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Dear Sir, i have been a customer since Dec 2017. the service has been good. the price for service is high, though. i was told if that if we needed a call for someone to come out get rid of a dead rodent, there would be no charge. this was supposed to be good for any time. we had a technician come out on Feb 26, 2019 to get rid of a dead rodent and we got charged 90 Dollers!! there was not supposed to be a charge. i called the office to complain and i was told that was my regular visit. this was not true. i would like a check sent to me refunding my money for this occasion. thank you for your time. Richard Weinstein 1525 b Gregg St Philadelphia Pa. 19115 (215-464-5785)


I was told by your rep Rick (815-278-7126) that the cost to exterminate my apartment would be $1,400 and Orkin would come back in two weeks to access the apartment. Rick told me that Orkin would return in three months for a cost of $96.00. When my sister (Ann) received a copy of the contract from Orkin, the terms were difficult than what stated to my sister on 8/13.18. My sister (Ann) signed the contract with the understanding of the terms Rick explained to Ann. The correct action taken by Orkin is to have Ann read the contract prior to signing the contract. Since Orkin did not allow Ann to read the contract it is Ann's word against Rick. Ann spoke to the branch manager who of course took Rick's side. There is no way this kind of action so have been taken on the part of Orkin. The terms of the contract should have been reviewed with Ann prior to her signing and we would not be having this issue right now. I would like a blank copy of your contract sent to me via email (j57mayfield@gmail.com).

Ann would appreciate it if you could look into this matter and call her at 708-283-0275 or Janice Mayfield at 708-477-7042.

Thank you.


Recently, I had an annual inspection on my home and was advised that I needed new vents and a new Crawl Space Door due to mice in my crawl space. I signed a contract and the vents were installed on Monday, August 27. I noticed after the technician left that he missed 1 of the vents so I contacted the salesperson, Michael Markham to advise. The following day, a service person came to install the door and replace the vent. After he installed the door I noticed that the door was warped and there was a gap at the top that was big enough for a mouse to enter. I also complained about the quality of the plywood that was used and that there was only 1 latch when there was 2 on the picture the sales person showed me. At first he explained that the gap was not that big of a deal, but after I insisted that it was a problem, he put some material inside to cover the gap. After he left, I noticed in addition to the complaints I expressed to him the plywood was low quality and had a crack as well as spots where I could literally put my finger into. I left a voicemail message for Michael Markham, however, he did not return my call. The following day I sent an email, but still did not receive a response. Subsequently, I sent him a text message with picture of the crawl space door and asked him how would he like that door installed at his house. After leaving him another voicemail on Monday, September 3 in which I expressed my extreme dissatisfaction he returned my call, and apologized that he had been on vacation. Yesterday, the technical who installed the door came back to fix his work. I explained to him that I wanted new plywood, and he indicated that he would replace the wood. However, after the door was installed properly I indicated that I was not satisfied with the plywood he used, and that it appeared to be the same. He stated that "that's the way plywood came" and that he had no control over that. I am sending you pictures of the door the 1st time it was installed, and of the door that was installed yesterday. The last picture is the door the technician installed yesterday. I left a message for Michael yesterday indicating my unhappiness with the quality, but as of this date and time, I have not heard from him. I appreciate you taking the time to review my concerns, and would appreciate a response. I maybe contacted at 919/880-5048 or via email.

Thank you.


I called orkin- Pontiac ,illinois they came within 2 days. we had seen aunts last year on our enclosed porch & 1every now an then in house this year we've seen more so we called orkin ,when he came out he said we had yard ants then he was more interested in selling us gutter covers so we decided to do what we did last year & buy aunt traps/bare & put out yard but we started seeing more ants so I called another pest control he came out & said we have carpenter ants ,checked trees and around yard etc with my husband with him . Just thought I'd let you know that we are disappointed with orkin & we could have gotten these aunts sprayed sooner !


