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Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc. is a franchise-based international automotive repair chainwith more than 900 locations. Previously known as Meineke Discount Mufflers, the company changed its name to Meineke Car Care Centers in 2003 when it expanded to offer full-service auto repairs.

Meineke was founded in 1971 in Houston, Texas by Sam Meineke. He started to franchise the name in 1972, with Harold Nedell. In 1983, GKN, a multinational British company, bought out Meineke Discount Mufflers. In 1986, the company headquarters moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and is located at 128 S. Tryon St., Ste. 900, Charlotte, NC 28202.

If you have a problem, customer service is available on 1-800-MEINEKE. Common issues include A to Z services like oil change, exhaust and mufflers, brakes, tires and wheels, batteries and suspensions. Apart from the regular services to your vehicles, the company also offers fleet services, road side assistance and real estate.

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This complaint is about:
MeinekeCar Care Center#428
750 Chestnut Hill Road
Ogletown, DE 19713

To whom it may concern:
On Monday, 11-19-18, I went to the above address to replace my (VTC) actuator with a good intention. I was insulted, humiliated and expelled from shop because they think I did toke my car somewhere else to be service.
For your own reputation and integrity, you should have a meeting with your 3 managers in that location (full time manage, part time manager and aback up manager) for customer service, because they should treat their customers with respect and integrity.

Sadeq Gooba


I worked for and purchased supplies for Matthew Schramm, who holds the contract for renovations for Mineke in the Lancaster County Pennsylvania. agreeing to meet to pay the remaining income and reimburse the funds used to purchase supplies for Hershey Mineke 4 times and Mr.Shramm never following through, Mr.Schramm also made many false statements claiming reasons for not paying for supplies or services (despite services given at his exact direction), Mr.Schramm has yet to complete payment for services or reimbursement for funds or complete other contracted renovations for said location to the satisfaction of the owner, Dustin. I request The funds be paid and reimbursement be made to the total of $500.00 and contract be completed to the satisfaction of owner of Hershey Location and Mr.Matthew Schramm be replaced in renovation contract with local Mineke locations.

Respectfully, Roxi, painter


I took my car in for a/c check and they cut the wrong wires to my compressor damaging it. The manager Rich at the Madison TN location refused to continue repairing bc they new they had messed up a compressor that was working fine it was another wire causing the problem and they cut the wrong one. Idiots!!!!


I had an appointment to have an EGR valve replaced at 9:00am and sat for what I thought would be a two hour job and asked how much longer three hours later after seeing numerous customers coming and going and still my car not being worked on until 12:00 when I asked what is going on and received numerous excuses. I asked for a corporate number to file a complaint but only received apologies. Please contact me 1-616-432-4274. This is the worst service I have received from meineke and I actually still respect then as a company just not the way my visit went today and missed two very important appointments today due to the delay that should not have happened.
Thanks again
Ann Rivera


I am highly dissatisfied with the Howell Meineke location refusing to correct damage they had done to my car and with the Meineke corporate level's lack of help. I recommend readers to STAY AWAY from this Howell location and other Meineke service centers.

