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My complaint is I placed an order for 2 RCA 10-inch tablets with keyboard to come to my home which is in Richmond California and one was supposed to go to 5 Trey Court which is in Virginia clearly spoke to the lady over the phone and she asked me twice for the address I spelled out to the person who supposed to delivered to Nancy Borrero and she said no problem I came home too see at my front door all three tablets at my door that 5 Trey Court address is already in my history address. I understand a human error. But customer service did not want to email me correction shiping address slip.
so iam sad to say I'm shipping my entire order back. I was just with the expectation free shipping.


To my surprise ( Angel Avila ) when i try to use my account to order Bearpaw boots the representative told me i would not be able to use my account
because there is a account at the same address that is not in good standing ( wife accounts ). i said wait a minute my account is in excellent standing and i have a zero balance my wife account has nothing to do with me, yes your right but one of the account owns $15.19 at the same address. so unfortunately i could not order the boots for Christmas for my daughter and other things i would have like to on my account, that was in excellent standing. so i decided to close my account ( 11-13-18 ) and started looking for a on line shipping network. The decision makers of this company really needs to rethink this policy which only hurts your client like me, i hope this complaints goes as high as it can go like the CEO of this company, just so you know i was very happy being part of the HSN family


First off, I want to say that I LOVE hsn...I have spent thousands of dollars with this company and have always been pleased! But now I have a complaint! I bought over 850 dollars worth of crafting goods and supplies over the past several months. I received what seemed like 25 packages! Some big, some little! I didn't open any of them because I left for a 6 week vacation to Cape Cod. When I returned, I began opening all of the little surprises..it felt like Christmas! I opened one, the Crafter's Companion accessory set for the Gemini Junior. I don't own the Junior, I own the big Gemini and the Go Gemini. I contacted hsn as I threw all of the packing slips away. I spoke to a woman who said she would send me a return form. What I received didn't look like a complete return form...just a small outlined address...to Tennessee. I called back and was told this would be sufficient. I still was skeptical so I called once again and was told this would be fine. Just be sure to take it to a UPS location, not the post office. So yesterday I did that. They would not take the package saying there was no way to get a tracking number, no code for them to put into their system. I was furious as it took me 45 minutes to get to this place as well! I called hsn yesterday and I told them what happened. I also said that I knew the return date limit was coming up. I do not have a computer temporarily because my house is being painted and all of my stuff along with the computer are packed up for another 5 days. This time I started writing down the names of those I spoke with. Last night it was a man named Jason. Today it was a man named Jason..his ID is #175699. He told me there was nothing he could do and that there was no supervisor or manager that I could speak to. I asked if he sent me a new label and I went to a friend's house to print it out he said that the return date was September 9 and the package would be too late anyway. I could upgrade to overnight shipping or something comparable, but that would cost quite abit of $ and wouldn't be worth it. So basically, I am stuck with this item because there is no way I could get it back to hsn by the ninth of September. I kept asking about speaking to someone above him and he assured me over and over again that even if there was someone, which there wasn't, that no one could override this date or make any other arrangements to help me. I still have the wrong label that was sent to me in case anyone at HSN cares to see it. As I mentioned, I was assured twice that this label would suffice, which it didn't. Now if you look at my buying record with HSN...I spend enormous amounts of $ with you....and this is the service I received? Unacceptable and pathetic. I'm reallly upset about this and intend on making my feelings known to others if an amicable solution cannot be reached. Please feel free to contact me at 508-728-3747 or my email at crazycakes5@yahoo.com. I'm very disappointed that the only way my problem could be heard was through typing this complaint. Thank you.


I have been charged $1423.86 for items that I know nothing about and DID NOT order. The bill is due 8/5/18 and received 7/17/18.


Purchased Arlo Security cameras for Home in Florida in order for us to observe Home while not there! One day after we left the state, we received emails from Argo saying none of our cameras were functioning. We called Argo to see if they could address the problem. Were told they couldn’t fix the problem. Called HSN to document complaint for us. Said we would return cameras when we return to Florida. HSN informed us it would be beyond 30 days so they would not refund us. What is the purpose of security cameras if they don’t work when away from our home? We cannot return home within the 30 days they require for returns. Obviously, HSN is not testing their products and selling products with false advertising! In addition, they will not honor the refund under our circumstances! I offered to send verification emails we received from Argo telling us the system is not functioning but HSN refused to help! Very bad products are being falsely advertised and sold, costing us over $300. Wasted!


I received a coupon for 15 dollars off of 30 dollars called in on a 39 .99 order can’t use on this item . I was so upset I feel you should’ be able to use on what you like, I was upset before Christmas on a tablet 80 dollar I paid 130 I didn’t want flex payments that’s what I was set up on ,I wanted one payment to avoid that ,again today I try hsn a disappointment.


I have been disrespected by HSN customer service for a while now they deleted my account because they said I was returning too many items it is freedom of speech we can return whatever we don't like and they shouldn't have a problem with it and then when I called they were very nasty to me about it and disrespectful. Some of the reasons things were return is because I was being deployed the other reason is because I was busy caregiving for my mother sister and brother didn't have time to deal with the items that were delivered to me so they had to be returned but I shouldn't be disrespected because I had to deploy to a different country. And they should reinstate my dog on account because now they belong under QVC and I am a customer of QVC that I didn't like I don't appreciate it being disrespected because I return something that I didn't like it doesn't make any sense.

