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HEB Grocery Company LP is one of the largest independently owned food retailers in the nation. With 340 stores in 155 Texas cities and over 76,000 employees HEB reported sales of over US 13 billion in 2006.

If you need to contact HEB regarding service or product you may call 1-800-432-3113. You may also contact the CEO, Charles Butt by postal mail by addressing your correspondence to him at 646 South Main Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78204. The corporate phone number is 210-938-8357.

Florence Butt began the small store in Kerrville, Texas during 1905. Her son Howard Edward Butt returned from WWI in 1919 and took over operations. In 1994 Central Market shopping was introduced to capture the organic and international food market. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin.

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Your stores no.15,no.34,no.19 none of them carry on stock Uncle Ben 2 lb. Bags of uncle Ben brown rice they stock Uncle Ben 5 minute rice uncle Ben White rice and every other kind of rice which seems to be the choice of store managers who rather make a dollar instead of selling a healthy product I as well as other loyal HEB coustermers would appreciate it if you would look into this issue because we shouldn't have to drive all cross San Antonio looking for this product when there's a store 1 mile from my house and I want to thank you for listening to my concern


Dairy Dept. Is so bad, products out dated. Dates so bad. Ask for help and they can't go check.


The guy at the gas pumps was very rude. I have always shopped on heb on Central Blvd. in Brownsville, Tx. I have never had problems with anyone everyone has always made me feel welcomed. But, I don't know if this guy who was working at 3pm on Nov.16,2018 was having a bad day or what. He was taking it out on the customers needless to say I will not be pumping gas there anymore. You need to hire friendlier staff and get rid of the people who don't seem like they really want to be there.


I placed an order of 2 food trays that I thought were supposed to be picked up on Saturday 9/29/2018 and I discovered when I got to your store at 1601 Nogalitos, San Antonio, TX that my order was issued for 9/30/2018 (my mistake). I was in town for a funeral so I had no use for them on 9/30th. Katy Segler, Unit Director, helped me to get this order cancelled. I was charged $46.78 for this order and have never been credited for this cancellation.

I emailed Katy on 10/9/2018 & again on 10/16/2018 and she never has replied to my email; my email was sent to segler.katy@heb.com. I just called that store and left her a message.

I would really appreciate getting my refund for $46.78.

I am unable to attach my receipt since my document is a pdf.

My cell phone number is 832-606-8978.
Thank you
Liza Shrout


Re: HEB #24 .
Today on September 19, I went to shop at 9:30 pm and found 90 percent shelves empty from produce, meat and deli. Apparently there were workers blasting shelves which created a big mist about 6 feet high while I and many other families were surrounded endured. My experience it seemed as drive through car wash mist .Many were families with children and infants attempting to shop while being surrounded with this mist . During the blasting whatever chemical and contaminants residue air born whatever was being cleaned onto remains food and between people. The worker continued to blast cleaning despite the shoppers presence and with the remaining produce exposed. Also foods sat near by even while other workers hurried to put some foods in basket as customers passed with the their carts. My concern as a customer and Registered Nurse BSN, is to question how safe and urgent was this cleaning and necessary that customers were exposed to perhaps and unsafe situation. I don't know what chemical was used nor did I see a sign of any explanation to the cleaning or timing or the fact that there was not going to be food on the shelves. I am speaking out because as a neighbor and customer of this store I believe that the customers and families should have had some kind of notification posted ahead of time. I myself found it difficult to breath from molds allergies outside. I began to wheeze while in the store.


Since Hurricane Harvey and the growth in our Atascocita area I have noticed a definite decline in the availability as well as quality of the items in our Atascocita HEB located at 7405 1960 E Humble, Tx 77346. I bought a Rotisserie Chicken yesterday that was already 3 hours old and must have been some tough old rooster. The meat was so tough on certain parts it was inedible. On other occasions I have gone into the produce section midday to find completely empty bins and when I ask if they have more in the back the answer is usually no. Why do I shop here? Kingwood is a bit of a distance for me buf if I have the time I much prefer to shop there. You need to start listening to your customers at this location. I see much of the same complaints as it relates to quality and availabilty of the food!


