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Ashley Furniture is the #1 furniture manufacturing company in the world with 500 storefronts in over 123 countries. There are production plants in China and Viet Nam. Revenues in 2015 were reported as over US 4.15 billion and employees worldwide number over 22,000.  At one plant over 65 acres is under one roof.

To reach customer service, call 1-866-436-3393 or find Support here. If you would like to contact CEO, Todd R. Wanek, you may address correspondence to him at: 1 Ashley Way, Arcadia, WI 54612, USA. The corporate office phone number is 608-323-3377.

Ashley Furniture site is separate from the Ashley Furniture Homestores site. Ashley Furniture deals primarily with the construction of home and business pieces. By the year 2000 the Arcadia, WI plant employed more people than the city had population. Social presence for Ashley Home Stores is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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I purchased a bedroom set July 4th 2018 for Aug 6 delivery on or about Aug 4th ashle y furniture called to confirm the delivery on Aug 6th the morning of Aug 6th the warehouse called to tell me the bed is on back order. Delivery would be Aug 16th i was called on or about Aug 14th to confirm an Aug 17th delivery on Aug 17th i was called and informed the delivery would be made in about 30 minutes when the delivery guys arrived i was then told they did not have the bed fails in stock so the bed could not be assembled . The delivery guy said the warehouse manager told him I approved of this that was like I was informed at all. P.s. I called corporate and spoke with Stephanie and was told one of the hawthorne , Calif stores three managers would call me at my home 323_7561598 as of 1.50pm I'm still waiting


I was going to order on bed online and a salesman told be to order it with him. The bed was ordered on June 26, promise on July 6. I receive a headboard and canopy poles. Both item did not connect, against my wishes delivery men said they had to leave it. I was promised a replace to only find out that the bed was not going to order. Salesman tried to get me to change my bed for something that did not match my current newly bought bedroom set. He never followed up with me and his manager who was suppose to call never did. Three weeks into it I was left with no bed and pieces in my home. To top that off, i was being charged for the bed I never received. No one called me back. I had to demand to speak for a manager. I was told that I will continue to be charge until they received the headboard and poles back. They were suppose pick these up a week ago and they cancelled the pickup. Well this went on for almost a whole month. They finally came to pick up the items that were left behind. I received a credit back after I insisted on it. Why does ordering a bed have to be a nightmare. I received no compensation and a whole lot frustration and had to make follow up calls. I will not buy anything from Ashley Furniture again at a store. I feel I should have received compensation for the poor way I was treated.


I payed for delivery and set up and he didn't know how and didn't want to set up the bed.... now I'm stuck with a bed that I can't put together. Did i mention. I'm 7 months pregnant???? Ha great service:(


I received the laflorn chairside table the numbers on the box are T127-553. The shelf and brackets to hold the shelf in place did not get sent with the table. This was an online purchase.
I sent an email and have not received a response.
When you spend over $200.00 for a table you expect everything to be there.
This is the first time I have purchased anything from Ashley Furniture and if I don't receive the shelf and brackets you can bet I will never purchase another thing from Ashley Furniture.
I work in retail and come in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis. I can spread the word about this if it is not taken care of.
Debbie Stewart
604 Creekside Lane
Allen, Texas 75002


We ordered our furniture on 3/2/18 with an expected delivery date of 4/4/2018. The 4/4 delivery date never happened and I received a text from Ashley stating " production delays and that one item was still back ordered". The delivery was rescheduled for 4/11. On 4/10 I received three different phone calls from Ashley giving me three different delivery windows. I called the local store complaining about this. This store was in Arcadia, Wisconsin the headquarters. On 4/11 my delivery showed up. One of the items had been damaged inside the truck and the driver didn't bother to offload it and after seeing the picture he took I understood why. Shortly, after the left I went to rock in one of the chairs and it had a loud thumping noise. My wife then called the consumer customer care line the same day about the chair. I could hear most of the conversation and I will tell you that the employee on the phone was in the wrong position has he didn't seem to care about our problem but never the less he said someone would be out on Monday 4/16. He went on to say we had refused delivery on one piece of furniture and we told him this item had been damaged in the truck. I would have expected a phone call from Ashley by now telling me when the replacement piece would be delivered. as of this writing I have no ideal of what is going on? This was my first and probably last buying furniture from Ashley. Customer care after the sale seems to non-existent. I will await your response before considering posting my experience on all social media sites and letting friends and relatives know of my experience.


