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I went in for a cleaning. I have Cigna Insurance. First visit I waited over an hour and was told they only had time to do the bottom half of my deep cleaning. Today I had the top teeth deep cleaned. My bill is 1441.00 with insurance. Staff is unwilling to explain charges. Contacted my insurance, Cigna today. Investigation as to why I had to pay 277.80 and 278.00 for this service. I ask several times at my appt this morning if I could have a statement and what my insurance would cover. No one was able to help. I was told upon my exit today I had an infection. Not true. Never told I have an infection. I will be seeking legal counsel for this issue. Cigna is conducting investigation. Employees are very disrespectful and think patients do not understand their answers to questions.


I have been trying to follow instructions in login in it is to difficult for me.

If you can help me that will be great
if not that will also be great

I need a phone number to the compliant department so I can explain the situation regarding my dentures


December 27, 2018
To whom this may concern,

Att. Robert Fontana, Robert C. Connor, Arwinder Judge

This place is a total Scam. Very unprofessional dentists and the Office Manager is incompetent to say the least. She is rude, irate and has no customer service skills whatsoever. After making an 11am appointment to have my front tooth bonded I got there early at 10:40 am, signed in and waited till 12:15 to be called, they did x-rays and sat me in a dental chair and I waited till 1pm to be seen at which time I was told I needed to talk to the finance department before they move forward. He leaves and 20 minutes later the Hygenist comes in and tells me I need a cleaning first. I said fine. The the Finance department comes in and tells me it will be $400.00 for the cleaning.and I said what? She said very abruptly well you can't have the bonding done unless you have the cleaning so you either have to pay for it or you have to sign a payment contract. I refused the cleaning and . stated I came for the bonding. They said NO they would not do the bonding unless I paid for the cleaning. I got very anxious and stressed and asked for the manager, a heavy set woman comes in with a nasty attitude and basically looks at me and says you need to lower your voice. I said lower my voice, I am not yelling I am upset because your office is trying to take advantage of me, talking about everything from braces to $400.00 cleanings to telling me the dentist will not see me unless I pay for the cleaning. The office manager who should not in any way be dealing with your patients or any type of customer relations is very ill-trained and basically blew me off by saying well Miss if you don't pay for the cleaning your not getting the bonding. She without doubt needs to be replaced. i told her and the dentist and the Hygenoist that they have not heard the last of me and now will do everything in my power to contact everyone necessary to make sure this does not happen again to anyone else. once I returned home and after reading hundreds of reviews most of which were complaints from overcharging to doing unnecessary work, to poor customer service I am contacting the corporate office, the Better Business Bureau, ther news channel and any other site I could possibly add a negative complaint. I basically took time away from my Christmas holiday and my family to have my front tooth bonded because it chipped and literally spent three and half hours in the Stroudsburg office for nothing. Beware of Aspen Dental they are a complete farce, they are unprofessional, they are incompetent and they have no customer service skills. Your company should be ashamed of yourselves taking advantage of people the way you do. I am contacting the American Dental Association immediately.

Very disturbed
Susan Bucci


With in a few months of having a very expensive crown placed, I lost the tooth and had to go to another dentist. I knew something was wrong with the crown the minute they drilled the tooth but they said it was a bruised bone. The dentist never once addressed the pain with me. Very poor personal care.
They gave me shots to numb the gums to prepare for drilling then waited so long they had to give me a second round of shots. Very poor personal care.


I had an appointment on October 23, 2018. I waited in the waiting for two hours. I came in for a simple cleaning and was told that I had to come back. My time is just as valuable as your. This is very disrespectful. I wasn't told that I be all day at the dental office. There wasn't a place to sit in the waiting room.

I,ve contacted the better business bureau and I am going to contact the local TV station. My insurance should not be billed. I also took a taxi both ways which cost me $40.00.

Yoy need to change your procedures.

Aspen Dental on Yourie Drive is a sham.


I was advised to come back in July 2019 for free dental repairs. Aspen x-rayed my teeth and informed me for $3000/$4000 that they would repair all dental damages. I live on Social Security Disability and have no dental coverage. The Aspen is in Florence, Kentucky, on Mall Road 41042. The infection in my teeth is serious and could cause me brain damage according to the female dentist that examined me. I wasn't prescribed an anti-biotic! Why does Aspen refuse honorably discharged veterans dental because they can't afford it??? I sent an e-mail to President Trump that has a Washington, D.C. hotline that investigates complaints as these. I understand that Aspen has a headquarters in New York; maybe President Trump needs to ask why veterans don't get dental because of a lack of dental coverage which is unaffordable for most veterans. I have a lower right jaw wisdom tooth that is broken down to the root and the nerve is protruding through that root and there is severe infection. Aspen seen all that and gave me my x-rays free of charge! Why does Aspen put me through suffering, knowing I need urgent care? God bless all veterans that are neglected. Does Aspen have any heart for suffering veterans. Evidently not. Money appears to be of more value than a veteran's health.