I brought my car in for an estimate for a/c service. The tech, Mark, came to the waiting area some time after having the car in the garage, letting me know the estimated amount for repair. Because the estimate was a large amount of money, I told him I was not going to get another estimate from a different provider. Several minutes later, my car was brought to the driveway.
Before I got into the car, I asked Mark what his findings were that had made him recommend such an extreme repair. He told me and I went to a place just down the road from Meineke. When the tech there asked to look under the hood, the hood opener mechanism was discovered to be damaged - the pull inside the vehicle simply slid in and out with no apparent connection to the hood latch - and there was no way to open the hood.
I immediately drove back to the Meineke store and asked to speak to Mark. After several minutes, Mark came out of the garage. I told him of the problem. He asked me to pull the latch to open it, presumably so he could look at the latch mechanism under the hood. The pull was not working. Mark said he had used a pair of pliers to open it earlier. He tried to use the pliers to open the hood but it still was disengaged. I asked him to correct the problem. His response was that it was broken before I had brought it to him. I pointed out that he had opened the hood to do the estimate and he had already said he had opened it, therefore, the hood opener latch was working at the time he performed the estimate, so, it was not damaged prior to that time. His response was, "Well, NOW it's f****d. You're going to have to get new parts and get them put in." I was astounded at the coarse and illogical remark. After a few more iterations by Mark of the same, I told him I wanted him to fix it. He declined, insisting again that it was damaged before his contact with the car. I asked to see his supervisor. He went back into the garage and didn't return.
After some time, I went into the waiting area/office and asked the desk attendant, Nicole, if I could talk to Mark. She said he had already informed her that he was not fixing the damage. I explained that he had said the same thing to me and that I had asked to speak to his supervisor. She tried multiple times to tell me Mark had already decided. I asked her for the supervisor's name. When she tried again to tell me the decision had been made, I stopped her and asked her simply to provide me with the franchise owner's contact information or the corporate phone number. She wrote a phone number on a card and pushed it across the counter toward me, saying, "Here it is. I'm gonna tell you, they're just gonna contact us and we're gonna tell them we're not doing anything about it, so good luck with that!"
I called the corporate offices the next day. The rep, Tony, listened to my issue, was apologetic for the behavior of Mark and Nicole, and said, because of Nicole's report that there would be no resolution with the location, he was forwarding my complaint directly to corporate level customer service and I would be contacted with a solution.
After five days, I still had not had any contact, so I called the corporate number again. After ringing once, a recording invited me to leave a message after the tone. After the tone, however, another recording advised that "No messages will be taken for this mailbox." Puzzled, I dialed a few more times and got the same message.
I Googled "meineke corporate contact" and found yet another number. Jackie answered and identified herself as a customer service rep. After some time involving me reviewing my earlier conversations with Mark and Nicole at the location and my call with Tony, combined with a bit of a language barrier between us, Jackie reported that she could not view any notes from Tony but affirmed that my case was listed as "in progress [and] open" and had been sent to the Howell location as well as being handled by a "handling officer," Taylor. Jackie told me she would update the complaint and ask that Customer Service forward communication to Taylor, requesting a call-back to me within 48-72 hours.
A few hours later, I did receive a call from Taylor, who started by reporting to me that she had spoken with the Howell location and they reported to her that the hood opener was already damaged prior to my visit and, so, they were not offering any resolution. I told Ms. Lee that I knew the Howell allegation already, which was why I called Meineke corporate offices. She repeated herself and then transferred my call to Shamekia, Customer Service Manager, also saying there was nothing they would do.
I will not take my car to Meineke again.


I needed a state inspection for my car and was referred by a customer to come to Meineke for my car care needs. On July 25 2018 I went in to get the inspection I did leave the vehicle there because the attendant said the wait time was about 3 hours. the service tech BLUE called me back and said Ms Warren your car is ready it failed inspection due to a right rear Hub Bearing that needed to be replaced. I go up there I had a full page issues that they said I needed to be fix which totaled 1157.00. I ask how much would it cost to fix this issue I was quoted around 495.00, on top of that he went over the list of things he said I needed, a Serpentine belt, a Power Sterring Pump and fluid replaced, My brakes needed to be flushed. and my tires would need to be replaced soon but were Ok for now. I knew 2 years ago that I had the Serpentine belt and Brake work done at Merchants and there was no way that belt could have been bad that fast. I was really concerned about that hub bearing so I had another state inspector to look at it and was told that all I was quoted I didn't need. I then went out purchased a set of new tires, and went back to Meineke and spoke to assistant manager named Brian he pulled the car in and checked the wheel bearing and found nothing wrong with it. the State inspector Eric r Papineau had listed all of the above issues wrong with my car that I CLEARLY DID NOT NEED!!!. Brian was disappointed to tell me that he was sorry. He couldn't understand why he would say these things were wrong and it wasn't. He said that he had no choice but to suspend him for a day.... Well as a consumer I am appauled that someone works as a Certified technician for your company that Lies about the nature of your customers vehicles only to get money out of them that they cant afford!!.. I wonder how many other people have they Ripped Off?? I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau about my expierence and will never take my car or recommend anyone to go there!!...I should have been reimbursed for the inspection and oil change for all the inconvience they caused.