If you have questions about this complaint call me
609 665 0090


I ordered 5 NFL throws on the same day, I got 4 out of the 5. When I called to check on It they told me it was in process. So I asked about another item I had not received. So they transferred me to someone else to answer my questions. This person told me that the NFL throw (Vikings) had been cancelled due to not having any more. But yet they just showed them Again yesterday on tv. Then they blamed issues at their Tennessee warehouse. I am very disappointed. Think I will cancel my card a go to your competitor.


I have limited time as a mom of two small children and I went online while they were napping for the first time to buy two pairs of pants from Giuliana's collection. When I went to check out I couldn't because it kept saying "bad address." When calling customer service it's because someone who lived where I live now over 4 years ago didn't pay a bill. Why am I being penalized for someone's bad credit. I have no clue who the guy is. When I explained my frustration on the phone all that was offered was the current price of the items I have for when they get the problem figured out on Monday.

No discounts for my time or troubles. Who knows if the two items I wanted to purchase will be there when the problem is finally fixed and I can purchase something on this website. Poor customer service especially to a mom like me who never gets time to herself to shop and when I finally try...I can't even buy what I want because someone I don't even know who lived at my address years ago! I'm really upset and definitely wouldn't recommend HSN to ANYONE I know. When I emailed HSN customer support on Monday regarding my problem they said it could take 7 - 10 days to fix it...who knows if it will ever be fixed. This is unacceptable. They will not be receiving my money.


I purchased through HSN December of 2015 an item called THE CLEVER GRIP for holding cell phones to the vent on my Ford Expedition. The item broke off the little slat it clipped to. After numerous calls to HSN they issued me a refund for this item and told me to contact BELL AND HOWELL.After wasting several calls to them they told me it was produced from EPSON. AGAIN I contacted them and faxed them the original complaint with pictures. After waiting several weeks I again contacted Epson and was told it was transferred to the Corporate Office.

Today is 3/10/2016 and when I called about any status on my claim I'm now being told they have no record of my complaint. Since I was asked to leave again a message at Corporate, no answer. Epson has waited so long the part for my Expedition is no longer available from a Ford Parts Dept.This has now become a cash issue.The part wasn't expensive but my time is. I just faxed my complaint and pictures one last time. Everyone I come in contact will be told to avoid Epson products. Their products and customer service is no better than foreign import junk.


I recently purchased heidi's infinite magic pearl necklace on the Home Shopping Network, 452-451. I love the design, however, one of the magnetic clasps detached from the pearl. I was surprised to see it was fastened with a very thin string with a gold colored string at the end. This necklace is very heavy to have such a weak construction. When i tried to re-fasten the clasp, a pearl came off the string. I did manage to refasten the clasp with the string end.

Also, the magnetic clasps release to easily, making wearing and arranging it quite a task, i was late for work today trying to affix it. This is the second time wearing the necklace. I know it is a fashion piece and the pearls are not individually strung, but i just wonder how long before the integrity of the necklace will become so affected that i won't be able to wear it again. How do I contact HSN customer service with my problem?


I purchased a pc, that had 30 days protection from home shopping network. he next day, it was hacked and there was a demand that I install software at the cost of $149.00, or blah, blah something similar. I finally agreed, and he shut my PC down for 2 hrs. I am through shopping with HSN. Never buying another computer from your network and will be sharing my complaint online.


In September HSN aired HP Pavilion - the newest technology- a representative from HP was there. They went over all the software that was included in the package. How it came with Smart Friend and 24 hour technical support. I did not receive my computer until the end of September and did not get it unboxed until October. It has been a complete lemon. I have tried everything to get it fixed. I have been oh hold with the technical department for over 10 hours. They have worked on the machine two times for minutes and then stop before it is fixed telling me they will call back and do not.. On 11/16 I spoke with joceline tobar Melendez one of the hp tech's, she checked the system and then informed me that the Pavilion 's software has a virus. The Virus comes from the manufacture - the tech's have been swamped because of it. It seems that it is associated with the computers that were sold by HSN.

I called HSN to see if you would take the computer back. The answer was no because it is past the time given - however I thought I bought a reputable product and because it was new it had kinks to be worked out. I even bought the extended Care Pack. Also in the advertisement for this product we were repeatedly told how it came with the SMART FRIEND who would help with any software issues. This also is not true. SMART FRIEND must be purchased. It is a completely different company than HP. If the tech. people fix the computer they erase all of the programs in the computer. I feel HSN needs to take this product back and get your money back from HP, If you don't there is nothing you can do to make me think well of your company. This is just too much money to be out considering HP has completely turned their back.


I bought my wife a pair of Diamond Rose Vermeil hoop earrings from HSN. I must say she loved them and it brought her the smile that I was waiting to see since long. Thanks to HSN for the wide range of collection they have and made it very easy for me. Not just jewellery but also they have a wide range of collection under footwear,beauty,kitchen and food, electronics and many more which is quite impressive. Since it was her birthday I have even gifted her a gift card so that she can shop something of her choice. They have the option of personalizing a message on the gift card which no other company has to offer. Truly impressed by their products. HSN is the place I would definably love to shop in future.

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