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I really don’t want to give one star! I was in a bate and switch situation it was fraud! And lucky for me I never purchased anything! I came to the store last night to purchase a mattress, the salesman Chris was very nice and showed me a mattress that was about $100 more than the one I came into purchase. I believed him and since he wanted to go home I told him I would be back the next night. I was able to try it and believed what he had told me.

I came in tonight to purchase the mattress. Now I have a different salesman told him the entire story. There seemed to be a problem so he called the other sales person on his mobile. So I was told he was never selling me the mattress that was on the floor but another model which was inferior to the one I looked at. So had I not gotten another sales person tonight, I would have purchased an inferior mattress than the one I was going to buy. I talked to the sales manager but she was of no help!
We just moved here and need to fill a 5 bedroom home, I guess furniture to go will not be my store.


Furniture not delivered on time.Bent frames on furniture.Assemblytech didnot know how to read instructions to put sofa table together.Poor customer service.Nobody in mangement will talk to you when you have a complaint.Poor follow up.Will never do business again with ths sorry company.


I was told my furniture would be delivered today. I scheduled off of work only to discover they will not be delivering today but next Tuesday due to truck issues.
I removed the furniture from my house due to the pre planned delivery of furniture today. I removed all vehicles to make the move easier. Now they are telling me it will be six days that I have to sit in the floor.
Please please please help me.
Kelley Mize
I bought it from Huntsville, Alabama.
They are delivering everyone but mine tomorrow. Please help me.
Sent from my iPhone


A bedroom set was delivered to my house today on 10/23 2018, the furniture was put together satisfactory but they should have taken the paper from the dresser drawers and around the drawer handles. They threw trash in the street (the white form what came out of the boxes) cars were driving over it and it broke up for at least 9 feet in the street. I had to go into the street and sweep up the trash and also clean my front yard that they threw trash in. they were very trifling and unclean workers.


I purchased my daughter's bedroom suite with RTG online in July 2018 and I was given an ETA of October 3 2018 online at checkout. It was said in an email that I would receive a call 2 days before a delivery would be made to confirm the ETA. Of course, I never received a call with the information. The only call that I received was one left via voicemail, three days before they did a failed delivery to my house, which stated that my daughter's vanity desk was now on back order for ANOTHER 6-8 weeks.

On the other hand, on this morning, October 3rd, I received a phone call around 0820 from a guy saying that he was a RTG driver and that he was about 7 minutes from my home.( WTF!!) I tried explaining to the rude ass guy that I was unaware of such an early ETA and that a 30 minute ETA courtesy call would have been professional. I told him that my sister was in route to the home and would arrive within the next 30 minutes. With that being said, he told me that they couldn't wait and would have to reschedule with customer service. Before I could hang up the phone with him good, customer service was ringing in on my other line. As I explained the situation to the lady on the phone, she explained to me that basically the guy said that I wanted to reschedule my order, WHICH WAS A LIE. HE GAVE ME NO OPTIONS. I had to explain to the lady that I never received any phone calls about my ETA and to confirm what I was saying was true, She couldn't find anything documented in their system where anyone tried to call or where the automative msg was sent out. She also told me that my ETA was scheduled for 0900-1600 and that the guys would have to give me a 30 minute wait from 9am ( times within my window). She placed me on hold to reach out to the dispatchers to send the guys back out to my location to meet my sister at my home. UNFORTUNATELY, that wasn't the end of this NIGHTMARE. After 4 more phone calls to customer service for a new ETA for the day and almost 12 hours later, I was told that the drivers said that they were not able to make it back out and I would need to reschedule, after BEING TOLD ALL DAY THAT THEY WERE BACK IN ROUTE TO MY HOUSE... (Where do drivers run the shots for a corporate company? That's like the prisoners running the prison) AGAIN, IN THE SAME PREDICAMENT, I NEVER RECEIVED A CALL STATING THAT I NEEDED TO RESCHEDULE. I was told I would have to wait two days BEFORE I COULD call back to reschedule, then they would give me the next delivery day, whenever that would be.
BY THIS TIME, I asked for CORPORATE. The young lady on the phone this time just laughed and stated that she was with corporate. Realizing that I was in a lose lose situation, I just asked for a refund on the whole thing. I was then forwarded to another department in which I was on hold for 40 minutes. I spoke with a young man made by the name of Steve who stated that I would be refunded back my total amount, but it would take several days to show up in my account. I will never purchase anything else or suggest that any of my family and friends purchase anything from Rooms To Go in the future. Terrible company with horrible customer service and an even worst Corporate setup.


SALES MAN(LANNY LETSON LIED ABOUT GETTING A REFUND OF OUR $150.00 SHIPPING AND SET UP CHARGE. . We bought a leather chair for $399.99. Called the store they said if there is not a notation on your paper work no refund. BUYER BEWARE WHEN DEALING WITH THESE PEOPLE THEY WILL LIE,GET IT IN WRIGHTING!!)