I have asked the manager of the HEB store in Livingston, Tx. to please stock more sugar free products, especially the sugar free big popcycles, My neighbor Jamie Greenman has asked the same request, she and her husband are diabetic. Still no such products are on the shelf. Do the demographics of this city. There are an abundance of older or senior citizens living here. If our shopping needs can't be met at this location it will such an inconvenience for many of us to shop elsewhere. The HEB here is so small it almost makes go 34 miles to the south to the new Krogers store. We don't want to do that. Please stock more sugar free products in your store. Thank you, Bryan Brittain


I am not a regular customer at the 1604 and Blanco HEB store. Notwithstanding, I did not like the service the store is giving to the public. Specifically, the carts are always dirty and some of the managers are not paying attention at the needs of the customers and staff. I heard one of the managers criticizing a and using innuendos with a member of the cleaning crew; I thing his name is Juan. Not good!


Tonight my frozen good and veggies were bagged with dog food. That is a violation of food compliance and a health issues. I have had many issues with HEB #36, I have talk to many managers and on duty, front costumers managers. But, never to the store manager (Will Tate) even when I have asked for him to call me. No one is listening, no one is training the cashier and baggers. AT LEAST THAT HOW IT SEEMS. I've had many issues like this one at the HEB #36.
I've had fresh salmon bagged with raw ground beef, ground beef with fresh veggies and fruits, veggies with bathroom cleaning products and the list goes on and on.


Asked HEB in Copperas Cove on March 17 at 1040 am about placing a stand outside for a couple hours in May for Lemonade Day- an HEB sponsored event. The service lady did not just say no, but was very rude and unprofessional. I was shocked, I used to think HEB was a great store to shop at. I will post this on the Lemonade Day page to ensure that no one else has to be yelled at for asking a simple question.


HEB in Kyle has customers sack their own grocery’s or wait for cashier to do it. Push own basket to car. There is no help for the elderly ever. Employees can be seen standing around in groups chatting. Not just the red shirts either. No one can ever reach the milk or creamer cartons because they are so far back on the shelf. The whole Kyle HEB is bad. Now if you go to Buda or Wimberley the help is wonderful. Every single time. They have people to even help me finish unload my groceries onto the belt. Buda is the best store by far, but Wimberley is really great too.
If ever another chain comes to Kyle I will not shop at HEB.
I grew up in the Valley and I remember the senior Mr.Butt and the Harlingen downtown store. Things have come along way but not all for the best.


So today was probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve gone to HEB and someone with more than 15 items was allowed to go through the express line. Which made me wait. I just wanted to let you know I will never go to HEB again.


I visted your HEB at 5601 Bandera Rd, San Antonio TX 78238. I had to make a return at Customer Service in front.

(Visted: 2/8/18, time: 2:31pm thru 2:44pm)

But during my observation of you Front End Cashier's walking by, I noticeed the most Disgusting Site of one of your Checkers on (Lane 8) checking grocery's. (It was disgusted with the Apperance of Checker on Lane 8) - "He had Free Flowing Hair" Down to his waste checking Groceries. Hair swinging all around the groceries as he was checking and bagging. OMG, I can't believe HEB has lowered it standards of personal hygen?

Around Food NO Hair should be at waster level, swinging ever where this is disgusting. "I would have never hired this young man"? Your people should not have hair past there shoulder. (Or they need to have all there HAIR tied up in back, not to be all over the food?) . "I informed your Front End Manager's they could care less". If I was a Secrect Shopper, I would have FAILED this store. I used to work for Randall's, so I know what to look for when I shop.

I see it as a HEALTH HAZARD. Comon HEB get it together, and clean up your people!!! Signed Concerned Customer.


Curbside complaint!
Grand Parkway location in Katy, Tx. seems to be getting worse and worse since getting popular. Last night I got home and was missing items and given a lesser brand or lesser fl. oz. of an item. These things were never mentioned when signing for my order. I have called corporate 2 days in a row and they tell me my local store will contact me to resolve it. Still nothing! I have been a very loyal H-E-B customer & evennworked there as a teenager. So bummed!!!!


