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Overstock.Com, Inc. is an American home furnishing e-commerce retailer that is publicly traded on  NASDAQ:OSTK. The site carries over 6 million products and revenues in 2014 were reported as 1.5 billion USD. There are over 1700 employees.

To reach Customer Service, call 1-800-843-2446. You will find contact information here. To write a letter to CEO, Patirck Byrne, address an envelop with Peace Coliseum, Overstock.Com, Patrick Byrne, 799 W. Coliseum Way, Midvale, UT 840407. Corporate phone number is 801-947-3100.

From the air the new corporate office is a replica of the Roman coliseum and also looks like a “peace sign”. Started in 1999 everything for home at discount prices is sold. They were the first to accept ‘bitcoin’ online. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

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Ordered Ireland storage bed from Overstock/Acme. Bed delivered by a courier van service named CEVA of New Jersey. As courier unloaded our bed in multiple boxes I noticed that several boxes appeared to be damaged or crushed in at corners and sides. No rips or tears in boxes. I signed the delivered sheet and we began carrying all the boxes inside our home and I went back to work and planned to assemble beds in a day or two. When we began opening the boxes and removing styrofoam packing materials we notice that the styrofoam was for the most part in pieces. (not a good sign). Several drawers were severely damages, broken, split etc. Continued to unpack and removed large headboard and foot board. Headboard staples and nails were displaced and no longer attached at corners. Scratched and out of square. Foot board also had damage at joints and separated. We ordered new mattress that was delivered the next day so that we could assemble and sleep on our new mattress and bed. We now have removed and cut and folded all of shipping boxes and trashed many of the already damaged styrofoam packing materials. So my wife began to cry realizing that our bed was useless and damaged beyond any possible repairs and after waiting several weeks for our bed to arrive from Overstock, our wedding and honeymoon only days away. I emailed Overstock on 8/22/2018 customer service advising them of our dilemma and all the damage to our new bed. Overstock replied with a text message stating that all of their customer support are busy and we will be contacted in the order of our request. We rep'd email from Tiffany apologizing for the damaged product and she wanted to know what parts she could send us and or do we want packing boxed to send back. I advised that the bed was too damaged and too many pieces were not repairable and that we do not want to spend the time and effort to repack all of the damaged bed. I advised that we were getting married in a few days and then honeymoon. My wife was really upset and wanted to know why Overstock could not come and repack all the damaged bed parts. The bed was extremely heavy weighing maybe a few hundred pounds. My wife and I pulled all the broken pieces out to our lawn and left them at curbside to be trashed. We did not have time to given our busy upcoming plans and we did not want to store the damaged bed in our tiny living room. Tiffany requested pictures which I promptly sent showing all details and damages. Tiffany asked if we could send back the damaged bed and I advised that bed was on our lawn and we are not shipping and packing this items nor do we have time to wait. I requested full refund. Overstock stated in email since we are not willing to resend a few hundred pounds of broken bedding along with time in repacking and waiting for another courier picked (taking time off from work and waiting for another courier to pick up and wasting our time for hours to accomplished this request) the rep stated that we could only get store credit. After a day we got another rep contacting us advising us to remove items(broken bed) from trash and send it back. I advised again that we are getting married and all the damaged pieces were trashed. I was asked four times during several communications with Overstock customer service reps to send pics and I advised that I have sent multiple pics on two occasions and that I am not sending anymore pics. It seemed like Overstock were delaying the resolve by emailing the same redundant request over and over after explaining our situation multiple time. Refund seemed to be out of the question from the beginning and store credit was suggested as a resolve but no store credit was even offered at this point in time. We are not sleeping on the floor with our new mattress. Customer service at Overstock does not read emails nor do they care about any resolution after spending almost $1,000.00 with our credit card. I am about to hire and attorney to help us. Dennis Welsh


send me Inf. on my order.


I am requesting at least partial refund of the return shipping charge levied on me of $180.00 by Overstock.com. I ordered a bed and matress set 21 days ago - I received the bed in a week and after 2 weeks and many calls, no employee could locate my matress or even a workable tracking number. My son went out and purchased a matress for me. I am 71 years old, 30 years in the service and always to this date trusted Overstock.com. I tracked the shipping company down and was advised they had the wrong phone number for me (not the one on my account) and had been calling that wrong number for 4 days. I advised them I had a matress now and the person I spoke with tagged the matress set as a return to Overstock.com. The circumstances were not my blame, but an outdated phone number somewhere in the system. This is a first of many deliveries before this occurrence that used a wrong number for 4 days and couldn't deliver my mattress. I am on a very small fixed income and having to pay for both mattresses is a hardship, and to receive $200 refund for a $400 product is near criminal - Request this information be forwarded for review in fairness to me. I will trust the outcome, once again I see a partial refund of the $180 return shipping charge. Thank you.