My name is Stephanie Daggs and I purchased $1700 worth of furniture (King Mattress, high profile box springs-2 twin size and 2 lamps) on Friday, 8-24-18 @ the Stafford, TX store.
After my transaction was complete, I was told by the sales person that I would receive a call in 2 days prior to delivery to be given a delivery date and timeframe/ window of delivery.
I never received a call, but I did get a text message on Monday, 8-27-18 stating my delivery date was 8-29-18 between 10-2 for order # 8028675. The text message said to do not respond, but call 800-766-6786 for service.
This time frame/window for delivery was absolutely not optimal because it was right in the middle of my work shift; therefore; on Tuesday, 8-28-18, I called 800-766-6786 as directed for customer service. I asked the representative if courtesy calls were made prior to delivery. I was told yes, therefore; I requested that I receive a call at 832.840.0099, 40 minutes prior to delivery being executed. The representative suggested that I receive an hour “heads up” call prior to delivery, from the delivery driver, to inform me that the driver is on his way to my address, with my merchandise. I said OK thank you and he stated he would put the request in the notes/ on my record and we ended the call.
Fast-forward to Wednesday, 8-29-18 (scheduled delivery date) I received a call at 11:50 AM from Rooms to Go, stating the driver is at my front door. I did not receive a courtesy call as promised. I told RTG I could be there in 30 minutes; they informed me that the driver could only wait 15 minutes.
I immediately as to speak with a manager and was transferred to Keith Harrison. Mr. Harrison informed med that the driver could only wait until 12:15 PM and it was now 12:07 (there was NO WAY I could travel 24 miles in 8 minutes). I was told no other concessions could be made for me at this time. I begged and pleaded my case to Mr. Harrison to no avail. Mr. Harrison informed me that there was not information or notification from customer service to the delivery department that I requested a “Heads Up-the driver is on the way call”. He stated that my delivery was showing in the computer as an all-day delivery, with no other notes.
Bottom line is that, Me-the customer did everything I was instructed to do (after spending my hard-earned-money- for 3 more years), I followed all the directions and I did call ahead the day before delivery to request to be called 1 hour prior to delivery, so that I could take 30 minutes to travel to my residence; yet I was inconvenienced and lied to. Someone in the customer service department dropped the ball as well as there is poor communication between your delivery department (with no dependability, or flexibility it seems), the store and customer service. I am appalled by these events and the egregious/outrageous level of inconvenience to me. If I would have known that no one was going to provide the advanced notification call to say the driver was on the way, I could have made different arrangements to receive my merchandise. THIS IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT BEST; TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS AND JUST AN OVER-ALL BAD WAY TO DO BUSINESS. When you are at fault, you should “Make It Right” with the customer, if customer service means ANYTHING to your business. Instead, I was given excuses and passing the buck, blaming other departments. I am considering closing my account and not doing further business with your company. Horrible experience and it’s a shame after the sales person was SO NICE! Oh yes, I was now given a new order number and delivery date.
Stephanie Daggs
Disgruntle, Unsatisfied, Very Unhappy, Angry Customer,


My sales person at Rooms to Go at 5200 E. Colonial Dr, Orlando 32807 told me that if I bought a bed from RTG and I was not satisfied with the bed, I could return it at anytime for a small restock fee of $100 plus pay delivery again as long as I purchased a more expensive bed. I thought that seemed like a very generous policy myself and seemed hard to believe, but he insisted that I could do this. LIAR! 3 months and 13 days later I went into the store and asked to exchange the bed I purchased because it is too soft and uncomfortable for a much, much more expensive mattress. About 1600.00 more expensive then the previous bed I had purchased! They said it was over 30 days and now I would have to pay a penalty of 20% of the cost of the mattress I was returning! That was about $388.00! My salesman admitted right in front of his manager and myself that he told me I had no time frame to make the exchange if I was not satisfied. I think that is so wrong! If I had known I had 30 days I would have made the return by the 30 day mark. I will never do business with RTG again. I have spent a lot of money with that company over the years, but after that kind of poor customer service, I will never shop there again. The salesman made the error and they think I should pay for his lying and misleading return policy! The salesman has been working there for many years and he had to have known what the return policy was on a mattress. The manager Alex at that store is a complete idiot and the salesman needs to quit lying to the customers! They should have paid the 388.00, not me!


Purchased a living room set and complete bedroom set worth $5000.00 total. 5 of ten items had to be redelivered for damaged and poor quality. He experience with the handling of said replacement was a 0 of 10 rating. Furniture delievery was not next day as stated in all their advertisement. Waited 3 weeks and re delivery of the 5 separate damaged items was also 3 weeks. Waited 2 months for one of the items for bedroom which you guessed it also came damaged today. New date to redeliver 2 months again. Attempted to contact rooms to go corporate, 20 min hold with customer service to simply take a message and hope for a call back. No timeframe given for corporate management to return call. Contacted store manager never returned call. Called again today spoke with a different manager offered me $100 for my issues for the last 2 months and new replacement of furniture delivered today which took 2 months to deliver. When asked to have corporate contact to complaint, she transfer me to that lovely customer service line sat oh hold again 20 min for that reperesentative to simply take my number. Worse experience ever.