HEB had salmon on sale for $6.99 a pound this past week. I purchased a piece and the woman behind the counter weighed it and the scale showed the regular price of $8.99. I brought the price difference to her attention. She unwrapped it, reweighed it and price it correctly. I emailed your company about that incident. No response from you. The next day my next door neighbor went to the same store to purchase salmon and again she was charged the $8.99 price per pound. Her excuse was she didn't know the price difference. That happened before with the sale price of whole fryers on sale. The meat man did not know that the fryers were on sale. How many other customers were not alert being overcharged? Why are your employees are not informed of sale prices in their departments? Does the Texas Attorney General need to know of false advertising?


I purchased over 300 dollars in groceries on 9/2 as I was checking out 2 young ladies Maria and Naibe I believe to be her name, were helping me both Hispanic and spoke very good English. As I stood there waiting to finish up, both the ladies began to speak in Spanish. this I thought was very rude, unprofessional and inconsiderate. you may as well picked up the cell phone while I was standing there. uncalled for. I called and spoke with one manager I think his name was Jay. he was unconcerned and seemed to be even bothered I called. I take my shopping experience very serious and expect customer service to be as HEB displays. " we hire great people and offer Customers the best service" I do hope in the near future that this can be used as a teaching tool to improve customer service, HEB is my main store for grocery shopping because of the price. I chose HEB there are others stores I can shop. I do hope my concern will be addressed and not over looked.


The reason for this letter is to inform you that I was treated very unprofessionally by one of your checkers at this Kyle store. Her name is Kristine and she was at checkout #18. It was at 12:30pm. I had numerous items, it was one of your 15 item expedited lanes. She checked me thru (I was having trouble with chip encoded credit card- that might jog her memory).

Long story short, I now longer get my Groceries checked then she immediately started with the next guy’s groceries down the conveyor into my groceries. I asked her to wait for me to get my stuff into my basket twice but this had no effect on her and she just kept on her merry way. If this is the way you folks train your assistance, it’s very shoddy instruction.

On my way out I told a male manager about this. I told him I was a disabled Vet and ( no wheelchair ) not able to move very fast (like I should’ve had to race through this checkout stand anyway), He apologized. I asked him if he could talk to this young woman, he said yes. I then watched as he stood looking out at a register or two not doing anything. Great. This made me feel like he, and the young lady were blowing the whole thing off.


Ordered a Birthday Cookie at HEB for my daughters Birthday Party. They did not decorate it according to the specs we asked for, only colors were correct but i was running late so told me daughter,even though she as upset we should just take it. Upon further examination of it we noticed Birthday was missing the "R".Took it back to the bakery where they smeared out the area & corrected it with a different shade & left icing smears everywhere! I could not believe it was being handed to me to take that way! Even more, I cant believe the bakery found this acceptable.

I told Michael i was unhappy, showed him smears & diff color icing,he took it back and said it would be 15 more minutes to decorate a new one so i continued to wait. Michael then handed me a cookie that looked like it was decorated & written on by a 5 year old! I wanted to throw it in the trash but since i had depended on HEB to provide quality i didn't have another cake. My daughter is crying & embarrassed of it, doesn't want me to put it out.

You gave me unacceptable quality from the beginning. I'm pretty sure the 1st person tried to pass off the mistake thinking we wouldn't catch it! Is this standard service & quality for HEB because employees didn't seem to think anything of it. I've lived in Tx for 5 months and this is the first time i was made to feel like I'm stupid and should settle & pay for crappy service & quality! I'm extremely disappointed in HEB management.


My complaint has to do with the way you sell tobacco products. You have a few check out counters with cigarettes at them, but you still allow customers to buy them at any check out counter. The clerk has to stop what they are doing and walk to the front of the store, unlock the cabinet and search for the right product. This is very irritating for someone waiting in line. Why not have certain check out counters that tobacco products must be purchased.


