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I've tried to contact you several times about my car but NOBODY REPLIES !!! Can somebody please call me tomorrow morning???(330)217-8688.This is ridiculous!!


My wife and I made an appointment for OIL CHANGE on our 2016 KIA OPTIMA with 13369 miles which resulted in a complete failure because the technician CRACKED THE OIL PAN and tried to say it was due to a DEFECTIVE OIL PAN as a result he stated that we could still drive the vehicle until we go to the KIA SERVICE DEPT.Mr.Robert Jordan,MONROE MUFFLER assistant MGR. called KIA to see if our warranty would pay for the repair they stated they would inspect the OIL PAN COMPLETELY DISATISFIED we left and went home immediately and parked our car in the garage not knowing that the OIL was leaking on garage floor overnite. The next morning when my wife left for an appointment to bring the car to KIA. They were unable to do anything FRIDAY DECEMBER 7, the SERVICE advisor said MONDAY DECEMBER 10 would be the earliest to inspect the damage so we left the vehicle over the weekend


I have been getting my oil changed at monro muffler in uniontown pa for a long time.I recently had a friend check my oil a few weeks after my oil change and low an behold my oil was old; smelled like fuel and the dip stick was burnt. I have had my oil change every 5000 miles and they have been the only one to "change" the oil. This could have cost me my motor. I am a woman and am tired of being ripped off.


I went to monro muffler on oct 24th 2018 and called the service manager on the 23 rd .And asked him how mutch it would be to replace a right front turn signal and he told me it would be 20.00 . So I let him do the work it took about 30 min and when I was ready to pay for the job. He tried to charge me 115 00 dollars so I told him I didn’t have it and then he said 48.00 I’m really very up set. I really know he tryed to take advantage of me I exspet to have some thing about this I hope you understand what I’m saying
Thank you David Mizak 814 344 3086


I have been back and forth since April they were supposed to put a catalyst converter on and come to find out they put the wrong part on. My check engine light came on as soon as I left. I've been so aggravated that I had my fiancee call and I've called. I took the receipt to them and today Oct.12 I took it back and the guys there told me that they had to keep the car until Tuesday which they had it 4 days before. This is my only transportation and I have to get back and forth to work. They have no loaner cars. I call corporate and they don't want to setvice my car. This is a disgrace and they have not fixed my car or won't give me my money back. I guess I need to take them to small claims court.


On September 18th 2018 I had 4 new Goodyear tires installed and balanced at monroe muffler on Ohio river Blvd in sewickley, Pa 15143. I have been there over the years for oil changes and inspections. I have always had a good relationship with Joe the manager and no complaints about the service I recently.
On this visit however my Ford 2015 fusion key was not returned. I have 2 battery operated keys to my car. When I have service to my vehicle I give them the one which only has the car key. The other with my house keys etc I keep in
my purse .
I was able to start my car when done with my primary key in my purse. I didn't notice that I didn't have the other key until my husband asked where it was. I looked through my purse, tried to start my car without the primary key to see if it had been left in the car without success. I contacted Joe the manager several times without any promised follow up call. He said that they don't have it.
I assume that this company has liability insurance for such occurrences. I am requesting a replacement key or the amount to replace the key on my car for the key that was lost at monroe muffler.


I had work done on my car it hasnt even been a year yet. I called yesterday because my tired are bald and i had gotten brand new tires and my check engine light was on again and he said what was it on for i said evap he said well we probably just cleared the light because we dont do that here. Well i got mad and said well what did i pay for than i paid 119 just for them to check the engine light than on top of it to fix it. For him to say that i was livid than he supposedly couldnt find my work order and was suppose to call me back well he never did i called today and the guy pulled it right up shocking right? Well i said my tired are bald did you do a front allignment he said no i suggested it to you but you told me no. Now thats a LIE and i am livid. Spent alot of money for them to fix my car any professional knows you need a front alligment after getting new tires. I dont have money for bew tires and a front alligment now. Very very poor customer serivce and theives they are!!


