sprint phone with half way decent reviews) when my phone is crap. All Sprint phones seem to be crap. Slow,Slow,Slow. I am also not paying to get out of contract would promised me good customer service and good coverage. I want to let other people know that Sprint sucks you in with the cheap monthly payment but once your in you realize how bad the coverage and phones really are.

Frustrated in South Bend, IN!!


My wife bought a sprint cell phone in Charleston,illinois on April 26th and were told we had a month or 30 days to tri for free we took it on vacation with us, we was’nt able to get back to the store until May 26th and we were told that we were a day over our free term and that the sprint cell phone was ours to keep,in the area we live the service coverage was very limited but thought we would give it a chance on our vacation, but the store in Charleston counts the day you walk out with the phone as the first day, I’m sorry but when I went to school the 26th of April should not be over until May 26th this was not explained to us.


I haven’t had Sprint since November of 2010. I paid them off and got a bill the next month for texts I never sent or recieved because I had my texting blocked on purpose. Needless to say, they charged me for 5 texts. They have been sending me a monthly bill for $1.06 for the last 6 months. I called them twice and everytime, the call got dropped. Go figure. I tried my best to explain to the idiots that I’m not paying for texts that I never used but, customer service is too stupid to listen or rectify the situation. Now, TODAY, i got another bill, or so I thought.

It was a “revised version of my final bill” for, yes, $1.06! The ridiculous part is they gave me a “goodwill credit” so now my balance is $0.00. I wonder when the F-ing morons are going to figure out that I haven’t been a customer since last year. There are sooo many other complaints, I could go on and on but, I won’t. To anyone who is trying to get rid of Sprint…..GOOD LUCK! Talking to them is like clapping with one hand. That’s if you can get anybody to talk with you. I can’t wait to get my next bill for $0.00. They’re sooooo stupid, they’ll probably SEND me $1.06!!! HAAAAAAA!!!


My problem is that I tried to resolve my issue with sprint regarding my bill. Yes, it is overdue, but this is the only means of communication I have, I have children, and work, this is addition to other bills. Sprint switched my service off after a rep said I had one more day to come up with 180 to extend a payment arrangement. The next day I called and explained my situation again, they disconnected me twice, told me 3 different amounts I had to pay, and really did not care. The only consistent thing said was my account is past due. Sprint service drops constantly, I have to replace phones on 2 occasions, and the bill is never consistent with what my plan.

I am very upset and I have no means of communication, and I live in a rural area. Very unsympathetic!!!!


Sunday May 15, 2011. To: Staff Sprint Customer Services. My Name is Abner Richet, today is a great opportunity for me to take my time and let you aware exactly what I have gone through with one of Sprint customer service represantative persones. I have been with this company for a very long period of time; I think I am one of the longest customers of Sprint ever since they started dealing with Cell phones business back in 1998, 1999, and 2000 until now. I have been encouraged many time in my life to cancell my account and take my businmess somewhere else.

Sprint sure has some great professional business people at the customer service department who truly know how to deal with customers and know how to take care of their customers. And that is one of the reasons Sprint is still having my business, because of these professional people from the corperarte office. Everytime I called to cancell my account they talked me out of it and provided me with some great ideas why I should stay with this company. But at the same time there can be some nasty people like Randy Miller in the Lynnwood Washintonton store with nasty attitudes that will make customers forget if Sprint even ever existed.


i have been trying to work with sprint and they are giving me the run around i have 3 phone under the contract and only 2 work i am the only one paying the payments my won who has the contract has moved out i have contacted srint alot and they are giving me the run around last sept my daugters phone was taken into the sprint store they said that it was still under manufacture warranty so they were gonna send her a new phone and they never did so she tried calling a few times but ot no where and the calls confintly were not documented so i called again in march and they said they couldnt do anything because there were no documented calls from sept to march.

but you get the run around and transfered from person to person and they hang up on you she called numberous times but got hung up on i have been tring to work with them with payments i pay 30 every 2 weeks witch is my part of the cell phone bill plus i have pd 210 in march and every time i call they tell me a diffent amount that i owe for the payment plan so i dont know what to do they said that i can cancel the one phone that doesnt work but that would cost 70 and i would only save 10 a month until the end of the contract but that would just add to the amount i owe them.

i cant afford that or a new phone if it didnt cost so much i would cancel my contract now im very frustrated and very unsatisfied with the service i will not renew my contract and will not refer anyone to this company i would like this issue resolved or i will go further with this complaint

thank you

michele neubauer

micheleneubauer [at] hotmail.com


Sprint is supposed to provide online access to your cell phone address book or contact listing. The Sprint.com web site specifically states that access to My/Nextel Address Book Admin can be obtained by signing in to your “My Sprint” account online. You should then be able to access your address book under the “My Preferences” tab. The problem is the Web site is not working properly and no one can access their address books online as advertised. I complained to Sprint technical support twice about this issue over the last four weeks. Nothing has been done to fix the problem. Sprint simply tell you to try again in 48 hours.