If there was a negative star to rate experience, I would have done it. I want to rate -1000 starts for the experience at HEB. I live in Waco and HEB is the main grocery store. I have no choice but I have to shop here at HEB. I do weekly grocery shopping and every time I go there, I run into a problem. Flowers go bad in one day. I stopped buying flowers. Fruits just go rotten in 2-3 days. I stopped buying fruits except bananas. Even with bananas, there was one time I bought bananas that weren't completely ripe. They were green color. They actually never went ripe.

I waited thinking they would go ripe in 1-2 weeks. They stayed hard and green for a month and I ended up throwing them away. There were so many times I bought avocados and molds developed in 2-3 days. One time I bought 7 apples and all of them were rotten inside. I didn't know until I was eating the apple and tasted sour and disgusting. After that incident, I stopped buying apples at HEB. Cashiers messed up my orders and didn't include items I bought. I had to come back and grabbed them. There were many times I asked the workers where I can find certain items. They said they would come back and help me but they just disappeared and never came back.

I didn't know grocery shopping could be this hard until I started shopping at HEB. I wish there were other grocery stores for me to go, but I am stuck here at HEB. I am not going to stop filing a complaint. They should be responsible about what they are selling.


HEB pharmacy automated system never gets it right new prescription stay in computer when you go pic up meds they are not ordered. Westgate pharmacy in Westlake. Technicians are at loss of what your med needs are bad service for a long time having to go back and forth, I am disabled and deserve better service I take Over 10 meds and need the service more than people who take 3 meds.


I went to the HEB pharmacy on Nogalitos St. to get my flu shot. I went up to the counter and waited for about five minutes when the pharmacist Brandon Padron came up and asked me "what do you want", I responded I would like to get my flu shot. He then handed my a blank form and walked away. I filled out the medical questions and checked of the box with allergies. I handed it back to him and he came by in a loud tone of voice, pointing his finger to the line where it had parent/guardian.

I told him I am 70 years old I don't need my parents to sign it. He again in a loud voice told me sign it here, and initial it here and here. I responded you did not give me those instructions Mr. Pardon. He again in a loud tone told me Just Sign It.! This was when I replied you need to take a step back and look at how you are talking to a consumer. It rude, and unacceptable. I told him I am a RN with a Bachelor degree and I cover nine counties and never have I talked to my consumer in that tone voice, its consumer elder abuse. I am ashamed of you being a PHD with HEB pharmacy you don't have professional skills. He then told me to go sit down.


I am at the HEB pharmacy for my flu shot because I am a teacher and my school is not one of the schools selected for a visit to receive the flu shot. I have been waiting for an hour to receive the shot, with two ladies in front of me that have been waiting also. I know the pharmacist is probably busy filling prescriptions, but there has not been a line to pick up prescriptions. I do not understand having to wait for over an hour to receive an injection.


Associate (his name is Jerry) at register in HEB (Saunders St) Laredo Texas was uncourteous and unprofessional in allowing other customers cutting in line, attending them instead of explaining to such customers that they need to wait for their turn in line. This happened to me Friday Sept 9, 2016. It isn't the first time something like this occurs to me at the pharmacy of this aforementioned HEB and always is the same associate at the register. I am beginning to think that this is a mere case of discrimination, an act of hatred toward my person by this associate, as he allows and permits such practices, instead of stating in a firm and eloquent manner to disruptive customers that there are rules and procedures to be followed while waiting in line to be help by an pharmacy associate. I strongly believe that I am being a victim of discrimination based on my identity as a(n) Hispanic, Spanish speaking individual, age, and gender.

I spoke to Mr. Amado Ayala, Assistant store Director, and he offered to follow up on this case, and I certainly hope that he does and not just tell customers complaining that a follow up is going to take place when in reality it does not happens. I have been a loyal customer of HEB all my life. I fill mine and my family prescriptions at HEB (Saunders St) pharmacy. I purchase my utensils, household cleaning items, and groceries at your store. I am a customer that would like action to be taken regarding this insulting and humiliating incident. This associate by the name of Jerry should be fired or demoted, placed in a different position other than customer service. He is not fit for such a position.

