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Pottery Barn Company is a US based upscale home furnishing chain with storefronts in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Mexico and Australia. Pottery Barn is a subsidiary of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., and in 2015 revenues were reported as 2 billion USD which was the largest part of Williams-Sonoma revenues of 4.9 billion USD that same year. There are over 10,000 Pottery Barn employees worldwide.

To contact Customer Service, call 888-779-5176. You may also find assistance here. To reach Pottery Barn CEO, Laura J. Alber you may email her at lalber@wsgc.com or email customerservice@potterybarn.com. To write Alber a letter, address your envelop with Williams-Sonoma Corporate Office, 3250 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco,  CA 94109, USA. The corporate office phone number is 415-421-7900.

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I had rug in cart on Thursday July 11. I applied for and received PB credit card. Because of work and family priorities, I was not able to go back and complete the order until Saturday July 13. In less than two days the price went up by over 200.00. I called Customer Service - the "service" part is a joke - they informed me essentially "too bad". There was no apology. There was no offer to work with me. I informed the rep that I am a long time customer, most recently purchasing a sectional and a chandelier. So I asked for supervisor, and was told it would be a minimum of 35 minutes as there were 4-5 people ahead of me (doesn't that say something?). The customer rep took all of my information and assured me a supervisor would return my call that day. My cynicism to her was justified. Of course no one called back. So I will be calling the public relations department first thing on July 15th. Had I looked at the Yelp reviews first - overwhelmingly negative, one star ratings - I wouldn't have wasted my time with customer service. How this company is still in business given their prices and deplorable customer service is mind boggling.


I’m a 45 yr old African American woman and each time (3x’s) I’ve been completely ignored when I’ve shopped at the Pottery Barn East Cobb Marietta Ga.
Twice, I’ve made purchases in spite of the treatment, however today, it was blatant and I decided to call the saleswoman out on her oversight of me and approaching a Caucasian woman.
She stated that she didn’t see me; which is far fetch, you would have to be blind

I decided that enough was enough and left & I will not be returning and will be sure to inform my social circle of the treatment.

It is clear that this particular store can use some training.


I was not told at point of purchase that I would have to assemble items. A date to ship was to go with the liveseat. I have received triplicate shipments of the table and chairs at my 501 address in NYC. I want all boxes picked up immediately as storage is limited!! . I have spoken to several different associates at customer service and no satisfaction! Thank you!!


My complaint is too long to explain. However I will let you know that I have been in customer service for the past 20 years and I have never experienced such a lack of customer service in my life. I would like to speak to someone who can assist me


We ordered a custom headboard April 4th 2019, the delivery date had been changed 5 times!! This is totally unacceptable. Customer Service is horrible!! I want to know when are we getting our bed??? You’ve had our money for months. I will be sending a complaint to your CEO, COO and the BBB


My husband and I bought a bed from Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn required that we also purchase the setup and delivery service. Later, upon taking the bed apart and attempting to reassemble it, we realized that the entire bed has a severe flaw! The place where the bolts connect the frame to the headboard are placed in drastically different positions on each side of the headboard, which means that the bed will always be extremely crooked and never level. Also, instead of two bolts holding that part of the frame to the headboard, only one bolt can be used, otherwise the bed is extremely unlevel and therefore unusable. The delivery service obviously knew that the bed was defective when they set it up, and they knowingly assembled it incorrectly to minimize the unevenness, but they failed to tell us the bed was defective! We paid full price for a bed that we can never sell, because no one would knowingly buy a crooked and defective bed. PB was notified of this problem in May and still has not resolved this issue. They sold us a bad bed, and because they required us to pay an additional fee for delivery and set up, we did not know, and now two months after we contacted them they still have not fixed the bed or allowed us to return it. Dealing with them has been very frustrating! Each week they tell us something new and no one has taken care of this! Be very wary of Pottery Barn! They do not stand behind their products and their customer service is very bad!


I paid over $2500 for a love seat. Leg falls off when lifted up. No service or repair. Made several complaints without response. They finally send delivery people who have been at my house three times since the delivery and they cannot fix it. Quality in general besides the leg is horrible. This and other pieces I bought were so flimsy that I had to put stones under the cushions to give them weight. Service and quality terrible


I am so sad and disappointed! I just got off the phone with Christina in CUSTOMER service ,regarding an issue on over a $11,000.00 dollar order for furniture that I had placed a few Months ago for our new build home. I have been decorating our new build home around these furniture selections from Pottery Barn . The Leather sectional and the other furniture that I had ordered was a special order which I was told would take 8 to 12 weeks to get in .
I received a phone call last Month from Pottery Barn delivery stating my furniture was ready for delivery. I explained that my house that’s being built will be ready in a few weeks time. The delivery person said, this is no problem at all! They would hold the delivery till the end of June . She asked that I call in the middle of June to give them a delivery date.
So I call today,June 13th to make a delivery date. They tell me they returned all the furniture and sent me some gift cards to go to Pottery barn to re-select furniture !
I am so overwhelmed ,yet I stayed calm and pleasant hoping to resolve this and get help from customer service.
I spoke with Christina who after several times putting me on hold asks what would I like ?
Do I want to take the gift cards and make a new selection to what’s available? Lol! Really? This furniture was all special orders because of the colors that I chose. I explained to her that I charged all this furniture on my Pottery barn credit card with the 0 % interest . I started getting billed for this furniture two weeks after I ordered it !!!
I have been making large payments to Commenity bank/ Pottery barn card for a few Months now even though I didn’t have any furniture!!
I told Christina from customer service to just cancel my gift cards they sent me and since my order was not available credit my payments in a check to me. She said, she would do that . I then asked her if she could send me an email with the outline of what we discussed on the phone just Incase I don’t hear back from anyone and this way I wouldn’t have to go over this all over again. Christina told me absolutely not she is not allowed to send emails out and she stated” I just spent 39 minutes on the phone with you explaining everything and my supervisor only allows 4 minutes per customer!
Omg! Are you kidding me?! What planet am I on?!
I reminded her that it is her JOB to help when there is a problem, and this was sure a problem! I am the customer and I feel it was her job to insure me that I would get a check in the mail for the money I have paid that Pottery barn returned WITHOUT notice of an email a text or a call to me. I told her I just would like an email outlining our conversation and the outcome. So now I wait to see if I get my $1,000
Dollars I paid to them for NO FURNITURE!
I am so so disappointed! I had my whole open concept house planned out with Pottery barn furniture and was going to order a lot more.
I would never shop with Pottery Barn again! There is too many places on the internet and all around to shop with and who would appreciate my business and give better customer service.I truly hope I won’t have to call my Attorney !