Date: 3/28/2018
7 Compton Ct. 300 MAIN STREET, PATERSON, NJ 07505
CELL PHONE: 973-563-1174
To STORE PHONE: 973-925-2810
I ordered some furniture from Ashley Furniture thru “American Liquidators Inc.” New Jersey, month of November 2017, so for not settled my furniture problems.
Order was:
S.No. Model Number Serial Number Description Remarks
1. 6460535 S 490256250 SOFA
2. 6460535 S 490256238 SOFA
3. 6460535 S 490256189 LOVE SEAT
4. 6460520 S 489920203 SINGLE SOFA
5. 6460514 S 489677972 OTTOMAN
6. T 705-2 546003353517 SOFA TABLE NOT GRANITE
7. T 705-1 546003356869 COCK TAIL TABLE NOT GRANITE
8. T705-4 546003353111 END TABLE NOT GRANITE

1. When I ordered table tops they (Ashley customer service) said “real granite stone”. After confirm I ordered complete set. When I received it is not real granite stone, it is plastic. This is big cheat, and some furniture is also with scratches they delivered. I want only “real granite stone” table tops only. Please replace them immediately.
2. When they delivered, one corner table was broken. So for they not replaced. I am contacting with American Liquidators Inc., but Ashley’s salesperson not showing up inspecting the broken corner table. I paid already this piece, so please deliver to above address immediately.
Please take immediate action and solve the problems.
Thanking you,

Sambasiva Kalimireddi


My furniture has not been delivered as promised! Purchased item through financing at the store on February 23, 2018, and no phone call or furniture! Called the store on March 17, 2018 and was told that there maybe was some miscommunication! Furious is an understatement of how I feel! This is not professional by any means! Then was informed that I have to still wait longer! Unacceptable!


I purchased a bunch of stuff at May 14th, including a sofa, a table set and a rug, from Ashley Furniture Homestore ( 4500 San Felipe St, Houston, TX). It's been nearly half a year I still haven't got my rug! All things I bought had different delivery method and date. I should have been warned and stopped my business with them when their sales people even couldn't settle right deliver method for the sofa.

I called to try to figure out where my rug is for the first time around 7/4, and was told that the order was shipped on 6/20 and would take four to five weeks to arrive. The customer services person verified the delivery method and address: directly ship to my apartment. Then I called again at the beginning of Aug as it was not delivered. They repeatedly told me the ship date and said they did not have any tracking information. That was unbelievable to me, how could they not have tracking info? That time the customer services assured me the rug would be deliver to my apartment soon. I was told to wait.

After long long wait I called another five or six times. No one knew where the order was and they insisted that it was delivered. They started lie to me saying it was delivered but they didn't have tracking info. Once the customer service directly hung up on me without letting me finish my sentence. I verified delivery method and address with them each time and everything was correct. The last call was made on 9/15. Finally, they figured out the rug was delivered to the store instead of my address.

I called them so many times they kept telling me it would ship to my address but then they said they made mistakes so many times, it was already at their store! I asked for re-shipping to my address and was refused with the reason "do not have the responsibility to ship third-vendor products". Their services are just so rude. I file a complaint and they just deceived again telling me they already delivered it to me and if I didn't get it, it was the Express Company's responsibility. They want me file a claim with the Express Company. I cannot believe they played cheap trick to get off from their responsibility.


We purchased Ashley furniture at you Pekin store in Illinois. And we paid cash. We went to cancel part of the order and was told we would have to wait seven to ten day to receive a check for the canceled furniture. That's not right. It didn't take us seven to ten days to pull the cash out of our pocket to give then. I will for warn everyone how they do business. And further more we were told we would have the furniture around the 25th of July and still are waiting to hear from the store and here it is the 16th of August. Maybe someone needs to see what's going on at that store. I for one am turning to Facebook to spread the word about that store.