I BROUGHT A 4,000 Sofa Reclining Set one week after delivery one side stop reclining completely; called customer service and they said tech on in my area one a month; what kind of mess is that Major Company like that: Anyway he said my motor was gone; mind u this is hot off the showcase. But D## motor gone already: All this happen March 2018
Just now getting motor all the way back March
Now service department is going me a hard time with in your Area S### again
I will not buy anything else from ROOM TO GO if I don’t get some type compensation of your very very poor customer service; If no one respond back I will voice my complaint on FACE Book to let everyone know DO NOT GOT ROOMS TO GO IN DUNN NORTH CAROLING
OFF 95 South; And the Customer people on the phone are just as empty and nasty as hell
I ask to speak to supervisor and she refuse it; What in the hell
But you want that Dam payment every month

Laverne Deloatch
Please call me anytime love heard from you
Account #


Today 6/9 I had scheduled a delivery for my furniture. The delivery people called me and told me they will be at my location in 10 min. I told them my wife will be there in 10-15 min. I’v got a phone call from one of your representatives and confirmed with him that my wife will be ther in 10-15 min. I called back the delivery people and left them a voice message with the confirmation. I sent them a text message with the confirmation, but nobody gets back to me. The delivery people checked in with the security at the building and they were advised to proceed in the service area to unload the furniture. The delivery truck made a u-turning and they left....... they are on the security cameras leaving. Meantime my wife she was wanting them in the lobby . Now we have to wait another week to have our furniture delivered? Saturday is the only day we can receive delivery on our building because of the construction site at the building.
1 star is way to much, rating my experience with the delivery people.


I purchased two sofas and a wedge that I was told by the salesperson were real leather. I bought those at the end of 2011. After a couple of years, the so called leather began faking off. As of today, the couches look worse than a couch that might be found on the side of the road. I have been trying to work with their customer service and I am not pleased with their remedy.
I want full replacement value of the couches and wedge. I spent my hard earned dollars to buy the furniture based on what the salesperson told me and didn’t tell me. I feel like I was lied to. If the salesperson didn’t know what he was selling, then rooms to go needs to own up to it.
The couches cost me $2,500. And I am being offered $500 and I have to buy at least something of equal value or more.


SOFA. THEY REFUSE TO PICK UP SOFA EVEN IF I PAY FOR DELIVERY CHARGES. ..WILL ONLY GIVE ME A STORE CREDIT. I HAVE PURCHASED AROUND $7000 in furniture. I don't need anymore furniture. I want it credited to my credit card. Store manager, Susan gave me a run around. She told me call customer service and they would credit my charge card. Customer Service said Ft Lauderdale store is supposed to .DO IT.They have refused. They say I can reorder the original sofa even though they told me previously that it is the way it is manufactured and they wouldn't order it. I don't want the same problem. I don't want to order a more expensive sofa bed that I can't see. .IWANT CREDIT TO BE GIVEN TO MY CREDIT CARD AS THESE ARE NOT VIABLE OPTIONS.


Never had an experience like this.
We bought a sofa for $1500 in the Cypress-TX store, that was delivered today for the upper floor of our house and as they couldn't take it upstairs, while my wife was talking with the RUDE people from the store over the phone, the delivery guys took the sofa with them without our consent..!!
Then the store people informed that they will only return 80% of the value minus shipping costs...
We'll definitively will not stop until getting the 100% of the money back that not only the approach but the manners are unconceivable.


My name is Robert Orr. This is my complete experience I had recently with RTG.
On October 31, 2017 My wife and I went to the Daytona Beach Rooms To Go (RTG) shopping for some living room furniture.
On arrival we were met by our salesman John Casey. Mr. Casey was outstanding! He helped us find what we wanted even after our first choice was out of stock he never gave up! Thank you John!
That was the highlight of the entire disastrous shopping experience. Our delivery was set up for the following Friday, November 3. The following are the bullet points for November 3, 2017….
• After being informed that our delivery would be to us between 11am-3pm it finally came at 10pm…..I took most of the day off from work to be at home for the delivery. I got a call from the dispatcher saying they were running a little behind schedule. I understand this happens, but by the time 3:50pm came I started calling RTG to find out the status with my delivery. Over the next 2 hours I contacted them several times by phone and online chat. They told me each time they were at the prior address and that I was the next delivery. Then at about 6:30pm I got a call from the delivery driver. He told me that he would be to me in about an hour and that he had about 5 small deliveries before me! 5 MORE DELIVERIES??? What happen to the numerous times they told me I was the next delivery???

• I took most of the day off to get the delivery so I told them to still come when the driver said it would be about an hour. The finally got there at about 10pm. The President of the Home Owners Association didn’t like that the truck was there so late. While I was calming her down I looked over and saw that they dropped one of the pieces out of the truck and tried to hide it! The delivery team tried to say it might get damaged getting up my stairs with it unwrapped! Of course it will because it was already damaged when they dropped it!!! So it was refused! By the way, I had to go in front of the Home Owners Association and explain why the truck was there so late!!!
• Then to reschedule the replacement they wanted to deliver it a week out. After battling that because I wasn't taking more time off they agreed to deliver it on Wednesday. The word was I was the second delivery on Wednesday. Problem is someone forgot to tell the delivery team that. They finally got to me at 7pm that night. I will give it to the store manager who said he was scheduled to get off at 5, but would stay there until I got my delivery. I spoke to him a little after 7 and he was still there.
• He then explained that he wrote a detailed message to regional office and that he was going to call me the next day to talk about some kind of compensation for my trouble.
• That was almost 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard a word from him or anybody else!!! THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! So thank you to pretend to care and give a damn about your customers!!! Of course they don’t care, they have my money and that's all that matters!!!