I have been trying to get reimbursed $3,000 for chairs that I did not order and were delivered to me and subsequently returned to Pottery Barn. I have been continuously frustrated by their promises to take care of the problem and “get back to me”. This has been going on for 6 months. The ineptitude of their customer service organization is staggering. Moreover, the practice of promising a follow up call with a resolution and receiving neither only adds to Pottery Barns practice to deceive its customers with allusion of true customer service.


I am LIVID! I just got off the phone with your "supervisor" in customet service in the Las Vegas (?) office. His name is Richard. He would not give me his employee ID. He would not let me escalate this matter to a higher level. He told me point blank, "I do not report to anyone." I said, so you're autonomous there? You report to NO ONE?" He said, "Correct."

I am an extremely angry customer of Pottery Barn. Not only do you have FALSE ADVERTISING on your site, your site is poorly managed and not navigable. I tried getting help from your customer serivice online today! Horrible service. I spent literally 6 hours trying to track my items down! Then, after making at least 10 phone calls to different stores, I finally reach the northern VA store and the woman graciously told me the item I wanted (sale item) did not exist in ANY STORE!!! I wasted an entire day. I called customer service tonight to get them to honor the sale price in a different color (that had not been on sale, and a color not as attractive, but something was better than nothing for these gifts I wanted to buy.

Keep in mind, retail is at an all time low. There are sales ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I did NOT need to stop at Pottery Barn. But there was FALSE ADVERTISING which sent me on a wild goose chase.

After spending 50 minutes on with this guy tonight (before transferring me to "Richard" the supervisor who was cocky and sounded like he was on drugs -- way too mellow and cocky for business!!! he finally said he wasn't going to honor the sale price at all, after I just finished giving him 6 items to be monogrammed, going over all the monogramming initials etc. The fact is, the guy before Richard (the one who switched me to him) just finished telling me, "We want to help you and we will see about honoring your sale price." But he led me on and in the end he said, "our policy says we can't do it, sorry!" This is insane! And it's a disgrace! I have given more money to Williams Sonoma. You just lost me as a customer -- and all our bridal business, if you cannot honor this sale price for my items. I am livid and plan on writing a letter directly to the CEO.

Jessie Wilcox


I have been trying to get a refund for a returned jewelry box since Feb 2018. I purchased a jewelry box on line that was advertised as gray and when received was white. The order number was 37328275188301, the order date was 11/24/17. The amount of the order was $66.11. I returned the merchandise to a Pottery Barn Kids store PK Riverside Square on 2/24/18 and was told that the $$$ would hit my card in several days. Months went by and I called customer service and was told the $$$ would be sent to my account. It never happened. I called again and realized that my original account to purchase the jewelry box, the expiration date passed. We updated the account information and was told that the refund should be seen in a couple of weeks. Never happened. I called again and asked for a store credit if that made it easier, was told that it should be received in a few weeks. I have never received it. I recently purchased a quilt and shams against my Pottery Barn account and would like the $66.11 applied to my Pottery Barn credit card. I am a good customer and have spend thousands of dollars in your store, including two sets of dishes, a sectional sofa, three dressers, to name a few. I am happy with my merchandise, and have been treated very nicely on the phone with customer service, but I am getting no results. If you would like to discuss this complaint, please call me at 973-420-3647. I would appreciate the $66.11 applied to my account as soon as possible. Thank you!


I purchased merchandise online and returned some items to the store. Their return policy for a refund is 30 days. I returned the items in less than 30 days. They processed my return, and I didn't realize they were giving me a merchandise credit at the time for part of my return, until I received the merchandise credit card in the mail. I tried several times to resolve it on the phone with customer service, but they wrongly insist that I did not return the items within 30 days, and therefore only qualify for a merchandise credit, and not tender-for tender. I DO NOT WANT A MERCHANDISE CREDIT. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, REFUNDED ON THE CREDIT CARD I ORIGINALLY PAID WITH. I don't know what else to do. It is for almost $500. They are in the wrong. I am ready to get an attorney and to to the media. They are crooks!


tried to place an add on to order there was construction going on in office the girl refused to transfer me even though t could not hear her i wan to cancel order


I purchased outdoor furniture on May 27, 2019. The items were excluded from sale I had a promo code written down on a piece of paper but could not locate it. I called May 28 to use and was told I could not because the order was processed. The items have not been shipped and cushions still have to be made. This order was close to 5,500. I am extremely disappointed and I am hoping this can be resolved. I am planning on purchasing 4 counter stools but I am hesitant. Thanks you kindly.

Order # 391473429259

Promo code- D3GW-ZMQ3-HJ4Q


I placed an order for some outdoor furniture in 5/27/19. The order was close to 5,500. I had a promo code that I wanted to use as the SAVEMORE Memorial Day sale excluded my items. I had it written a piece of paper and couldn’t locate it. I called today to use and was told it was too late. The order has not shipped and the cushions have to be made . I was hoping this could be resolved. Thank you kindly!

Order # 391473429259

Promo code - D3GW-ZMQ3-HJ4Q

Kimberly Caddick




The way i have been spoken to and treated over a rug on your website that you did . I feel this is unacceptable. I did nothing and did not deserve the treatment i recieved from customer service.Dictating your t and c's but it was still there 48 jours afterwards and your staff could not fix it.
This was on your website for 48 hours plus after my first email. Clearly not good enough when you made a mistake i would not be the only .
As a matter of customer goodwill i am asking you honor the price you had clearly advertised regardless of all the legal jargon.
Kim Easterbrook
Can send all my irrefutable evidence and attatched admission and refusal


I placed an order on 24 May to be shipped to store. 30 minutes later I cancelled in the store. Later I called customer service to confirm cancellation but was told I would be liable for shipping charges when the item was not even on the truck. Today I received an email with order confirmation and tracking. It clearly shows that the item has been ordered but NOT in transit. Please confirm I will not be charged for shipping. Thank you.


I went in for a interview and shady from Mission Viejo was very rude and very unprofessional manner I was very shocked by his behavior I never expected that


I have ordered a bathroom vanity mirror online and never been notified it was back ordered. 3 weeks in and the contractors that have been already paid to install it will leave without having what to install. When ai tried to talk to a customer service I was put on hold and transferred for hours then promised a manager will call me but nobody called. Next day after other hours on the phone I finally got to talk to the rudest manager possible telling me she is the higher authority and there is no one else I can talk to, that there is nothing to be done and that I won’t even receive my money back if I cancel even if other operators told me I would. They also told me they have the mirror in a store but won’t shipp it to me. It was unbelievable.


I purchased a twin sleep couch sofa. It was returned as the slip cover was at least 2” too big all over. HOWEVER, this is where YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NONEXISTENT.

The chair was returned on 3/25. I called to verify that the return was credited, as I was receiving emails that I owed on my Pottery Barn credit card. I called the credit card to say it was returned. They said they had no documentation that was the case.