I called on june 30th at 7AM and was guaranteed a service dispatch between noon and 2PM. I accepted and at 2:30 no technician had arrived. I called back the branch office and they bridged a manger James on who was totally clueless. He kept saying to me to talk and I said I just wanted to know what happened to my dispatch...nothing but silence from James. I rearranged my schedule to be available between noon and 2 and then fin out they are telling me it was really 4pm..I couldn't make the 4pm time as I had to leave, therefore I cancelled dispatch and will go some where else...seems like Orkin has a hard time meeting commitments and I will never do business with them


I made an online request for a quote. When the lady called it was from an out of state number. I had no clue as to who I was talking to. She asked for me by name and I when I asked who she needed, the lady became very rude. I ask if she could call back in the morning as I work night shift and I was sleeping, she replied with, Well, while you are sleeping we are working!?! Of course I became very upset and decided it would be best to hang up as she continued to ask me what my problem was. She then called me back and asked if we were disconnected or did I hang up. I told her I hung up and she then tells me that I needed to probably find a new company. How would she answer the phone if I called her at 4 in the morning? If this is your idea of customer service, I will gladly choose another company for the year long contract I was ready to sign with Orkin.


Our restaurant was closed on every Monday.Orkin bill me for the service on 9/25/2017 which is Monday.I call the office about the bill they explain to me that they sprayed the outside .Which is a true lie ,no one is in the restaurant and no one sigh the paper.How can they bill me like that?


My husband and I had appointment for Thursday Sept 21, 2017. A Orkin worker was suppose to come out between 1-3. I stayed home and didn't receive a visit or a call. I contacted Russell Brooks, a Branch manager. Mr. Brooks told me I shouldn't have to wait around, I should be given a certain time for my service. In the past we had a time after my husband got off work, so he could be here.
Mr. Brooks had someone to come out Sep 22, 2017, which I was not informed anyone was coming.
When Brett left, it was worse than ever. We have had this done before in the past, and have never had this bad experience.
My stove is covered with ants, and when I wiped them off, they just returned. No way could I cook with ants all over stove, countertops, living room
and even had them crawling on my arms when I was on my computer in the living room .I left several messages Monday, and Wednesday
Sept 25, and Sept 27.. No body is returning my calls. Is this really the way this company wants to treat customers ? I am very disappointed
with the way, we have been treated, for we had been a customer for a long time. Do you plan on resolving this problem?
We are at 110 Gibbon Dr. Harvest, AL. Vicki and Dan Perry 256-895 -8546.


I am pretty frustrated. I have called, emailed, written snail mail, and texted, but have not received resolution from Orkin...and I still continue to receive a new invoice every month...and I havent received service since the end of last year, 2016. I received the latest bill today, showing me with a balance due of 390.18. I paid the invoices at the beginning of the year...until my previous tech was transferred to a different route. I didnt know this, and was not being contacted to meet the tech to service our church. This is in our agreement, since no one is at the church daily. The technician is to contact me to set a time and day each month to service the church. I havent received an service invoice and signed their agreement for most of the year...whenever the technician left that I had in December. I cant remember his name. I have gone way above and beyond with my due diligence in informing and trying to get this issue resolved, and on your end, the ball has continually been dropped. The last email I received stated that the church has been serviced outside all year, but I have never heard from a tech, have never received my statement on site, showing that the tech came by to treat the outside, and never have been contacted in any way...other than a bill that comes every month. I have requested credits to bring my account back in good standing, and actually, since I paid for what I havent received, I would like to have all of this years payments from when my tech from last year left...up to date...all payments this year. Then, I will consider remaining with Orkin, if this is done, and the tech starts calling or texting me to meet me. This month, he sent me an email saying he treated the church...which hasnt been done, to my knowledge...I still haven't been notified and met him there at the church. Today I saw silverfish and other bugs...Obviously, no treatment has been done. The rat bait stations are all messed up outside, the last time I looked...I am very frustrated...I feel I have received NO Customer Service. When I hired Orkin to tent the church, and to treat the church on an ongoing basis...they were excellent. We had no issues at all...but the last year has been a big change. I am speaking with other companies, and getting quotes. I am preparing to change companies. I would prefer to remain with Orkin, and have a great recommendation to offer other churches for their Pest Control, however, at this point...there is nothing positive to offer...but more of a DO NOT EVER USE ORKIN. Please pick up the ball, and help me to receive a satisfactory resolution for our church. I have said I gave them til the start of the month a few months now...but this is the final attempt.