Bottom line, people with physical disabilities can not use their computers to input emergency medical contact information into their Sprint cell phone contact listings. I filled a complaint with the FCC regarding this issue. Hope something is done to correct this problem.


I moved over to Sprint at a Sam’s Kiosk called SCF. The rep lied to me through his teeth. Told me my bill would be $50 less per month than it came out to be. Lied about $50 of discounts he said I would get. Didn’t give me the bill credit I was promised and then he left and the kiosk shut down and moved to Target. So then I tried to get a customer service number, told I could not talk to a district rep. STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT!!! And don’t ever buy at one of these third party kiosks. Sprint will not honor anything they say. Any one else has to be better.

Called customer service and they were unbelievably rude and tried to make it seem like my fault. Penalty to cancel is $600 bucks, so I am stuck with them for two years. Wish I had never left Cincinnati Bell. Stay away from Sprint and their kiosks in Target!


Dear receiver, I am writing this letter regarding my experience and dissatisfaction with Sprint’s customer service. On February 25th 2011 my mother contracted with Sprint and purchased the HTC EVO 4G at 2651 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Sprint store as a gift for me, Jesus Ramirez. After my mother and I chose the phone’s plan, she purchased the phone, or so we thought. After signing the contract, the store representative (Guadalupe) told us the phone was not in stock but the phone had just been ordered and it would arrive in 3-5 days. Both my mother and I were upset because we were not aware that the phone was not in stock til after signing the contract.

I asked if cancellation of the phone was possible in order to purchase the phone somewhere else, but we were told that no store had the phone in stock and if we wanted to cancel the contract we would have to wait for the phone to arrive then cancel, so we waited. On 03/3/11, 5 days later (after my contract running) the phone arrived and I decided to keep the phone. After hours of playing and getting to know the phone, I noticed that no data was fetching on certain apps and I wasn’t able to download apps and also every time I would turn the phone off, the screen would stay black when I would try to turn it back on.

I would have to remove the battery in order to make the phone function. I went back to the store on 3/4/11 and told the manager (Fiorella Bouroncle) about my issue with the phone and let the technician take a look at it. They gave me my phone back and said the phone should be fixed. Data was then fetching and I was also then able to download apps, but the issue with the screen was still being a problem. On 3/5/11 I went back into the store and told a store representative attending me that my issue with the screen continued and she let the technician take another look at it.

The representative then said to me that if the problem continued, to come back and they would order me a new EVO 4G phone. The phone kept giving me the same problem, therefore I went back into the store a few days after and told the manager my phone was not working properly, and she said she would order me a new one. I repeated to the manager that I wanted a new phone, not a refurbished one because it didn’t seemed fair to me that the phone was defected before I touched it. The manager agreed and said stuff like that happens, but not so often, and assured me I would get a new one.

It took nearly two weeks for the phone to arrive to the store. When I went to pick it up, I noticed the phone was not in its own box, and I told the representative attending me, that I had a reason to believe that the phone was refurbished and I was not going to accept it. The representative then said the manager would be in store the following day if I wanted to work something out. I went back the next day and spoke to the manager and reminded her that I wanted a new phone, not refurbished. She said to me that indeed it was a new phone, and that she guaranteed the phone would work just fine. I was convinced so I accepted the “new” phone. Once again, I was playing with and fixing the phone to my way and my satisfaction, as I noticed the velocity of the phone was very slow compared to the previous phone I had just turned in.

I went back into the store determined give the phone back and cancel the contract before my 30 days were up because I was tired of having to take a trips to the store literally 1-3 times weekly and also to get my money back and purchase the phone in another store location (Sprint store representative told me that there was plenty of EVO’s on stock). After cancelling my contract, the store representative then told me I would have to return the phone myself in a return kit that I would be receiving in the mail. A week and 3 days later I received the return kit box and I immediately placed all the phone’s accessories inside the return kit box, except the phone because I was transferring unsaved data to my computer. Meanwhile, my mother mailed the return kit box accidently without the phone in it.

I had been really upset with the customer service I had been receiving at 2651 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Sprint store, therefore I did not wish to speak to any of their representatives, so it lead me to calling Sprint’s customer service phone line and explained to them my situation with the phone. The person I spoke to told me to go back into the store, and return my phone to the store manager like I should’ve done in the first place, and if the manager didn’t accept it, to contact him and email him back. The manager did not accept the phone, but she did order me a another return kit.

The problem now is that it has been two weeks and no return kit box has arrived. I called customer service phone line again and asked if they knew the status on the return kit box and said that they didn’t know anything about it. The representative then called the 2651 Mission Sprint store and explained to me that there wasn’t much they could do because my contract had been terminated. The phone representative suggested that I go into the store and ask the manager if she could order me another return kit box, give the manager my phone and try to get my money back from them, or make this complaint and speak to the manager’s boss and hopefully my problem gets solved….

what can i do?