My mother was seen in the Epping, NH office on 9/14/18, accompanied by my sister, Tammy Pierce, after many, many visits attempting to get her bottom dentures "right".
The determination was made on that day to refund $899.25. Dr. Yoon, part owner of this location, was there on that day and stood in front of my mom and sister and authorized the refund. The paper work was completed and they were told a check would be mailed to my address to be received in a "few weeks". Well, today is 10/18/18 and I have not received the check. Imagine my surprise when I contact the Epping location and speak to the "new" office manager, Vanessa Gioioso, and am informed there is NO refund request in my mom's file and nothing has been processed. She then tells me that I must complete yet another form (to waste more time) in order to start the process all over again. Anyway, Vanessa tells me that she can not just process a refund because they are a "corporate" company and things have to be done their way. She makes it sound like if you are "corporate" you have the right to drag things out, lose documents and pretty much drag your feet to complete any one process. So, after receiving her email (with document attached that needed to be signed by my mother) I returned the signed document with my signature as POA by email. I also attached the POA I hold for my mother (so she couldn't use that as an excuse for my signing the form for my mom) and asked her to reply to the email in order to confirm that she received it. So, I am submitting this in order to have documentation regarding how long it takes for Aspen Dental to complete refunds. Aspen wants their money up front for services rendered yet, they drag their feet, lose documents and make excuses when it comes to refunding money to an unhappy customer for poor service rendered.


I am a c5 c6 incomplete spinal cord patient. I couldn't make appointments at times and now they want me to pay350 for a hard recline that's already been done once. I live on social security and I am not able to pay that much money. I paid 700 dollars for teeth that don't fit!!!


I’ve been dealing with aspen dental in Marquette mich since June 20 no teeth and 2000 miles driven for cancelled appointments and poor service making payments on dental work not done to me had family emergencies blown off so could keep appointments that get canceled like to get a lawyer or report to better business bureau one very unhappy person never again


Enough people have been injured by Aspen Dental who have learned the hard way that a multi layered, multi billion $$ corporation is hard to fight, especially for one who lacks financial resources (the typical Aspen Dental patient).

Seniors, people with disabilities and children of low income families become regular victims of Aspen Dental's evil tactics. Often times they are forced to live with the pain Aspen inflicted by their botched work until they can afford to get it fixed, which for some that time never comes. That's right, Aspen Dental causes pain for people who have to live with it due to lack of funds, and Aspen Dental does NOT care. Instead they will blame the victim for the problem, and off to destroy the smile of their next victim.

Consequently this movement has been born:
(Boycott Aspen Dental)

Aspen Dental has made BILLIONS of $$$$ off the backs of the poor; it's time for the tables to turn (as fate would have it). Let's make Aspen Dental cry for a change! Together WE can!
Join B.A.D. today!


Hay suficientes personas lesionadas por Aspen Dental que han aprendido de la peor manera que una corporación multicapa multimillonaria es difícil de combatir, especialmente para una persona que no tiene recursos financieros (el paciente típico de Aspen Dental).

Las personas mayores, personas con discapacidades e hijos de familias de bajos ingresos se convierten en víctimas habituales de las tácticas malvadas de Aspen Dental. Muchas veces se ven obligados a vivir con el dolor Aspen infligido por su trabajo fallido hasta que puedan darse el lujo de arreglarlo, lo que para algunos ese tiempo nunca llega. Así es, Aspen Dental causa dolor a las personas que tienen que vivir con él debido a la falta de fondos, y a Aspen Dental NO le importa. En lugar de eso, culparán a la víctima por el problema y se desharán de la sonrisa de su próxima víctima.

En consecuencia, este movimiento ha nacido:
(Boicot a Aspen Dental)

Aspen Dental ha hecho MILLONES de $$$$ de las espaldas de los pobres; es hora de que las mesas giren (como lo haría el destino). ¡Hagamos que Aspen Dental llore por un cambio! ¡Juntos podemos!
Únete a B.A.D. ¡hoy!