Fast forward.....after numerous phone calls to both Pottery Barn and credit card company with no satisfaction went into store at Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix where it was purchased. Samantha, supposedly the Manager - said all staff were Managers - said that she could not help. After a long discussion put me on the phone with Pottery Barn customer service. I again explained my situation...

It appears that the ball was dropped at your customer service and the credit for the return of $2400 odd was not recorded. I have had to continue to lay on YOUR CREDIT CARD, as they kept saying I owed the money. I could get a credit from POTTERY BARN as they said the product was not returned.....

Samatha at your Biltmore location was AWFUL.....extremely dismissive and no help.


Just need to check if that is legal....if so will be doing

Gillian McIntosh


Pottery Barn trade account.
1)My most recent experience is one of passing the buck and not listening. I returned a set of silverware for a Client because of poor quality in December of 2018. After a dozen phone calls I was promised I could order $400 in alternative merchandise. Heather in customer service emailed to email her new order or call 800 number. After an additional dozen phone calls same results with customer service personnel with attitudes. Especially Greg. Bottom line no one was understanding.

2) So previous order for bedroom set. Two orders of headboard came.Along with dresser and 2 nightstands. Driver showed client Trade invoice on his iPad in discussing double headboard order!
3) Order before that for wall of bookshelves and lower cabinets. Wrong tops sent (3) times and we paid for the first incorrect top change just to get clients office done. Took 5 months to get it right. If the third order wasn't correct our client (of many years) was going to have you return everything! Fortunately 3rd time was a charm. No apology from sales via phone. Very kind delivery guys from Kc were very apologetic. Wasn't their fault customer service couldn't get the order right!

I've been in my own interior design business for 30 years. I have never had a company so consistently have horrible customer service. My business is all about customer service and I have years of repeat business with the same customers and their families.
And my daughter worked for Pottery barn kids in Omaha Nebraska and saw first hand the poor customer service.
I plan on using my last gift cards and never doing business with pottery barn again. Yep, I'm that upset and stubborn. You have burned me and tarnished my customer record with my clients and that cannot to tolerated for the health and longevity of my company.
I hope for your company's sake you get your act together.


Hello! I’m contacting you as I’ve had no luck with your customer service team. I ordered a coffee table over 2 months ago. It arrived but unfortunately didn’t suit our home. So i organised a pick up for return to your warehouse. I was promised a credit to my account 3 weeks later. It’s now been 6 weeks and still no credit to my account. I’m pretty disappointed in your lack of service and follow up. Please see details attached. Can you sort it out and get back to me. Disappointed customer, Eva


I placed my order on February 14. It is now April and I have still not received my order and no one seems to know anything about it. I can be reached at 2019705205


I ordered a mirror at the Pottery Barn Store at Park Meadows Mall in Colorado
on 12/3/18. I never heard back from your store so I called customer service & I was told it was on back order. I did received a bill for $511.83 for a mirror I never received and I never received a call or email from your store. I went into the Park Meadow store in March and spoke with a lady and she called a man who came from the back and he said it’s been in the back for 2 weeks. I told him I never received a call but I did receive a bill.
I asked them to credit the mirror back to my account and a lady said they would credit it back to the card it was charged on. I flew out of state for an emergency to California and received a call from the bank saying I was past due. I explained the situation and they put a dispute on my account to be investigated. I called customer service & they said the store sent me a merchandise card for the amount and I informed him I never received it. I asked them to cancel that card because I never received it. It’s now 4/8 & I called the Pottery Barn Store and the Manager said I should received the merchandise card today or tomorrow. I told her that I wanted the merchandise card cancelled and the
amount fully credited it back along with late fees to my account. I called customer service and the said it was going to take 72 hours. Something so simple ends up being handled so very very wrong.
I now have a call in to Laura Alber the President for Pottery Barn. I hope she will take the time to respond to my complaint.
I expect a call back with a resolution by close of business Thursday 4/11/19.

Thank you for your help in getting this resolved.
Patricia Mellin


Canceled or didn’t show up for delivery on 3 separate dates after I rearranged my entire schedule based upon Pottery Barn’s representations about dates / times deliveries were arriving. Was told a supervisor would be calling me for the last 3 days - no one called. Hours on phone with customer service trying to reschedule deliveries only to have them canceled. Absolute nightmare of a company to work with. Will never shop here again.


Purchased and paid for 9 pieces of your Cameron Wall system on 3/25 at your Park Meadows store in Littleton,Co. over the phone with Stephanie, who was amazing by the way and very helpful. (order # 390843992640). She told me they would be delivered end of March beginning of April. I authorized one payment for $1963.19. I recieved my confirmation for my order. 3/26 I looked at my bank account to see a payment to PB for 3/25 $1963.19, another same date for $739.38. Then There were two more for 3/26 for $16.84 and $602.42.
When I called to talk to customer service Shanaea answered and was no help in fact made the situation worse, I asked for her manager, after being on hold she came back and said I would need to leaved my name and phone she would call me back. I called back and talked to a rep named Rebecca, she was amazing! She explained that I should not have been charged the total amount only $604.55. It also showed that part of my order shipped already but it is not showing in the system. Rebecca said there should be another charge for $754.09 tomorrow because another part of my order is showing available tomorrow. She was as confused as I was. So far $ 3321.83 has been withdrawn and put in a :pending transaction status in my bank account. Which basically means withdrawn/not available until released from your company. I was never informed of this and I do not get it! Rebecca tried to refund me for the entire order but said all but $602.42 should be returned in 1-3 business days. This is not a banking issue. It is pottery barn holding a crap ton of money. So far I have had $3321.83 for a $1963.19 order which I have cancelled.
Rebecca was unable to return $602.42 because although I was charged for some shipped it has not arrived at the store so she said I will have to go in when it does arrive for that amount.
PLEASE tell me this will all get cleared up and refunded! I am sure this is not how Pottery Barn conducts business.I eagerly await your response!


Never experience such a useless customer support team before. The worst in centuries. Lost orders, delayed confirmation, system errors.. on and on.


hi, my husband and I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of pottery barn we both have credit cards thru PB. Around maybe 6 months ago we purchased a couch. Waited the 6 weeks or so to get it. The couch came we noticed the legs were not straight they were slanted at an angle toward the back. We waited to call or anything so we could go back to the store to see if that was the way they were suppose to be. They were not. So we called the place said they would have some one return my husbands call . No one ever did. Things happened the holidays come and nothing. My husband got sick emergency surgery still no calls back. Before Christmas we wanted to see how the couch would look in a different position so we ourselves moved it and the back leg fell off. now mind you we haven't moved this couch since the delivery guys put it in our house. As we try to screw it back in we noticed that it was not aligned properly nor able to be screwed back in.This was NOT a cheap piece of furniture. We again call get told they would call us back. NO one has ever called us back regarding our new couch. it saddens me because it seems every piece of say living room furniture we have had problems with and get the run around on getting it replaced. I guarantee that if we waited to pay our huge monthly bills to Pottery Barn , I am pretty sure someone would be all over us. We are very much PB lovers and seriously do not want to cause issues. but when spending that much money I would hope that we could get help on fixing this issue. this piece of furniture is the only piece I wish I would have never bought it is not what it showed in the storeroom floor. If someone contacts us we will provide pictures.