Customer service is not his line of work. He does not cuts it for a customer service position. I am expecting follow up on this incident. If there is no action taken to my satisfaction I shall take this case to Better Business Bureau Agency.


I live about eight miles from the HEB on 290 in Dripping Springs and am handicapped after seven operations on my legs. I like shopping at that store but it may take me three or more trips in order to get an electric cart that is charged and will get me around in order to do my shopping there; I might add the employees are very nice and helpful so it's a good place to shop if you can walk.

So with that said I do get very frustrated and then take the long drive to the HEB's in Lakeway which usually have a sufficient amount of carts and if you're lucky someone took the time to plug them in to be charged up; However the major problem there is half the parking spaces that are reserved for the handicapped shoppers are being used by the special people driving BMW's, or a Lexus, maybe a Mercedes because unlike your Dripping Springs store those people feel privileged.

So in closing fro me to shop at any of your stores in my area it's basically a crap-shoot and take a chance on getting your groceries that day and I've tried different ones with the same results. I do like your store/products but it maybe cheaper for me to shop at Randalls by saving the gas and time of running around to your different stores.


Why doesn't the HEB store in Brenham Texas stock Ocean Spray Cranberry Cherry juice? I've been in three times and the store manager says" I can't order". Really? Do I have to register a complaint with the HEB head offices to get some satisfaction here?


I have been going to H-E-B Woodlands Market, Market Street, 9595 Six Pines Dr, The Woodlands, TX, 77380 for the last 7 weeks at 6AM in the morning to purchase the Orange Special lunch plates displayed in the food area. There was no problem until this week when I went there Monday (8/15/2016) I was told that the food area opens at 8 AM (some kind of new rule), then yesterday (8/17/2016), I was told by Gina that the food area opens at 8 AM and she could not sell me any food, so I asked if I could pick up a salad and got the same reply.

All this despite the fact that the food was in the case on display and I had been already been purchasing some every morning at 6AM for 7 - 8 weeks prior. I don't understand how come I was sold food by the same Gina a few days prior but now suddenly the food area had an opening time at 8AM. A point to note - at least one cashier is open in addition to the self-checkout lanes. Therefore a situation does not arise where there is no one to check me out and let me pay for my purchases.

I have not been rude or demanding to any of the H-E-B staff; on the contrary I have been cordial and even struck up a good rapport with some of them, who consider me a regular at the store. This can be clearly seen on the security cameras that are right by the food area. I do not understand this sudden change that involves an "opening time" for a particular area when the rest of the store is open and there are customers who are purchasing and paying for merchandise.

Yesterday, I did get the feeling that this is probably related to my ethnicity, based on the way I was spoken to, like I was being done a favor. I did get the feeling like I was a "burden" customer to serve first thing in the morning. So thanks a lot H-E-B.


My experience with the store is not my problem, my problem is my experience with your Texas Heritage beef Hot dogs. I made my grandson one for breakfast this morning. I was in a hurry so I heated one up put it on a slice of bread and catchup, since he is only 8 I took a bite off to see if it was to hot, it was hat so I didn't bit it all the way instead I broke it off the rest of the way, only to see this round black piece of something in the center, I pulled it out and it is this thing that looks like a rat turd. I am sending a picture to you if I can download it on here. WHAT IS THIS? I about freaked I almost fed this to my grandson. he went to school no food this morning.sorry the pictures show up on here sideways. I laid it on top of the bread in first photo.I sliced hot dog up to see if anymore, it has black pieces of stuff but nothing like this one thing. I will never give another hot dog to my babies without cutting it up first now.


My husband and I have been buying H. E. B. brand original thick cut bacon not only for ourselves but for my son and his girls too for the longest time but lately some packages have not been up to yours and our standards. The taste is the same but the thickness of the bacon is not. Since we are paying for thickness, we are not getting what we are paying. Otherwise we love the H.E.B. items. We have been going since I was a little girl( I am 62 years young). Please correct this problem.


