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They do not communicate about your pod, money's etc. My pod got delivered and it rained and it filled with water. I moved after I got a new pod and now making payment for transport and they can't locate a 1900 dollar check it sent. I tracked it and post office said they received it, I'm yet to get get a call a e mail as my things are held hostage. The company is a nightmare don't use them be smart rent a u haul. Worst experience ever. And they want to charge me a rent fee I was never told about.


The invoicing is causing me to be frustrated with Pods customer support. I am being billed and doubled billed for invoiced in February when my account was paid in October to a 0.00 balance. I will see legal council if this is not resolved quickly. Never recommending this service to anyone again.


Billing problems with PODS. I am being billed over for payments made. Its happen before but its always something I have to pay to resolve and the customer service is so stressful they don't know whats going on with any other department. Would not recommend PODS to anyone else. I will try to resolve this again but no hope, will report back if I can get this fixed.


Moving is already a stressful time, but using PODS made it that much worse! 

I ordered two PODS to use for my cross country move. They were delivered on the correct day, the billing was already taken care of, and everything was moving swiftly and perfectly for my move. Until the day came for them to pick it up (Wed). They called saying that they would pick up the PODS the following day, a day late! I called immediately and we were able to work out a time for them to pick it up early moring the folliwng day (Thurs). Thursday came and went and no one picked up the PODS! By this time, I'm panicking. And when I tried to call customer service, no one answered! They finally came and picked the PODS up on Friday. 

I thought everything was fine and dandy, until I received a bill. For the two days of having the PODS when they didn't pick them up in time. I called, argued, and called some more about this issue, but they dont' seem to want to own up to their responsibility. The entire ordeal has been a nightmare and added more stress to my move, since I had to postpone due to the ineptitude of the PODS employees. Never using this company again and telling everyone about how lousy their service is. 


I am in the construction business and needed a storage place for my equipment. After contacting PODS, I now have a safe place for the things I use. They have different sizes to offer. They also have moving boxes which is very useful. I have recently moved and kept 3 PODS during this period. Everything went as planned. Customer service at PODS is very helpful and I would definelty choose PODS in any of my future endeavor. I highly recommend this company for anyone planning on moving long distance or needing a storage facility.

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