My current carrier is Sprint. I had an issue with my phone freezing and brought it into their repair center. I have ther Blackberry Bold 9650. They were able to fix the frezzing (as fo right now). However, i found that my message settings was changed and i could not change it back. I go into Sprint (again) and inform the rep of the issue and ask if someone can fix it. He takes it back to the Sprint repair staff and she immediately states, “oh that is how the software just is.” I inform him that it is not how the software is as this was working just fine before the repair yesterday. To me this repair person just didnt want to deal with my phone. He then has someone else look at it for 30 mins and still can not fix the setting.

I ask him what is the next step and he replies, “uh look at some forums.” I am thinking, “excuse me, i am at a repair center for the phone, that is the purpose of this visit, for Sprint to fix the phone that was fine before they had it yesterday. I reply by informing him that either the phone needs to be fixed here or replaced. And he responds that if they replace it, it will do the same thing. Which I reply with, how do you know? He then just turns his back to me as i am talking.

This type of Sprint customer service makes you want to leave a carrier like this.


I have been with Sprint in excess of two years. I have multiple sclerosis and on disability. I receive $644.40 monthly. I pay rent, natural gas, electricity and the phone company which is Sprint. I do not own a television, computer, vehicle, washer, dryer or a home phone. Doctor and pharmacy appointments are arranged via My Sprint phone as also medicaid transportation to my general practitioner neurologist and endocrinologist. I have no other income other than my disability income or hopes of regaining muscle loss with out the aid of the above doctors. Hoping to be in fiscal condition to supplement my income and live a better life.

I have made a payment all ready this month but Sprint has turned off my service and demanded $240.00 immediately. Explaining I only have $16.00 in My account and would pay a minimum of $90.00 upon the 1st of April. The Sprint representative refused any negotiation. I have a endocrinologist appointment tomorrow for a bone density test. I will not be able to keep this appointment as the medicaid transportation can not call Me to confirm and set a departure time. Appointments with a endocrinologist are difficult to be had and this test will be cancel and not reset as the endocrinology department can not contact Me.

I have been a faithful Sprint customer and have continued to be with Sprint even though My contract has expired. Explanation of My feelings of despair at this moment can not be put into words. I can not even call for any assistance from a private or public resource for financial aid to assist in paying Sprint!

Thank You,
Daniel Dunn


I have just been inform by personal accountant that sprint/nextel company has been unjustifiably adding a Pennsylvania (twice) along with a Philadelphia state and government tax on each telephone bill for over 25+years. I called customer service, spoke to at minimum 3 management department figures at sprint/nextel whom in-turn discovered after viewing my personal info. On their system agreed with the fraudulent charges. But could only reimburse funds up to 24 months due to their system data is restricted. Which these mi-nut pacifying of my intelligence could be allocated toward my current bill. I told instead to notify The Phila. Taxation department, whom denied any involvement in the mistake.


We have had Sprint for a year now. Two weeks ago we were told that all 3 lines qualified for an upgrade. Then we find out that the upgrade is really a downgrade. Now one of our phones fries and we go to try to do something about it and no one seems to be able to help fix it. Then off to a store to see about the upgrade and now we are told that only one line qualifies for an upgrade and it is not the line of the phone that is cooked so too bad so sad for us. Sprint you claim to be the nations best. I have seen your Sprint CEO on tv commercials and heard him on MRN radio claiming to be the best. Yet your customer service is so far below average that you have us ready to choke someone.

Your Sprint reps are rude and have listening problems. Also all you seem to do is tell people what they want to hear and then do the opposite. Oh and let’s talk about the fact that now you are going to gouge everyone 10 dollars a month per line for some upgrade fee. This is absolutely ridiculous. We switched to you because of all your promises of great rates and great service and now you just plain suck. Get with it Sprint and start treating your customers right. I feel like reporting Sprint to the FCC and the BBB for all your crap.


I have been a sprint customer for 10 years. I recently moved and bought a new phone and got a new plan. The $99 plan cost me $160+ a month. The sprint phone they gave me was obviously defective. Every time I put it in my pocket it dialed 911. I talked to 4 customer service reps. They all basically told me this is how it is and if you don’t like it, too bad. The plan I had was the everything messaging plan. With all messaging included. But I was charged for them. I was told that the messaging was free but I had to pay for the “data” to send them. So messaging is free, but it costs to send a message?!?!? Do yourself a favor and stay away from sprint.


I bought a new Android 4G EVO phone in August 2010. The functionality of the phone was awful! The data surcharge rates were also high. I downloaded multiple productivity apps and the phone froze at least once a day. After hours on tech support, one tech told me that adding apps from the android store was the problem! I thought the variety of apps was the point! The phone went out to my exchange server and deleted 5 years worth of archived emails! Business owners: Don’t use Sprint for critical, business purposes. They cannot resolve the simpliest of problems and want to get you off the phone rapidly. We will be migrating 100% of our company and our affilliates away from Sprint as soon as practical.

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