I went to a meineke center aprox 20 minutes away to get an oil change this morning at 11:00. I had booked an apointment on the meineke site and received a confermation email (see below) for the time and date I chose, but when I arrived at the center they new nothing about my appointment. Apparently they do not get notices of appointments made on line and they did not have any spots available to take me for my oil change. So now through no fault of my own I have to come back another day! I am not mpressed with the way this online booking is being run. It was a waste of my time and gas. I was told that this particular shop has complained numerous times to have this site removed and nothing was done. I am hoping something is done now so other people dont waste their time as I have. NOT IMPRESSED at all !!!!! poorly run!!! WASTE OF TIME!!!

Thanks for your time and have a good day!


Meineke - 5078 <>
8:35 AM (5 hours ago)
to me

I'm writing to confirm your appointment with Meineke - 5078 on Friday, July 20 at 11:00 AM.

You can visit this link to view or modify your appointment.

Thank you,
Meineke - 5078

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So i had an appointment at 7:30 am to replace a radiator. Its 11:30am and still waiting! First, the parts werent even here and waiting for them to arrive at 9:30 am. Now the radiator has a stripped part and has to be replaced. So im still waiting for the 2nd new radiator to arrive!! Wtf! Never again! Ruined my whole day and wasted my time. They could of at least give me a discount or an apology. Its now 12:30 pm and still waiting!!!!


hi: my name is john dwyer i hade a 2006 kia sportage work on at 3332 n. oracle road tucson az 3 weeks ago i had a new ac/pump and a new raiderater put in the total was 950.00 dollars my air is not cold so i went back in they tell me i need a ac expansion valve witch is going to cost 228.19. i just payed for all this work and i have no air and in az temps are like 107 this sucks i am so pissed off i have no words i thought meineke was a good place to take my car but i will never use them agan thats the way it goes i should have used some one elese thanks .


My Meineke store was sold. The store is now a different name. I had work done on my car and it is still under the 12 month warrant and I have over 9800 Meineke Reward Points. I called all the other Meineke store in my area to see if they can help with my car and honor the
Reward Points. There answer is NO!!!!!! This is very upsetting to me. I don't like this at all. So is Meineke going out of business??? What is the corporation going to do to help there loyal customers? Please let me know.


I had my starter, battery , oil pan,pan and gasket set done spent $879.87 .Left and two hrs later car broke down AGAIN. My battery posts NOT clean once you put a new one in. So had it tow after a guy told me its my alternator.Why didn't they check that before I left .They said they did, but if did why am I stranded after having my car for 2hrs .My car could had stop in the Austin traffic due to the battery light kept going on and off and could had killed me and my son. So took car back they replaced the alternator and was going to replace a belt .The mechanic ask if I had time to wait because it was going to take sometime to replace the belt .I decline the offer because I had to leave and go home and get ready for my second job so your mechanic got visibly upset and stormed off and drove my car in the front. Me and the receptionist was waiting on the key go to my car he had left the key in the ignition w/the car running. What a bright mechanic you have there. The last 2 years has been very HORRIBLE for me at that store in Pflugerville,Texas.This could had been avoided if he really check my alternator .I shouldn't had broken down in 2 HOURS after getting my car fix the first time. VERY disappointed


They did a engine check told me that it was nothing wrong with my engine. So I let them do my oil change,brakes,roders,ball joint etc. I spent 2041.00 with them. When I came to get my truck on February .23. The manger West made a statement saying that my credit cards has unlimited balance. On the 12th of march my truck was making a loud noise now reminded you they told me that the little noise would be my ball joints but it will stop. My husband and son looked under the truck it is leaking oil so we call them and had the truck towed to them. They tell me I need a engine. The oil pan and bolt was loose plus leaking oil. He going to tell me he can sell me a engine for 1700. And 2000 for laborI asked.him why when you just told me nothing was wrong with my engine you even told me I didn't need a tuneup because it was because you guys didn't tighten up my oil or you knew I would have to come back because you made that comment. So today he call talking about he can give a a use engine out this truck that he has sitting at his shop once the man buy a new one but I will have to pay for labor. If you didn't do nothing wrong why are you giving Mr a free engine that you will have to replace mine. Then still trying to charge me 2400 for labor. This is not right they should replace everything I shouldn't have to pay for there mistakes.


I recieved a coupon in the mail from a Meineke repair shop in Newark, NJ, Elizabeth ave. I attempted to submit the coupon and the worked informed me that he do not honor any coupons. I informed this worker that the coupon had their address, and I travel quite a distance to take advantage of this coupon. He was adamant about not honoring this coupon. Then I called meineke customer service and made a verbal complaint, and as 2 weeks nobody returned my call, nor did they respond to my complaint. I called twice and as of 2 weeks nobody from Meineke responded. This is the worst experience I have ever had with both dealing with the Meineke shop and Meineke corporate office. Meineke has given the impression that they could care less about their customers, and they endorse false advertisement.