Sincerely Patty Hofer


Ordered two wall lights. Arrived as 2 boxes packed in one larger box. Opened first box, all is well. Opened second box to find foam packing missing, plastic from glass shade removed and wadded up in the box, inspection tag torn into shreds and instructions wadded up in a ball. Clearly this was a return and it was shipped out as new. When I order product, I expect new product not a repackaged return. If this is how Pottery Barn chooses to do business I doubt I will order from them again


Please contact ASAP re inability to redeem $500 gift certificate

585 288 0636


I purchased a rug at the Alpharetta Georgia store. The rug was not available so they ordered it online to have it sent to the store. We were moving and the rug was not in yet so I requested that the rug be canceled. I never received the rug and was told I would receive a credit on my credit card as that it the way I paid. A few weeks later I received a gift card for $591. I called the store and told them of the error. They said they hate when the system does that instead of issuing a credit card refund but told me they would have the credit applied to my visa. I have never received a credit card refund and now have called into your customer service line 4 times trying to get my refund. Then today I spoke with “Richard” employee # 704095 who told me the rug was a final sale. I was never told this by anyone before. Not at the time I ordered the rug, not when I called and asked that the credit be applied to my card, never. He said he would not issue a credit on my card because of this. In fact every other time I called the employee told me they would correct the problem. I asked for a manager over Richard and he said there was no one else that could help me. It has been an aweful experience with your customer service and I just ordered another rug from my new local pottery barn that I have not received yet. I would have never ordered this second rug if I would have known all the hassle I was having trying to get this money back on a product that I NEVER received. Please help! I am very disappointed in the service and lack of inconsistent information I have received from your company.


I purchased a rug at the Alpharetta Georgia store. The rug was not available so they ordered it online to have it sent to the store. We were moving and the rug was not in yet so I requested that the rug be canceled. I never received the rug and was told I would receive a credit on my credit card as that it the way I paid. A few weeks later I received a gift card for $591. I called the store and told them of the error. They said they hate when the system does that instead of issuing a credit card refund but told me they would have the credit applied to my visa. I have never received a credit card refund and now have called into your customer service line 4 times trying to get my refund. Then today I spoke with “Richard” employee # 704095 who told me the rug was a final sale. I was never told this by anyone before. Not at the time I ordered the rug, not when I called and asked that the credit be applied to my card, never. He said he would not issue a credit on my card because of this. In fact every other time I called the employee told me they would correct the problem. I asked for a manager over Richard and he said there was no one else that could help me. It has been an aweful experience with your customer service and I just ordered another rug from my new local pottery barn that I have not received yet. I would have never ordered this second rug if I would have known all the hassle I was having trying to get this money back on a product that I NEVER received. Please help! I am very disappointed in the service and lack of inconsistent information I have received from your company.


Have been on hold w/ consumer rep for 45 minutes!

Apparently she was unable to investigate my query?

585 288 0636


Unable to use $500 POTTERY BARN gift card in that i.d. number not obtainable via scratch off part of card

Please call 585 288 0636 or forward check for $500

Ivan Lennon
242 Beresford Road
Rochester, N.Y. 14610


Horrible Co to do business with.
Ordered chairs, cancelled order within a couple of weeks due to a previous order that Customer service could not resolve in a timely professional manner. Cancelled pottery barn cc. Was
Charged for chairs that I did not receive.Here it is 8 months later and pottery barn is still charging
Me interest on the chairs . My 800+ credit rating ruined . Issue still not resolved.Do not do business with PB. I wish 60 minutes would investigate. Unethical company. Read reviews all over internet. Run from pottery barn. Never open a cc from them.


I was told when we ordered the Golden Snitch on 12-2 18 at the Walden Galleria in Cheektowaga NY ,that our order was processed and we would be guaranteed delivery between Dec.19-21st.I called the Number I was given and Now I am told The Snitch would not be delivered until after Jan 21st.We will never order anything ever again from your store.


I should have checked here before purchasing a $3000 couch from Pottery Barn! I dont have anything new to add as it seems that PB is up to the same tricks for all of their customers! Bought a couch, arrived late with no explanation, had to call the phone tree from hell and the couch arrived damaged. Went through multiple customer service reps on the West coast until getting someone on the East coast where I'm located. This order was placed in August and still no satisfaction! The supervisor Courtney Randolph is useless.


I placed an order for a pet food storage tin on 10/23/18 and have yet to receive the item. Numerous inquiry emails have gone unanswered until one was received on 12/1/18 advising they are checking with a vendor.

It is now 8 weeks since the order was placed and there is no sign I will ever receive the item. This is unacceptable for such a simple item as a pet food storage tin - this is not for a custom item but a mass produced product.

I am unable to cancel the order for some reason and have requested the order be cancelled. Again, no response.

This is a complete and utter failure of PB customer service.


I ordered a bar stool on "Black Friday", I was sent the wrong size, then the second one came right size but busted up, then the 3rd came wrong size AGAIN! In the last (3.5) weeks I have spent countless hours on hold (one night 2.5 hrs going through their on hold system 5X that evening!! Every night I was on the phone with PB, Three times a supervisor was suppose to return my call & NEVER did! I was NEVER allowed to speak with a supervisor on any of my calls even after demanding to. I was denied & told I could not as PB runs their business like that-WTH? Then why was I lied to on several occasions that they would call me back? Two times it was a "he said she said" game with the phone person going between me & this "so called secret supervisor, craziest thing repeating my story to the middle man who couldn't repeat the story-talk about pulling your hair out! This is NOT the way to run a business & to be denied for higher help caused you to loose a long time customer. I will spend my hard earned money elsewhere. I was told by multiple phone people @ PB that the person who last helped me was new & didn't know what they were doing, oh so sorry, here let me help you & SAME BS now I have (3) wrong chairs waiting to be picked up & a 4th on it's way! PB was suppose to notify me to the UPS pick-up of the (3) chairs-guess what.... they never did so I missed the pick-up ( I was at work) which caused me another hour on the phone only to hear AGAIN... oh so sorry, let me issue another pick-up slip. This happened to me 2X I still have (3) god damn chairs in my garage weeks later! I have a new car that due to PB's F-UPS these 3 huge boxes in my single car garage leaves my new car out side-SUPER FURIOUS!! My last few calls to PB have been with me screaming/swearing/crying-pure exhaustion dealing with these jerks on the other end. PB suggested I bring them all back to the store or take them down to UPS myself REALLY. is that fair to me & my time. You have already robbed me of countless hours & stress. ..I would need to rent a damn U-HAUL which cost more than the stupid bar stool. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years, no matter how bad I want something it will NOT come from PB! I now have a 4th chair coming (who knows what size) they can cram it up their ass, it is apparent I was not meant to have this bar stool! I have been charged 2X now for the same damn chair, causeing my account to go on over-draft. They did a credit & a charge at the same time; but they said it takes up to 3 days for a credit-thanks so much you guys the lady today could care a less. I have had these chairs for weeks there was no need to credit & charge as I am not suppose to be charged for a replacement. With the over draft of my account this morning I was screaming to cancel the gad damn 4 chair comin -I can't deal with PB anymore. Now looking for 2 credits & (4) chairs to be picked up. Someone was going to credit me 40 big bucks for all my frustration & time REALLY THAT IS A JOKE!! I should charge YOU my hourly pay rate!! Worst customer service ever, PB YOU SUCK!!