Thank you for helping me,
Very Sincerely,
Pastor Franklin King


Orkin took my money then refused to give me the service that I asked for. I would not recommend this company for pest control or anything else. They came out to my house and told me I had a terrible infestation and then billed me $3,200 for the services to fix it. I wanted something less but they would not do it. What a ripoff.


I was not satisfied from day one and I allowed the manager to come back. I cancelled the next visits and didnt ask for a refund. Cut my loses at that time. On November 23rd Orkin said they came to my house. I wasnt home said they put product on the outside of the house. Which if they did they could of only did half the house because the house next store they could not of got in the yard. They charged my card I never signed for anything and the problem was inside not out side. After calling and requesting a refund the sececretary said she had to tell her manager on Monday. Wednesday came no response I called back demanding a refund. Nothing was in the computer.

The secratary asked if I wanted to speak secratary manager I said yes. I waited on the phone a good 8 minutes only to hear oh he must of stepped out of the office to go to the bank. Well I want a refund no longer want to use this company. If I dont recieve a refund within the 5 to 7 business days the secretary says it will take then I am going to contact the attorney general and BBB in my state N.y. all I asked for was a refund and you have a money back guarantee.

If I have no resolution I will call the local news stations to have them investigate what we really paid for. I get a bill you said you put stuff on the outside yet my neighbor will testify that they never entered her yard and I originally asked for treatment in my house. I believe I can search online and find other customers this has happened to. So now that I work durning your business hours I am unsure that the manager will not resolve this. Unsatisfied customer.


I have been with Orkin for two years, 6 months ago a mice infestation was discovered in the washing machine. Orkin customer service agreed to cover the charges on fixing the washing machine and properly cover my house against mice (which should have been realized a long time ago if they were properly "monitoring" every two months). I signed an agreement and every week they tell me "the check is in the mail". I have the form they had me sign in my email.


The representative that quoted me a rate lied to me to get my service. I was clear to her that I wanted quarterly treatment, but to my surprise, on the contract as I was reviewing it, it was for bimonthly. I was very clear to the representative that I wanted a treatment every 3 months and we went back and forth with this. She tried to force bimonthly down my throat. I told her I wanted quarterly. But she input what she wanted me to have into the system.

That is very poor customer service. You don't LIE to people to get their business.i don't know if the sales representatives work on commission or what, but what she did was unacceptable. She quoted me quarterly at $77. But when I called Orkin to inform report this, the rep stated that if I wanted quarterly service, it would be $104 a month.

I let this lady know that this was not what was quoted to me; that I was quoted $77 every quarter and that's what I'm going to pay. I'm not going to sit by and allow this company to lie to me and take my hard earn money. Please orientate your employees on good work ethics. No one likes to be lied to. And you are not going to keep my service if this is not corrected. The representative that I reported this too said she would have the voice recording pulled and have it reviewed And I told her to please.

And I'm asking for corporate to please follow up because this was not right on any level and I want this matter resolved, and this employee addressed for her under handed practice. Who knows how many people she has done this to. And this is the face of Orkin.


I'm extremely frustrated. My fiance and I just spent $4,000 dollars on Orkin. We planned on spending alot more as we just bought a house. My fiance just called me crying because of the way she was treated by the woman that is operating the Orkin customer service department. Your employee made the comment that "that she thought she was done for the evening" she left my wife standing there and acted as if she was not interested in helping my finace. She was rude and acted extremely lazy. This is not ok. if your employees dont like to do there job then tell them to find a job that requires them to do nothing. I expect to be treated with respect and helped with a smile as you advertise. If you ever expect to see me spending money or recommending someone to use your pest control. I recommend you show your employees how to treat people.


We wanted to get the complete house treated for pests and termites. So we called up Orkin and fixed an appointment. The executive there spoke well and helped us with the complete process. They came and had a look at the house and then gave us complete instructions on how to go about it. Orkin is known as one of the leading experts in pest control. The company is more than 113 years old. These guys are experts. Have done the house entirely in 2 days and now we are carefree. They also gave some valuable suggestions to keep the house free of all this.

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