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Guitar Center is privately owned and is the world’s largest seller of guitars, amplifiers, drums, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting and recording software. There are 269 locations in the US with over 10,000 employees. Revenues in 2014 were reported as 2.14billion.

English speaking Customer Service is 855-770-3373 and Espanola 877-682-5402. You may write to CEO, Ron Japinga in a letter addressed to him with 5795 Lindero Canyon Road, Westlake Village, CA 91362.  Also you may find online assistance here. The corporate office phone number is 818-735-8800.

Founded in 1952 and featuring rentals, equipment leasing, rebates, layaways, and online sales, the hottest item this year is the newly released Jimi Hendrix Signature Strat. The Guitar Center slogan is “selling the greatest feeling on earth”.  Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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I purchased a new guitar from the website on 12/15/18 that was a “doorbuster” for $149. By 12/19/18 I had not received any communication regarding shipping so I called customer service. I was told there was a problem with my order and they would have to reorder it. I was then guaranteed that it would be here by 12/21/18. On 12/20/18 I still had not received a shipping email so I called again. The representative stated that he would call the store and make sure it was set to ship that day. When he came back on the line I was told that it would ship today, but he wanted to inform me that it had to be packaged up because it was their floor model and was in “excellent condition.” I then asked if I was going to be given a discount on the price as I did not order a “floor model” I ordered a brand new guitar. I was told that I already received more than 15% off the original price and it could not be discounted further. I stated that the “discount” was their sale price and that was for a new guitar. I will be contacting the better business bureau as this is false advertising. I will also NEVER shop at a guitar center again!!


Kind of a long story here. I went to Guitar Center in Oakdale Minnesota Tuesday to order the Alesis Strike Kit. The guys were super cool and tried to help, but either our bank or the computer at the store was not letting the transaction go through. We were to come back the next day and we did but the guy that was working was having troubles so we were going to go to the bank and just get the money. I had gotten an email from guitar center saying I could just order online, so instead of getting the money we ordered on line. I was told 3 to 5 business days and the kit would be here. As of today the order is still in the processing state. I got on tech support chat 3 times today and was told that they would "reach out to the team to see if they can get this moving". Then it was "give it a couple hours and there should be an update" and that it should be 1-3 days. I ordered the kit online TUESDAY and it's now Friday. at 4:40 I got on chat again and now there is no response. I can't cancel the money transfer from my bank and am told I have to do it with guitar center. Unfortuantly it's to late in the day to do so and so I'll have to wait till Monday. This is the worst bunch of baloney I have ever EVER gone through to make a purchase. By what is happening to me right now you'd almost think guitar center doesn't want to make a sale. Next time I need new equipment (which I do need some stuff for my bands lighting and probably we'll need more sound equipment), I guess I'll have to go through Sweetwater. This sucks huge.


Ive been researching on how to purchase alvarez pc-1 case. Its for a alvarez delta 610etsb. I contacted tom k at alvarez he said they dont sell direct so guitar center would have to order it. Your store in tempe got model i wanted so i bolted down ive been waiting to try this model for year. I was ready to purchase guitar so i inquired by email tried three times the first time customer rep austin spear said he didnt get my email. The next two he didnt even reply to. So i went into store talked to rep on floor gave my email and request and no one got back to me. Ive been a customer of guitar center since 1987 when i special ordered my mesa boogie mark 3 which was a great amp . With all the options these days i have so many more options i just have been a loyal customer for a long time. I like the alvarez 610 models which are made by guitar center but i have been looking at other sites im very disappointed by the service and at tempe store were most the time the employees just stay behind the counter in group and have jam sessions . cordially yours joel jobson


I ordered a brand new cry baby 535q wah pedal on july 23 2016 paid for it in full order #gc11431069 when I received it. I noticed it was not new it was a floor model didn't come in a box no warranty or registration card. I called the store manager from guitar center located at 160 rt 22 springfeild nj 07081. I spoke to dave s he apologized for his worker for shipping a used wah pedal he said he will compensate me with a pack of guitar strings. What an insult guitar center should retrain dave s on how to be a cautious store manager if guitar center wants me as a continuing customer they need to compensate me a little better than just a set of lousy guitar strings.


On 2/20/2016 I went to rent Guitar Center qsc k-12 speakers in Jacksonville Florida at your Atlantic Blvd store. I spoke with the customer service / rent manager Todd, and he gave me the speakers, stands, etc. I then set up speakers for a wedding gig I was hired for and did a sound check. To then find out that one speaker was blown. Long story short, I had to refund my client 100 for me being late, having to drive 15 miles back to get another speaker, making them start their wedding late. This made my business look bad and I lost a client behind this. I am trying to say that Guitar Center corporate headquarters policy needs to be changed to were this doesn't happen again. Guitar Center guys have a good reputation that's why I conduct business with you but after this I am considering going else were. Very bad business.


Today i wanted to trade my pioneer mixer with an open box mixer. Their mixer was missing some of the knobs. I asked the manager if i could take the one from my,but he refuse to let me do.I decided to trade it my a new one. However, when i got there the second time, I was not attended the way it should. I was being ignored without attention. Therefore, I decided to leave the store. I would thing by the second time i would get a better service. I did not. So i would bring my business somewhere else.This was the San Jose store at Steven creek.


I have bought lots of equipment from guitar center, and am terribly disappointed in the store services, salesmen in the Amarillo tx , and Albuquerque, have spent good money on p a systems, mics, guitars, strings, and am feeling like im only a commission to salespersons, bought a fender guitar, with string promo, and no one seems to know how I go about getting my strings, took a guitar to Amarillo store, to get repaired, repairman didn't want to help me, I spent good money in these stores, but wont spend anymore. How can a write my complaints to the corporate headquarters? I bet the CEO would want to know!


Guitar center is bull. I bought 2 items in cash and both of those items did not work. I was given 2 separate checks as a refund. I paid cash and I was given checks. Checks cost money to cash $7 a check! Nowhere on this receipt does it say that refunds will be given in the form of a check.

I called the Guitar Center "corporate office" which is not the corporate office it's the .com...screening the calls for corporate. The only resolution this company has come up with is to call the store and have them write me 1 check. I paid cash. So now you want to have me drive all the way back to your store wasting gas and time and more money both ways to get 1 check. Everyone that I spoke to when I called Guitar Center customer service number, in the process has had an I do not care attitude and a bunch of smart remarks.

Do not buy anything from guitar center....spend your money somewhere it's deserved.


My daughter wanted an electric guitar for her music classes and I didn’t have enough knowledge about musical instruments. But after contacting Guitar center, I was able to buy a guitar of her choice. They have a wide range and she was able to choose the best for her passion. Guitar Centre not just have guitars but all sorts of musical instruments like Bass, Drums, keyboards, DJ related equipment etc. at unbelievable prices. I would generally never write a review unless my experience with the product is good. I thank GC for delivering the piece on time and it was packaged well. Anyone looking for any musical instruments the GC is the place to look for.

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