Hi, I am retired Florida American Citizen and VA.
Today I went to check my tire that was leaking at Meineke at 23193 Sandalfoot Plaza, Boca Raton, FL 33428 and I was not only treated badly by your franchise but also charged $ 34.24 dollars for nothing they took my tire out and said it couldn't be patched and put back and charged $ 34.24 for a part that doesn't exist because they didn't do anything only check it.
It is not right this is bad business - I felt ROBBED BY MEINEKE.
I want my money back.
Attached is the receipt Meineke gave to me for parts that weren't bought.
I expect to receive at least my money back this person that runs the place took advantage of a retired person that is trying to prepare for the Hurricane Irma, how can you let your franchise do this kind of thing to a customer!!! This very bad business I will never o back to Meineke and I will advise as many people I can to no go there, if you want to keep the money you will need more than me, this is a very bad CARMA for your business.
Osvaldo L Oliveira


I want to file a complaint about the Meineke car care center on west lane in Stockton CA. They didn't fix the issue with my car. The issue was with the brakes . They were too low. They told me to charge $200 earlier. Later on he asked me for paying more money. They were too rude. They didn't got the brakes fixed. The problem is still there. When we try to talk to Meineke headquarters, they told us to move from their place. So what are you going to do with this issue? I am not satisfied with their service.


On veterans day, Nov. 11th 2016 I went to two of Meineke stores, one in Fort Mill S.C. and the other in Rock Hill S.C. after reading on the website that veterans were eligible for a free oil change. The first one in Fort Mill told me their owner had recently passed away and they could not possibly do my oil change for free and there wasn't anything he could do about it. So I decided to take my business to the Rock Hill store 10 miles away. Upon arrival there I was told by the manager that they were not doing it there as well.

He said I should try the store in Indian Land which is another 10 miles out of my way. I was so pissed off by that time I just went home to cool off. I can't believe that a company as large as Meineke treats people like that especially since you advertised that special on the website. Being a Veteran, and to be told to basically buzz off and go somewhere else really upsets me. I've been going to these stores on and off for 30 years and now I'm not sure if I will ever set foot in a Meineke store again.


I think my complaint is very cut and dry. I called my local Meineke store in my area, Montgomery , AL. The actual address is 5700-B Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL. 36117. The telephone number is 334-647-6893, I wouldn't want them to feel like they didn't get the credit they deserve. I know there are tons of folks that has suffered much , much, much grater than I but I strongly feel it should be addressed by someone. I was watching TV just like most American men late in the evening and a Meineke commercial came on. I just so happened to be in need of an oil change and a tire rotation since I had recently hurt my back and was unable to do it myself.

But the biggest reason I was so interested was what they were charging. $ 19.95 or 19.99 one of those prices, but it was under $20 I thought that was absurd that was a great deal, hell it is a great deal. Anyway I've learned over the years to verify it. I used to have an advertisement budget of 15k a month to tell lies. Yes, I was one of those rat bastards that practiced bad business. When I called to see if the AD was still valid they denied any claim to the advertisement all together. So the whole point is this, if your going to advertise some type of special deal nationwide you damn well ought to make sure your franchises know what to honor. That pisses me off more than anything is to have some jerk off to try and convince me that I'm stupid when they are the ignorant ones. I would not have a problem paying more but when you insult what little intelligence I have left.


I was supposed to get a $10.00 rebate on my oil change. I sent them the form and the receipt. A few months later I hadn't gotten it so I called them. They said they will resend it. I double checked to make sure that they had the right name and address. A month goes by, still no rebate. I call again and they said they will resend it. Never came so I called again. They said they will resend it. I called a total of 10 times and each time they said they will resend it. A year later I still never got the rebate. They are full of crap saying they resent it, if they did I would have gotten it just like I do all my other mail. It is a total scam.


I have problems with my credit card. I was told that Meineke also provide with their own credit card by which a customer can pay to a service from anywhere in the corner with a single click. This is not the case in my experience.