I have spent a significant amount of money at Pottery Barn over the years. I noticed in past few years the customer service had gone down hill. I recently mid October ordered a Bartol Dinning Table (three chairs and a bench) the bench arrived, the table was scheduled for delivery, I cleared my entire day they said there was an error and rescheduled the table to 11/12. It came with white paint (this is not reclaimed wood - it was WHITE paint flat in middle of the table) I submit a replacement order, scheduled for 11/21 - they call day before and cancel on me after clearing my entire day. I reschedule for 11/29 the table comes, its completely cracked. I reschedule another delivery to 12/8 it arrived today and was completely cracked. Mind you I have paid for this table, spent hours and hours on the phone, or sending emails - no one apologizes, no one will do the right thing. Ive been told they can't inspect the product before delivery - I have been told they cannot schedule a morning delivery, I have been told I have to wait weeks in between for the table that I ordered in October. I have asked to be contacted by you for weeks now - this customer service and quality is beyond horrific. Pretty much the worst customer experience I have encountered.

I am asking to please have someone contact me to schedule the table delivery (no idea if they submitted a replacement order, no one will help) I will need to report claim to better business bureau if I do not have a delivery date for my table paid for.

No one apologies. goes the extra mile to help, I get transferred and transferred and end up not being helped, people are rude and unhelpful and act like I am bothering THEM - I ordered and paid for a product and I need to receive it.


Going on three weeks missing half my order and three days hours of waiting on line to no resolve. Even the corporate office has a voice message!


November 17, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

Until this last year, I have always held great respect and regard for the quality of merchandise and customer service found when shopping at Pottery Barn, either in-store or online. I am writing this letter in hopes of getting some answers and to avoid having to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.

In the last eight months, I have had some bad experiences with Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. I am wondering if there has been a major reorganization within the company or if these companies were purchased by another large company. The last time I was in a Pottery Barn store, I asked a customer service person at the store if there had been a recent company takeover – he said no, nothing has changed.

My reasons for asking about this are as follows:

1) This last February, 2018, I purchased a black crib from Pottery Barn Kids, off of my daughter’s baby registry. A couple of days after it was delivered, my daughter and son-in-law took it out of the box to assemble it. They discovered quickly that the crib was missing “springs” in the base that supports the mattress. They also noticed that there several white marks on the legs and many of the hardware pieces (nuts, bolts), which were not packaged properly, were coated in an oily substance. It was obvious this crib was used and did not go through any quality control process prior to being delivered.

I called Pottery Barn Kids to get a new crib delivered. There was no problem replacing it but I was disappointed with how nonchalant the customer service person treated this incident. It seemed like this was normal – get a defective, used item and just replace it with a non-damaged, new item. Not taking into account the inconvenience experienced by the consumer/customer!

1) This last April, 2018, I purchased a lighting fixture from Pottery Barn. A store employee helped me order it since I had already seen it online, and the store didn’t have it displayed or in stock. After completing the installation, my husband and I noticed that the 3 lamps/globes were all different sizes. The pictures of the lighting fixture, online, showed all lamps/globes as being the same size – which is what I thought I was getting. Needless to say, I returned it to the store and said how disappointed I was that the actual lighting fixture was different than the online display.

2) A month later, in May, after looking at lighting fixtures elsewhere and realizing we needed a little larger fixture, we decided to try ordering a different lighting fixture from Pottery Barn, the Donovan. After ordering it online and having it delivered, my husband installed it. This lighting fixture had 5 pendant lights. The problem with this lighting fixture was that the areas for the bulbs to be screwed in were all “wonky”. One was so bad that it almost touched the glass globe. I sent the customer service person some pictures as I requested an exchange and she verified that when comparing what we received to the product shown online, there was a significant difference. We opted to try ordering this a second time since this fixture was perfect for our needs. I asked the lady that helped me if there is a quality control process that Pottery Barn merchandise has to go through prior to sending out to the customer. She wasn’t sure of the process but said she would make notes in our account that an inspection was required. We received the second one and it was all scratched up so we didn’t even take the whole fixture out of the box – obviously, no inspection had been done!

After opting to order one last time and hoping that “third’s a charm”, we were told that it would definitely go through an inspection, prior to delivery. Also, we were told that it was backordered until June 16th and I would be notified of the delivery time. I e-mailed Pottery Barn’s customer service on the 16th to find out the status of this fixture. I was told that it was backordered until July. She didn’t know why I wasn’t notified. I sent an e-mail in July, after the back-ordered date, again, asking for the status. I was sent a reply that both fixtures had been delivered … Really?? Then, I called again and the person was so sorry about all the misinformation and told me that the fixtures were in stock and “we will place an order for you right now” … Again, really??? The lack of tracking customer info. Is appalling! I spent a lot of time trying to get this purchase fully resolved … it was crazy!

Finally, during the last week of July, the 3rd Donovan lighting fixture was delivered. The bulbs are still a little wonky but not as bad as the first attempt. We needed to keep this one because we had to have a fixture installed for a final write-off on a recent addition to our house – couldn’t have exposed wires.

Anyway, from start to finish, it was almost a 3-month process. I was told by an employee at your store that I should never order online because that’s different than coming into the store … Really? Considering I have ordered in-store and online and there was no difference in the lack of quality and quality control.

3) This last April, 2018, my daughter and her husband ordered a rocking chair/recliner at a Pottery Barn kids store in Denver. The chair was custom-ordered so the delivery date was scheduled for the beginning to middle of June. They received a noticed that it was ready at the end of May. Upon delivery, it was determined that the chair did not recline, so it was sent back. No one ever contacted my daughter and son-in-law to discuss the status. My son-in-law had to initiate a phone call to PB kids a few days later. He was told that this order had to go through an inspection process because it was a custom order. They had already confirmed that the recliner was defective. He had to initiate two more phone calls to find out the status. During these conversations the Pottery Barn person told him each time the chair was delivered … Really??? There was clearly a huge communication gap between departments.

