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Farmers Home Furniture is a southern US retailer of home furnishings. There are 187 outlets in the SE United States and sales in 2015 were reported as US1918.2 million.

To reach customer service call 800-456-0424. You may also write to the CEO, Phillip Faircloth, Farmers Home Furniture, 1851 Telfair Street, Dublin, GA 31021. The corporate office phone number is 478-275-5130. You may also find contact information here.

Besides furniture, farmers offers, electronics, appliances, computers, outdoor equipment, toys, home accessories and in house Farmers Smart Credit. A new distribution center was recently opened in Russellville, AL. Social media presence was not found in any of the major networks at this time.

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I’m a customer of Farmers Furniture but when I saw one of their employees posting ugly comments on a neighborhood watch page about giving people heads up of road blocks. She was so disrespectful.
so I decided to look at her page of course most her stuff is hateful and disrespectful language. So then I see she’s employed in the by farmers furniture.
Why would anyone hire someone who is that disrespectful and see it ok to warn a drunk driver to avoid the road block that just might end up in car accident killing themselves or other innocent people? Road blocks saves lives,. If you’ve got nothing to hide them road blocks shouldn’t worry or offend you. ? This right here is part of what’s wrong with our country. Sad thing is she’s a mother and her kids will learn this same disrespect.


tree of savings. the paper didnt say you had to purchase something before you could pick an ornatement off the tree. cairo store changed the rules you could only pick one if you was buying the stores value and quality has went down see the old manger and her assistant left. It took me out of spirit because this where i do my shop and have done it for last 25 years


Very disappointed and need some one that cares about loyal customers. The Athens Al store is very uncomfortable and not trustworthy. They want me to pay for insurance that I did not want and I never purchase when I get a new contract. I always pay on time and payoff earlier and now new employees are in store and do not know how to explain contract to customers and also rest of paperwork you sign very unsatisfied!!! Also add on balance of previous account is not correct I have all my receipts and manager does not seem like he cares.


I go in Newberry store to see about getting a bedroom set and a TV first I have to go to the bathroom ask the lady for directions to the bathroom later she said to the manager I must have came in just to use the bathroom so then the manager comes and checks me then he tells me he says nothing that if I don't like it there's a door get out of his store


I've been a customer for 4 years now. Never been late and have paid stuff out several times. I go in last Friday to pay off my account and to get something else. The item was $1299 after taxes $1500, I don't know how then financing charges took it to $2000. Farmers had 0%financing for 12 or 24 months. They said I didn't qualify for it. I called on the phone. The system is set up by phone number she didn't ask me my name nor number told me to hold on came back less than a minute saying I didn't qualify. How did she check it and I didn't qualify? Please explain to me. This was at the furniture store in Dunn NC. I want the system with 0% financing for 24 months, if I can.


Well we been having problems with farmers customer service for a while now. I'm the first to admit we have gotten behind with them but they called my grandmother running their mouth about our account with her.

I let it go a few weeks ago someone we know who works out there as a sales person brought us a letter from them. I didn't think nothing about it and the other day a mutual friend between me and my husband and that women who works out there. Now this mutual friend we never told we have an account out other he came up to my husband and asked if we got everything straightened out with them. I'm sorry but even if we did get a little behind with them its not right for their sales person to broadcast that with anyone.

I called farmers furniture head office and they said to me when I brought up them saying our account info with my grandmother they told me its OK if she is a reference which is not true all. They are supposed to say to a reference is tell such and such to call not go into any details and then they said if heather is just a sales person how does she know your info.

I said I don't know you ask me and and then they called back and said we talked to heather about it and she said she didn't say anything. I asked how the heck did that mutual friend find out so long story short they invaded my privacy and all my info is supposed to be confidential but wasn't.

I can't wait till I pay them sorry no accounts off and I advise no one to go to them. They wouldn't even fix my grandmothers furniture when she called. So, if you are thinking about going through them please look a this review along with many many other peoples reviews about this place. Do you wonder why they don't have not even three stars? Cause they suck.


This is on my mother's behalf she went to the store on the 5th to rent a fridge everything was fine they delivered the fridge. Eight days later we had to call to have the fridge picked back up for repairs in. When they came for the fridge, water rushed out the bottom. Now five calls in and a week from the first payment the fridge is still at the store and we have recorded are phone calls with the store. We were told by Farmer's and another worker the fridge wasn't ready in the part was on a back order.


Bought reclining love seat and recliner recliner from beginning was not what I ordered then lever that's puts out leg rest would not work manager told us to put oil on it then loveseat recliner leg rest became broke told manager. It took 3 weeks to get some one out to look at them factory defect ordering parts after 3 months decided I no longer wanted furniture turned in. I am very disappointed in Farmers I paid 400$ down and 115 a month since june 2015. We also purchased air conditioning and was told it would freeze up at 65 well that's ok only use on 70 I still have air conditioning. Also purchased lawnmowers {2} both had oil in them at time of purchase and neither worked returned. Farmers has cost me a lot of money with nothing to show but a 3.99. Will never shop there again and am warning every one not to buy from them.


I'm writing in this complaint. My dryer is not heating and will not dry. I called Farmers customer service and tried to get them to fix it put they want fix it needs heating element in it. Been doing business with Farmers Furniture for 10 years and think they need to stand by the stuff they sell and need to take care of the problem.


In this month of January me and my father went in to pick out a vacuum I'm a customer at farmers home furniture in Sanford nc and the lady that assist me up front her name was Elizabeth and the other lady was an mixed girl and me and my dad was asking questions about the new vacuum we purchased did it have a warranty on it.

Elizabeth said ''no'' and I purchased a eureka vacuum in 2015 and it had a three year warranty on it but the eureka vacuum broke so I called mr. james mason and he told me to bring the eureka vacuum into the store and they would send it off to be worked on. So that's what me and my dad had done and my dad was asking Elizabeth questions about the new vacuum we had purchased in this month which was January. And my dad had said to Elizabeth that their should be a warranty on the new vacuum and she said to me why am I'' (iris) getting mad and I said to Elizabeth because I'm a grown 27 years old woman.

Elizabeth was very rude to me and my dad and Mr James mason was up front sitting at the desk and Mr James mason didn't say anything to Elizabeth at all about her being rude to me and my dad which me. Mason should have said something to Elizabeth so me as a good customer of farmers home furniture. I'm very disappointed in the way Elizabeth was very rude to me and my dad and the lady that sold me the new vacuum in farmers home furniture her name was Pamela Thompson.


Manager called employee in to the office begin talking to her and telling her how he hates me and don't like me after she had just had a brief disagreement about who was gone assistance me because she had spoke to me when I walked in but I had already early and spoke with the lady. Todd the manger not knowing I was standing right outside his office door began to talk about me but the two ladies we're new faces around the place because I been around for awhile. When she recognize who he was talking about she told him that I was right out side and I stuck my head in the office and told him yes I'm right here and he was speech less I politely left the store to cool down he called and continue to lie and say he wasn't talking about me to his employee but yes he was before he could carry on and keep talking also mention the girl with the 288 dollar voucher with was gone spend it all the she stop and told him I was right out side before he.can counties to say him much he didn't like me.


Bought some indoor and outdoor furniture from Farmers Furniture last month. Incredible and latest designs. After going to the outlet, I was really excited to see the kind of quality stuff they have. The staff out there were pleasing and were eager to help their customers. We made the payment and they ensured that the delivery was done on time. Absolutely no issues while the delivery was done. They placed the furniture in its place without any scratches or damages. I have received many compliments for the selection of furniture at my living room. Thanks to Farmers Furniture for designs they have shown and made my selection easy.

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