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Miracle-Ear is a network of franchises that specialize in hearing aid devices. In 2016 sales were reported as 83millionUSD. There are over 1200 franchises in North America. Parent company Amplifon is the worldwide distributor based in Italy.

To reach phone support call 877-739-0141. You may also find contact information here. If you would like to write a letter to CEO, Heinz Ruch, address an envelop with Miracle-Ear Corporation, 5000 Cheshire Parkway North, Plymouth, MN 55446 USA. The corporate office phone number is 800-464-8002.

In 2015 the new GENIUS Technology was introduced to provide improved hearing performance. Miracle-Ear provides a 30 day risk free purchase, warranty and lifetime aftercare. Social support is found on Facebook and LinkedIn

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I have had $6100 retail with small discount Miracle Ear hearing aids for several months. I cannot understand a work anyone says. Everything is so loud I can’t stand it but cannot hear voices or understand what anyone says. Each time I go for adjustment they get worse. Excuse is that it is my fault because I don’t have them set right. I have set them every way possible a thousand times and still cannot hear. It’s like money down the drain. Can I return them and get money back or tell everyone I have some really bad hearing aids. I can’t hear anything on the phone with them and can’t understand a word my son says to me. He is very upset with my getting them and paying so much for nothing. I am going to have to quit my job because I can’t understand anyone and in a staff meeting I hear nothing.
Please reply to bmiller@willcountyhealth.org.
Thank you.


I have been to Miracle Ear in McAllen, Texas. The first visit was ok, from there on in, I came back every day because the hearing aids did not fit and fit properly I did not realize that 30 days have past. They would not accept them, and the gal said if I left them there, she would not take them back nor she would denied receiving them.I will not pay for something that does not fit properly. Will you please either take them back and not charge me. I thank you very much for any help you can give me.


When your company listened to the dictates of teenager, David Hogg and boycotted Laura Ingram Show, we lost respect for your leadership. Your Board was wrong to let politics make your choice. Do you let your own teenage children tell you what to do?. A Marine Corp Veteran can enlighten Kurt Schmidt CEO. You've made an awful mistake. Semper Fidelis,