Finally, at the end of June, it was “officially” determined that the chair was defective. At that time, they ordered another one. A month later, a message was left with my daughter that the “second” chair was in the warehouse, ready for delivery. When she called back to set up a time for delivery, the PB person said this second chair wasn’t reclining (either). Go figure! It was probably the same chair from the first order.

Anyway, they were compensated for the cost of the chair and a little bit for the whole ordeal. They went back to the store and ordered a different chair altogether and were told it would be delivered towards the end of August. They were also assured they would be contacted with the status prior to the end of August. My daughter called Pottery Barn at the beginning of September because she had heard nothing about the chair. They said it was backordered and would be arriving in a couple of weeks. When she placed the order for the “replacement chair” in the store, they assured her it was in stock. Why then, does she find out a month later that it was backordered??? AND, she had to contact Pottery Barn! Really??!! The chair finally came to the store on September 26th and they opted to pick it up instead of having it delivered for free – they wanted to make sure that it was in good condition and working properly before leaving the store.

Maybe you’re wondering why would we continue to purchase items from your store since we’ve had such bad experiences this year. My daughter, son-in-law, and I kept hoping that the next item would be exactly what we ordered. I am having a hard time believing that these experiences within the same family are coincidences. I want to order a specific furniture item through Pottery Barn because it is perfect in size and function. I am very concerned about what my experience will be. Needless to say, it is disheartening to have to question whether the quality and customer service that used to be so good is now a “thing of the past”.

Please enlighten me! If you would like to talk to me directly about all of the referenced orders above, please feel free to call me at: (619) 672-0643. I truly hope you take this letter seriously.


Cathy Nevins


Store clerk promised white glove delivery of two custom made dining chairs. UPS dumped two crushed boxes on my doorstep today and left. I called customer service who did nothing to help. They told me to call the store. The store picked up the boxes because I was not going to be responsible for any damages. They said they needed two days to check out the chairs?! Then, I found out the chairs had to be assembled! I paid over $1,000.00 for two chairs and I have to put them together? I want my money back because I now have no chairs and no trust whatsoever in Pottery Barn.


I ordered a bed July 2018, it is now October (end of) and no idea where this bed is and no customer service is getting back to me. E-mailed the CEO, she is worthless and no response. PB did take the $1500 out of my account, so at this point they have stolen from me. Not OK. I will never be a PB, West Elm, or WS customer again...will also let everyone I know, know.


Let me preface this by saying this is the first time I have ever written an online complaint.

Is there anything less than one star? The worst customer service I have ever experienced. NUMEROUS calls to resolve my issues (notice plural). Endless hours on hold, I was told a supervisor would call me, who never did, I asked to hold for a supervisor, and was put on hold for an hour or more only to be connected with another "Customer Service Agent," or cut off. I was finally told tonight by a Customer Service Agent, that it is impossible to connect you to a supervisor, all they can do is send a message for a supervisor to call you, haha jokes on me.

First, there was a "Rewards" Certificate credit on a purchase made in July, that was just resolved last week, then a furniture delivery which was scheduled for delivery on Sept. 28, 2018. That morning I received a message saying they could not find part of my order so it would not be delivered that day. I called the next day to get an update and was on hold forever. I was told they could not figure out what was going on and they messaged the warehouse to contact me for an update. No word from Pottery Barn, SUPRISE. I called the next week and told them if they could not deliver by that Friday, to cancel the order. Online the order status is "Return in Process or already returned." I called after holding for an hour or more explained the problem, was put on hold and disconnected. I finally, filed a dispute for the purchase on my Pottery Barn Credit Card. Today I received a letter from Pottery Barn Credit Card (Comenity Bank) asking for additional missing information which I already provided over the phone, to process the dispute.

Two days ago I received a call to schedule the delivery?


I placed and order on September 15, 2018 for Penelope lace Wall Art Medallion. It is now a month later and I am still waiting NOT just for the order but also to at the very least be provided with accurate information regarding the status. After making at least 10 phone calls to the customer service number and having been put on hold for 20 minutes or more after reaching a representative, and been disconnected 3 times, as well as having been told false information such as a delivery date, AND a promise that an email would be sent to me in 48 hours from the distribution center (of course I did not receive one and it has been a week) who was suppose to contact the vendor, I am still WAITING!!!! POOR customer service and a lack of professionalism.


Shame on you Pottery Barn!!!! I am a single mother of two and have previously loved decorating my home with your beautiful items. I have been a faithful customer until this recent experience where I have been treated so poorly I don’t plan to work with you again.

On August 31st I decided to move forward with the purchase of two Irving Leather Armchairs. According to the website with the Quick Ship option that I chose I would receive the chairs in 2-4 weeks. I bought them on the “Buy More Save More” promotion and as with any new purchase couldn’t wait to get them in my house to see how they looked. Let me preface this by saying that I have LOVED Pottery Barn! Pull up my account, right now, my living room, my kitchen, my home office, and my bedroom are all decorated in Pottery Barn – I have spent tens of thousands on your furniture and always found the quality to be high and worth the price tag. Our relationship has always been positive with the deliveries on-time and friendly service. But my latest experience has been a disaster - the delivery service - horrendous.

My first delivery for these chairs was scheduled to take place on Monday, September 10. I scheduled time off from work in order to be home to meet the delivery. On Saturday the 8th (on the weekend when it’s too late to change your Monday work schedule) I received a phone call from the Pottery Barn delivery service that my delivery was postponed because the chairs didn’t get shipped up from North Carolina. I was disappointed having already scheduled my time off from work but understand things happen.

My delivery was rescheduled for Saturday, September 15th. My daughter had a soccer game, so my timing for the delivery window was tight but I had a kind neighbor next door who was willing to help and be at the house. When I called to find out when they would arrive they told me they had already been there and that they took pictures of my house. I asked why they didn’t call me and was told that they had phoned me. I NEVER received any call. Again, I asked what number they called and they gave me the correct cell number but my phone NEVER received any call from PB or their delivery company.

My delivery was then rescheduled for Wednesday, September 19, between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. I took the afternoon off from work to ensure that there was no miscommunication. I was so excited to get the chairs and see how they looked in the house. At 3:00 after not hearing anything from Pottery Barn, I called the delivery company to inquire about the delay and I was told that they had been forced to cancel my delivery because trailer with the chairs coming up from the south had been delayed. My response: that can’t be correct because the chairs were allegedly here this past Saturday. The woman on the phone told me that they had sent me an email and called me to tell me about the delay. I NEVER received any sort of communication!!!! I told the service representative that I hadn’t received anything from Pottery Barn and she told me I needed to look in my junk email and that something must be wrong with my phone. (There was nothing in my Inbox – junk or otherwise and my phone is working perfectly). I have received all my other emails regarding Pottery Barn and deliveries with no issues.