• When it comes time to buy our bedroom furniture we'll go somewhere else even if it cost more!!! I want to shop in a store that really cares about their customers and really do give a damn!!!


I spent $8,000 at the store, in preparation for my hip surgery which I told Kevin about. I bought the furniture one month prior to surgery so that the delivery would be convenient and safe. The delivery occurred on July 31st at 5 p.m. The delivery men, which were two, who are privately contracted with Rooms To Go were exhausted. They delivered a loveseat a couch and a bed. In the process they broke a lamp, put a hole in my wall, and scratched a Groove in my three-year-old hardwood floors. My husband and I immediately took pictures, reported it to Kevin and Zelvonia at Rooms To Go and began the process. We signed a form that indicated damage had been done. We refused to sign it until this was indicated on the electronic form. Now, Rooms To Go says they cannot give us a copy of that form and they are refusing to help with damages. Initially, I was told to get three estimates on my floor. The day of the accident the driver called my home, and wanted to send someone out to look at the damage floor and consider fixing it on Sunday. He wanted to know if we had an extra slab to match the floor. I did not think this was a wise decision and decided to contact Kevin at Rooms To Go. Initially, Kevin was on the same page and told me he would do everything to correct the problem. He knew that I did not need to be dealing with this two weeks today after total hip replacement. I have been back and forth with Kevin and Zelvonia Wright and have emails that indicate they were going to take care of the problem. Zelvonia told me that the drivers had to pay out of their paycheck for the damages. Once this was told to me their attitude changed and the drivers indicated that it was our fault the damage was done. I have ample documentation of the damage, the phone calls and Kevin and Zelvonia stating that they would be happy to resolve the problem. In ending they continue to blame my husband who had nothing to do with the accident, and stated they would give us $50. I went to Rooms To Go thinking I was using a valid company and felt safe with delivery. I have heard things before and now I am convinced that I will never go to Rooms To Go again. Not only did I spend a large amount of money, I am dealing with this after surgery. Kevin was completely supportive of what happened and in fact Zelvonia stated for us to get three estimates on our floor. Now they are refusing to even document the damage. I need help please, I am frustrated and feel that I have been wrongly treated. That is a large amount of money for me to spend and feel that they are responsible for this problem. They are a huge company and I feel they should pay for their mistake. I am only a small consumer.

Media Notes (CFA Fox 5 News)
8/23/17 Spoke to viewer who indicates rooms to go is not taking responsibility for damages to her home during delivery. Called store but was told by Tria that he was at an off site meeting and she did not know who Zelvonia was. Left a message for manager to call me back. Updated viewer. Called corporate office and left a message for a member of media rep to call me back. llyg

8/30/17 Received vm from Carrie at Rooms to Go indicating that they are working with the viewer. Called viewer to confirm claims as well as if it is acceptable what they are offering. Left a message. llyg

9/6/17 No response from viewer. Left another message inquiring about outcome. Viewer called back to indicate she is still waiting on return call from Mr. Gregory Johnson (813) 635-3059 who is handling the claim. Floor needs to be repaired but viewer does not want to patch floor as they are recommending. Called Mr. Johnson, left him a message. No response. llyg

End of notes
I want damages paid for and delivery refunded. I was warned about their delivery. I wish I had listened. My new hardwood floor is ruined. My wall is broken and my lamp.


Everything I have bought from rooms to go in the last 3 years something has been broken. Now with my latest purchase we were told the stool would be delivered last week. I heard nothing from RTO. When I called this morning I was told I can't get replacement until the 22nd. I spend a lot of money with you all. I am so disappointed. I will never buy anything from RTO again.


Purchased a sectional electrical sofa from rooms to go back in January. Unfortunately the motor internally caught fire causing damage to the sofa my living room and sub floor as well as my area rug. Rooms to go corporate office has been very rude and has given me the run around especially Stacy and Ada. They refuse to return calls or emails. I need be paid for damages and no one is willing to help. Bought couch for cash and have done a lot of business with this company. But never again.


I have been a customer of rooms to go for several years and this by far is the worst experience I have had with them you are correct the customer service has been nasty and I have event been hung up on and have been told by their rep that he did not care. This is the 4th time I send my dining room set and the one that they sent to me the 3rd time was incomplete and looked worse then the one I have at home now. They made me take pictures of the furniture and now the manager tells me that the only thing they can do is send a Tech.

This is unacceptable to me. I asked for some one in the corporate office and he said that this was corporate and that they were going to tell me the same thing. I asked for his manager but he said that he could not give me their name because he had several. He said that they were in the meeting and kept throwing the terms and conditions to me. I don't want to here about your terms and conditions I want the problem fixed. Rooms to go has the worst customer service ever. I want someone in the main Corporate office to contact me.


On October 26, 2016, Terry and I (Angela) went to Store #2303 and collectively bought $5,600.00 worth of furniture. This was our first time ever shopping at Rooms To Go, and I was inspired by quality of the furniture and thought I was going back to shop for my media room and an extra bedroom. Even though the sale's person Errol was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the furniture, the delivery prices were high. Delivery and setup on Order# 6625594, is $219.98, I can kind of understand because of the bed and sectional needs to be assembled.