I went in to Meineke centre above on May 9th 2016 because my driver side window was not rolling up after it was rolled down that day. I was told that the door has to be taking apart. They called me after checking it and said it need new motor. I give ok thinking they know what they were doing. I got there the time they told me to be back 5:30pm to pick my car and they have rolled up the window but now it can not be roll back down. I was asked to pay $568.08 for parts and labor.

et the car not fix. I was told to come back the next day so the mechanic will tried to fix the problem and oh it will also cause me another $265.00 for labor. It seems like such a large some of money without fixing the problem or knowing what was actually wrong with the car door. I took the car in for another mechanic and find out that the problem with the window was not motor it was loose weird. Meineke missed the problem and I am out of $568.08. and can't fix the car real problem now due to lack of financing. I want my money or at least part of it back. This type of incompetence is not fair and how many people like me have they cheated? How long has this being going on behind the walls?


I have been a Meineke customer for 35 years. Today 02/23/2016 the manager at the south york pa store at 855 south queen street store was rude and disrespectful. I told him i wanted an oil change. He immediately saw i had coupon. There was not a soul at the store and stated i would need an appointment and he had non in the foreseeable future. He was very rude and i told he did not have to be such a asshole. He also said to me I don't want to see you. I ask the manager for his name and he refused to give it to me. I told him i was going to file a complaint. I have been a loyal customer of Meineke in the Baltimore and York area for over 35 years. This location is the Meineke from Hell.


I need to contact the Meineke corporate office but do not find a phone number the works anywhere. Can someone please call me with their contact information so I can file a formal complaint?


I have several Meineke complaints, so hear me out. In September I noticed steel belts showing through my drivers side tire. I was in Wisconsin (live in Illinois) at the time and had to purchase Michilen tires from out of the state. The place I took my car for tires said they could not do the alignment that day. I said that was fine because I had a Meineke three blocks from my house. I called the night before to make an appointment with them. They told me to just bring the vehicle in at 4:00 p.m. When I was on the phone with the service writer, I told him to be sure to shake down the front end of the car because of the wear of the tire. I explained to him on the uneven wear and that I have an extended warranty that would cover replacement parts. The individual explained that checking the front end of the vehicle is done prior to the alignment.

The day I brought the vehicle in to be serviced, the same individual told me that the car would have to be left because it would be after 6:00 because they were REALLY busy. I said that wasn't a problem, as long as they could do the work. I again reminded him to check the front end of the vehicle. He said he was going to. An hour later he called to say the car was completed...which I thought was strange because he said it would be well after 6:00 (it was about 4:50ish). I asked if they checked the front end and he said "yes, everything is tight". One month later I am driving on the expressway (70 mph) and the car is "jerking" all over the road. I get off the expressway and all of sudden I hear a loud crunch and my tire is skidding on the road. With my 4 year old daughter and wife in the car, I was able to pull the vehicle over to the side of the road. The tire/rim snapped off the car. This could have been deadly if this happened on the expressway (I had little control of the car when this happened).

I towed the car into a Dodge dealer and the dealer stated the ball joint snapped and I need to replace "both lower control arms" because the ball joint on the other side is just as bad. When asked if they could have been worn to where they are now in less than 1800 mile (6 weeks), the dealer said they must have been way out of spec when the alignment was replaced (even dangerous to drive at that point). Basically, all I asked Meineke to do is replace my tire, refund my alignment cost and tow. Kerry (store manager) told me that that particular service writer has since been fired because of a series of complaints against him. He also told me that they will replace the tire, refund me all costs associated to this (alignment and tow). The day the tire was to be sent to the dealer, he avoided my calls. When I reached a rude worker (Dennis), that told me I am on my own. There is nothing that they would/will do and good luck. He continued on his rant that he doesn't know how I drive and that I put thousands of miles on the car since the service....

Dennis....1,800 miles IS NOT THOUSANDS. He had no idea what I was talking about and refused to let me talk to Kerry.


About 6 months ago, I had a problem with two tires of my car. Gave it to Meineke and I was assured that my car was in safe hands. They have given the best they had and I was totally satisfied with it. They inspect and service the tires. Meineke has tire alignment service, tire rotation service, oil change, brakes, batteries and many more that one would need to have or get it fixed. The agents and mechanics at meineke are very helpful and take their job seriously and deliver the best. I am personally happy with their service and would continue getting my car serviced here.

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