Order # 215398017 Serta Chrome Firm Full-size Mattress Set $439.99


Good evening, after purchasing 3 floor pillows, and they are beautiful, I will have to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics or Amazon and purchase pillow inserts to put in side these pillows .first of all, between the set of 2 and the one there's a probably almost $100 in pillows that I've purchased, and I'm not complaining about sending them back, but I need to be compensated for the fact that I have to get better inserts because the pillows that I received don't have enough stuffing in them. I'd appreciate if someone could get back with me through my email address and as a Overstock customer to let me know how possible I can be compensated .After speaking with an Associate all they were able to do was give me $20 , that's not going to compensate me when I have to go out there and spend anywhere from 50 to $75 from Jo-Ann Fabrics are Amazon for pillow inserts hope to have your reply soon

Sincerely, Pamm Strickland


On October 13, 2016, I ordered two cabinets from Overstock.com. The part (Hinge Plates M-2) that allows the doors to be connected to the cabinet were missing for both of the cabinets. There was a notification providing an email address to request missing parts, which I used detailing all information regarding the product and the name and number of the missing parts.

It took between 7-10 days to receive these parts, and when I opened the package, Metal Hinges (7/8”) w/Spring-M-1 had been sent, rather than the correct Hinge Plates M-2, needed to put the cabinets together. At this time I contacted Overstock.com directly, and told them I wanted the correct parts overnighted immediately, and was told the warehouse did not overnight parts.

I did get a voice message saying the parts would be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday, they were delivered on Saturday when I was out of town. When this second shipment of parts was opened on, November 26, 2016, again I had been sent Metal Hinges (7/8”) w/Spring-M-1 had been sent, rather than the correct Hinge Plates M-2, needed to put the cabinets together. I now have 16 of the incorrect parts and 0 of parts needed to make the purchased product usable.

After realized I had again been sent the wrong parts, I contacted Overstock.com on Saturday, November 26, 2016, and was told the warehouse was closed. But McKenzie the customer service representative assured me, that she got to work at 7:30AM MDT, on Monday, November 28, 2016, and would immediately contact the warehouse and provide me an update by telephone at 10:00AM. I made arrangements to be home at this time.

I then spent between 30 to 45 minutes on the Overstock.com’s live chat, receiving apologies for the inconvenience, non-answers about some technical issues precluding their ability to contact to me, and finally an “assurance” that I would be contacted by 5:00PM MDT. However, shortly after this I received an email saying I would be contacted within 24 hours. So which is it? 5:00PM today or within 24 hours. Based on the number of commitments that have been made by your company, none of which have been met, I suspect it is neither. I will not hear from you except automatically generated messages that do not resolve the problem.

In summary, your company has had my money for 6 weeks and I have a completely unusable product stacked in pieces around my dining room walls. Additionally, you have demonstrated a complete and total unwillingness to do anything that would expedite the resolution of this problem which is a result of problems in your operation. Your only solution is to return the product putting the entire responsibility on the customer to work out getting a 100 loose pieces with wooden pegs and metal pins put in them as part of the attempt to put this item together into some kind of container.


Purchased 2 medicine cabinets for full retail price. Build quality poor relative to price paid. Mirrors on front and inside have "ghosting" issues. Silver is fading or non existent in spots. Partial refund would be appropriate, but I am not purchasing anything else from the 'O' aka Overstock.com anymore.


I heard a complaint about Overstock getting caught in recent scandals were their website team was cheating. That is a horrible thing to do! I will never think about shopping at a place that lies and cheats their way to the top.


Shopping online has never been easy. But when it comes to shopping at Overstock.com, it’s the best experience one could ask for. Discounts, sale of unbeatable prices across various products. Not just this Overstock.com has everything under one roof like furniture, bed and bath, jewelry, watches, health and beauty, electronics and much more. I have made alot of purchase from Overstock.com and found it the best way to shop. They have very good quality items sold on their website. Minimal shipping charges, quick delivery, good customer service that anyone could expect on a shopping website. Highly recommended website for shopping.

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