But on Order# 6625612, delivery and setup on an Ottoman and Chair is $134.97. I am upset because this truck is already coming to our house, to deliver and setup furniture would charge $134.97 to deliver two (2) items. To charge a total of $354.95 to deliver a couple of rooms of furniture is not "customer focused" at all. I visited at least 2 other furniture stores in the area today and was offered the same amount of furniture with similar quality delivered at under $150.00 for all pieces. We bought the furniture out of loyalty to our sale's person who literally spent 3 hours with us.

I feel like I've been ripped off and I don't think I'll be shopping at Rooms To Go any time soon.


I purchased a leather sofa and loveseat, when the delivery arrived I noticed that the sofa had a cut on the side and a both pieces the leather was scrapped on both sides and chipped on bottom corner. I told the delivery men that I was refusing the delivery and the man insisted me to keep the furniture and he assured me that will be exchanged. I told him that I already had this problem before and what they usually do is send a technician to repair it. I kind of had to force him to put the furniture back in his truck.

I called Customer Service to report the delivery, I was questioned that if the damages were done by me. Finally they set up a re-delivery for two and a half weeks. Replacement delivery showed up with the same damages and worse, refused it again. Once again gone through the same issues. I called the salesman and I'm still waiting for him to call me back. Replacement order 3rd time, two weeks after, delivery was confirmed for the morning time. I received a call that morning that the truck broke down and the time was changed to noon, within 15 minutes someone else called saying that the truck was loaded backwards and my delivery was expected between 3:00PM and 7:00PM.

Finally delivery truck showed up, these guys hired to deliver furniture I don't think the have a minimal clue handling furniture. I physically watched them how they were dragging the furniture on the pavement, when the brought in the sofa I was surprise to find the same damages. Delivery was refused, I called Customer Service and kept me on hold for the longest, finally this lady came back to let me know that the furniture will not be available until mid December 2 1/2 months? I asked to speak with her supervisor, this guy had zero customer service skills, pretty much told me take or leave it or go to the store and select something else and I would be responsible if the cost was higher which I understand I do not expect to get anything for free but at least I believe I should've been given the courtesy of a price match.

I called the store and was given the same. Very disappointed with Rooms To Go, there is no customer service at all. I had purchased furniture from Hudson's Furniture and here was a delay and I was given an upgraded furniture to rectify their mistake. I will not buy from Rooms To Go ever again!


Went to show room to see a new mattress. Sales person made sure I knew that if purchased I needed mattress protector. I ordered online. I drove to meet the truck due to weather and possible them getting stuck in small drive. Protector wasn't like everyone I had ever seen that zipped up. This one was so big it had to be tucked under box spring to be somewhat tight. Called Rooms To Go customer service, explained the situation, and was told that I couldn't drive to the closest store and exchange which would be about 45+ miles each way.

I would have to pay shipping for the return and if I wanted to pay for the encapsulator that I was describing, I would have to pay shipping for it too... What a great business, if you try to stay a loyal customer, which I have a whole living room suit to prove it. Then you can't return anything to the store because the store and the online are two different identities. Thanks for the heads up that going out of my way to help your delivery people, and 90+ miles I wasted to try this mattress, wasn't worth the customer service I got out of this deal. Screw the warranty, and the $59 I wasted on a mattress protector that doesn't even work. Thanks for the experience that I can pass on.


We bought a couch set from Rooms to Go on 01/04/15. The set included 2 armed power recliners (left and right), a console, a curved corner wedge, an armless recliner, and an armless chair. The sku for the entire set is 1038699P. We bought this set basically due to my wife's health conditions. It offered very firm back support and was comfortable. We also bought the extended warranty. Since then, we have had the armless chair and armless recliner replaced twice thru the extended warranty program. (sku 13586992 and 13386998 respectively).

We have had the LAF armed power recliner replaced once (sku 13186994) and the curved corner wedge repaired. Throughout this process we have had many technicians come to the house to inspect this furniture. Most of them told us this was normal wear and tear, that everything begins to sag eventually. According to Rooms to Go website a couch should last between 7 - 12 years. Parts of this couch are so uncomfortable to sit in you need a pillow either behind your back or under your legs. At this time the extended warranty people say they can do nothing as the warranty technicians report there is nothing wrong except normal wear and tear. The store/customer service from Rooms to Go say call the warranty people.

I would like set fixed or replaced as we rarely use it because it is so uncomfortable.


My daughter and her boyfriend went into the store with a flyer I sent to her about purchasing a living room set that came with a TV. There sales person was Stanley Rodriguez. My daughter told him 3 times and showed the ad with the TV on it. when they got home they noticed that the invoiced did not say anything about the TV being included. So her boyfriend went back and was told you are not getting the TV, questioned and then left to come back with my daughter and the flyer.

We were visiting and said we will go back with you. We came in with all our paper work and the flyer. They paged Stanley and he looked at the invoice and the first thing he said was you never asked for that. My daughter jumped in and said I said it 3 times to you and showed you the ad. Then he apologized and all he could said well I am not paying for this. That when I jumped in and said we would like to speak to a manager. That took a couple of minutes with Stanley talking to one guy and then having another person Crystal join in on the conversation before they came over to us.