On 8-31-17 I went to Miracle Ear for tube replacement and hearing exam. Seana Garvey accused me of switching my hooks out because they were both different ones and she even got the numbers off of them to order new one when I needed them after the first of the year because they had told me earlier couldn’t replace them but once a year. On 10-3 I went to have my hearing aids which were under a purchased warranty to be sent off for repair I brought my old hearing aids with me to the which Seana chewed me out for putting them on the hooks I had said they would strip them out I ask her what I was supposed to do go without hearing aids to the which she started in on me again as usual and was told not to come back anymore. I did at that time threaten the BBB of which I did call back and apologized stating I would not do it. 10- 10 I received a text from Bruce (of which I had text him after the last visit also told him I had apologized to Seana) he told me due to the fact I had been so rude to her that I can get my hearing aids once they come back from shop but not allowed to come back anymore the that store in Paducah, Ky! I have had others tell me how rude she is to them yet I get blamed for her chewing me out each time even has told me before when my hearing aids were squealing to hold my phone away from my ear and they are not Bluetooth hearing aids so I would not be able to hear if I did this. Yet it is all my fault according to her I have not once got an apology from her for chewing me out for my hearing aids hanging off my ear and her stating I had done something to them it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t measure to see how long they needed to be it was my fault they were hanging off or falling off my ear. I have had to hold myself back each time not to say anything to upset her when it is her that is at fault not me. My hearing aids fall off my ear off the hook it is my fault not hers. She told Bruce she has proof of the last visit yet does she have proof of her chewing me out over my hearing aids falling off my ear or other things like accusing me of switching hooks? Where is this proof? I have heard others tell me that she is rude to them as well and I not say anything to them they know where I go to get my hearing aids worked on at and have had 2 sets of hearing aids from this location never had any problems with Bruce or anyone else just Seana is all. When I got my hearing tested she did a partial hearing test no speech recognition as that is part of the test yet I never mentioned it to her and had to wait a month for her to tell me what my results were because she didn’t tell me I guess that was my fault also. She volunteered to change a tube on one of my old molds that just sit in drawer when the next visit said I had ask her to so same as called me a liar! Who is right and who is wrong. I had ask her earlier this year to get me some new hooks or horns came back few months later ask about them she refused to answer again shows me the door, I have gone in with hearing aids hanging off my ear or tube coming of hook she ask me "what did you do to them they were fine last time" in a Rude voice. I have even text Bruce to find out what she has against me but he takes her side and says I am not allowed to come back to that store anymore due to my rudeness with her! What about the way she talks to me in a rude voice and blames me for everything I guess I am doing something to my hearing aids now also because my right one falls off my ear when I bend over according to what Seana always says I have done something to them!! I am TIRED of getting blamed for everything. I ask her earlier what type hooks I had so maybe I could get them from someone else and earlier she had looked at my hooks to get the number off them yet on 10-3 she told me she had to order them off her computer she didn't know what they were she just orders hooks! HMMM I thought different hearing aids had different hooks and she got the number off them also so she could order them yet she just orders hooks off her computer! Who is telling the truth here and who is mad at who!! I have pictures of my hearing aids hanging off my ear if you need them. I do not know what her problem is but I have had people to tell me she was rude to them and I said nothing to them about the way she treated me they knew where I went is why they told me. She told Bruce she had witnesses did she record the time when she told me she had to look at the hooks to see what they were and did she record the times she blamed me for things happening to my hearing aids?? Did she record the time she did a partial hearing test on me no speech recognition done at all and she didn't tell me the results of it until a month later.Did she record the time she told me when she sent my hearing aids off for repair that they would come back with new hooks on them? I ask her about this last time and now because I have talked back to her I am ban from going back to this store because "I have upset her and made her mad" Why is it that I have to bite my tongue each time I get chewed out yet when I talk back it is my fault!!!!! I apologized to her because I threatened the BBB yet she has not ONCE apologized to me for her mistakes when she can't measure the tubs to make them the correct size each time!!!! I want an apology PERSONALLY from Seana for all the times she has chewed me out blaming me for ting that happen to my hearing aids and wanting me to go without hearing aids this time due to these stripping my hooks out when I had no other hooks for these as they do not make them for these anymore these will strip the threads out if I take them loose from the hooks. I want to be able to go back there if necessary and her be nice to me not blaming me!


My visit yesterday at the Miracle Ear in Lansdale ,Pa. was not a good visit.I received a card to come in,and they would give me a hearing test and let me know weather my problem was just a wax build up,or some thing more serious like hearing loss The girl,I don't know her name,was not pleasant to me.She kept saying ,"I was in denial" because I told her I was not sure I was ready yet to buy hearing aids .she said I really did need them now.She did not give me a hearing test,nor asked me if I would like to try one ,so I could ,see how much better my hearing would be.I told her from the start ,I wasn't sure I was ready to get them now,but she kept saying;yes you are;She kept saying,Your in denial! I said that was not the case,and she kept saying,Yes you are. The card I got ,said you are not obligated to buy.Come in for the hearing test,and we will give you a $20.00 gift card from WaWa.,which I did not get.There was more things she said. Than ,she said there is nothing more I can do for you,and that's when I left.Sorry my visit wasn't what I expected, Marilyn Venetz


I have an 83 year old father was having trouble with his hearing aids, so the agent told him he needed an up grade. The miracle agent told my father these new ones would fix everything and at a very large expense he up graded. The new ones are the same as the last ones they don't work half the time, they send them back their gone for two weeks, again the same thing so we made an appointment again drove for an hour to get there, now they don't have time to see him.


Miracle is one of the largest and most trusted brands of hearing aids. If you have a problem, then you probably are not using them correctly.


I purchased hearing aids about 2 years ago and have trouble with them, It cost me about $1.500.00 and have had trouble with them. If it wasn't the left it was the right . I went back on Friday the 29th cause the left one was making a noise I had to leave it there they called and I went today Feb. 1st and said it would cost $140.00 to fix. I been having problems for the past year/and a half looking for legal counsel to sue the corporate headquarters for fraud.

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