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Fixed my windshield, damaged by truck by accident, now they disappeared. I work in the insurance industry, dont recommend them.


I had a glass replaced by Safelite in Concord ,N.C. and my windshield wipers weren't replaced properly. I was in the middle of a rainstorm, wiper flew off and assembly was properly tightened . I would never use their service again.


I am have a disability. The lady Cynthia at the Satellite location at 20th Drive was not welcome. She was very rude to me. She was not willing to assist at first. She so rude to me for no reason. I had an appointment. She said it was not in there system. I was on time. The mess up on my appointment. Be careful they are not nice to people with disability.


The technician who contacted me the day of my appointment spoke to me in a verbally aggressive and rude manner. I tried to salvage the conversation twice and I finally said this isn’t working and I need to speak with someone else. He then hung up on me. When my husband called to file a complaint, he was asked if he wanted to complain or reschedule. I will never ever financially support a company that treats its consumers with such poor customer service. We are in the process of filing as many complaints as possible because the issue is clearly systemic and customer service is not a priority.


Regarding Safelite/Richardson Auto Glass, Decatur, TX.

These people are a scam. The owner will lie to you and slow walk you. They damaged a vehicle I had them work on and they first refused to acknowledge that I was dissatisfied but then tried to lay the blame on me and FINALLY agreed to send someone out to assess and repair the problem. Well, well. The day of the return appointment a man called, said he was finishing a job near me and would be over shortly. Needless to say, and in accord with the shoddy service this place purveys, the repairman never appeared. To add insult to injury, they never called me back after this terribly irresponsible action to this date and my vehicle is still damaged.

I am stopping the credit card payment to these people and am speaking with an attorney about small claims or the possibility of litigation against the parent company Safelite Auto Glass . They are also being listed on rip-off reports and the BBB. I will NEVER do business with this company again.

From me to you BEWARE!!!! This is a scam company that has a rude and lying owner. DO NOT have your windshield repaired by this jerk.


I have had 2 appointments with safelite on the same claim and both appointments were cancelled at last minute on a Saturday for the same reason. Could not find a claim number. Me and the Insurance have given ya'll the claim number three times.
I waited 1 month in between each appointment and they cancel again last minute BOTH TIMES. Why the hell arent ya'll accepting the number given? and if theres a problem, it should have solved before the day of service call!!!

The Insurance Berkshire has also contacted you. This windshield has a crack all the way across now with another forming vertically. If it breaks and causes an accident, We will certainly be contacting an Attorney to go after you and the Insurance for not addressing this problem.

Amy Thomas


On Thursday Sept 2 one of your techs decided to use one ofy carwash bays to do an install . He never contacted me nor tried I called safe light and got a ride asses man . I want someone to answer my questions


Contacted my Insurance company to replace damaged window which I was provided Safelite as the company which was going to replace my windshield Set up appointment which they came out to my house at 25282 Eldorado Hills, Ca,91302 with the wrong Windshield I was advised it was going to be a few more days to get the right windshield which was putting my vehicle from driving on road again for few more days, while waiting the time they did arrive but with the wrong windshield again and I was told it would be even more days. You can see my frustration in where I could drive my car which I had to get around in for over a week. Someone needs to know that the person in charge of my order needs to be reprimanded. Please respond at your earliest convenience.


call me 9099360536 i am pissed off


On July 23 my window got a chip from a stone. I notified my insurance the next 24 th day to get it fixed while it was free. I made appointment with safelite on west street in Annapolis and told them I will be home at 4/430. I waited and waited no one showed. I called at 5 and the office was closed. The 25th i came outside after work and the chip spread past the dollar repair zone. I called my insurance back and told them I spoke with someone from safelite and was quoted 199. To replace my window, they took it down more and said 141 with new wipers.. I get to my appointments on 26 and I was told they quoted me wrong and that they don’t have a windshield it should have been put in as a replacement. I explained that that’s what I was waited and if someone would have came when it was free (chip) I wouldn’t need to pay anything. So I called again after being transferred to 3 different people and 3 diffent qouts I’m not very happy and feel something should be done for your person not showing up when they said and then called two days later saying they were on the way to fix my window.i feel I should be met half way on this matter and the lack of communication on your part has caused me 500 that I don’t have right now. The original price quoted was ok but had they came when they should have it notified me to let me know they wasn’t coming, I would have taken my car in and got it fixed for free. I have used safelite on three different occasions and this one has been by far the worst. At the least if it can’t be done for free because of negligence on your company’s part then do it for the first price quoted


A driver called my job said he had to come here to replace a windshield on a RV van. I am the receptionist, he was very rude and unclear at first on what the nature of his call was about and his message was all scrambled. As I tried to get out of him what he was trying to say he even got louder screaming at me and hung up on me.
He was very rude and unprofessional. Several hours later 2 Safelite trucks pulled in sat a few minutes. At that point I knew who the company was because before that due to his demeanor of his conversation I could not even make it out. The repaired the van and left.
I wish the punk came into my job so I could have confronted him on his behavior and how it reflected the company.


I own a 2001 Ford F250. Four+ years ago I had Safelite replace a cracked windshield at my home in Hopkins MN. Recently I had Safelite come out to my home now in Emily MN to replace the previously Satellite replaced windshield that had a crack going down the middle. While the installer was removing the windshield, I happened to mention that I was experiencing electrical problems and batteries draining but no one could locate the problem. After removing the windshield the installer noticed a rust hole about the size of a pea in the lower driver's side corner. He attempted to cover it over with the adhesive but called his office to provide guidance. His supervisor told him to not only not install the new windshield but refused to allow the old windshield to be placed. So here I am stuck with a vehicle with no windshield. Apparently there was no problem when the previous windshield was replaced by the Satellite installer but somehow after that installation this situation happened. Terrible way to leave a customer who has relied on your services!


4990 suite 900 hamburg ny i purchased running boards for my truck that i bought from a local dealer made of composite material. I watched for over an hour and a half 2 giys walk up and down the running boards and watching them bend under their feet.
I went outside to watch better and i asked one of the guys if he could feel them bending and he said no. I asked him instead of using my truck as a ladder dont they use step stool or ladders and he said no. So if my running boards were to crack and get damaged and i didnt see or watch them bend they would have told me it wasnt them. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING! I have used othe glass companies in the past and your vehicle was never the lasdwr to brace a 200+ man as a ladder. I am NOT suprised at the low rating . I WILL NOT EVER RECOMMEND OR USE SAFELITE AGAIN! Extremely dissatisfied customer . Not only with the running boards i purchased which was not them of course but on the care and lack of care used to put in the windshield ,using my car as the ladder and step stool .


had an appointment Monday 6/11/2018, wrong windshield. New appointment fo Friday 6/15/2018. Installer called said he would be here between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. No show. Called office at about3:40 office couldn't reach him. called 5:13 office closed. So what am I suppose to do now? Give them a third chance? very POOR CUSTOMER SURVICE.


I own a 2017 Kia Sportage with a broken windshield from 09/16/2016. A rock from a passing car cracked it and has sense spread across the windshield. Safelite auto glass says they are on back order. Kia says they will look into it, where are these windshields? Why are there no replacements in the U.S.? I ordered a car with Safelite because I heard it was better quality and would not break.

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