The first thing Stanley said after Crystal introduced herself was, I am not paying for this, but he apologized again. Then Stanley walked away and we told Crystal everything, she took care of my daughter and boyfriend. Stanley, needs to be retained or needs to fine another job. He does not take care of his customer. He never even went of the invoice or the packaged they purchased. If he did they would of noticed no TV was included in the invoice the first time and would of corrected it.


Defective leather sectional. No return call backs. Want to keep $190 I paid for a 3 year warranty if I accept 10 percent as is discount.


Bought a mattress. Two hrs after delivery saw a problem, called Rooms To Go 1-800 customer service number right away. 12 days before they could send someone to look at it. Representative was very rude. Had to call them again for the report. Second representative was ruder than the first. If they hate their jobs so much quit. Shouldn't be working with the public. The sales and delivery went fine, but the customer service was the worst I have ever seen. Will Never do business again with RTG and will advise everyone I know to do the same. Customer Service is the key to a great business relationship and this company does not have it.


I purchased a bed for my son from Rooms to go on Newberry St. in Gainesville Fl. On my delivery day I recieved a Head Board and mattress. The driver said the sales man didn't do their job and the sales man says the delivery people didn't do there job. I called and spoke with the manager and first she couldn't find my , reason being was because they used the wrong phone number. I was told by the manager they couldn't redeliver till the 13th I said that was unacceptable.

I call the Rooms to go corporate contact and they said they would work on it and get back to me no one did. I called the sales person who the manager advised me would call me when they came in. I finally called the store at 115 pm and my sales person says this is the first I'm hearing about this. I called the corporate and they said sorry that I have to waste my day Saturday and be close buy because it's an open 8 hour delivery time frame, but all they could was refund the delivery fee. I am so furious with the service and concern with the customer experience.


We visit the store at 6041 LBJ Freeway in Dallas, TX on Friday, May 13, 2016. Couldn't get help at first. The nice black gentleman that was dusting the furniture went to find a salesperson for us. Finally after walking your whole store someone came to help. She had very bad broken English and was very hard to understand. She made us feel that we were bothering her for her to wait on us. Your company only had one cloth recliner chair. She could care less if we would purchase it or not. I have furniture from your store.

But the way we were treated I would never come back to your store. When we left two employees were in the front and never said thank you please come back or anything. We had gone to another store before coming there and that salesperson gave us her card and was very polite. Your employee didn't even give us a business card or say please come back. The sales staff at this location doesn't seem to care. The only person that acknowledge us was the black gentlemen and he also thanked us for coming in and saying please come back. We went to another store after we left yours and bought a recliner from there. The salesperson was excellent. Your company needs to hire people whom care and speak English not broken English.


We purchased a couch (leather) for $2003.37 in 1/19/12. Within the last couple of months we notice extensive peeling, we conditioned the couch as directed by rooms to go. We are very disappointed that this is the life span of this expensive couch.


Had been talking to different customer service reps before placing the order I placed on line with the understanding after order was placed would be able to call and get order delivered to and be able to pick up the in Knoxville, Tn store to now be told that I can not and that if I did find a delivery Freight service they would charge me more to send to them on top of what the Freight Service Company would charge. But was not told all this before I placed the order. So now I live in Indiana and have to drive to my vacation home in Alabama 9hr drive to get furniture.


During a Rooms To Go furniture delivery to our home on the morning of Thursday, September 3, 2015 a number of items of jewelry were found missing from the premises. The only non-family member persons in the home were two Rooms-to-Go delivery drivers. These items included my engagement ring, my husband’s wedding band, my husband’s marine corps ring, a sapphire and white gold cocktail ring, and a diamond and white gold cocktail ring. The monetary value of these items in in excess of $3,900. The emotional value of these items is immeasurable. A police report has been filed with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. I have contacted Rooms To Go customer service several times and nothing has been done. I have sent letters to the CEO, Vice President and Legal Council with no reply.


I ordered a bunk bed. It arrived with a missing piece (the desk). I decided to give rooms-to-go a 2nd chance and said well just deliver the desk. They couldn't get the desk to me for almost two weeks. You would think that they would correct THEIR mistake faster than that. I had my granddaughter sleeping on the couch. So I sent it back. Rooms to go took $214.76 out of my Visa credit card (for delivery and taxes). I only received a refund for $70.87! Where is the remainder of my refund ($143.89)? I expect a refund from the Rooms To Go corporate office ASAP. I will never shop at rooms-to-go again!


Why on earth would you get furnitue at Rooms To Go or any other place that rents you items? Don't you understand this is why Americans are broke and in debt. We own nothing! We don't own our houses, our cars, and now our TV too? It just doesn't make sense to me. Before you go to Rooms To Go ask yourself how bad you really need what you are getting. Craigslist and other places are much cheaper sources and you can find great deals there! Most often Rooms To Go caters to the poor and ignorant people in our society and it's time it stopped. These remind me of the payday loans shops you see on every street corner. If you don't have the cash for a new bedroom set or a soft then you cannot affordd it!


In november i started renting a fireplace from the massenan.y. store for 17 dollars and change come march they decided to up my payment to almost 24 dollars semi monthly without explaining why. I got out all my receipts to prove what i was paying and looked and not only did they up the price but how long i was paying on it also,my receipts in december show that i only owe 22 payments but as of march my receipts now say i 0we 40 payments.