I have taken my truck in monrow a fews times the first time was to get my fluid changed in my tranny at this time I asked them to greased it also when I got home I found fluid leaking out of the tranny and they didn't grease it .I had to go back to town and have them retighten the bolts. I just got back from from a oil change again i ask them to grease it again and they didn't. I like to keep my truck up on all repair But I don't think i can trust them to do the work right.I have always did the work my self but i am getting i can't do it any more.


My recent experience with Monroe Muffler was horrible. I called to make an appointment on Monday (07/30/18) at the Monroe location in Mt. Pocono PA, and the person who answered the phone said they were busy. He did take my name for a mid-week appointment, but he did not go on the computer to verify the appointment. In the meantime, I went on the Monroe website and was able to make an appointment for Tuesday (07/31/18) at 10:00. When I arrived, the mechanic said that he could not honor that appointment, and told me that they were understaffed and not able to keep up with the work at the moment. I was upset, but I could see that there was not a manager on duty and that they were overwhelmed with work. Ironically, I am aware of staff turnover at this location and the fact that retention of employees is a problem at Monroe. In the past, I was satisfied with the managers who took care of me, but they are no longer working for the company. On my way out, I informed the staff that I was going to write a letter to the corporate office, along with using the online complaint process. The staff at this location actually wanted me to file a formal complaint which demonstrates that there definitely is a big problem with this company. I have been a customer for many years, but this troubling pattern of dysfunction has forced me to take my business elsewhere. I have never seen such a poorly run business in my life.


This is 2 separate incidences with 2 different cars but at the same auto repair (Monroe Muffler in Exeter Township).

The 1st incident by itself may not be enough for a case but it shows repeated mechanical negligence.

Incident #1

Car: Chevy Equinox


We brought our car into Monroe Muffler for an oil change and tire rotation.

(Scan 1a is the invoice)

When we drove home we noticed the front of the car shaking violently.

Luckily, we only live 1 mile away so we turned around and brought it back.

It turned out when they rotated the tires they put the lug nuts on but did not tighten them on 1 tire.

Just driving a mile was enough to crack the solid metal tire rim.

If we drove any further the tire would have flown off completely causing a major accident.

They said they would replace the tire rim.

They did but we were without this car for 3 days.

(Scan 1b is the invoice – no charge)

Incident #2

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer


We brought our car into Monroe Muffler for brake work.

They said it was a simple matter of the front breaks just needing brake pads.

I was relieved because it sounded a lot worse than just brake pads.

(san 2a is the invoice)

When I drove home around 2:30 pm (is this sounding familiar?) the front brakes were terrible when I hit them.

The front end wobbled a lot when the brakes were used.

I drove a little further and noticed I had to hit on the brakes harder and harder to stop.

I turned around to head back to Monroe.

On the way I almost went through a red light at a 4-lane intersection because the brakes were not responding quickly.

I was able to pull into Monroe with barely enough brakes to stop the car from hitting their building.

I asked them if they worked on the wrong car?

They said they would look at it.

They called about an hour later.

They said the brakes needed to be ‘bleed’.

That it is was ‘ok’ now.

I drove home at around 4:00 pm

Same exact issue.

Except my car went through a stop sign completely into the road.

Luckily no cars were coming.

I went back and threw the keys on the counter and asked if they knew how to actually fix brakes!

They said they would look at it.

They called back and said the Rotors were the issue.