We shop at heb all the time. My truck was hit in the parking lot on Friday by an associate riding one of those handicap carts. I spoke to Adam about it and nothing ever happened. He never even returned a call. The next day I went into the Store and spoke with a manager named kel again nobody ever got back to me 2 days later I spoke with a manager named Justin third time nobody ever got back to me. Have waited weeks now and still no response. I have called several times and also ask to speak with the store manager Connie she has never even called me back. I am shocked at the treatment we have received. I have not complained any more until now because I am recuperating from a surgery.


HEB has got to do something about it's Ground In Store Ground Beef. Standards must be set for proper cleaning and use of grinders. The meat often has a gamey or sewage like smell and flavor. This is serious. I'm tired of it. I have spoken to meat dept. personnel and one more than one occasion I have had to return meat for discoloration or strong odor. We're in Texas, for goodness sake, why can't our largest supermarket chain provide quality meats? Why is there meat from Mexico on sale in the heart of Texas? I will stop buying meat from HEB and tell as many people as possible my horror stories about HEBs meats. This is getting ridiculous. It happened just right now. I cooked Ground Chuck that I purchased yesterday and it stinks and tastes funny.


This is the second time my husband and I have gone to the HEB on FM1960 and Lake Houston Parkway and were told they did not have the scallops as advertised. They claim they have fresh (not the sale price) as were the frozen. This is total bullshit, why you do not back your sale price is beyond me. Will stop shopping at this HEB and will tell all my friends to do the same after reading the angry reviews against HEB store online.


I wanted to say that I truly love shopping at the HEB stores here in the Bryan/College Station area. I have never in my life had a bad experience at one of the stores. I work as a Firefighter here in town as well, and the store staff here locally support and take care of all of us. We greatly appreciate everything.

I am writing this complaint email about a recent visit to the HEB store in College Station on 3/16. While in the store, I purchased 2 packages of sushi, both of which were cooked items. One was a shrimp and avocado, and the other an imitation crab and cucumber. After coming home, I ate the items with no issue at all. Later on that evening, I began to experience severe abdominal cramping. I did not think much about it. I went to work the next day at the fire station, and still was experiencing abdominal cramping. I then came down with a fever of 103, with severe constipation and weakness. I had to leave with at 2030 late that evening, and was taken to the ER shortly after arriving home. I was admitted to Scott & White late in the evening of 3/17 with E.coli and diverticulitis.

I remained in the hospital for the next 4 days to receive IV antibiotics, until I was released on the afternoon of 3/22. After speaking with physicians and several nutritionists, I just wanted to let your company know that I may have contracted this from consuming the sushi. I am not certain, and cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the illness. I will continue to shop at this store for other sealed grocery items, but will not be purchasing any sushi, deli or meat items. I wanted to make you all aware as well, in case y’all receive any other concerns from other customers about the sushi. Thanks for your attention to this matter.


The new tortilla warmers that are being used in your stores are ruining the tortillas. They are continuing to cook the product causing them to become hard and dry. The tortilla that are being made in the central texas stores are the best around. The warmers are causing them to loose there great quality.


Had 4 items went to 15 items or less line. The cashier was checking a person out and as I was walking up to place my items down a lady from the next line over with her basket so full, food items about of fall out of her basket started cussing and telling how rude I am ( I was totally embarrassed). I tried nicely to explained to her that this was a 15 item or less line and she had a lot more items than 15. Come find out the cashier (which said nothing) told her to come to his line and he would check her out.

While he was checking me out there was about 10 customers waiting in line with only a few items each behind the lady with a full basket. I have seen this before, but I do not do into stores to be cussed and hollered at I will not go back to the orange store. It is sad because I really liked your products. If there is something I really need, I will travel 40 minutes to the Beaumont store.


