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Quest Diagnostics is a well known organization in modern Healthcare. They help improve the health of patients with low cost affective and high value for their patients. With Over 44,000 employees globally Quest Diagnostics empowers people to take action to improve their health. They are having the world's largest database of clinical results which help in indetifying and treating whatever the new diseases.

Stephen H. Rusckowski is the President and CEO of the company, and has been since 2012. He had focussed on transforming the company vision to empower better health with diagnostic insights. Apart from Quest, Rusckowski also holds various positions in global health education and humanitarian assistance organisation.

Quest is ranked 358 in fortune 500 list for 2016, and they have approximately 2,300 patient locations. The corporate headquarters is located at 3 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ 07940. If you are a patience and have a problem you can call the Quest customer service number at 1-866-MYQUEST (866-697-8378) and select option 2.

Quest Diagnostics is a world leader in supporting clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals and companion diagnostics. Apart from the regular diagnostic services they also provide services include Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Prescription Drug Monitoring, Neurology and Women's Health.

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Service was terrible at the 9th St location in Corona, CA!! We have had to go back 3 times now because of the lack of organization. My son needed several labs done and the doctor faxed over all the requests and we had to pick up a kit with many vials for specimens. The girl did not even give us all the pieces of the kit to bring back to the lab so when we dropped off the specimen she gave us more pieces of the kit for more samples. Turns out she did not explain that we did not have to mail one of the specimens in but were supposed to bring it back to the lab, yet the written instructions were to mail it. Lots of confusion and many trips back and forth to this lab and it is not close to my home and we do have to work. She is holding up the labs by not giving us the proper directions as these labs take 2 and 3 days to get the results back and my son is suffering. Everything could have easily been picked up the first time and dropped off one time if she took the time to read things properly and give proper instructions. Quest you need to take a look at the competency of your employees! I am going to LabCorp from here on out!


See the bellow complaint that will be posted on every social outlet and review site,

8657 S Sandy Pkwy
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone Number: 801-316-4127

Don't go here they close the door when they want it was 9:05am, called number and the manager said that there is only one person and they had family emergency and would be in at 10:30am and if I could wait, how unprofessional you run a business with one person what if they are sick? Go to the Draper location they where there professional staff got me right in. I'll be recommending to my employer to go with someone else.
Quest needs to close this location I will also recommend this to corporate.


On 3/28/2018 at Stuart fl lab had blood drawn .I paid the bill and given a receipt .
Yesterday a FOURTH NOTICE was received for $5.12 ,
I had previously sent Quest a copy of the paid bill .
My next email will be to the Ceo Stephen H. Ruskowski,BBB,FTC, Consumers .and who ever else makes sense .
This co has spent many times $5.12 in an effort to try to collect and is now threatening legal action for this scam of incorrect billing .


Received a bill (#5526042415) for $8 dated 1/13/18. Paid bill 2-2-18.
Received late notice 1 dated 2-25-18. Sent email on Quest customer service site on 3/7/18. Per response from email, I sent front and back copies of my payment check. Had received refund check (I don't know why) and sent it (uncashed) as well (Quest check 0016450064).
Received 3rd late notice dated 4-1-18. On 4-24-18, I received back the Quest refund check and was asked to endorse it, and send it to Collegeville, PA. Don't know why Quest didn't cancel the check but I mailed endorsed check 4-24-18.

Received 4th late notice dated 5-6-18. Don't know what else I can do. And all of this is for an $8 bill.

Am totally frustrated that Quest won't clear this account. What can they possibly be waiting for?


My 7yrs old daughter and myself were almost hit by one of your Quest Diagnostic drivers on 03/23/2018 ( about 7:30 pm, on Bristol St in Santa Ana Ca , vehicle lic # 78897F1 A1. I told the driver he needed to be more careful when driving, and I would be filing a complaint, the driver answer to me was I don't care my employer will not take any actions!!!!! Please contact me at 714-347-8378. I want to make sure this matter is taken care of.


I have a problem to report with Quest on blackrock turnpike in Fairfield, CT has one person working there. I went at 615 and there were 6 people. One poor girl doing paperwork and the nursing duties. That is ridiculous. And it is not the 1st time. I will think twice about going back for diagnostics or blood work again.


I went here for a recent drug test and was shocked by how bad the quality of work is done at these places. I waited in line for hours even though I made an appointment. The woman behind the front desk was rude, the woman who took my sample looked like a drug addict herself. I wish more corporations would avoid using Quest Diagnostics for employment screening. It's embarrassing.


I went to quest on Saturday august 15th morning for blood work in Bridgeport,ct. on Fairfield ave they are supposed to open at 9 o'clock people were waiting the girl came in at 3 after 9 after getting ready it was 10 after not eating the night I was very hungry had to take my meds. I am diabetic waiting for her. To me 9 o'clock is 9 o'clock Is this a job? are they getting paid? Other people were waiting too. If she cant be on time give the job to someone that can.

I read on the website that they also provide solutions through electronic management like my Quest app which you can download from App Store onto us mobile handset where you can ask for any assistance and can access information via mobile devices.


Was sent by my employer for a drug test for my new hire job to Quest Diagnostics. The lady there was very rude & not helpful waited 2 hrs to get my urine test. Had to call my union rep to talk to her to get results. I asked her to write my test for my new job & she said I can't do that. Palm springs office at Los Palms 555 E Tachevan Dr. suite 102. She did not use her name & gave us a very hard time. Will not go there any more. My employer has all his new hires going to Quest Diagnostics at different locations. They were upset also due to her rudeness.


On June fifth, my husband and I went to Quest Diagnostics on Old St Augustine Rd.for blood work. The day before I stopped by to obtain urine cups so the morning of June 5th we could bring the specimens in with us. The Quest Diagnostics office says that it opens at 7am but the staff didn't show up until twenty minutes to eight. We thought every thing was fine until we received the results from Doctor Warren. There were no urine specimens on the result form. It said no specimen obtained. They failed doing a PSA for my husband. The result form said it was overlooked. The results from the Doctor said the result was <.7, which is higher from 6 months ago. The Doctor felt the blood laid around too long, hence the higher level. Then we get another result that the level was <.1. I found it hard to trust which is the correct result. My husband has dealt with cancer of the prostate since 2008, and having the result change in any way causes stress on him that the cancer is coming back. I have never encountered such incompetence in a medical office that is supposed to be professional. Quest Diagnostics has lost my business and I am writing a complaint letter to Quest Diagnostics CEO next. Time to contact everyone I know!


A correct diagnosis is 3/4ths remedy and I suggest you Quest Diagnostics is the best place for your medical tests. It is not only for individual patients but also for Corporate companies too. It covers Allergies, Heart diseases, Skin care, Women's Health, Neurology, Lungs and many more. The best diagnosis with latest technologies like ION mobility lipid analysis for cardiovascular risk and various other treatments for all the curable diseases covering lakhs of patients on time with the best results. I suggest you all to make Quest Diagnostics the best choice for your health issues.

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