When i called to try and straighten things out a manager named john Paul said i was given a special and was not sopposed to have. Well how can i get something on special from nov. to March and then all of a sudden stop. Either way nothing got settled i have the reciepts to prove what i am saying and got nowheres but yelled at by the manager John Paul so i told him to come get the stupid thing.The manger acted very unproffessionally and was really rude.

Considering that the fireplace is the only heat i have and i tried to show my proof he would not listen to me at all other than yelling.



We purchased a bunk bed online from Rooms-to-Go. The product is beautiful. But it was broken and it took 19 days and 8 conversations to get it fixed. Their customer support is the worst in the industry. The delivery guys who assembled the bed pointed out that the trundle had a broken wheel and therefore couldn’t be pulled out without dragging on the carpet and potentially causing damage.

1) They noted this problem in their handheld and told me that I could call customer support to get the problem fixed.

2) We were unable to get customer support to schedule a repair/replacement when we called during the weekend. Their system doesn’t allow them to do this.

3) In initial conversations, we were told it was going to take longer to correct the broken item than to deliver the original product.

4) When a delivery technician finally arrived, we learned that he had not received accurate information on the problem and he did not have the correct part to fix the trundle. Again, their system didn’t share information between delivery, customer support, and repair departments.

5) Throughout, the customer service reps assumed a combative and dismissive tone once it was clear that I was not happy with the level of service we had received.

• One representative implied the reason for the delay was not really Room-to-Go’s fault… was mine since both my wife and I work and have limited availability on the weekdays.

• Another refused to escalate my concern to a supervisor.

• When another rep told us that a repair visit was cancelled, I objected and was told he would investigate a solution and call back….He never did.

• During our move to a new house we have interacted with probably a dozen customer service professionals, from Comcast and the gas company to electronics vendors and contractors. Rooms-to-Go stood out as the worst.

Overall Rooms to Go found it inconvenient to provide my family with either quality service or a non-defective product. This was a significant purchase and we don’t believe we were too unreasonable in expecting it to work or in expecting to get help once we learned that it did not. We’ll purchase the other furniture we’ll be acquiring for our new home from their competitors.


I bought a coffee table to match 2 existing side tables. It was on backorder. The roomstore apparently did not get my phone number correctly into their computer. I have made at least 4 attempts to give them the correct number…their apologies are falling on deaf ears as weeks later I still do not have what I ordered and the phone number consistently comes up WRONG!!! I went to pick it up and noticed the carton had a dent in it…I asked the roomstore clerk if there would be a problem with that. He said no. I had to drive about 45 miles round trip to pick this up and get it home. I undo the carton and one of the ends is chunked off.

I call the roomstore to voice my annoyance that no one could be bothered to check out the merchandise before turning it over to the customer. They told me another would be ordered and delivered. I received an email two weeks later telling me the date the item would be shipped to me and that there was a company contact for me to deal with if necessary. Well, I waited all day and no delivery (don’t you just love being glued to a cell phone all damn day???). I call the rep and she says there was no email sent…when I forward it to her…she has to back peddle with lots of ‘sincere’ apologies…(roomstore folks, I am SICK of your apologies!!).

Then I am told that roomstore will not be receiving another order for 3 MORE weeks!! It’s so SAD that after another no-show at my house (yes! Because delivery STILL has the same incorrect phone number)they finally show up today 7 weeks late, with, YES!!!! Another table with the corner dinged on it (actually saw the roomstore delivery guy hurredly scribling with some sort of touch up pen before he knew I was watching him from the house!!!) WHAT, AM I CARRYING A WHITE CANE??? I can SEE the damage!!! This table was not in a carton, it was already assembled but some dimwhit chooses not to see the mauled corner so back it goes and it will be another month!

This whole mess is a clear indication that roomstore’s motto, “We don’t cut corners, we cut prices”, is a blithering LIE!!! All the corners ARE cut! And the price has NOT been cut!!! HAH! Shame on you roomstore!



My husband and I have excellant credit just so u know EXCELLENT! We are people who actually pay our debts, and always have. We bought a dining room table, end table and a couple of other things. U can’t look it up cause we have different last names. Rooms to Go furniture sucks it is probably the worse crap I’ve ever purchased in my whole 56yrs. We will never shop at the Rooms to Go store ever again EVER. The fabric on the chairs split after one year. Called about it and was told there was nothing they could do. That is a shafty way to conduct business.

Due to your poor customer service you all have lost a great customer. We have told everyone we know to NEVER shop at rooms to go they sell junk. We are both retired and have no children, no reason for fabric to split, simply was sold junk. U suck Rooms to Go, just so u know!


I was in the roomstore shopping for furniture, I just bought a new house hoping to find all the furniture for the house at the roomstore. This was gonna be a huge purchase for them. They were running a deal that if I bought a living room set or spent so much money I could get a 51 inch tv for 599 additional. The tv was clearly marked 599, I spoke to the roomstore salemen and he said yes that was correct and that I could get the tv at the price of 599. I turned my back to speak with my wife and another man went over to the tv took the sign down and thn proceded to tell us we could not get the tv at that price and that nobody had ever told us that cause that tv was never on sale for the 599.