Purchased Heb Mozzarella Sticks and in bright bold letters approx. 8 pcs. in the box. When I am trying to determined how many boxes to purchase I usually look at the pieces in the box. When I open the box there are six pcs in the box. Really not enough for 2 kids. I had this same problem with the frozen wings, the bag said 44 pcs so you can figure out how many bags to purchase. It ended being on 22 pcs in the bag. After my complaint they change the bag, no pc. count on the bag.

I am tired of these big stores thinking they can get away with the advertisement on their package. Either be truthful about products or don't advertise piece count, consumers rely on these counts. I don't want to have to stop purchasing HEB products for label misrepresentation. Thank you. just a little pissed off right because this is not the first time this has happened.


I went to HEB and bought a bunch of food that ended up being expired. I complained to the employees at the store and all they could tell me is bring the beans back oh this was the next day. So I called corporate and told them we threw them away, and they said, i am sorry but need the can of beans back or the receipt back. We have been buying groceries from them forever, and three can of beans could not be credited. Terrible to treat loyal shoppers this way.


Earlier this afternoon, Oct. 22nd, I filed a complaint concerning the Corp.#570 Pharmacy unable to refill a prescription for Latanoprost Ophthalmic Solution, 0.005%. They said that I had originally received 3 bottles and were charged for that amount when I picked them up. I thought I had not been given more than 1 bottle but had been charged for 3. As it turns out I was given 3 bottles but the two in reserve are required to be under refrigeration until opened. In that this is my first time having to refrigerate drugs, and I am required to take quite a few, I failed to realize I, in fact, had the missing bottles under refrigeration. The Pharmacy Staff was nothing but pleasant and helpful in trying to resolve my situation. As it turns out, I was mistaken and have already extended my apologies here. Please disregard my original complaint.


I live in old kay and I receive your fliers via the chronological, and each week I look at the sales and think that I can go to my local HEB and purchase those items on sale. Well that never works out I always forget to bring the flier with me so no sale prices. I would really appreciate it if someone could deliver the right flier to my neighborhood. If I need to drive to fry road or Tomball to get the sales I might as well go to Krogers on SH 99. I get their flier. Katy has 4 HEB why can they not all have the same sales and there own fliers?


Went to the HEB 2121 FM 2920 in Houston to get some butter tortillas they never have any I talk to the store manager but it did no good now I have to drive to the WOODLANDS to get some and they have than in a warmer so they are hot all the time why do I have to drive to the Woodland I hope you can do sometime nobody care to help me.


My son purchased hamburger meat on May 9th. We used it to make meat loaf on the 21st. I don't know who ground this meat but apparently they didn't remove bones before grinding the beef!! Every bite had a piece of bone!! Now I am not squeamish about a small piece of bone in my food, but a piece of bone in every bite is way too much! Perhaps your butchers need to be retrained on removing bones before grinding the meat.

I will no longer be buying my ground beef from HEB! I would rather buy it from Culebra Meat Market or even Walmart after this. I have had the same issue with the ground turkey. For the price I paid for the ground beef I shouldn't find that much bone in the product. Very Bad experience!


On May 17, 2015, I went into your store #03/263 located at 1628 Central Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78520, at 3:08 PM and cashier Maggie E. was my cashier. My complaint is that I am very good costumer of yours and shop in your store 4 or 5 times a week and I am a couponer. I use your coupons, manufactured coupons and printed coupons and on this day when I was doing my purchase this young lady was rude and did not want to help me out.

My printable coupon was not going through and she just gave it back which I asked her try to try again or to do it manually. She went and asked another co-worker for help, she came back and said if it doesn't scan I can't take it. I asked her to scan again and again until it went through. By this point, she was frustrated and then when another manufactured coupons wouldn't go through she went and asked a lady from accounting why the coupons wouldn't go through. The lady from accounting said it was the incorrect item. I asked her to read the coupon, and she rolled her eyes.

By this point, I asked her to call a manager, Hector was his name, and he said No to my coupon too. They both refused to read the coupon which says any BIC Product. After I paid, I went and spoke to Hector, the manager, and told him, "You all need to be more coupon friendly because you all still get reimbursed for our coupons." I also told him that the cashier is very Rude and has no manners or courtesy to costumers. While talking to Hector, the cashier was in front of me and she still rolled her eyes and nodded her head...