(Scan 2b is the invoice)

Normally if a repair shop just inconveniences me I can deal with that. But since they return to me an un-safe vehicle (3 times) I felt I needed to do something.
I can only assume they must be doing this to other people.
I wanted to send this to your 1st before I forwarded it to my lawyer


to whom it may concern. my name is Amber and i live in Champaign, ill. the date is june 28 2018. i went to tire barn in champaign ill today to see about putting some air in one of my tires and possibly getting some new tires. to make a long story short. i felt very uneasy and odd when getting some air put in my tires. it wasnt the man who was putiing air in my tires, he was actually kind polite and professional. it was the other guy that was inside the shop. its the way he looked at me. it was like he was undressing me with his eyes. i know who is because he put some tires on my friends car about a month ago and we were there together and she was creeped out by him as well. im not sure how to spell his name, i know its kareem though. i know hes one of the managers cause he kept on saying it, like who cares if hes the manager or not, it was annoying how he kept on saying it like he had some kind of ego trip. this kareem man is a complete CREEPO!!!!!!! . i feel completely sorry for anyone who has to work under him. tire barn use to be a good place but now they are in TROUBLE


my name is jessica caston. a couple of weeks ago me and my mother came into tire barn in champaign, ill for a tire repair. the guy i talked to was named careem or keream, im not sure how to spell his name. i know he is the manager there. this so called manager is very creepy and unprofessional. this kerreem guy was very flirtatious and i was very uncomfortable with his way of talking to me. he offered to take me out to dinner and buy me some tires. i was so creeped out i ended up going some where else to get my tires. i didnt wanna say anything about it because i have an uncle who works there and didnt wanna cause any trouble for him in his work place. i wanted my uncle to help me but he just happen to be off that day. im saying something about it now because this manager kareem did the same thing to a couple of friends of mine that came in for some tires and an alignment. my friend said that she wasnt coming back to tire barn either because of that creepy kareem guy. how did this guy ever get to manager status. whom ever promoted him has a very bad judge of character. if u have questions u can give me a call @ 217 550 3380


i came into tire barn in Champaign, illinois the other day to get a tire. i didnt receive any bad service from the guy that was taking my order. it was the other guy that was standing next to him. his name is Kareem. hes the manager there i think thats what he said. this kareem guy asked me all kinds of questions like how old was i where did i work and did i have a boyfriend. the way he looked at me was very creepy. the other guy that was taking my order looked at kareem in awe. this kareem guy is very creepy. i know i will think twice before i come to tire barn again. i know i wont come alone. i will have some else with me or just go some where else to get any tires. i usaually dont make complaints like this. but i felt like i had to say something because the same thing happened to my friend when she went up there a week ago for some tires and an alignment. she said that kareem guy was all in face looking at her up and down. she said she wasnt going back there either. this kareem guy is beyond creepy. if he really is the manager, that place is really in trouble


I had an oil change done at the 3008 Elmira St, Sayre, PA 18840 location on 11/13/2016 at 11am. When the appointment was booked, I also put the words "oil change only" in the online form. As per usual this was ignored and the tires were rotated even though I was pretty specific about not doing it. After the "competent" employee hand screwed the lugs on, The following day I had an appointment in Mountain Top PA which is some 2 and a half hours away.

After hearing what sounded like scraping we decided to pull off the road in Wilkes Barre to discover to our horror that 2 of the rear lug stems had snapped off, and the other rear tires lug nuts were hand screwed on which could have in reality made me lose both rear tires in a 65mph freeway situation. I want a full reimbursement for not only the oil change which I have no faith in, but the lug stems as well as gas money wasted. Receipts and or bank statements will be provided upon request.


Monro Muffler have had my truck for the same problem 5 times and it's not fixed correctly yet. They also missed delivering my truck on schedule 3 times causing havoc with my work schedule and getting personal agenda items completed. I an extremely dissapointed with my experience at Monroe Muffler in Elsmere Delaware. I would like something done. I have spent in excess of $500.00 and it's still not right. Please contact them and tell them address my complaint.


I needed my vehicle to be serviced and went to Monro Muffler. From oil changes, to fluid services, to brakes and belts, Monro’s experienced technicians can perform all of the required. They are extremely good at their work and complete the work at the stipulated time frame. After servicing my vehicle, I found it to be very smooth and no issues for a long time. I decided to give my cars only to Monro Muffler going forward and would recommend this to all as well for their efficiency.

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