We went round and round, at this point Im done with them. It sounded to me at this point that an employee was looking to get that tv for themselves at that price and since it was the last one they refuse to sell it to us. I thn told my wife we could just go to ashleys furniture since they are runnign the same deal with a tv. The manager then stuck his nose in the air and huffed and walked away and would no longer help us at all. The roomstore finance manager called me the next day and asked why we did not get the furniture, I told her what happened and told her I logged a complaint about roomstore ( with every intention of logging this today), she then got off the phn called back later and said her hands were tied and there was nothing that she cld do to help me.

Due to the way my wife and I were treated we will never buy any furniture from the roomstore. We planned on furnishing our enitre house from there, looks like it will be ashley furniture, they are way better quality anyway!



we bought a mattress at rooms to go they financed it through ge money bank. I made every pmt on time but in march I must have mistakenly, had mouse on pay off, instead of pmt amount ge money bank called, so I thought possibly I had missed paying them, so called them,back. some thing I seldom do when they can not use their name. there are a lot of unavailables, when they do that they look crooked, as they are, but I told the man that answered I wanted to straighten it out after he told me what happened, they had sent to bank for pay off amount $1,100 from ge money bank.

they know we are retired on social security and barely live so dang sho don’t have that kind of money, so instead of fixing the pmt to $30-or 35, max talked to supervisor said to pay the 11, and they would drop the late charges, we are 66 & 69 yr old, I/we make mistakes, but I told him where to go that we did not have that kind of money. sent GE money bank an email told them to come get mattress but we get 10-20 calls a day from the crooks marked unavailable on the caller id, so beware rooms to go & ge money bank they also finance for lowes, belks n more BEWARE!


I just had the delivery truck deliver my son’s bunkbed that he has been waiting on for 3 weeks from rooms to go. Upon opening each item to inspect it as the delivery guys brought it in, each item had a defect on it. The steps for the bunk beds were completely broken and someone QCed it and put a sticker on it to identify that is was defected and the factory still wrapped it up (not even in a box) and it made it to my home. I’m paying $1800.00 for a bunkbed that ever single part was defected, cracked, scratched and you can see where they try to putty the dings and paint over scratches.  Unbelievable. This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems with Rooms to Go and I will never buy another product from them again.

This bed is for my son and I want to make sure that it’s safe but obviously Cindy Crawford is not doing the QCing here and seeing what a crappy product are coming out of Mexico for rooms to go!


5 days ago I purchased a bed from Roomstore. They wanted to charge me $59 for delivery. I advised that I would pick it up at their warehouse to avoid that cost. The warehouse is 30 miles from my home. I picked up the bed and brought it home and began to put it together. The headboard was missing a built in sleeve where the bolts screw in. I called the roomstore warehouse and they said they would replace the headboard — I said fine you can bring it here. They refused. I called the store and after being put off for 3 days the manager finally called me.

I asked about delivery of my headboard and she said that they sold the bed at cost and could not afford to deliver a replacement headboard and that I would have to go back to the roomstore warehouse. I said that the furniture was defective and that I should not have to spend my gas to get a replacement. She said that she would send the replacement for half price. I advised that I did not feel that they should charge anything. I hung up and went to a hardware store and purchased materials and temporarily fixed the headboard. I spent about $10 for repairs.

I will never buy another thing from roomstore. I will also pass this along to all my friends and relatives. I am building a new house and wanted to furnish it with some new furniture. I wont be buying it from roomstore now.



Customer service is worse. My advice: DO NOT PURCHASE fabric protection plan or any other warranty other than what comes with your roomstore furniture. We bought a sleeper sofa in 2007. The first time we tried to use our warranty 5 year protection plan for a stain on the sofa this week (1/17/2011), we are told that they will not send out a roomstore technician to even come look at the stain to see if it is something that they can remove.

In the roomstore warranty book, it says to call within 48 hours, but you call and leave a message with a random front desk person. Then you’re told that the claim will go to warranty and they have 72 hours to return your call. Finally they return your call just to tell you that because you don’t know the exact day or time of the spill or exactly what the spill is, they are denying the claim…even after we told them that we don’t care if it comes out – just please send someone to at least take a look. When we asked the purpose of the warranty, we are told to go read the roomstore warranty book in full detail in a patronizing voice.

So last advice: if you do stupidly buy the roomstore warranty – make sure you make up a time/date and chemical makeup of whatever the spill or stain is prior to making your claim. Even then, it’s sure to be denied by some other minor detail you overlooked in the manual.



We purchased a mattress at Rooms To Go and the salesman told us we had 30 days to try the mattress out and see if we liked it. We chose one specifically because it was soft, but when it was delivered, it felt completely different than the one on the showroom floor. It was as hard as a rock. The manager just told us to go home and “walk around on it.” We are extremely upset and disappointed with Rooms To Go, especially its complete lack of customer service. We will never shop at their store again, and caution others about doing so. If you do, be ready to accept whatever problems you end up having, because they are not willing to help resolve them!


I purchased a 5 year warranty for a couch I purchased at the Roomstore. I called to file a claim for a stain on my couch. I did not know what the stain was and they denied my claim because I did not know where it came from. I asked the Roomstore for a refund for the warranty and they said they could not refund it. I am highly disappointed, and their rudeness is enough to give you a headache for an entire day. I am a very unhappy Roomstore customer, and I have been telling people not to go to the Roomstore to buy anything whatsoever. Worst furniture store experience ever hands down!


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