This is my third time trying to get through to someone about a complaint. Will someone call me at 580-223-4633 about my complaint. Thank you. Jimmy Lackey


This is my third time trying to get through to someone about a complaint. Will someone call me at 580-223-4633 about my complaint. Thank you. Jimmy Lackey


I regretfully entered the doors of Aspen Dental April of 2017, and was harmed when the dentist instructed the hygienist to adjust and seat a permanent crown. She was not permitted to do what she did. She was instructed to do what she did because the dentist admitted that he saw an exposed nerve when removing the temporary crown and he decided he didn't want to deal with it. Dr. Mark Habermeyer wherever you ran off to, I'm still dealing with the pain that YOU caused. Your former employer (Leonard Green and Co) doesn't want to deal with it either, nor does George McKee. Well, because of you and Aspen Dental this movement has been born. B.A.D. (Boycott Aspen Dental) See you all at the picket line!! (more info at


At the beginning of 2017 I opted for a HSA card thru my job and placed 2500.00 on it because I was having a baby after being approved for other health insurance I didn't have to use these funds and opted to have my teeth worked on . I was advised that I needed several things done and put down 1600.00. My issue started w multiple fill ins after each fill in my mouth would hurt so much I would be in tears when attempting to eat talk brush etc. I would call back to the office to advise the receptionist AZ. She would always "sound" like she was irritated about me complaining and rush me into an appointment date to come back in to get me off the phone I assumed. The last call I made in January 2018 AZ insisted that she would pull my records and give them to the doctor for review. I was told on more than one occasion that I would receive a call back but I never did. The staff is nice they speak and compliment and all but the care of my teeth is the issue here. I believe I have had 13 fill ins 5 of which I was told did not take and had to be redone. To date I still need two fill ins and my mouth still hurts! I can't eat bread beans things that are soft my teeth react to cold and hot w pulsing pain even brushing my teeth hurt. I cant gargle mouth wash (even what they gave me ) because it too hurts. The doctor who did my last fill in (because every time I go seems like a new doctor is in my mouth )told me that my teeth are sensitive and this is just not true. Before undergoing this torture my teeth were fine they didn't react to hot and cold I could bite an apple or anything now I nibble w my front teeth like a squirrel to avoid shooting pain. How many times do I need to contact the office about the same issue ? How many times do they need to go back over my x rays ? I recall one session of fill ins were the doctor commented that the cavity he was filling (1st time id even heard I had a cavity ) was a really large but he still filled it. My research of my issue took me to causes of root canals this document said that sometimes a cavity can be too big to fill and when filled will cause discomfort ... Is this the case ? I'm in pain I'm 35 and healthy and upset that I chew like a old lady w false teeth ! Who can I speak to that can get to the bottom of this ongoing torture ? Please advise ... #eatingwcaution


I went to Aspen dental because it was close to my home. My gums were bleeding and I had pain on right side. I was concerned about having an abscess tooth. I gave them my delta dental card. The receptionist (Dasia)left me for 5 minutes to see if I would be covered. She returned and said I am covered for x rays. I got a bill for $140.00 from them later because x rays weren't covered. I've called 3 times to resolve this with them and they say they will get back to me. Haven't heard from them yet.


I arrived on time at the Aspen Dental Clinic in Branson, at 7:30 a.m. today to find the lobby heavily scented.

I have reactive airways disease and was having trouble breathing due to the scents in the lobby. I asked the receptionist if she could turn off the air freshener explaining about my illness. She said I could have a mask. She got annoyed when I told her that ordinary masks do not help with scent. She declared that she and the other front desk workers only wore scented oil which "did not contain any chemicals and could not cause anybody to have a reaction." I said, "give me a break, WATER is a chemical!" She arose and stalked from the room, arriving back heavily covered in scent. I suppose her intent was to make me so sick I would have to go to hospital.

I am 70 years old. Airways disease kills people my age all the time. It was clear that nobody at Aspen Dental cared if I died.

I stood outdoors in the cold to wait for my provider, who came and got me about 15 minutes later. While getting my x-rays the Dentist came into the room and fired me. Not only did the front office staff cause me to suffer, the Dentist did not show any compassion for my being made needlessly sick.

Toni Oliver


Got a partial i have had went back to try and have it feel good and be able to wear it but to no results i can not wear it with comfort .I have spent almost 3,000 dollars and to my disappointment ....I am asking you to please give me a refund, i am a widow and am on a fixed income and really need the money back.


Went to Aspen Dental in Richmond, IN. July 2015 for a consultation. They took x-rays and explained my options and cost. In November of 2015 I went to my family dentist for emergency tooth extraction (4 teeth to be exact). In Feb of 2016 I contacted Aspen Dental for an appointment to extract the rest of the teeth and have dentures fitted. The young lady I spoke to explained I would not need new x-rays or exam since the x-rays was less then a year old. She proceeded to tell me what the insurance would be paying and what my balance would be and that it needed to be paid in full. I had again explained that I had teeth extracted so that the x-rays were out dated and the quote would need to be adjusted.