The woman on the phone offered to reschedule this delivery yet again for two weeks from now telling me that they were still within their 4-week delivery deadline, so I had no reason to complain. When I mentioned that I have now taken two afternoons off from work to be home for the delivery and I would now be forced to take more time off from work she could have cared less.

Sorry Pottery Barn but this is disrespectful and unacceptable and terrible customer service. Buying new furniture should be a positive, exciting experience. However, somehow in this process, you have made it frustrating, stressful, and I have now lost a full work day waiting for items that were never coming. There has been poor communication and honestly, when I finally get someone on the line, they could care less about my customer satisfaction.

I notice that Ralph Lauren has leather chairs that are just as nice and according to their website can be delivered in a timely fashion. This situation with Pottery Barn has been wrought with horrible communication and disrespectful employees and not something that I will be coming back to experience again. I don’t need to be treated poorly and lose money by missing work when I am paying over $1,800., for a chair and ironically $229 is for the shipping which has been the point of contention.

I went through all of my records and know unequivocally that I never received any notification either in email or phone (as I was told I should have by this unhelpful customer service woman). I was left to wait for a delivery that was never coming. I took time off from work to be home TWICE and never had the courtesy of being told that I wouldn’t be getting a delivery. If I treated my clients the way I have been treated by Pottery Barn and their delivery company I would be broke. To be so cavalier with a customer and treat them so poorly is a headscratcher and bad business. For future purchases, I am definitely going to look elsewhere and advise my friends to do the same.

- Tiffany Eddy


The worst company that I have ever dealt with in my life. I ordered furniture on June 16, 2018, with a 5 business day turnaround. I still to this day, August 8, 2018 do NOT have my furniture. I have spent the last 2 months on the phone, placing calls every 2-4 days a week talking to customer service, the warehouse, managers, everyone and anyone who would help. I got no where and no one could find anyone to help to take care of this issue. To begin, I ordered a sectional that had 7 total pieces with 7 cushions. For the last 2 months I have received piece by piece and still do not have a full sectional. I paid over $3500.00 and they have had my money for over 2 months, getting interest on my money, without me getting my furniture. Now I am on the phone again, August 8th and was told my left arm chair and right arm chair are back ordered until September the 8th and this is still NO guarantee I will receive it in the month of September. I would and will NEVER purchase another item from this company and will tell everyone and anyone I meet to NEVER trust this company or order from them again. What a horrible run corporation!!!!


My complaint is about a product and a customer service as well. I have purchased a PB Comfort Square Armchair Sleeper a little over two months ago. I had my son sleeping on it for 3 weeks in June. On July 3 I flipped the mattress over to only find out it's all molded, the cover, the mattress and the base. I called customer service right away and sent them a few pictures of my discovery. I requested a removal of this whole Armchair Sleeper. Haven't heard from PB since. I keep calling their customer service that takes up to 30 min wait time. Then I get told the supervisor will be calling me back in the next 24 to 72 hrs. What is with PB customer service? How hard is it for a supervisor to call back and schedule a pick up? Not only do they sell toxic Chinese made components, but they also do not provide any help when they have to. I say improve your customer service before you go out of business.


Ordered an item online and it didnt show final price somehow...so then i looked at my paypal email and discovered id been charged $199 for " white glove shipping. " i called immediately and was on hold for 30 min. Finally was told my paypal acct would adjust....? So then i noticed itd been withdrawn from my bank. I tried to call again and put on hold again and recording said itd be another long wait.. i sent 3 emails during the day. Never heard back. Tried again last nite to call and same recording about long on hold time. Finally i wanted it resolved today before it was shipped so i waited another 30 min on hold and cancelled order. Im more than appalled at such poor customer service and the fact that the site didnt show total when ordered or would've cancelled then.


I have spent hours on the telephone with your company returning a coat rack. UPS picked it up at my house the day after your representative called to say you were picking it up. Now you say you don’t have and want me to pay for it.

I have purchased thousands of dollars of furniture from PB, all of which I paid for promptly. I don’t need to steal your ugly coat rack. And that is what you are accusing me of and I am furious.

I will never shop with you again, no matter how badly I want or need it. I will share on every social media I can find that if you return something to PB, you should jump on the UPS truck and ride to PB to be sure it gets there. Or be prepared to be accused of thievery.

This is the most time consuming, insulting, disgusting customer service I have ever heard of. I am going to pay for something I do not have or want to keep you from comprising my excellent credit rating. That is blackmail in my eyes.

Olivia Flanagan.
P.S. your automated telephone systems does an excellent job of keeping your customers from easily speaking to a human. Now I know why.


I am about to put a complaint about the customer service at the Mall of Ga with Ms. Amy by misinformed to customer and change the story about the rug being clearance with extra 15 %off but didn’t by changing story that it was not even though it was and didn’t appear on the receipt. Mr. Matt who I was talking on the phone hang up on me when I complained about it. I will put a compliment at the business buero with code of ethics by lying to the customer which I found out after I got home. I will never go there and do anything about this incident ... horrible customer service and not admitting that they were wrong by telling customer wrong information and deceiving customer.

I will write a letter to the corporate office, business beuro, web, maybe sue them? My husband was next to me and now they are changing story and telling both of us lier instead of apologizing to us about the wrong price. I will make sure either I get the credit or they telling me “I am sorry for telling wrong information and a lie to customer. I’ve been shopping there over 10 years but never experience this kind of Bs like this.

Do something about this two employees
Amy & Matt #121636 employee id.

Well, it was worst experience in my life at the Potterybarn and never shop there until this resolve.


I have been a loyal Pottery Barn customer for 15+ years. I have purchased thousands of dollars of furniture and bedding from PB. I wanted to let you know about the WORST customer service I have ever received from a retail brand.

I ordered the Chatham Outdoor sectional – Order number 081287554152. This morning they delivered the sectional WITHOUT the cushion set The cushion set is sitting in the warehouse and could have been delivered with my sectional. However, they told me the truck was full so I had to wait to receive the cushions until 6/27.

I have my sons’ graduation party tomorrow night and have no cushions to place on my furniture. I will be sure to tell every person that asks about the poor customer service experience I have experienced with Pottery Barn.

When I was talking to the service rep from PB she said that this was my fault as I should not have scheduled the party – and that PB was not at fault. Please feel free to pull the call and listen to it. It was the worst example of customer service I have experienced in my 50 years.

I know PB has deliveries on Saturday and the cushions COULD be delivered tomorrow (or overnighted). But the customer service reps said that they could not make that happen.

