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Had 11:00am appointment at SALEM NH NTB to fix tire beads leaking showed up at 10:45am.finally left at 4:45pm.worst experience in my life and I'm 50 years old.People coming in with no appointment in and out with four new tires and alignment.


Ive had several vehicles maintenanced through n.t.b. from 2009 and the last vehicle ive had done was my 2001 kia rio cinco.ive never had any bad experiences with the other vehicles that i recall except for the kia.i had an oil change and the technician that did it tightened the drain plug too tight.after i noticed the oil leak in my drive way i took it back then after they informed me that it was stripped that he could save it by putting a temporary plug.not true i have several vehicles that i drive and it was time for an oil change i took it elsewhere because of the bad experience with n.t.b. and they stated to take it back to the last place i had it changed because they stripped it and made it worse by putting a temporary plug. Please call me back at 512 659-6429..juan


My spare tire was never a donut I bought care I am original owner Volkswagen jetta spare tire came with a regular michellen tire that when I got home I had a donut in my trunk and had plastic lung nuts on my tires not the ones I had when I when into shop. I called ed manager said they did not have my spare tire which was stolen with my lug nuts. This happen at the saugus Massachusetts store. I can not believe such untrustworthy people working their. I should be contacted may have to contact bbb to file complaint


Tire from NTB went bad!! Thought it was under warranty. WRONG!!
Ordered 2 new ones. Got the call they were in. Made appt.
Waited 1/2 hr. & tires could not be found. Left....pissed off.
NEVER going back, OR recommending NTB to any one!!


So I get 4 tires want an alignment so the manager says he won't do the alignment because tie rod end was loose and old beat. I asked them if they could tighten it then I want it they say no they're not being responsible so I leave I go home the tie rod end. I put on a month ago furthermore it wasn't even because if it would have been through it the manager Robinson Town Center National Tire and Battery is full of it. All they wanted to do was write me off charge me for stuff I don't even need on my car and not perform the work.

I want it done on my car this is not good business basically I was scared to death driving home thinking my car was going to fall apart when in reality it was nothing wrong other than the manager there being a lazy ass and not wanting to perform work. I would like a full refund because absolutely would like to write to Myspace buy a so-called manager of a big company ripping people off. Let me repeat myself I put the brand new tie rod ends on a month ago and they were hell on by a castle book and a cotter pin.

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