On March 12, 2016 I went in for my appointment explaining again the x-rays were out dated. They explained the dentist would make the adjustments and sign off on the missing teeth and the invoice would be adjusted and a credit would be applied to my account.. Needless to say no corrections were made, Now Aspen is charging me for extraction they did not do. My insurance company has even informed them that these teeth had been previously extracted therefore no benefit is payable.

I have made multiple calls to the accounting department to see why monies have been applied to these teeth when the insurance company didn't pay. I have worked with insurance EOB's and was always taught that the claim and EOB should match up. Last I knew when you continue to bill a insurance company or a patient for a procedure that was not performed by your office that is fraud and is against the law...


Spent $12,000 on getting teeth completely fixed. Just a year later my bridge falls out and the same people who put it in said that the tooth supporting it is decayed. I need another root canal and to lose 2 of the 5 teeth on my bridge. They also charged me $129 just to put the bridge back in and now it's not even level with rest of my teeth. I am sure they are waiting for it to fall out again and charge me yet again. Does aspen not back their work? I will be filling as many complaints as necessary to whomever I need to to get this taken care of.


Stay far away from this branch and all Aspen dental practices. These people only care about profits and I mean only. The last six months have been the worst of my life and it is completely due to the mismanagement and dehumanizations I've faced in dealing with Aspen Dental. I received very poor quality work, was lied to, over charged, double charged, mislead, taken advantage of, and given the run around.

After 40 plus trips, many wasted, I am left with zero bottom teeth, no usable denture and no reasonable resolution. I have developed IBS due to the stress they have created in my life, combined with a total inability to chew my food. My story is too long and detailed for words here, but I will say that you won't find a happy experience waiting for you at Aspen Dental. Go somewhere that cares more about their patients than they do profits. I am totally disgusted with the lack of care and bad work these people provided. Good luck.


Aspen is one of the most complained about dentist offices I have seen online. My friend called them schedule an appointment due to a cavity while he was out of town, and they put him on hold for 20 minutes. However, I have not really had any problems when I visit. I have a vacation home in the area.

I get cleaning of my teeth done regularly. All I do is take an appointment and they get it done on time, at least usually. The dentist out here is friendly and ensures to do the job of cleaning very well. The waiting area is clean, plenty of seating. The receptionist ensures to keep the dentist updated if we reach and the process is done pretty quick.

They are very conveniently located.While cleaning the teeth, the dentist informs you about every step of the procedure so that you are aware. Well I would suggest anyone suffering with any kind of dental problems to visit.


Year before last I was at Aspen Dental in Carson City Nevada. Of course I needed a lot of dental work done. They did the standard Examination and xray and found that I needed several extractions, deep cleaning as well as partials. As we proceeded with these things they started with impressions so they could provide me with teeth to be able to chew food and live life enjoying what I eat. Then they also extracted the teeth that were bad as well as cleaned and also filled my teeth that they could save. Well as I made several appointments for all of these things and treatment began much to my disappointment as we progressed was the fact they did pull and fill my teeth as well as cleaned them but each time I was there they could not get the partials to fit correctly so they attempted to do another impression to send out, well I had had it and decided to go without them.

Now almost 2 years later I had a filling drop out that they did yes drop out as I did not abuse my teeth to any hard or crunchy food that would compromise my remaining teeth or the fillings that they put in. Well the loss of the filling occurred on 7/02/2015 now I am in no position to correct it due to lack of money. Very disappointed in this place as well as losing a filling in less than 2 years, not to mention going there is like being in a drive thru fast food establishment rather than a professional dental office. No I would not take legal action or threaten them, but id do hope they lose there rite to practice! How do you lose a filling when you are not abusing your teeth to harsh foods? thanks for nothing Aspen.


One of the best dental services that I have come across is Aspen Dental. I needed a tooth to be pulled off as it had decayed and at Aspen Dental they treated me very well. They removed the cavity and ensured the filling was done in a right manner. They use the latest techniques and equipment and make the overall experience comfortable. Not only this, they also checked the oral hygiene and gave me tips on how to keep my teeth protected from cavity.

Aspen Dental are professional and know what they are doing. They deal even with cosmetic surgery. Who wouldn't want to get a perfect smile. I have seen several happy people coming out of the hospital with a great smile and they also suggested me to go for it. Great going at Aspen Dental for the kind of technology they use keeping the safety of their patients.

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