Therefore, I will continue to spread the word about the service I have received on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Lisa Wittenberg


Order #080736283642 Placed on March 14, 2018. Initially received a estimated delivery date of 4/4/2018, then was extended out to between 4/10 to 4/19. Didn't here anything from anyone so I call cust. service on 4/16. Spoke to Eve and she sent me to Shelby in Furniture. Shelby relayed to me that my order was sitting in warehouse and ready to ship. I should receive a phone call the next day. She gave me a schedule number, HUZ0020088 , so that I could ref. the order when they called. Waited for the phone call. Never came. Call Cust. Serv. today, 4/18, spoke to Tamiko who tried to be very helpful and locate the problem. Admittedly, she could only go so far, apparently no one can speak to the delivery company. In other words Pottery Barn and the delivery company don't communicate. When I insisted that I speak to someone that could speak to the delivery company, I was transferred to Jessie, one rude man. I was informed that the two arm chairs are somehow missing (?) from my order and the delivery company won't deliver until the order is complete. It's all a little confusing ( the story became somewhat convoluted). In essence, Jessie said he could get my table and 4 chairs delivered and the other 2 chairs would be UPSed to me and I could assemble them myself. What ??? I could understand this if you were Ikea, Walmart, Target or some other.cheap furniture store. Help! Karen Brimhall #541-981-2872


To whom it may concern, 

Earlier today I visited the Pottery Barn in your Danbury CT location ready to purchase the Banks Dining Room Table (link at bottom of email).

I walked in with my husband and my 2 children waiting for someone to assist me. After about which seemed longer than 20 minutes of associates passing me and not awknoledging me, I walked up to the register to ask for help and the associate said "I'll be right with you".

Another 10 minutes go by of no one helping me, meanwhile my two kids are playing with their own stuffed animals not even touching anything in the store just minding their own business. I was SHOCKED to see an associate at checkout eye me across the room and told me to shush my kids waving her hands up and down RUDLEY and extremely unprofessional. 

All I came in to do was ready and willing to purchase this table and be in and out. I'm extremely appalled and in disbelief that no one offered to help me and literally scolded me kids.

I have been a loyal customer to pottery barn since I started a family and this experience in this location has greatly altered my view of the brand. I want to have someone aware of this incident as it is unacceptable.



Banks Extending Pedestal Dining Table, Grey Wash



I was just asked for feedback by Pottery Barn Customer Service. The interaction with their representative (Brianna) was pleasant. She addressed the shortcomings (and apparent incompetence) of personnel involved in the order-taking and shipment of the items we ordered. Unfortunately her efforts were not successful.

In brief our first order was #062529896272. It was for three (3) gift wrapped wedding gifts (1 duvet cover #4032280, 2 shams #4036745, and 3 sets of flatware #6887702). The difficulty was that all items were assigned one tracking number. The subsequent delivery of only three items (the flatware) (in a carton #1 of 1) caused all three items to be marked as "delivered". Fortunately we were able to question the UPS deliveryman who we know for years. There was no other packages.

I then called and spoke to Brianna, who tried to arrange for replacement items. She said that someone would come to examine the delivery carton on Saturday. That never happened, although we waited in the house all day. The remaining two items (Duvet and shams) were delivered today (Monday) in one box today. We paid for individual gift wrapping for each of the original 3 items.. one gift wrapped box for 2 of them is not usable as the gifts are intended to be from different individuals.

We have now had a second conversation with Customer Service (I did not get the representative's name) and are awaiting two separate gift wrapped packages, at which time we will return the now unwrapped items we received today (It was necessary to unwrap the package to determine what was inside). All in all, a thoroughly unnecessary experience with Pottery Barn. The Customer Service people are doing their best at dealing with the Shipping Department's errors.


Used the online Pottery Barn and ordered a light scone. At the delivery page, it listed one page delivery and stated it would be delivered the next day if ordered by 6 p.m. I then received an email indicating it would take 2 days to receive the item. When I contacted customer service I was informed there was not next day delivery available and only two day delivery. If I selected and paid for next day, I expected to receive next day. Pottery Barn is engaging in deceptive practices on their intent site. Here is information from webpage:

Shipping Method, View Shipping and Processing Charges - Standard, Next Day (+$17.50)

- Orders placed before 6pm PT Monday–Friday will arrive next business day.
- Orders placed from 6pm PT on Friday–Sunday will arrive on Tues.
- Gift card orders placed before 9am PT Monday–Friday will arrive next business day.
- Monogrammed items take additional days.


On January 8th I ordered a quilt and shams from Pottery Barn online, order #060079755782 and 060079764802. I have not received them yet which I expect to next week. My complaint is I ordered this in 2 orders because I should have received a 15% off coupon and then I was going to order the quilt to receive the discount. I did not receive the discount and for some reason I went ahead and ordered it, now I see you have 20% off 2 days after my order. Should I reorder and send the original one back to receive the discount. I am a first time customer and a little upset about this.


Ordered furniture online. Delivery email sent. On hold 28 minutes to set up delivery date. No luck. Called Pottery Barn customer service and got date. Date cancelled and rescheduled by email date and time to be delivered. Received email confirm of date and time. No delivery at appointed time. Customer service said delivery was cancelled. No one notified me. Now, customer service trying to figure out what is going on.


Over a few years I have ordered about 15 of your throw covers along with the pillow inserts. Truthfully, I have spent countless hours picking up feathers everywhere in my home. I am now at my wits end with this problem. Why would Pottery Barn use the fabric they use to cover these inserts when they don't cover the feathers well. I know for a fact there is better fabric (good ticking) that can be used. It makes me mad that in order for these feathers to stop coming thru the throw cover I will have to replace them. I am a good customer of Pottery Barn and I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible. I can't imagine that other customers have not had the same problem.


I ordered a headboard with BP in the Pottery Barn store. The delivery date was set for a month later. I had to call and change the shipment address and that changed the date of delivery. On the new delivery date the dispatch sent the truck to the wrong address. When the doorman called, I spoke to the driver who was beyond clueless and then customer service called to say that they messed up and did not give dispatch the correct address. They offered me any day I wanted for a new delivery date so I picked the following Tuesday. On that date, the truck never arrived and I never received a phone call (despite the fact that I confirmed it with them the day before). It was not until I called them that they admitted that the headboard was never put on the manifest for delivery. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they put me on hold for 10 minutes only to return and say that the supervisor was going to a meeting (I guess there is only one) and would have to call me back. That was over an hour ago and still no call back. Their customer service is terrible. Very disappointed in Pottery Barn's customer service.


Pottery Barn has some amazing furniture and home furnishings that one could really love to have. I have gifted a modular bar buffet to my husband and he really loved it. At Pottery Barn one could really find some good collection of furniture that suits your home. I purchased some drapes and curtains for my apartment. They have good quality products which I am impressed and would recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy some home furnishings. My order was delivered on time and they kept me posted on the status of delivery.

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