I know you don't need my money or coupons but with employees like her, you will be losing a lot more valuable costumers like me who spend money weekly at your store. All I ask is to be more coupon friendly and have a good attitude toward costumers....


I buy the Hill Country Fare thin sliced wafer sandwich meat... or I use to. I asked at my store in Marble Falls why there wasn't any on the shelf. The guy told me it was being replaced. I buy ALOT of this sandwich meat every week. I am mad that I can't get it anymore, don't say it wasn't selling because I buy it all the time and use it every day. I have been buying this meat for many years. I can't believe its been replaced, the store just lost a lot of money from me. I use to buy around 8 to 12 packages a week, sometimes more. One of these days, I won't have to shop there if stuff I buy gets replaced.


I cannot get the "contact us" to work, so here is what I wanted to say:

I know that HEB is opening a new store on Riley Fuzzell and several of the people from Sawdust have transferred, but the people that are now at the Sawdust store suck. The store appearance has gone down - the friendliness has disappeared - the shelves are not kept stocked and it's a shame. I have visited the Sawdust store since it was opened.

Yesterday, as I entered I noticed the display of Cuties in the bags. As I looked at them, it became apparent that your people DO NOT CARE – I counted 4 bags of these Cuties that had “rotten fruit ” and were there to be sold. Of course, there was no one there to talk to, so I set them aside and left. I did talk to Marvin (I think that was his name) in the meat dept. and told him, but if I had been a first time visitor – I would not be back. Guess I will just have to start visiting the Woodlands store and their “being friendly” sucks also.

You need a secret shopper - you know it’s nice to have some one just say hello while shopping instead of waiting until they are in the check out line --- by then they are so upset they will probably never return anyhow.


I have always been an advocate of HEB. I am from Corpus Christi but now live in Dallas Texas. I have always looked forward to the day you start opening stores in the Dallas area. I no longer feel the same after an incident at your store at 5425 South Padre Island Drive in Corpus Christi Texas on June 22, 2014. On this day I was shopping for my father who was ill. While in the store, an employee, a stocker in the hand soap isle recklessly bumped into my grocery cart multiple times and even hit me with his cart/stepladder, never acknowledging me or looking at me. As I exited the isle to the main isle in the store he once again bumped my cart.

It was at this time I had enough of this young man and I told him to watch what the f##k he was doing. At this time he got in my face and I told him that he needed to watch what he was doing, that he had bumped into me several times. All he said was that he did not see me (I don’t believe that). I told him to go get the Manager as I did not appreciate how he was acting or what he had done. At this time he walked off and I continued shopping. A few minutes later Marcus came to speak to me. I was telling him what had occurred when a young lady named Monica showed up. She asked what had happened but shortly cut me off saying there was a witness to what happened. She never gave me an opportunity to say anything.

As I continued to try to explain I moved towards her, in a nonthreatening way, and all of a sudden Marcus started saying I needed to step away. All I wanted was to explain myself. I never had the opportunity as she called security and had me escorted out of the store, two managers and a security guard. Talk about being humiliated. As we were about to exit the store I told them that they needed to speak to their employee about customer service, and before I could say more than a few words she yells out, “are you threatening my employee?”

I’m like where did that come from, I did no such thing. As I walk out of the store the Police are waiting for me. They spoke to me briefly and the spent about fifteen minutes with the store employees. Next thing I know I was written a Criminal Trespass Warning and that I was not to return to that store. Note the witness they have could only have seen what happened after we got out onto the main isle and was a store employee as well. Once again I cannot stress how humiliated I was during this whole ordeal. I am a 56 year old man who is on disability and on dialysis and I do not need that kind of stress. I retired from a fortune 50 company and I know about customer service. The way your managers handled this was horrible.

All she had to do was listen to what I had to say after she asked me to tell her. Don’t ask if you are not going to listen.

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