We went to Ashley Furniture (Kennewick, WA) store on the evening of 3/12/16. A gal by the name of Linda helped us begin our search for living room furniture. She was carrying tables, lamps etc over to the furniture we were deciding on in an effort to satisfy us. We told her we were going to look at a few more places and kind of sleep on it.

The next day, after we had been to a few other furniture stores, we came back to Ashley. A guy named Cruz began to help us we let him know that we had been there the night before and unfortunately, couldn't remember the gal's name that helped us because we left her card at home and we had been to other places and simply lost track of her name. We proceeded to describe her to Cruz, but he didn't seem to be interested in getting her or figuring out who it was. Furthermore, he rubbed us the wrong way...we weren't real pleased to be working with him.

We looked around to see if we could see her, but unfortunately we didn't. Assuming perhaps she wasn't working today, we allowed Cruz to continue helping us. We also assumed, he would do the FAIR and right thing and at the least share the sale. As our decision making was coming to a choice of what exactly we would be purchasing, (after she helped us to come to the decision of WHAT furniture and end tables to choose from the night before) we began our purchase process. As Cruz was handling the finance paperwork, we were looking at lamps when we actually came face to face with Linda! We told her that we were working with Cruz but only because we didn't see her but that we wanted her to have credit for the sale since it was definitely her tireless help and patience (for 2 hours) helping us choose the furniture we were purchasing.

About half an hour later, we saw her again and I asked her if she was able to talk to Cruz and if she was getting credited for part of the sale. She answered, and might I add 'No' with a smile on her face then turned to help some other customers. After our initial shock, it turned into all out disappointment and frankly irritation.

So we made the decision, after discussing it between ourselves, to find the manager and let her know the importance of making sure she was somehow credited for this sale. As we spoke to the female manager, (whomever was managing this store on 3/13/16 between the hours of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm) she looked us straight in the eye and expressed her concern for an employee who would take credit for another salesman's customer.

She said she understood our concern and would address it. So we went back and sat down and awaited the paperwork to be done thinking Linda would be getting credited for the sale. After all the paperwork was finished and they approved us, we then had another 45 min wait (unsure why, probably just inputting our info as to what we bought) so we were waiting on the couch near the front desk. As we were talking, Linda happened to come past us, I said, "Hey Linda" she looked up and acted as though she didn't want to talk to us but I insisted. I asked her about why they charge a delivery fee and she explained that they contract with another company and that is why the fee. I then asked her if her manager had talked to her....she looked very confused as to why I knew her manager talked to her.

We discussed whether we should talk again to the manager but felt that this woman may lose her job under management such as this, so we left it alone. We also discussed whether to cancel the sale and just go elsewhere (this is still under consideration) but unfortunately we had been there for a few hours, had other things to do and wanted to be on our way. We are hoping by contacting you, somebody can talk to the correct chain of command and make this right!

At this point, the manager at Ashley furniture should be fired. We did the right thing for Linda, our salesman, by making sure the manager was aware that she was our initial sales lady, but that manager did the wrong thing. We feel that if that woman manager (bigger blond lady) could be that bad, then she could very well be screwing customers in furniture deals, in turn, making Ashley Home Store look deceiving, dishonest and unethical. It is our opinion her behavior was reprehensible and unacceptable as a manager. Our experience tonight left a very undesirable taste in our mouths. We are hoping by contacting customer service, this manager will be reprimanded in some way and that Linda will get the credit for this sale.


I have purchased several chairs and sofas from Ashley furniture over the years. The only corporate complaint I have about Ashley so far is really their sales process. It's exhausting to go into a store and have a sales person give you their phone number, email address, and try to hard sell you on something. I really just want to shop at my own pace without the added pressure.


Ashely Furniture has a good collection of furniture and I must say they understand the exact needs of a home. Keeping in mind about my requirement for a good dining table set and something that suits my home, AF was able to show me a variety of collection. I had made my purchase after going through their collection and received many complements for such classy furniture. Thanks to AF for this. The executives who work at AF also are quite friendly and patient enough to guide us giving options to choose from their collection.

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